17.04.22 – “The New Song Is Where You Are Going” – Guardian, One Who Serves

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“Guardian of New Music of the Realms” & “Ashira” channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco
“One Who Serves” channeled by James McConnell

(Note: these messages were given during our weekly Sunday Prepare For Change group in Glendale, AZ on May 22, 2016)

“The Guardian of New Music”
It has been a while since I visited you. We are not ones to visit frequently. We are not ones who drop in for a message here and there. We are ones who bring great messages.

As “Guardian of the New Song” I am the One who creates the rhythm for all the worlds. The One who brings a song to every stage of development. To the Galaxy or the Solar System as it is felt with the New Song. Have you heard the New Song? You can hear it in the sound of your forests. You can hear it in your oceans.

You can hear it in the sound of angels as they visit the planet and sing their songs to you. They are connected. They know the New Song. The New Song is not connected to your past. It is where you are going. It carries a tune for you to walk. Yes. A tune for you to walk. You will be able to see the notes to this song. Follow it forward. All of those things that you expect to see changed, they are happening. All is following the New Song.

We, of the Guardians, have been close to you in this group. We have been assisting in ways we have been asked. And we have also been elsewhere. It has been my job, in particular, to share with you today. When you see the New Golden Age, know that it’s rhythm has been delivered by me. This is the path you are walking now.

Move into your hearts to hear this New Song and respond. Tune into the wave that is soon to be full of love for that is where you are going. The frequency you seek is within the New Song. All of these things are glorious and wonderful. I am especially glad to bring you this message today. It is time for the New Song.

Thank you for this time. You are all doing brilliantly. As you share along your path you are sharing what you are. You are glorious.

Greetings to you. We are here to help with your questions in any way we can but before we do we wish to share something briefly. We would like to address your earlier discussion of raising your vibrations.

All that you said was very accurate. Doing things to help another. To brighten another’s day. To assist one another in any way you can. Yes, that definitely increases your vibration but you can also walk in nature, find yourself in nature and find the beauty all around you. Not only in nature but see the beauty, feel the beauty and know that everything is wonderful.
Know that you are in the highest level you can be in at any given moment. When you are in that space, you are in the higher vibrations. When you are in the higher vibrations, as James said, nothing can harm you, nothing can take you out of those vibrations unless you allow it to.

We speak in terms of those chemtrails. All of these things are not even there unless you believe they are there. If you see them there, do whatever you can to make them go away. They are not even real. Please note this. There are those who will not even see them because they are unaware. They believe they are contrails and all of this.

And then there are those who will look at the skies and become all upset. They feed the energies that are a part of this. They continue to feed the Cabal their energy. Then there are those who look beyond them and see the sunlight shining through see the beautiful, puffy clouds, and those not made by the chemtrails and so on.

But please understand, and Zorra has made this very clear as well, do not have any fear about these chemtrails because when you are at the higher vibrations they cannot harm you at all. They can only harm those that believe they can be harmed by them.

Understand that the goal here is to reach neutrality. Be, whenever you can, Be in a neutral state. Know that everything is happening for a reason and that you are in the NOW moment. Just simply be in that Now moment and as you are in a neutral state, that is certainly where you want to be. OK?

We move to questions now. Do you have questions for “OWS” and “Ashira”?

Question: I am excited because I just got a new piano and I sat down and played something amazing. St. Germain told me the other day that I would be bringing in the new music. Is this what I was playing? I heard this New Song as I allowed the music to play through me.

We are so happy that you are allowing yourself to pick up on the music of the spheres. To pick up on the new songs that are waiting for those to hear. To pick up and play on the piano. You do not need lessons to learn how to play because you are tuned to the word. You are tuned to the vastness of the spheres of music that are available to you. All of these will be coming to you over the next months. Get ready! You have a lot of wonderful music to make.

Question: I had an experience of a diamond forming during the group meditation and the diamond encouraging me to follow. Now I know I don’t really go anywhere but I saw many, many others too. Can you explain my meditation to me?

First, you said you know that you don’t go anywhere but we would say that is not accurate. You are certainly going places. Not within your 3D world but places within your consciousness. You are always moving within your consciousness so whenever you do these experiences, these guided meditations and meditative experiences, you are truly having these experiences. They are real. They are not a figment of your imagination. They are image-in and we wish you to understand this.

As to your particular experience with the diamond, you are having at a different level of the Merkaba experience. You are experiencing movement within it. This is your moving within your Light Body to experience your multidimensional self. You can move through dimensions here. You are having experience in working with this type of vehicle, you might say. Does this make sense to you?

Question: I have 2 questions. First question: I bless animals that are killed by the side of the road and I am transported to a place where we greet one another. Will I see these animals again?

All of these plus new creatures that you have never seen are all part of the greater one-ness that is of this world. These are your sisters and brothers and you will see them as you move down your road. You will not only see those you choose to see in the future but so much more.

Question: Many times I look at the clouds I see faces and people in the clouds. Beautiful men, women and children. Have they passed on?

This is the moving into the higher vibrations that we speak about. You are experiencing the glimpses through the veil as we say many times. As you look at the clouds and see the beauty in the clouds. When you do this you will be aware of things you were not aware of before. It is whatever it is to you in that moment. Do not be concerned about what it means because it is sent to you as a whole understanding here. Not the exact shape but as a whole here. Do you understand?

Question: If we make a choice to love or accept, does that mean that all of ourselves are affected by that choice?

Yes. This is what you speak of when you talk about the quantum theories. It is that one is accepted by all the others. So when you do something you not only affect the multidimensional YOU but all selves around you. Eventually you affect the entire solar system, the entire galaxy, the entire universe.

This is an idea that is spreading now, more and more, into an awareness of consciousness and how all consciousness is one. When we say over and over, Be the One, this is what we are speaking of. Being the ONE source. Being the ONE consciousness and knowing that you are in action with all the other ONE consciousnesses. See?

Question: I have two questions. First, how can I protect myself and handle reactionary people at work who can shut me down? And second, is the Third Wave going to be able to open the rest of the people who are still in their reactionary states?

Many people who are working outside of their home in a work environment such as yourself deal daily with all of those things you have described. They wonder how can they plan to deal with others who have such rampant emotions. What can you do?

First, is to be strong. Gird yourself with your own protection. Spread that golden white light around yourself. Take that sword of Archangel Michael and cut off those who might move into your space. Use the ultraviolet light on others. All of these are tools that we have given you. You may not thin that they are valid because you cannot see them but they are so strong. They can make such a difference. Gird yourself as you go into your day. Know that you are in control of those around you. In neutrality you do not care how they act. It is not going to affect you. You look forward every day until one day you will see that your workplace has been transformed. Your workplace has now been filled with light and love. Take it easy.

Your other question. We know that you have heard about those who do not make the changes are going elsewhere. As we say, week in and week out, do not worry about that. The human family made a stand. You are going together. It is only in extreme circumstances where other changes have had to be made. The family is going together whether they are on the first bump, the second bump or the third one. Everyone is moving forward. It is not for you to be concerned about. Say to yourself, everyone is moving forward.

Yes. And the Third Wave, as you have spoken of, is coming. You have gone through the First and the Second and have moved up in vibration through each one. Higher in frequency throughout the entire planet. It may not look like that but “believing is seeing” here. Know that frequencies are rising across the planet. You say that you are coming in touch with others who are awakened in very different circumstances than you might think. They are having experiences. They are coming aware. It is because of the waves of energies coming through.

Assisting entire mankind here. And the Third Wave will have a major effect on those who have not yet come into awareness. You will see more become awakened. Not so much to the degree you might want but that is a judgment on your part. Certainly you want to remain neutral as much as possible and unattached. Everything will take care of itself.

You will move into this new golden age and have the experiences you have created for yourself. They will be wonderful experiences. OK?

Question: Are the new chakras we have coming on line, portals?

They are portals but they are also connections to your physical bodies. They have connections to your glands and the energetic connections that are available there. They are much more than this. They also hold you memory programming there. And all of this.

But as we move you through the guided meditations here we are moving you up through your lower chakras into your higher centers here. You also receive the downloads for your DNA. This is all helping to raise your vibrations into your higher chakras so you will be ready for the next changes that are coming here.

We are ready to release channel here. Before we do though we would ask that if you are interested in participating this weekend in the Advance, let James know. It is important that if you can do this, you do it.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.

I am “Ashira”. Thank you for your time today. Yes, you can tell that much, much planning as gone into this weekend for the Advance. “OWS” does not miss a beat. He wants you to be involved if you can. We appreciate the technology nowadays that allows this to happen.

Speaking about technology today. About technology that seems to be at a drop of a hat to be in your lap. Part of that is that it needs to function in the 4th and 5th dimension. We know that there is so much going on to work in the 3rd dimension. We know that there are thousands, no millions across the planet that are no longer there.

So, as you accept the new technology as it becomes available, it will come to you without expense. It will come to you to place in areas that will benefit all. Think about this when you are considering investment’s time and place. Consider that this may not be the right moment for you. Waiting another moment will give you time that will mean very much.

We are glad to share with you today that love is blooming across this planet. The frequency is raising. The “Guardian” shared her New Song with you. Everything is new. Can you feel it? Can you sense it? Can you smell it? Do not try to feel these things. Simply walk outside in the morning and feel it in the air, see it in the air. See it in the people you come in contact with.

Love is breaking out across the world. Anything that would distract you from that act is not valid for you at this time. Do not be turned by things that will frighten you. Do not be turned by questions that can take you down a dark path. Stay in the light that you are in this room at this moment. Stay in the light that you are, as a being.

We give you our blessings and our love today. Namaste.

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco

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