Date: September 29, 2015 2:17:17 PM EDT

Archangel Michael (Channeled by Michael Love) September 29, 2015​Greetings Dear Ones from the Fifth Vibration! A new day has now dawned across the earth inside the hearts of the first wave beings of light. Together we held enough light in our bodies to reach a 5D awareness level and absorbed back in all the energy of the super photon wave we sent out for this grand purpose. Bragas de Calvin Klein Today is the first day of the New Earth perception for 2.3 billion souls in over 1/2 million years. If one continues to look at 3D from a 3D vibration you will see nothing different. Now look through the ancient eyes that see from a higher perspective. Slip Calvin Klein Be as the great silent observer and look close. You will see it and sense it in every way if you are still to see it! Have you got the hang of 5D way of being yet? Of course not! No one has. This is why the first wave has six month linear time perception to integrate and get used to this new much faster frequency. After this they will bring the 2nd wave up to meet them. The Schumann Resonance of Gaia and the entire Cosmos is now in the Ninth dimension which has astounded both the science and spiritual community! It did all happen exactly as it was foretold at the grand 2015 Tetrad by many great seers, masters and our advanced brothers of science. What will show itself to you now is greater than what any prophet saw. We breached the event horizon coming from the galactic core and we are now here in this super high frequency of gamma photon light that instantaneously evolves DNA to a higher life-form! In the twinkling of an eye all things were fulfilled and all that will been done is already done. It is finished! All you must do now is walk gently into this great kingdom of beauty, love, freedom and peace! to walk in simply means to become aware of the higher vibration of now here! We say, for the next six months you will fully integrate and adapt to the new 5D way of being. The simplest teaching we can bring to you about this is, “know that you are already in the 5D vibration and what is internal by universal law becomes the perceived holographic matrix reality for the physical container”. This knowing that you are now here is the raising of your consciousness we have spoken of to the faster, vibration. Unconsciousness or un-awareness simply means, not knowing. Yes, know it is so! Be as if it is and you shall see it all! Live your life from this higher perspective in all ways. Be impeccable in all you do. T Shirt Versace Homme Pas Cher Discipline and govern yourself accordingly to the 5D way of being. Short Phillip Plein Pas Cher Be in this, be this. You are this! The extremely high energy level is here and sustained for you now thanks to the great key-holders who who are the highest loves on the Earth. All you must do is just start aligning yourself with the new lighter and nicer vibration. Calvin Klein Underwear Outlet You are the programmer and operator of your light body ship so change so be aware of what you think, feel, say, or do! Approach all of these things from the 5D perspective and this will align you must faster to the New Earth and then it will be perceived! When you start to see it you will be astounded! At first you will not believe what is transpiring but in all this is the knowing we speak of! What was done is done inside each of us and will now manifest outwardly onto the earth quickly as the universe does it magic. The super gamma wave intensity stopped rising today and will level off for a time now so you can catch your breath! Did 2.3 billion souls resonate with the 21 hertz frequency at Tetrad 9282015? Absolutely! Did our 5th strand of DNA plug in to the 5th chakra? Absolutely and right on schedule! Do you have to allow it all to integrate? Yes and it will take 6 months of regular sleeping to fully integrate this super cosmic gamma light wave at the atomic level of the body and for it to adapt the physical body to the 5D level. T Shirt Balmain When you sleep your DNA plugs itself back into the corresponding chakra and you are a completely new evolved version of you. it is important to note as we have said that every nano second of each now moment you are in a completely different universe and reality! You have complete control over what that frame of now moment looks like and how it behaves! This will be part of the work you will do over the coming months, to be the master creator God that you are! This whole morphing process is performed from the inside out so just believe in what we already know, it is truly finished, just align with it! After this six month gamma integration period, the second wavers will come up to 21hertz to meet you fully in love and it is your duty and next mission phase to lift them all up by sharing the light you now hold! After the last wave reaches 5D at summer 2016, we will rebuild the entire physical matrix. Boxer Calvin Klein Baratos All the cities of the earth will be re-built to be life-sustainable. There is incredible abundance awaiting you and hidden technologies that can do amazing things will now be given to the people. You will not need anyone to govern or lead you at this point as you are your own authority! We will standby as the high council and earth alliance known as the galactic federation to assist in every way as humanity makes their first major leap in spiritual evolution. We commend you all and honor your for your divine work.

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Wake up Call: St. Germain, August 28, 2015

Wake up Call: St. Adidas Ultra Boost Femme Pas Cher Germain, August 28, 2015 Dear ones, it is I St. Boxer Calvin Klein Baratos Germain today, and I wish to bring you some news that may be of profound meaning to you all. There is coming an event in the coming month that will curtail so many ways in which the cabal has been controlling the people on earth. This event will deliver circumstances of freedom to the masses and keep the cabal at length, and away from interfering with the freedom of all of life on this planet.   I am telling you this now because even as I speak there are things going on that are in place to clear away the debris that has accumulated over the centuries. Using that word, debris, and what it means is an example of how quickly the clearing is taking place. It has been in the works to get this planet in drudgery and the closure of freedom. Now it is taking a flash, in perspective of the difference of time it took to set it in place as compared to the time that it will take to clear it all away. There have been some events that have already taken place in the background that have brought about huge changes in the way the systems of society are being freed. These events have been organized by many people on earth in co-operation with many of the ones off planet who have been in harmony and communication with these people. Adidas Yeezy Boost France There are many facets of the process that are now at rest and have made way for the next phases of the clearing. As it all sets into place in the coming days you will begin to see how much has been being organized to shed light on the amount of lies that have been showered over the people. This is just now being broadcast in pieces across the world and it will be seen as pieces of the puzzle being set into place as each of the pieces come to the front and are settled into the lives of all of you beautiful people who are seeing that there is indeed a place for freedom and truth in this world for now and evermore. I speak now of some news that will be coming forth of how people can open up some doors that have been locked shut for decades, not only in America, but in various other countries as well. These doors have come open and are expelling the truths that have been locked away in order to keep control of the truth of what has been taking the toll on the freedom of the world. So much will be allowed back, to be able to spread forth the abundance that is in the hearts of the people. It will be transported into their lives as the representatives that they are of the way to live in peace, joy, and love. There will be examples of it in the days to come, and it will be a continual example that will be tuned into in abundance. I would like to give you one example now. It is in the interest of some well-known ones who are in the process of exposing some of the ways that have been used in manipulation. They are broadcasting to the people how they can step forth and allow the power that they have to be the energy that keeps the truths coming forth to the masses. Adidas Ultra Boost Pas Cher These messages and pieces of news will spread across the globe and those who see them and cannot deny the truth of what they say, will also realize that these same pieces of news represent many of the other unexplained incidences that have taken place for many years. It will open them up to how to interpret many of the news items that have been told. Bragas Calvin Klein Baratas Also they will see many of the pieces of information that have seemed to be of value, and now are seen to be of value in only one way, and that is that they represent the evidence of the manipulation that is no longer being done. They will know that it cannot be done because the ones who did it for so long are no longer in power. My dear ones, I have shared with you today what is going to be a powerful flow of opening you to the truths that you have either felt to be coming or have seen as a surprise, yet believable. It is part of what you have given me and others the freedom to bring forth, for your souls see that it is time for you to come forth in your power and be the strength of your ability to become a leader of the process in your own lives of the freedom and truth that you are destined for. Have a wonderful and joyful rest of the day, on into forever. Calzoncillos Slip Calvin Klein My heart is with you all! Thank you dear St. Germain, Much Love, Nancy Tate   Click Here for Webpage & Printable


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Meditation commonly Confused With Concentration Or Contemplation

energy healing austinPointsPlus allowance is given as a weekly allotment of additional points –. The PointsPlus allowance gives you an thrill to indulge here and there. A 1500-calorie diet causes weight loss, but gets a lot of your attention to count the calories. Use the rule of browse. Eat as much fresh fruit and vegetables the advantages hold, limit the meat in diet regime to small portions at mealtime, allow two pieces of bread each meal and eat smaller variety of fried or fatty foods. One individual serving bag of chips per week as a reward should be the maximum. Substitute cheese and dessert for that cup of plain yogurt and include fresh fruit or berries to which it. Drink a glass of cool water with every meal. Adidas Ultra Boost Pas Cher Additional beverages allowed are ice tea absolutely no sugar or fresh unsweetened fruit or vegetable juice. Drink diet pop sparingly. It causes you to retain water. Short de Bain Philipp Plein Firstly, be sure you have the time for yourself. T Shirt Kenzo You may laugh only at that and mention that it’s impossible, but that’s hardly ever the container. Even if it’s a quarter-hour quiet time before you go to bed or however first get up, this can help. Adidas Yeezy Boost France Even some tasks such ironing or washing the dishes Meditation Tools can appropriate time for manually. Listen to music while you are doing the tasks, or simply focus intently on what you will be doing. Some turn an individual into a form of relaxing meditation and this can noticeably lower any parent stress you can experience. I’m always amazed how even using meditation practices of two decades can be resistant to receiving this Divine help and help. And really what good are the courses, initiations, fasting and head-standing if previously Meditation Practices end, the ego is resolutely doing the moving? Solving begin frustration eases the stress of food items. Adidas Yeezy Boost Acheter You are back to the camp level had been before a tremendous happened. Now, you ‘re ready for every other stressor that could be come correct path. Chaussure Adidas Ultra Boost You’ll be able to handle it better because you’re already hopeless. The second biggest obstacle is “dabbling.” I have witnessed students go from one spiritual practice to another, teacher to teacher, seminar to seminar, and retreat to retreat a long time but they do not go deeper in their Meditation. Regarding going deeper in their meditation, merely move on the next fun thing. Method to biggest obstacle, and test that is available with on the subject of my graduate students, is the “I know” syndrome. When students be taught a lot and having epiphanies, satori’s or samadhi’s, there are many challenges goes therefore to their head refund policy puts up barriers to learning. It is a test all students face (as I did): getting stuck on what we think we know (or have). If you think you know, you don’t. It all dates to be able to the age of the Buddha some 2,500 ago. A good ancient healing system using its roots in yoga, Buddhist spiritual practices, and Traditional Chinese medicine, Thai massage combines aspects of all only three. It was developed and practiced by Dr ..

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This could be the beginning of the arrests we have been promised…

This could be kenzo pas cher the beginning of the arrests we have been promised…

Hillary is more likely to go to the big house than the White House

by Wayne Allyn Root
See video here:

Hi. I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty®. It’s all over for Hillary Clinton. How bad is it? Hillary is now more likely to wind up in the big house than in the White House. How bad is it? The coverup of and conspiracy in Benghazi are the least of her worries. How bad is it? No one is even mentioning the Clinton Foundation, where she accepted $2 billion in bribes (I mean donations) while secretary of state, much of it from foreign governments, while quickly awarding contracts to those same countries and companies. Isn’t that called treason?That’s not even on the radar screen … yet. How bad is it? This scandal doesn’t even involve 32,000 emails she chose to erase and the server she purposely destroyed. But before we get to the criminal investigation, let’s get to Hillary’s racist moment. She told Black Lives Matterprotesters that she’ll only talk to white people about America’s problems. Huh? She said it on . This is Hillary’s “Mitt Romney 47 percent moment.” Yes, Hillary is on camera saying she’ll only talk to white people about the problems of America. I think it’s time for the GOP or conservative super PACs to play that video 24/7 in the battleground states. Now to the first criminal investigation against Hillary: This first of many criminal investigations to come against Hillary started with only two classified documents sent to her and shared with her staff on her personal emails, a place where any Chinese or Russian hacker could read the most sensitive U.S. Bikini Calvin Klein government secrets. It involved only two top-secret emails because the intelligence community only looked at 40 emails out of 32,000. They found two out of 40 that potentially broke the law, two that could have put American national security at risk, two that would have put American lives at risk. The server, by the way, was kept in a . I spent this past week on talk radio wondering what happens when they gain access to all 32,000 of Hillary’s emails? Will they find hundreds or thousands of classified documents? Of course they will. Well, wonder no more. Now it’s up to 305 suspected classified emails on Hillary’s personal server … in a bathroom closet. In the end, my educated guess is the count will go into the 1,000 to 2,000 range. Slip Calvin Klein Baratos Hillary has a big problem. No wonder she erased them and . Her lawyers told her if she didn’t destroy the evidence and claim they were all personal emails, she would be headed to the big house. When reporters asked her about if she “wiped the server,” : “What, like with a cloth or something?” Folks, no one is this dumb. Either that fall Hillary took caused brain damage, or the woman is a criminal. Either way, she can’t be president. Hillary broke the law every single day with her personal emails. She put our entire country, our national security, our CIA agents and even our children at risk. This is about to explode into the biggest scandal in the history of our government. Hillary is now a presidential candidate under criminal investigation by the FBI and the Department of Justice. Her are under investigation. People around her are going to jail. And when they find out they are facing 20 years in prison, they will point fingers at Hillary to try to lower their own prison sentences. How bad is this situation? The real truth isn’t even out yet. We’ve seen only the tip of the iceberg. At the moment, Hillary’s only real competition is an old hippie who brags that he’s a socialist. Yet that guy just took the lead in . It’s not even close: Bernie Sanders leads Hillary 44 percent to 37 percent. Hillary is getting trounced by a 1960s radical with no money who is proud to call himself a commie! The writing is on the wall. It’s all over but the actual speech announcing Hillary’s withdrawal from the race. That’s just a formality at this point. Think of all the disappointed foreign countries, certain they’d bought the next president. This must be devastating to world leaders and corrupt CEOs of multinational corporations. Just as I’ve predicted for months now, Hillary is . Stick a fork in her. The only real suspense now is who will replace her as the Democratic nominee. Now to the fun part: The leading contenders are a commie (Sanders), a crazy man (Joe Biden) and a white woman who made believe she was an Indian to get a job at Harvard (Elizabeth Warren). I’m betting on Warren. Here’s why. First, it can’t be Bernie Sanders. He’s an outright socialist. America only elects socialists who pretend to be moderates (see Barack Obama). No one admitting proudly that he believes in the economic system of Cuba, Angola, Venezuela and Greece can be president of the United States. Big crowds, or not, Bernie is only a passing fancy. The Democrats must find a socialist who at least pretends to love America. That leaves Biden (aka “Crazy Joe”). I’ve predicted for months that Biden would enter the race. But can he win? The Democratic Party is a party of angry, mentally wounded, politically correct, special interest groups united by one cause: a hatred for “privileged,” straight white men. Biden just doesn’t fit the theme. But there’s a woman out there who is perfect for the perennially angry special interests of the Democratic Party. She can continue on with Hillary’s theme: that there’s a “Republican war on women.” Her name is Elizabeth Warren. Warren bowed out of this race months ago in deference to Hillary. But now that Hillary is mortally wounded, I can already see the “heroic” press conference. It’s ‘patriot’ Elizabeth Warren to the rescue. I could write the script. You know Elizabeth is getting ready at this moment to step over Hillary’s lifeless political body. And just like that, the “Republican war on women” is back in the headlines and back in TV ad campaigns. The Democrats are back in business. Comprar Calzoncillos Calvin Klein Calvin Klein Ropa Interior Hombre They’ve traded out an ultra-liberal woman with ethical issues for an ultra-liberal woman with ethical issues.But instead of ripping off taxpayers and the ‘U.S. government’, Warren only lied and ripped off Harvard. That’s plenty good enough for the Democrats. After all, Elizabeth is a woman, and she’s breathing, and she’s not facing prison. The media will love it. They’ll put Elizabeth on their biased shoulders and push her toward the presidency. And all is well in the Democratic Party. Just like that, Hillary is done. Just like that, Hillary retires to Chappaqua, New York, and $50 million in legal bills. I can hear Hillary now: “Get to work, Bill. We’re broke.” This time, she may be right. You know who else is right? Karl Rove. I’m no Rove fan, but any candidate for president who says “I’ll only talk to white people,” who asks if she could use a cloth to wipe a sever clean and who puts top-secret classified documents involving our national security on a personal server in a bathroom closet just might be from a bad fall. That may be Hillary’s ticket to avoiding prison: an insanity defense.

I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty®. I’ll see you next week. See you next week.

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Ancient Earth Break-Away-Civilization Subterranean Council Meeting & SSP Alliance Debrief Part I – “Honeycomb Earth”

Meetings of September 3rd and 4th, 2015

23 Sep 2015 : 10:10
, , 7,990

The existence of a secret space program has been meticulously and carefully hidden from the American public, and the world at large, for well over 75 years.As you know if you have read this site or watched our weekly series on , I grew up in a world that is so far beyond the limits of most people’s imagination that they would immediately write my experiences off as fiction. Most UFO enthusiasts believe the US government acquired working ET spacecraft from the Roswell crash of 1947 – almost 70 years ago. Many also believe these craft were successfully “reverse engineered,” giving them the ability to effortlessly travel throughout our solar system – and beyond. Even with the crude rocket technology of the 1960s, we were able to send people to the moon, land craft there and drive rovers around on the surface. However, people still hit a severe mental roadblock in imagining that our own reverse-engineered craft were flown to the Moon, Mars and elsewhere, and were used to build bases there out of local materials. Is it possible that a secret space program could have existed without us knowing about it? Absolutely. The Manhattan Project developed the nuclear bomb. It was in operation for seven years, employed well over 120,000 people, conscripted multiple secret facilities all over the US, and hardly any of its own employees knew what they were working on until the bombs detonated. Remember: not one person in the Manhattan Project squealed. Not one. Adidas Yeezy Boost 750 Not ever. The penalty for speaking out was terrifying enough to ensure complete compliance. Therefore it is absolutely possible that an even more advanced program could have been generated, on a much larger scale, and still exist to this day — without any public awareness. Let me assure you: the Secret Space Program [] is an absolute fact. The bases are out there. They are vast in size, scope and technology. Our planet is now crumbling in a Greater Depression because a majority of our wealth has been siphoned off to build this vast, interplanetary infrastructure. Did it really cost NASA 209 billion dollars to launch the Space Shuttle a few times a year? No. Did the Stealth bombers really cost 2 billion dollars apiece to build? No. Did the Pentagon really “lose” 2.1 trillion dollars, as Donald Rumsfeld announced the day before 9/11? No. I have seen the vast, glittering facilities our money has built with my own eyes — through the windows and transparent panels of advanced spacecraft. I have landed in those craft and walked in those bases. I have met the people who live and work there. I have seen their faces and spoken to them just like I am speaking to you now. There are millions of other people, originally born here on Earth, who have shared my experiences. Regrettably, hardly any of them have spoken out thus far – since the threat of doing so can very easily be lethal, and it is nearly impossible to return to Earth once you enter into this world. Many have been a part of this world only to be “blank slated”, have screen memories implanted then returned to live out rather mundane lives. Some of the people who have been robbed of these amazing memories and experiences are some of the strongest skeptics of these topics. We quickly discovered that our own solar system is literally teeming with intelligent civilizations — from many different points of origin. Some of them are extremely benevolent, some are extremely negative and others are just visiting, without really picking a side. The reason so many different types of UFOs have been seen is that there are many, many different civilizations operating in our airspace – with a tremendous diversity of technologies available to them. The has been owned and controlled by a very dark aspect of our planet for some time – an intergenerational cult dating back to at least the Roman Empire. Many have called these “Secret Earth Government Syndicates” the Illuminati or Cabal. Their main business is building hyper-advanced technology – and they have gotten quite good at it. As impossible as this may seem, I was told they are now engaging in regular trade with over 900 different intelligent civilizations. If anyone shows up who has something newer and better than the old stuff, they will quickly find a way to acquire it and mass-produce it – no matter how unethical or brutal the methods required. Since these secret earth government syndicates have very negative spiritual beliefs, they ended up allying with the most evil and powerful ET group of all – a confederacy of reptilian humanoid races collectively known as the Draco. It is a sad but accurate fact that the vast majority of those who have joined the are made to take part in brutal and terrifying situations intended to ensure they can never escape, and will never speak out even if they did. I was personally forced into many situations that were deeply traumatic and have forever altered my perspective on reality. Several years ago, an alliance formed within this group to restore peace and freedom to our planet, and release the marvelous technologies that are being held back – but they faced towering obstacles. For many years, Hollywood movies, financed by these same corporate interests, inundated us with film after film of an “alien invasion.” Any and all such visitors were portrayed as brutal, terrifying villains who must be destroyed at all costs. These films were intended to seed our collective consciousness with fear and terror – a xenophobic hatred of all intelligent civilizations other than our own. The plan was to eventually strike us in a mass “Alien 9/11,” with huge armadas of reverse-engineered craft. In this event they could wipe out any opposing areas or countries they wanted – just level them flat. The phoenix they hoped to rise from these ashes would be a global “New World Order” to fight this so-called “alien” menace. Of course, they would own and control the whole thing themselves. That was the plan. However, they failed to realize that benevolent ET civilizations held them on a very tight leash, and they would never be permitted to carry through with these plans. A giant, Neptune-sized sphere visited the outer planets of our solar system in the 1980s. It was confronted by our people and asked to leave, which it did willingly. Many more spheres began appearing in the late 1990s into the early 2000s. Then, in approximately the year 2012, another 100-plus spheres arrived. These spheres were of colossal size – with three approximate size categories corresponding to the Moon, Neptune and Jupiter in circumference. The beings associated with these spheres were very highly advanced. They do not require technology to travel throughout the universe or accomplish any of their goals. Even to the most advanced ETs in contact with our SSP, these new folks are on an entirely different level – and far more advanced. The SSP believed that the benevolent ETs were bound by a “Prime Directive” that forced them not to interfere. For many years, that was true. As it turns out, the Prime Directive was always intended for our own protection – so these negative groups would never actually be able to completely conquer and overthrow our planet. worked since the mid-1990s to spread the word about the greater reality we live in, and along the way came in contact with many high-level insiders with a surprisingly deep knowledge of these classified subjects. After I began disclosing my knowledge to him, and finding countless connections with what other insiders told him, a wild rollercoaster of unforeseen events led to me coming forward and revealing my true name and identity to the world – at great personal cost. Only a few months after this was done, the beings within these spheres contacted the SSP and asked for me by name. I had not worked for them for many years and this was the most profoundly life-altering event I have ever been through since I was first contacted by the Blue Avians a little over four 4 years prior. Protocol and paperwork was thrown to the side as I was brought back into a world I had only had seldom, brief contact with since the 1980s. Suddenly, I was being asked to speak on behalf of these beings – the Sphere Alliance – as their delegate. This included addressing the SSP as well as a group of over 40 different intelligent civilizations known as the Super-Federation, who have been running 22 different genetic programs on humanity for thousands and thousands of years. Again… I understand that this story seems extremely farfetched. Let me remind you that I had everything to lose – including a six-figure-a-year salary – and nothing to gain by coming forward. The job does not pay enough to support my family. It has only been through your conscientious donations that I have been able to continue doing this at all. The people in the SSP Alliance had a team member who we are calling Lt. Col. Gonzales, who had been in contact with the Sphere Alliance for about four years – roughly the same length of time as I had been. Gonzales was the SSP’s choice for a delegate. I was an outsider – a has-been who lacked the training and expertise to be brought into such a role. That was their feeling. As a result, I was ridiculed and harassed when I was brought back into their world. Tensions mounted as they continued to look for flaws and see me as unworthy of the role I was given. I suppose it is human nature to look for character defects in others, particularly if they have been given some position of authority – whether they wanted the job or not. In order to fully understand the background of all my experiences, it is necessary to read previous articles on this site and / or to watch the series. I had found myself in an awkward position in recent weeks after I had some meetings with the SSP Alliance Council that became very heated and personal. They told me, flat out, that they did not want me to be involved in future delegation meetings — and that Gonzales had proved to be far more adept as a diplomat than I had. Furthermore, I had upset some of the Super Federation members by providing detailed information about some of them at our most recent recording of , which hasn’t even aired Comprar Calzoncillos Calvin Klein yet. It was made pretty clear that they were trying to force me out of the position I was in, and have Gonzales take my place. Recently, the Sphere Being Alliance indicated that they would not honor the SSP Alliance Council and the Super Federation Council’s requests that I be replaced. This led to a meeting with explosive tension where I really lost my cool, as did they. There was yelling, aggression and cursing. I am by no means spiritually superior, and this has been as stressful on me as it has on them. We had a couple of meetings after this first explosive one where things settled down, and we exchanged mutual apologies. Ultimately we all want the same thing – to free humanity, and our entire solar system, from the rule of these corrupt secret earth government syndicates, and the highly evil groups that have been controlling them. As a group, the SSP has now been sharing ideas and guidance to help shape my own future, as well as that of humanity as a whole, in a more constructive manner. I am simply the first of many insiders who will be coming forward and revealing the full scope of what has gone on for so long. As I have said before, the NSA held a vast treasure-trove of SSP documents for blackmail purposes. Snowden captured all of this data in his epic hack. The encryption was only very recently broken. Once the public is aware and angry enough to hear the truth, such as in the aftermath of a highly upsetting economic collapse, this documentation will be released in a vast data dump. And it will utterly transform reality as we know it in a matter of days. The AD or “After Disclosure” society will be so radically different that every film, every TV show, every blog, every YouTube video, every book, every article, everything from before the event will be as antique and quaint as a black-and-white silent film with a scratchy, bouncy piano soundtrack. We will realize the awesome scope of deception that worked against us for not hundreds, but literally thousands of years. It will be a time of grief and healing as we are forced to accept the truth of our past, and direct our attention towards co-creating a much bigger and brighter future. In these same meetings, I found out that Gonzales had attended a couple of Super Federation conferences without my knowledge. He had also attended a newly formed council of Ancient Earth Breakaway Civilizations. I was aware that advanced civilizations had come and gone from Earth’s surface in our distant past. They used their own advanced technology to terraform vast pockets inside the earth with all the comforts of home. This provided them with a protective barrier against whatever enemies, both natural and extraterrestrial, threatened them on the surface – including cataclysmic natural disasters. In my time at the SSP, I had access to “smart-glass pads” that were similar to an Ipad, which revealed some of the civilizations living and warring inside the earth. Some of them were more humanlike and familiar, whereas certain others were reptilian. One particularly nasty race was called the Raptors, and had hideous reptilian features as well as a scrawny plume of feathers running down their backs. This Ancient Earth council, by comparison, was comprised of the more humanlike groups. They were aware of some of the other opposing factions, but were not in alliance with them. The humanlike groups decided to sort out their differences with one another out of necessity after a rise in conflicts with various other subterranean groups. I was informed that I would be attending meetings with this Ancient Earth council in the near future. This very much excited and intrigued my curiosity. At the same time, these meetings have brought me face to face with highly negative groups, including the Draco “White Royal”, so I always have a certain sense of dread when facing any new experiences of this type. Not long after I found out I would be meeting this unforeseen new group, I was contacted and given a date and time for when it would happen. I was given no other information about the groups I would meet or what to expect, which I have started to become accustomed to. On the date of the meeting I expected to travel via a blue orb, as I would normally do for any meeting. This is not how SSP people usually travel by any means. It is a portal system used by the Sphere Alliance that seems to involve the use of a living, conscious being – the blue orb – as the facilitator of a nearly instantaneous journey to wherever I need to go. I made sure I was up and out of bed at the proper time, in the middle of the night. I expected to experience the travel procedure that has now become a normal occurrence. Ten minutes passed and nothing had happened. I walked into my living room. I stood in the living room for a few more minutes and nothing happened. There have been times in the past where meetings were scheduled and they just never occurred, and only later would I find out there had been interference or problems that necessitated their delay. I decided that since I was already awake, and the meeting was not going to happen, I would get on the computer and catch up on emails and Facebook posts. I was standing at the foot of my couch when there was a bright flash of light. I felt a strange static electrical sensation for a moment and then noticed I was not in my house any longer. My eyes were a bit blurry, both from it being very early morning and from the unexpected flash of light. I found myself in a very large and perfectly polished granite room that was round, with a domed ceiling. There were two men in beautiful silk robes and silk fabric sandals standing there. They were standing on either side of an arched doorway. There were similar doorways on all four sides of the room with two men standing sentry. Each of the two men looked slightly different in ethnicity and build. Each man was also wearing a large gold pendant with a different symbol on it. I stood there and looked from door to door. None of the men acknowledged me or acted as if they even noticed that I had just appeared out of nowhere in the room with them. I stood there silently, not knowing whether to call out to them and ask any questions. I once again found myself in a situation with no preparation or intelligence on what to expect or how to engage those that I encountered. Soon afterwards, I heard the sounds of people coming down what sounded like a corridor in the direction of one of the doors. I then saw five figures emerge from the doorway and head in my direction. They all removed their hoods at the same time as they approached me. I immediately saw Gonzales walking behind a rather tall and beautiful woman with white hair. She had narrow facial features and large blue eyes. She appeared to be around thirty years of age. Gonzales had a smirk on his face. I immediately knew it was because the roles were reversed and he had me at a disadvantage. It is very common for soldiers thrown into extreme circumstances to have a buddy-buddy relationship that can involve sarcastic ribbing of each other to help dissipate the tension. In the past, I had been the focal-point and he was feeling a bit confused and kept in the dark. Now the tables had turned. I was in the same uncomfortable position Gonzales had been in before. The group stopped about 20 feet away from me. Gonzales conversed with them and then approached me alone. The woman and two others turned and left the way they came. This left one male, with the same basic features as the woman, standing 20 feet away from me. When Gonzales got close enough I reached out to shake his hand. He put both his hands up and took a step back. “We have to get you cleansed and changed first. I don’t want to have to go through the whole process again.” He then turned and started walking towards the person standing close by, and motioned for me to follow. I asked him what was going on. He said they are very serious about their cleansing ceremonies prior to entering the “Womb of Isis”. I tried not to make a strange face and just followed him. We walked towards the doorway that he emerged from. As we entered, I could see there was a symbol etched over the archway with laser-like precision. This symbol appeared over all of the doorways in the area we spent our time in. It was two intersecting circles inside an oval. Doorway The door led to a long, smooth corridor that was also carved out of the same granite-like rock. I could hear the echoing sound of water running over rocks while in the tunnel-like corridor. When we had reached what appeared to be the halfway point, there was a door to the left that led into a brightly-lit room where the sound of water was coming from. This door had an eight-pointed star on each side. There was a gold star on the left side and a red one on the right. The gold star was slightly larger and positioned a bit higher than the red star. Stars The man that was walking behind us stopped at the door and turned his back to it. We entered in and I saw a beautiful waterfall that was flowing through a port-like opening in the ceiling. There were off-white stalactites hanging from the opening, and what looked like milk-white water pouring down onto a statue of a goddess. The water then ran off the statue and drained into a pool that the statue was standing in. The goddess statue had a visible buildup of mineral deposits. The surrounding pool had an opening that created another small waterfall, which drained into a wider pool that was closer to the floor. After I had taken in the view of the water feature, I looked over at Gonzales. He told me to remove all of my clothing and place it next to his — on a stone pedestal that rose about 3 feet out of the polished stone floor. I noticed other pedestals with folded-up garments of different colors sitting on top of them. There were also what looked like thin gold crowns or tiaras laying on top of these garments. I looked at him and told him I had no idea what was going on. I would really appreciate an explanation, right away, as to why I was being asked to disrobe. I also wanted to know what other strange requests I might receive. Gonzales seemed to be enjoying himself a little too much at my expense, and that didn’t improve my mood. He then smiled and told me to relax. He stated that these subterranean groups are very much into Venus and goddess worship, and that they reference their sanctuaries as being the “womb of the Earth”. It is holy ground — and we have to respect their cultural and spiritual practices. I was already shivering a little bit from wearing the black exercise shorts and blue tee shirt in the already cool environment. Gonzales saw the hesitation on my face. He told me not to be so shy. He said he would turn around, but that he had to instruct me in the cleansing process. He told me that if I was uncomfortable with him seeing me naked, he would leave the room and send in the other person who watched and guided him through the process. I shook my head and took off my clothes, folded and placed them on the pedestal. I was standing there totally humiliated. Gonzales was chuckling and trying not to look directly at me. Right when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, the woman walked in with a folded robe, sandals and towels in her hands. I exhaled in displeasure and glared at Gonzales, who was still enjoying my predicament way too much. He took a step back so the woman could approach me. She smiled and handed me the garment and towels. She bowed her head, turned and bowed her head to Gonzales, and then left the room. After she had left the room, Gonzales broke out laughing. He walked over, took the items from me and set them down. He made a joke about how cold it was in the room. He then began guiding me through the bathing and cleansing process. The water was ice cold. After I had dried and placed the robe and sandals on the pedestal, he told me that I needed to remain quiet and respectful during this first visit and just observe. He said that these groups have recently formed this council out of necessity. Some of them have a very long and complicated history with each other. He also told me that these groups had an even more complicated history with surface civilizations – going back over many thousands of years. I was informed that they do not have the most positive view of us. He further stated that these groups often come across as elitist and prejudiced against the surface population, and that I needed to keep my opinions on the matter to myself. I was trying not to let my ego be a factor in the equation. Nonetheless, I was feeling a little frazzled after the public bath, being laughed at and then having Gonzales worry I was going to speak out of turn as I did at a previous meeting when there was a veiled threat against my family. This was in the Committee of 200 meeting that took place at the castle, detailed in earlier posts on this site. I know Gonzales meant no harm and this was a part of his personality, but it was still a little soon. Some wounds were still fresh from the previous couple of meetings I had with the SSP Alliance Council, when things had gotten pretty heated. I took a deep breath and cleared my mind of the prior emotional baggage, so that it would not be detected by our current hosts, who had greater intuitive abilities than any average human like us. I told Gonzales I understood, and was ready if he didn’t have anything else to add. He then picked up on how frazzled I had been, and looked a bit concerned. He looked at me, tilted his head and started to say something. Right then, the woman and three men walked a few paces into the room. They bowed their heads and looked at us. Gonzales then turned and walked towards them, motioning once again for me to follow him. A few feet before we reached the others, they turned and walked out the door ahead of us. They turned left, and then continued on down the corridor. The corridor then began to angle down and curve to the right, where it then widened into a rectangular room with tall ceiling. A larger door was directly ahead. I then wondered to myself where all of the light was coming from. The corridor and rooms were well lit, but I had not seen any source for the lighting. We stopped in the room and no one was speaking. I was looking around for the light source when the woman turned and spoke to me. Her voice had an accent I have never heard before. In English, she said “the visible light is created by frequency.” I was surprised and looked at her, but before I could say anything in response, another woman walked through the large door. She was wearing the same white silk robe, and was wearing the hood over the top of her head. She looked at each of us, making eye contact with us one by one. Then she turned and went back out through the doorway without saying a word. Somehow I knew immediately to put my hood on, as did everyone else. We walked through the door and then down a curved stone staircase, one level down. The stairs angled to the left. At the bottom, there was another doorway with the same symbol over the arch. We began to file through the door and into the room, two by two. There were people in the same robes sitting around an oval table. Other people were standing and sitting on stone benches, and they also wore the same robes. I then began to notice that every person was wearing a pendant. The pendants were often different in appearance, and had various symbols on them. I realized that these were the symbols of their groups. I noticed a few of them touching and tapping their pendants. They would then look down at what could only be described as holograms. These pendants were not just a jewelry that represented their civilization or group. They were also a technology. As Gonzales and I were being shown our seat at the front of the room, I got a good look at the stone table. It had a large, golden eight-pointed star in the center, with a smaller eight-pointed red gem star to the bottom right of the gold star — from our perspective. The people who had guided us to this point seemed to be the hosts of the meeting. They were all wearing pendants that appeared to feature a stylized image of Saturn, including the rings. Each of these pendants had a single jewel that was placed at a different location on the surface of the planet. Gonzales later told me that the location of and type of gem represented where their particular region was located under the Earth.

Saturn GreenJade Stone
Saturn BlackBlack Stone
Saturn RoseRose Colored Jewel

One of the people with the Saturn pendants that had a rose colored gem at the bottom stood up from the table. He introduced Gonzales and myself, as well as the names, designations and group names of those around the table and in the room. As each person was introduced, they removed their hood. Gonzales has asked that I withhold these names, designations and group names for a few reasons. The main reason is that he wanted to maintain their trust. He didn’t want a repeat of upsetting anyone, as happened recently when I went into detail about the types of non-terrestrials that attend the Super-Federation Conference. This caused some of these Super-Federation members to request that Gonzales take my place at future meetings, a request that was denied. I was never told not to share this information, but it was thrown in my face later during a meeting with the SSP Alliance Council as one of the reasons they wanted Gonzales to be the delegate and not me. I have never had a problem admitting that Gonzales is more of a diplomat and a better public speaker than I am. That decision, however, was not up to the SSP Alliance Council, Gonzales or myself — unless I had turned down the invitation in the beginning. I will share the symbols that were on the pendants of those in attendance at this meeting. When I got back home, I drew all of the symbols on a piece of paper and emailed it to my web administrator, who is also pretty good at rendering graphics. From that sheet of paper, he created or found the images in this report, which are an excellent representation of what we saw on the pendants of these various subterranean groups. These different people were obviously human, but they appeared ethnically different than anyone you would see on the surface. There were people with stocky builds, African features and bronze skin. There were also people who appeared Asian and Indian, with different skin tones, including a very pale blue, and body types not normally associated with those ethnic groups on the surface. There was a group that appeared very Mediterranean. There was a group that looked very much like a normal Caucasian from the earth’s surface. There were also the tall thin and pale people with white, blond, black and brown hair that were hosting this event. The Mayan ancient breakaway civilization I have described in previous reports was not present at this meeting. Within the group that wore the Saturn pendants, there were also people that looked similar, yet had slightly different body types. In addition to the Saturn symbols, there was also a silver star, a gold “curved” swastika (though this was not a NAZI breakaway group,) an Omega symbol with an eight-pointed gold star in the center, and a symbol that looked like an hourglass. This may have been a stylized representation of the constellation of Orion.

I must admit that seeing that swastika symbol, along with some of their other terms and symbol sets, was unsettling enough that I almost buried this entire report. I am by no means anti-Semitic, and neither were any of these groups – though they seem to view all of us on the surface with varying degrees of disdain. When I mentioned the swastika to , he shared with me that the Germans co-opted this symbol after seeing it featured in a mind-blowing lecture by Gurdjeff in the early 20th century. Gurdjeff revealed the astonishing prevalence of this same symbol from cultures all over the earth – the Hindus, the Hopis, the Japanese, the Eskimos, the Greeks, the Romans, you name it — on every continent except Antarctica. This was one of the main symbols that their “gods” gave them to represent themselves. Gurdjeff saw it as obvious proof of an advanced, worldwide intelligent civilization, which attracted the Germans to it. Gurdjeff was likely drawing off of a highly-contentious Yale University study from 1898 [] that was later banned as the Nazis rose to power. Widespread attempts were made to sanitize this study from the academic record, though it still survives. After the person at the table had made the introductions, I realized that seven different groups were being represented — even though three of them were obviously allied or genetically related. Each group was made up of three representatives. The room we were in was repeatedly referred to as “The Womb of Isis.” I found out later that this was a temple complex reserved for spiritual and political events. Most of the groups were made up of one or two women, except the group with the eight-pointed star symbol inside the Greek Omega character, which was made up entirely of men. The obvious leader of this group made reference to the “Prince of Venus, the Morning Star and the Bearer of Light” several times. This was deeply unsettling to me because of obvious association of Lucifer with these terms. I picked up on the energy of the other groups, and they all seemed very uncomfortable with this particular group, which was not surprising. One of the other groups has a well-known and powerful fleet of craft that the secret space programs have developed a healthy respect for — and I recognized them and their symbol immediately. The discussions between these groups then began. They were asked by the person doing the introductions to speak English for their guests, but this didn’t last long. They would speak English and then switch over to some other language. Gonzales later told me this was a pre-Akkadian tongue that has long since died out on the surface of the planet. Then they would switch back over to English yet again. There were also exchanges in a couple of other long-gone languages. Telepathic communication took place between individuals in the room as well. Adidas Yeezy 350 Femme It was naturally all very confusing and hard for me to follow. I was able to make out that they were discussing attacks that had occurred against various subterranean cities, and the casualties that occurred. They also discussed the betrayals they had suffered from certain secret societies and groups on the surface that they previously thought they had under their control. I was able to determine that their enemies on the surface now had technology that allowed them to locate their cities and bypass their defenses. The people on the surface had developed exotic weapons that could penetrate to the greatest depths and do tremendous damage. This meant that all bets were off. These surface groups had now become their violent and ruthless enemies. They felt vulnerable and threatened, and needed to rely upon one another for protection. They also spoke of the surface people building more and more of their own cities under the surface, and polluting the very delicate subterranean ecosystem in the process. They also were having to deal with recent skirmishes with a variety of very nasty non-human subterranean groups. This was causing them a great deal of concern. It became clear that all of these mounting pressures had caused them to form an alliance with one another – something that would have hitherto seemed almost impossible to fathom. This discussion went on for about two hours, and we were only able to follow a small amount of what was said. Then, the leader of the “Omega/Eight Pointed Star” group invited Gonzales to speak. Gonzales later told me that this person was not showing the proper respect to his hosts by doing so. Gonzales knew the protocols between these groups, and sought to follow them as carefully as possible. Gonzales looked to the woman wearing the Saturn pendant with the rose colored jewel, and she gave him the nod to proceed. He then stood and spoke from where he was sitting right next to me. I was not in a position to look up at him when he spoke, so I looked around the room while he was taking. Gonzales addressed each group by name, and thanked them for their invitation to participate as a representative of the Alliance. He expressed his appreciation to the group that was hosting this council meeting. He further stated that it was an honor to receive and host their small delegation, which had traveled to one of the SSP Alliance outposts in the Kuiper Belt at great personal risk in the weeks prior. Gonzales said that despite some significant differences in points of view, and the former alliances that had been in direct conflict with what we were all now hoping to achieve, he was here to relay the hopes of the SSP Alliance Council that an understanding could be reached between all parties. This would include changes in how these groups engaged the governments and civilians that they were in contact with on the surface of the planet. He paused, and I could see he was choosing his words carefully. He was trying his best not to broadcast his thoughts and emotions to the highly perceptive audience. He then looked up and delivered what seemed like a loosely-prepared speech that was short, and yet got right to the point. He addressed the complicated history that these and other ancient human breakaway groups have had with surface civilizations – going back over tens of thousands of years. He also addressed each group in the room, openly engaging them on their past and current deceptions with governments, militaries and civilians. He ended his speech on the note that we are entering a new era that should involve open cooperation and honesty. I could feel the sudden rise of tension and mixed emotions and energy in the room as he said this. Gonzales bowed his head and sat back down beside me, while keeping his gaze towards the delegation around the table. They began to speak among themselves in a couple of different languages. At times they spoke past each other, or talked over each other. They were often motioning back at Gonzales and me in the process. They were speaking calmly, but it was obvious that they were not pleased with at least some of what Gonzales had just communicated. We then received a very condescending lecture from each of them about how we have no right to judge them with our limited understanding and knowledge. They each described their perceptions of those of us on the surface as uncivilized barbarians who are diseased and genetically impure. They said they were the only ones who had preserved the various original earth human bloodlines. Adidas Yeezy Boost 750 Pas Cher Wave after wave of refugees from nearby planets had since co-mingled their genetics with the original humans of this planet, and had taken over the surface world like a plague. They stated that in the nearly 20 million years since the original human bloodlines had arisen on Earth, there had been four major cataclysms that had either changed the Earth’s axis, rotation or orbital path around the Sun. Each time one of these events occurred, the “elite” or priest caste kept their genetic line pure through isolating themselves beneath the ground. These small groups survived while their surface counterpart civilizations perished. Over oceans of time and smaller destructive events on the surface, which were still obviously catastrophic, nearly all signs of their former civilizations were erased from the memories of the survivors. Only myths and legends of advanced gods remained. They stated that they would emerge from time to time to kick-start the civilization of the survivors who were the most closely related to them in terms of their genetics. They claimed that these surviving races assumed they were the gods of their own ancient legends. It was decided that they would allow those they were assisting to believe they were gods, in order to keep their subterranean civilizations secret and secure. They also stated that there were other planets in our solar system that were inhabited during this time period that were also suffering from extreme cataclysms. To add to this incredible story, they stated that more and more advanced groups began to arrive from outside our solar system during and after these cataclysmic events. These new groups began to take advantage of the situation, such as to farm and manipulate the genetics of the natives of this solar system. They claimed that the Earth became the destination of the refugees from these other inhabited planets. Advanced ETs relocated these refugees here in several waves as cataclysms occurred on their home planets. The refugee races were genetically similar to the original humans of Earth, but were much more aggressive. It turned out that many of these refugees were from a very advanced civilization that had destroyed itself through war and high technology. The use of some of these weapons not only caused destruction on an interplanetary scale, but generated a unique energy signature. This energy signature attracted the attention of the ET groups that were now entering our Solar System in mass, and who then started up a genetic farming experiment. The subterranean groups claimed that there had been an ancient civilization that had protected this region of the galaxy for literally billions of years. They were referred to as “The Guardians,” and the Secret Space Program referred to them as the “Ancient Builder Race”. This was covered in previous episodes of Cosmic Disclosure and in writings on this site. This Guardian race was extremely advanced. There were no other ET groups who would even think of violating their region of space. The Guardians had long since disappeared from our frequency. They had created a protective field or technology within their domain that kept it safe for a vast amount of time after they had physically disappeared. According to those telling this story, the residents of the other inhabited planets in our solar system unknowingly disrupted this protective technology put in place by the Guardians. When they used their advanced weapons in aggression against other races, this caused a massively destructive chain of events to occur. This had the unfortunate consequence of disabling the protective field that had been in place, ensuring their protection and survival. When the field went down, this sent out a signal to the rest of the cosmos like a beacon. The survivors of those inhabited worlds within our solar system relocated to the Earth. They were extremely aggressive, and began to reproduce and interbreed with the original humans that were on the Earth’s surface. It was not long before the subterranean groups saw this new mixed race as a threat to their existence. This new mixed race is the current surface population of the earth today. Now more than ever, they knew they had to keep their civilizations secret to preserve their genetic integrity, and the security of hundreds of their ancient and cherished subterranean temples and cities. They had the advanced technologies to both hide and defend themselves from these ET groups. They began to play a long-term strategic game against them, using the surface race that the ETs were so interested in as pawns. They continued to appear to certain distant genetic relatives on the surface as gods and ascended teachers, to help them develop their civilizations and themselves spiritually. This was done in the hopes that they might be able to overcome the aggressive part of their genetic programming. This effort has continued right up until the present time. They decided to start presenting themselves as ETs from other star systems when the surface population became more technologically sophisticated. They say that will continue to do this to keep the people they make contact with looking to the stars, instead of beneath their feet. They further stated that our recent disclosure about their activities will be counteracted against with contradictory information and communications that they will make to their surface contacts. The planted disinformation will state that there are indeed imposters, but they are in contact with the real ET group while the other contactees are only communicating with tricksters. (To be perfectly clear, this is not to imply that all contactees fall under this category. The number however is quite vast. In Part 2 I will describe the area I was shown where hundreds of their people were reclined and reaching out to people on the surface with their minds. They had a series of additional programs where they were making physical contact with civilians on the surface in their craft.) They said they will continue this practice until certain conditions have been met. One of these conditions is that the surface population must remove the current control system, which is run by these same ET groups they have been working against. Secondly, they will also need to see that the surface population has overcome its barbaric, uncivilized behavior and genetic programming. They stated that they are not optimistic that we will be able to do accomplish this, even with the continued energetic changes or return and assistance of the Guardians. This was quite surprising to hear, as they were obviously referring to the Sphere Alliance as the Guardians. [ told me the Law of One series indicated that their civilization had evolved into a highly advanced state from their origins on our planet Venus, 1.2 billion years ago. Since I have been personally asked by the Sphere Alliance to read the Law of One, this is a very interesting correlation. David said it is a “game changer” that ties many loose ends of the story together. The Ancient Builder Race left behind a vast collection of pyramids, obelisks and other such structures throughout our solar system, often made out of a glass-like alloy of transparent aluminum. A variety of these artifacts still exist within vast cavities below the Earth’s surface.] These subterranean groups are under the impression that after a full disclosure event and the removal of the manipulative ETs from our solar system, it will still take several generations for us to heal and evolve as a civilization. Only then will we be able to have open contact with their civilizations as equals. They were not exactly thrilled about forming this new council, or reaching out to the SSP Alliance Council to request contact with the newly-returned “Guardians.” Apparently the Guardians were not going to contact them on their own. If they wanted any access at all, they had to work with us as a team. They flatly stated that they were doing this under duress. Their alliance was forced into existence by the vast array of problems they were having. This included the lethal resistance they were encountering from various subterranean ET refugees and “ancient pre-human Earth races.” Their problems were further compounded by the recent betrayals they had suffered from certain secret societies and kingships of the surface population. They stated they were well aware that various members of the SSP Alliance had been involved in crimes against humanity before they broke away — to resist the activities of various ET and mixed surface-race groups. They were reserving judgement of us, and of our point of view, just as we should reserve judgment of them and their point of view. This was obviously a stalemate topic that could go no further. Gonzales stood up and quickly bowed his head to each of the people who were around the table and had been speaking. He sat back down, leaned over and whispered, “That went well, didn’t it?” I didn’t reply, because I was sitting there with all of this information that I had just heard flowing through my head. I was trying to tie it in with the established knowledge I had gained from the smart glass pads and the meetings with various other groups. Much of this was new, or at least far more detailed than anything I had heard before. I was also wondering how accurate it all was, since it was coming from a group that admittedly has been deceiving the surface population of Earth for many thousands of years. These are indeed times for each of us to discern new information on a deeper level than our established belief systems. It is clearly going to take more than talk and promises for us to be able to trust people who have admitted to deceiving us, and who have only formed an alliance out of the fear of their own annihilation. I was deep in thought when I heard some voices that now sounded a mile away. Everyone around stood up and placed their hoods back on their heads, so I quickly did the same. Each of the seven groups uttered a very short statement in this pre-Akkadian language. They then began to line up at the only doorway into the room – this “Womb of Isis.” No one was talking, and all you could hear was the shuffling of feet and robes as they waited for the hosts to dismiss everyone from the room. After a few moments, everyone began slowly moving through the door. I was still going over all of the information I had just heard in my head. We all worked our way back the way we came, through the series of winding stairs, twists and curves. We returned to where we had originally found ourselves in the main corridor. Now we were walking up a slight incline towards the room with the ceremonial water feature. This would then lead us directly back to the very large domed room I had originally arrived in. I mentally prepared myself to have to go back into the cleansing room and face the possibility of another public nudity scenario – this time with a much larger audience. Then I noticed the group ahead of us passed right by the door to this room, and headed directly into another large domed room.   Just as I was feeling a modicum of relief, I felt a tap to my left arm by Gonzales. I glanced back to see him now stopped a couple paces behind me. He was standing there along with two of the striking women from the host group. He was looking past me at the rest of the group, while holding his finger to his lips. He was clearly indicating that he wanted me to keep silent. I looked back and could see bright flashes of light coming from the large domed room the rest of the group had moved into. I turned and moved to stand next to Gonzales. He was quietly standing there at ease, with one hand holding his wrist. I had already noticed that one of the women kept looking over at me from time to time. Now I felt that she had something to say. As soon as the lights stopped flashing at the end of the hall, the woman who had greeted me on arrival and delivered the garments in the cleansing room stepped forward. She said “Please come with me. I have a personal request.” I was told that the delegation was visiting each of their local domains and some of them would be back for another purification or cleansing ceremony and I would imagine to retrieve their clothes. Gonzales was looking at me with a confused expression on his face. Since she had addressed me directly, I told her I would be happy to hear her request. She smiled, and said “Walk with me.” She began to walk towards the large room that I had arrived in. Gonzales and the other woman walked together behind us, by about five paces. I expected an explanation, or to hear the request, but instead we began to walk for some time in silence. We walked through the large domed room at the end of the corridor, went straight across the room and traveled on through the door on the other side. The room was now empty. No one was standing sentry at the four doors. We continued down another corridor that had more doors than the previous one. I forgot all about counting paces and doors, or any other intelligence-gathering methods we were supposed to do in a new facility per standard operating procedure (SOP.) I could tell she had something serious to ask me. All sorts of things were going through my head. I was definitely nervous about whatever this might be leading up to. This took my mind off of all of the new data I had been trying to process a few minutes earlier. Each of the rooms in this corridor had some sort of energy field or “hard light” covering them that prevented me from seeing inside of them. We finally stopped at one of the doors after a few turns in the corridor. She tapped her pendant, and the doorway went translucent. Then I could see inside the room. It appeared to be some sort of lounge or private quarters from what I could tell from the doorway. She looked at Gonzales and his escort, and said “Please remain here.” Then she walked inside, turned and looked at me. I looked over at Gonzales, who looked even more confused. I then walked inside the room with her. She tapped her pendant and the energy barrier reappeared over the doorway. Being an introvert and a bit shy around women I do not know well, I began to feel nervous and a bit self-conscious. She then began to telepathically interface with me. She asked me to relax. She wanted to know if I would share a childhood experience with her. She went on to communicate that there was a very special place to her people that has been off limits to them for many hundreds of years. She communicated that a nonhuman subterranean group had taken possession of this place. They are an ancient species that are indigenous to the Earth, which she called the “Dal-Azag” (Feathered-Serpents). She sent me a mental image of one of them. Even though I have never interacted with one, I recognized them from a database I had viewed on a smart-glass pad as the Raptors. As I said before, these are some of the most tenacious and dangerous subterranean groups we are faced with. To us, they appear hideous-looking. They are carnivorous, highly aggressive and will attack and consume humans on sight. She showed me an image of one of their ruling caste. This race has plumes of feathers running down the back of their heads and necks, almost like the crest of a bird. I had read how they move in a jerky fashion much like birds. Now, her mental image gave me a much clearer vision of how they actually appear and move. It was definitely unsettling. She communicated that this race has had a tenuous alliance with some of the factions of the surface human civilization. These beings have allowed this surface group to venture down into their domain. However, this race required a gift of human flesh, just as in the time before the Spanish conquered the land above. These human secret societies from the surface had no moral compunction against providing them with such gifts. I had heard all of this before. Although it was horrible, I was not shocked. Other groups have similar arrangements. She finally got to the part that concerned me in my own immediate present. She was well aware that when I was an adolescent, I was taken to a deep crystal cavern where I was told the crystals were alive. I was with a group of other children at the time. We were told not to touch the crystals, because it would harm them or they could harm us. We were asked to try to telepathically interface with the crystals. I was one of many who had been able to successfully interface with these crystalline lifeforms. [David Wilcock shared that this is another intriguing correspondence with the Law of One information. The series tells us that when the Earth was first prepped for human life, hyper-advanced crystals were placed inside the earth that had their own form of sentience. The Law of One said these crystals were intended to work almost like what we would now think of as Internet servers. They answer the spiritual calls people make as they begin awakening. The crystals are programmed to encourage people to be more loving and to meditate. These messages will appear in a variety of forms, including dreams, synchronicities and visions. If these directions are then followed, the crystals signal more advanced benevolent groups to move in and provide far more nuanced and detailed spiritual instructions. I had never before encountered this information when David told me this. It was one of dozens of fascinating correlations that arose once we began speaking with each other.] I communicated back that I remembered the experience. I sent her a mental image of the cavern as well as the strange auroras of energy I saw around the crystals. She closed her eyes and smiled. A large tear rolled down her thin cheek. She asked if I would share my complete memory of that experience with her. I wasn’t sure what she meant. I asked her what this would entail. She communicated that she would need to hold my hands, and that I would need to open my mind to her. She communicated that in doing so, her mind would be opened up to me. This was considered a very intimate act of sharing among her people. I communicated that I was not comfortable with opening my mind that completely to anyone, and that I would respectfully have to decline. She explained that she is a high priestess, and that I would be giving her a gift she could then share with others. It would also go a long way in establishing trust between our people, since there had been so little we had to offer them thus far in our negotiations. She communicated that the residual information I had from my experience among these crystals was very important to them. I turned and paced around the room. I was hashing over all of this in my head, and frantically calculating how this could go wrong in any number of ways. If I open myself up like this to a foreign woman I just met, from a culture that had been antagonistic towards most of us until our common enemies forced them into an alliance, how will I be trusted with sensitive information in the future? My standing with the SSP Alliance Council was already tenuous at best. The sphere beings seemed to have far more trust in me than anyone else did. I respectfully asked her if I could consult with Gonzales before I gave her my answer. She immediately turned and removed the barrier to the door, and invited Gonzales into the room. She then excused herself and stood outside. Gonzales asked, “So, what has been going on in here?” He was looking around intently as he said this. I told him the details of this “personal favor” that was requested of me, and of my operational security () and personal sovereignty concerns. He told me that he understood my concerns, and that the SSP Alliance had not shared certain operational details with me out of security precautions. He said that I was cleared to proceed unless there was “SBA” (Sphere Being Alliance) information or personal experiences with Raw-Tear-Eir that I wanted to keep confidential. I told Gonzales that I was highly uncomfortable with doing this. However, she had communicated that it was very important to their people. I said this seemed to be the only thing we had to offer them that they were interested in at the moment — unless it was all just a ruse to get into my head and look for something else. Gonzales said that this was certainly not the only thing we had to offer them. They would not have formed this new council and gone out of their way to invite us if we didn’t have value to them – whether they were willing to admit it or not. He said that I don’t report to him. Even if I did, he wouldn’t order me to go through with this if I felt so strongly against it. He said it was completely up to me, but that it may be helpful if the information sharing is bidirectional. I might learn something that could be highly useful to the SSP Alliance. Sighing, I told him I would talk to her. I asked him to please send her in on his way back out. She briskly came back into the room. She quickly bowed her head and gazed intently into my eyes. I communicated to her that I would move forward with her “Vulcan mind meld” as a sign of trust and good faith between our people. She was visibly pleased. She walked over to the wall and then returned with a crystal goblet. It was filled with an amber liquid. She took a drink and offered it to me. I asked her if it was a drug of some sort. She communicated back that it was the “Elixir of Isis,” and was a wine made of a rare flower that only grows in the subterranean domain. She took another sip and handed the goblet to me. She communicated that it was not necessary for the process, but was considered to be a customary part of the ceremony. I told her I hoped she would not be offended if I declined. I then handed the goblet back to her. She smiled, took a couple more sips of the elixir and then placed it on a table. The table was next to two chairs, and was beside something that was either a bench or small bed of some sort. She communicated that I should sit down and get comfortable. She seemed to be quite a bit more relaxed after she had partaken of this obviously potent elixir. I sat down. She guided the other chair over so that it was positioned directly across from mine. She then sat in the chair. She scooted to the edge of the seat. She asked me to come closer. As I did, she took both of my hands into hers. She put both of our hands together, palm to palm. She then clasped our fingers together. She closed her eyes. Her skin was very soft and extremely warm. It was much warmer than normal. She communicated that I should close my eyes, and clear my mind of all thoughts. I used some protocols I had learned to clear my mind and get into a deeper state of consciousness. Once I had done so, every part of my body started to tingle. I felt my “astral self” being pulled towards her. I felt her energy and mine beginning to comingle. I am not exactly sure how the process worked. It felt as if it was a blending of light bodies. It was an extremely profound and powerful experience — on a mind, body and spirit level. I found myself at a clear disadvantage compared to her highly advanced mental development. Since she was apparently a high priestess among her people, she very likely had an even more powerful consciousness than everyone else did. I was aware of her focused intent on certain memories of mine. At the same time, I was being flooded with what I perceived as over 130 years of her own memories. Flash! Flash! Flash! I was jumping around through many different scenes from her life. I caught glimpses of her in her priestess training and duties. I experienced what she felt in her time as a liaison between different secret societies in the U.S. and Europe. I felt what it was like for her to meet U.S. and European military and government officials — throughout different time periods. I was clearly aware that she had assumed the role as an emissary from another star system – not revealing that she was part of a group that lived right here on earth all along. There was a glimpse of a childhood friend that she loved. This friend was tragically killed in a subterranean raid by an “insectoid” type of non-terrestrial. Then as she focused on my experience in the crystal cave, I began to automatically synchronize my focus on her from when she was the same age. The experience only lasted for a few moments, but I had a profound sense of time dilation. It was as if time stood still in this whirlwind of sights, sounds and senses. When it was all over, my body was quivering. As I opened my eyes, I could see the same thing was happening to her. We both leaned back in our chairs and sat quietly for a moment – reeling from the intensity of it all. My body was still tingling all over. It was releasing endorphins that were quite pleasurable, but not in any sexual or erotic way. Some may imagine or want to characterize the experience as carnal or sexual in nature, but this was something entirely different than that. I felt her emotions, and she felt mine. We both began openly shedding tears as I realized exactly how important of a shared experience this was for her. After a few moments of this, we stood up. She embraced me for some time. She thanked me for sharing myself with her. I don’t think we have the words to explain how emotionally profound and beautiful of an experience this was. One experience of this type could permanently and magnificently alter someone’s experience of themselves, and of life on earth, forever. Afterwards, there was a definite sense of a bond and a knowing of each other on a deep level. She told me that some among her people would not approve of her doing what she did with a “mixed person” from the surface. Nonetheless, she was certain that the majority of her people would be very happy to share the experience that I had gifted them with. This was a valuable step towards healing the divide that had occurred between our civilizations for many millennia. She said she also hoped that I might understand why they have done the things they have done to manage the societies on the surface. We are by no means as innocent and peaceful as most of us would like to believe. The secretive, occult groups they had once attempted to negotiate treaties with on the surface had turned on them – savagely and with complete brutality. These groups now had no problem with completely exterminating every last man, woman and child — with no concern whatsoever for their safety, welfare or legacy. Just as our own civilizations have often been forced to make compromises, they too have had to make hard choices for what they considered to be the greater good — to protect their population. I am aware that some folks on the internet think everything is a psy-op. Everything is a deception. Everything is a trick. Trust no one, believe nothing, and whatever you are told, the opposite is true. Their fingers will immediately start clicking away with opinions that I either made this all up, or this is yet another Trojan horse intended to destroy us all. I can honestly say that after having had an experience this profound, I do not believe there is any possible way she could have shielded a negative agenda from me. This experience is akin to opening the floodgates into an arena of complete transparency and total honesty. All is known. It is utterly impossible to present yourself as something other than who and what you really are within that shared, sacred space. These people are frightened of us. We inherited very aggressive genetics from groups the refugee groups that were relocated to our planet as well as from genetic manipulation from groups such as the various “Grand Experiment ET’s” and the Draco that they themselves do not possess. The most negative groups on the surface of the earth co-opted their sacred symbols and used them in the midst of detestable practices – including torture, human sacrifice and genocidal war. They themselves have deceived us pretending to be gods and benevolent extraterrestrials from a number of federations, commands, and star systems. In this way, the secret earth government syndicates hoped to poison the well – making it utterly impossible for any reconciliation of our greater human family to ever occur. It is possible that the genetic and spiritual changes we will go through as this energetic shift occurs are far more profound, rapid and positive than they may realize. If nothing else, the future promises to be very interesting indeed. It is more obvious than ever that if we want a positive future each of us are responsible for manifesting it and not any savior ET or human gurus or groups. After we had composed ourselves, she dropped the barrier to the room. We walked out to meet the other woman and a very curious Gonzales. She said that if we had the time, she would like to show us around. Gonzales accepted without hesitation. I found out later on that he had been wanting a tour of the last few cities he had been to in these prior meetings. She took us down to a smaller domed room, not far away from where we were. We walked to the center of the room, and she began to rub and tap her pendant. There was a sudden flash of light. Once again, we were standing in a very large domed room that was made of a slightly darker shade of the same type of stone. We walked outside of yet another door that had the same symbol over the arch. We found ourselves in a massive cavern that was supported by what looked like natural pillars. They were both taller and bigger around than any skyscrapers I have ever seen. There were people of all ages walking around in tight-fitting one-piece suits. The suits were either dark blue, dark red, yellow or green. She said she would like to take us to the gardens first, and asked us to follow her. There were very shiny craft that were flying around inside the cavern. They looked very much like something out of a 1950’s movie. There were saucers, almost egg-shaped ovals and larger cigar-shaped vessels that were rounded on each end. Gonzales pointed at one as it flew right through the cavern wall at high speed. There were tall buildings that looked like they were molded or laser-cut out of this granite type rock. There were also oval and round buildings that were domed and emitted light from every square inch of the structure. We were only able to see a very small area within this cavern city as we soon came to another door in the wall. We walked in and there was another corridor. When we entered, I immediately could smell pollen and plant life. We emerged in yet another massive, domed cavern room. There we were, looking down on a massive amount of segmented crops and orchards of all sorts. The plant life was growing very thick and lush in a hydroponic system that I couldn’t begin to estimate the size of. She explained that the mineral rich water came in over a recycled composting material. It was then re-purified as it moved through the rocks to nourish the roots of the plants as it returned back to its source. Their civilization did not eat meat of any kind and sustained themselves entirely on plant life and various types of fungus including mushrooms. The full-spectrum light was produced in the same way she had explained before. They also used a particular type of crushed rocks, mixed with a type of crushed crystal as a medium for the plants to take root in. This was to produce the healthiest high-vibratory crops possible, while also producing the highest yields. She then said she wanted to take us to the park. We left the way we came, except we entered a back corridor that took us to another small domed room. After another bright flash of light, we were now in an identical room. As we were walking out of the arched doorway into another corridor, she warned us not to be alarmed at some of the animal life we may see. She said many of the life forms that were running free on the Earth when they lived on the surface have been preserved, and now roam free in the park. She insisted that they are not dangerous in their current state of development. We then came out into the largest domed room we had seen yet. There were extremely tall trees, beautiful flowered shrubs and strange-looking colorful birds with very long tail feathers flying around everywhere. There were sounds of many types of animals off in the background that we could not see. There was a staircase that went along and up the wall, about halfway to the dome. We climbed high enough up them to see over the tallest trees I have ever seen. We were amazed to see a bright pale blue sky… and clouds. Off in the distance, a giant obelisk pointed to some sort of plasma-ball light source, suspended high above the clouds. There seemed to be an artificial weather and ecosystem setup in that room that was very advanced. From our position on the stairs, we could see some type of deer that were hopping around this way and that way. I was looking for some of these exotic animals that we would be unfamiliar with, but wasn’t seeing anything that out of the ordinary. We climbed back down the stairs, and were walking around a short distance inside the tree line. We were talking about how much we hoped to have a future on the surface someday, where we were living in balance with nature and there was no longer any deception or control system over the population. The woman walking next to Gonzales once again stated that she didn’t think we had it in us to do so. She felt that we were far too genetically and socially manipulated. It would take many generations for us to overcome our issues. Gonzales looked at her and reminded her that their society pretended to be gods in the past. They are still currently deceiving thousands of people by convincing them that they are benevolent extraterrestrial humans from other star systems even though they are delivering positive spiritual information. I couldn’t help thinking about the people who have accused me of doing something similar. Gonzales said this has caused just as much harm as these various ETs have done in their own grand experiment. She did not appreciate his remark. She said, “There is no comparison between what we have done to protect our people, to try to enlighten your people, and what the other groups you mentioned have done.” “Your population still lacks the spiritual and intellectual understanding to appreciate our situation, let alone their own.” She and Gonzales continued their conversation. We walked towards a clearing to have a better look on the ground level. I was walking with the person I had now formed a stronger bond with, and we began our own conversation. I asked her about the language they spoke, and if they were related to the ancient Sumerian culture. She communicated that her culture had indeed been very active with assisting that culture. They helped them to develop agriculture and rebuild aspects of their civilization after one of the “minor cataclysmic events” had occurred. She communicated that the Earth had been through major cycles of cataclysms that had changed its tilt, its orbital position from the Sun, and had displaced its surface crust. Additionally, she said there had been a larger number of smaller events, which included quite a few asteroid impacts and super volcano eruptions. During these minor cataclysmic events, her civilization as well as non-human subterranean civilizations had aided the “mixed race” people on the surface. Sometimes they even offered some of them sanctuary in subterranean safe zones that were closer to the surface. They would often pick and choose who they would save among the mixed races, and which undesired genetic lineages they would allow to perish on the surface. If certain groups were predisposed towards rape, sadism, violence and cruelty, whereas other areas had developed far more benevolent societies, they were inclined to protect those who were the most spiritually sound. If they did not do this, they could potentially expose themselves to great risks they were unprepared to take. This was obviously quite a contentious subject, but again I was under strict instructions from Gonzales not to be judgmental towards these people, regardless of what I saw or heard. There was quite a lot I disagreed with and that had already been shared with her along with the crystal cave experience earlier. She communicated that the “ET genetic farmers” followed the same types of practices, using different methods. This was a way that all of these groups competed with each other in some sort of long-term strategic conflict on the surface. I told her that there were many myths that seemed to somewhat match what she was saying. Ancient Sumerian tablets told the story of the Anunnaki, who had created humanity as a slave race. I then told her about how many of the surface population now believe there were ancient aliens that have been involved in our development from the dawn of our creation. I explained how I had been meeting with the Super Federation, who had twenty-two competing genetic programs to manipulate human development on a genetic, social and spiritual level. She smiled and communicated that maybe our next visit should be to their library. Gonzales and his escort were deep in conversation. As we turned to walk towards them, we could hear elephant-type sounds in the far distance. Then we heard the sound of a large cat that seemed very close by and was so powerful I felt the sound waves in my chest. Gonzales and his escort were looking off in the direction of the sound. They looked back at us as we were heading back towards the entrance to the garden. They turned and headed in the same direction that we were heading. Once we were all at the entrance, the priestess who had been my escort stated that she was going to take me to one last location on the tour. She seemed to know that Gonzales was scheduled to leave, and asked if he needed anything before he departed. Gonzales stated that he appreciated them giving him a ride back to the operations base via one of their vessels. He stated he would like to speak with me for a moment before he departed. Both women headed through the door, leaving Gonzales and I alone in the entrance area of the garden. He asked me if I was okay with him leaving me alone, and if I knew where I was headed next. I told him I thought I would be fine, and that she was going to take me to their library. He was visibly disappointed. He said this would not play well in his debriefing to the SSP Alliance Council. He wished we had been able to visit the library together, instead of these other locations. He told me to remember as much as I could, and debrief him within forty-eight hours — while the information was fresh in my mind. He said he had to get going, and to enjoy myself with the cleansing ceremony when I was leaving. He had a huge grin on his face. He then said, loudly enough for everyone to hear, “Lets go!” We turned and walked through the door to where our escorts were waiting patiently. We walked back the way we came, and went into the small domed room, standing together in the middle. After the flash of light, I was then standing alone with my new friend. We were in a polished white stone room, with a golden rod coming down from the ceiling. The rod had a gold hand, holding what looked like a crystal ball in it. [David Wilcock informed me that a very similar structure was alleged to be found by undersea explorers off the coast of Florida, around Bimini, as revealed by Charles Berlitz in “The Bermuda Triangle.” I was unaware of this connection before he pointed it out to me.] I was looking up at the strange ornament above our heads when my escort put her arm inside mine. She guided me through the first rectangular door I had seen on this visit. We walked into a very bright white stone room that was filled with chairs. There were people sitting in the chairs, kicking back and relaxing, holding pendants in their hands and looking at holographic images. She communicated that she wanted to show me something that I would find interesting and somewhat familiar. We headed through another door and down one level of stairs. We entered a room that was like the first one, except it had bookshelves much like you would see in a university library. We started to walk down various aisles, and I saw tablets that were obviously very ancient. They were both of the clay variety as well as others that were carved in different types of stone, some of which did not look natural. There were also books that were bound in what looked like leather and materials that I wasn’t able to identify. We then reached an area where there were books that were from the 18th through 21st centuries. They looked as if they could have been ordered from and put on the shelves a week prior. She was standing, and I could tell she was very curious to see what my reaction would be as I saw these latest additions to their library. I asked her if they had every book from the surface. She communicated that they did, but not in physical form. They had the physical books of some of the subject matter they were most interested in following from the surface. I noticed that among these titles, there were books in different languages that dealt with the topic of ancient aliens. In Part II, we will cover the conversation we had about the Akkadian texts and our various translations of them. According to them, the current era’s mythology we have has been built up around many mistranslations. That being said, these subterranean groups have admittedly been deceptive with our past and current civilizations over many thousands of years. We have to remember that when processing the information they are providing us with. Much of it connects a lot of dots of information I had gained through the SSP from the smart-glass pads, while a lot of it is information that is rather new to me. Much of this information is going to be very controversial. It is going to calvin klein ropa interior violate strongly-held beliefs and information that has developed into UFO religions for many people. This was not an easy article for me to write. I was tempted to leave out a lot of information because I don’t want to see any more fragmentation among the “truther movement.” After speaking with several people I trust, I have decided to deliver the information as it was experienced. I will let each person use their own discernment, as well as decide if they are going to stick to certain theologies or keep an open mind. When I was struggling with writing this article, I took time to write another update about keeping our reality bubbles permeable. Gonzales has requested that I keep the locations, group names, titles and individual names out of this report. I have done so to not cause diplomatic issues with this new council, or erase any gains we have made with them in our recent visit. In Part II, we will also cover the end of my visit with this subterranean group, as well as a meeting I had with the SSP Alliance Council less than twenty-four hours later. There was not only a debriefing of the meeting the day prior, but also a sharing of recent intelligence about developments with the earth-based alliance groups, as well as some other meetings that occurred during the time where I had a falling out with the SSP Alliance Council. In closing, I want to point out that regardless of whether you choose to believe that these experiences I am having are real or not, I am doing my best to share this information as truthfully and responsibly as I possibly can. There is a greater reality that all of these events are pointing us towards. If I may borrow some data points from recent articles published by David Wilcock in my closing statements, a profound energetic change is definitely happening in our solar system. This is not a question of conjecture or possibility, but of documentable scientific fact. We do know from numerous NASA studies that the sun and all the planets are undergoing dramatic energetic changes – becoming hotter, brighter and more magnetic. These are all typically written off as a local change to each individual planet, related to its tilt angle to the sun – or other such seemingly individual and mundane factors. Similarly, scientists such as Dr. John Hawks, an anthropologist from the University of Wisconsin, have revealed that our DNA is indeed undergoing very rapid evolutionary changes. Specifically, Dr. Hawks has revealed that the entire human genome is seven percent different now than it was five thousand years ago. This is vastly beyond the threshold provided by any currently-accepted evolutionary theories. So when people say there is “no evidence” for any of that which I speak, they are being very selective in overlooking a vast body of data that has already been assembled and distributed. Some of you have watched Cosmic Disclosure, my show with David Wilcock, and said you feel as if it is “building up to something big,” but you don’t know exactly what it is. David is preparing an article that will emerge soon after I publish this one, which will attempt to tie some of these threads together. All the evidence suggests that we are going through a profound evolutionary change as a society and a species. This will introduce us to a far broader view of “reality” than what we now entertain. As the walls of secrecy collapse and many dark and hidden truths come to light, there will also be a great bounty of new information revealing that we are not alone – and giving us the tools to reach out to the stars. I thank you for your support and generosity in helping assist us in moving towards our commonly-shared goal of a peaceful, prosperous and loving society that is not marred by the differences that are still tearing us apart. I have never attempted to force anyone to read or view this material. I am only presenting what I have directly and personally experienced, and am then leaving it up to you to make up your own mind. Though this next set of materials will be contentious, my role is to pass it along to you as I see it – not to attempt to pass judgments or edit it because I may have personal reservations. With that being said, check back soon for Part Two – and I thank you for doing your part to help us move into a better and brighter future! On a personal level I am greatly relieved to know, at the core of my being, that there are benevolent forces who are here to ensure that we will be able to reclaim our sovereignty and freedom. Please continue to join us on “Cosmic Disclosure” at Gaiam TV to watch this continue to unfold. If you are not a member yet you can watch 3 free episodes by visiting . If you decide to sign up for a membership please do so through that link. I will receive a small compensation that will help me continue my work.

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Great Channeling From Arch Angel Michael


October 21 2015


For years science has recognized that we have two active physical strands of DNA. We also have a further ten energetic DNA strands which have been dormant within the Human Being for many centuries. These dormant strands of DNA have been discovered by scientists, who not knowing the function of these strands, have identified them as ‘junk’ DNA. These ten previous dormant strands account for the mass of of the brain that has not been accessible. Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is a nucleic acid that contains all the genetic instructions used in the development and functioning of all known living things. The main role of DNA is the long-term storage of information. DNA is often compared to a set of blueprints since it contains the instructions needed to construct other components of cells. The DNA segments that carry genetic information are called genes, but other DNA sequences have structural purposes or are involved in regulating the use of genetic information. Our DNA is therefore our personal blueprint set forth by First Source and the 7 seeders of worlds and contains all of our mental, physical, emotional and Spiritual information. All of this information is referred to as the Akash or all the data that comprises this universe! For close to a 1/2 million years humanity has only been able to access a limited frequency of reality using two plugged in DNA strands. DNA is the holographic and multi-dimensional medium for transmitting and receiving the data of the universe. DNA is linked directly to language and one causes the other to behave in a matching way. Language is the primary method of programming DNA! One of the greatest revelations one can reach is to understand that they can be and should be the sole programmer of their DNA. Since DNA is an interconnected neural network throughout the cosmos and since space and time have no effect on DNA, when you change your DNA you change everything in the entire universe! It is important to understand that light is simply information or data. To be more precise: gamma-photon light. T Shirt Versace Homme Pas Cher What many may not be aware of is this “light” is what we are speaking of when we say language, teaching, words, messages, code, a program and certain other data sources such as music, geometry and art. In a broader explanation of what this light is, it’s everything you perceive or sense! The only variable in this data is the frequency or structure of it. The complexity and the level of detail of a form or pattern, the more light or data it contains. You take this light into the body when you sense or perceive the thing. When the data is transmitted into the body vehicle it is stored in the crystalline structure of the cells and primarily the bone structure of the body. In ascension terms, the more you are aware or conscious of things, the higher your internal frequency is, meaning you match the faster vibrating, more complex forms of data from that which we call lighter densities or higher realms. In reality, these realms are not higher, they are faster vibrations of now and here! Inside the 3D Matrix, an artificial frequency fence was put in place to filter out this complex information so everyday 3D humans would not be aware of any reality other than the one programmed for them. Philipp Plein Pas Cher This reality was programmed to specifically not promote sentient life, but to draw all the energy from the sentience using trickery, illusion, distraction, trauma, control, drama, force, waste, theft, lack and much more to pull off the grandest scheme ever perpetrated in any universe: the draining of the life force from an entire planetary race of divine beings! As strong angelic beings, we like to always insert good news after we tell you what happened to you! The good news is this: It’s the Dawn of a New Day and many of us have already elevated our way of being to a level where everyday we see less and less of the old paradigm. We realize that we are Sovereign Creators and we create and live in a world that vibrates with beauty, love, peace, freedom, and harmony! We create and live in a better world where there is no suffering, not only for ourselves, but we are here on a mission holding light in our bodies for those who cannot do it yet. We came to ensure the well-being of all beings that dwell on the Earth. This light-data we speak of is what comprises the reality you perceive, so you can only imagine what reality/world could be experienced above the low-vibrational-harsh male-dominant-energy 3D level. Does this mean you will not continue to exist in the 3D matrix as you ascend to faster vibrating, more blissful realities? By no means! First of all you cannot exist in physical form unless you are inside a hologram! Many light workers still do not realize that even the New Earth is still located inside a holographic matrix, just a much nicer one! They only way to exit the Matrix is to become non-physical, but as we explain below, this is not part of your overall plan! You came here to enjoy your 5 senses, and the big secret is, you are simply God in a body experiencing yourself in a physical way; not only in human body form, but also in the form of everything that exists in this Universe! This is who and what you truly are, and this knowing is the highest attainment that can be reached! Along with this knowing of your real identity, you begin to discover and start using the power you have! How much power do you think you have? You will know fully when you become aware of it all! This is a good point to let you know that there is a shortcut in all of this and it is to simply start being aware! “Be as if it were already so” and it becomes this way. The word “BEING” represents the most powerful concept that can be realized. Just be what you already are! This is what being aware means. The master Jesus knew he was fully God and he demonstrated it in every way. You are just now starting to realize who and what you truly are! He, Himself said, “You will do greater things then I am doing.” This is what you are beginning to do now, and you will become fully aware of it all when you are ready, and when you simply decide to. Everyone else will do it when they are ready and decide to, as well. Adidas Ultra Boost Pas Cher Remember, they are all the same being as you in different bodies, each with a distinct personality and a free will! What an amazing thing, if you can see it all! Yes? 3D has its purpose, and in fact you keep coming here for a couple of reasons. One is, youincarnated over and over until you broke that cycle of evolution and, most importantly, you keep coming here because you love it here! Really? What we mean is, you love the enjoyable parts. Wouldn’t it be kinda nice here, if it was setup in a better way to be pro-life and all the suffering was not in your face at every turn? When you fully integrate the 5th level where we are, you will start to see 3D with 5D eyes and all of the low vibrational stuff will not be in your reality! What you see is what is! What you observe becomes your reality. This is quantum physics 101. The high teaching says, “See Beauty!” If you do this, you will see a beautiful and magical reality start to grow up all around you in every area of life! The original Human Being had 12 Strands of DNA actively working and maintaining the full function of the Human as a Spiritual Being. Due to other beings with a controlling agenda to steal our energy (life-force) for their gain, by putting unnatural seals around the crystal grid of Gaia that act as a frequency fence against our ability to access Universal data, and due to our over-preoccupation with left brained thinking and the closing down of our heart centers, these “extra” DNA strands became disconnected, shut down, and were no longer used. The consequences of this loss are that we live in a primitive, barbaric, spiritually deficient society and our intuitive and healing abilities have been hugely reduced. We regressed into a stressful survival state that is still prevalent in today’s 3D humans. As we said, this has resulted in us only accessing and using a very small part of our brain’s ability, and our sense of self, our sense of peace, love, joy, freedom, abundance and health became almost non-existent. The good news is, that over linear Earth time, out of sheer strength, intent and will power, our species has overcome all that has been done to hold it down and has evolved against all odds! This should give you an idea of how powerful and amazing you truly are, to be able to achieve all of this over the eons of being suppressed. It is time for you to be aware of your true nature again, and to be the high being that you already are. It’s simply a matter now of intending to be a thing, and to be aware that you are it already! This “just being a thing” is an amazing way of re-coding DNA, which outputs the reality that you experience. The human body is the most valuable thing we will ever own. It is a very complex biological vehicle with all kinds of controls and abilities that we are just learning how to operate! It stores and holds a wealth of information, wisdom and knowledge on every aspect of ourselves, our world and all of Creation. T Shirt Philipp Plein Combinations of intelligence are stored within the human and a great amount of data is stored inside the body. Inside our bodies are the formulas required to replicate other forms of intelligence throughout the Universe. At conception we receive, from our two different bloodlines (our parents), certain matched and paired recessive genes. These genes hold light codes that give us the highest opportunity for accessing and developing our Spiritual abilities and for healing the damaged and wounded aspects of our Soul. At the same time, these genes hold memories which have created blocks to our path to Oneness and initiated our deep-rooted feelings of separation, separation from our true essence and First Source. Dsquared T Shirt This memory of separation has forced us to create experiences and situations where we are given the opportunity to heal ourselves, our world, and our separations. We have perceived things in forms of duality and separateness due to the narrow bandwidth in accessing our DNA. To program your own DNA, is to activate it, and to reconnect it similar to the way brain neural pathways respond to certain stimuli and rewire themselves allowing certain neurons to fire, causing certain patterns of behavior in a being and conditions on the body. The super high energies that came in late September 2015 from the Galactic Core that were anchored as the 5D Matrix are triggering our DNA every hour of every day to plug back into the 12 chakra ports. When a strand fully reconnects to its corresponding chakra portal, it becomes activated, literally lights up like a fiber optic cable and data start flowing from Source Energy down through the body and grounds into the Crystal Core of the Earth completing the Grand Universal Circuit. Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 Acheter This is pure God power flowing through and operating fully in the body! As a Soul, we carefully picked and chose our parents and their bloodlines in order to facilitate experiences and situations that will enable us to heal ourselves. We have therefore handpicked our own DNA structures and the possible opportunities to activate and awaken further strands of DNA. The energy of our Earth is moving through major vibrational shifts and into higher levels of consciousness. As the Gaia raises Her vibration, we, as Human Beings, are being given many opportunities to raise our vibration. This shift is being referred to as the Ascension, and there are many people around the world who are experiencing confusion and chaos in their worlds. Yet, in this seeming chaos and confusion lie great opportunities for us to grow, expand and evolve. Understand that this chaos is a natural effect of large amounts of new light-data coming into the system so fast and powerful. It first comes in as etheric static noise when it penetrates the Grid of Gaia and meets the magnetic aura of the human body. After a short time, and during sleep only, the data is integrated into the body, and the ions at the atomic level of the body start spinning faster and faster, causing super-increased stem cell regeneration and new growth. This is the morphing we speak of often, from one species to a higher version of itself. This is our quantum evolution and this is the way the Universe expands all lifeforms. One of the most exciting aspects of our evolutionary process is the retooling of our DNA. Alexander Mcqueen Pas Cher Cosmic light-encoded rays from the Pleromic crystal core have been coming into our Earth, stimulating change and reordering our Human bodies. As the light-encoded filaments are absorbed into our being, our scattered DNA is being activated and reformed into new helixes, or strands of DNA, and being reordered into bundles. One of the best ways to think of how the universe works, as well the human body, is to think of it as a “living computer system,” because it behaves almost identical to the computer with the caveat that it is alive, intelligent and soulful! As this re-bundling and reordering progresses, we create a more evolved nervous system that facilitates new information and data to move into our consciousness. Many of our dormant brain cells are being awakened, and we are being able to access our full body potential. You are literally morphing into a super human that has unlimited super-natural abilities. T Shirt Dsquared Homme As our bodies fill with more light, so our memories are opened, and we evolve, as our DNA evolves, into conscious Multidimensional Beings. Our 12 strands of DNA activate and connect to our 12 Chakra points, energy doorways through which we access our Spiritual heritage. The 12 strands of DNA serve as links through the 12 chakras to the energy web outside of our bodies. The 12 crystal chakra ports act as energetic portals into our body, connecting us to the vital forces of existence and these Galactic doorways extend to the ends of Infinity! It is through opening and activating these portals of energy that we can begin to truly know ourselves. We are so much more than what we thought, and what we were told! Again, that was the old program and its output was only a disappointing error on every level and in every case! Now we are fully aware that we are the programmers alone, of our biological body vehicles, and one can prove every time that as he”talks” to his DNA in a way that is more aligned with the Universe and for the good of his soul, the body does exactly what he tells it to do! Remember this “talking to your DNA” can be literal words, but it is also a sum total of the vibration you emit. This coding of your DNA works every time, in an exact manner that matches your vibration, whether you are conscious of the process or not. We are here to remind you to get back in pilot seat of the great light-body-ship that brought you here; do the basic repairs needed on the ship, recharge the system by taking back your personal power (your energy and life-force), re-program the computer and the controls of the ship so it will fly again, and set sail for the heavens! This is the great Ascension Mission you are on! Time to get busy working on you! Do your inner work daily! Clear out the extra cargo baggage that might weigh the ship down and dump it overboard! Let go of the old by saying goodbye and leave what does not vibrate with you behind. Let down your defense shields, open up your heart throttle to allow full Universal thrust and flow and go tachyon! As all 12 strands of DNA are now forming, whatever issues we have not dealt with and peacefully cleared in our personal history, will create chaos. Feelings and memories are emerging, offering us an opportunity to experience the fabric of our being and revealing who we are through the events and beliefs that are intricately woven into us. One must transmute these lower emotional traumas into love, by being present with them, expressing them, forgiving others and self and letting it go, for goodness sake, to clear the chakra engines of energetic debris that bind the body ship to the Earth. The task is to awaken, activate and unite all 12 strands of DNA, creating the spinning of the 12. This spinning of the 12 strands of DNA and 12 chakra vortexes will draw to us energies that will intermingle and move throughout our beings, activating and awakening the many different aspects of ourselves. This will trigger new versions, understandings and meanings to all the events in our lives and our world. The great Masters have a saying that goes like this, “There has been a whole new universe about three inches above your head the entire time, so raise yourself up and behold it.” Our 12 chakras are collections of energy where events can emerge. They hold memory and identity and each corresponds to a strand of DNA. Adidas Yeezy Boost 750 These 12 energy centers must be accessedfrom within where we can feel the data corresponding with, and translating our experiences, within the context of our minds. By opening our hearts and minds, all the answers to the great mysteries will be found within. We are required to step out of our current belief systems and to create new belief systems, as the mind is structured to evolve and form our experiences based on what we command. Our mind is not our master; we are the masters of our own minds. The mind is but a tool to be used to create reality and nothing more. By consciously working with the waves of energy and light moving into our Earth, especially after Tetrad 9282015, we are able to realize and understand that the transformation of this planet is based upon the healing and power of our minds. Many are already perceiving and adjusting to the brand new uncharted atmosphere we are now in! At the earth time of this writing, we have arrived at Level 5, and level six will come months after, not years decades or eons. After this the next 6 dimensions will become visible exponentially faster, so buckle up as you prepare to accelerate on your great journey in your super-light body ship running the new 5D-12D DNA operating system! Activating the full 12 DNA strands will create a connection between our human genetic coding and its intelligent designer, giving us access to all knowledge and wisdom. This is the awareness and understanding of who we truly are.

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GLOBAL MASS ASCENSION, SEPTEMBER 28, 2015, AS WAVE-X BOMBARDS THE EARTH! By Kate Ryna Daring The earth is moving into a region of the galaxy that is leading to increasing cosmic energies impacting our sun and altering human DNA. It is predicted this will lead to many changes in human society including major disclosures of advanced technologies, secret space programs and extraterrestrial life. Here are some startling predictions about these incoming cosmic energies and their impact: An acceleration and heightening of electromagnetic energy from the sun and other cosmic energies that will build especially from late august into late september that will cause, circa 28 september, what is described as a ‘frequency shift’ in consciousness. An evolutionary changes emerging from world shaking disclosures as a result of the incoming cosmic energy he describes as a ‘WAVE X’: We are going to experience a “wave of evolution. T Shirt Balmain What we’re about to find out on a major level, unheard of in history at a mass scale is the true answer of ‘Who are we?’, ‘Where do we come from?’, and ‘What is our purpose?‘. The planet is going to take off in such an incredible ways.” The Jade Helm exercise that began on july 15 and runs to september 15, is really aimed at gaining intelligence about the effects of the incoming cosmic energies in order to better manage the changes it triggers in humanity: This exercise is very much connected to the frequency shift whereby the lower states where the exercises are being carried out will be experiencing a higher frequency field in july and august – the purpose being of learning from and managing the resultant effects on the population there before it heightens further in the upper states into September. The U.S. Intelligence community is aware of the potential effects of the incoming cosmic energies and is taking steps to manage this. The U.S. Intelligence community is very likely not the only global entity aware of the incoming cosmic energies that is taking steps to manage this. Comprar Calzoncillos Calvin Klein Bañadores Calvin Klein Hombre A frequency shift will occur in the 23-28 September time frame is very significant. Philipp Plein Pas Cher This is also the time that pope francis will be meeting with the president at the white house (Sept 23) and speaking before the u.s. Congress (Sept 24) and there will be an attempt to use CERN to deflect this massive incomining energy wave. To cap it all off, Pope Francis will address a gathering of world political leaders at the un general assembly on Sept 25. The vatican’s own intelligence service is also very likely aware of these incoming cosmic energies. It’s more than coincidental that at the same time that incoming cosmic energies are predicted to peak on the planet, that the world’s most powerful religious and political leaders meet. The vatican appears to be aware of incoming cosmic energy and the powerful transformative effect it will have on humanity, and is placing itself to ride the cosmic wave so to speak. Incoming cosmic energies are having profound effects on human dna and will trigger major disclosures. Certain Star Ambassadors of the Galactic Federation stationed on Earth on earth have already been appointed as delegates to a group of extraterrestrials called the Sphere Being Alliance. Tanga Calvin Klein Mujer The Sphere Being Alliance showed up some time around 2012-2013 with huge neptune sized spheres that formed frequency shields around the solar system and the sun. One of the major functions of these spheres was to regulate the amount of cosmic energy coming into our solar system and the earth so humanity could better integrate it and prepare for major changes: The Sphere Alliance has been mostly focused on the energetic changes occurring in our local star cluster because of the area of the galaxy they are entering. They have been using the many thousands of cloaked spheres that are equidistantly spread out across our sol system and neighboring sol systems (electrically connected in the “cosmic web” and natural portal system) to buffer and diffuse incoming tsunami waves of highly charged energy that changed the vibratory state of space/time, energy and matter to cause it to raise to a higher state in the “density spectrum”. Among the changes that will be triggered by incoming cosmic energies is the release of information concerning advanced technologies, secret space programs and extraterrestrial life in what goode has described as a “full disclosure event.” goode announced on saturday that these neptune sized spheres are about to leave our solar system since they have achieved their primary function: The “spheres” seem to nearing the end of their purpose as they are also beginning to buffer less and less of the energy thus allowing more and more to enter into the inner sol system and directly effect the sun, planets and human beings that are so easily put into trigger mode by these energies. Calvin Klein Ropa Interior Mujer At some point the spheres will be gone and we will fully be considered a 4/5th density transition civilization. There are of course quite a few other events that will be occurring before this last event leaves us standing on our own finally. At 11:11AM on 9/28/2015, WAVE X will bombard the earth with photon-gamma light particles traveling ast the speed of light and an instantaneous DNA change will occur. Calvin Klein Boxer The beings whose internal Schuman resonance is stabilized at 17 Hertz or higher will be propelled into the 5th Dimension! The number of beings projected to ascend by 9282015 is a little over 2.3 billion and the exact number depends on the collective consciousness of humanity to manifest how the changes will play out. Cosmic energies are peaking and that the “spheres” are buffering these less and less. Calvin Klein Tanga Calvin Klein Bragas All this suggests that late september may well be a time where a cosmic energy spike causes significant changes in human physiology, thereby triggering a mass ascension of light beings who have raised their frequencies to a high enough level of self love! The date 9282015 is known as the “EVENT HORIZON” and is the most important day in the history of humanity! It is not the end but the beginning of a mass global ascension from beings vibrating in upper 4D into 5D.

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by Patricia Cota-Robles
September 20, 2015

This is an historical moment on Planet Earth. As usual, there are myriad predictions as to what we are going to physically experience and what these auspicious events will mean in all of our lives. As has happened over and over again throughout the various events involving Earth’s Ascension process, people are predicting the full gamut of possibilities. These predictions include everything from the end of the World to the instant manifestation of Heaven on Earth, neither of which is going to happen. That does not mean, however, that what we are in the midst of experiencing is not the most incredible and monumental opportunity we have ever had, because IT IS! The reason people have been disappointed so many times is because they have erroneously expected for these shifts of energy, vibration, and consciousness to instantly manifest in the physical plane. People look at outer-world appearances and because they do not see any immediate changes, they feel that the events did not actually happen and that the information was just another “New Age hoax.” The reality is that the vast majority of events that have taken place over the past several decades not only happened, but according to the Company of Heaven, they succeed in accelerating Humanity’s and Mother Earth’s Ascension process beyond the greatest expectations of Heaven. So that we will not miss this amazing opportunity by letting our distorted perceptions fool us again, the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth want to reiterate how we will experience the colossal shift of energy, vibration, and consciousness we will receive through the upcoming Equinox, Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, and influx of Gamma Rays from Wave X. They want us to remember that first and foremost, we are multidimensional Beings functioning in various dimensions simultaneously. The physical plane of Earth which we believe is so real is actually the least real of all of the dimensions we abide in and it is the very last dimension to reflect the changes we are cocreating with our Father-Mother God in the Realms of Cause. The reason we do not experience these monumental events instantaneously in the physical plane is because they are first created in the Realms of Cause where everything begins. Then, they are magnetized into the World of Effects, which is the physical plane, through the thoughts, words, feelings, beliefs, and actions of the Sons and Daughters of God abiding in the physical plane. The important thing to realize is that once something has been God Victoriously accomplished in the Realms of Cause NOTHING can prevent it from eventually manifesting in the World of Effects. The only variable is how long that process will take which is strictly up to you and me and the rest of Awakening Humanity, and how effectively we empower those patterns of perfection with our creative faculties of thought and feeling and our gift of free will. I AM going to be discussing this information in detail in an online interview with Jacklyn Johnston during her wonderful You Awakening program. The interview will be live on Tuesday, September 22, 2015, at 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time (Los Angeles, California) or 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time (New York). If you would like to join us for this FREE online broadcast you may do so by registering through the following link If you are not able to join us live the FREE REPLAY will be available after the original airing. Because of the importance of the upcoming Equinox, Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, and influx of Gamma Rays from Wave X, I would like to share the following information.


The Pope is beginning his historic visit to the United States of America on September 22nd, the initial impulse of the Equinox. This event will draw the collective attention of hundreds of millions, and possibly billions, of people around the World. Regardless of how you feel about the Pope or the various political venues he will visit while he is in the USA, the timing of his visit is not a coincidence. The collective Cup of Consciousness that will be formed by the focus of attention Humanity places on the Pope and his visit, will open the hearts and minds of people around the World in ways that will allow their I AM Presence to receive and assimilate on each person’s behalf the Light flowing into the Earth through the Equinox, Eclipse, and Gamma Rays from Wave X. This will mean on a very practical level that even if people are oblivious to what is happening, the collective focus of their attention will allow them to participate and greatly benefit from this profound opportunity through the Divine Intervention of their I AM Presence and the Company of Heaven.


The Company of Heaven has revealed that shifts of energy, vibration, and consciousness unparalleled in the history of time have occurred since the Birth of the New Earth in December 2012. However, they are affirming now that those accomplishments will pale in comparison to the shifts we will experience in the month of September 2015. Every conceivable assistance is being given to Humanity from On High to help us accomplish our Ascension process. One of the most astounding things is the influx of Gamma Rays we have received from what scientists say was one of the biggest and hottest explosions in the Universe. This monumental influx of Light reached the Earth in 2014, and it is daily and hourly affecting the recalibration of our DNA. This powerful influx of Gamma Rays was the result of an explosion of a Star that took place more than 12.1 billion years ago. The Beings of Light confirmed that this Light reached Planet Earth in perfect Divine Timing. Just to give you an idea of how far away this Star was, it takes 8.17 minutes for Light from the surface of the Sun to reach the surface of the Earth. Sometimes these astronomical numbers about time and space seem confusing to us, but we must remember that time and space only exist in the 3rd and 4th Dimensions. Chaussure Adidas Yeezy 750 Boost From the 5th Dimension and beyond there is no such thing as time or space. In the Higher Realms of Light everything occurs in the Eternal Moment of Now. Gamma-ray bursts are not well understood by astronomers, but they realize that they are very important because they are the most powerful explosions in the Universe. These bursts release more energy in 10 seconds than Earth’s Sun will release during its entire expected lifespan of 10 billion years. Just imagine! The Beings of Light have revealed that Gamma Rays are instrumental in recalibrating Humanity’s DNA structures. Now that Humanity’s fragmented double helix DNA has been restored in the Realms of Cause to the 12 strands we originally had, and recalibrated to the frequencies of 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light, we are ready for the monumental events that will take place this month. Now we are being told from On High that these events will catapult the Earth and ALL Life evolving upon her into the highest frequencies of the New Earth we have ever experienced. The anticipated influx of Gamma Rays we will receive from WAVE X will shift Humanity’s DNA in ways that will result in the most profound Awakening and return to Christ Consciousness that has ever been attempted in any System of Worlds. Many are referring to this shift as the FIRST WAVE OF ASCENSION. Tangas Calvin Klein Baratos I have been hearing this phrase for over 40 years. Each time it is used people expect that millions of people, and this time it is being said that 2.2 billion people, are going to just vanish from the face of the Earth. Chaussures Adidas Yeezy 330 Boost This is the way people have erroneously described the “Rapture” for centuries. As I mentioned previously, that is not the way our Ascension process is happening. Once again, these monumental Activities of Light occur first in the Realms of Cause. Consequently, they are not usually obvious immediately in the physical plane. That certainly does not mean that they did not happen, it just means that in most instances we will not perceive the tangible results just yet. It is true that we are in uncharted waters and not even the Company of Heaven knows exactly how this influx of Light will affect Humanity en masse. Some people may have instantaneous results, but they are not going to disappear from the Earth. They will experience a profound Awakening and a dramatic shift of energy, vibration, and consciousness. In all probability, this Awakening and shift of consciousness will occur within every man, woman, and child on Earth more gradually, but that does not mean it will take a long time. Chaussures Adidas Ultra Boost Without the interference of our fragmented and fear-based human ego, which is in the process of being Loved FREE by our I AM Presence, this Awakening will occur much more quickly than outer appearances indicate. On September 22-23, 2015, which is the September Equinox, we will intensify the influx of Light from the New Moon Solar Eclipse which occurred on September 12-13, and secure it into the Core of Purity in every atomic and subatomic particle and wave of Life on Earth. The effects of that Activity of Light will build in momentum until September 27-28, 2015, when we will experience not only an incredibly powerful influx of Light from a total Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, but a life-transforming influx of Light from a Celestial Event referred to as WAVE X, or The Event Horizon. This is a Celestial opportunity that we have not been able to benefit from since our fall from Grace. On September 28, 2015, we will receive a crescendo of Gamma Ray Light from the Galactic Core. This is a rhythmic pulsation of Light that blesses our Solar System every 3,600 years with the Divine Intent of raising the consciousness of Sons and Daughters of God and accelerating the evolution of our Solar System. Even though this wondrous Gift of Light from On High has been available every 3,600 years, since our tragic fall from Grace the Earth and Humanity have been vibrating at a discordant frequency that was unable to receive or assimilate the benefits of these Gamma Rays. Now, however, EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED! The Company of Heaven has confirmed that with the miraculous changes that have taken place at an atomic cellular level within Humanity and all Life on Earth since the Birth of the New Earth, Humanity is finally able to receive and assimilate these powerful Gamma Rays from the Galactic Core. For several weeks, the effects of these Gamma Rays have been gradually building in momentum. This influx of Gamma Rays will reach their peak in the midst of a total Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. The influx of Light from the Full Moon Eclipse will stabilize the Water Element which composes 80% of the entire Elemental Kingdom and sustains the Emotional Bodies of Humanity. The Water Element is also the Divine Intelligence through which the Love Nature of our Mother God, the Holy Spirit, is tangibly manifest in the world of form. In preparation for this Cosmic influx of Gamma Rays, the Company of Heaven wants us to grasp the magnitude of this opportunity by revealing the following information. Due to the life-transforming Activities of Light that have been successfully accomplished through the unified efforts of millions of Lightworkers around the World, the Earth and ALL her Life are now on the brink of a miraculous Transfiguration. Adidas Ultra Boost France On September 27-28, 2015, through every person’s I AM Presence, Humanity en masse is going to receive the full power and might of the myriad Gamma Rays we have missed from this rhythmic 3,600 year Gift from On High, back to the initial impulse of the fall. This has never been done before and no one knows how it will manifest for each of us individually, but KNOW the results will ONLY enhance our lives and our Ascension process. The Mighty Elohim, who are the Builders of Form, have assured us that the Earthly Bodies of ALL Humanity and the Bodies of Mother Earth are now vibrating at a frequency that is ready and able to withstand this influx of Gamma Rays and that this will occur in perfect Divine Order. Slip Calvin Klein Outlet This is a Cosmic Moment beyond anything that has ever occurred for the Sons and Daughters of God. Be at Peace and Be Here NOW! Your I AM Presence knows exactly how you can best experience this wondrous opportunity. Boxer Calvin Klein Baratos Go within, ask for guidance, and your I AM Presence will guide you unerringly through this process. I Love YOU more than you will ever know. God Bless You. I AM going to be discussing this information in detail in an online interview with Jacklyn Johnston during her wonderful You Awakening program. The interview will be live on Tuesday, September 22, 2015, at 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time (Los Angeles, California) or 8:00 p.m.

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Sheldon Nidle Update

Update from the Galactic Federation of Light and the Spiritual Hierarchy

You, dear Children, are the Light of this world. You are the candle of the Light that no one can extinguish. Use this to bring the wonders of this time to swift fruition.


Ummac Dan ~ Galactic Federation Symbol For The Sirian Star System

5 Chicchan, 18 Zip, 12 Manik
Selamat Balik! Over the past few months, this world progressed from being one in which the dark cabal was still in charge to one where these scurrilous crooks are on the ropes. Yeezy Boost 350 Femme Pas Cher The various groups of our Earth allies are finally realizing how this world’s scenario needs to be accommodated. As consciousness rises in this realm, the financial system changes and the new prosperity require a reveal. We have asked that this set of precise procedures be done at a much quicker level. This advice, as said previously, was largely ignored. The time is now ripe for these changes to be manifested and explained to you. The coming prosperity is simply an instrument by which you can achieve your dreams. Use these symbols of power to remake your world into one that is peaceful and harmonious. Be aware of what you are doing. Let it all flow and use your synchronistic powers to alter things gracefully and divinely. This world needs to change and to alter how it perceives itself. The old violent ways require an ending. The diversity of culture requires an honoring. You need to reside in a wondrous land with technology to end poverty and hunger. The world needs to see itself as a big and glorious family!
As your realm moves toward its new reality, never forget who you are and that you are becoming one. Chaussure Adidas Ultra Boost Never before has Earth’s surface humanity had the ability to free itself of all the ills that have plagued it since the Great Flood of nearly 10 millennia ago. At that time, the Anunnaki, acting as your dark overlords, put into place a system that, in effect, caused everyone to suffer. You are at the point where this grand suffering is to be transformed. You are to enter a time where prosperity and new governance is to permit you to turn Gaia into a paradise. Humanity is no longer to need farming, mining and other things that harm your precious planet. You are to quickly develop a new perspective that can allow you to use your growing consciousness to alter every culture on the surface of Gaia. This new global mixture of humanity is to set the stage for our arrival. You can finally stop believing the cabal’s outright lies. Polo Philipp Plein Homme Pas Cher Government can formally end the UFO cover-up and prepare you for our coming. This is to allow us to commence a number of broadcasts about our initial objectives.

The first objectives involve our mentors. All of you have lived in sublime ignorance since your birth. Boxer Calvin Klein Mujer You have been fed a pile of pap, first conceived eons ago by the Anunnaki. These perceived realities need to be discarded and new perceptions acquired based on a new and more conscious set of realities. This old Anunnaki matrix made you more pliable and made it much easier for your governmental and other masters to manipulate and control you. These “control points” need to be replaced with free thinking and a newly acquired ability to again discern keys that can be employed to determine when you are being manipulated. This grand task is for your mentor to impart to you. It needs to be done subtly and included with a restoration of your ancient and modern history. Comprar Calzoncillos Calvin Klein Baratos This history is to be filled with a very important truth twist. Some of the truths behind your wars and how your economy is used as a pawn by the oligarchy will be most enlightening. You are getting ready to become a galactic human. The time spent over the last 13 millennia needs to be looked at and the logic behind Heaven’s decrees fully explained.
Another objective is to describe to you what being a galactic human is like. Calvin Klein Underwear Outlet Bikinis Calvin Klein Baratos You have reacquired abilities that allow you to carry out the divine instructions of Heaven. You are, in effect, a physical Angel. This means you can do a whole host of things. The mentor’s job is not only to review your life, but as well to explicitly explain to you your coming life in full consciousness. Your science wonders what “full potentializing” implies. All of this is to be explored with you by the mentor. We have a long history with you. We are assisting your Ascended Masters in seeing that you are in a state where you can ask for heavenly assistance. This process, at present, is somewhat skewed by the matrix, which creates this present reality. This matrix is now being enormously weakened by the great waves of energy coming from your galactic core. These energy waves are significantly aiding what our Earth allies are achieving. This joint operation is at the verge of a wonderful success. It is to bring the new reality that is to reunite you with your Inner Earth, Spiritual and Space families! Hosanna!

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Today, we gave you a weekly report on what is happening around this globe. Spirit is constantly moving upon the waters of this realm and preparing this orb for its most grand shift into a new reality. This land is alive and ready to be filled with the miracles and divine actions of Heaven. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)
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Edgar Cayce Was Right: The HALL OF RECORDS is the Single Most Important Discovery of the Millennium

Edgar Cayce Was Right: The HALL OF RECORDS is the Single Most Important Discovery of the Millennium



Edgar Cayce Was Right:

The HALL OF RECORDS is the Single Most Important Story of the Millennium

How have they kept the awesome revelations from Bucegi Mountain so secret?

Cosmic Convergence Research Group CCRG Editor’s Note Truly, if ever there was a story that could liberate humankind from its incarcerated past, the otherworldly intra-mountain complex and tunnel system in the BUCEGI MOUNTAINS is it.

The very few, yet stunning, disclosures which have thus far been leaked about this vast storehouse of ultra-secret Earth history, applied extraterrestrial technology and highly advanced scientific knowledge are nothing short of paradigm-shattering. As in every paradigm currently operating on Planet Earth … bar none! Dear Reader and Seeker of the Truth, if you read one story today, or this week, or this month, let this be the one. Although it is a lengthy discourse, it is the product of years of authoritative research and serious investigation. The author has done humanity an extraordinary service in this labor of love. He, she or they have painstakingly constructed a cogent and compelling case for the direct Ancient Alien involvement in the affairs of human civilizations over millennia. While many have known this to be the case in view of so much convincing evidence scattered across the planet, the ‘highly classified’ information coming from Bucegi serves as indisputable confirmation. In short, this preordained discovery in the Bucegi Mountains has set the world up for an unparalleled and sweeping transformation. Now that may sound like hyperbole. However, in light of the empowering knowledge and revolutionary information coming from the Bucegi Complex, the current race of humanity will undoubtedly experience the most profound and fundamental shift in consciousness in recorded history. In other words … this is it! Bucegi Mountian is quite likely one of the key locations that Edgar Cayce spoke of when he referred to the legendary Hall of Records. In addition to the Hall of Records in Egypt Cayce was clear about multiple underground chambers and complexes located in sacred lands around the globe. The holy mountains of Tibet, the Mayan temples and the Great Pyramids of Giza (including the Sphinx) have been mentioned in various prophecies and predictions. The CCRG has taken the unusual liberty of posting the great work published by the folks at Hidden From Humanity. We have done so, first and foremost, in an effort to preserve this valuable research project. The following material is so sensitive and so “radioactive” that it is vulnerable to being disappeared one day … without a trace. Cosmic Convergence Research Group

The Romanian Sphinx in the Bucegi Mountains aka the Romanian Sphinx and the Carpathian Sphinx The extended essay produced by Hidden From Humanity begins here and full credit goes to them: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The Bucegi Mountain Secrets & Evidence This page contains excerpts of the discovery plus two years of my research finding confirmations throughout history… In the summer of 2003, in an unexplored area of the Bucegi mountains, an epochal discovery was found that would completely change the destiny of mankind. Section “I” contains excerpts from the book. Section “II” onwards is my own research regarding this discovery. I apologise in advance for such a lengthy page but some things cannot be explained in a few sentences. To prevent this page from being five times longer I have only covered the absolute basics for each section of my own research but anyone who wishes to discuss this further canclick here contact me. A brief summary can be found just below the following links…

Sections on this page


I. Summary of the discovery in 2003

  • There are 4 primary tunnels and further sub tunnels that lead to deep underground places which you would have heard of.
  • In these tunnels you will find rooms, huge rooms, with huge tables and stone chairs for people much, much taller than us.
  • The projection room contains all our history and can be replayed visually.
  • A table where you can perform holographic experiments with DNA, mix and match anything you wish and see what the results would be.
  • These rooms were created at least 50,000 years ago and each is connected to each other, protected by a energy source which actives all as one is activated.
  • The locations are; Near the Sphinx in Egypt, Baghdad, Mount Kailash in Tibet and the Bucegi Mountains in Romania. The inner tunnels lead to a secret World under the Gobi Plateau in Mongolia and, most importantly, to Antarctica.
  • This connects to WWII and the German Tibet expedition, Romania being fast-tracked into NATO, hollow earth, the eye above the pyramid and more.

Since the declassification of the new ground-penetrating radar 2 years ago, the most staggering data has emerged of complex and labyrinthine underground systems in various parts of the world. At places like Guatemala in the South Americas, tunnels have been mapped under the Mayan pyramid complex at Tikal, which extend a full 800 kilometers to the opposite side of the country. Investigators remarked, it was possible to understand how half a million Mayan Indians escaped the decimation of their culture.

What happened in Romania

Ground-penetrating radar

In 2002, the Pentagon was running several military and geodesic programmes using satellites based on the above technology. The satellite spotted a particular structure located inside the Bucegi mountains.

The satellite scan of the mountain revealed two major energetic blocks. The blocks were made of artificial energy: the first was connected to a wall, a wall blocking access to the tunnel. The second was huge, like a dome or hemisphere, at the opposite end of the tunnel, near the center of the mountain. Calzoncillos Slip Calvin Klein Massini acknowledged that there is something extremely important and was very well protected. The people from the Pentagon couldn’t understand why the tunnel turned in a sort of zigzag pattern towards the central zone of the mountain, nor the significance of the twenty-six degree angle of the construction. The structure was in a parallel plane with the ground and the semi-spherical energetic blockage was situated on the vertical corresponding to the ridge rocks called Babele. Actually, as our measurement based on the Pentagon data showed, the vertical was coming out at approximately forty meters from Babele, between it and the Bucegi’s Sphinx.

A similar structure in Iraq

“Signore Massini led me to understand that the elements of the internal artificial structure from Bucegi would not have particularly attracted their interests had it not been for the fact that their representatives from the Pentagon had noticed that the semi-spherical blockage had exactly the same frequency and shape as one from another secret underground structure that they had discovered just a few months before, somewhere near Baghdad. Due to reasons I don’t yet know, which the venerable Massini hasn’t revealed to me, those in power were extremely interested in the secret data the military espionage satellite had registered in connection with the strange energetic structure from Iraq’s underground.” “Shortly after the discovery, the war started and the Americans, with total secrecy, had access to that area while the Iraqis didn’t know a thing about it. Massini said that no matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t penetrate the energetic wall but he didn’t give me any more details. The whole operation was top secret. He stated that what was there was connected with our planet’s mysterious past, but in a certain way, with the history of their organization as well. Massini also said that what was there was information about the planet’s mysterious past and the history of their organization. When the Pentagon investigation noted the similarity of the data between the underground structure near Baghdad and the one from Bucegi, Massini was suddenly very agitated. Initially, they’ve almost panicked. The panic was due to the fact that this structure – much larger and more complex than the one from Iraq – is on Romania’s territory (note: it seems that Romania has a very important mission in the years to come. Above The Bucegi Mountains there is also an energetic pyramid – its shadow can be seen twice a year – which has a protective purpose and also keeps safe the true knowledge that will be revealed to everyone when the time comes). Massini provided the correct plan to reach the tunnel, as it has been calculated by experts in the Pentagon. The breakthrough was possible close to 60-70 meters from the first energy barrier on the side of the mountain. Massini promised ultra sophisticated U.S. military technology to achieve breakthrough into the first energy barrier. Their first attempts going through the barrier cost the lives of three solders who had cardiac arrests as they tried to walk through it. “It was a vibration frequency problem,” I said, amazed by the calm with which I had spoken those words. Cezar looked at me surprised. “Exactly!” he confirmed. “Looking for a solution, I closed my eyes and focused upon the energetic barrier. Shortly, I felt that it actually was ‘alive’ but in a very special way that I couldn’t explain to those present.” “I felt that between me and the barrier’s energy was a certain ‘compatibility,’ something like a reciprocal sympathy and that I had successfully passed the ‘personal vibration test.’ I couldn’t stop asking myself what kind of exceptional technological and spiritual development had those who had established this genuine ‘frontier’ of energetic checking which present science can’t even conceive of, never mind about actually achieving. I then took a few stones from the ground and threw them towards the invisible energetic barrier. As soon as the stones touched the energetic barrier, they were transformed into a fine powder that fell on the ground forming a straight line. “I was now looking at the amazed faces of the American officials and a few members of my team who were still on the other side of the barrier. I went to the wall and pressed the triangle from the perfectly finished stone square, the one you are looking at now. Actually, it was enough just to touch it because it doesn’t move. It’s fixed. Only its surface is carved in the stone. The gate, from which you now see just a part, immediately started to glide smoothly and almost without any noise until it stopped in the position it is still in. That was the moment when all of us saw, for the first time, the Great Gallery. It was a moment of intense emotion. We were shocked that it was lit just as you see it now but without actually containing any light source, at least any conventional light source that we know of.” “Later, I did more experiments, especially after we precisely marked the area where the energetic barrier acted. General Obadea came and touched with only one finger the invisible surface of the barrier; and even if nothing serious happened to him, he still had a feeling of vertigo and nausea. The Presidential Counsellor was violently thrown to the ground even though the contact between his skin and the barrier was very light. He recovered from his experience later under a doctor’s supervision. After that, no one else wished to try going through the energetic wall. The three soldiers who died probably had a simultaneous contact on a bigger surface of their body that was lethal for them. The problem is that people cannot stay in the invisible barrier for too long. This is the invisible barrier between the closed gate and the energetic wall. Those who can’t go through it can’t stay there for too long. “We tried with a few soldiers and, after we closed the gate and activated the energetic barrier, they told me that they felt like they were suffocating and it became more and more acute. We therefore had to leave the energetic barrier as well as the gate open, but as you have already seen, we placed two guards and we installed an alarm to prevent any unauthorized access to the Great Gallery. The iris identification system resets itself after five seconds which is enough to cross the entrance line into the gallery and beyond the gate’s gliding system. While walking towards the gallery Cezar recalls the first time he entered here…

Great Diplomatic Tensions

“I got back to the base as fast as I could and entered the Americans’ room where I was also received by General Obadea,” Cezar continued to tell me. “An unpredicted element occurred that ruined all plans, ours as well as Signore Massini’s. “The Romanian press leaked something?” I guessed. “It was something even worse than that. Do you remember the discovery they had made next to Baghdad? That there as well was an energetic barrier that couldn’t be breached but was identical with the semi-spherical shield that surrounded the big hall from here?” I nodded. “Well, the American counsellor on national security issues got an ultra secret fax in which he was informed that the energetic shield from Baghdad suddenly activated and started pulsing at a great frequency. The amazing information was that a hologram appeared in front of it, gradually showing Europe; then the southeast of Europe; then Romania’s territory; then the Bucegi Mountains; and finally, the location of the inner structure within the Great Gallery’s corridor and the semi-spherical energetic shield that was strongly pulsing. It was obvious that the two energetic semi-spherical shields were directly but mysteriously connected and that the activation of one of them led to the activation of the other one. Who knows, maybe there is a network of these kinds of underground structures all over the world. “The bad news was that the U.S. Presidency was informed of these events and made diplomatic contact with Romania through the secret services. In just a few minutes, the whole operation had been uncovered. The imminent arrival of a state commission from Bucharest had been announced to come and evaluate the situation.” “Did they want to take over at a political level?”. “General Obadea was called to Bucharest. It was a critical moment which put at stake even the existence of Department Zero, or at least of its independent structure. The General had to justify the eluding of the political power. Before leaving for the capital, accompanied by those from the commission, General Obadea talked with me and we both decided to reveal all the aspects, intrigues and plans of the last year, including my relation with Signore Massini. The most difficult problem was to find exactly the right people to make that crucial important report to because, otherwise, all our intentions and plans would have been revealed and the repercussions could be fatal as far as the well being of myself and the General was concerned. The same could be said for national security. Meanwhile, I was stuck at the base, all work having come to a halt. “The American team had been isolated in a tent and the tunnel’s guarding was taken over by the army’s special intervention troops. The diplomatic tension was rising because Washington pressured to have contact with the Pentagon’s generals and with the Presidential Counsellor. “Back then, no one knew what was in the big hall that was protected by the energetic shield. Any initiative or research operation had been stopped. No one was allowed into the base except for the guard patrols. The new situation was coordinated by two top generals from the Romanian army who permanently maintained contact with the highest political structure of Romania. In this entire extremely tense situation, the only one who managed to ‘sneak’ outside the base, following a very special order coming from Bucharest, was Signore Massini. I haven’t seen him since then, but believe me, I fully felt his influence in the way things unfolded afterwards. And I am referring here to the mute but very fierce fight between the Romanian and American diplomats as well as to the nature of the political decisions that were taken in connection with the operation from here. Everything happened very fast; just eight days passed since those events.” “If I am here and you, as far as I understand, managed to get inside the Projection Hall, this means that General Obadea was successful in Bucharest.” Cezar mysteriously smiled. “Mostly, the answer is affirmative. The success was mainly bringing everything to the right people’s ears, people with a great moral integrity who are also animated by a profound patriotism. “The NDSC (National Defense Supreme Council) asked for an emergency meeting. Most were shaken by what they found out. An intense wave of approval towards the General and his activities was then spontaneously created. They immediately decided to continue the research under the exclusive command of the General and me. However, the diplomatic crisis had not been resolved yet. The American military were allowed to leave the country the following day; but the team of researchers and specialists, as well as all logistics and devices, were kept here. We then thought that things were settled, and I was almost glad they had happened the way they did. That way I did not need to pretend or give in, more or less, to the venerable member of the Masonic elite. Unfortunately, their force of influence and the pressure they exercised through diplomatic channels was huge.” We had reached the end of the hall where it turned left suddenly, this time for four meters only. The sight in front of our eyes was truly grandiose. The gigantic arch the energy shield formed was a splendid radiant blue, continuously crossed by intense bright white flashes. There was no more than seven or eight meters from the end of the hall to the energy shield. The arch created by the energy shield was included in the hemispherical cavity, but I noticed the area behind was common to the rock wall. I estimated the level distance between the shield’s arch and the room’s ceiling was about ten meters. The magical light produced by the energy shield was being reflected in wonderful sparks and shades on the rocky walls of the mountain. The beauty and the grandeur of that picture seemed extraneous and my heart startled with emotion and joy. “How did you manage to get inside?” I asked Cezar, affected by the intensity of the feeling that the image gave me. “It is much simpler than you would expect. The ones who planned the whole assembly probably considered the first energy shield to be a real ‘touch stone’ for the possible entrants, estimating it was enough for the whole structure’s security. I have to admit they were right. Nothing could pass the first energy shield unless it was a superior and profoundly beneficial consciousness. Even in case of an atomic combustion, the assembly was very well protected by the mountain. Maybe that was the reason the Big Gallery started suddenly, deep inside the mountain. I cannot say though how they technically created it. “The same day I entered the Projection Room you see in front of your eyes. I was alone as I found out the terrible mystery that had remained hidden for fifty thousand years. You can hardly imagine the feelings I had in those moments. There are some aspects I cannot tell you though.” “You mentioned this number of years before,” I interrupted Cezar. “How can you tell that this is the right period of time since all of this has been here?” “It was the result of further scientific examination of some data ‘they’ offered that you will also see after we enter the room. All of the events I described to you have occurred since last week. Many of them happened very quickly and the changes of situations were dramatic sometimes. I shall tell you everything here before we enter the room as you will be thrilled at what you see.” We stopped at the line of demarcation between the Big Gallery and the gigantic hall inside the mountain that held the hemispherical energy shield. Fascinated, I was listening to Cezar while I was watching the exotic sparkles on the blue surface of the hemisphere. “After the decision to continue the research under Department Zero’s management, I entered the Projection Room several times and catalogued everything, working together with our team of specialists. “The next day, however, the first contradictory signals appeared from the political powers. The orders that followed one after the other, revoking each other, were either strong or evasive and showed the existence of a big tension. I suspected that there was the drama of a real battle. I had already sent over a secure phone line the results of our discovery in the Projection Room. Apparently, that was the spark that lit the ‘bomb.’ “General Obadea told me two days ago, after he came back from Bucharest, that the members of The Supreme Council for Protecting the Country were in a continuous meeting and keeping in touch with us. After talking out the issue beforehand, they decided to make this tremendous discovery from Romania’s mountains known all over the world. General Obadea was part of The Supreme Council for Protecting the Country’s structure and his word counted a lot in favor of the declaration that Romania was to make to the whole world. He told me there were some members of The Supreme Council for Protecting the Country that were strongly against it, but they were in the minority. The emotions got so high that, at one point, those people stood up and left the room. The President’s advisors were continually coming and going, transferring information from the External Diplomatic Relations Office to The Supreme Council for Protecting the Country meeting. “When the American diplomats were informed that Romania would make an international announcement of crucial importance for the whole world, everything turned to chaos. The General told me that he had never seen such a rush and panic among diplomats. Nobody knew the cause but everybody suspected something very serious and important was happening. At one point, the Romanian president was called to have a direct phone conversation with the White House. That was a very special and top secret discussion. He did not come back for a long time after that, but he informed everyone that a top American diplomatic delegation was already on its way to Bucharest. “The information spread very fast. All the transactions and deals between the Romanian state and international financial organizations were blocked in a couple of hours. The declaration of a state of emergency in the mountain area was expected any moment. The Ministry of Defense gave an order of general alert for the officers. There were moments of great panic and even terror among those involved in this operation as no one knew the real cause creating the current tension. “The discussions between the American officials and the Romanian officials took place without an interpreter. They were so violent that they were many moments of crisis when the diplomats yelled at each other as loudly as they could, uttering multiple threats with measures of retaliation. The good part was that the other states of the world had not found out about that problem yet.” “What did they want to declare?” I asked curiously. “Mainly, it would have contained the most important data of the discovery made in the Bucegi Mountains, giving evidence to the whole world such as pictures and other essentials elements in order to clarify different aspects connected to this structure from inside the mountain. The greatest scientists would have been invited to study and search and all the resources would have been mobilized to solve the numerous enigmas we were confronted with. But the most important aspect would have been the discoveries regarding the extreme ancient past of humankind and the real history that was almost entirely fabricated. Furthermore, there were other very delicate elements that I can only reveal to you partially.” “But, where did they know all that from?” I asked. “You will see immediately. Have a little bit more patience. The Americans reacted violently as the declaration would have shattered their planetary influence in a second. Even more, it could have thrown into chaos the economy of their country, maybe even the economy of the whole world. Actually, that was the main reason they invoked strong-arm tactics. They wanted to avoid the panic and disturbance of all the people on Earth. However, they did not suspect that the possible social anguish and disturbed condition might have appeared as a direct result of the lies and manipulations the ruling classes, especially the Masonic organizations, have been maintaining all this time. “Through a very special diplomatic channel, a personal Papal approach was received, advising towards great temperance before making this fundamental step for humankind. The Vatican had already been informed by the Americans as it was considered by the latter a possible ally in blocking the revelations. Strangely, although revealing these aspects to the whole world would have reduced considerably the Vatican’s power and its influence upon Christian believers, the Pope did not take a firm position against it, but he urged instead for an efficient balancing of pros and cons before presenting the declaration. He even communicated he would put at the Romanian State’s disposal certain ancient documents from the Secret Archives of the Papal administration that are very important for Romania and support the proofs of the discovery in the mountains. “Finally, after two hours of discussion and consultation, a final collaboration agreement was reached, with precise terms that balanced the interests of both countries. The Pope promised to make certain documents available to the Romanian state from the ancient papal secret archives, which are of great importance for Romania and also evidence supporting the discovery in the mountains. After 24 hours of talks, a final agreement occurred between the Romania, The Vatican and USA and they chose to cooperate under precise terms which included the USA fast-tracking Romania into NATO. The Romanian state was to postpone the disclosure for now.

The Projection Room

Cezar told me to step forward. The Big Gallery ended suddenly in a gigantic room inside of the mountain. It was about 30 meters high and approximately 100 meters long. The Projection Room, which was practically enclosed by the energy shield, had smaller dimensions than those of the mountain room. Its height was about 20 meters, maybe even more. “The energy shield’s role is to divide the room, like a wall, from the rest of the cavity in the mountain and also to protect from exterior bad influences,” said Cezar, making me return from my thoughts. “It has only one way of unconditioned access, like a door, right in front of you.” I saw a display of three huge tunnel entrances: one right in front and the other two symmetrically on each side. They were vaguely lit by a green light. From that distance, I could not clearly notice the details although I saw other devices were around each of the three tunnels. Still, I noticed each of the tunnels was guarded by two soldiers like at the entrance in the Big Gallery. Puzzled, I turned towards Cezar. “Did you install security systems here, too? Why? Where do these tunnels go?” “This is the area to which you do not have access. It is strictly forbidden through the secret protocol signed between the Romanian state and the United States. I can give you some general information about this, but certain things should remain secret, at least for some time from now. Let’s start from here,” Cezar said, pointing somewhere at my right. I turned and saw a line of huge T-shaped tables made of stone and lined up against the wall, following its curve. None of these tables were shorter than two meters high.

Transversal Section of the Mountain Room

Different signs of an unknown writing that looked like ancient arrow-headed characters were cut three dimensionally into the thickness of the table top. There was only one such line of signs on each table’s width. The writing was complicated, but it also contained general symbols like triangles and circles. Although the signs were not painted, they would still be noticeable due to a slight luminous radiation, differently colored for each table. There were five tables on each side of the room. On some of them I could see different objects of unknown use. They looked like technical tools for scientific use. Several white translucent wires descended from many of them, gathering in rectangular boxes situated outside the table and on the ground. The boxes were made of a shiny silver metal that could not be scratched. I tried to move one of them but it was too well anchored in the ground. The delicate cables were extremely flexible and light, and inside you could see small bright impulses that would “slide” along their whole length. Two of the tables were empty, covered by a thin layer of orange dust. Cezar told me they drew samples from it that had been sent for preliminary analysis to the lab inside the base, but they had not received any results. But the real surprise was the distinct element that made the research team give the name “Projection Room” to that huge mountain room. When I passed by a table, a holographic projection, presenting aspects from a certain scientific domain, was simultaneously activated on its surface. The three dimensionally colored images were perfect and very big, almost two and a half meters high. Because the tables were tall, I could not see where the source of the hologram projections was. I found out from Cezar that the rectangular surface of the smooth stone tables had a tight opening in the middle that was several centimeters long and parallel to the longest side of the table. The holographic projections appeared from there. “The technology used was great,” said Cezar. “The projections appear by themselves, but at the same time, they are interactive and depend on the one who watches them and touches the surface of the table.” I went to a table that had some three-legged steps brought by the base teams, and I went up a couple of steps until my body was above the table. It was almost five meters long and one and a half meters wide. It was covered by a film made of a glass-like material which was not transparent but dark. I could see my head and my body reflecting as in a mirror on the surface of that shiny, dark and blue smoky film. The film was split into several big squares marked by straight horizontal and vertical lines that formed a kind of a frame. The rays that formed the hologram went out the central slot in a perfectly coherent beam. Apparently, its domain was biology as images of plants and animals scrolled in front of my eyes, some of them being totally unknown to me. I slightly touched one of the squares which was the biggest, and the hologram began presenting the anatomical structure of the human body. Actually, I soon realized it was my body because of a certain mark I had on my arm. Although I was not moving, I saw the holographic images of certain areas of my body, spinning continuously and being presented from different angles. If I lifted the finger off that square, the images of plants and animals would reappear. If I moved the finger inside the square, the image would read the inside of my body, thus offering the projection of my internal organs according to my finger’s position on the surface of the square. I noticed that moving the finger in a certain way magnified the examined area. My amazement was boundless as I zoomed into extremely tiny dimensions, passing over individual cells, their nucleus and reaching the molecular area. I thought I was dreaming but I really saw a molecule that was part of my own liver and was shown in a huge dimension. In a few moments, I had gone way beyond even the most dared dreams of the modern scientists. The image presented a kind of cloud of energy that changed its color continuously, probably because of energetic changes that took place in real time; but in its different points I noticed a kind of condensation, linked by a kind of bridge that vibrated continuously. I thought that maybe those were the molecular chains. When I zoomed into the nuclear area, the image caught one of the atoms but it became unstable and blocked. I then saw what I thought to be an atom as a vague energy mist with a very small bright center/heart. Amazed, I touched other squares. Each time I touched one, the square lit in orange and signs of the unknown writing appeared inside of it. Fascinated, I went over several squares, watching the incredible projections of life on other celestial bodies. I noticed that if I simultaneously touched two surfaces of two different squares, the holographic image would render a very complex scientific analysis, presenting the DNA molecules of those beings and the compatible possibilities between them. The images were accompanied by sideways vertical lines of that strange writing which were probably observations, comments or indications regarding the analysis made. These were dynamic and presented in a series as the possible phases of mixing the two life forms. In the end, the most probable mutant form appeared as a combination of genetic data. I went down the stairs shaking. My mind refused to think coherently. Strange thoughts appeared in my mind, like I was being set up or everything was a dream. Realizing what was happening to me, Cezar gradually clammed down on my paranoid tendencies that had been triggered by the very strong shock I had felt as a result of the advanced technology I had accessed in such a very short period of time. After a couple of minutes, I recovered. “You can spend years here without getting bored!” I exclaimed. “I almost cannot believe they reached such an advanced technological level. Who were they? You must know.” When Cezar answered, he was very serious. “No matter how weird it would seem to you, we have had no clue up to this moment. It is as if they wanted to leave us this invaluable treasure but did not want us to know who they were. The only aspect we can suspect is that they were probably very tall. We cannot otherwise explain the gigantic dimensions of some objects in here. You can be proud though that you have been the first to thoroughly investigate the ‘biology’ table for the last fifty thousand years. “I was impressed by the crossing method. It is interesting as our researchers have not found the method of simultaneously touching two squares yet. It is also true that we had to do a lot of things in a very short period of time. In the end, there have been five or six days since we got into this room and only three days of actual studying.” We went further. On each side of the room, half way, there were five huge tables situated seven meters away from the energy shield. I passed over each quickly as Cezar told me my presence there was limited. Besides, the fact that I was there was the result of a really special request of General Obadea that even Cezar could not have made.” There were five Romanians and three Americans in the Projection Room. The three giant tunnels from behind the room were each guarded by a pair of soldiers while two officers secured the over all surveillance of the room. “The instruction is that they do not touch or move anything when they are alone,” Cezar explained to me. “All right, but what are they protecting here? Better said, from whom?” I asked. “This is protocol. In addition, as I told you, there are some elements I cannot tell you but they are linked to these secure measures.” I continued my rapid investigations over each table. There were projections from physics, cosmology, astronomy, architecture, technology, religion, and a domain representing the characteristics of several races of intelligent beings that did not look entirely human. I quickly understood the information was so vast that many groups of researchers needed several years to study it continuously without fear of finishing it. Everything seemed to be a great library of the universe, brilliantly synthesized by an enigmatic civilization that was extremely advanced technically and spiritually. I then went towards the center of the room where a two and a half meter high kind of platform stood. There were five steps to ease the access to its surface. The whole building was made of the same material that could be found in the big gallery. I climbed up the stairs together with Cezar and we reached a device that looked like a shielded circular cabin that was made of a transparent material. It was three and a half meters high and one and a half meters wide. Actually, it was half of a cylinder with several complicated installations inside. A kind of platform bulged out from its wall a third of the way up from the base and some metal wires with sensors at the end were placed higher. “We have come to the conclusion that this represents a mental emission installation,” said Cezar. “A possible thought amplifier or true ‘mind machine.’ It is clearly structured according to the dimensions of its builders. The metal sensors you see higher up would fit perfectly on the head of a three and a half meter high man that sits down on the platform. Unfortunately, I have not had the possibility of understanding how it works yet. Certain adaptations must be made, but several American transportation vehicles will arrive soon that carry the latest technology and teams of specialists who can begin to systematically research the whole place.” “Do you know the purpose they used this for?” I asked with great interest. “I think it was very important since it is in the middle of the room.” “It is true, but we cannot know its true use yet. It is likely that the person who connected to these sensors inside of the cylinder was capable of controlling great mental energies and conducting them correspondingly, but it is impossible for me to be sure of the target of those energies for now.” We got off the platform and went further on, leaving the stage behind. At about fifteen meters away on the same central line, I saw what could be called a control panel. It was not very big but was square with a side of about one meter and was sustained by one central leg coming out of the floor. I could not see very well what was on top of it as it was pretty high. Like all the other objects in the room, it was a little bit above my head. Utilizing another three-legged stairway, I went up a couple of steps. I was amazed by the way things had been put together. It was very complicated, leaving the impression of a projection network of computer plaques. What we call buttons were represented by differently colored geometrical symbols. I noticed mostly triangles, squares and spirals. Two parallel slots were situated in the middle of the panel. Coming out of the slots were two twenty centimeter long metallic levers that could be compared to two handles. They were both in the down position at the base of the slots and it was clear they could slide up and down. What really caught my eye was a big square placed on the right side of the board towards the bottom corner. A red “button,” represented by a circle and much bigger than the rest of the signs on the board, was placed in the middle. With a diameter of about ten centimeters, the so-called button was surrounded by a series of complicated signs that seemed to be part of the same unknown writing. It was the only area on the board that contained such a sign. Cezar, who was watching me from downstairs, asked me to avoid touching anything on the board, especially the red “button,” but he did suggest passing the palm of my hand over the square containing the circle. I did what he asked me right away and a huge holographic image appeared in front of me. It was about two meters away from the board and represented the Earth viewed from about twenty-five kilometers away in the atmosphere. I was touched when I recognized the Carpathian mountain chain and its specific curve, but I was surprised to notice a flow of huge quantities of water towards plains and fields until, eventually, the ground became clear. Then, the projection of the silver square with the big red button on it overlapped the holographic image. The button blinked alternatively while the signals on the side changed fast with varying colors. I saw how big streams of water, like giant rivers, appeared from everywhere inside of the territory that now includes the entirety of Romania, a big part of Hungary and the Ukraine, flowing towards the mountains and the Transylvania Platform. The image then zoomed in and I saw how, in a brief period of time, the whole of Romania became practically a new sea from which you could only see some mountain tops or small pieces of land as islands. In that moment, the projection of the red button square settled on the image of the hologram without blinking. Immediately after that, the projection of the two central slots with handles from the board appeared on the left, the handles sliding down slowly. I was simultaneously watching how waters started to back out from the territory of our country. Strangely, they went south towards one point only and that I located somewhere in the Retezat Mountain, most probably in the Godeanu Mountains area. The whole quantity of water drained into the ground there and Romania’s territory looked dry again with the geological formations we know today. Still, in the curving area of the Carpathians and at a certain distance from them towards the east, in the territory known today as Vrancea, I noticed a dark area of about thirty kilometers but could not understand what it represented. In addition, the Danube Delta did not exist anymore and also, instead of the Black Sea, a huge platform laid towards the Middle East. In that moment, the holographic image disappeared as suddenly as it appeared. Astonished, I looked at Cezar. “They even left us an ‘instruction booklet,’ didn’t they?” he said laughing. “The procedure is similar for all the other buttons and commands on the board, but I particularly wanted you to see what could happen when the red button was touched. Apparently, however, there is a security system. The research team has identified a series of three complicated steps that need to be completed on the control desk so that the pressing of the red button produces the flood and the disaster you briefly watched. The way ‘they’ teach us is very practical, easy and intuitive. We suspect these devices maintain, in a way that is totally unknown to us so far, the essential energetic balance of the tectonic area of Romania. You have just seen the disaster that can happen if this equilibrium is affected.” Astounded, I nodded. We then went further and towards the end of the room. There, I saw some tall metallic devices placed on the sides of the room behind the T-shaped tables. They looked like antennas as there were different metallic branches with complicated shapes emerging laterally from them. Cezar told me that nobody was aware of the use of those giant devices. We reached a very big square that was bordered by the floor material and was about ten meters away from the control desk. The side of the square measured three meters and its almost smooth surface was golden yellow. In the middle, there was a small dome of about fifteen centimeters high with a slot on top. A vessel like an ancient amphora, about half a meter high, was in front of the dome. “The content of the amphora represents one of the strong points of the discovery.” Cezar explained. “Personally, I think this is what the venerable Massini wanted so much for him and the Masonic elite.” The amphora had neither patterns nor inscriptions. It was made of a special reddish metal and did not have handles. The elegant lid did not allow the contents to be seen. Cezar lifted it and then, bending forward, I could see a very fine white glowing dust inside. Curiously, the interior walls were discretely lit by a blue light that emphasized the almost magical flashes of the white dust. “A sample of it was analyzed,” explained Cezar. “The American researchers were puzzled to discover that it represented an unknown crystalline structure of monatomic gold. This is a derivative of gold which is bright white and the atoms are placed in a two-dimensional network as opposed to common gold which is yellow and has atoms placed in a three-dimensional network. The monatomic gold dust is very difficult to obtain, especially in a very high purity, as is described in some ancient texts and the few genuine alchemy references from the Middle East. Practically speaking, modern science has not been able to obtain the extraordinarily pure monatomic gold dust. Even so, incredible therapeutic effects, especially regarding regenerative capacity, have been noticed on living tissues. That is why there are still a few sources of information concerning the technology for obtaining the monatomic gold. An American scientist told me that NASA was very interested in that and huge sums of money had been invested into researching it.” I had never heard about monatomic gold up to that moment and its use was not very clear to me. “But why are some persons so interested in this dust?” I asked Cezar. “Did you tell Signore Massini about the existence of the gold dust?” “The venerable one knew about it before entering here. I do not know how and from where the Masonic elite had such sources of information, but they surely heard about it before this discovery. I myself wondered why Signore Massini was so interested in getting it. I talked with both our scientists and the American ones who seemed to know something about it.”

The Interior Plan of the Projection Room

“They told me that, in its pure form, it strongly stimulated certain energetic flows and exchanges at the cellular level and particularly at the neuronal one. In other words, it produces a much accelerated rejuvenation process. They said that, theoretically, one could live in the same physical body for thousands of years if one consumed a well determined quantity of that dust periodically. It is mind-blowing and almost unbelievable for the condition and mentality of the present individual, but this explains many enigmatical aspects in humankind’s history, aspects about the incredible longevity of some important figures; and it also clarifies the hidden intentions of the Masonic elite.” Surprisingly, my tongue failed me. I was sticking fast and waiting for further explanations from Cezar. “Modern technology does not allow us to obtain the purity of the monatomic gold dust which is needed to start the general energetic process of rejuvenating the body. Furthermore, the lab results of the sample have shown that the gold atoms lay in a flat network but are also combined with the atoms of another element which is unknown on Earth. This complicates the situation even more as we cannot know what other characteristics the dust has besides the ones mentioned in the ancient texts that the researchers totally ignore.” Cezar told me to step on the surface of the square and in front of the little dome over its middle. “If you think something can further impress you, this will be one of the greatest surprises you can have in this room,” he joked. I then witnessed a huge hologram with moving elements projected from the slot of the dome. I quickly understood these projections were main aspects of the extremely ancient past of humanity. Although it was a brief rendition of our ancient past, it included information concerning the hidden origin of Mankind. I clearly realized the mistake of Darwin’s theory of evolution. Its fundamental error was not the enforced idea but the ignorance. Precise elements happened on Earth so long ago, elements that I saw rendered in an exceptionally intelligent and profoundly intuitive synthesis. My legs sank under me with emotion and I kneeled as I watched the true images of the most important events in Man’s history, including its real origin which creates so many disputes to this day. Unfortunately, I was not allowed to write in this book certain essential aspects of our planet’s past that I had watched in a compact version. These events were rendered exactly the way they happened tens and hundreds of thousands of years before. This was the condition Cezar asked me to keep in order to respect the terms of the top secret mutual agreement between Romania and the United States. I honestly confess that, according to my judgment, ninety percent of what is officially known today on the history of humankind is fake and fabricated. It is truly unbelievable that what is considered to have really happened is mostly a lie. On the other hand, the myths and legends that fill the story books, considered by most people to be a product of bubbly imagination, are almost true in many respects. This strange “inversion” has caused many problems and disputes between people throughout time. The majority of archaeologists’ and researchers’ ideas and suppositions are wrong even though various proofs are sometimes so obvious that they should change their misled opinions. Some of their “fantasies,” such as the hilarious theory of the dinosaurs’ disappearance 65 million years ago or considering that the old continents of Atlantis and Lemuria are a myth, are now completely shattered because I saw very clearly, then and there, how things really happened! But for many researchers, it is probably more comfortable to soundly “sleep” instead of accepting the challenge of the unknown and admitting their limits. From time to time, the holographic projection held the image of the event when an important moment in time was reached. In the background, the map of the sky could be seen and the positions of the main stars and constellations of that time were marked. Cezar explained that the stars proved to be a very simple method of historical determination. All that the savants needed to do was then overlap the positions of those stars on their actual ones and thus ascertain the periods of time when those events actually happened. The problem was that the time period covered by the holograms was huge: several hundreds of thousands of years. The Earth’s precession cycle of 25,920 years brings the constellations, in their relative position to our planet, to the same spot at periods of time that are a multiple of 26,000 years each. The key was to follow the holographic projection from beginning to end and then calculate how many “platonic years” (of approximately 26,000 years each) are thus marked out. For example, we could draw the conclusion that the construction in the Bucegi Mountains was built about 50-55,000 years ago because the image of the Great Gallery and of the main room was projected, with all the objects inside as we found them, having on the background the position of the constellations towards the Earth. After that, the image appeared one more time, as a guide, representing the passing of two precession periods of the equinoxes. The “lessons” were easy and yet extremely upsetting due to their content. I saw the truth about the Egyptian civilization and the way the big Egyptian structures were built, truth that is totally different from the stupidities claimed today by Egyptologists. I saw what really happened during the Big Flood as well as the germs of the human civilization that followed it and how they later populated Europe, Asia and Africa. I have not been allowed to disclose these aspects yet as they imply realities much too shocking for the mentality, ideas and knowledge of the contemporary man. At first, I thought that the holographic projection would show only the past of humankind, starting from its origins until the moment that the construction in Bucegi was made. I then saw the projections presenting the main historical aspects of the evolution of different races on our planet up to the Fifth Century A.D. That meant either that the giants who built the whole structure inside the mountain were good masters of accessing the time cliches or — and this situation looks more probable due to the huge period of time covered by the holographic projection — they mysteriously “updated” the source of holographic information. Apparently, the last such update took place around 500 A.D. No one knew, however, the reason why the historical information stopped at that time. I saw, in a dramatic course of images, the life of Jesus and His crucifixion, denied by some even nowadays. I have to say that a lot of amazing things happened then, things that are much more astonishing than what the Gospels present. The projections also revealed many of the persons who attended the crucifixion of Jesus on the hill, people who were not from that time but who came there from other historical periods. Those human beings, who had the same clothes as the Jewish present there, had totally different features and that was the reason why they were hiding their face under the flow of the clothes. Polo Philipp Plein The hologram also sequentially presented the lives and spiritual missions of certain exceptional persons who truly proved to possess amazing divine gifts. These persons were from the ancient past. I thus saw the deeds of great spiritual reformers from 18-20,000 years ago that we know nothing of. Back then, the social system and the distribution of people on the whole planet was totally different to what we know today. Archaeologists, anthropologists and historians should strongly reconsider their ideas and conceptions about those times. There were so many elements that I witnessed, and they were presented in such a compact manner that I surely would require hundreds of pages to give an approximate description. Still, the holographic projection lasted an hour and a half only. The two officers who were protecting the room and the six soldiers who were standing at the entrances of the tunnels were all astonished as they watched the images, even if it was not the first time they had watched them. After the hologram disappeared, I remained still, staring. Later, Cezar told me it was time to go back to the base as my access time to the Projection Room had reached its limit. I looked straight ahead. The giant and almost scary entrances of the three enigmatic tunnels in the mountain wall were the only areas left to explore beyond the square I was still standing on. They were about twenty meters away. In front of each of them, at about six or eight meters away, other control desks could be seen. They were similar to the one placed in the middle of the hall but smaller than that. I asked Cezar what was the extraordinary mystery behind these three tunnels. He explained that he could not reveal too much concerning this aspect. What he did tell me was that what they found out about the giant mountain tunnels was due to some holographic projections from each tunnels’ control desk. The only aspect he could reveal was that the three tunnels were heading towards three different areas on Earth for thousands of kilometers. The left one connected to Egypt in a secret place under the sand. This was next to Cairo on the Giza Plateau and was located between the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid. It has not been discovered yet. The right one connected to a similar structure inside of a mountain placed on the Tibetan Plateau. This one was smaller though and not so complex. Secondary ramifications of the latter tunnel led towards an area under Buzau, close to the Carpathians’ curve, and then towards a subterranean assembly in Iraq that is close to Baghdad. The latter also had a secondary ramification that led to the Gobi Plateau in Mongolia.

According to what Cezar told me, the third tunnel, the one placed in the middle of the Projection Room, represents a worldwide secret that the U.S. wanted to keep strictly for itself. At that moment, neither Cezar nor General Obadea knew any new elements of the Romanian-American discussion. It was, however, obvious that the “exchange” was advantageous for both sides. Knowing the Masons’ terrible political influence and Signore Massini’s relations with the political structures of the two countries, we could suspect that there would be a gradual attempt to “take over” the control of the base by factors that were exterior to the interests of our government. Cezar told me that there are very important persons in our political and administrative system who, quite fortunately, know about the abominable practices of the Masons and are strongly opposed to their influence, especially with regards to taking over the great discovery in the Bucegi Mountains. He then told me that the central tunnel leads towards the interior and even beyond the crust of the Earth but would not give further details. Cezar noticed that the holographic images corresponding to the giant corridor from inside the mountain were almost unbelievable but, at the same time, they offered a possible answer to the origin of the structure we were in and of those who built it. Before leaving the room, Cezar told me that very secret and intense preparations for certain expeditions were on their way: first, through the tunnel towards Egypt, then towards Tibet and finally, the big expedition inside of the Earth via the middle tunnel. As a direct result of the bilateral Romanian-American discussions, it was decided to form a team of the best sixteen men, six Americans and ten Romanians. The leadership was assigned to Cezar who was thus advanced to the rank of colonel. He explained that the rank was important, especially in regard to the team’s psychological context. The departure would be at the end of September 2003 as the preparations for the expedition were complex. Cezar did not tell me anything about what was in those tunnels, but their structure was different from that of the Great Gallery. He did not tell me anything about the way they would move through the tunnels, taking into consideration the fact that thousands of kilometers were to be traversed. Finally and unfortunately, he did not give me any details about the holographic images that corresponded to every destination target. Even so, I still consider that the elements presented here can lead us to think deep and to prepare for the times to come. I have purposefully and obviously omitted certain specific data that can lead to identifying the mountain area where the big discovery was made. A year after my visit to that place, I still vividly recall the overwhelming impressions I had during those several hours when I was in that surreal environment created by the secret construction inside the Bucegi Mountains. Time’s ancient mystery and the wisdom of those who managed to control it hang over that place, patiently waiting for tens of millenniums to the moment when we will find out the truth…


You have just read a rather amazing tale that ends abruptly for the reader. It begs the reader to ask many more questions, and this is exactly how the original Romanian edition of the book, entitled The Enemy Within, ended. It resulted in a rash of communications to the publisher from retired Romanian officials who validated different parts of the story which they knew to be true. Despite the remarkable nature of the findings, this story has remained largely unnoticed, particularly in America save for those with the highest of security clearances. If the above does not convince you that there is considerable veracity to the story, I invite you to do your own study and analysis of the diplomatic relations between the United States and Romania. You will discover that the two countries have become political allies where they were not before. Not only has Romania become a member nation of NATO during this period, but their country was chosen as the site for a major NATO summit in recent times. None of this is a coincidence. Romania is now center stage in the most mysterious of ways. To the average citizen of Earth, however, it goes unnoticed. When the original version of this book was published in Romania, the publisher was besieged with hundreds of phone calls and emails asking for details about Radu. Some were retired members of the secret service who had been highly placed and confirmed some of the events. Newspapers also published articles related to such. The details of these are covered in Radu’s second book.

The Tunnel Under the Giza Sphinx

This party reaches the end of the tunnel without incident and an occult chamber is discovered. It is accurately described in minute detail and includes the following: an immense library full of tables which is the obvious product of extraterrestrial technology and contains a “history” of our own galaxy and the universe; an antigravity gliding device; and a virtual replica of the enormous machine found in the Projection Hall that is adapted for human use. Cezar describes the latter as a time travel machine that allows the consciousness of the subject to be projected in an ever existing time dimension and gives full details of the true nature of time and of the akashic records. He also speaks of his time travel experiences. Towards the end of Volume III, the author describes his attempts to make use of the time machine. After two consecutive failures, he obtains a quick projection into a secret tunnel of the Great Pyramid of Cheops. Radu suddenly realizes that the scientific community does not have a clue about it when he is confronted with the vision of the real masters of the pyramids from long forgotten times. Radu understands exactly what I mean with regard to the “comic book sphere” which he terms as “transference from the mystical to the mundane.” This is a challenge to anyone who penetrates the loftier spheres of existence. Cezar is an obvious help to him in this regard, and he has emphasized to me that he has only included a very small part of the discussions he has had with Cezar as well as other people. We are talking about the tip of an iceberg. As Radu wrote to me, “Fate gave me the extraordinary chance to be integrated in a complexity of events and amazing discoveries, and this created an almost incredible resonance for the ordinary man.” Besides the exploration of the tunnel to Egypt, he has also travelled through the second tunnel and towards the center of the Earth. He returned from this latest venture in October 2008 and said that it was an incontestable success. There were new discoveries which he said would be hard for me (or others) to imagine. This might be included in a possible fifth volume. The incontestable success he referred to in this endeavor includes what he called a “diplomatic” connection with the beings from the center of the Earth. Cezar, he said, will be leaving Department Zero and going to this newly discovered locale to serve as an “ambassador.” This saddens Radu greatly as he will no longer have his mentor with him. There have also been significant changes in Department Zero. In 2009, a local television “Antena 1” briefly presented these events. After the show they’ve received an anonymous phone threat. This is the call translated (available at this time on youtube):


The reporter from Antena 1 answers the phone: Reporter: Hello, good day! Anonymous caller: We’re sending you a warning: be very careful! Stop talking about the Bucegi (Mountains)! R: Who are you? A: This information must remain at the level of some structures and must not be made public! You’ve entered a dangerous game! You are young, you have families…there are enough subjects in this country to speak about! R: Mister, who are you? A: Don’t wish to know us…to be yourself interviewed by us! That’s all I’ve had to say!  


A confirmation of the giants in Romania can be found in a newspaper called “The Newspaper”: “The team at the newspaper is accompanied by researcher Vasile Rudan, who noted that the” stories “of people from the village Bozioru about giants who lived on those lands have concrete evidence: a cemetery with skeletons of giants. It was discovered by chance over 20 years ago, when it was decided in a village called Scaieni to plant apple trees. Digging on a hill, the villagers discovered huge skeletons, measuring about 2.40 meters, even more. Dragoi Ilie, one of those who worked in the apple orchard then takes us to the spot. By the height where trees were planted, down to the steep slope on a street choked with mud. Once they arrived, Mister Ilie shows us around the orchard: “Everywhere are the tombs of the giants. We were making holes, to plant saplings, when we found a human head, as big as a pumpkin. Neither one of us had ever seen anything like that. We were all amazed. Digging further and we found some bones of the feet, as big as the wine stakes. The dead one must have been very big.”

My personal visit to Romania.

On March 11th 2013 I spent 3 days in Romania and up in the Bucegi Mountains. Unfortunately for me the Sphinx and Babele were not possible to get to but I was able to personally verify a few things…

  • Not only could I feel a strong energy there I also had a physical reaction to it; I was getting static shocks off of many things whenever I was close to the mountain.
  • When I drove past the half way mark the silence was deafening but there was a strange sound up there which I cannot explain.
  • If I closed your eyes up there or close to there I could observe strange shapes as if I was watching the energy move in front of me. Very strange!
  • On my return the infections I had in both ears were gone and a pain in my upper arm (which I had for a number of months) very quickly started to heal.
  • I was (and at the time of writing still am) very, very tired all the time.

Tunnel to the Sphinx, Egypt

In similar fashion to Romania, the SIRA ground penetrating radar was deployed in Egypt as early as 1978, mapping an extraordinary subterranean complex beneath the Egyptian pyramids. There is a duality in many things and the Sphinx is no exception. People tend to think the Sphinx is only looking to the stars but if you follow the eyes on Earth you will find that the Sphinx is also looking directly to Mount Kailash. The sphinx is an important guardian to these tunnels and there is not one but TWO Sphinx connected to this. A doorway radiating energy with 3 tunnels by the Giza Sphinx, portrayed on an ancient parchment in Egypt The tunnel was not accessible at first from the underground chambers in the great pyramid but the energy was known about and accessed via the pyramid. I don’t know if this video is true or not but it could be worth posting..


The film “Promethus” vs Bucegi

It is incredible how much the film Promethus and the secrets of Bucegi have in common and yet unless you know about this information you only see the film. They like to hide things in plain sight, to reveal truths in small stages. They do this so when you come across something real the public can say “you just saw that in the film”. This information is starting to slowly come out but it was found BEFORE the film.

What are these similarities:

  • Tunnels in film and Bucegi? Tick
  • Sphinx above the tunnels in the film and also above the tunnels in Bucegi? Tick
  • Sphinx’s almost an exact match in looks? Tick
  • Giant seats and tables in film and Bucegi? Tick
  • Projection room in film and at Bucegi? Tick
  • Film is about DNA and Bucegi talks about DNA? Tick

There is a huge correlation between the film and these tunnels. The Great Flood, talked about in nearly all religions and ancient texts, say similar things. This event was not a natural event, of this I am sure.

Evidence of armies guarding the entrance

One of the things mentioned in the book is joint armies around the World guarding the entrance to the tunnel.

Helicopter crash in Romania.

In July 2010 a military helicopter, carrying “Israeli” soldiers crashed in the Bucegi mountains killing all 6 soldiers. The websites I came across mentioning this story ALL said the bodies were missing and were not found with the helicopter. Once I started discussing it the stories changed to “all bodies found at scene”. The stories had changed between first finding them and then going back to them. Thankfully I could still find one news source that I hadn’t talked about which still showed what I first read. This is now the ONLY source that hasn’t changed.Click here for the CNN news report and then compare it to others you find. In case it gets removed here is a PDF screenshot. Jerusalem (CNN) — Israel has identified six military personnel who are missing after an Israeli helicopter crashed in Romania Monday during a joint military exercise. According to Israel Defense Forces, the Israelis included: Lt. Col. Avner Goldman, Lt. Col. Daniel Shipenbauer, Maj. Yahel Keshet, Maj. Lior Shai, Lt. Nir Lakrif and Sgt. 1st Class Oren Cohen. IDF said the aircraft was carrying four pilots, two mechanics and a member of the Romanian Air Force. The Israeli CH-53 helicopter went down about 3:20 p.m. (8:20 a.m. ET) Monday, the Romanian Defense ministry said in a statement. Search-and-rescue operations began immediately, using a Romanian medical helicopter and two Israeli helicopters, the statement said. The wreckage was found a few hours later in the Fundata-Zarnesti area, near Brasov in central Romania, the defense ministry said. The crash site was in a remote area at an altitude of more than 2,000 meters (about 6,560 feet) in the mountains, according to the ministry. One wonders two important questions about this: 1. Why were ISRAELI solders in a helicopter in Romania? 2. How can they find the helicopter but not find the bodies with it? As I have already said when I first found this EVERY news story said the bodies were missing but it is only after this started to be leaked that the cover-up began. Also remember that in 2009 the US Government spent $100 Million on a new military base in Romania.

Mount Kailash, Tibet

Mount Kailash is close to 2 lakes (Manasarovar and Rakshastal) which represents the Sun and a half Moon (highly significant!).

It is a very religious pyramid-looking mountain to a number of religions but less than a thousand go there each year. It is one of only a handful of mountains in the World you cannot legally climb it and it is very difficult to get too. There is a certain secret society that hold this place as one of vital importance. It is rumored that when the ice finally melts it will reveal THE eye. This place alone is worth a LOT of research! The WWII German expedition to Tibet uncovered something so huge that Hitler took it VERY seriously! Tibet holds MANY secrets and is probably worthy of a page as long as this one. I would urge you all to research as much as you can because there are many secrets hidden from the western world! Gods are meant to reside inside it and both Hindus and Buddhists regard Mount Kailash and the lakes as sacred… and for very good reasons!

This is where it gets incredible! A UN special report was made for Mount Kailash!

Un special report 640.

On this report they wrote this poem (No, I’m not kidding!)… There Lies a World Hidden, Mysterious, unknown, and forbidden. Where dwell entities with technologies beyond our comprehension, And knowledge kept hidden from us, in this other dimension. Will the truth ever be revealed? Earthly forces of power and greed forever sealed, Forbidden knowledge for warfare to wield. When humankind understands, To use the knowledge acquired from these strange lands. For the benefit of humankind, Then entrance into their world we will find. In case they remove it here is a PDF screenshot. I believe I know of some of the secrets for this area but I am sure there are more…

An earlier, 20th century account of tunnel protection

Prof. Ernst Muldashev Ph.D. was born in 1948 was a Bashkortostan Doctor and Tibet Explorer. He was a professor and Director of the Russian Eye and Plastic Surgery Center.

In his lifetime he had published over 300 scientific papers and held 52 patents. He wrote “Das Dritte Auge” (subsequently banned) about Samadhi caves on mount Kailash. He accompanied the Chinese army in trying to enter the cave but the soldiers were overcome with painful headaches and some died of a heart attack the further in they went. This EXACTLY MIRRORS what happened to the soldiers in Romania when they tried to get access inside the tunnel. He writes… “In literature there are plenty of temperature indications that the Shambhala is in Tibet, the Himalayas and the surrounding area. Where is Agartha? Possibly in the area of the Egyptian pyramids. Consequently, the existence of two underground countries, the Shambhala and Agartha, are each part of the gene pool of humanity and civilization. Information provided by the Thule Society (Eckhart and Haushofer), shows there is a higher civilization, coming from the Gobi, from the Himalaya and divided into two branches, the Shambhala and Agartha. The former being the center of power, protected by unknown forces and energy. One can assume that these places are the technogenic civilization and gene pool of humanity). It seems that not only are there underground centers in Tibet and the Himalayas but these tunnels are widespread all over the entire globe”. He believes that some of our darkest moments in ancient history were related to energy and discovering the greatest of all sins; what happens in the afterlife. He talks a lot about genes (DNA as we have now discovered). The important part of the Romanian story is the DNA manipulation. He says this which mirrors the discovery… “Shambhala protects life on Earth: The advanced underground tunnels guard the gene pool of humanity. We will know that we are not alone in the world, that we are descendants of other beings, that to have good thoughts and a pure heart will mean we will progress and flourish”.

Prof. Constantin Badger

Source: [ In Romanian ] Worldwide there are a network of tunnels that seem to interconnect with each other. From this rule not compromising or Romania. According to the statements of Professor Constantin Badger, Romania is crossed by an extensive network of artificial tunnels.

He said: “There is a network of tunnels physical, real, in all Romania. I have mapped by spot measurements, only some of these underground channels of communication, which is 4-5 km deep underground.” Hoping that this teacher was not going crazy with his statements are aware that Romania is connected to a vast system of tunnels. Tunnels that cross almost every historic area. Underground entrances were found in almost all cities of the country. Cities like Iasi, Cluj, Bucharest, Constanta and Timisoara are full of tunnels that transit from side to side. Tunnels virtually out of cities and continues to rural areas. Authorities also known tunnels and claim to have been made in order to store wine or population haven in case of fire or generalized invasion.

The German “Tibet expedition”

Wilhelm Filchner was a German explorer born in 1877. Adolf Hitler awarded him the German National Prize for Art and Science as an acknowledgement of his achievements in exploration. It was AFTER he reported his incredible discoveries in Tibet about the secret tunnel to Wilhem II that he was then tasked with organizing an expedition to Antarctica.

What they discovered at Mount Kailash in Tibet lead to everything that happened in Antarctica. [Note: Wilhelm II, German Emperor; King of Prussia, said the following towards the end of his life… “The English ruling classes were “Freemasons thoroughly infected by Juda”. Wilhelm asserted that the “British people must be liberated from Antichrist Juda. We must drive Juda out of England just as he has been chased out of the Continent.” He believed the Freemasons and Jews had caused the two world wars, aiming at a world Jewish empire with British and American gold, but that “Juda’s plan has been smashed to pieces and they themselves swept out of the European Continent!” Continental Europe was now, Wilhelm wrote, “consolidating and closing itself off from British influences after the elimination of the British and the Jews!” The end result would be a “U.S. of Europe!”In a letter to his sister Princess Margaret in 1940, Wilhelm wrote: “The hand of God is creating a new world & working miracles… We are becoming the U.S. of Europe under German leadership, a united European Continent.” He added: “The Jews [are] being thrust out of their nefarious positions in all countries, whom they have driven to hostility for centuries“.

Miguel Serrano – 1917 – 2009

Miguel Serrano (born September 10, 1917; died February 28, 2009) is a retired Chilean diplomat, explorer and author of poetry, books on spiritual questing and esoteric Hitlerism. Serrano’s extraordinarily forceful and anti-modernist neo-Gnostic philosophy elucidates the otherworldly origin of the Hyperborean-descended Aryans, image-bearers of the godhead, and a global conspiracy against them by an evil inferior god, the Demiurge, worshipped by the Jews, lord of planet Earth, spawner of the primitive hominid stocks and all base materiality. He synthesizes the Indian-Vedic and Norse-Germanic traditions, both of which he regards as of ancient Aryan-Hyperborean provenance. Serrano is especially indebted to the Jungian theory of collective racial archetypes and follows Savitri Devi in recognizing Adolf Hitler as an avatar who battled against the demonic materialistic hosts of the Kali Yuga. Miguel maintains that Hitler did not die in Germany but travelled to Antarctica along with the 120 submarines and crew (those 120 submarines did indeed exist and have never been found). In 1947 Miguel Serrano headed to Antarctica and then in 1953 he travelled to Mount Kailash to, in his words… “find the entrance to Mount Kailash”. Serrano accompanied the Chilean Army and Navy on their expedition to Antarctica in 1947-48 as a journalist, obscurely prompted by popular speculations as to Hitler’s survival in Antarctica. To Serrano, India and the Tibetan mountains seemed a source of secret, forgotten truth. Serrano immersed himself in its spiritual heritage. He sought out the secret Siddha order of his Chilean master in the Himalayas, the journey of which he describes in his poetic book: The Serpent of Paradise. According to the book although Mount Kailas (where it had its seat) was inaccessible in China|Chinese-administered Tibet, Serrano claims he had discovered the “inner” aspect of Mount Kailas. He met many leading Indian personalities through his official position and personal charm, becoming close friends with Nehru, Indira Gandhi, and the Dalai Lama of Tibet. He explains there has been a vast historical conspiracy to conceal the origins of evolved humankind. There were extragalactic beings who founded the First Hyperborea, Serrano states, and the last documents relating to them were destroyed along with the Alexandrian Library.

Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, the famous psychic and occultist, who founded the secretive Theosophical Society during Hitlers rule, claimed to have had contact through psychic means with the Brotherhood of Mahatmas (a group of ethereal beings who purported to run the world from their Tibetan headquarters), and that, among other amazing things, they had revealed the true emergence of life on the earth. Without going into the subject too deeply, she was told that there are seven “Root Races” of beings destined to occupy the earth, and that we present-day humans are the Fifth such Race. After us, there are still two more yet to come. Apparently, the Sixth will evolve out of us and go back to occupy Lemuria, then the Seventh and final Root Race will leave this planet altogether and start over again upon another planet. To complicate matters even further, each Root Race is said to be composed of seven Sub-Races – the descendants of a Sub-Race of the Fourth Race (who were fully- human Atlanteans) are alleged to be the Australian Aborigines, the Papuans & the Hottentots!

Saint-Yves d’Alveydre

Another French mystic investigator, Saint-Yves d’Alveydre, in 1886 revealed in his book, “Mission of India”, that Agartha is a hidden land beneath the surface of the earth, ruled over by a black sovereign Pontiff, called the Brahmatma. He goes on to say that the realm was shifted underground around 3,200 BC, at the beginning of the Kali Yuga (or Golden Age) and that Agartha has known technology such as artificial lighting, mechanized transport, and even air-travel, far in advance of our own modern technology, for millennia! Periodically, Agartha sends emissaries to the upper world, about which it keeps astonishingly well informed. Agartha also has huge libraries which enshrine the whole wisdom of the ages. Many great secrets lie there, regarding many esoteric and spiritual subjects, including amazing skills and abilities long-forgotten by those who dwell on the surface. NB: Joscelyn Godwin’s absorbing book: “Arktos – The Polar Myth”. His book bears a great resemblance to Bulwer-Lytton’s book “The Coming Race”, which also tells of an underground world of high-tech beings possessed of that mysterious “Vril” force, so keenly sought by the Nazis in World War II, and who will one day emerge from their subterranean realm to take over the surface! Saint-Yves insists that such a day really is coming, and that we will be totally defenseless against these super-beings, who will become the true world-rulers. Nor is he the only one to insist that this is true! Many other authors, mystics and investigators have attempted to solve this whole mystery, with varying degrees of success or failure. However, most generally agree that Agharta and Shambhala seem to be closely connected, either as being one and the same place, or as two totally opposed realms, one of light and goodness the other of darkness and evil.

The German SS “Ahnenerbe” Project to Tibet

It should come as no surprise that some of those stirred to action by the Shambhala myth were members of the Nazi party—in particular, those working under Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler in a branch of the SS called the Ahnenerbe, which served as the organization’s “Ancestral Heritage” office. The Ahnenerbe was Himmler’s pet project, established to trace the heritage of the “master race” back to its origins. It was to this end that, in 1938, five SS officers were sent on an expedition to Tibet. The main players in the SS expedition were Ernst Schäfer, a famous explorer and zoologist who served as the expedition’s leader, and Bruno Berger, who served as the team’s anthropologist. Unlike many in the Ahnenerbe, Schäfer was a respected scientist, and it remains unclear whether his allegiance to the SS was ideological or, as he later claimed, merely opportunistic. Despite scant evidence that the Nazis journeyed to Tibet in search of Shambhala itself, the “German Tibet Expedition” was preceded by two Tibetan expeditions led by a man who most certainly was: Nicholas Roerich, once a world-famous painter and renowned mystic who lent his name to a major international treaty, was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize three times, and played a behind-the-scenes role in the Roosevelt administration. Roerich rose to fame at the beginning of the twentieth century in his native Russia where, in addition to his painting practice, he designed sets and costumes for the theater, most notably for the Ballets Russes’s staging of Stravinsky’s Le Sacre du Printemps. He was also involved in Moscow’s flourishing occult movement, which orbited around HPB’s Theosophical teachings. It was through his involvement in the construction of a Theosophical-Buddhist Temple in Moscow in 1909 that he met Agvan Dorjiev, a major player in Russian-Tibetan relations and tutor to the thirteenth Dalai Lama. Dorjiev’s fascination with the location of Shambhala would inspire Roerich’s epic quest. By the time Roerich moved to New York City in 1920, he had developed a complex system of beliefs surrounding Shambhala, which he concluded was located in the Himalayas. For Roerich, Shambhala was linked not only to the myth of the Holy Grail but literally connected to the Altay Mountains in Central Asia via a series of underground tunnels that joined it to Belovod’e, the “Land of White Waters” from Siberian mythology. Roerich referred to his project of bringing about the eschatological prophecies laid down in the Kalachakra Tantra as the “Great Plan.” He believed that it was his calling to found a pan-Buddhist state, which would unite areas of Russia, Mongolia, and China with Tibet, and whose creation would finally summon the armies of Shambhala from their mountain stronghold. Nicholas Roerich had powerful and influential friends and two of them—Louis L. Horch, a successful Wall Street currency broker, and Henry A. Wallace, Franklin D. Roosevelt’s secretary of agriculture and, later, his vice president—would respectively fund Roerich’s two lengthy expeditions in the Far East. The exact details of what occurred on these expeditions remain somewhat cloudy, as Roerich, ever secretive about his geopolitical scheming, preferred to maintain in public the persona of an artist, scholar, and guru. However, his actions were public enough to garner the attention of at least a half-dozen governments that were convinced that he was a covert political operative.


I don’t know the location for this one but do know that in 2003 the shield protecting it activated and sent the Americans into a spin because it activated at the same time they activated the one in Romania. Saddam had already spent over one hundred million dollars on excavations and reconstructing ancient Babylon. Saddam believed he was in the reincarnation of Nebuchadnezzer and he knew about the three wise men coming back through a gateway but with an extra 4th person coming through with them. Saddam had a lot of ancient artifacts from above ground but hadn’t at that time found the tunnel below. This was in 2003, shortly before the invasion. Among the Mongolian tribes of Inner Mongolia,” wrote the British explorer T. Wilkins, “there are traditions about tunnels and subterranean worlds which sound as fantastic as anything in modern novels. One legend—if it be that—says that the tunnels lead to a subterranean world of Antediluvian descent somewhere in a recess of Afghanistan, or in the region of the Hindu Kush. It is Shangri-la where science and the arts, never threatened by world wars, develop peacefully, among a race of vast knowledge. It is even given a name: Agharti. —

“The Two Pillars and their importance to our history

The two pillars play an important part in our history and the story of the wise men and a 4th person coming through after them were recorded much earlier still. To a certain secret society this part of our history is extremely important to their rituals. Here are a selection of tablets etc from the Sumerian, Assyrian and Akkadian periods…

Admiral Byrd diary Connection:

I have a conflict over this one. On one hand his diary contains information that can be connected to. His life after the incident and his quotes make me feel he was telling the truth. The problem for me is the later attack on his fleet. I can’t find any testimonies for it. This either didn’t happen to downplay his diary, didn’t happen or it did and so far they’ve covered it up well. His quotes during and after are still very interesting… There is newspaper cutting from the 5 March 1947 edition of “El Mercurio” of Santiago Chile. This interview, as far as I know, is the only interview given on board Mount Olympus. Here are some of the quotes: QUOTE: “The Expedition completed its Mission in less than two months and left the region after having made major geographical discoveries” QUOTE: “The Admiral stated that in his opinion the Expedition had established a precedent without parallel as regards the rapidity with which the geographical discoveries were made.” Here one asks, “Without parallel in comparison to what?“. Was there some kind of timetable to make “the geographical discoveries“? QUOTE: “As regards the recently terminated Expedition, Admiral Byrd said that the most important result of the observations and discoveries made was the bearing which these had on the security of the United States.” The Admiral then went on to say: QUOTE: “I am in a position perhaps better than any other person to realize the significance of how to use the scientific knowledge in these explorations because I can make comparisons. Twenty years ago I made my first Antarctic Expedition.” If his diary is true then it very much connects to this page. Here are some excerpts…

Admiral Byrd’s diary excerpts…

1000 Hours- We are crossing over the small mountain range and still proceeding northward as best as can be ascertained. Beyond the mountain range is what appears to be a valley with a small river or stream running through the center portion. There should be no green valley below! Something is definitely wrong and abnormal here! We should be over Ice and Snow! To the portside are great forests growing on the mountain slopes. Our navigation Instruments are still spinning, the gyroscope is oscillating back and forth! 1005 Hours- I alter altitude to 1400 feet and execute a sharp left turn to better examine the valley below. It is green with either moss or a type of tight knit grass. The Light here seems different. I cannot see the Sun anymore. We make another left turn and we spot what seems to be a large animal of some kind below us. It appears to be an elephant! NO!!! It looks more like a mammoth! This is incredible! Yet, there it is! Decrease altitude to 1000 feet and take binoculars to better examine the animal. It is confirmed – it is definitely a mammoth-like animal! Report this to base camp. 1030 Hours- Encountering more rolling green hills now. The external temperature indicator reads 74 degrees Fahrenheit! Continuing on our heading now. Navigation instruments seem normal now. I am puzzled over their actions. Attempt to contact base camp. Radio is not functioning! 1130 Hours- Countryside below is more level and normal (if I may use that word). Ahead we spot what seems to be a city! This is impossible! Aircraft seems light and oddly buoyant. The controls refuse to respond!! My GOD!!! Off our port and starboard wings are a strange type of aircraft. They are closing rapidly alongside! They are disc-shaped and have a radiant quality to them. They are close enough now to see the markings on them. Bragas de Calvin Klein It is a type of Swastika!!! This is fantastic. Where are we! What has happened. I tug at the controls again. They will not respond!!!! We are caught in an invisible vice grip of some type!

1135 Hours- Our radio crackles and a voice comes through in English with what perhaps is a slight Nordic or Germanic accent! The message is: ‘Welcome, Admiral, to our domain. We shall land you in exactly seven minutes! Relax, Admiral, you are in good hands.’ I note the engines of our plane have stopped running! The aircraft is under some strange control and is now turning itself. The controls are useless. 1140 Hours- Another radio message received. We begin the landing process now, and in moments the plane shudders slightly, and begins a descent as though caught in some great unseen elevator! The downward motion is negligible, and we touch down with only a slight jolt! 1145 Hours- I am making a hasty last entry in the flight log. Several men are approaching on foot toward our aircraft. They are tall with blond hair. In the distance is a large shimmering city pulsating with rainbow hues of color. I do not know what is going to happen now, but I see no signs of weapons on those approaching. I hear now a voice ordering me by name to open the cargo door. I comply. “From this point I write all the following events here from memory. It defies the imagination and would seem all but madness if it had not happened. The radioman and I are taken from the aircraft and we are received in a most cordial manner. We were then boarded on a small platform-like conveyance with no wheels! It moves us toward the glowing city with great swiftness. As we approach, the city seems to be made of a crystal material. Soon we arrive at a large building that is a type I have never seen before. It appears to be right out of the design board of Frank Lloyd Wright, or perhaps more correctly, out of a Buck Rogers setting!! We are given some type of warm beverage which tasted like nothing I have ever savored before. It is delicious. After about ten minutes, two of our wondrous appearing hosts come to our quarters and announce that I am to accompany them. I have no choice but to comply. I leave my radioman behind and we walk a short distance and enter into what seems to be an elevator. We descend downward for some moments, the machine stops, and the door lifts silently upward! We then proceed down a long hallway that is lit by a rose-colored light that seems to be emanating from the very walls themselves! One of the beings motions for us to stop before a great door. Over the door is an inscription that I cannot read. The great door slides noiselessly open and I am beckoned to enter. Tangas Calvin Klein Baratos One of my hosts speaks. “Have no fear, Admiral, you are to have an audience with the Master…” I step inside and my eyes adjust to the beautiful coloration that seems to be filling the room completely. Then I begin to see my surroundings. What greeted my eyes is the most beautiful sight of my entire existence. It is in fact too beautiful and wondrous to describe. It is exquisite and delicate. I do not think there exists a human term that can describe it in any detail with justice! My thoughts are interrupted in a cordial manner by a warm rich voice of melodious quality, “I bid you welcome to our domain, Admiral.” I see a man with delicate features and with the etching of years upon his face. He is seated at a long table. He motions me to sit down in one of the chairs. After I am seated, he places his fingertips together and smiles. He speaks softly again, and conveys the following. “We have let you enter here because you are of noble character and well-known on the Surface World, Admiral.” Surface World, I half-gasp under my breath! “Yes,” the Master replies with a smile, “you are in the domain of the Arianni, the Inner World of the Earth. We shall not long delay your mission, and you will be safely escorted back to the surface and for a distance beyond. But now, Admiral, I shall tell you why you have been summoned here.” “Our interest rightly begins just after your race exploded the first atomic bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan. It was at that alarming time we sent our flying machines, the “Flugelrads”, to your surface world to investigate what your race had done. That is, of course, past history now, my dear Admiral, but I must continue on. You see, we have never interfered before in your race’s wars, and barbarity, but now we must, for you have learned to tamper with a certain power that is not for man, namely, that of atomic energy. Our emissaries have already delivered messages to the powers of your world, and yet they do not heed. Now you have been chosen to be witness here that our world does exist. You see, our Culture and Science is many thousands of years beyond your race, Admiral.” I interrupted, “But what does this have to do with me, Sir?” The Master’s eyes seemed to penetrate deeply into my mind, and after studying me for a few moments he replied, “Your race has now reached the point of no return, for there are those among you who would destroy your very world rather than relinquish their power as they know it…” I nodded, and the Master continued… “In 1945 and afterward, we tried to contact your race, but our efforts were met with hostility, our Flugelrads were fired upon. Yes, even pursued with malice and animosity by your fighter planes. So, now, I say to you, my son, there is a great storm gathering in your world, a black fury that will not spend itself for many years. There will be no answer in your arms, there will be no safety in your science. It may rage on until every flower of your culture is trampled, and all human things are leveled in vast chaos. Your recent war was only a prelude of what is yet to come for your race. We here see it more clearly with each hour.. do you say I am mistaken?” “No” I answer, “it happened once before, the dark ages came and they lasted for more than five hundred years.” “Yes, my son,” replied the Master, “the dark ages that will come now for your race will cover the Earth like a pall, but I believe that some of your race will live through the storm, beyond that, I cannot say. We see at a great distance a new world stirring from the ruins of your race, seeking its lost and legendary treasures, and they will be here, my son, safe in our keeping. When that time arrives, we shall come forward again to help revive your culture and your race”. “Perhaps, by then, you will have learned the futility of war and its strife…and after that time, certain of your culture and science will be returned for your race to begin anew. You, my son, are to return to the Surface World with this message…” With these closing words, our meeting seemed at an end. I stood for a moment as in a dream…but, yet, I knew this was reality, and for some strange reason I bowed slightly, either out of respect or humility, I do not know which. Suddenly, I was again aware that the two beautiful hosts who had brought me here were again at my side. “This way, Admiral” motioned one. I turned once more before leaving and looked back toward the Master. A gentle smile was etched on his delicate and ancient face. “Farewell, my son” he spoke, then he gestured with a lovely, slender hand a motion of peace and our meeting was truly ended. Quickly, we walked back through the great door of the Master’s chamber and once again entered into the elevator. The door slid silently downward and we were at once going upward. One of my hosts spoke again, “We must now make haste, Admiral, as the Master desires to delay you no longer on your scheduled timetable and you must return with his message to your race.” I said nothing. All of this was almost beyond belief, and once again my thoughts were interrupted as we stopped. I entered the room and was again with my radioman. He had an anxious expression on his face. As I approached, I said, “It is all right, Howie, it is all right.” The two beings motioned us toward the awaiting conveyance, we boarded, and soon arrived back at the aircraft. The engines were idling and we boarded immediately. The whole atmosphere seemed charged now with a certain air of urgency. After the cargo door was closed the aircraft was immediately lifted by that unseen force until we reached an altitude of 2700 feet. Two of the aircraft were alongside for some distance guiding us on our return way. I must state here, the airspeed indicator registered no reading, yet we were moving along at a very rapid rate. 215 Hours- A radio message comes through. “We are leaving you now, Admiral, your controls are free. Auf Wiedersehen!” We watched for a moment as the flugelrads disappeared into the pale blue sky. The aircraft suddenly felt as though caught in a sharp downdraft for a moment. We quickly recovered her control. We do not speak for some time, each man has his thoughts… 220 Hours- We are again over vast areas of ice and snow, and approximately 27 minutes from base camp. We radio them, they respond. We report all conditions normal…normal. Base camp expresses relief at our re-established contact. 300 Hours- We land smoothly at base camp. I have a mission….

End of dairy – His final notes…

March 11, 1947. I have just attended a staff meeting at the Pentagon. I have stated fully my discovery and the message from the Master. All is duly recorded. The President has been advised. I am now detained for several hours (six hours, thirty-nine minutes, to be exact.) I am interviewed intently by Top Security Forces and a medical team. It was an ordeal!!!! I am placed under strict control via the national security provisions of this United States of America. I am ORDERED TO REMAIN SILENT IN REGARD TO ALL THAT I HAVE LEARNED, ON THE BEHALF OF HUMANIT! Incredible! I am reminded that I am a military man and I must obey orders. FINAL ENTRY: These last few years elapsed since 1947 have not been kind…I now make my final entry in this singular diary. In closing, I must state that I have faithfully kept this matter secret as directed all these years. It has been completely against my values of moral right. Now, I seem to sense the long night coming on and this secret will not die with me, but as all truth shall, it will triumph and so it shall. This can be the only hope for mankind. I have seen the truth and it has quickened my spirit and has set me free! I have done my duty toward the monstrous military industrial complex. Now, the long night begins to approach, but there shall be no end. Just as the long night of the Arctic ends, the brilliant sunshine of Truth shall come again….and those who are of darkness shall fall in it’s Light… FOR I HAVE SEEN THAT LAND BEYOND THE POLE, THAT CENTER OF THE GREATT UNKNOWN Admiral Richard E. Byrd United States Navy 24 December 1956

Other Notes:

Churchward set off to Burma, armed with introductory letters from the Indian priests, in the fond hope of finding more of the tablets. Sadly, he was rebuffed by the Buddhist priests there, who told him to go back to India and “Ask those thieves who stole them to show them to you!”. Indian religious texts hold many truths about our real history. ++++++ The SIRA radar was deployed in Egypt as early as 1978, mapping an extraordinary subterranean complex beneath the Egyptian pyramids. Arrangements, made with President Sadat of Egypt, resulted in three decades of top secret excavations to penetrate the system. At a recent meeting in Australia, one of the key scientists on the Giza project, Dr. Jim Hurtak, showed film footage of work in progress called, CHAMBERS OF THE DEEP, due to be released at the end of the century. As of yet, it has still not been released The film reveals the discovery of a vast megalithic metropolis, thousands of years old, reaching several levels below the Giza plateau. While the rest of the Nu-Age speculates about a hidden chamber under the left paw of the Sphinx, the legendary “City Of The Gods”, lays sprawled beneath. Complete with hydraulic underground waterways, the film shows massive chambers, the proportions of our largest cathedrals, with enormous statues, the size of the Valley of the Nile, carved in-situ. Researchers, risking their lives with lights and cameras, carefully negotiated rubber dinghies across subterranean rivers and kilometer-wide lakes, to penetrate sealed chambers beyond. Already, remarkable caches of records and artifacts have been found.

The Rooms under the Giza Sphinx

This tunnel has no connection with the old Egyptian civilization nor with the pyramids or the Sphinx. It It is extremely old, more than 30,000 years older than the Egyptian civilization but was constructed later than the chambers in Bucegi. As they arrived at the entrance to the chamber Cezar touched a triangle and the gate silently started to slide towards the left. In front of them was a room twice the size of the holographic projection room in Bucegi. The chambers inside the room under the Sphinx. The holographic images from the projection room in Romania were only an overview of the history and earth and man. This tunnel and chamber are not directly connected to the tunnels under the Sphinx but a tunnel had started to be dug towards it but then suddenly changes direction. There was an agreement with the Egyptian Government, a private intervention, which determined the collaboration of Egyptian officials. Everything took place in such secrecy that not even the custodian of the Cairo Museum was given access to enter the tunnel. What they found at the bottom of the tunnel proved beyond doubt was that this tunnel going down towards the chamber was not made by the giants. They were different “Yes, they’re different; both from us and from this mysterious civilization whose representatives seemed to be giants. Those who had access to the pyramid and dug the tunnel are of reptilian type. We found the skeleton of one of them in the tunnel”. There was silence in the room. “The implications are much more complex. There was obviously, for some reason, a battle in the tunnel at a certain moment. One of these beings involved was killed and left there. The tunnel was sealed and its entrance hidden in a very complicated way in the structure of the pyramid. The lab dating shows, with a relatively small margin of error, the period between 8500-9000 B.B.” Universal Archive In one room, a very large room, there were shelves stack with row upon row of some type of metal tablets. Pragmatically speaking, they are very valuable information depositories containing information from different times of the history of our planet as well as the universe itself. “Okay, but how can you read the information they contain?” I asked Lieutenant Nicoara. “We didn’t understand how it was possible either. Logically there should have been a device that “reads” the encrypted information, but we didn’t discover anything until, by mistake, one of the members of the expedition pressed vertically on one of the metal tablets. Then, at a level of the ground in front of the tablet, a hologram was suddenly projected. The hologram was quite high and displayed a corner of space. It was dynamic and showed a temporal process of rotation of a star cloud. I don’t know how they accomplished this. It was as if they filmed for a very long time through a very slow process and then played back the image at high speed. We all stayed and watched it for about two hours but the hologram didn’t seem to be close to an end. The Americans needed more than one year to release the information from a single tablet. We could spend hundreds, maybe thousands of years watching.” I was then taken into a different chamber which revealed a two meter high crystal. Perfectly carved, its tip shaped like a pyramid with several faces. The crystal was so pure I could almost see through it to the stone wall behind it. After I recovered from my astonishment I looked with questioning eyes at Cezar who was looking at me and smiled. “I left this discovery for the end on purpose. You should know that I didn’t know about the crystal either. It was only after I connected it to the other machine that a unique space-time distortion was activated.” “It’s a device that can project you in time, into the future or the past. It is your consciousness that is projected, not your body, your body stays here. You can’t act or personally integrate with that time period”. I swallowed hard. Nervous, I finally asked the question that had been on my mind for a long time but which I lacked the courage to ask, even if I had enough proof to give myself an answer. “Tell me, those who built all this… did they come from outer space?” For a few moments both were silent. Everything seemed frozen in time. Cezar then answered clearly, looking straight into my eyes “I can tell you that they are a very advanced civilization who wanted to help mankind very much. Anyway, during those immemorial times, the populations of our planet were very different from the ones of our days and the geological structure of the planet was also very different. Back then, the problem was addressed in a completely different manner.” “Did they come from an unknown solar system? Are they the ones who collaborate with modern Government?” “No, not even by far. The difference between them and the extraterrestrial civilizations with which the Americans have concluded a kind of agreement is about the same as the difference between homo sapiens and homo erectus. What’s even more troubling is that they’re not from our galaxy but from a galaxy which is very far away.” “Wait a minute,” I said in a hurry. “How do you know all this? I knew that they left no proof of their origin or aspect.” “It’s true; but meanwhile, we’ve discovered this device.” said Cezar, showing me the pedestal on which a semi-transparent cylinder was placed. I was astonished and couldn’t understand anything. “Okay but… I know it’s a replica of the great cylinder in the projection chamber.” “It’s true. Two years ago we didn’t know the purpose of the huge cylinder in the projection chamber. But this one was built for our height. Let’s call it a time travel machine”. “I’ll tell you about some of the time projections I accomplished with the help of this device which is based on a very advanced technology.”

The Jesus years

“I saw him speaking to the crowd, he usually preferred to stay in front of people and to see everybody, especially when there were many people present. The impression was overwhelming, I’ve never seen anything similar. What the Bible relates is only a pale image of the way he manifested. As far as I know, his attitude was never described nor was the phenomenal radiation he spread over people. As a person, Jesus wasn’t tall. I don’t think he was higher than 1.70 meters and this is why, many times, he wasn’t visible in the crowd. Like all modest people, he wore a very long shirt down to his ankles, made of a rather rough cloth. It was open up to the chest and sometimes it was tied around the waist with a girdle of the same material. The sleeves were very large and a bit above the wrists. Underneath he sometimes wore another shirt which was thinner and white. His dark brown hair fell over his shoulders and he wore a beard. I also noticed that he didn’t look like the churches representations of Christ. His body wasn’t very vigorous but rather thin. His nose was wider towards the nostrils. You could immediately notice the high forehead and the well shaped eyebrows. But, most impressive were his eyes. I can say that they were the extraordinary magnet of his being for anyone who came closer to talk to him. He spoke rarely but in a very condensed fashion that was full of substance. Between others, I witnessed the parable of the sower. Actually, Jesus spoke more about it and even in two stages. Do you want me to tell you by what circumstances he was inspired to tell this parable?” I quickly nodded. “A women who I suppose was a noble, had come to him. She complained that one of her sons, taking advantage of his status at the Royal court, did many evil deeds and the poor woman suffered because of this almost all of the time. Only her daughter helped her and stayed beside her, but she wasn’t a believer. The woman couldn’t understand where she went wrong because she regally visited the temple, brought sacrifices and prayed for her sons, but they led very disordered lives. I saw Jesus look at that woman silently for a very long time. Then he asked her if she had come with any of her sons or at least with her daughter. The woman had come alone without telling anyone. Then, Jesus started to give her advice, telling her that her prayers were more valuable than the violent fights she had almost daily in her family and that it was better to stop them. The woman looked at him troubled because she hasn’t mentioned anything about this and then started to cry. Understanding that the person in front of her was much more than she had imagined. Afterwards, she made a sign and a servant came and brought a sack of flour and a sack with food, as a gift from her. I believe that was the moment of divine inspiration which triggered in Jesus the impulse to tell the parable of the sower. First, I saw him looking at the sack of flour and then, judging by the way he looked, he got ready to talk. I understood that he already knew the course of the story. He started telling the parable, but soon a group of Roman solders on horseback came. I realized that Jesus knew their leader. They withdrew from the crowd to talk and I saw that the Roman showed Jesus some papers with a seal. Because it was already dusk, the people started to spread and didn’t wait for Jesus to return and continue the parable. Only long afterwards, I think two or three weeks later and in a completely different place, when only those close to him and a few other persons were present, was he reminded of that parable which he had begun and was asked to continue. Jesus said that he knew very well what he wanted to say, and it was not for the many but for the few. He added that the fact that people has scattered without waiting for him to return and continue the story. This has deprived them of its hidden but precious content. In a way, he underlined that what happened then was just like what he was about to say in his parable. Nobody spoke in those moments and his presence, standing like that, was so majestic and dignified that I saw that everyone present had bowed their heads, looking at the ground. I noticed this extraordinary effect several times when Jesus spoke to the people and especially during his memorable preaching on the stairs of the huge temple after this so called entrance into Jerusalem. Actually, things were more complicated back then. His entrance to the town took place over four days because many events happened which are not described in the Bible. Some of these aspects are too delicate to talk about. What I’m trying to tell you is that, at a certain time, favorable circumstances were created and a group of people asked Jesus to talk about what happens after death. In those moments, Jesus was descending the steps of the temple. He was accompanied by two young women and four of his main disciples. I saw him stop and turn a bit to the right where several persons stood. Then a few bizarre things happened. This section of events is not described nor remembered in any text. It seems that a strange ‘forgetting’ of time has covered those who were there. I saw Jesus suddenly look tot he right towards a small group of people. Out of that group a strange man came out. It was a man who seemed to have blond hair and a very negligent aspect. He looked very emotional and unsure of himself, always looking to his sides. Jesus made a few steps towards him a few words which also left me astonished, He told the man that ‘he hadn’t chosen the right time to do what he wanted to do’ and that ‘those that sent him would understand’. He then added something amazing by telling him to return immediately where he came from because there was a malfunction and he was in great danger. The man looked Jesus in the eyes for a few moments; then suddenly seem to soften and had convulsions. In a low voice they exchanged a few words that I couldn’t hear. Immediately afterwards, Jesus withdrew among the people and then two things happened simultaneously which I still can’t explain. A short, threatening and very powerful roar was heard all over the settlement; and almost immediately many people started gathering in front of the temple at the base of the stairs, asking insistently for Jesus to talk to them. T Shirt Versace Pas Cher I asked Cezar “You didn’t finish telling me about Jesus speaking to his disciples on the hill.” “You’re right but I wanted to give you an overview of the situation first as well as some concrete facts. There is too much to tell you which is why I’ll only specify some aspects. Shortly after all this was discovered the Americans decided that the Vatican should be contacted and should see the reports only containing to the life of Jesus. We assumed that the Vatican might fully ignore this information because there was no concrete evidence, only some written reports. The Americans decided to admit this to two or three cardinals as witnesses to this device seeing as the Pope already knew about the initial discovery in Romania. Our surprise was the Vatican answered quickly through a special courier that they had known about these aspects for many years. They even offered the Americans a summary of Jesus’ life as a means of verification of the reports. Some representatives of the Vatican were sent for discussions. On their return the General confessed that he saw the Vatican documents and it verifies what we have uncovered. Czar carried on where he left off. “What I didn’t tell you about the for first gathering on the hill was that there were also three women beside Christ and I knew exactly who one of these women were. I know this is going to be a very controversial subject and I’m sure that the Vatican records and this knowledge would cause huge problems and damage to the Christian church. Things were presented in a wrong way, consciously, from the very beginning and most written evidence has been destroyed even though some evidence has been discovered recently. The historical truth is completely different, at least from this point of view. Unfortunately, this is a fundamental direction which, once changed, couldn’t be changed again without causing great damage to the Christian church. I’m referring to a certain essential truth of the life of Jesus which few know and fewer can prove. That event happened shortly after the crucifixion of Christ. For example, he was not helped by anyone to carry the wooden log on his back up to the hill where many people were crucified. There was an attempt to do so, a woman and a man at the base of the hill, but they were brutally sent away. Furthermore in the beginning there weren’t many people on the way to his crucifixion. It’s true that they tried to kill Christ and here the intervention of the Roman solders was commendable. The madness of the crowd however, truly started only after one of the solders was almost killed by a rock that struck him in the head. In a few minutes there was a frenzy. There was a lot of dust and then Christ fell to his knees, head down, brought down by the weight of the log he was carrying. Several solders on horseback arrived and reestablished order to a certain degree. Those who stood on both sides of the road were throwing stones and many other objects, both at Jesus and at the solders. Many men were beaten and wounded. Only after the actual crucifixion did things start to settle down slightly. As far as I know, there is no account, not even an approximate one, about the events that followed his death on the cross. In general, texts have only described facts and characters – many of whom do not coincide exactly with the ones mentioned in the Gospels – but not other very important phenomena that took place in that short interval. I must admit that the phenomena that happened in those moments were truly frightening and would shake the conceptions and knowledge of our current society. Those who witnessed it could put no words into explaining what they were witnessing. It was dusk, shortly after Jesus was removed from the cross. I saw very dark clouds gathering very quickly in the sky and concentrate above the hill, descending very low and only a few dozen meters above peoples heads. I also saw lightening and threatening storms that were higher than the others. I then saw the signs of a terrible earthquake and I understood why those human beings were running with no apparent purpose, being caught in panic. Some crossed collapsed on the ground together with the crucified men. On the opposite side, a massive landslide occurred which practically tore the small hill from a third of its base, making it look like a straight wall. In the darkness caused by the earthquake, slowly coming out of the violent clouds, two giant discs appeared in the sky. Their edges were marked by some intermittent signalling lights which were orange and blue in color. Those lights seemed to go around those giant discs. A few seconds afterwards, over the hill and above the nearby town, huge cones of intense light were projected at certain intervals and lit everything underneath them up to the smallest detail. One of the discs remained above the hill while the other headed slowly for the town. At first I saw how the men remained paralyzed, looking up at the two apparitions. Then they started screaming; and judging by the looks on their faces and the fact that they were covering their ears with their hands, the two discs were emitting terrible sounds that coincided with the projection of the giant cones of light. I recovered quickly from the memories which had flooded my mind and asked Cezar, very interested, to tell me what was that ultra secret element in Jesus’s life that wasn’t presented by the Christian church. “I’ve witnessed the official meeting of what could, at that time, mean the management of the emerging Christian church. Out of everything that happened at that council, which lasted for several days, it’s only worth telling you that the competition between those who voted for the restrictive view of women and even for blaming them and those who wanted to keep traditions was quite tight. As usual, it was a process of manipulation. I saw almost in detail the important years of Jesus’s spiritual mission, and I can tell you that he never preached about women in the manner that the Christian church does today – on the contrary.” I noticed that Cezar was very serious and at the same time very determined. “When I first saw Jesus among His disciples on that hill, one of the three women was near Him. She had a special personality and glow. She was the youngest and most beautiful of them. I intuitively knew that she was the one called Mary Magdalene in the Gospels. And at the same time, I’ve realized that among the subtle threads of causal links, there was a very powerful connection between her and Christ. I’ve also perceived the fact that some of the disciples were not completely in agreement with that relationship because they somehow felt left aside. Only two of them didn’t share that opinion which undoubtedly came from a vain perception of reality. From other projections or akashic ‘rewinds,’ I’ve had the chance to find out that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were together almost all the time. Only when Christ spoke to the crowds or to people in private were they not together. But, in the evening, I often saw them withdraw alone, just the two of them. Usually, she was the first to receive the initiation from Him and I was amazed to see that both the disciples and many of His followers practiced certain methods of purification and preservation of body health, especially on river shores where they had water at their disposal. I often saw Mary Magdalene guiding the people in these simple methods and many came to her to ask for her help when Jesus was busy with others. I know these are radical aspects which seriously contradict what the Christian church maintains, but nevertheless, they must be supported bravely because they represent the pure historical truth.” Even if I was astonished with what Cezar told me, I was at the same time happy that the truth had not led to rejection in my mind. On the contrary, I felt a sort of a release and inner freedom at the thought that man’s soul is thus made whole again. On the other hand, I was aware that, nowadays, this truth has only a slight chance to be accepted and understood accordingly. The ditches of threats, punishments and damnation have been dug too deeply in people’s minds during this current period of time. Nevertheless, the personal choice is essential, and therefore it is fundamental for the truth to be known entirely. Correct judgement, spiritual common sense and pure faith are, in my opinion, virtues that can help modern man a lot in making pertinent choices so as not to be stopped by the difficult obstacles of fanaticism or conceptual thick-headedness. “When I was projected near that group, Jesus slowly raised His eyes towards me, looking up,” Cezar continued. “Of course, it was just my consciousness, but He felt my subtle presence and reacted accordingly. Even though He continued to speak to the others, I heard His voice in my mind at the same time clearly telling me it was very good that I was there and that my future investigations would create a complex chain of successive causalities that would greatly help those who would have the power to understand. Even for me, that was an extraordinary experience. The only moment I couldn’t grasp in my time projections during that period was that of the ‘Transfiguration.’ It was the same kind of time blocking which I have spoken about before but couldn’t overcome.” Cezar suddenly fell silent. I felt that, even though there was still much to be told, he preferred not to tell me any more at this time. I knew that a certain step by step approach was always necessary in order to make possible the correct assimilation of the elements of the story. Besides, the moment of our departure was close and we had not slept. We were tired, but I still wanted very much to try for myself the sensation of time travel and connect to the mysterious installation. I saw Cezar smiling slightly. “I told you I was going to propose this very special experience to you. In your current condition, however, it’s possible that you won’t accomplish it. Let’s see — it’s only up to you,” he added, pointing me to sit down on the platform of the cylinder.

Underground City of Aliens Under Los Angeles

Source for this: Below are two extracts from the LA Times of 29 January 1934 (from the days before we had so much censorship of news) in the first of which reporter Jean Bosquet details the incredible story of G. Warren Shufelt, a mining engineer, who had been told of the underground city and its treasures by a wise old Indian, had consequently located it via ‘radio X-ray’ and was currently sinking shafts into the ground to reach it. Scroll down to see the article with maps. The second extract explains the whereabouts of the putative underground city on the map, and provides the legends for a few photos showing Shufelt hard at work. LA Times, 29 Jan 1934 By Jean Bosquet Busy Los Angeles, although little realizing it in the hustle and bustle of modern existence, stands above a lost city of catacombs filled with incalculable treasure and imperishable records of a race of humans further advanced intellectually and scientifically than even the highest type of present day peoples, in the belief of G. Bañadores Calvin Klein Hombre Warren Shufelt, geophysical engineer now engaged in an attempt to wrest from the lost city deep in the earth below Fort Moore Hill the secrets of the Lizard People of legendary fame in the medicine lodges of the American Indian. So firmly does Shufelt and a little staff of assistants believe that a maze of catacombs and priceless golden tablets are to be found beneath downtown Los Angeles that the engineer and his aides have already driven a shaft 250 feet into the ground, the mouth of the shaft being on the old Banning property on North Hill street overlooking Sunset Boulevard, Spring street and North Broadway. LEGEND SUPPLIES CLEW Shufelt learned of the legend of the Lizard People after his radio X-ray had led him hither and yon, over an area extending from the Public Library on West Fifth street to the Southwest Museum, on Museum Drive, at the foot of Mt. Washington. “I knew I was over a pattern of tunnels,” the engineer explained yesterday, “and I had mapped out the course of the tunnels, the position of large rooms scattered along the tunnel route, as well as the position of deposits of gold, but I couldn’t understand the meaning of it.” FIRE DESTROYS ALL According to the legend as imparted to Shufelt by Macklin, the radio X-ray has revealed the location of one of three lost cities on the Pacific Coast, the local one having been dug by the Lizzard People after the “great catastrophe” which occurred about 5000 years ago. This legendary catastrophe was in the form of a huge tongue of fire which “came out of the Southwest, destroying all life in its path,” the path being “several hundred miles wide.” The city underground was dug as a means of escaping future fires. The lost city, dug with powerful chemicals by the Lizard People instead of pick and shovel, was drained into the ocean, where its tunnels began, according to the legend. The tide passing daily in and out of the lower tunnel portals and forcing air into the upper tunnels, provided ventilation and “cleansed and sanitized the lower tunnels,” the legend states. Large rooms in the domes of the hills above the city of labyrinths housed 1000 families “in the manner of tall buildings” and imperishable food supplies of the herb variety were stored in the catacombs to provide sustenance for the lizard folk for great lengths of time as the next fire swept over the earth. CITY LAID OUT LIKE LIZARD The Lizard People, the legend has it, regarded the lizard as the symbol of long life. Their city is laid out like a lizard, according to the legend, its tail to the southwest, far below Fifth and Hope streets, its head to the northeast, at Lookout and Marda streets. The city’s key room is situated directly under South Broadway, near Second street, according to Shufelt and the legend. This key room is the directory to all parts of the city and to all record tablets, the legend states. All records were kept on gold tablets, four feet long and fourteen inches wide. On these tablets of gold, gold having been the symbol of life to the legendary Lizard People, will be found the recorded history of the Mayans on on one particular tablet,the southwest corner of which will be missing, is to be found the “record of the origin of the human race. TABLETS PHOTOGRAPHED Shufelt stated he has taken “X-ray pictures” of thirty-seven such tablets, three of which have their southwest corners cut off. “My radio X-ray pictures of tunnels and rooms, which are sub-surface voids, and of gold pictures with perfect corners, sides and ends, are scientific proof of their existence,” Shufelt said. “However, the legendary story must remain speculative until unearthed by excavation.” The Lizard Peoplem according to Macklin, were of a much higher type intellectually than modern human beings. The intellectual accomplishments of their 9-year-old children were the equal of those of present day college graduates, he said. So greatly advanced scientifically were these people that, in addition to perfecting a chemical solution by which they bored underground without removing earth and rock, they also developed a cement far stronger and better than any in use in modern times with which they lined their tunnels and rooms. HILLS ENCLOSE CITY Macklin said legendary advice to American Indians was to seek the lost city in an area within a chain of hills forming “the frog of a horse’s hoof.” The contour of hills surrounding this region forms such a design, substantiating Shufelt’s findings, he said. Shufelt’s radio device consists chiefly of a cylindrical glass case inside of which a plummet attached to a copper wire held by the engineer sways continually, pointing, he asserts, toward minerals or tunnels below the surface of the ground, and then revolves when over the mineral or swings in prolongation of the tunnel when above the excavation. He has used the instrument extensively in mining fields, he said. DID STRANGE PEOPLE LIVE UNDER SITE OF LOS ANGELES 5000 YEARS AGO? An amazing labyrinth of underground passages and caverns hundreds of feet below the surface of Fort Moore Hill is revealed in maps – all rights to which have been reserved – prepared by G. Warren Shufelt, local mining engineer, who explains his topographical endeavors as being based on results obtained from a radio X-ray perfected by him. In this elaborate system of tunnels and rooms, according to a legend furnished Shufelt by an Indian authority, a tribe of human beings called the Lizard People, lived, 5000 years ago. The network of tunnels formed what Indians call the lost Lizard City, according to Shufelt and the legend. Gold tablets on which are written the origin of the human race and other priceless documents are to be found in the tunnels, according to the legend. Shufelt declares his radio X-ray has located the gold. The engineer has dug a shaft 250 feet deep on North Hill street, overlooking North Broadway, Sunset and Spring streets, and intends to dig to 1000 feet in an effort to strike the lost city. Upper right-hand corner inset is Times Staff Artist Ewing’s conception of the Lizard People at work. Lower left, upper inset shows Shufelt and crew at top of shaft, baling water out of their deep excavation. Lower left inset shows Shufelt operating his radio X-ray device.

My Thoughts

What I have shown here is just a taste of the research I have found but to discuss the others would mean opening up a huge can of worms. There were more, greater things revealed in the other books relating to this information. Things that most people will not be able to digest or believe but would make absolute sense if any deep research into our past and history were undertaken. There are reasons why the history we are taught is so condensed and very good reasons why the Sumerians especially are never spoken about. +++++ I would like to offer a train of thought… In the last one hundred years the vocabulary of all languages has grown rapidly. We have had to create many new words as the World progresses. When the Bible was written the vocabulary was much smaller than it is now. There were not the words to describe what they were witnessing because those words, and the understanding of the words, did not exist. To really understand what the words mean you have to think using the words they had then and not the words we have now. The paintings had to be conveyed in a way that people of that time period would understand. The most striking thing for me is other religious books all talk of similar things but use the words of that language, of that time, to try to describe what they are seeing. The similarities between these texts are remarkable. People of this age try to interpret the words of old differently to the real meaning. A trumpet and flying chariot, as examples, are not literal but an interpretation of objects using the only words they had for it back then. Back then there we no words for airplane, UFO, helicopter etc to explain a vehicle flying in the air so they could use the only word they knew at that time to explain what they were seeing; a flying chariot.

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