21.05.02 – Bringing Back Hope

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Sunday Call  21.05.02    (Sananda, OWS, Shoshanna)
James & JoAnna McConnell

SANANDA   (Channeled by James McConnell)

I am Sananda.  I am here at this time to continue to help you develop, help you work through all of the changes that are happening in your lives and those lives around you. 

Everything that is occurring is happening exactly as it needs to.  And that is what you need to come to understand, even though it does not appear so.   Even though it appears to become darker and darker.  It is not—it is becoming lighter and lighter.  The light is shining through more and more. 

This time, this awakening is all about hope.  Hope eternal.  Hope continues on eternally.  And for those that have lost hope, they lose their lives.  They become stagnant in their life.  Once they have lost hope, they no longer want to continue on. 

So that is why those of us, the Ascended Ones, the Galactics, and the Agarthans that are working with all of you, that is why we continue to bring these messages of hope to you, to continue to help you to rise up, rise up into the light.  Rise up into your awakening and into your ascension process.  Because if you lose hope, you lose everything.  You must continue on.  And those around you that are losing hope, do what you can when you are able to raise their aspirations, to bring their hope back to them. 

Because everything that we have been sharing with you is a part of this hope.  It is a part of this continuing on, preparing you.  Preparing you for this great day that we have spoken of.  These great moments that will precede your ascension. 

And everything that we have shared with you are promises.  We have been saying for some time, ‘this is the Great Awakening.’  This is, indeed, the darkness before the dawn.  But the dawn is approaching. 

Even now, those of you that have the eyes to see and see that dawn approaching now, you can feel it within you.  You know it. Because many of you have felt it before in other lifetimes, other planets, other galaxies.  You have done this before.  So you know you feel something is in the air.  Many of you say, “I feel it!  I feel there is a great change coming!”  And indeed there is a great change coming.  Even now, as I speak to you, there is a momentous change that is about to occur.  What you might call the domino that you have all been looking for is about to fall.  That first domino will lead to many more following after that.  Some bigger, some smaller.  They will continue on, and on to fall, until the culmination of this first wave of ascension happens.  Then, of course, the waves after to follow.  For you, each one of you who chooses, will be a part of bringing that next wave forward.  Just as we are a part of bringing this first wave forward. 

This is what you came here for, my friends, to be a part of this expression.  To be the expression itself of the continuation, the momentum that is needed to continue to bring this whole process forward, this whole awakening forward. 

And then, awakening, it is.  Many, many, many across the planet are awakening.  Not maybe as fully as you have.  But they are beginning to awaken.  They are beginning to wonder.  They are beginning to remember themselves what they are here for, what this is all about. 

And if they are not remembering, they are asking the question now, “Why am I here?  What is this for?  What is my mission?”  Just as you all asked those questions previously in your beginning awakening process.  And as they ask those questions, guess who will be there to answer them for them? 

You!  Each and every one of you, who are willing to be a part of the awakening expression of your neighbors, your brothers, your sisters.  That is what you came here to do.  That is what you volunteered for. 

So as the vibrations continue to increase, as that finish line is right there in front of you, many of you can see it; if not see it, you can feel it.  You know it is there. 

So as The James said earlier with our prompting, feel that adrenalin push now.  Feel it coming up within you.  Feel the light rising within you, the Violet Flame expanding with you.  Feel it all coming up and pushing you forward to reach that finish line.  For it is right there in front of you.  Do not shy back. Do not fall back.  Move forward–inch by inch, if you have to.  Keep moving your feet (figuratively speaking).  Keep moving ahead.  Allow that commitment that you came here for so long ago:  let it push you, and push you, and push you to move to the finish.

I am Sananda.  I leave you now in peace, love, harmony, joy, and oneness.  And that you will continue to remember who you are throughout even the deepest darkest that might befall you.  Know that even as that darkness is there, the light is right there ready to shine, and will completely illuminate all the darkness. 

Peace and love be with all of you. 

ONE WHO SERVES  (Channeled by James McConnell)

Om, mani, padme, hum;   om, mani, padme, hum; hum, hum.   Greetings to you!  One Who Serves here.  Shoshanna here. 

And we are ready to continue on with this program that was started, not just some time ago in this lifetime, but many lifetimes ago we have been working with you.  Even some of you have been working with us throughout all of this.  You may not remember that at this time, but many of you are a part already of the Great White Brotherhood of Light, and you have been many different ones in the past.  Some greater, some smaller, some unmistakable, and some not so remembered.  But that is okay, because you each had a purpose. 

Each and every lifetime you came in you signed contracts, if you will, to be here, especially to do everything that you could to be here at this time in these moments now—everything, and we say everything, that you have done previously in past lifetimes have prepared you for what you are and where you are right now in these moments.  Think about that.  And let that come into your more full understanding, beyond your three-dimensional consciousness. 

Because more and more now, many of you will begin to leave your third-dimensional consciousness behind more often, and more often.  And you will find yourselves in higher fourth, and even fifth, and even beyond that at times.  Where you will become fully the being that you were intended to be, and intended for yourself, to be. 

Okay?  We are ready for your questions here if you have them.  Would there be any questions out there from those of you.  You can unmute your phones, if you haven’t already done so.  Yes?

Guest:   I am wondering about India, everything that’s going no there.  I just wonder if this is another dark agenda to try and spread another wave around the world of this so-called virus, or natural evolution of virus.

OWS:   First of all, there is no ‘natural evolution’ of these viruses, as you are saying here.  They are all preplanned and developed by those of the nefarious ones who are attempting to bring about depopulation and what is called ‘eugenics’ and all of these things that they have planned for many, many, many lifetimes, not certainly just this lifetime.  They have been working on this for thousands of years.  And it is all coming to a culmination now.  But they did not count on you.  They did not count on you.  They did not know that you would be there, you being the collective you, those of you, the Awakened Ones.  That was their biggest concern that those of you would awaken to who they are.  And that is now in the process of happening.  Because more and more are stepping out and stepping forward and giving information, revealing information, revealing truth, after truth, after truth.  And those that are ready to hear it, and those that are ready to see it, are doing so. 

So, specifically, what you are asking about that area of India, it is a preplanned proposition that they are working through here.  And, just as any other of these preplanned activities, they are destined to failure.  Because there are so many that are working with you, along side of you, not for you, but alongside of you to minimize all of the various effects that come from all of this. 

Will some succumb to this?  Certainly.  It is already happening.  But they have been the ones that have put that in their soul contract, that they would be there to show the way to others, even though they would first leave this planet.  Okay?  Shoshanna, do you have something to add here?

Shoshanna:   (JoAnna’s Higher Self, channeled by JoAnna McConnell)
We will share.  Dear One, may we share with you?

Guest:   Yes, please.

Shoshanna:   Dear Sister, the spin doctors are hard at work here, because the evil that is upon the planet is losing its grip.  It is losing its grip.  If it was winning its grip, they would not try so hard to create something new, you see. 

A virus can make many ill.  And the recovery of a virus is very high.  The incident that is occurring in India is what you would call a ‘false flag.’  Its magnitude is very small, and your evil beings that wish to create a dark agenda are maximizing fear as we speak by creating this for you.  You must ignore it.  You must not give it power.   Namaste.

OWS:   Very good.  Yes. 

Guest:   Thank you.

OWS:   Would there be other questions here?

Guest:   I have a question please?

OWS:   Yes?

Guest:   My question is, am I right when I ask this, that they created that virus to try to eliminate the population as much as they could?  Well, my opinion is they didn’t do a good job, so then they came up with the vaccination.  I think the vaccination is to finish and do what they didn’t do with the virus itself, and I think that that is going to eliminate a lot of the population.  Could I be a little true on that? 

OWS:   What we will tell you is that their attempts to bring about depopulation have been, as we said earlier, in the works for thousands of years here.  They have been working toward the culmination of their plan. 

And one of their greatest plans was to create a World War III.  That was what they were attempting to do.  But as all of you most likely know already, that was brought to failure, because those of the Galactics were able to minimize or even completely debilitate those of their weapons to be able to do this.  And the ones that are called the Alliance are working behind the scenes to mitigate and completely eliminate any of these types of threats. 

Now, when that did not work, they went to their next plan, which was a pandemic.  You know in your various movies that have come out, your zombie apocalypse, and things of this nature, this was part of their plan as well, to bring this about.  And, of course, they would have a cure for themselves.  But this did not occur. 

Look at the various times they have attempted to do this with your HIV, with your Ebola, all of these types of things.  And now this particular virus.  Which is another indication of how they have attempted to do this, plan this, created this particular virus.  But it has also been minimized and mitigated and, in many respects, completely neutralized at various levels by the Alliance and by the Galactics working with the Alliance.  And they may try something else, such as the vaccines, as you are saying.  Those that are behind that are also those ones that planned this virus here. 

So, it is one thing after another, after another.  But, those of the Alliance, and those of you, the Boots on the Ground, those of you that step forward and share whenever you can are helping to minimize the fear involved in this. 

This is their biggest thing:  fear.  This is what they attempt to do:  create fear around all of these things.  Because they know that fear will keep ascension from happening.  And that has been their primary goal.  Because they knew:  as ascension happens, they have lost completely.  They have lost all the ones that have awakened to their own ascension.  And this is what they attempted to hold off as much as they possibly could.  You see?   Shoshanna, do you have something to add here? 

Shoshanna:   We do not add to this.

OWS:   Very good.  Was this sufficient of an answer or you, Dear One?

Guest:   Yes, Sir.  That was just exactly, not as well as you put it, but…I figured out.  When we had the Black Plague a long, long time ago too, and I think that was them doing that too.

OWS:   That is correct.  That was also a planned event, as well as your Holocaust, and your World War II, the elimination of the Jewish population, and others, all part of this depopulation eugenics program that they have been about yet. 

Guest:   Okay.  But then they were afraid of us and they knew that if there was a whole lot of us left, that we would wise up, and that’s what they didn’t want to happen.

OWS:   That is correct.  They are terribly afraid of you.  Yes.  This is why they are doing everything they can to sensor you, your words, your truth coming forward. 

Guest:   Than you so much for your wisdom, and your dedication, and your commitment.   

OWS:   And we would say the same to all of you.  Thank you for your commitment.  Would there be other questions?

Guest:   I have a question.

OWS:   Yes?

Guest:   I’m sorry if I’m sort of on the same topic, but it’s about being in the vicinity of people who have been vaccinated.  A lot of the Lightworking front-line doctors are talking about this like protein possibly shedding onto us.  We’re not concerned, as we’re protected.  But a friend called me from Los Angeles today.  She is very awake.  She has not gotten the vaccine.  She and her friend are both nonvaxed.  They had lunch with a woman who was vaccinated, and they both a few weeks later started bleeding.  And I am just wondering if there is shedding of these proteins, and if there is shedding of these proteins to the healthy nonvaxed people, what can they do to protect themselves?

OWS:   Very good.   Shoshanna, do you wish to address this first?

Shoshanna:   We do not.

OWS:   Very good.   Then we would say to you that you are correct in terms of your particular ability to remain safe from all of this because of vibration.  As your vibration continues to increase, there is nothing, no thing, that can affect you whatsoever.  Now there might be a temporarily being assailed by a particular type of virus, or something of this nature.  You have all had this at one time or another, what you call the flu, or your colds, or all these types of things.  But you are still here.  They did not make you exit from this planet because you were not supposed to.  That is not your soul contract here. 

So those of you that are in this awakening process and are building the light more and more within you and around you, and that is what is important you, is the around you part, where you are able to hold off anything that would be able to penetrate through your force field here.  Your force field of your light body, which is your Merkaba light body.  And it cannot penetrate through this as long as you believe that it is there and protecting you.  That is so important:  believing is seeing, here. 

So do not be concerned.  Do not have fear.  Fear will help to lower your defenses.  That is what it does.  It enables your immune system to be attacked.  If you keep fear out, your immune system cannot be penetrated here, cannot be attacked in these ways.  And if it is, your immune system will be able to handle this, because your cellular structure is becoming more and more crystalline, even as we are speaking now. 

Know that each time that we come together in these ways, there are things that are happening to each and every one of you that you are not even aware of at this point.  You call them downloads, you can talk about your DNA increases, all of these things are happening without you even knowing it at this point.

Shoshanna:   We will share.

OWS:   Yes.  Please do.

Shoshanna:   Dear Sister, may we share with you?

Guest:   Yes, Sister.

Shoshanna:   Please give this information to those that are asking.  We find that an iodine supplement will assist in this process of what you call the shedding process, or the protein that you may be penetrated with somehow that is being given off by those that have been vaccinated. 

So we will tell you three things:  an iodine supplement, Vitamin D3 supplement, and sea salt baths.  Now we are talking of dead sea salts that are plentiful.  You can find them easily.  We are not talking about that which you call Epsom Salts.  We are talking about dead sea salt.  This will cleanse the body.  And the Iodine will remove toxins.  And the D3 will boost the immune system.   Namaste. 

OWS:   Wonderful. 

Guest:   Namaste.  So we Lightworkers, because we don’t get sick, we don’t believe in this, we don’t need to be concerned.  My intuition is telling me really I don’t want to hang out with people who have been vaccinated.  Is that me being just a little too concerned?  I’m not in fear, I just feel like, why do I want to be around them. 

Shoshanna:   Dear Sister, we will continue to share if we may.  There is a great division going on here, and it is purposeful, and the plan is working out.  You must stay true to yourself.  You must continue to live within your moral bounds that you wish to have here as an authentic loving individual.  You must continue with that, and not succumb to any pressures. 

We will tell you that there is group consciousness that affects everyone in this respect, and can influence an individual in this respect.  It is not a bad idea to supplement, to take things to product the biological being.  This is not a bad idea.  You are protected, but there are so many programs that are running in the background that we do not necessarily clearly have conscious understanding of.  So the biological being may be affected by a subconscious program that is running that is a group understanding.  So we will say that you could benefit from taking these supplements as well.  It certainly would not hurt you, and you are protected as long as your belief is strong.   Namaste.

OWES:   Very good.   And yes, that is what we would add here, your beliefs.  Belief will create your reality.  Not the other way around.  That is what you have to come to understand.  And as Shoshanna has said, if you succumb to the programming that is within your subconscious, within your past lives and all of these things, then you will not fully have the belief that you need to hold off and keep these things from penetrating and affecting your immune system.   Okay? 

Guest:   Thank you.

OWS:   Yes.  Would there be any other questions here?

Guest:   I have a question.

OWS:   Yes?

Guest:   It’s regarding those who will continue on in this 3D expression.  Will they have a veil of forgetfulness?  And is the norm?

OWS:   They will have a veil of forgetfulness, yes.  They will be there one day and be somewhere else completely the next, and not even know that anything has occurred.  They will be accommodated.  That is what you have to come to understand.  It is not your path, it is their path.  Your path is taking you in a certain direction through the ascension process.  Their path may or may not take them through that process.  That is up to them, their choice entirely.  You cannot make that choice for them.  Okay?   Shoshanna, do you have anything to add here?

Guest:   Thank you.

Shoshanna:   We agree.

OWS:   Very good.  Then, are there any other questions before we release channel?

Guest:   Yes, Dear Ones.  Hello.

OWS:   Yes?

Guest:   So I think we have an understanding that, of course, going to the Advance, or attending on the line or whatever is a very powerful thing to do.  But I’m not sure we really quite understand exactly why it is so powerful in terms of what it does in the greater world, or what it does for our mission here on the Earth at this time.  So I would love to have some more information on the specifics of what our being together as a group in those events is actually accomplishing in the greater world at this time.

OWS:   We would say to you it is beyond your imaginings, really, as to the greater purpose in coming together in those respects when you come together as a group.  With the energy that is generated within that group, we are then able to work directly with that group, not only to assist you with yourselves, but also to help you assist the collective consciousness of the planet.  We work through you in that respect.  And the more energy that is generated there, the more that we can reach out to the population as a whole of this planet.  You have a great effect in that way of affecting the entire collective consciousness of this planet, much more than you can possibly imaging.   Shoshanna?

Shoshanna:   We will share.  May we share on this, Dear Sister?

Guest:   Yes, please.

Shoshanna:   Dear Sister, there is a quantum field that receives all of your message and your thoughts.  As an individual, as two or more are gathered, as a group is gathered, this field is influenced greatly and rains down upon your planet with the influence that you have provided for it, you see.  This is the way thought works. 

When a group is together, and committed, and focused in one direction, this creates an exponential message so that the field is magnified with your thought and your tension exponentially, you see.  So the more that are gathered as one mind, as one unit, the field magnifies itself and creates a wave and a vibration of understanding that others immediately catch on to, you see.  That is why it is important to be in a group.   Namaste.

OWS:   Very good.  Wonderful explanation.

Guest:   Yes.  Thank you.

OWS:   Would there be another question before we release channel?

Guest:   I have a question.  I saw a post on Telegram that showed a demonstration of I guess the movement of three different groups of beings off the planet:  some through the sun gate, and then two other groups through the Eye of Horus gate (it had a picture of the gate next to the sun), and then through the West gate, and the East gate, one to Sirius (a planet off of Sirius), and the others to the Pleiades, I believe it was, I’m not sure.  Can you tell me if this is even remotely correct?

OWS:   The answer to your question is affirmative, yes.  Certainly, there are many stargates and various portals, we will say here, that enable one to move freely and vary swiftly even from one galaxy to another galaxy.  You have seen this in your various movies that have depicted this, your stargates, and this type of thing.  And they are able to travel immense, immense three-dimensional distances as a result of this.  So yes, there are stargates and portals everywhere.  And those of your cabal, the dark forces, have done everything they can to keep you from having this information, from knowing this.  They know about these stargates.  They know where they are.  They know how to create these portals.  And they have kept this from you.  But it is coming.  When disclosure happens, you will be introduced to this concept of stargates more fully, and even yourselves may be going through those stargates in the times to come.  Okay?   Shoshanna?

Shoshanna:   We wish to inquire here.  May we ask a question, Dear Sister? 

Guest:   Yes.  Actually, I was wondering, is this part of the plan?  The ascension plan, using these things?  Go ahead.

Shoshanna:   We wish to ask a question here, Dear Sister.  How does this resonate with you?  How does this idea, that you became familiar with, resonate with you? 

Guest:   It feels true to me.

Shoshanna:   yes.  And we would ask then, why is there a comment from you that “is this remotely even true?”

Guest:   Well, I’ll tell you why:  there is so much disinformation right now out there, that it’s hard.  That’s why I want confirmation from you guys if that is true.

Shoshanna:   Dear Sister, the confirmation on any piece of information lies within your consciousness, lies within your heart, you see.  It is true when it is true for you.  It is true when it resonates with you, you see.  We know the vastness of the universe, the multiverse, the vastness of the planetary realm that exists here, within the multiverse.  The idea that one can move through a stargate to another galaxy or another planet or star is absolutely true.  However, you will find that most cannot consume this information, as it is beyond their understanding and beyond their consciousness, you se.  You we will tell you it is valid, it is true.  And you must trust your heart.  Yes.   Namaste.   Yes.

Guest:   Okay.  My clarification was I have no doubt that the stargates exist and are used.  My question was, is it part of the plan?  Like it was actually showing the plan of all of the ascension.  That’s what I was wondering. 

Shoshanna:   We will share this.  This is really not our information to give, but we will tell you that it is part of the plan.   Namaste. 

Guest:   Okay, cool.  Great.  Thank you.

OWS:   Very good.  And we are done for the time.  We need to release channel.  Shoshanna, do you have any parting information?

Shoshanna:   We will ask each person that is on their own path to understanding and their own path to their own fulfilment of their soul and their spirituality, to follow their heart and to find the positive aspect in all that they come to understand.  There are many sides to every experience that each individual will go through, but the main side is the side of the Light.  Focus on the Light.  Focus on the beauty.  Focus on the miracles.   Namaste.

OWS:   Very good.   And we would simply say, as we have said times before, fasten your seatbelts, because Kansas is about to go bye-bye.  And what we mean by that is the norm, the understanding as they are is about to go topsy-turvy here.  So get ready for that, it is coming.  And you are going to be experiencing a great change to come to not only this country, but the entire planet, as this plan continues to work its way through. 

Shanti.   Peace be with you.   Be the one.  


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Sunday Call  4/18/2021    (KaRa, OWS, Shoshanna)

James & JoAnna McConnell


KaRa (Pleiadian Emmissary)  and One Who Serves channeled by James McConnell

Shoshanna (Joanna’s Higher Self)

These messages were given during our Ancient Awakenings weekly Sunday conference call in Payson, AZ  on April 18, 2021. (Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated. Please make sure to include the question/answer portion as there is much wisdom imparted.)

If you would like to join Ancient Awakenings and participate in our Sunday calls, please go to our Meetup website (www.meetup.com/ancient-awakenings) and join there

KaRa   (Channeled by James McConnell)

I am KaRa.  As always, it is a pleasure to be the emissary, to be the one that comes from the Pleiadian civilization, the Pleiadian councils, to be able to be here with you. 

But know that as I am here with you now, you yourselves, many of you, have done the same experience with other planets, other civilizations, other galaxies even.  You have been the emissaries, many of you.  Even have been the Pleiadian emissaries to other worlds, just as I am to your world now.  This is the connectedness of all of us, the consciousness, the one consciousness that we all share together.  For we have all been that, done that, and we will do it again, and again, and again. 

Will you volunteer at a later time to enter another illusionary process to play another game?  Maybe.  That would be your choice.  Your discussion earlier was about freedom.  Freedom is so important.  Freedom is all there is in the higher vibrational frequencies.  In the higher dimensions, there is nothing but freedom.  There is no such thing as holding control over another being, none whatsoever.  So all of you are destined to return once again to that freedom.  To be free.  Free to make whatever choice you want to make. 

If you want to travel the galaxy, you will be able to do that.  Like your Star Trek, you will be able to go where no one has gone before.  Although that will be quite difficult, because we have explored the entire universe, so it would be difficult to find a place where no one has gone before.  But, you yourselves, many of you, have been to those places long, long ago.  You have experienced much that you will much, much that you will become reacquainted with once again. 

But in order to do that, first you have to find the freedom here on this planet.  But more than find it, you have to make it.  You have to create it.  You have to be a part of creating that for yourselves.  And once you have created that for yourselves, then you can go about creating it for others around you. 

And all of you are in that process right now, in this moment.  You are in that process of finding the freedom within yourselves so that you can reach out to others and share that with them.  Share that light with them.  That is what you are here to do, and have been working on.  Many of you have been working on this diligently, having been listening to your Higher Selves reaching out to you, and sharing—“do this, do that, do something that will bring about change to the world.” 

You are the change that you want to see in the world.  Be that change now.  And as you do that, as you become more and more involved, involved in working with your fellow brothers and sisters in whatever way that is.  It can be in simply a way in reaching out and talking to one another.  It can be a way of reaching out and talking over your internet.  There are many ways to share the light, many ways to share the expression of oneness and freedom.  That is up to you how you want to do that. 

If you find yourself wanting to be in meditation, and going deeply within yourself and finding that one connectedness, that one consciousness within yourself, then do it.  If you find that your expression of your Higher Self is telling you to reach out to your brother and sister in some way, then do it. 

But do something.  Have some sort of action.  Do not just sit back any longer.  It is not for you to do that.  You are not the ones that came here to do that.  You are not the ones to sit on your couch and to let the world revolve around you.  You are the ones to bring the world to you, and to bring the world out to others around you. 

You are the ones that are here to take this part of the game and make it your own.  And in so doing, you will bring an end to this game.  And once you have done that, then we will be able to experience with you.  We will be able to show ourselves.  Because as I said earlier, you will have raised up into higher vibrational frequencies, more to be able to match with our frequency.  We will not come down into your illusion.  We have done that before.  We have been in those situations before.  We do not need to relive that again.  So we are waiting for you to rise up.  And rise up, all of you are doing now, in one way or another. 

And we ask you to just continue to listen to that inner voice, that wee whisper within you that tells you, “this is the next step that you need to take.”  And then take it.  Don’t sit back, take it. 

Take the steps, whatever they might be.  If they are simply, as you have been talking from your discussion, if they are simply to take the masks off and say “NO More”, if they are simply to clasp hands and hug each other once again and say no more distancing? 

What does distancing and what does mask-wearing bring you?  Nothing.  It brings only fear.  It brings only a continuation of that fear, that fear that you cannot be near another person because you will catch what they have.  How ridiculous is that, when you really get down and think about it, when you really do use your common sense to understand what is real and what is part of the illusion.  Do not be a part of the illusion anymore.  Be aware of it, as it affects your brothers and sisters.  But do not be a part of it any longer. 

I am KaRa, and I enjoy these times that I can be with you.  And so long for those times when we, we as brothers and sisters of the stars, can be together once again.  All of us.  Breathing the same air.  Feeling the same connectedness and the oneness with each and every one. 

Peace and love be with all of you.

ONE WHO SERVES  (Channeled by James McConnell)

Om, mani, padme, hum;   om, mani, padme, hum; hum, hum.   Greetings to you!  One Who Serves here.  Shoshanna here.  And we are ready to continue on. 

Freedom!  My goodness, that is such a wonderful word.  But it is so much more.  Free!  Being free!  That is what this whole expression of consciousness is all about, to free yourselves from the illusion.  To free yourselves from the matrix as The Neo did, and the Morpheus, and all of those depicted within that movie.  They freed themselves. 

They freed themselves to be who they were.  Just as you are freeing yourselves now to be who you are. 

How many times have we said, “be yourselves, be the sovereign being that you each are, be free within yourself to conduct your life as you want to.”  It is your life.  It is not the life of the cabal.  They have nothing to do with your life.  They think they do, but they have nothing to do with it.  It is your life.  They have theirs, you have yours. 

And, as you are finding more and more, the timelines that are shifting and changing are going to take your lives away from their lives, and you will not have to deal with them any longer, not much longer, as we find it here.  But that is all we are going to say on that now. 

We are ready for your questions, if you have them, for One Who Serves and Shoshanna.  Would there be questions here?

Guest:   I have a question.

OWS:   Yes?

Guest:   What should we do to avoid masks if they are required for work in detail, and they are causing health issues.  Should we leave this work?

OWS:   That, of course, is up to you, as you have freedom of choice here.  If you find that your work situation is holding you back, is taking that freedom away from you and you have an alternative situation that you can move to, and your Higher Self is guiding you in that respect, then, yes, we would suggest to find something else.  Find something that you love to do that will not infringe on your ability to be free, whether it is wearing masks or taking the vaccine, or whatever it is.  Be true to yourselves, whatever it might be.  Now, if you feel like you want to keep that job, whatever it is, and you are ready to give up your rights, then that, of course, is your choice as well. 

But we would not recommend in any way, shape, or form that you take the vaccine, those shots that are being given.  Not that they will necessarily harm you, but there is no reason for it.  No reason to inject a potential poison to your body.  Okay?   Shoshanna?

Shoshanna:   (JoAnna’s Higher Self, channeled by JoAnna McConnell)

We believe you have given a full answer here.  But we wish to ask this one a question.  May we ask, Dear Sister, a question of you? 

Guest:   Yes.

Shoshanna:   Dear Sister, do you love this job?

Guest:   No.  I would say, like it, but don’t love it.

Shoshanna:   We will say then, Dear Sister, that you will not be giving up much by leave it.  And we believe that there are opportunities that abound around you, and you must look for those opportunities that support what you love.   Namaste.

OWS:   Very good. 

Guest:   Thank you.

OWS:   Would there be other questions here?

Guest:   I have a question.

OWS:   Yes.

Guest:   This is my experience.  I think others might relate to it as well.  I certainly try and be a good person and do to others in lots of different ways.  But what happens if for example you see somebody who is asking for money and you just feel you don’t want to give it to them.  There is something about that person that you are almost repulsed by them, like the energy doesn’t feel good.  So my question is, should be give money anyway because it is the right thing to do?  Or should you trust your gut instinct that maybe there is something wrong?

OWS:   Very good.  We will answer this in this way:  twice you used the term “should” both times.  There are no ‘shoulds’ here.  Whether you should or should not give money in a situation, there is no question of this.  There are no ‘shoulds.’  It is what you feel in the moment.  And if you feel like that one would benefit from your giving them money or food or whatever it might be, then do it. 

But if you feel a disconnect with that one, and you feel like there is something that is keeping you from wanting to do that, then follow that guidance, whatever it might be.  Your intuition, your inner guidance, the whispers within you, whatever you want to call it.  Follow it.  And then you will know when and if to ever do that.  You don’t know if it is best for that one or not in those situations.  So follow your inner guidance, okay?   Shoshanna?

Shoshanna:   We will add here.  Dear Sister, may we add our perspective to this?

Guest:   Yes, please.

Shoshanna:   Dear Sister.  One Who Serves has given the guidance that is required to do what is true to yourself.  What we would add here is that on a different level, it is important to see what that person is showing you.  What is that person showing you about yourself and what you need to learn to move forward in consciousness.  It does not matter whether you give or take from this person.  What matters is that you see what the perspective is and what the lesson is for you.   Namaste.

OWS:   Very good. 

Guest:   Thank you.  That’s good.

OWS:   Would there be other questions here?

Guest:   I have a question to ask.

OWS:   Yes?

Guest:   It seems like a larger percentage of the population is growing more asleep and being more compliant, or maybe that’s just the mainstream media sharing that reality with people.  There also seems to be a great awakening.  I am wondering of people are getting just exhausted and falling more asleep, or if the Great Awakening is growing in numbers. 

OWS:   We would say here that the Great Awakening is happening.  It is in the process of happening, and will continue to happen, and will become greater and greater.  But there is also a division that is happening here as well, where those that are succumbing to the programming, and the fear-mongering, and all of these things, they will just continue to be that way until something occurs that will wake them up.  Whether that is a kind word from a Lightworker, or something that gives them pause to think for themselves rather than to allow others to think for them. 

That is what they have been doing.  They have been allowing others to think for them in terms of the programming, and propaganda, and all of this.  So it is time for more and more to begin to think for themselves.  Just as all of you are doing more and more now. 

So the awakening is happening, but there is certainly a division that has occurred as well.  But this was necessary to bring the light to the idea that there is even an awakening at all here, you see?  Without all of this, then people would not even be aware that there is such a thing as a Great Awakening.  Okay?   Shoshanna?

Shoshanna:   We will share.  May we share, Dear Sister?

Guest:   Yes, Dear Sister. 

Shoshanna:   Dear One, as we see examine the situation around the globe, we will tell you unequivocally that there are more awake than asleep.  There is a program that is generated by the cabal to convince you otherwise. 

What must happen here is those that are awakening must now take the next step that requires courage to what you call ‘buck the system.’  They are waking, but they are hesitant to cause any chaos in their lives because they have a program running that says “do not do this.”  But they are also overcoming this, as we speak. 

So rest easy, Dear One, as the world is awakening.   Namaste.

Guest:   Thank you.

OWS:   Very good.  Would there be other questions here?

Guest:   Hello, Dear Ones.  The other day I had an experience while journeying with my Guides.  I often go out very, very far.  We were out quite far, and this other individual came into the scene.  I wanted to say it was a cat woman.  She was very tall and regal.  I thought maybe she was another self of mine.  At one point after I left that meditation, she actually came into my body.  I guess I allowed her to.  And she kind of walked around as me.  I got the feeling like there was a regality, there was a lot of self-assuredness and confidence, maybe almost to the point of being haughty.  I was walking around with this, because it was so different from what I’m used to walking around with.  I thought that’s interesting.  After a while it kind of dissipated. 

But in retrospect, I wondered whether I should not have let her come into my body, whether or not she was a positive being.  Maybe I should have protected myself a little, because she had a weird energy, I would say.  On the other hand, I was out with my Guides, so I didn’t think they would lead me in the wrong direction.  I just was wondering if there is anything more I need to do to worry about my protection, or we need to do, or whatever, about this kind of thing?

Shoshanna:   We would like to share.

OWS:   Yes, please do.

Shoshanna:   Do you wish that we share first, One Who Serves? 

OWS:   Yes, please do. 

Shoshanna:   Dear Sister, may we share?

Guest:   Yes, please.

Shoshanna:   Dear Sister, this is an aspect of your personality that was suppressed long ago.  You have a great confidence that you were born with.  This confidence was suppressed.  This confidence was pushed back.  What we find is that this so-called ‘cat woman’ is an aspect of you to bring about a balance to your personality in this moment that will help you rise up and continue to move forward in great courage and in great resolve to accomplish what you have been given as a mission to accomplish. 

We will say that it is relevant for you to call upon this energy when you wish to rise up in assertiveness and in boldness, as these are things that you were taught not to have, you see.  Does this make sense to you, Dear Sister?

Guest:   Wow.  Yes, yes.  It makes very much sense.  Thank you.

Shoshanna:   Namaste.

OWS:   Very good.  It was very well said.  We will move on.  Are there any other questions here?

Guest:   Greetings.  I came across a channeling that spoke about a buildup of forces on the moon, and I wanted to run it by you and see if this is good intel.  They speak about it being quite a sizable gathering of forces.  And also, if it is true, how can we help?

OWS:   So your question is, you are wondering if there are bases on the moon?  Is this your question?  Is this accurate? 

Guest:   No, this is regarding a recent channeling of Metatron that is about a building of dark forces on the moon for a possible last attempt to the dark to execute some type of mission or event.

OWS:   Very good.  We understand now.  You’re speaking of dark forces building on the moon.  So what we will say to you is they, being the cabal, those of the dark forces, have been at this for quite some time.  Not only on the moon, but other planets as well.  They have been secretly, as many of you are aware of the secret space program, they have been doing this for many, many decades, as we find it here, and have been building these bases and building these forces. 

But know that the Forces of Light are very much aware of all of this.  This is why when you have heard that no one can come in or out of a certain area beyond the Earth where they can penetrate this, this is absolutely accurate.  They cannot.  Because these Forces of Light are so much more powerful than the forces of darkness.  It would be like throwing a pin against a brick wall, expecting the brick wall to fall down.  And that cannot happen, for the Forces of Light would be that brick wall, you see?  So it cannot ever happen.  And even though they are attempting to, and want to do this, they will be kept from doing this.  So there is no reason to be of fear.  The only thing that the one that gave this was saying is that there is that build-up of forces that they have been attempting to do this to hold on, to hold onto what they believe is their power, their control.  But they have not been in control or in power for quite some time now, as we find it.  Okay?   Shoshanna? 

Shoshanna:   We will share.  May we share, Dear Brother?

Guest:   Okay.

Shoshanna:   Dear Brother, you requested that we answer what could you do to help?  We will say that your mission is here on planet Earth, and that you must continue your journey here to assist others as you have in the past, and to continue to shine your light as you have, and you continue to do. 

We will also tell you that if you wish to help the great Forces of Light to continue on their mission and to overtake the darkness, you can do this:  you can stand in the middle of a room or in the middle of the outside where you are, and you can turn in circles and imagine your light coming out in concentric circles around you and vibrating, and vibrating, and vibrating as you turn, and the light is getting more magnetic and stronger as you turn, and this will connect with the great Forces of Light and give some magnification there.  All can do this.   Namaste.

OWS:   Very good.  Unless there is one more question, we are going to move to the e-mail question.  Very good then.

Guest:   Yes, thank you.  I will go ahead with the e-mail question. 

OWS:   Yes.

Guest:   I have sort of paraphrased both questions.  One person had asked, through teachings of Masters and other messages, we have been asked to shed ourselves of materialism and material things, and also perhaps other things that we have pleasure here on this planet.  And yet we are asked also to be in joy.  So if those material things bring us joy, is it still necessary to shed ourselves of that desire?  Thank you.

OWS:   Certainly, the idea for being here is to be true to yourselves, as we have said many times, and find that joy in every moment, whatever that might be.  And if it is something that is of the material persuasion, you are in a physical body, so you are here to experience those wonderful physical sensations that are here as well.  So why would you keep yourself from that if it brings you joy, if it brings you happiness?

Now, the love of those material possessions is another story, you see?  Just as the saying, “the love of money is the root of all evil.”  Money itself is not.  The love of it, or the love of the material possessions, where you cannot take them with you if you were to leave your physical body in the death process (and notice, we say ‘if’).  If you were to do that, then you would experience…(we are losing the connection, hold please…)  Shoshanna, do you have anything to share? 

Shoshanna:   We will share.

OWS:   Yes, please. 

Shoshanna:    This question is about attachment.

OWS:   Yes.

Shoshanna:   That is all it is about, you see.  So there are those that cannot own something without feeling an attachment to it, and that is what keeps us Earth-bound.  That is what keeps us 3D-bound, I should say, third-dimensional materialism bound, you see. 

If you are a person that can possess something, and in the same moment give it to someone without feeling remorse, without feeling attachment, then you have not succumbed to the attachment of the third-dimensional realm, you see. 

It is important here to understand that if the advice is to shed your physical objects, that is not the point.  The point is to shed your attachment to them.   Namaste.

OWS:   Yes.  Very good.  It is all about attachment, as Shoshanna is giving.  And that is so important.  And certainly, you want to, again, find the joy in your life whenever you can, in whatever that might be.  So The James has a saying here, “the time you enjoy wasting, is not wasted time.”  Think about that.  If it brings joy to you, the, where is the harm, as long as you are not harming anyone else in the process.  Okay?   Then we are done with that question.  There is one more?

Guest:   Yes, thank you.  The other question they ask:  Is Trump still in charge?  And is there a higher purpose to these vaccines and the wearing of the masks than might be obvious to most people?  Thank you.

OWS:   This is a very difficult question to answer in the timing frame that you are in now.  For if we give the answer here, then we are what you call ‘spilling the beans.’  So we cannot directly do that, we are not allowed to do that at this point.  What we can tell you, as we have said many times, there are many, many things that are happening behind the scenes that your various intel information that is coming forward is giving you glimpses of here and there, and in some cases quite a bit of intel and information here for you to understand what is happening.  Is the Trump still in charge?  Maybe.  We will say that at this point.  But he has not gone anywhere.  We can say that.  Whether he is in charge or not, we are not able to say.  But has not gone anywhere, and he will be back.  That we can tell you.  Okay?   Shoshanna, do you have something to add?

Shoshanna:   We will share on this.  We will share that the perspective of each being is to see themselves in charge of themselves.  To see themselves as a sovereign being, as a free being that has the right to choose, and that has the right to be in charge of their own lives, you see.  One of the mistakes in all respects is to hand over the ‘being in charge’ to another.  We say that you can honor leadership, you can follow leadership, but you are in charge of your life. 

And the other part about these vaccines and these masks:  this is the Great Awakening, you see.  This is the great push to show people that they have been hypnotized, and to awaken them.  We do not know how long this is going to take, but we will tell you that it is happening now.  People are waking up.   Namaste.

OWS:   Very good.  Would you have any parting message here, Dear Shoshanna?

Shoshanna:   We do not.

OWS:   Very good.  Then we just simply say, again, keep on being who you are.  Keeping being true to yourself.  That is so important during this great awakening time.  Do not capitulate to anything that you feel is against your divine, notice we use the term ‘divine,’ your divine right to freedom here, to being yourself.  Shanti.  Peace be with you.  Be the one. 

Shoshanna:   We wish to add some more.  May we add?  Dear Brothers and Sisters, you are all part of this great puzzle.  And it takes each one of you to complete the puzzle.  However, it takes each one of you to be authentic to yourselves, to be part of the puzzle to complete it.  The more that an individual strays from being their authentic self, the less chance the puzzle has of being completed.   Namaste. 

Channeled by James McConnell 



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“Believing is seeing!”

21.04.11 – There Is Never An End To Who You Are

Audio | YouTube

Sunday Call  21.04.11    (St. Germain, OWS, Shoshanna)
James & JoAnna McConnell

SAINT GERMAIN   (Channeled by James McConnell)

I am your Saint Germain.  I am here at this time, just as each time we come together, to continue this expression.

This expression of love, this expression of oneness. This expression of the Violet Flame that has been re-gifted back to the consciousness of man once again. 

For long ago, we all held this Violet Flame within us.  And we knew of its existence.  We knew of its connection to the all, to the all one consciousness.  But we lost that.  We, the ‘collective we’ of man here on this planet to experience this third-dimensional illusion.  We knew that connectedness.  And we purposefully let it go so that the game could be enacted, the game that is still going today. 

But this game has lost its luster.  Or rather, those that controlled the game have lost control of it, even though you may not know it yet, for there are still so many things happening behind the scenes. 

But all of those things that are happening behind the scenes now are bringing the changes to this planet, bringing you out of the illusion dropping the veil.  The veil that in essence, was never there to begin with.  It is only there in your thinking process, in your programmed process. 

But as your programming changes, the veil will be gone more and more.  That is what you are heading toward right now, this moment.  You are coming to that new higher expression within yourself, and more and more feeling the higher vibrations within you, even beginning to understand what vibration is.  What higher existence is.  Because those memories are returning to you.  Maybe not at a conscious level, but certainly at an unconscious level, and at a subconscious level the memories are there.  And they are directing now your lives. 

Your Higher Self is reconnecting with all of you now in one way or another, some more than others.  But your Higher Self has retaken control.  Now, this does not mean that you do not have control of yourself and of your emotions and your actions.  You always have that control.  You, the conscious knowing self, always has that control.  That will never be taken from you.  You always have free choice. 
But your Higher Self is becoming more and more a part of that free choice.  And that is what is occurring now across the entire planet, as the Lightworking Community has awakened.  Those that are not part of the Lightworking Community are becoming a part of it and they are awakening themselves more and more. 
And those forces of darkness have continued to try to hold on, hold on to everything that they have known, everything that they have prepared for.  They are losing that control more and more, faster and faster.  And if you look within the illusion of the third-dimension, yes, they still appear to have that control.  But whenever you are able to slip out, move beyond the third-dimensional illusion, move up in vibration, up into the higher fourth and even fifth and beyond dimension, then you know at that point, in that moment, that they no longer have any control whatsoever.  And that is the vantage point that we have from the ships.  From higher vibrational frequencies, that is what we see now.  We see that they no longer have any control at all. 

The only control that they have exists only within the illusion.  Only within the programming that they continue to put out thinking, hoping that they can still hold you with that programming, hold you with that propaganda.  But even they know at a deeper level that they have lost the battle.  They have even lost the war, if you want to call it that.  It is a war of evil versus good, of dark versus light. 

But as you well know, darkness can never engulf the light.  The light will always shine forth, will always shine through whatever darkness there is.  No matter what planet it is, no matter what galaxy it is, the light will always shine through the darkness. 

And that is how creation began.  For there was the light.  And the light shined forth through the darkness which at that time was unmanifested creation.  The light shined through the dark, just as it is doing now. 

As creation continues on, you as the creator and the created at the same time.  So as the creator, create whatever you want in your life, moment by moment, thought by thought, create the new world, the New Golden Age of Gaia.  Create it now in each and every moment as you continue to move forth.  And if you do that, you as the ‘collective you,’ then all that you are creating will shine forth through the darkness and be the creation to come forever more within this planet, within this solar system, and within this galaxy.

I am Saint Germain, and I leave you now in love, peace, harmony, and oneness.  And that the Violet Flame continues to purge out all the old programming.  Let it go.  Let the old memories fall behind you.  They no longer hold any control over you.  And in its place, in its place of the old memories, feel the presence of the now.  Feel the presence of the I am consciousness within you. 

ONE WHO SERVES  (Channeled by James McConnell)

Om, mani, padme, hum;   om, mani, padme, hum; hum, hum.   Greetings to you!  One Who Serves here.  Shoshanna is here. 

And we ask you please, if you are not going to speak here, please mute your phones.  It is very disconcerting for the one here, especially the one James, to allow for this continuing process to occur, with this channeling process, because it breaks the momentum, we will say it breaks the momentum of the energy.  So please, here now and in the future, always keep your phones muted so there is no disconnect here that can occur.  We appreciate that, and thank you.

Now we are ready for your questions if you have them.  We do not have a specific message beyond St. Germain’s message, for that was a wonderful message.  So, we are ready for your questions. 

Guest:   I have a question.

OWS:   Yes?

Guest:   A question about what you just stated about the phone.  Isn’t the organizer of this audioconference able mute everybody? 

OWS:   That is something that you work out with the organizer of this, the one we know of as ‘Moses.’  He is the one that can work control of this.  But more than this, it is important for you, those of you that are on these calls, to monitor this yourselves.  You can all do that.  You have a button on your phone, do you not?  You simply press the button, and you are muted.  It is that simple, is it not?

Guest:   Yes.  I always do.

OWS:   We would ask that everyone take control of themselves and do this from here on, and that in itself would handle the issue here we believe.  Okay?

Guest:   Okay.  Can I follow that with some more questions?

OWS:   Yes, please.

Guest:   Can you guide us in how to remember to use telepathy?

OWS:   Now that is something that you are already being guided to use.  Your Higher Selves and those various guides that work with you are already doing everything they can to penetrate through, pardon the expression here, but the thick skulls that many of you have that will not allow for the communication to come through.  If you would learn to quiet the mind.  If you would learn to quiet the chatter within you, then that would open up the expression of communication that would bring the telepathic communication to you from your guides.  And from that experience of working with your guides telepathically, you would then also be learning to work telepathically with your brothers and sisters here on this planet, you see?   Shoshanna, do you have something that you can add here?

Shoshanna:   (JoAnna’s Higher Self, channeled by JoAnna McConnell)

We can share on this.  We wish to share on this.  May we share on this, Dear Brother?

Guest:   As always, yes.

Shoshanna:   Dear Brother, how great of a desire is it for you to become telepathic?

Guest:   Immensely.

Shoshanna:   Then we will give you the tools for that, and we will see if you can commit to that, you see. 

So in order to strengthen your already-given ability of telepathy (because all of you have this tool already), to strengthen this, you must stop talking.  If you choose to stop talking, stop using your speaking voice, we’ll say for a week or so, you will find ways to communicate that you do not need to speak.  And you will find that you are communicating your thoughts with others around you, and they will pick that up, you see.  But this requires that you do not speak.  And because humans use their voice boxes to communicate (or they think they are communicating), that is why the telepathic tool that you already have as a being is weakened, you see.  Does this make sense, Dear Brother? 

GUEST:   Truthfully, no.

Shoshanna:   We do not understand.

Guest:   I don’t understand either.  If I’m not speaking, I’m not communicating with anyone whether I’m speaking with my voice or my thoughts. 

Shoshanna:   You, Dear Brother, are always communicating.

Guest:   Yes.

Shoshanna:   You, Dear Brother, as a human, offer vibration of communication consistently. 

We will give you an example of this.  If you are in a room where before you entered the room there was a great argument, you will walk in and feel dissonance.  You will feel something is wrong.  That is because you are picking up telepathically what has gone on in that room, you see. 

What you must decide is that speaking is not really a form of communication.  It is a form of conveying something that you think the other is understanding, but they are necessarily understanding it. 

The true contact of communicating comes from many different sources than the being, including vibration and including eye contact, vibratory thought, body movements—these are all forms of communication.  You must broaden your understanding and spectrum of what communication is to incorporate telepathy in your communications, and not be so specific that your voice is the only way you can communicate.   Namaste.

OWS:   We would add here that those that are in what you would consider more of the Far Eastern philosophies, Hindu, in Tibet and China and those various places, when they are going through training to be, what we will say, the chelas of a Master, then they are motioned to do exactly as Shoshanna is saying, and not speak, to learn to telepathically communicate with the ones that are there. 

Part of their training is to be silent.  Silent, without voice, and even thoughts for that matter, as well, where they quiet the mind.  So they learn to not only quiet the voice, but quiet the mind as well. 

And when that occurs and they have moved through that expression, then they are open more to telepathic communication and find that it is not only easier to do, but brings much more satisfaction to understanding what another is thinking, but also for that other one to understand what you are thinking. To be able to fully communicate, as Shoshanna is giving here, you see?  Do you understand this?

Guest:   I understand the process.  But how to do that with regular living, I don’t know.

OWS:   No buts.  There is no buts, here, Dear One.  What you need to do is simply do it, when you can.  We know that you have your daily life schedule and these types of things, and it can be difficult to do.  But carve out some time to do it.  Hours.  Minutes even.  Whatever it takes.  Find the time to quiet the mind.  This is what every child has had to do, James included, here.  JoAnna as well, or Shoshanna.  They had to learn to quiet their chattering mind.  And that is what you need to do.  If you want to become telepathic, quiet the mind:  both your voice, as well as the thoughts within the mind.  When you are able to do that, new worlds of expressions will open up to you.  Okay?  That is all we can give on this now.

Guest:   Thank you.

OWS:   Yes.  Would there be other questions here?

Guest:   Yes, I’d like to ask a question, please?

OWS:   Yes.

Guest:   I think I know the answers of this, but sometimes I have to have it confirmed.  But that is what we’re going to be doing in the fifth dimension is only speaking telepathically.  Isn’t that true?

OWS:   Not entirely, because it would be difficult for you to go from, as The James likes to use, the “0 to 60 in two seconds.”  You will not be able to do that, because you have spoken with your voice your entire lives.  But more and more you will grow accustomed to having that telepathic communication with one another.  And certainly, when you meet those of your brothers and sisters from the sky, then you will certainly need to utilize telepathic communication there.  And if you do not already know how to do it, you will learn from those experiences.  Okay?

Guest:   Well, I do with my loved one.  With my beloved one, we talk that way.  And it took me a while to know that it was coming from him or my mind.  That’s why it took a while.  But I can understand that.  There will be a lot of things that we’re gonna not jump into right away, I’m sure.  Like I don’t know about sleep—we don’t have to sleep there.  But if we’re used to sleeping here, will we have to sleep the first day or two, for a while?

OWS:   First of all, there is no ‘there.’  You will already be there.  It is not a place that you are going to.  Now, with that understanding, you will require less and less of sleep, less and less of bodily intake as far as foods and things of this nature.  It will become more of a thing that if your body is asking for it, then you will do it.  If it is not asking for it, you will not do it.  So you will be able to go days and days, and sometimes even weeks if it is called for when you will not need to sleep or even need to eat. 

Guest:   Oh, okay.  How about, if we want to eat there, and we don’t have the solid physical body anymore.  What’s the food like?  We create it?

OWS:   Beyond your expression of what is wonderful in your world.  Beyond this.  So think about the most wonderful meal that you could possibly have, and you would be able to imbibe in that and not have any effect from it.  Think about that.  Do you understand this?  No negative effect, we are saying here. 

Guest:  Okay, let’s say somebody wants a beer.  And they can create a beer, but possibly not with the harmful part in it like we have here.

OWS:   That is correct.  Even the Saint Germain loves his wine yet still. 

Guest:   (Laughs)  He is wonderful!  Well, I can see him now!  So thank you so much for answering my questions.   Namaste.

OWS:   Yes.  Shoshanna, do you have anything to add to that?

Shoshanna:   We can add here, if you wish Dear Sister.  May we add?

Guest:   Yes.  I’d love it if you would.  Thank you. 

Shoshanna:   Dear Sister, what is difficult for most is to think about another dimension when they have not truly experienced it on that dimension.  So they think of it in physical terms, you see. 

All the things that you are describing are mechanisms of the physical body.  So we are attempting, when we think about another dimension like the fourth, or fifth, or sixth, or seventh dimension, what it will be like based on what we are experiencing in the third dimension, but it is not that at all. 

What you will find on another dimension such as the fifth dimension is that it is primarily experiential, you see.  So if you wish to have a meal that is your favorite on the third dimension, it will be partaken of in the fifth dimension as an experience of the meal.  You will feel it, you will feel the joy, you will feel the satisfaction, you will feel the excitement of the meal without eating it!  Does this make sense, Dear Sister?   

Guest:   Yes.  And is there any waste?  Or does our whole body take up everything that we eat? 

Shoshanna:   Dear Sister, you will not be eating, per se.  You will be experiencing a meal, not eating it.  You will experience the nuances that come with the third dimensional experience on the fifth dimension.  It is not consumption.  You are not consuming anything.  You are experiencing a meal based on all of the favorite parts of the emotions that you feel on the third dimension when you eat a meal, you see.  It is difficult to explain this, but it is not consumption on the fifth dimension, it is experiential. 

Guest:   Oh, I see.  Okay, I understand.  Thank you.

OWS:   And we add here, you will still have a body.  It will just not be a physical as your current body is.  It will be more light body. 

Guest:   That’s the way our body is changing now. 

OWS:   That is correct.

Guest:   Because I tell you, I feel lighter.  I don’t even feel like my feet are touching the ground anymore.  It’s like I’m floating along. 

OWS:   Yes.

Guest:   Thank you so much.

OWS:   Would there be any other questions here?

Guest:   I have a question. 

OWS:   Yes?

Guest:   David Hawkins was a famous Ph.D., physicist.  He had written books; one was called Power Versus Force.  And he developed this chart of scalar frequencies of things and people, like enlightenment 1000 all the way to 1 with fear or grief or something.  And so I have been watching a series of Sasha Stone YouTube videos where they are calculating all these different frequencies of things, people, Ascended Masters, and the Moderna vaccine.  The Moderna vaccine was a 20, which was very, very low.  I wanted to know if this is an accurate science of scalar frequencies of things and people? 

OWS:   Very much so.  You are gong to experience more and more the idea of frequency.  Even now, more of you are beginning to understand frequency and vibration, much more so than if you looked back, say ten years ago, and what you knew about it then.  You may have had it in some of your movies and things of this nature since the beginnings of it, but you looked at it then as science fiction. 

Now you see the same things, and they are no longer science fiction; they are now science fact.  And frequency will become so much more than what it has even been up to this point. 

Science is coming around to this.  But spiritual science is what the future is coming to.  That is all we can say about that.

Shoshanna:   We wish to share. 

OWS:   Yes.

Shoshanna:   We wish to share, Dear Sister, may we share?

Guest:   yes, please.

Shoshanna:   The individual that has created this theory is very analytical and very in tune with his dimensional frequencies. 

The idea here is to use instruments to measure the vibration and frequency of an item in regard to whether it is conducive to the human, you see, whether it is good for the human vibration.  Whether it comingles well with the vibration of the human, you see. 

So if the vaccine you speak of is, say, a 20, it will not cause difficulty, you see.  That’s how it works.  It matches frequencies, you see.  So when you have a higher frequency, that which is a lower frequency cannot pair up with you, you see.  It cannot get into your frequency unless you lower your frequency, you see. 

What ultimately will happen is that as a being you will be able to measure frequencies of other things and yourself as well with no tools.  You will be the instrument of frequency.   Namaste.

Guest:   So, quickly, Alejandro and his wife who have developed this system to test these frequencies that David Hawkins developed, are they pretty accurate in their assessment with their devices?

Shoshanna:   Dear Sister, they are as accurate as they can be, given what they know.  As knowledge expands, accuracy will expand.  Does this make sense?

Guest:   Yes it does.  Thank you.

Shoshanna:   Namaste.

OWS:   Very good.  Would there be any other questions here?

Guest:   I have a quick question. 

OWS:   Yes?

Guest:   I wanted to ask about the Quantum Financial System.  From what I understand, it is ready to go in all the steps, and it is just a matter of the go switch being turned on by Spirit, if I’m correct.  Can you expand on that a little for me? 

OWS:   What we can tell you is you are accurate, what you are saying.  It is ready to go at a moment’s notice, you might say, a switch being turned on, or whatever it might be.  And it is there.  It is ready.  It just needs to be implemented.  When the vibration, not the time, but the vibrational frequency, is right for it.  We cannot give more on that at this point.  For if we were, then we would be getting into the prediction realm of things and, as you know, we do not get into that.  We deal in potential and possibility.  But the potential and the possibility of your Quantum Financial System being turned on is very, very great at this time.  Okay?   Shoshanna?

Shoshanna:   We wish to share.  May we share, Dear Sister?

Guest:   Yes, please.

Shoshanna:   Dear Sister, we will ask you a question if we may.  Why do you wish for the Quantum Financial System to be implemented?  Why do you wish this?

Guest:   Well, I would love to see the humanitarian projects roll out.  That’s No. 1.  No. 2, I have decisions and things that I’m kind of in the middle of and am teetering on which way to go with it—should I wait, should I not wait, that kind of thing. 

Shoshanna:   Dear Sister, we will continue, if we may.

Guest:   Sure.

Shoshanna:  May we continue? 

Guest:   Absolutely, please, yes.

Shoshanna:   Dear Sister, to go forward with a new idea, there must be those that embrace the new idea, you see.  So one must be crystal clear why they would like this new idea or this new process to take place.  The more clarity that the humans have, the faster this will manifest.  This is why we ask questions, you see.  When one just wishes for something and does not know why they are wishing for it or what the projected result will be in their mind, it does not manifest.  It is very important that each that wish for the Quantum Financial System to be implemented to understand completely why they want it. 

Now we will tell you that there is never a reason to hesitate.  It does not matter what system is in place.  It does not matter what you are working with. It doesn’t matter if you are working with a dollar or a bar of gold, it is your hesitancy that creates the movement and consciousness not to take place, you see.  All things are movement in consciousness, even if it is a dollar bill or a bar of gold.  It represents a movement in consciousness.  So when you hesitate to move forward, you hesitate to move in consciousness, if that makes any sense at all.  We are trying hard to clarify our thoughts, here. 

So now, you must make a decision to go one way or the other, to stop or to go forward.  There is no middle, you see.  This is what you must do. 

And additionally, the humanitarian projects are going forward anyway.  There are many on the planet of humanitarians that are using dollars to go forward with humanitarian projects.  You, and all who are true humanitarians, do not wait for something to occur for them to move forward.   Namaste.

OWS:   Very good.  Are there any other questions now before we take the e-mail questions, and then release channel?  Then we are ready for your e-mail questions.

Guest:   Yes, thank you, One Who Serves.  The first question is:  if we have our Higher Selves to help us along, why do we need outside help from Ascended Masters and Galactics?

OWS:   First of all, the idea of ‘need’ is not really correct.  You do not ‘need’ that.  You only need yourselves.  That is why we have said many times, “you are the ones you have been waiting for.”  You are not waiting for the Galactics.  You are not waiting for the ones of the Ascended Ones.  You are waiting only for yourselves. 

Now, with that understanding, as you continue to rise up in vibrational frequency (and that is what this is all about–again, it is not timing, it is frequency), as you continue to rise up in frequency, then you come closer and closer to those of us, and the Galactics, and the Agarthans to be able to receive their assistance.  Because you are now doing it for yourself.  You see, they cannot do it for you.  They can only do it with you.  And that is what is occurring.  And your Higher Selves are there to help direct the entire process as a collective.  The entire Higher Selves as a collective of this planet are here to continue to direct the process along.  But also, they cannot do it for you, the conscious knowing self, that they overlight here, we will say here.  Okay?  So it is a combination of everyone, every being working together.  Your Higher Selves are working with you, but so are the Galactics, and Agarthans, and we, the Ascended Ones are also working with you.  Okay?  Shoshanna? 

Shoshanna:   We will share on this.  And you’ve given a full answer, but we wish to add a perspective.  The perspective is, is that all is one, and all is a collective. 

It is as if you ask why does a child need a math teacher?  Why doesn’t the child just do math?  Because the math teacher is embodied with the knowledge that it imparts upon the child, you see.  But it is all one.  The teacher cannot impart the knowledge of math to the student if the student did not exist.  And the student cannot learn from the teacher if the teacher did not exist, you see. 

It is all in concert with each other.  The Higher Self is orchestrating which direction the lower being that is asking to go in, you see.  If you wish to find information from a Galactic being that has a body of knowledge that you wish to access, the Higher Self will orchestrate that for you, you see.  It is all one.  It is all circular.  It just goes around, and around, and around, you see.  But we are all one.  It is not necessarily our Higher Self that can guide you.  The Higher Self guides you to find the knowledge from the being that contains the knowledge, you see.   Namaste.

OWS:   Wonderful.  Wonderful explanation.  And we are ready for your next e-mail question.

Guest:   Yes, thank you.  The second question is:  Is Q coming back any time soon, or has that source of information gone? 

OWS:   First of all, Q, as you are saying, never left.  There is no coming back, because he/they never left.  They are still there.  They are still working behind the scenes. 

The question, though, we believe is:  are you going to see the Q droppings, if you will, come back?  That we cannot give you directly at this point, because the vibrational frequency has not arrived for that yet. 

Back in your 2017, 2018 when Q first came on the scene, the vibration was optimum at that point for this new expression of consciousness to be able to spread forward from this.  And it came to a point where at this point it was not needed to continue that expression. 

But, as the times come along here further, it may very well bring back the Q expression here again.  But this time it will come based on the higher vibrational frequency and those that are working that frequency, those of your President Trump and others who are a part of this continuing expression, here.  Okay?  Shoshanna?

Shoshanna:   We do not add.

OWS:   Very good.  Then we are done with questions.  Do you have anything you wish to impart here at the end, Shoshanna?

Shoshanna:   We will share here.  We wish to share that all must continue to move forward in consciousness in all ways that they can, and to understand themselves above anything else.  To understand who they are, and what direction that they need to go in, and not so much look to another to see what direction they are going in, you see. It is all up to you to improve on your own consciousness.   Namaste.

OWS:   Very good.  And we just simply add onto what Shoshanna is saying here, just continue to be true to yourself, whatever that might be.  Just find the expression within yourself to continue to be that expression.  Always be yourself, no matter what.  No matter what obstacles come in front of you, be yourself through it.  Okay? 

Shanti.  Peace be with you.  Be the one.  

21.04.04 – Whatever Is Of Darkness, Will Not Be Able To Survive These Higher Vibrational Energies

Audio | YouTube


Sunday Call  21.04.04    (Yeshua & Sananda, OWS, Shoshanna)

James & JoAnna McConnell

 Date:  04/04/2021

. Guests:    Master Yeshua (Jesus), Master OWS, Master Shoshana

MASTER YESHUA & LORD SANANDA   (Channeled by James McConnell)

I am Yeshua, and Sananda as well.  Together we come now in this great time of expression.  This expression of oneness.  This expression of moving beyond the third dimensional illusion into the higher fourth, fifth, and even higher dimensional frequencies. 

As you, each and every one, are moving through your resurrection, your ascension as an ascension process, just as I moved through that process as well so long ago, those 2000 and more years ago, where I sought to reach out to my brothers and my sisters to tell them what I knew in the ways that they could understand.  What you have heard of as parables and stories to help them appreciate and even, in some cases, remember who they were. 

But alas, many of them stayed asleep.  Many of them continued on with the programming that they had received.  But of course, there were those that stepped out of that programming.  Those that were ready to awaken and would be able to hear my words, my understandings, that I could reach out to them and share all that I knew, all that I understood, all that I remembered, in the hopes that they would also remember who they are. 

Do you see now the correlation of what happened then, and what is happening now with all of you?  For you are the resurrection and the life!  Each and every one of you that hear and resonate to these words!  You are the way, the truth, and the life, just as I brought that forth.  But you are the collective of this.  Not one man, but a gathering of many to become the one.  Just as I was the one to gather the many.

You look out now at the expression that is all around you in your third-dimensional illusion.  And if you think about that, it wasn’t that long ago that you did not even understand that this was an illusion.  But so many of you have awakened to understanding that this isn’t the reality.  The only reality this is, is what you make it, what you give it.  But beyond that, it is an illusion.  Many of you have moved beyond this illusion, not all of the time, but much of the time, much more than previous years before and lifetimes before where you were ensconced within the programming.  But now you find yourself at times still in the programming, but at other times you have awakened beyond it. 

The sleeper has awakened within each and every one of you.  And that is what is ahead for your brothers and sisters, those that are ready to awaken themselves.  That are ready to hear that alarm clock within themselves as their higher Self whispers to them, “awaken, my brothers, my sisters, awaken my child.” 

These are those times now for all of you, not only are awakening yourselves, but are here to awaken others, just as I was there to awaken others, as many who would listen.  So too are you awakening as many who will listen to you as you spread your light and share your light. 

And even at times provide those miracles, that are all within you to do, as you become aware fully of who you are, that you are able to provide all that is needed for those around you, those of your loved ones. 

Can you reach them all?  No.  Just as I did not reach them all, only some.  But that some, that one or two or three, here and there, reached out their light and awakened another, and another, and another.  Before long, those 2000 years ago, a movement was created.  An entire new philosophy, a new understanding was created from my simple word.  Just as you can ready out now with your light wherever you find yourself, reach out your light and touch someone with it.  And then they in turn will reach out their light and touch someone, and they will touch someone, and so on and so on.  This is how an entire revolution, or evolution, begins, as it has already begun here.  It is in the process of coming to a culmination.  Not an ending, but a new beginning.  An ending of sorts, an ending of the old programming, and the beginning of the new creative process that is within each and every being on the planet.  But not only on this planet, but the entire solar system, and even the galaxy is moving through this ascension process.  That is why so many are here to witness this revolution and evolution of man, of humankind, of life here, this area of the universe. 

All of you, each and every one of you, have it within you to become the way, the truth, and the life.  Not even to become it, but to know that you already are it. 

As you are hearing now:  ‘I am the way, the truth, and the life’ is now becoming ‘I am the love, I am the light, I am the truth, I AM.  I AM the resurrection and the life of all here on this planet to experience the love that is there for each and every one to share and to know. 

The time has come.  The time is now to be a part of this new higher expression here on the Earth.  As the Earth, as Gaia herself, is ascending and is taking all of you that are ready to ascend with her, to resurrect with her.  Not resurrect where you have to die the physical form, but resurrect the light within you.  To raise it higher into a new higher expression here on this planet, on this Earth, on Gaia. 

And when you have fully done that, the celebration that will occur at that time are nothing compared to what you have had in the past.  Far beyond the celebrations you have ever experienced.  For this will not only be a celebration of one, but will be a celebration of the many.  You are the many within the one, and the one within the many. 

Know that now as you venture forth on this day, this Easter Sunday celebration of not my resurrection, but your resurrection, your life, your continuing expression of love beyond the illusion.

I am Yeshua and Sananda.  We appreciate this time that we can be with you and share and open up to the many levels of expression within each and every one you. 

Peace and love be with all of you. 

ONE WHO SERVES  (Channeled by James McConnell)

Om, mani, padme, hum;  om, mani, padme, hum;  om, mani, padme, hum; hum, hum.  

Greetings to you!  One Who Serves here.  Shoshanna here. 

And we are ready to rock and roll on this Easter Sunday, this wonderous day of your year.  The celebration of the expression of who you are. 

Not the expression of Yeshua, as he went through the resurrection.  That is what they want you to believe, that he was the one that resurrected, that he was the one that ascended, and that no one else can.  But as you all know, that is certainly not true. 

You are all moving through this expression of ascension.  Not only today, but throughout your entire life and lifetime to come, one after another, through infinity you will continue through this ascension process.  It does not end, people!  There will be, of course, a part where you will move from this 3-D illusion completely into the higher fourth and fifth, and beyond, but there is no ending to the beyond.  That is what you must come to understand.  It is a continuing process, forever, and ever, and ever. 

We are ready now for your questions if you have them.  Shoshanna and we are standing by.  Do you have questions here?  No questions?

Guest:   Well, I’ll ask a question if nobody else has one. 

OWS:   Yes?

Guest:   Have we heard the last of the Evergreen cargo ship that was stuck in the Suez Canal or the Panama Canal?  Or will there possibly be some disclosures coming up, or more talk about that ship?

OWS:   No, and yes.  But we cannot give much more on that at this point because it is a continuing process, continuing to unfold here as vibrational expression continues to increase.  You will find the answer to your question will come quite shortly we will say here at this point.  Maybe Shoshanna can give more. 

Shoshanna:   (JoAnna’s Higher Self, channeled by JoAnna McConnell)

We do not, we do not.

OWS:   No, she does not, then.  That is now we can answer that.  You can expect more as the various events unfold here.  Okay?

Guest:   Very good.  That’s what I thought.  Thank you so much. 

OWS:   Yes.

Guest:   Greetings, One Who Serves.  I wanted to ask if you have any pointers on how to reach out to our loved ones and our neighbors.  It appears that they are overwhelmed, and anything other than what television suggests and what that suggests seems to stress them out and seems to cut off the channel of communication, just uttering the concept.  Do you have any pointers?  Because they are doing a good job spreading their agenda.  But I know we can do it, and we’re doing it, but do you have any pointers for us?  Thank you.

OWS:   All we can say here is one at a time.  Just continue to share your light wherever you find yourself able to, wherever one is open to that light.  If they are not open to the light, then you cannot share with them.  You can put various truths out there and if they take hold, such as your fable of your Johnny Appleseed, spreading the seeds here and there and wherever they would grow, you will have another apple tree, you see?  That is what is occurring here, as you spread your seed, as you spread your light, your love, your higher consciousness, higher vibrational frequencies wherever you go and wherever it takes root, then is shall.  Okay?   Shoshanna?

Shoshanna:   We would like to ask a question, Dear Brother.  May we ask you a question?

Guest:   Yes, Sister.

Shoshanna:   Dear Brother, can you provide to us an example of what you are experiencing.  A specific example. 

Guest:   Certainly.  Yeah, it’s happening with almost everyone, I suppose.  I guess I tend to reach out and make a comment to try to get conversation started.  For example, when somebody mentioned that their grandfather was being swabbed and that the authorities were going to be coming back the following day to quarantine the entire family, then I began to suggest, mention things here and there.  But they are so into fear, this fear reaction.  Even from somebody that’s neutral.  It’s almost like they don’t have a reference to associate that with, and they just react with fear. 

Shoshanna:   What do you offer in that moment?

Guest:   I try to give them a couple of sentences to create some foundation, and then send a couple of links, and then perhaps leave it up to them to consider.  But, for example, people here in America, they react almost with antagonism almost right away, like that is the default.  People from overseas not so much; they seem fearful and confused.  But in America they could get pretty defensive. 

Shoshanna:   We, Dear Brother, would encourage you to offer what you can, and offer courage.  Offer information and courage if it is wished for.  If those are reaching out to you and requesting your assistance, you must offer them courage, and you must offer them what you would do in that situation.  How would you handle it?  And if they wish to hear that from you.  You could say, “Well, if I was in this situation, this is what I might consider doing.”  And then you leave it up to God.  You leave it up to Divinity.  You leave it up to those to wake up for that.  But you must offer them courage as much as you can.   Namaste.

OWS:   And we would add here to take the example of Yeshua when he would attempt to bring healing to various individuals through his ministry.  And what did he do?  He would only be able to work with those that were ready to be worked with, that had the faith.  Those that were open with him sharing the healing energy, the light within him.  He could not do it for everyone.  Just as you cannot do it for everyone.  You can only help those that are ready to help themselves. 

Shoshanna:   And we will offer that what you do is enough. 

OWS:   Yes.

Shoshanna:   You do what you do with your heart, and your soul, and your love, and your compassion, and your mind, and that is enough.  That is all that is required of you.   Namaste.

OWS:   Very good.  Would there be other questions here?  Anything further?  Then we are ready for your e-mail question, if you will.

Guest:   Yes.  Thank you, One Who Serves.  The question is:  Ascended Masters often appear at the Weesok Festival.  And do they appear in other places, how often, and who are they?  Thank you. 

OWS:   First of all, yes.  Your Weesok Festival, which occurs once a year in your time of May normally, and where the Buddha and the Christ make their appearance to those that are gathered there in this secret place.  They do appear in a physical form. 

Not physical in terms of your physical body as you know it now, but in a higher expression of the physical body, a lighter physical body, if you will.  The same type of body that you will be creating for yourself as you move through ascension.  It will be very much the same type of body.  And you will be able to do that s well, to appear to those that are still in the 3-D expression as you find the need to do.  Just as those of us:  when the need is there, we also are able to make that appearance.  Again, not in a fully physical three-dimensional body, for we will not come into the three-dimensional space as it were.  We will come into a higher vibrational space that is akin, we will say, to the three-dimensional space that that one is in.

So, with that understanding, the appearance is physical of those of us, the Ascended Ones:  your Saint Germain, your Yeshua, Sananda, Archangel Michael, ourselves, all of this.  We do not make this appearance very often.  But there are times when we are able, and need to do so, and actually do make that expression.  Sometimes very briefly, though.  We will just show ourselves, and then not any more very long.  And then, by the use of telepathy, we are then able to communicate with that one.  And the expression that they saw, even for just a short moment, is enough for them to know that we are really there.  You see? 

By the way:  we have done that several times in your Advances that you have had.  You just may not be aware of it fully.  You know of the one we speak of though, where Yeshua came through this one, James, and presented himself to all those that were there at that time.  Do you remember what we speak of here?  Very good.  Was this sufficient?  Or rather, since this is an e-mail question that cannot be asked directly, Shoshanna, do you have anything to add to this?

Shoshanna:   We do not.  We believe you have given a full answer here.

OWS:   Very good.  Then we are done with this part.  Do you have parting message here, Shoshanna?

Shoshanna:   We do not.

OWS:   Very good.  Then we just simply say continue to shine your light wherever you can.  Wherever you find a level of darkness, shine your light.  Be yourself.  Do not succumb.  Do not fall back from who you are in whatever expression it might be, as long as you are not hurting another in the process.  Be who you are, but only in the case where you are not infringing on another’s rights.  Okay?  Just as you do not want your rights infringed on. 

Then we are done.  Shanti.  Peace be with you.  Be the one.

21.03.28 – Atlantis and Lemuria Will Rise Again (within you)

Audio | YouTube


Sunday Call  21.03.28    (Ashtar and OWS)

James & JoAnna McConnell

ASHTAR   (Channeled by James McConnell)

I am Ashtar.  I come at this time to continue to assist you and help you in understanding the perspective that we have.  Perspective that we want all of you to have as well. 

As we look down and we see the Earth, we see life here on the planet.  But we see it as it is meant to be.  Not necessarily how it is now.  We see the higher consciousness all across the planet, not those pockets of lower consciousness.  Yes, of course, we are aware of the darkness.  We are aware of those dark ones that continue to everything they can to hold back the ascension process, as they have known about this ascension process for thousands and thousands of years of this coming.  And they have done everything they can to hold it back.  But hold it back, no longer are they able to do. 

For they are fighting against arising tide, arising tide of awakening, as this wave of awakening move across the planet.  This is what they feared the most, that the population would awaken, and no longer need them.  They have felt like they were needed.  And their biggest fear is that no one will want or need them any longer.  That is the way it must be. 

For as the population of this planet awakens more and more, it is doing so as a result of all these waves of energy that have been coming in–wave. after wave, after wave.  With each continuing wave becoming stronger and stronger.  And those on the planet being able to raise their vibrations and receive these higher vibrational frequencies coming in.  And in so doing, the awakening is happening now.  The ascension process is in full swing. 

And you, those of you, the Lightworkers and Warriors, you are the ones that are awakening faster.  You are the ones that are fully in the ascension now, in which you have heard as the first wave of ascension.  No, you have not ascended fully yet, but are in that process now. 

As you have heard many times, this is a process.  It is not an overnight sensation, not at this point, anyway.  It can become that with the Solar Flash.  The Solar Flash, the Great Event, will only happen in the divine timing that recognizes the consciousness of this planet that has risen enough to be able to handle this energy coming in.  For if the energy were to happen now, if the Solar Flash were to happen now, many across the planet would not survive.  Even those of you, many of you would likely not survive it.  So it cannot happen yet at this point.  But because of the continuing waves of energy that have been coming in, you are moving closer and closer to being able to not only withstand the energies from the Solar Flash, but be able to move fully into your ascension as a result of those energies, a higher light, if you will. 

So again, as you look out, and you look at everything that is happening, a you become aware of what is occurring outside of yourself, but it is always the same:  be aware, but not a part of.  Do not let yourself become emotionally involved or attached to what is happening.  Because as you have heard many times, it is an illusion.  It is part of the third-dimensional illusion.  And it is happening now more and more. 

But, more and more people are realizing that it is an illusion as well.  And those that have not yet realized it are thinking that something is awry.  Something is not right.  Something needs to shift or change.  And as they become aware, just as you became aware, then they begin to question things just as you are, and have been.  And as they now begin to question, the masks will fall off.  The distancing from your brother and sister will become a thing of the past. 

For you, as the collective you, will realize the full level of consciousness that is in the one consciousness that you are all a part of, you’ll feel that unity once again as you felt long ago in your Lemurian and Atlantean time.  All of that is returning. 

You have heard that Atlantis and Lemuria will rise again.  But it will rise again within each and every one of you.  For you carry the memories and the remnants of those long ago in much ways forgotten civilizations.  But forgotten for not much longer.  For they are indeed arising again.  And you, each and every one of you that listen to these words and resonate to these words:  you are those Lemurians come back again.  Come back again to remember the old ways.  To remember the ancient ways.  Be able to utilize those tools that you had at that time.  Just as many of you are becoming aware of the crystals again, and the connection with the consciousness within the crystals.  And how crystals can hold consciousness and hold remembrances.  All of that is returning. 

So be of good cheer, my friends, my brothers and sisters.  For all is certainly not lost.  It is exactly the opposite if you look at it in that way.  Everything is exactly happening in divine timing and moving for the full resolution of the end of this old age of illusion and the beginning of this new sense of oneness. 

Continue to be yourselves.  No matter what happens, be who you are.  Be true to yourselves.  That is all you need to do at this time.  And everything will continue to take its course just as it is meant to.  For you all are in that divine timing right now. 

I am Ashtar, and I leave you now in peace, and love, and a full oneness of who each and every one of you are, and that connection to your Higher God Selves that is bringing you back toward level of ascension that you so long for. 

ONE WHO SERVES  (Channeled by James McConnell)

Om, mani, padme, hum;   om, mani, padme, hum;   om, mani, padme, hum; hum, hum.  Greetings to you!  One Who Serves here, and we are ready to continue with this program. 

This program that was started long ago, and we are not speaking of only this lifetime, we are speaking of this program that was begun many, many lifetimes ago.  Each one of you participating at the level that you have been able to.  Sometimes more than others.  In past lives you took a greater role, you might say. 

And always remember your multi-dimensional selves and who you are at the higher levels of your being in those alternate worlds, if you will, that many of you have visited in your dream state and not even realized that they are simply alternate worlds that you are visiting, and you are looking at your alternate selves.  It is not necessarily even you as you go into the world.  You are witnessing or visiting those alternate parts of yourself.  Many of you are doing this. 

And getting those glimpses as we have spoken of into the higher dimensional frequencies.  As you raised our frequencies, those visions, or those images will happen even more and more.  Those glimpses will occur more and more, both in your dream state and even in your awakening state.  You will notice many things as you are looking ahead and you see something out of the corner of your eye.  And you look over there, and there is nothing there.  But you know there was something there.  These are the glimpses that are beginning for you. 

Others are seeing things in the sky in the clouds.  Seeing what others will not see.  As you have heard many times, ‘for those that have eyes to see and ears to hear.’  Well, you have the eyes to see and the ears to hear.  You just need to let yourselves go more and more, and let yourselves be in this newer timeline that you are creating, this higher vibrational frequency that you are all moving into more and more, and finding yourselves there longer and longer. 

Have you not noticed that?  That you fall back less and less than you did previously.  That is because your consciousness is continuing to raise.  And as your consciousness continues to raise, you fall less and less back into those lower vibrations. 

Can it happen?  Certainly yes.  Something can trigger that, and you can feel that sense of being disillusioned again, or you can feel depression, or something of this nature.  But it does not last as long as it normally did, or as it used to do.  That is consciousness raising, and you are all doing that more and more now. 

So as Ashtar has said, and as many of us have been saying, be true to yourself.  Be who you are.  Do not let others around you influence you if you do not want them to.  If you want them to, that is different.  But if you do not want to, then do not capitulate.  Do not go along with the normalcy, or the seeming normalcy of what is in that 3-D illusion yet still.  Okay?

We are ready for your questions here.  Of course, as you know, Shoshanna will not be with us, only in spirit here.  But we are ready here for your questions.  Would you have questions here for One Who Serves.

Guest:   Hi One Who Serves.  I have a question. 

OWS:   Yes?

Guest:   We were speaking, you may have picked up during the call earlier, a few of us had mentioned a message we had received from another pretty well-respected channel about some unusual activity that might be happening with these shots people are getting that have been called ‘vaccines,’ but we know they’re not.  And she indicated, or her source had indicated, that there is sort of an AI component that affects the energetic of a person who receives the shot to the extent that a person who has not received shots, when coming into contact with them, their energy fields may tend to mix and link up and associate with one another, then the person who has not received the shot has the same sort of AI effect.  Some of it has been characterized as interfering with our third eye, our intuition, and our ability to connect with our higher selves and our oneness. 

She has also mentioned that when we are in a higher state, as you were just speaking about it, and Ashtar had mentioned as well, of like a 5-D type state, and that would not be an issue.  But of course, many people tend to need to, or just end up operating at a 3-D, 4-D level regularly particularly when in contact with other people who have been receiving shots.  So I was wondering what your take was on that situation.  Hopefully this makes sense. 

OWS:   Is there a specific question there, though?

Guest:   Okay, so I have not received any shots.  If I am spending some time with a group of friends and they’ve all received these shots, you know, the ‘vaccine,’ as it were, would their energies that are mixing together what would normally take place while connecting with one another emotionally and so on, would that then translate into my physical body, or even emotional body or other parts of my being, receiving sort of an AI signal that would be of a nefarious portion of the vaccine, and would I take that on because of the mixing of the energetics?

OWS:   We understand your question now.  We are going to answer it in the same way that in many ways we have already answered this question several times, and others have as well.  It is most important for you to know that as you continue to stay within the higher vibrational frequencies, then none of this has any effect of you. 

It is only when you allow yourselves to drop back down into the illusion in terms of being attached to what is going on, and being fearful, and these types of things, then you can succumb to various of these energies, as you are speaking, from these vaccines and things of this nature which, of course as you know, are not really vaccines. 

They are biological experimental effects, we will say here, that they are attempting to utilize on the population as a whole.   Where they have said, even, where they want to vaccinate the entire population of the world.  How much folly is that there that they could even think that that would be possible?  Certainly it is not, and will not. 

But back to your specific question:  can you be affected by those that have had the vaccine and their energies are ‘all over the board,’ you might way, at times.  Can you be affected by this?  Yes.  You can be.  If you allow yourself to be.  If you lower your vibration. 

So what we would suggest to you, when you are walking about and going where those ones are, continue to be yourself.  Be who you are.  Do not become emotionally attached to anything.  If you see those that are wearing the masks, just notice they are wearing them, but do not become judgmental of them, for they are doing what they feel they need to do.  The more you can stay unattached to all of this, the more your vibration will continue to be rising and remain in higher state here. 

Also know that as your vibrations are higher as well, and you are walking amongst those people, many of them will not even see you.  You will be invisible to them. 

Many of you have already noticed this, where you have been in various situations where those that are having these types of lower vibrations do not affect you.  They do not even notice you.  Or they may feel the energy from you as a positive energy, and it may be of assistance to them.   Not with you even knowing this, but you are having an effect.  As you walk out amongst the people, your light walks with you.  If you have that light, if you have that intention, if you at that point are in the higher vibration, then you are affecting them.  Much more than they are affecting you.  Okay?  Do you understand this?  Was this sufficient for you?

Guest:   I do.  Yes, thank you.

OWS:   Very good.  Would there be other questions here? 

Guest:   I have one.  Can you hear me?

OWS:   Yes, we hear you.

Guest:   I was just wondering if you could tell me if this is true that Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton and other people like that have been either already arrested, and/or even, I’ve heard from some of the insiders that they have already been executed, and they have clones acting in place of them.  I’m just wondering if that actually happened, or if it is something that the insiders want to happen.  

OWS:   Yes.  We understand.  Without getting into specifics, though, of individuals, as we are alway6s reticent to do here, we can tell you that there are those things which are happening largely behind the scenes as of yet.  Some of the intel that you are getting that is coming forward is very accurate, but it is not something that you can see with your physical eyes. 

Now, with your third eye, that is a different story.  In other words, you can see the truth.  You can feel the truth if what is coming forward.  If it feels right to you, then it largely is right for you. 

So those ones that you are hearing about in many respects, yes, some of them have been removed from the picture.  You have heard many times that the illusion is happening.  The movie that is being shown to the general public that they are still tending to buy into, as it is meant to from those of the Deep State, cabal.  So as they are continuing to provide this movie, provide this illusion, then those that are seeing this and experiencing this, go along with it.  But those of you do not. 

So what we are saying basically is, there is much truth in those things you are hearing, even to the point of doubles, and clones, and these types of things are very accurate.  And you will begin to see more and more of the evidence of this as these things come forward into the Light.  Those that are in the shadows must come forward into the Light.  Okay?

Guest:   Thank you.

OWS:   Yes. 

Guest:  I have a question, One Who Serves. 

OWS:   Yes?

Guest:   Okay, thank you.  The split between the awakened and the ones who are asleep seems to be getting much more profound and obvious, and it seems like things are rather insane currently on the planet, and I think that that’s understandable, since more Light is shining.  Can you tell us where we are as a collective right now?  Maybe even a percentage?  Does Source want a certain level of the awakened?  Or a percentage of the population before announcements are made to further awaken as we move into our ascension?  Where are we collectively? 

OWS:   What it seems like to us is you are trying to come in the back door on this, and not saying ‘timeframe.’ But now you are saying ‘percentage’ which is in some ways the same thing here. 

We cannot give timeframe.  We cannot give percentage.  But we can tell you that the awakening population is happening much, much more than you can possibly believe at this point.  Many, even though they do not show it, are saying “enough is enough.”  They are becoming fed up with all of the seeming nonsense that is happening.  But the seeming nonsense is important for the awakening.  So that is what you must come to understand is it is all purposeful.  Everything is happening for a reason, and certainly being orchestrated in that respect.  Because as more and more of the chaos happens, it even awakens more and more people. 

Such as the ‘border crisis’ that you are hearing about now more and more that has been caused because of the seeming movement of your presidency, and all of this.  So all of this again, is happening as it needs to, for a reason, and you just need to continue to let everything play out here.  Again, looking at it as an illusion. 

So do not become involved in it.  Do not become attached in any way.  And you will see, as you continue to move in that direction, in the direction of the Light and in the direction of the higher vibrational frequencies more and more, then the illusion will become more and more in the past for yourself.  Okay?

Guest:   Wonderful.  Thank you very much.

OIWS:   Yes. 

Guest:   I have a question.

OWS:   Yes?

Guest:  This is kind of a complex question for me.  I’m not going to say names or anything, because it kind of turns into asking a personal question and I don’t really mean it that way, just kind of general.  I was originally taught when I started waking up many years ago that our Higher Self was called our ‘Oversoul.’  With the Ancient Awakenings group, they call your Higher Self, basically your Higher Self. 

OWS:   Yes.

Guest:   And I know the name of my Higher Self, and it’s very similar to the name of Ashtar.  And I never heard of Ashtar when I got that name.  But again, I’m trying not to be personal.  I’m just trying to make an example.  Someone said that perhaps my Higher Self is an aspect of someone else.  It would be like my Higher Self’s Higher Self. 

OWS:   Yes.

Guest:   Is that possible? 

OWS:   Yes.

Guest:   How does that work? 

OWS:   Most definitely.  That is what you are speaking of here.  Remember, there are multi-dimensional selves, and there are many Higher Selves as well.  So if you look at it from the point of the beginning, you might say, where the monad, or what you would be calling possibly the ‘Overself’ here, what we will say in a sense put down a lower vibration of itself into a lower vibrational frequency.  And then that one put down a lower version of itself, or a lower aspect of itself, and so on and so on down.  And then you come to your Higher Self directly.  That is you.  But there are levels beyond that level of Higher Self.  Higher Self has a Higher Self.  That Higher Self has a Higher Self, etc., etc.  You are looking at billions and trillions and beyond that of years of existence in terms of creation here, you see?  Do you understand?

Guest:   Right. So it goes all the way back to Source?

OWS:   Yes.  Yes. 

Guest:   That’s how that works.  Eventually we return to Source.

OWS:   Yes. 

Guest:   Okay. 

OWS:   Exactly.  Yes.

Guest:   Well thank you. 

OWS:   Yes. 

Guest:   That’s all for me.  I appreciate it.  You answered my question.

OWS:   We give you something here:  you have come from the ethers and moved into the stars, and are moving now from the stars back to the ethers. 

Guest:   Oh, okay. 

OWS:   Yes.

Guest:   Thank you.

OWS:   Would there be other questions here?

Guest:   Hello.  Can you hear me?

OWS:   Yes.

Guest:   Hi.  Thank you.  Is there a suggestion that you have for us, some kind of tool that we can do in order to clear our mental body so we can have contact with our Higher Self or I AM presence?  And the second part of that question:  would it be possible to overdo the clearing work and kind of throw off the nervous system?  Is that a possibility?  Because I felt that I have done that, but I’m not sure if that is a possibility. 

OWS:   I did not understand the second part of your question.

Guest:   The second part is, is it possible to overdo the clearing work and, as a result, overthrow the nervous system of the person? 

OWS:   Are you asking if the energies that are coming into the planet can affect your nervous system?

Guest:   No.  I am going to rephrase it, maybe that will be clearer.  Sometimes I feel that I overdo my clearing work, like releasing resistance.

OWS:   That hurts your nervous system.  Yes.  Now we understand.  And we give you this:  there are those that attempt to take heaven by storm.  And we would not suggest that you do that, because that can have detrimental effects to your nervous system, as you are saying. 

One example is working with the Kundalini energy.  And working with the Kundalini energy without the proper guidance and tools as you have said here to be used.  If you do that, then you are literally playing with fire here, which can consume you.  Or in your understanding here, can affect your nervous system.  And has many times, where people have attempted to raise their Kundalini energy before it’s time, before they have done the necessary work before that.  You See?  And that can certainly affect the nervous system.  Okay?

Guest:   Okay.  So that is possible to overdo it.  Okay.

OWS:   What you need to do when you are working in this way is be gentle.  Go about it gently.  Do not overdo it.  One instance is spinning.  If you spin again, and again, and again, and again, and on and on and on, and keep spinning, that would not be very effective for you.  But if you do it little bit by little bit, and increase it over a period of time, that would be very helpful.  Too much, too fast can lead to detrimental effects.

Guest:   Okay.  Because I wasn’t sure if I was overdoing it.  I was just doing it, but I noticed that my ascension symptoms were really increasing, and that came to my realization that I was overthrowing the nervous system. 

And the first part of the question:  Is there a suggestion or a tool that we can use to clear our mental body to allow contact with the I Am Presence/Higher Self? 

OWS:   Everything that you are doing or have been working on, such as these guided meditations that we do with you, is all about connecting, as you are saying with your Higher God Self with connecting your various bodies together, your physical, your astral, etheric, your mental body, all of this are processed.  So you are already doing it. 

Now:  there are those things you can do, such as the working with crystals, if you have an inclination for that.  You can utilize crystals to also help you.  But it would be important for you to gain guidance as to how to work with those crystals.  That is one aspect. 

There are other ways, and we would suggest that you do some research on this topic, because there is much information that you can find on this. 

Guest:   Great.  Thank you very much.   Namaste.

OWS:   Okay.   Would there be any other question?  We need to release channel here shortly. 

Guest:   I have a quick question.

OWS:   Yes?

Guest:   I just wanted to ask you lately of more effects of body aches and internal aches kinds of feelings.  Are these due to increase in energy?

OWS:   Absolutely.  There is no question about that.  These are those ascension symptoms, and the effect of these energies that are coming in that are becoming stronger and stronger.  The more that you are able to stay within higher vibrational frequencies, the less that these will affect you, such as your nervous system, and these things that are creating these various symptoms that you are speaking of.  But also understand that as these symptoms are happening, know that they are part of the process.  Now if it is something that you feel needs to receive a check-up on, in terms of to go to a medical professional or something of this nature, then you would need to do so.  But for the most part, you would not need to do that, because these are symptomatic of the ascension process here.  Okay?

Guest:   Thank you, thank you.

OWS:   Yes.  We are ready for your e-mail question.  We know there is one here, yes.

Guest:   Yes, One Who Serves.  Thank you.  The question is about the Evergreen ship that is currently stuck in the Suez Canal.  The person wonders who was really behind it, who is in the ship, and how will this all work out and unfold.  Thank you. 

OWS:   What we can tell you is not a whole lot here, because you are receiving information, various intel, as you use that word here.  Not all of this, but some of this, is accurate.  And we would not want to spoil the surprise that is coming as a result of this. 

So this is what you might call a major domino effect that is beginning a process here.  Not a process in terms of moving toward The Event.  But a domino that is about to fall that will lead to several others that are coming after this.  It is all part of the process.  We cannot tell you exactly again, what it is, or who is behind it.  Although if you look into this and follow some of that that’s coming forward here in terms of understanding about this, then you will begin to know, yes, who is behind it, what is happening, and what is the intended result from this.  Okay? 

Guest:   Yes, thank you. 

OWS:   We are done for the time here.  As always, we appreciate your willingness to come together each and every week here.  Because as you do that, you keep adding to your vibration, keep increasing your vibration, even if it only during this time.  Notice how your vibration immensely increased during this time you come together each Sunday here.  And it is important that you continue to do so, because you are approaching, we will say here, approaching a grand moment that is coming very fast here.  That is all we can say on that. 

Shanti.  Peace be with you.  Be the one.  

21.03.21 – What You Do, Creates a Relevancy for others

Hear | YouTube

SAINT GERMAIN (Channeled by James McConnell)

I am your Saint Germain. I am here to continue to carry on, carry on what was started–not years ago, but lifetimes ago, here on this planet with all of you.

All of you that have been working, moving forward, forward in consciousness lifetime after lifetime, and coming in the next lifetime, and remembering little bits here and there, but to the point in this lifetime you are reaching the end. The end of this era, and the beginning of the next. The beginning of the New Golden Age of Gaia. The Golden Age of Gaia that you will participate in, are participating in. You are bringing this about. And all of you need to understand that you are here together to do this.

Yes, you are individuals, certainly. You have your own individual lives, your own individual needs, and wants, and desires. But you also know that you are part of the collective. You are part of the group consciousness, the collective consciousness of this planet. You have your levels, or your circles, as was mentioned earlier, of your group consciousness that expands further and further out.

But as you continue to allow your consciousness to spread to include more and more of the collective consciousness of this planet, then you move closer and closer to your own ascension. For in order to ascend, you need to move out of the reality of just you, and take on the understanding and the knowing of what is beyond you. Of all that is. All that is.

When you have moved to that level of consciousness, then you are ready to fully let go of all of the various attachments that have held you down. When you have realized the full level of consciousness that you are, that you are as the collective you, that includes all of the multidimensional selves of you, as well as all of the connection with the consciousness of the entire planet, and even the solar system. And you can even go beyond that as you take on the collective consciousness of the galaxy, and so on.

Someone mentioned earlier about the consciousness of Gaia. The immense consciousness of Gaia. And yes, she has an immense consciousness. Think about the immense consciousness of the Solar Logos of this solar system, and then the consciousness of the galactic consciousness, and beyond that, and beyond that, and so on.

You begin then to understand the unification of The One that you all are. And yes, this is very esoteric as an understanding. But your three-dimensional consciousness cannot understand this. But you are no longer just in your three-dimensional consciousness.

Many of you, if not all of you, have moved out from time to time, from moment to moment, you have moved out of that three-dimensional consciousness. And you have taken on the higher consciousness of not only yourself, but those that are around you, and those animals that are around you and part of your life, and the plant life that is around you, as you move out into nature and you begin to understand how everything is part of the greater plan. All of the trees, and the plants, and the flowers: they all understand that they are a part of a greater plan. They all know this. Within their consciousness, they know this. The animals themselves know this, that they are a part of the greater plan in motion, greater level of consciousness beyond them.

It is humanity that has to come to this understanding that you are all a part of a greater plan, a greater plan that is constantly in motion. Constantly shifting and changing. And this is the reason why you are not seeing the results that you all want to see. You are not seeing what you have been dreaming about and idealizing about yet.

But even though you have not seen it, it does not mean it is not happening. It is just as your understanding of a tree in a forest that falls and makes no noise. Does that mean it did not fall? Or, the other way of looking at that is if a tree that falls and you do not know if, but does that mean it didn’t make a noise? You can look at it either way. It is understanding the full level of consciousness that you all are, and a part of the greater consciousness.

And that is this entire fight is about. This fight for freedom is about realizing that you are a part of a greater whole.

Your President Trump was attempting to bring that to you to make you understand that this is America, where he says, “Make America Great Again.”

But the next part of that goes beyond America. It goes to the entire planet, the world. Make the world great again. That will be the next part of this. Make the planet great again. For it is encompassing the full level of your being which is beyond just this small reality that you find yourselves in. This reality, yes, that you are creating for yourselves, but the reality that is beyond you is so much greater. And you are all moving toward becoming a part of that as you realize the consciousness that is beyond you. Beyond you, and yet connected to you at all times. This is the universal consciousness. Universal source consciousness.

All of you need to continue to be aware of everything that is happening, but do not become involved in what is happening. Except for the point or the times when you can make a difference.

Your forefathers of this country made a difference because they stepped outside of themselves and realized the greater consciousness. They realized the greater consciousness beyond themselves, and realized they needed to fight for something, to reach out for something beyond themselves. And all of you now are in that process.

But you are not being asked to sign a new Declaration of Independence. You are not asked to put your lives on the line. Some are. But most of you are not being asked to do that. That is not a part of your mission.

But it is a part of your mission to reach out. To reach out and assist others wherever you can. But to follow your own ideal as you do so. Do not capitulate. Do not give in to that programming that continues to come into this planet, that continues to find fruition throughout the planet through the people of the planet, as those of the forces of darkness continue to try to hold on. To hold on to their very lives. Everything that they have known. But they must release. They must release that, and they are being prompted to release that in one way or another. And you know of that which I speak of here. If they will not capitulate to the Forces of Light, then they will be consumed by those Forces of Light.

And you all, you all are in those Forces of Light. You are already a part of that. You are the Boots on the Ground. You are the Wayshowers. And I ask you now, as Saint Germain, and all of the rest of the Ascended Masters, and all of the Galactics, and Agarthans that are working with you: they ask you now to step out, to step out on your knowings, your beliefs, your truths, and follow those truths wherever they may lead you. Because if they are indeed the truth, then it will lead you in the direction that you need to follow.

You have heard many, many times ‘believe in yourselves,’ and that is what this is all about now. This fight that is going on between the different sides. It is all about believing in yourselves and following your own ideal, following your own road, your own path. For some have called it ‘the road less traveled.’ Yes. Follow that path. For that is the path that is leading you back to your Higher God Self, and to your full ascension.

I am Saint Germain, and I leave you now in peace and love.

And that the Violet Flame has been gifted back to you to assist you as a tool to continue to move beyond the old programming and take on the new programming that you are creating for yourselves.

ONE WHO SERVES (Channeled by James McConnell)

Om, mani, padme, hum; om, mani, padme, hum; hum, hum. Greetings to you! One Who Serves here. Shoshanna here.

And was that a wonderful message, or not here! We were there going, “Wow! Wow!” What wonderful words!

What wonderful inspiration is coming not only from Saint Germain, yes that was him speaking, but he has the calling, or the backing, if you will, those that are assisting him to bring these wonderful messages to you.

But it is more than just a message, it is about life itself. It is about you becoming The One. As we say many times, “Be the One.” You need to do that. You need to become The One.

And if you follow these words, these messages that we have been giving you for some time, you will move to that point where you are ready to move through and fully through your ascension.

That is what this is all about: preparing you for this, getting you ready, moving you through it, and then asking you to turn around. Not do it all over again—certainly, we would never ask for that. But to come back and assist those who are struggling behind. Just as at times you have struggled. You understand that, so you can assist them in their struggles as well.

We are ready for your questions if you have them. You can unmute your phones now and ask your questions.

Guest: Yes, Dear Ones. We were talking earlier in our conversation about a particular website regarding bringing the power of monetary back to the people. And we had been on two sides of the issue of whether to jump on board with this or not. So one question that came up is, how do we know, what is our human programming, like our 3-D programming that is still lingering around that tells us to do something or not do something, and what is our actual inner knowing? How do we distinguish the difference between that?

OWS: The way we will answer this is not going directly to that website, as you are saying, but to understand what ‘go with the flow’ means. When we have been saying ‘go with the flow,’ that is exactly what we are asking you to do. To let go, and let yourself be guided in whatever way that is. If guidance is telling you get involved, then get involved. If guidance is telling you that, no, this is not something for you, then stay away from it. That is going with the flow, you see? Following your inner guidance, your intuition. That small wee voice within yourself that is telling you one thing or another to do.

Now, with that understanding, if one just sits back and does nothing, then nothing gets done. That is what you also have to understand. If those that were there to sign the Declaration of Independence, if they had not been encouraged to sign their names to it, then what would you have had? You would not have had the America, the United States for America. You would not have had that. It would not have happened. You would not have the Bill of Rights. You would not have the freedom that this country has had for quite some time now. You would not have any of this if they had just sat back and not followed their guidance.

But they did follow their guidance. And they did create a new world. A new level of consciousness that could be added upon and added upon.

But, of course, as human nature tends to go, those that would manipulate, and take things on for themselves, and be greedy, and create wars, and all of this, took sway. They were able to begin to control things.

But that is changing now, turning around as you know it, and it is because of those of you, the Boots on the Ground, the Wayshowers, that are a major part of this changeover that is happening right now as we speak.

There are so many things that are going on behind the scenes. You get glimpses of it here and there. Someone comes out and says this and that. And you wonder about it. And you say, “well, that is not what we’re hearing from this source over here, so this new source must not be true.” But you have to understand that people are wherever they are, and they’re bringing the truth through as they are able to do. Just as you are doing yourselves. As you move through your daily lives and follow your guidance, or do not follow your guidance, you see?

So in a round-about way we are saying to again, go with the flow. To be yourselves, whatever that might be, and follow that inner guidance. If it says to do it, do it. If it says to not do it, don’t do it. That is what we would say to you. Shoshanna?

Shoshanna: (JoAnna’s Higher Self, channeled by JoAnna McConnell)

We agree. We will add, if we may.

Guest: Yes, please.

Shoshanna: We will ask a question of you, if we may. Our question is, do you distinguish between your beliefs and your guidance? Do you do that?

Guest: Well, I attempt to. I don’t know that I’m always 100%. Let me think. I think for the most part, I do.

Shoshanna: Then we will add that. The One Who Serves has given the answer, you see. But we will add that that is all that is ever necessary.

That the Higher Consciousness of the being attempts to manifest itself through the understanding that the being has about itself. You see, that is all it is. What you do is only relevant to you. And what you do, creates a relevancy for others, you see. So you must follow what you are guided to do without concern of what others would do.

The thing that stops humans from moving forward is thinking about what others think. So you must give that up. You must do what you must do, because you wish to do it, not because what another says. Namaste.

OWS: Yes. And we give example here of your Wright Brothers. If they had listened to those around them that flight was impossible, would they have gone ahead and created flight with the understanding that it is possible, you see?

There are many, many occasions and occurrences of this that have happened in your history, where one comes up with an idea and they want to put that idea into motion. But others around them tell them, “no, that is impossible, you cannot possibly do that.” So then they do not do it. But then there are many occurrences where they do do it. And then you have your various inventions that have happened over the last hundreds or so of years here, and one right after another and after another.

So, again, go with the flow. Go with your guidance. Whatever it might be. So that is our answer for you.

Guest: Could I say one more thing?

OWS: Yes.

Guest: Okay. So I think although I do now days determine what is my guidance, I think I am thinking back in the days when I was just blindly doing whatever the programming told me to do, and I didn’t always know what was my guidance and what was the programming. So I guess that’s what I was looking for, like some kind of an idea of where we would see the boundary between those two things.

OWS: You cannot see it. You cannot see it with your physical eyes. You must utilize your third eye and your heart center, especially your high heart center now to make that connection. The heart-mind connection here, and bring it together. And then you will have your answer as to the next step, and the next step, and so on and so on, you see?

Guest: Yes. Thank you.

OWS: Yes. Very good. Are there other questions here?

Guest: I have a question, One Who Serves and Shoshanna.

OWS: Yes?

Guest: President Trump was interviewed on a Fox news show last week. He was asked a question about vaccines, and he stated that everyone should get the vaccine. And I wanted to know if he has been pressured by the cabal, or if there are some other insights on why he would say that.

OWS: What we will tell you is things are not as they appear to be. That is all we can say on that at this point. You can use your own guidance and inner knowing to take it beyond that. So many things are happening that are still yet behind the scenes that are not coming out to certainly the general public, or even for yourselves that are the awakened ones. Much is happening. But you are getting the glimpses here and there of those things which are occurring and are about to occur. So understand that even this one, President Trump, and we use the term ‘president,’ not in past terminology, but in current and future terminology, okay? And that may give you some hint here. Shoshanna, do you have anything to add here?

Shoshanna: We cannot add to this.

OWS: Very good. Was this sufficient for an answer for you?

Guest: Well yes, mostly. I will not get the vaccine, no matter what President Trump would say. I just was very confused about why he would encourage people to get this toxic vaccine. That was my confusion.

OWS: Yes. You have to understand that he is in a position where he needs to play both sides here somewhat. And that is what he is doing until he no longer has to do that.

Guest: That’s helpful. Okay. Thank you.

OWS: Yes. And we would suggest, just as you have brought this up, do not take the vaccine. Those of you that are the awakened ones, even though it might not have harm for you, there is no reason for you to do it.

Guest: Never, never, never. Nope.

OWS: Yep.

Guest: Thank you.

OWS: Would there be other questions here?

Guest: Yes, please.

OWS: Yes?

Guest: Hello. I have a very curious mind, so I want to know if those who have taken the series of vaccines, because it is said that we’ve heard that it affects their DNA, can those people be controlled and manipulated with their DNA? My basic concern is for those practitioners who are in the health field doing energy work—doctors, nurses, chiropractors—if they can be influenced by outside forces through their DNA to do harm to people?

Guest: First of all, we would say to you that your front-line workers, those that are the health care workers, what are they saying about this? They are saying, “we are not going to take this vaccine.” Because they understand more than the general public knows about this. They know what goes into these. They know that this is an experiment at this point. It is not a proven understanding that it can be beneficial or helpful to the majority of the population.

So you have to understand that there is so much more that is going on here. Shoshanna, do you have anything that you can share?

Shoshanna: We will just simply offer, may we offer our perspective on this, Dear Sister?

Guest: Yes.

Shoshanna: Dear Sister, you must continue to resist. You must continue to be who you are as a whole complete being and, as you understand what is going on here, you must continue to resist capitulating, you see. That is all you can do. It is not relevant at this point to try to change the minds of those that have capitulated. You cannot do that. You must stand fast in a steadfast way to your morality and your thoughts of who you are, and your thoughts of uplifting humanity through who you are. That is all you can do. That is what you must focus on. And that is what all must focus on. Does this make sense to you, Dear Sister?

Guest: Somewhat. But I feel like my question has not been answered for any outside manipulation for those who have taken the vaccine. And I made a choice to change practitioners, my chiropractor, because the whole office had been vaccinated and I felt very uncomfortable with that, so I’ve made a change, and have chosen another practitioner who chose not to take the vaccine, the whole office. So that is where I’m coming from.

Shoshanna: Dear Sister. May we continue, Dear Sister?

Guest: of course, Darling.

Shoshanna: Dear Sister, you must understand that we did answer your question. We have answered it broadly, you see. We are telling you that you must do what you need to do to retain your own authenticity to be who you are irrespective of what others are doing, and that is what you are doing, you see. You cannot change the minds of those that have capitulated. You cannot your chiropractor’s mind. You cannot change those that have been influenced. You can only change who you are, you see. And through changing who you are, you influence others in that respect. So we are answering in that way, because it seems that you have done what you need to do to move in a direction that supports your own morality. That is what we have to say to you. Namaste.

Guest: Namaste.

OWS: And we also add here, as we have said many times, that those that are…(We apologize here, we are losing the thought process connection here. We need to get it back here. We apologize for that. There are times when there are disconnects here with the one that is the channel and those of us that bring the messages through.)

So there are so many things. You have to understand that people have their own path. They have their own choices that they make in their lives that lead them on the certain path that they have chosen. And as you have heard before, some are choosing the path to exit the planet in this respect. It may not happen immediately when they first take these injections, but it can happen over a period of time, as you have heard.

Many have said your DNA is affected here and changed as a result of this, and this is accurate. But it does not have to be completely the picture here. It is controlled by consciousness. So if one suddenly was able to become awakened and raised their consciousness, then whatever they had taken previously would not have the affect that it would have if they had not raised their consciousness and gone ahead with their exit plan to leave in the death process here.

So understand that there are many who have chosen this route at this point. But it could change as a result of consciousness changing on the planet itself as things continue to move forward here.

But those of you that are the Wayshowers: show the way. Do not capitulate. Do not give in. Continue to fight for your freedom, for your rights. Because you have that sovereign right within your being to do so. Okay?

Guest: Thank you.

OWS: Would there be any other questions here?

Guest: Yes. I have a question relating to something that I spoke of a few weeks ago. I had had an experience where I was in Inner Earth with a great crystal. And I had heard since a couple of channelings, one through Michael Love, the Pleiadian message when he spoke of 13 Atlantean great crystals, and another one today by Blossom Goodchild when she spoke of monoliths. Well, in my personal experience, I have now seen a second great crystal emerge on the western coast of the United States. And I’m now wondering if these great crystals are the monoliths that have been spoken about by several channels, and it is now with the raising of the vibration that this group does, and other groups around the world, that these monoliths, these great crystals will then have a high enough vibration to show themselves, lower their vibration from whatever dimension they are on, so that the world will see them to harmonize the planet to continue the Great Awakening. Thank you.

OWS: They are not one in the same, because these great crystals, as you are saying, have been here for a very long time—thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of years.

The monoliths are what are beginning to appear based on those of the Galactics that are putting them here, you see? But there is a connection where they will connect one with the other. So these great crystals will be reactivated, we will say here, by these monoliths as they are pronounced to the world when the time comes. Okay? Shoshanna, do you have anything to add?

Shoshanna: We will share here. May we share, Dear Sister?

Guest: Yes, please.

Shoshanna: Dear Sister, you are greatly related to the crystal energy. You are greatly related to these things because you have in the past and in other lifetimes used these energies. And that is why this is being revealed to you, Dear Sister.

We will tell you that the combination of the pyramids, of the monoliths, and of the great crystalline energy that is emanated from these great crystals is the energy required that is being vibrated around the planet to create the awakening to move forward to The Event. That is what is going on, and you are participating in this through your meditations.

And as we recall, you have had the experience of moving forward one great crystal and manipulating that energy for the greater good and upliftment of humanity, and you must continue to do that.

As there are many crystal workers on the planet that really are not completely aware of how important they are, and they are important to the energy of the planet to uplift the energy and vibration to a level that allows humanity to move forward in consciousness. Namaste.

Guest: Thank you. So is this part of like a transistor, you know, like a receiving end, and then receiving from the Galactics, and so these crystals within the planet is the other half of the receiving transmission, is that what I’m seeing?

OWS: From a three-dimensional understanding, yes. But it is far beyond this. We cannot tell you, because you could not comprehend it at that level at this point. But you can in your meditation. You would be able to go into that level of consciousness that would bring this understanding to you. So that question you have just asked? Simply ask it within yourself the next time you have that opportunity, and let consciousness itself give you the answer.

Shoshanna: We wish to share.

OWS: Yes.

Shoshanna: We wish to continue to share on this. May we continue, Dear Sister?

Guest: Yes, please.

Shoshanna: Dear Sister, the third-dimensional consciousness of humanity is using crystals in everything. They use crystals in computes. They use crystals in their watches. They use crystals in their equipment, and the crystalline energy runs that equipment, you see. It creates the electricity for that equipment to participate in functioning, you see. So can you imagine a great crystal that emerges, the amount of energy and vibration that it creates for the world, you see. Do you understand the point of view we are making here?

Guest: Absolutely. Yes I do, and thank you very much.

Shoshanna: Namaste.

Guest: Namaste.

OWS: Very good. Are there any further questions, here before we release channel? Nothing further? Then we take your e-mail question.

Guest: Yes, thank you. The question is, when the Starseeds reconnect their DNA, will they be able to age-regress themselves?

OWS: That is a very difficult question to answer at this point. But understand, as your DNA is reconnected (and we use that term purposefully, reconnected) back to what it was originally, or at least coming closer to that, then you will have the capability to both connect with your Higher God Self, and in connecting with your Higher God Self, you have now moved through the ascension more fully here. And once you are able to do that, then you would be able to change your body into whatever you want it to be. But please understand that there will be likely a transition period first where you will be able in your physical body to enter those crystalline healing chambers and also what you call the ‘med-beds’ at this point now, the beginnings of this. And when you are able to do that, there is that rejuvenation process within that that will be able to reverse the aging process to whatever you want it to be.

So there are two parts to this. One is in the technology to be able to use here. The other is in technology also, but it is consciousness technology, where you will be able to direct it yourself without the use of a device of any kind here, you see? Shoshanna, do you have anything to add here?

Shoshanna: We will share on this. What we will share is that when the physical body does what’s called the reconnected DNA, then it is a duplicate of the etheric body, you see. It becomes the duplication of the etheric body in the physical. So age is inconsequential at this point. Aging doesn’t exit, you see. Because aging only exists in the third-dimensional reality so it will not be a concern. Namaste.

OWS: Very good.

Then we are done for the time. Do you have parting message, Shoshanna?

Shoshanna: We will just say that all must remain true to themselves. They must remain true to their own ideologies here. They must remain true to who they are, you see. Without concern for other influences. If a being becomes completely authentic, there is no concern for anything, you see. Namaste.

OWS: Very good. And we add to that, as Shoshanna has said, trust in yourself, be true to yourself certainly.

But also, and as we have said many times and as you have heard many times from different sources: continue to trust in the plan, because the plan is unbreakable. It cannot be broken. It can be changed here and there and shifted and altered here and there, but the fullness of the plan cannot be changed.

Shoshanna: We wish to share one other thing, you see.

OWS: Yes.

Shoshanna: We must share that the plan was created in concert with who you are, you see. The plan is part of your plan, even though you may not know the details, or you may not understand the process, or you may not be able to see the future. This is your plan. You created it with The Divine, you see, for the upliftment of this planet and all others. Namaste.

OWS: Very good, and shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one.

21.03.14 – Everything you are watching on your internet, on your televisions, everything you are hearing is largely a part of this illusion.

Hear | YouTube

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL (Channeled by James McConnell)

I am Archangel Michael. And I am here at this time to continue to assist you in working through everything that is occurring in your lives now as you focus more and more as how things are changing with your loved ones, your surroundings, everything that is happening to move you to a point where you are needing to become more and more unattached to everything that is yet a 3-D illusion of this third-dimensional paradigm that is, indeed, an illusion.

Everything you are watching on your internet, on your televisions, everything you are hearing is largely a part of this illusion. It is a show or a movie, as you have heard many times, being played out in front of you.

But the whole reason for this is not to bring grief, certainly not to bring fear, but to be a part of this Great Plan which is bringing you closer and closer to move through this transition that you are in, and move through your ascension process. As you are, indeed, in that first wave of ascension right now.

Have you ascended? No. If you feel an attachment of any kind, you have not ascended.

And as your discussion was earlier about your loved ones and those that may or may not be exiting as a result of those choices they are making, you do not need to be concerned about them. They have their own life path. They have their own soul path to follow. And they are following that, just as you are following yours.

You must come to understand that more and more that you have no control. No control at all. Just as I have no control. Sananda has no control. Saint Germain has no control. The One Who Serves … on and on. No one of us has any control over any of you, nor would we even want to begin to have control. That is a third-dimensional illusionary process.

Those that want to have control, they want to control the entire planet. They want to control the world. How much folly is that? But they are not to be allowed to do so.

You have heard many, many times, the Light has already won. And, indeed, in has. In the higher dimensional frequencies, it has already won. It has already happened. You have already had the Solar Flash in the higher dimensions. But it has not filtered down yet. And you have heard it will not be in the third dimension, and it will not be. It cannot be. For if the Solar Flash were to happen now in your third-dimensional illusion with the veil still up, you would not survive. Most, if not all of you, and the Lightworking Community included, would not survive it. This is why it had not yet happened.

But rest assured that when it does happen, you will be ready for it. And the consciousness of mankind will have progressed enough. For there are those things in the works now that are bringing about this Great Awakening. This Great Awakening is leading to higher consciousness, higher vibrations, and a movement out of the third-dimensional illusion, a movement to bring the veil down. And when this happens, the Solar Flash will also happen.

Will it take a lifetime? No. Will it take many years? Most likely not. But it could take months, and yes, even years for this to occur. But again, it is all on what you call ‘God’s time.’ Not your time. It is all in Divine timing. Even I, Archangel Michael, I do not know the timing for this. And if I did, I wouldn’t be allowed to tell you.

Because you must live it. You must live your lives day by day, moment by moment. But that is what you came here to do. You came here to live. You came here to express, express life. You came here to anchor the Light. That is what you are all doing to one degree or another.

It is true: it is not up to you to manipulate or to help to change anyone’s soul path. It is their soul path. It is your soul path.

As you move closer and closer on your soul path to coming back, and I say specifically “coming back” to remember who you are, and to remember the connection to your Higher God Self, when you have fully realized that, and you have let go of all of the attachments that hold you to this third-dimensional illusion yet still, then you will have ascended into and even beyond, at times, the fifth-dimensional frequency.

If you want to, if you wish to, call upon me, Archangel Michael, that I would come with my Flaming Blue Sword of Truth and sever any remaining psychic ties that still may be holding you down to this third-dimensional illusion. So that you might once and for all move beyond this game, end this game for yourselves, and move into those higher vibrational frequencies for good, not to keep going back and forth.

Unless you wish to do that. And many of you, as you have heard, will wish to do that. Once you have ascended, you will want to come back, many of you. Come back and assist those loved ones that are still lagging behind, and help them to cross the finish line, just as you will have.

I am Archangel Michael, and I leave you now in peace, and love.

And know that I, and many, many of us, and you know of who and whom I speak of here, all the ones that you call upon—we are always here, just a whisper away. Just ask, and we will be with you.

Peace and love be with all of you. Blessings.

ONE WHO SERVES (Channeled by James McConnell)

Om, mani, padme, hum; om, mani, padme, hum, hum, hum. Greetings to you!

One Who Serves here. Shoshanna here. And we are ready to continue moving on and keeping on, and all of those things that you say.

Because you may not really understand this, but this is a wonderful time that you are in. This is a chosen time that you are in. You chose to be here, and you are here! You volunteered to be here, and you are here as volunteers. And we know, and you have said this many times, “But why did I volunteer? If I had known what was ahead, I wouldn’t have volunteered for this.”

But we have said many times, “yes you would have.” Because of who you are. You are all Ascended Masters! Ascended Ones! You have ascended before. You descended, if you will, to these lower vibrations to be a part of this expression here on this planet in this solar system. You came in purposefully to do this.

And, you are coming to the end of all of this. You are finally reaching the crescendo, the finish line, whatever you want to call it. And coming closer and closer to being reach to step off of that precipice that we spoke of quite some time ago. As you know now, the ‘precipice’ is ascension.

We are ready for your questions if you have them. You can unmute your phones now, and we can entertain. And we use that term purposefully here because this is entertainment to us. We enjoy being of assistance to all of you. This is what we are here for. This is what we volunteered to do here. And we do this to the best that we possibly can.

Do we have all the answers? No. We will be the first to say we do not have all the answers. And we certainly do not have answers as to timing and knowing exactly when and how things are going to transpire here. We just know they are going to transpire. Okay?

We are ready for your questions.

Guest: Hi, can you hear me?

OWS: Yes, we hear you.

Guest: Good. I’m not sure how to actually ask this question, but yesterday I was watching a video through Blossom Goodchild, and she channels the Federation of Light. She said something about there are five phases to go though the ascension, and, according to the Federation of Light, we haven’t even entered into Phase 2 yet. And I just happened to find an image on a thing called Telegram with Juan O’Savin, and it shows give levels of things that can happen. I’m just wondering if this thing that I am looking at is what is gong to be exposed too, and if this has anything to do with the five phases that they were talking about.

OWS: As we understand it, we are looking at two different concepts here.

One is the five phases of ascension as you are saying, and that you have not yet entered the second phase, as has come through various sources, we will say here. And that is quite correct here, as we are finding it. But also understand that as you are ready to move into that second phase, and third phase, and so on, looking at it in that respect, then we would suggest, though, that you do not focus on phase, after phase, after phase. Look at it as a whole here. Because once that second phase begins, the others will follow one right after another. And there will not be the rather large timeframe that it took to go from first phase to second here, okay? That is hopefully an understanding of those five phases.

As to the other thing you are saying about five phases here, or five steps, you might say, that are being depicted, this is a little different here in terms of this is Gaia’s things that possibly can happen through these stages, you see? Steps within the stages themselves. So that is how it is somewhat separate here, okay? Do you understand this?

Guest: Vaguely.

OWS: Vaguely? Shoshanna, can you add to this? May give a different perspective?

Shoshanna: We can share. But we wish to share a perspective that does not speak of stages.

OWS: Very good.

Shoshanna: May we share, Dear Brother?

Guest: Of course. And just to let you know, you never have to ask me. The answer will always be ‘yes.’

Shoshanna: Dear Brother, it is within our directional instructions through Divine Dispensation to ask permission. That is what we have been given, you see. So we will always ask. But we thank you for offering the potential not to ask, but we must ask.

Guest: Affirmative.

So Dear Brother, there are many perspectives on ascension from many different councils and views and understandings. And the focus is to help the human to move forward, you see. So you will be given through many different channels and many different sources different perspectives. There are as many perspectives as there are stars in the sky, you see.

But we will tell you our perspective on ascension: Ascension is divine consciousnesses. It is when you as a being have risen above attachments, materiality, fear, frustration, misunderstanding, and you have moved past all the trappings that keep you here. The trappings can be summed up by the word ‘attachment,’ you see.

Attachment is based in fear. If a being has no fear, a being can go anywhere in consciousness in the universe, you see. It is fear that changes everything. And if you examine the third-dimensional consciousness that is pervasive here now, there is a good program running! That is with these people locked up, you see.

So we will tell you that ascension is simply consciousness that has superseded the reality that you live in now, and has moved beyond attachment, which is very favorable. Namaste.

OWS: Very good. Then are we finished with this question? We can move onto the next question.

Guest: Thank you.

Shoshanna: Dear Brother, does this help you?

Guest: Moderately. I think it’s opening my mind to alternate realities and just to think that removing fear will be moving to ascension.

Shoshanna: Dear Brother, that is everything. And it is not so much to rid yourself of fear, it is to move toward neutrality. Namaste.

OWS: One thing that the Yeshua gave through this one, James, that we speak through now some time ago was this statement: “Let go of fear, and you let go of all pain and suffering.” So think about that. Contemplate on that. Fear leads to pain and suffering. The absence of fear is love. And then with unconditional love, there is no pain and suffering.

Guest: Thank you very much.

OWS: Yes. Would there be other questions now?

Guest: I have a question.

OWS: Yes?

Guest: When Archangel Michael was talking, he said that once we lost or got rid of our attachments, let go of our attachments, then we might ultimately end up deciding to come back and help those behind us. I am wondering what would the motivation be to do that if we didn’t have any attachment? And maybe I just don’t understand one of the definitions here. But there seems to be a contradiction.

OWS: It would be the same motivation that you had when you volunteered to come here long, long ago. It would be the same motivation. It would be the same service to others–which is not an attachment, please understand that—it is a universal law. And you abide by that universal law. And when you have ascended, and you have become an ascended one, then at that point you will abide fully by this universal law as service to others, and you will once again have that option, a choice to make, to be able to come back.

Now, when we say come back, it is not coming back into the third-dimensional illusion, please understand that. It is coming back an Ascended One, you see? Do you understand the difference here?

Guest: Well that does make a difference. So it’s not based on a third-dimensional concern for others or concern for family members, it’s a more universal kind of feeling, is that correct?

OWS: Yes.

Guest: Okay. That helps me very much.

OWS: It is you coming back as an Ascended Master to be of guidance, just as we are doing here. Only you would be able to come back in physical form if you wish and appear to them in physical form.

Guest: Okay, so it wouldn’t be just more specifically for people we know now or care about now—that would be one of the attachments that we’ve disconnected from.

OWS: That is correct. It would be as a trip to others, others being the collective others.

Guest: Collective. Wonderful. Thank you, that helps so much.

OWS: Yes. Shoshanna? Do you have other perspective?

Shoshanna: We agree.

OWS: Yes. Very good. Very good, then we move on. Next question?

Guest: I have a question.

OWS: Yes?

Guest: My question is regarding the vaccine, and whether the vaccine affects in some way the soul itself as far as ascending and moving on, or is it just the physical?

OWS: A very good question, and one that we know some of you are concerned about at this time. And we will say to you the plan of those of the dark forces was much, much more than just a vaccine that would be administered to the public and alter their DNA at this point. Their plan was much, much more insidious. Your word, Shoshanna?

Shoshanna: Sinister.

OWS: Sinister. Yes, an even better word: sinister. Much more sinister. But also understand that that is not to be allowed.

Those of the Forces of Light, your Alliance, the Galactics that are a part of this Alliance, are not allowing this to happen. They are able to interfere to a point at this point now, as they have received a directive from the Universal God Source, Prime Creator if you will, to be able to interfere to a point at this time, and that is what is occurring. Just as they were able to alter the virus, your Coronus virus. They were able to alter that so it was not the deadly virus that they had intended it to be.

This was their program of eugenics: to depopulate the planet as much as they possibly could. And this was not allowed to be, nor will it be allowed to be.

And it will not affect the soul record and the soul path of those to continue on, so no concern there. But understand that their plan was very sinister and involved so much more.

They have been stopped, and they will continue to be stopped. They have been given a choice. When we say ‘they,’ we are talking about the forces of darkness, and those minions of those forces here on the planet. And you know of the names we speak of, we will not name names here. But they had a plan to do so much more.

And they have been given the opportunity, the choice, to be able to come to the Light, but they have refused. Up to this point, they have continued to refuse. So there will be nothing left for them, but to be absorbed by the Light. Okay?

Guest: Thank you very much.

Shoshanna: We wish to share.

OWS: Yes.

Shoshanna: Dear Sister, may we share? May we share, Dear Sister?

Guest: Yes, please.

Shoshanna: We will share a different or broader perspective here, if you wish. Do you wish for more on this matter, or are you satisfied?

Guest: Oh no, more is always better. Yeah, more please (laughs).

Shoshanna: Dear Sister, then we will share.

There would be a benefit to understanding the DNA of the body. The DNA of the body, of the physical, is biological. It instructs the biological entity in a particular direction based on memory that has accumulated over time, and that’s the DNA that carries the instructions to create the biological entity and to move it forward in physicality.

There is another aspect to DNA that is etheric. The etheric DNA that the Being Physical carries is intact. It’s completely intact. It carries Divinity. It is the Divine Source of the being. It has the instructions of Divinity, if we can possibly use that concept here.

So you see, when something interrupts a biological instruction, then the biological being is affected by that, but the etheric body is intact. And the etheric DNA remains over and above that which is biological, you see. So nothing can ever happen to the true being itself, you see, because the being itself can go past physicality into other bodies and carry with it the divinity that the DNA has instructed that being to become, you see.

So now, the soul is never affected when the biological being makes a decision that is innocent. You see, the biological being that requests to have a vaccination, as you call it, is not requesting that vaccination to destroy itself, but to enhance itself, and that is the thought process, you see. So it is innocent. It is naïve. And the soul is not affected by a naïve or innocent direction, you see. It is affected by evil, but it is not affected by innocence.

And ultimately, the soul is always seeking balance. Thousands, millions of lifetimes are lived to create balance, you see. And that is what it is seeking.

Is this helpful to you, Dear Sister?

Guest: Yes it is. Yes, thank you.

Shoshanna: Namaste.

Guest: Namaste.

OWS: We would add here to this, a wonderful explanation by Shoshanna. That the Divine blueprint in the etheric body, as she has given, is what is utilized when you move into those crystalline healing chambers or, if you will, your med-beds, that will be able to access that Divine blueprint and be able to bring back the body to what it originally was intended to be.

Shoshanna: Restoration.

OWS: Restore it, yes. Restore it. That is how this works. Okay?

Guest: Yes. Can I ask you another quick question?

OWS: Yes?

Guest: As far as the med-beds though, is it true they can’t assist someone that’s in 3D? They have to be on their spiritual journey? Or is that not true?

OWS: Not completely correct. It can. These beginning med-beds, if you will, are a part of the transition here. The crystalline healing chambers, though, is another story. They can only work with those that have moved their frequency up in that moment. So if one is able to raise their frequency in that moment, then they can enter this as well. But the med-beds, as they are being called, initially here, that will not necessarily be the final terminology that will be used. But they can be used in this transitionary period as well.

Shoshanna: May we add?

OWS: Yes, please.

Shoshanna: May we add, Dear Sister?

Guest: Yes, sure.

Shoshanna: Dear Sister, all are on a spiritual journey. They just may not recognize it, you see, or be awake to it. But all have come from the Source. From the Divine. They may have strayed far beyond this, but they are still on a journey back to the Divine. Whether that being is absorbed by the light or continues on as a great soul record, the journey continues as a spiritual journey, you see. So you may wish to incorporate that perspective in your thought process.

The other thing that we will say is that the so-called med-beds work with consciousness, you see. So you can have what you consider a third-dimensional being that is completely asleep, enter this med-bed if they wish, and they may desire with all their heart a healing, or others around them may desire and connect with them with all their hearts a healing for that being, and the consciousness will work with that instrument and bring about a healing, you see. Does this make sense to you, Dear Sister?

Guest: Yes, yes. Thank you.

Shoshanna: Namaste.

Guest: Namaste.

OWS: Very good. Are there any further questions?

Guest: Yes. I have one.

OWS: Yes?

Guest: Yes I have one. And I would also just say that I assume that works for whatever has been done to them, but for the vaccine as well. That whatever was done to them can be versed in that, right?

OWS: That is correct.

Guest: Okay good. So that answers that.

OWS: Hold Please: it must be something that they wish to have. Yes. It cannot be done for them. It has to be done with them.

Guest: Yeah, okay, gotcha. So my question is, I have been involved with Saint Germain’s I Am Discourses, which I am absolutely loving. These I Am Discourses were made in the 1930’s, but I would swear they were talking to us about us right now here today what’s going on in the world. So I wanted to ask you to say a bit more about the I Am Discourses and how they apply right now, and how the I Am presence is applying right now as to what we are doing and going through the ascension, and cleaning out the closets, and all that. Can you talk a little about that?

OWS: It is very simple, Dear Sister. It is all universal consciousness. It is all universal presence. The I Am Presence is universal, does not have a time frame or a dimensional frequency frame, or anything of this nature. It is just universal. It is part of the universal law. So it is eternal, you see? Do you understand this?

Guest: So I guess you’re saying that whatever is said would apply right now.

OWS: Yes. 1930’s, 1820’s, 1776, or 2021–it is all the same.

Shoshanna: The truth does not change.

OW: That’s correct. It is all universal. Universal truths.

Guest: And would it be fair to say that really the ascension is the process of coming into alignment with [noise] Sorry, there’s a lot of noise on the line, can you say that again?

OWS: The I Am Presence within you, yes, is the full connection, the universal connection to All That Is.

Guest: Beautiful. Thank you.

OWS: Yes.

Guest: I have a short question.

OWS: Yes?

Guest: I have two, actually. One of them, I believe, was answered. Did the other guest ask if people that have been injured by vaccines could be healed by the med-beds and you said yes? Was that the question?

OWS: Yes. Reversal. Yes.

Guest: Okay, wonderful. The other one is, is Donald Trump under the direction of anyone from the dark side at all?

OWS: This is a very difficult question to answer, based on the time frame and those things that are being presented to you as part of the illusion at this point. So to answer that question, thought, you have to understand that the President, Donald Trump, is overlighted by Saint Germain, largely, much of the time. Not all of the time, but much of the time. When he has done those more, we want to use the term ‘miraculous,’ but it is not so miraculous…those times when he is able to focus on world dynamics as opposed just local dynamics here. When he is focused on the collective, as opposed to just this country. When he is looking at it in that respect, then he is fully being overlighted at that time by Saint Germain and bringing the Republic, and the ideal of a Republic, to the entire planet. Again, not just this country.

Now, looking at it in this respect, there are those times when he is still pat of this third-dimensional illusion. We would say at times he is not even as awakened as you are in various ways. But he has a great deal of knowledge and intel, if you will, behind the scenes and knows what is happening largely at all times here. And, as a result of this, he has been a part of this great plan to bring the republic back to this country and to the entire planet, and is in process of doing so, even now as we speak. Okay? That should give you a hint about something here. And also, the fact that he has brought this vaccine, you might say, he has not brought it—it has been planned for some time here by those nefarious sources of the dark side. And they have done what they can to implement their plan, and have utilized the President Trump to be a part of that. But he is only a part of it because it is a part of the greater plan here, you see?

Guest: yes.

OWS: We know you will not fully understand this at this time until those announcements come forward, and then you will understand more fully about this. Shoshanna, can you add here?

Shoshanna: We will share. We wish to share.

Guest: Okay.

Shoshanna: We hesitate, as what we have to share may not be received well. Do you wish us to share with you, Dear Sister?

Guest: Sure. Bring it up. I like the truth.

Shoshanna: Dear Sister, One Who Serves has touched upon this. This is a man. This is human. He is subjected to all the influences that all of you are subjected to. He is swayed. He is programmed. He must clear his mind. He has free will. And what we will tell you is that many have greatly influenced him, and he has come to the conclusion that perhaps they have not been telling him the truth. But he has been influenced. This one also has somewhat of an arrogant personality and wishes to be praised for his accomplishments. If you are honest with yourselves, as all should be, when they observe this one, you can see he wishes to be praised. He believes that he has accomplished greatness, and he wishes to be acknowledged for that. They have used him, you see. They have given him these vaccines as if he created them. And he takes credit for this, because he wishes praise and he wishes acknowledgement. But he wishes for the best for all. But he does not have all the information. He is still working through that, you see. Namaste.

OWS: Very good.

Guest: Thank you so much for both of you, for your wonderful influence that you always share with us. Very, very grateful. Thank you.

Shoshanna: Namaste.

OWS: Very good. We need to release channel here. We will take one more question if there is, and then your email question, and then we need to release. Is there one more question?

Guest: May I ask something?

OWS: Yes. One more question.

Guest: Okay. Yesterday I heard a story. I would call it news. That a man in the Netherlands (or a woman, I forget which it was) had a brain injury or something, and they were healed by the med-bed, and they actually went home that same say. I don’t expect you to know everything that goes on in the world, but is that true do you know?

OWS: What we can tell you, not directly on this particular incidence, but we can tell you that the idea of the med-bed is getting out. It is being brought forward now slowly at first, yes, but it is being introduced in various centers or places here. In various situations (even better word). Situations that call for this, as this one did. And this will happen more and more as the word get out.

But please understand there are forces at work that do not want this to get out. They do not want this information to come forward. They will block it every chance that they get. We are speaking of your pharmaceutical companies and your American Medical Association and your world-wide associations such as your World Health Organization and all of these that do not want this information to come forward. They want to keep people sick, and ill, and dying, and all of this.

And the Forces of Light and your Alliance want exactly the opposite. They want healing, and health, and long life, and all of this to be a part of the expression of mankind moving forward.

So it is coming forward, and technology is going to be introduced more and more as these forces of darkness are brought down even further and further. Cannot say too much more on that at this point. But arrests, and indictments, and all of this are in process even now as we speak.

Shoshanna: We wish to share.

OWS: Yes, please Shoshanna.

Shoshanna: We wish to share with you, Dear Brother. May we share?

Guest: Yes.

Shoshanna: We are giving this one information that she does not have, and she hesitates, but she will speak for us.

We know that the world part that is called the Netherlands is extremely advanced in Science and Medicine. But this is minimized by the Western culture that wishes to control all that is given to the population of the world through its greed and its power, you see. That is Western Medicine. Those that run it. The Netherlands is pure. They have pure science and pure medicine, and they are not bridled by Western power. Yet, Western Medicine does not acknowledge them to the level that they have achieved, you see. So we will tell you that what is occurring there is short of miraculous. That is all that we can give you now. Namaste.

OWS: Very good.

Guest: Thank you. That’s exciting.

OWS: We are ready for your email question, and then we release channel.

Guest: Yes, thank you One Who Serves. The person wrote the email saying that Trump had power over the Military for 60 days after the election. So does that mean we can expect some kind of event on March 20 or about that time?

OWS: We can tell you he does not directly have power over the Military, he has turned power to the Military. This is accurate largely here.

We cannot give a time frame for this, as we have said many times. We cannot focus on a time frame.

We can only focus on frequency, and potential, and possibility. And the possibility and potential that is showing right now at this time is people are, your terminology, getting ‘fed up.’ They have had enough.

Many have had enough, and will begin to speak out more and more in legal manner here, using legal manner to do so. And maybe even some that is not quite so legal in terms of rising up to go against the establishment. Because people are going to come to the understanding that they do not want the establishment to be in control. They do not want the governments to be in control. They want to be in control of their own lives. And this is moving forward, as we look at it, quite rapidly. As you look at it, quite slowly. But it is still happening, and is in the process of occurring. And as Archangel Michael alluded to, there are announcements, and also Saint Germain previous, and others such as your Blossom Goodchild and the Galactic Federation of Light, they have alluded to these announcements coming, and they are quite imminent at this point as we find it here. That can change, of course. But it is in process right now of much coming forward. We cannot give dates, whether it is March or April, or Fall, or Winter, or anything of this nature. But it is coming. Shoshanna, can you add to this?

Shoshanna: We will add. We will just say that all is dependent upon the consciousness of man. It always has been. The Military, which has great power, must continue to raise its consciousness to move forward and uplift humanity, you see. And, the Military has what we call an alliance with That One known as Trump, as they listen to each other, but they do not control each other. Namaste.

OWS: Yes, and we add one more thing here for your contemplation: it is not only the Military of this country, The United States of America or For America; it is the militaries across the planet here, the governmental control. Not the ones that are into power and money and this, but the ones that are for the people. There are government controllers at this point that are for the people. You will find out more about this, and will be somewhat astonished by certain ones of these that come forward in the times ahead that show that they were for the people all along.

We need to release channel. Shoshanna, do you have parting message?

Shoshanna: We do not.

OWS: Very good. They we simply say again, as we said earlier last time as we find it, continue to be yourself throughout all of this. Know that this is all happening for a reason, you are in the right place at the right time. Everything is being orchestrated. Go with the flow. All of these various statements that we give over and over and over. These Chinese sayings, if you will, in terms of Confucius Says types of sayings. Bu they are to apropos for this time now that you are in, these moments that you are in.

So be of good cheer. Everything is working out. And more and more and more work on letting go of those attachments, because you cannot change anyone that is not ready to change.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one.

21.03.07 – ANCIENT AWAKENINGS – Sunday Call ( Emissary Kara )

Hear | YouTube

KaRa (Channeled by James McConnell)

I am KaRa. I, as many of you know, I am an emissary, a Pleiadian emissary to the council here on the Earth.

Yes, there is a Great Earth Council here. And many of you, in your multi-dimensional forms, are already a part of, a part of the Earth Council, or a part of the Pleiadian councils, or the Sirian councils, or the Arcturian councils, many of the different councils you, as your multi-dimensional selves, are already a part of. Some of you already command ships as your multi-dimensional aspects!

Think about that for a moment…You! You already are the Captain Kirks in the Galactic Empire, the Planetary Galactic Empire! Think about that! Now, you are so much more than who you think you are! Yes, in your flesh and blood vessel, you and your personality are whoever you are now. But beyond this, beyond this expression of yourself here on this planet, you are so much more.

And we know you! That is why we have been coming to you over and over, each and every week, coming together, bringing these messages to you, bringing these understandings to you. And even more importantly, bringing these remembrances to you. Because it is all about remembering who you are. It is all about knowing that you are so much more. You bring so much more to the planet, to the collective consciousness of the planet.

Every time you come together in group meditation, you do so much more than you possibly think of yourselves at this time. We can tell you over and over how much you mean to the collective, but until you feel, and have those remembrances come to you… Do you remember being on a ship? Do you remember being in one of those councils? Remember sitting at the tables?

Some of you are about to begin remembering that within your dream state, within your awakening state, begin to have visions of the connectedness of it all. It may not be exactly where you are sitting at a table, but you will understand the vibration of it. That is what it is all about.

You hear many times everything is by vibration and consciousness. And indeed, everything is vibration and consciousness. You are coming to understand more and more how vibration, as you move up in vibration, you are indeed moving up in consciousness as well. And as you move up in vibration and consciousness, you are coming closer and closer to be able to be in contact with us.

Yes, you are in contact with us right now, as I am speaking with you. But I speak more of further contact. Contact that you are all being prepared for. Many of you do not know that. Many of you wonder what would it be like to be beamed up onto a ship. But think about this for a moment: what if you were beamed up onto your own ship, and connect with your own Higher Aspect of yourself? What would that be like? Or if you are able to visit other planets in other galaxies, and truly go where no one has gone before! At least no one here from this planet! It is Star Trek and your Star Wars–those depictions are indeed more accurate than many give credence to at this point.

Again, it is all about remembering who you are, and coming to the understanding that you are so much more than the vessel that you occupy now.

We spoke earlier of ascension. Now you are in the first wave of ascension. And indeed, you all are in that first wave of ascension. Will everybody ascend all at once at the same time? No. It is an individual process, as well as a collective process. For you as individuals are preparing the way, not only for yourself to ascend, but preparing the way for others to ascend after you.

You are the Wayshowers that you have heard many times. The ones paving the way, preparing the way. The John the Baptists who are known for preparing the way for those to take on the Christ Consciousness, just as Yeshua took on the Christ Consciousness, became the Christ. Each and every one of you are in that process, taking on the Christ consciousness, moving through your ascension.

As being in that first wave of ascension now, you have everything opening up to you, vistas beyond your imaginings, or in the process of opening up to you. Think in terms of stepping up to a precipice, a great precipice that overlooks a huge vista of scenery, mountains, and rivers.

You are standing over it looking down at it. All of a sudden, you leap. You leap off of that precipice. You leap off in faith. Just as in your movie, your Indiana Jones movie, and ‘The Last Crusade.’ I am receiving this now from The James. He is sending me this movie. As he comes to a chasm in the movie. A chasm that he must cross. He knows this is a leap of faith. He looks out across that chasm that falls into a deep gorge, and says, “This is a leap of faith” and he for a moment begins to become frightened. He cannot leap across to the other side, it is not possible. But then, that knowing overtakes him, and he steps out onto the chasm, into the air. And what is below his foot? A path. A bridge that was invisible. But now, because he takes that leap of faith and steps out, he is now standing upon a bridge to the other side.

This is what it takes: a leap of faith, where you just step out across that chasm. Step off of the precipice, and let yourself soar to the other side, to the other side of dimensional frequency, to those higher fibrational frequencies of the fifth dimension. This about this as an analogy. Analogy that you are about to experience, many of you.

Will you be ready to take that leap of faith? That is a question that you must ask within yourselves: are you ready? If the answer is yes, then you are in indeed in that first wave of ascension and ready to move forward.

I am KaRa, and I leave you now in peace, and love. And most importantly, the understanding of a oneness, a oneness of consciousness within all of existence.

ONE WHO SERVES (Channeled by James McConnell)

Om, mani, padme, hum; om, mani, padme, hum; hum, hum. Greetings to you. One Who Serves here. Shoshanna is not here at this time. Her host, JoAnna, is not able to participate with us at this time.

But we, as the ‘One Who Serves,’ are a collective of what you would say ‘Ascended Masters,’ although we do not like to call ourselves ‘masters.’ We are ones that have ascended. We are ones that have mastered the older three-dimensional paradigm and moved beyond it, just as you are all in the process of doing so as well.

So when you have ascended, you would be considered Ascended Masters. But we think that you also would not consider yourself as ‘masters,’ only in the terms of mastering the old paradigm illusion of the third-dimension.

Okay, we are ready for your questions if you have them.

Guest: I have a question, One Who Serves.

OWS: Yes?

Guest: Let me see if I can phrase this well…I’m wondering how much we need to have compassion for those who are in fear and want us to behave the way they are. Let me explain: I’ve been best friends with a close friend for 40 years. We’ve always been super close. But the past nine months since COVID, she has kind of drank the Cool-Aide and she is in fear. She is programmed by the main stream media. She doesn’t live here any longer. She moved to Georgia, but she’s flying back in this weekend because they sold their house, and she wants me to come up and pick up my kayak which I have up there this weekend. She told me that I need to wear a mask in her house. I’m not pro-mask, but I want to be compassionate. I guess my question is, how far do we need to compromise our spiritual beliefs to assuage someone else’s fear. I need some help on this.

OWS: We understand your dilemma, and we would say to you that you have to be true to yourself. Just as that one needs to be true to herself, and where she is right here at this moment, you need to be true to yourself. If it is something that you can handle, we will say here, and to be compassionate with her, then yes, you could do that. But we would suggest to you to, again as we say, be true to yourself and do not capitulate. You can, if it is something that is so important that you must wear mask in house, then do not go into house. That is one way you could work with this.

Now, that is different for everyone, though. We know that this one we speak through, James: this is what he would do. He would not capitulate, just as he has been telling all of you that he would not, and will not. And we know there are many of the Lightworking Community that feel the same way as well.

The most important thing though here is to be true to yourself. Do not hurt another one. Always it is, what is called, ‘the golden rule’ here, to do unto others as you know that whole thing here.

So that is important for you to follow. But be true to yourselves, whatever that might be. And if you can do that, you may find that it will not be as big of an issue as you are making it out to be at this point. You may find that she or anyone else that is going through this same thing that they may say okay, then you have to be who you are, just as I am being who I am. Okay? Does this answer your question?

Guest: It does. I just wanted to get your feedback. Since I’m not a mask-wearer, it feels like maybe I just should not go into the house and just say I can’t wear, a mark, I don’t want to wear a mask. I’ll just stay outside. I want to make sure I am not compromising my spiritual Higher Self by capitulating and wearing a mask if I go into the house for five minutes. Does that make sense?

OWS: Yes. But it is up to you. You could certainly practice your social distancing if you want, and remain outside, and she can remain inside, and you can talk through the door or window, or whatever it might be. It does not matter, here. Just be true to yourself.

Guest: Okay. Thank you very much.

OWS: Yes. Would there be other questions, here?

Guest: I have a question. Hi.

OWS: Yes?

Guest: I’d like to have some good definition of ‘dimensions.’ Because I had a conversation with a young lady and I’ve tried to explain what dimensions were, and I didn’t do a very good job, because she said, “I just can’t understand, I don’t understand what you’re saying.” So maybe you could help me with verbal words to describe what ‘dimensions’ are.

OWS: First of all, do not think in terms of ‘dimension’ being a place. That is a misnomer, here. Do not think it is another place to go to.

It is simply another vibration—a higher vibration or a lower vibration, depending on which direction you are moving in. In your case, of course, you are moving into higher dimensional frequencies, higher vibration.

So you can be in a higher vibration, and therefore a higher dimension, and be right there in the same space that another is there in the third dimension, occupying the same space at the same time, you see? But in different frequencies. So it is all about frequency change. Okay?

Guest: Yes. And it’s all about energy, right?

OWS: More than energy. It is about the vibrational frequency.

Guest: Hmmm. Okay.

OWS: This is why those of you that are noticing the glimpses that we have been speaking of for some time, and you are seeing what you are calling the ‘bleeding of dimensions through’ where you can be in the third dimension and also be seeing those images that are happening in the higher dimension; in this case, fifth dimension. Or it can be fourth dimension as well. You see?

Guest: Yeah. I think I see. It’s difficult for me.

OWS: It’s difficult because you are coming from your third-dimensional illusionary consciousness and the programming associated with this.

Guest: Okay.

OWS: You need to let go of that.

Guest: Okay, I buy that.

OWS: Expand. Expand. Okay?

Guest: Alright. Thank you.

OWS: Yes. Are there any other questions here?

Guest: Yes, One Who Serves. I have a question.

OWS: Yes?

Guest: Is it possible for you to talk about the chem-trails? Are they from the dark forces, or are they from the Light? To me, when I look at them, they feel positive. They feel from the Light Forces. But sometimes they are lower, back and forth, back and forth. And I even see them at night. Can you talk about that?

OWS: It is a combination here. And the chem-trails, as you are saying, are from those of the dark forces. They are attempting to do many things.

One of those things they are attempting to do it to block the sun, block the sun’s rays. Now you might way, “Why would they want to do that?” They are doing that because they know about ascension. They know about the Light energy coming from the sun and how it raises the vibration here on the planet. And they are doing everything they can do keep the vibrational frequencies lower.

You see, they have known about vibrational frequency and consciousness for many thousands and thousands, maybe even millions of years here. And they have been doing everything they can to hold off the Solar Flash, the Great Changeover, The Event. They know about it. They have been doing what they can to hold it off.

Now, what you are experiencing also is the connection with those of the Galactics who are helping to mitigate the effects of these chem-trails, and to change these chemicals and those types of things to positive chemical interactions here. Okay? Do you understand this?

Guest: Yes. So when we focus on sending love to those trails, like imagining that they are spreading unconditional love to humanity, would that neutralize their purpose?

OWS: Yes. Very much so. Very similar to what the Galactics are doing as well. They are using their technology to do it, but you can use your compassion, your love, your love light from your heart center you can be able to mitigate the effects of this. And make it, even as you are saying here, a positive effect to the world. Yes.

Guest: Awesome. Thank you very much. Namaste.

OWS: Would there be any other questions here?

Guest: I have one. Can you hear me?

OWS: Yes, we hear you.

Guest: Good. Can you tell me more about the obelisks that are appearing around the world. I’ve seen some videos of them. I’ve read about them. I am wondering if they are tied to our ascension and/or the impending flash that’s coming?

OWS: They are certain, as you are saying, tied to this. They are a process of this, a process of the ascension. And they will be brought more into the picture, you might say, as they connect to the Christ Consciousness grid around the planet, and therefore connect to all of the collective consciousness of the planet as well.

But their time is not yet. It is in process. It is a part of the preparation, we will say here, that is occurring.

Now, as an understanding of this, do remember, those of you on this call, those of you that will resonate to these words after as well, do you recall your movies of ‘2001 Space Odyssey’ and then ‘2010 Space Odyssey?’ And there was that black obelisk in both of those movies. That black obelisk, even though it was only one, it was depicting the Great Changeover which occurred in the second movie when the second sun appeared to all across the planet. This is an indication of what is in process of happening here.

Guest: Are the Galactics the ones who are placing these obelisks on the Earth?

OWS: We cannot give that understanding directly at this time, but there are those that this is part of their project, yes.

Guest: Okay. Thank you.

OWS: Would there be other qeust5ions here?

Guest: Yes, Dear One. Hi! I’ve been listening to the I AM Discourses, and putting that into my life.

One of the Discourses talks about kind of like staying away from Astrology and Numerology and psychic phenomena, that that is not helpful, and seems to give an indication that that is dark. Interestingly enough, the person reading it is always reading about Astrology. So I know that my sister has psychic experiences. She doesn’t so much anymore because she doesn’t really like them, but she’s had them. And a close friend of the family was a powerful psychic, traveling around, a very God-centered person as well.

So I just want to hear why St. Germain would be putting a negative bent on these issues. Can you give us more information on that?

OWS: We can. We need you to understand though, those of the psychics that you are speaking of tend to operate from their third chakra. They exit in some ways through their third chakra, whereas we are working to help you to understand the exit through your sixth chakra–through your third eye. Your third eye is the gateway into multi-dimensional worlds and to being able to envision so much more beyond the physical into the metaphysical worlds.

So all of this is we will say, it is not evil, as you may be understanding, or even of the dark forces. For those that are those psychics that work through their third chakra, some of them can protect themselves. And they do not open up to those other entities, we will say, that can, not in terms of take over their bodies, we are not going to go in that direction, but they can influence. There can be an influence from those darker forces, you see? That is why we suggest and continue to bring you through the third eye, rather than the third chakra? Do you understand this?

Guest: Yes. Also, but Astrology and Numerology, are those something we need to look out for in some way?

OWS: Only if it is taking you in a different direction, if it is taking you to the dark forces.

In other words, anything can be used for the Light or the dark. These are tools, and they can be used either way. Just as your black magic, and your white magic, you see? Your good witches, and your bad witches. Do you understand this?

Guest: Yes, that makes sense. Great.

OWS: Very good. Would there be any other questions here, before we release channel?

Guest: Can I ask a quick question?

OWS: Yes.

Guest: I don’t know if you can answer this, but would the Flash be happening before the announcements or after the announcements, or does that depend?

OWS: That is a sense of time thing now which we do not condone at this point in your life. We ask you to exit out of the time frame idea and the programming of time. Because that is a trap, and that will continue to hold you to the third-dimensional illusion.

You need to let go of that and just let things be, and be in the moment. Find the joy in every moment, no matter what it is that you are doing. Find the joy in that moment. And the more that you do that, the more you will find yourself rising up into those higher vibrational frequencies of the higher fourth and fifth dimension, and staying there longer and longer and longer. Because you will finally realize and understand what it means to be in the world but not of the world, okay?

Guest: Okay. Thank you.

OWS: Yes. We know there an e-mail question, and we are ready for that e-mail question.

Guest: Thank you, One Who Serves. The question is, “Did Donald Trump really go to Switzerland and sign any documents? And what was the real or the full purpose behind his trip?”

OWS: Before we fully answer that question, we need to help you to understand that there is so much happening in the background. So much that you are not able to see with your physical eyes. Now with your third eye, that is another story. And many of you are aware, using your discernment, when you hear things or read things of what resonates true for you, and that is what is important. That is what discernment is all about. What resonates as truth. So if you are hearing from various ones that are coming forth with intel, or various other channeling sources are bringing information to you, it is all that—it is information. And then there is also some misinformation that is purposefully put in there.

Now, with that understanding, there is this one, your President Trump, that is very much still in control. We are going to come right out and say that. It is not as the illusion is showing you—the illusion of life going on as normal. There is no ‘life going on as normal’ here–it is not that at all.

There are many expressions that are happening behind the scenes. Many things that are a part of the illusion, and many things that are beyond the illusion that you will begin to hear about and know more fully of what is occurring.

And now, with that understanding, yes, this one did travel there, and is in process of bringing the world together here. And it is in process of happening, again behind the scenes, beyond the illusion. You must look beyond the illusion. Beyond the illusion that those of the dark forces are still attempting to hold you into.

They want you to stay in this illusion because they are in the illusion, and they cannot leave it. You see, you can leave it. They cannot. Because they are not of that higher vibration, nor will they choose to be. Now that could change. They could capitulate and change, and want to come into the Light. And they would be more than welcome to come into the Light. But it does not appear so that they are going to be willing to do that.

So therefore they continue the illusion. You must look beyond the illusion. And there are so many things that are happening beyond the illusion at this point. Okay? We hope that answered the question here.

As to the direct purpose for that, we are not able to give that at this point. But some of you have heard of this, and you already know the answer to this, what is happening there. Just think in terms of ‘world change,’ here. Okay?

We are done for the time here. And we only wish to tell you, as we gave to another earlier, be true to yourselves. Do not capitulate. Do not give in. Know your right to live. Know your right to choose. Know your right to choose whatever it is that enters your body, or whatever it is that you need to do to live your life as you know to live it. Be true to yourselves.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one.

21.01.31 – Is All An Illusion

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Sunday Call  21.01.31    (Ashtar, OWS, Shoshanna)

James & JoAnna McConnell

ASHTAR   (Channeled by James McConnell)

I Am Ashtar.  And I have come at this time to be with you in these moments that are changing.  Moments even now as you look out across the various things that are happening everywhere, those things that are still yet in the shadows.  Those things that are still yet being held in subterfuge, coverup, all of this. 

But this, as you have been saying and you have been hearing, is all an illusion.  It is part of the three-dimensional illusion that is breaking apart.  It is coming down. 

But in order for it to come down, in order for it to break apart, it must first be shown.  It must be shown to the population that it is an illusion, that it is a show, a movie, if you will.  All of this is for that purpose to wake people up.  To create the Great Awakening.   But in order to have the Great Awakening, there must be first those that come to an understanding that everything is not business as usual.  It is not business as usual any more. 

All of you that have awakened are seeing things in reality, in the reality that you are creating now.  The timeline, if you will, that you are creating.  And it is a timeline that is taking you away from the illusion.  Taking you away from all that. 

Now we know that you have expectations.  Many expectations are created by those that are setting it will be this date, or that date.  This is going to change at this time.  Those are going to rise up and take over.  But it is not that way exactly. 

Yes, everything is coming to an end, as to the old illusion.  The old paradigm is coming to an end.  Exactly time-wise, we cannot give that to you because it is based on possibilities and probabilities, not expectations.  Expectations just lead you to being disillusioned, discouraged, as many of you have when a date has been set and it comes and nothing happens, or seemingly nothing happens. 

But yet, so many things are happening.  And yet, even on that date they are happening.  It is just not showing you in the outside of the illusion.  You are still wrapped up in the illusion when you are expecting those dates to come about some major change.  But even though those dates come and go without the seeming changes that you are looking for because of the expectation that is creating that, even then you are coming to a point where everything is not as it appears.  But yet, you can look beyond the appearance. 

You can see what is real behind the scenes.  You can see that man behind the curtain, as in your ‘Wizard of Oz’ where they say, “do not pay attention to that man behind the curtain.”  But yet you are.  You are looking behind it.  You are seeing the subterfuge, the coverup that has occurred for not just this year, not just for this lifetime, but lifetime after lifetime, after lifetime, these things have been going on.  These things that have been going on deep within the Earth in those deep underground military bases that you are hearing about now where the children are being terribly, terribly worked on and mismanaged and kept from having a life of their own, where all of this is occurring.  And it is occurring. 

But it is coming to an end.  Because those that have compassion, those that feel the oneness within them, feel the higher vibration, feel the higher calling are releasing, helping to release these little ones.  Helping to not so much bring them into the sunlight, but to bring them into the Light, into the Light of their own knowing.  This is happening.  And it will come forward as truths are being revealed. 

But, is the population as a whole, are they ready for this revealing yet?  You have to ask yourselves that.  Because when you come to that answer, then you will know, like timing and the expectations that are created by this timing cannot be.  It must be based on possibilities and probabilities, and based on the consciousness of man, the collective consciousness.  And how the collective consciousness is creating this new timeline, this new timeline that is destroying the old ways, destroying the old paradigm of the third-dimensional illusion—completely breaking it apart. 

And once it is broken apart, then the reality beyond this illusion, beyond the veil, can begin to be resurrected as in the Republic, your Republic, of this country.  But not only of this country, the entire planet.  This Republic can be re-awakened from the minds of those that created it to begin with.  But it was not created by your Founding Fathers, as you have thought here in this America, it was created by those beyond this evolution that brought this to those ones, brought it to them as an understanding, a knowing that came to them, and then was brought into being because of that knowing. 

That is what is happening now.  That knowing is coming back to all of you, all of you that have been preparing and readying for these changes, these higher vibrational frequencies that are raising consciousness, not lowering consciousness. 

Fear lowers consciousness.   But if you hold off the fear, if you do not have fear, you stay in higher consciousness.  It is that simple! 

It is fear versus love.   Stay within the love principle, and there is no fear.  And when you stay within that love principle, and compassion, and togetherness, and oneness, then you stay in that higher vibration, and therefore the higher you move to the higher dimension, and closer and closer to your own ascension.  This is what you are all working toward now. 

So look now beyond the illusion.  It is a show!  It is a show that is being shown to the entire world.  And you have heard before, “You’ll love how this movie ends, how this show ends.” 

You’ll love when this illusion ends.  And it is coming to an end.  It cannot be stopped, as you have heard many times from many different sources.  It cannot be stopped at this point.  The Light cannot be stopped.  The Light will take over, is taking over, and has taken over in the higher dimensions already.  In the higher timelines it has already happened. 

In the timelines that you are creating it has already happened.  Continue to create that higher timeline, that higher timeline with higher vibrational frequencies and higher dimensional understanding.  And because you are creating that, you will have that. 

The plan cannot be stopped.  Trust the plan.  The plan is divine.  It is beyond mankind’s understanding.  It is beyond mankind’s ability to even change it.  Yes, it can be postponed here and there, as it has happened.  But it cannot be ultimately changed.  It is in the process of fully coming to fruition.

I am Ashtar, and I leave you now in peace, and love, and oneness.  That you will continue on, moving closer and closer to fully realizing who you are, and the missions that you all came here for. 

ONE WHO SERVES  (Channeled by James McConnell)

Om, mani, padme, hum;   om, mani, padme, hum; hum, hum.   Greetings to you!  One Who Serves here.  Shoshanna here.  And we are ready to continue on with the show.  Yes!  Go on with the show!  The show must go on!   All of these terminologies that you have used.  It is very apropos at this point, that you look at this simply as a show, as the illusion, as something that is coming to an end.  But you are the ones that are creating the end. 

There are those of the dark forces that are doing everything they can to hold that end off.  But they know it is here.  They know it is there.  They know that the illusion they have created, the timeline, the illusion timeline that they have created, the hologram that they have created, is fast being dissolved.  Dissolved even as we speak now. 

And just as anyone that is coming to the end of something, something that they have known, not only this lifetime, but lifetime, after lifetime, after lifetime, thinking that they were the elite, they were the ones that would take over the world, and that is their plan, has been their plan to take over the entire planet and have it be their planet.  Not your planet, but their planet.  That, of course, is coming to an end and would never be allowed to occur. 

So be of good cheer people.  Good times are ahead.  Good times.  That is what you need to focus on now as these times and these moments that are happening now and yet still to come.  Good times are ahead. 

Yes, rocky times, certainly.  And the more that you succumb to the lower dimensional frequencies and continue on within the illusion and that time frame that the forces of darkness are attempting to hold on to and to move you into, you cannot be moved into that timeline because you know too much. 

And that has been their greatest fear that man would awaken.  That the population would awaken to who they are. 

And they have done everything that they can, even to the point of trying to block out the sun!  Can you imagine?  To block out the sun to therefore hold back the light?  Hold back the light?  What folly is that!  How can they hold back the light with darkness.  Light only illuminates the darkness.  It cannot be dissolved by darkness, you see?  That is their folly.  But they hold onto it. 

No longer are they going to be able to.  Because there are forces at work, and you know of these forces that we speak of now.  They are at work to bring all of this to a conclusion.  And you will see this conclusion.  It is coming.  No dates, but we will say that it is just over the horizon, we will say here.  Think of that as you will, how that would be.  The New Dawn approaches at this time. 

Do you have questions here for One Who Serves and Shoshanna?  You can unmute your phones now, and if you have questions.

Guest:  Can I make a comment? 

OWS:   Yes, please.

Guest:   President trump said that today is Freedom Day.  (Laughs)

OWS:   Yes?  Is there more to this?

Guest:   No, that was it.  I just wanted to announce that, that’s all.

OWS:   We would say to you that every day is Freedom Day, if you believe it.  Think about that.  Believe it, and you will see it.  You want freedom, then you will have it.  And if you want freedom, you already have it.  It depends on how you look at things. 

Guest:   Will do.

OWS:   There are those that feel that they are completely free.  They live their lives without a concern, even if they may not be fully free, you see?  It is all in their minds.  All in your mind as well, and the timeline that you are creating now.  Do you understand this?

Guest:   Yes.  Thanks so much.

OWS:   Shoshanna, would you add anything to that? 

Shoshanna:   (JoAnna’s Higher Self, channeled by JoAnna McConnell)

We will share.

Guest:   Yes.  Good.

Shoshanna:   Three words:  Free your mind. 

OWS:   Free your mind.  Yes.  Watch the movie, ‘Matrix.’ 

Shoshanna:   Namaste.

OWS:   Free your mind.  When he went to jump from building to building within the matrix, and the one, Morteus, made the jump from one building all the way across to another building.  And Neo looked at that and said, “that is impossible.”  But yet, he heard, “Free your mind, free your mind.”  And he put everything into it to free his mind, and he ran and jumped all the way to go to the other building across the way.  And what happens?  He fell.  He fell to the Earth and landed.  He didn’t hurt himself because he was in an illusion here, you see?  And his mind was not quite the believer yet.  But he became that later on in the movie, you see?  And this was showing you now, that movie was showing you what is possible, what is possible to break free of the illusion.   Do you have other questions?  Or do you have questions here now for One Who Serves and Shoshanna?

Guest:   Yes, Dear Ones.  I have been taking this substance called ‘monoatomic gold.’  And on that website, there is a lot of interesting information. 

I have also read the Law of One and the Ra, most of it but not all.  But apparently this person or those people that are on there have contact with that same collective, the Ra collective.  And they talk about how it is really not an ascension; it is more of our physical body.  So there are 50 percent of us on Earth that are supporting the process of the other 50 percent.  And they are not actually taking their physical body, but their physical body is being made, their light body is being made for them to go into, I guess, automatically.  And for us, when new do this ‘ascension,’ we will be going into whatever body we’ve chosen because we are from the higher 6th, 7th, 8th dimension or whatever.  So I’m just wondering if you can say a little bit more about that. 

And then if that’s the case, then why it is so important for us to continue to work on these physical bodies.  What does that provide for us in that happening?

OWS:   You want to work on your physical body, as you are saying now, because you are in a transition.  And do you want your physical body to have disease and illness, and these types of things?  No, you don’t.  You want it to be healthy.  So, work on your physical body.  Use your mind to do so.  And do those things that you are hearing about.  More is starting to come out.  Little bits here and there, we are finding.  But it is coming out.  Information is coming out.  Truth is coming out as to what you can take to assist your physical body. 

Your physical body is immortal. Many do not know that.  Many do not know that the physical body can live forever if the mind, which is the builder, is believing that it can, you see? 

Initially, in the beginning, that is the way it was.  You heard in your bible that people lived for hundreds, sometimes thousands of years.  How did they do that?  Because they did not have those things that pollute the physical body in these times now.  And their mind was free, you see?  Free your mind.  Believing is seeing.  All of this is wrapped up in it together. 

And what you are taking now can be very beneficial to you if you believe it can be.  It must be the belief to it.  That is the placebo effect you might look at here.  There is more to it than that, but the placebo effect is also very important. That is why the placebo effect works!  Because it is the mind that is creating it.  The mind creates the healing, you see?   Shoshanna, do you have what you can add to this?

Shoshanna:   We will share here.  May we share?

Guest:   Yes, please.

Shoshanna:   Dear Sister, what you have proposed here, what you have asked is a very complicated subject.  We will attempt to magnify the answer here for you. 

We will tell you that you have manifested a physical body.  And why have you manifested this physical body, to abuse it?  To destroy it?  To ignore it?  You must ask yourself, “why have I manifested this physical body?  What is my responsibility here to this body?”  So when you say, “why do we need to take care of it,” or “why do we need to look after it?”  It is because you have manifested it, you see. 

The physicality of your body mirrors itself across dimensions.  It is not simply a physical body.  It is a mirror of all the other bodies that you have.  So when you abuse it, you eventually abuse all your bodies, all the dimensional bodies that you carry with you.  You affect then as well.  The saying, “so within, so without” also refers to dimensional consciousness, dimensional so within, so without. 

So, the body represents the mind and the clarity of mind, you see.   The body represents your dimensional understanding of who you are.  You can imagine those that fall ill, those that become demonstrably ill, in terms of chronically ill, their minds are creating that for their bodies because they do not have the consciousness to be vibrant. 

So we will tell you, you must do all that you can to maintain the vibration of your physical body, and to create the vibrancy that you were born with, and to step out of the illusion of illness so that you may affect all other dimensional bodies.   Namaste.

OWS:   And we would add here, why do you think all of you on these calls and those that resonate to these words after have not succumbed to this particular virus?  Not all, but most of you, if not close to all of you, have not had a difficulty with this.  Because you did not believe you would.  That is the difference here. 

Those that have fear, those that wear their masks and practice this distance, and all of these things, have fear.  And fear leads to illness.  Fear leads to sorrow.  Fear leads to a timeline that manifests those very things that they don’t want to manifest.  But they believe that they will because they are being programmed to believe that they will. 

But you, those of you, do not believe that way.  So, therefore, you have not had a problem with this particular virus.  You look at it as it is just another virus, and your immune system will take care of it.  And that is indeed the case, you see?

Guest:   Yes.  Can I ask a little further.  I do appreciate your answer.  It wasn’t the heart of what I was, I mean, I’ve always taken stellar care of my body, but the heart of what I was trying to understand is it is true that we are going to other bodies?  And I thought there would be some with if your body is not at a certain level, you won’t be able to make the transition, or something like that.  That is what I was looking for.

OWS:   It is not so much the body, it is the consciousness within the body, you see?  One that is ill, sick, that type of thing, when this Changeover occurs, when the Ascension more fully happens, that one can be incapacitated, because their consciousness will do that, you see?  So, it is the consciousness.

Guest:   Oh that’s great.  Okay, thank you.  That totally makes sense.  Thank you so much. 

OWS:   Yes.  Remember, everything is consciousness and vibration.  Consciousness and vibration.  Or vibration and consciousness.  Vibration, higher vibration leads to higher consciousness.  Higher consciousness leads to higher vibration, you see?

Shoshanna:   And we will add.

OWS:   Yes.

Shoshanna:   We will add to your dissertation here that all is consciousness and vibration, and as a result of consciousness and vibration, that which manifests around you is a result of that.   Namaste.

OWS:   Yes.  Very good.  Would there be other questions here?

Guest:   I have one.

OWS:   Yes?

Guest:   The announcement that’s coming, is it going to include the fallacy of the virus?  

OWS:   We cannot give you directly what this particular announcement is, because there is more than one announcement.  It is a series of announcements that will be coming forth.  They have already somewhat begun, but not the larger, what has been labeled as ‘huge announcement,’ yet.  But they are coming.  And when it does happen, you will know it.  There will be no doubt about it, that many of you will say, “this is what they were talking about! This was it!”  You see?  And it will come, though, one right after another. 

We cannot tell you when or exactly what that will be, because that is yet to be determined here—‘TBD’:  to be determined, right?  That is how you abbreviate that phrase in your texting and things?  Is that not right? 

Guest:   That’s right.  Thank you.

OWS:   Yes.  That is what we say here:  to be determined.   Shoshanna, do you add here?

Shoshanna:   We will add here.  May we share?

Guest:   Yes, please.

Shoshanna:   Dear Sister, do not pay mind to any policy that is contrived by the third-dimensional luciferin consciousness that derives these polices, you see.  You must not even pay attention to this, nor try to understand it, nor abide by it.   Namaste. 

OWS:   Yes.  Very good.

Guest:   Namaste.

OWS:   Just continue to watch the movie. 

Shoshanna:   Do not participate.

OWS:   Do not participate in it directly, not in the illusion part of it. 

If you are participating in the part that is bringing down the illusion, that is another story.  Act, in that case, if you are being called to do so.  And some of you already have been, and some of you are about to be called in that respect more prominently we will say here as these things continue on.   Would there be other questions here? 

Guest:   I have a question. 

OWS:   Yes?

Guest:   Is colloidal silver and colloidal gold the same basic idea or structure as monoatomic gold?  Or is monoatomic gold an entirely different frequency structure?

OWS:   There is difference here in terms of, we will say, vibrational frequency.  Your monoatomic gold is a different frequency than your colloidal silver and these things.

The colloidal silver and what you are speaking of there is something that can be created, and is being created, and being brought to the population. 

But the other one that you speak of is not something that is readily available.  It is coming that way because it is something that can be imbibed, we will say, by those of higher vibration.  And those of higher vibration will be able to work with this particular element here, and be able to sustain it within themselves much more than someone who is not of higher vibration where it will not have an effect on them, you see?   Shoshanna, do you add here?

Shoshanna:   We will share.  May we share, Dear Sister? 

Guest:   Yes, Love.

Shoshanna:   Dear Sister, the process by which the colloidal element is produced is different than the process that the monoatomic element is produced.  The difference will impact the body differently and will impact the body biologically and consciousnessly depending on how the element is produced. 

The colloidal element is meant to balance the body biologically.  That is the purpose of the colloidal element. 

The monoatomic element has a broader spectrum use that affects the layers of consciousness on an emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental level.   Namaste.

Guest:   That was a great explanation, Shoshanna.  Can you touch on ormus?  What is ormus?

Shoshanna:   We cannot at this time.   Namaste.

Guest:   Okay.

OWS:   Very good.   Would there be any other questions, here?   Then we are ready for your e-mail question, no?

Guest:   Okay.    The email question is:  Cobra said that December 21 was a very successful meditation for helping the exotic weapons. Th question is, will Starseeds start to awaken after the threats are gone, and is this the last obstacle before DNA activation? 

OWS:   First of all, DNA activation has been occurring for some time now.  It is not strictly dependent upon removal of those particular things that you are speaking of.  DNA activation has been occurring in all of you for some time now. 

It is not something that is completely dependent on the removal of those particular devices that have been spoken of, your toplet bombs, and these types of things.  We will not go into that at this point, for the one called Cobra has spoken quite a bit about this from the Pleiadian perspective for some time now, so you can find the information there on this. 

But we can tell you, as we say, DNA has been activated and is being changed even as we speak now.  Whenever you come together, every one of these Sunday times that you come together and participate in this process with us, you are being activated, we will say here.  More and more DNA is being activated within you, moving closer and closer to increasing the strands of DNA within you. 

Now, it is not something that you can go to a doctor and have an x-ray, and the x-ray says, “oh yes, your DNA has been changed.”  No, it will not show up like that, because it is happening first at the higher vibrational frequencies of higher dimension within you.  Those dimensional aspects that have been spoken of so many times within you, that is occurring there first.  But it will not come down completely, though, to your third-dimension, it will not happen in your third-dimensional illusion.  It will only happen as you move more fully out of that and into the higher dimension. 

And then you will notice your DNA having been more fully activated into the higher frequencies of itself by those things which you will then be able to do.  Those seemingly miraculous things that will begin to happen.  And it is already happening with some of you, as we find it now, as your dreams are changing and becoming much more vivid, perhaps.  Your ability to use telepathy without your even knowing it is happening sometimes, where you are thinking something and someone else, maybe that is close to you, is picking up those thoughts.  That is increasing, and that will continue to increase, as well as moving into other areas such as telekinesis and more furthering your telepathy, and all of these types of things, you see? 

So it is not so much that these things need to be removed, but yet they are being removed.  But do not think about that, because that holds you to the old timeline.  Think about it in terms of the timeline that you are creating now, where you are creating that timeline that is moving you, and all of those like you, into those higher vibrational frequencies of the higher fourth, fifth dimension, and even beyond this.  Okay?   Shoshanna?

Shoshanna:   We wish to share now to the one that asked.  We do not have anything to add to that which you have given.  But we wish to share now to that which asked us of the ormus.  May we share? 

Guest:  Yes, please.

Shoshanna:   We have been given information now.  And it is obscure, but we will attempt to delineate this obscurity.  It has been told to us that this ormus that you speak of is an edge compound.  It is an edge.  It is like a razor.  It sharpens the mind.  But it is not to be given to those that are not ready for it.  It is powerful.  And it works on the physicality of the brain, you see, and the heart.  This is what we have been given.   Namaste. 

Guest:   Thank you.

OWS:   Very good.   Then we are through for the time and need to release channel.  Before we do:  Shoshanna, do you have parting message here? 

Shoshanna:   We will say that be aware that what you see, what you hear, and what you understand is rapidly moving forward.  That information is given in your dimension quickly and moves rapidly to the next thing.  So we will say that the truth of what is occurring and who you are lies in your heart, not in the news.   Namaste.

OWS:   Yes.   And we would just simply add here:  continue to watch what is happening all around you, but continue to see it as an illusion as a play, as a movie that is being created by those that are in that timeline and wish to continue that timeline.  But you, those of you that have moved beyond that timeline and are creating your own, do not need to pay attention to it other than being aware.  Being aware is good.  Being involved in it, not so good.  

Shanti.   Peace be with you.   Be the one. 

21.01.17 – Share what we see with our eyes from our ships

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Sunday Call  21.01.17    (KaRa, OWS, Shoshanna)

James & JoAnna McConnell

KaRa   (Channeled by James McConnell)

I am KaRa.  I appreciate these times that I can come and be with you, and be able to open up and share.  Share what we know.  Share what we see with our eyes from our ships as we look down, and what was said within the meditation:  we see the beauty everywhere. 

Just think about the beauty of this planet:  the rushing waters, the oceans, the waterfalls, the fields and streams, the great meadows, the majestic mountains, and the peaceful valleys everywhere across the planet.  So much of this planet that you have not even yet seen, for many of you have found yourselves within the environments of where you grew up, where you were born. 

Some of you have ventured out.  Some of you have seen parts of the world, yes.  But there is so much yet to see and appreciate.  But beyond this planet there are worlds, vistas that you haven’t even begun to dream of yet that are there, and that you will be able to visit when you are ready. 

All that is happening here on this planet has reached its full crescendo.  And it is coming close now.  So that when you have reached that crescendo, that end (although there is never an end, for the end will only lead to a new beginning), and that new beginning has already begun.  It has begun within your minds, within your hearts, within your imagination, your visions of what can be and what will be.  For there is nothing that can stop your visions from becoming a reality now.   Nothing—nothing that the dark forces can put out in front of you, nothing, nothing that they can do that will keep you from your destiny, you, being the ‘collective you,’ from the destiny of this planet. 

For once Prime Creator said, “Enough is enough!” everything was put into motion at that point.  And the call went out to so many of us, so many of the civilizations that are beyond this human civilization here on this planet, to come to the aid of Gaia and the people here.  And come in the millions, we have!  All in readiness.  Readiness at a moment’s notice!  Just as your emergency broadcast system is there at a moment’s notice to reach out to the people.  But not only of this country, but of the entire planet, to reach out. 

We also are in readiness in the same way for the signal to be given, for us then to move into the next part of our operation.  We have stages within our operations, just as you do on the planet.  To look at it, it’s Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3, et cetera.  And also, yes, Plan A, B, C.  that is the way you look at it here on this planet.  We have similar progression as well. 

And we are moving now into another stage.  It is imminent at this point.  I cannot tell you exactly what that stage is, although there will be information coming out from various of our sources that will tell of this from our point of view. 

And I use this term ‘our point of view’ because I want all of you, we want all of you to begin to think and to look at the Earth and the progression of the Earth, and all of the people here on the planet in the same way that we look at you. 

Again, we see the beauty.  We want you to look out and see the beauty everywhere.  For it is a beautiful planet with wonderful resources, enough resources to share with everyone on the planet, where no one should be able to go hungry or thirsty, or without love and caring—not a single one!  That is the new vision of this planet, and for this planet, as you continue to move into the higher vibrations. 

Yes, there is tremendous upheaval at this time, here in this country, your United States of America, as well as other countries throughout the planet–great upheaval.  But as you know and have heard many times from many different sources:  first, the old paradigm must come tumbling down, must come crashing down at times.  And you are at that point now, for a great part of the old paradigm is about to fall.  Exactly how that is to be remains for you to see yet. 

But know that all is in readiness both here by the Forces of Light on this planet, as well as the Forces of Light above and below the planet.  All is in readiness to begin the Operation of Compression Breakthrough.  And it is an operation. 

So as always, and as many different sources continue to guide you, trust in the plan.  For it is the Creator’s plan.  And being the Creator’s plan, nothing, no thing and no one, can interfere with the plan. 

Oh yes, they can do things to postpone it, to alter it.  And they have done that.  But we can only do it for so long.  Because they continue to delve back into the same playbook.  But that playbook is at a lower vibration.  A lower vibration of the third-dimensional consciousness and the illusion.  That playbook will not work at the higher vibrations.  And that is about to be shown that it cannot work at the higher vibrations.  So they do everything they can now to reach into the deepest part of that playbook, pull out all stops, as your saying goes.  But all of this will end in their defeat and their demise. 

They have all been given.  When I say ‘all,’ I speak now of the dark forces here on this planet, the cabal, the Illuminati, the deep state.  All have been given opportunity to be able to turn to the Light.  But so many have turned away from the Light.  They do not understand what they do.  Just as those that put to death the one known as Yeshua, and he, even on the cross, spoke out to his Father, “Forgive them, for they know not what they do.”  So to all of you now:  would you also be able to do the same and say to the Father, to the Prime Creator, to the Cosmic Source of this universe, “forgive them, for they know not what they do”?

All of you now:  go in peace and love, and sharing of the Christ Consciousness to all that you come in contact with in every given moment.  For in every given moment, you can, if you look for it, find those moments of joy, even within, all of the seeming, and I use that term purposefully, ‘seeming,’ consternation and negative vibrations that surround you at this time. 

All of my peace and love be with all of you.  I am KaRa.  I am here in the ships watching over all of you.  Just as there are many of your guides of those that watch over.  And continue to move you in the direction that y0u came to move into. 

Peace and love be with all of you. 

ONE WHO SERVES  (Channeled by James McConnell)

Om, mani, padme, hum;   om, mani, padme, hum; hum, hum.  

Greetings to you!  One Who Serves here.  Shoshanna here.  We are ready.  You can unmute your phones.  We are ready for your questions. 

We do not have any message to follow that.  We think that was quite apropos as to your current situation at this time.  Would there be questions here? 

Guest:   Yes, please. 

OWS:   Yes?

Guest:   I sent a message to James regarding an object which I now have here in my hand.  I call it ‘monkey stone.’  It came into my life quite a few decades ago, and I really don’t know much about it, so I’m asking for any information that you can provide for me.  I would greatly appreciate it.  Thank you.

OWS:   Before we answer that question, we would ask you a question:  what do you feel from this object?  As you hold it in your hands, does it have any deeper understanding to you?  Or is it simply just an object to you?

Guest:   It is both.  I’ve had it tucked away, and I’ve only pulled it out recently, so I haven’t been giving it much attention. 

OWS:   But you have not quite answered our question here.  Is there a deeper feeling?  And what is that deeper feeling, or deeper understanding that might be there for you? 

Guest:   Well, a possible connection to another civilization.  And it fits in my hand, but essentially it was carved for a larger hand.  And I was told that it might be a wand.  A wand for what, I don’t know, but I can guess.

OWS:   What we are hearing from you, though, Dear One, is we are hearing your mind speaking to you here, not your heart.  We are hearing the analytical side of yourself coming into this.  And also that someone else told you this.  But you have not given an indication that there is anything deeper here for you.  Not that there is not, but we are saying you do not seem to have that feeling there as someone that picks up a certain crystal and they resonate to that crystal, and it feels like either they have held that crystal or an aspect of that crystal before, or any object that it might be.  We are not hearing that from your words here, because you are speaking from your mind, from the analytical side of yourself.  Do you understand where we are going?  And we are going to turn this over to Shoshanna.  Maybe she has perspective here on this. 

Shoshanna:   We can share. 

OWS:   Yes.

Shoshanna:   Dear Sister, we must ask a question as well.  What do you wish from this object? 

Guest:   Support.  Connection.

OWS:   We received that message.   And we needed this to be affirmed by you.   You have a program that has been given to you through this third-dimensional consciousness, a deep desire for connection.  You seek connection, and you do not find it.  You wish for connection, and you do not find it.  And you do not find it, because the program is telling you that you do not have it.  This is a false reality, you see. 

You are connected to everything.  Each being is connected to the other being, and to the other being, and to the other being, and to the Earth, and to all that the planet offers.  And you are connected to the stars.  And you are connected to the Divine.  You are connected to everything, you see.  You must acknowledge that connection in order to live that connection.  If you doubt a connect, you cannot reach it, you see. 

We find that within your being, you doubt connection.  You do not feel it.  You block it.  And those that block connection, are actually blocking pain.  They’re blocking the idea of rejection.  They are blocking the idea of rejection and pain that would come from a connection.  They do not seek the positive end of connection because they have the program running that creates the dissonance to find the connection.  This is why you are seeking to find it. 

The object that you hold will offer you connection when you can offer it to yourself.   Namaste. 

OWS:   We know that was not quite what you were wanting to hear.  We think you were waning to hear that it was a Mayan object or something of great power, or remembrance for you.  But we are not able to able to give you that understanding.  That must come from within you.  And then, when you have that understanding, when you have that deeper connection as Shoshanna is saying here, when that has reached you, then more can be given to you here about this.  But we cannot do it for you, you see?  Do you understand this?

Guest:   Yes, thank you. 

OWS:   Yes.  Would there be other questions here?

Guest:   Can you speak about monoatomic gold, and if it would be beneficial for us Lightworkers to be possibly taking some monatomic gold as we ascend? 

OWS:   It is interesting.  That was a question that was just asked by one of your members in our session yesterday, and we gave an answer that was purposeful and personal for her.  But we will turn this to the collective here, and offer suggestion about this as a deeper understanding, we might say.  You see, originally, and many of you have heard this story of those that came here from another planet, another system long ago.  One of the reasons they came here was in search of gold.  This planet was rife with gold, and they needed it for a particular purpose on their planet.  And they came here to mine that gold.  And, because of that, the idea of gold became a very important concept or idealization here on this planet, where everyone wanted to have gold because the ones that came here wanted it so badly.  And it carried on from generation to generation to generation, and the desire for gold.  And that has continued on, even to this day where gold is very valuable to you. 

Now, the idea of what you are asking, there is some relevance to this, that is correct.  It can be very helpful.  But only to those that believe in it, who trust in it.  There is what you know as the ‘placebo effect.’  And it does not matter what it is.  If you believe that it will have an effect of some type, it will have that, no matter what it is.  It can be anything.  It can be dirt.  You can eat dirt and have that be a wonderful elixir in your body if you believe it could be so.  You see?  It can be a glass of water if you have imbued that with the belief that it carries tremendous healing abilities, you see?  Do you see where we are going with this? 

Another Guest:   The one who asked this? 

OWS:   Yes.  This is for everyone.  Again, not only to you that is asking.  Shoshanna, do you have other comment here?  Yes.

Shoshanna:   We have the same perspective, but we will ask a question of this one.  May we ask, Dear Sister?

Guest:   Yes.

Shoshanna:   What do you wish for this monoatomic gold to do for you?  What do you wish for it? 

Guest:   I wish for it to enhance and wake up more of the DNA as we become more crystalline.  And that’s what I read that it can do.  So if I can help it along, that’s why I was wondering if I can just add things to help that process. 

Shoshanna:   Dear Sister, may we share? 

Guest:   Yes.

Shoshanna:   We find, Dear Sister, that as One Who Serves has given, this substance can do exactly that if you believe this substance will do exactly that.  Do you believe it?

Guest:   Yes I do.

Shoshanna:   Then we would suggest that you take it.  If you put your trust and faith in this substance, and you feel that it will enhance your abilities through reconnection of your DNA, then we tell you to do it.   Namaste.

Guest:   Very good.

OWS:   We would share to you also:  there is a story, a particular chapter, in your Unveiled Mysteries book where Saint Germain produces an elixir out of nowhere and gives it to that one that is in that chapter, the one who actually wrote the book.  And, he takes this elixir and he is believing that it will be the most incredible thing that he has ever tasted.  And, of course, that is exactly what it was.  And he felt this energy go through his entire body, and how it brought a blissful feeling to him.  And, maybe it was just simply water that he brought to him, you see? 

Do you see what we are saying here?  The belief.  ‘Believing is seeing.’  Come to understand that, and anything is possible. 

Guest:   Thank you.

OWS:   Yes.  Would there be other questions here?  No further questions? 

Guest:   Greetings, One Who Serves and Shoshanna.  Just this morning I was contacted by a dear member of the family.  This person and the baby of eleven months appeared to have the symptoms of having acquired the Covid virus.  As they struggled to wonder whether they should go to their hospital or not, of course I have advised them not to get vaccinated, and we have been successful in that.  The baby has yet to receive any vaccination.  But it appears that they do have the virus.  Can you offer any advice on how to handle it, so that they don’t go to the hospital?  Because if they do, they are going to isolate them and probably get them even sicker.  Thank you.

OWS:   Yes.  We would suggest to not only you who are asking this question, but to all:  whenever any kind of symptoms of any of this nature come up, the first thing that others will tell you is, “Go to your doctor.  Go see your doctor.  Ask your doctor.”  Before you take any vitamins or minerals.  That is what they say.  “Go see your doctor.”  That is programming.  That is programming that has been around for a long time by your American Medical Association and the pharmaceutical companies that are in cahoots with all of this.  And it is all about programming. 

Now, we would suggest, and we are not going to tell you exactly what you need to do, or what you need to tell them to do, or anything of this nature, but, we would say that it is best to avoid medical assistance unless it is an emergency, unless it is something that is very imminent at this point. 

But you will find that many that have had these symptoms of this so-called virus simply have a bad cold virus, or the flu potentially, and they put all of this down as it being the Covid virus, which it is not.  In very small samples it can be, but it is a virus. 

And you, as the population of this world, of this planet, have had viruses for thousands and thousands and thousands of years.  You might even say millions of years here.  And they, in many cases, are beneficial to the human host to have these viruses at various times. 

Now this one, of course, as you have come to know, is a man-made virus.  And it is not even a virus as you have come to know it.  It is something completely different than this.  But they have put out that it is a virus, and it is communicable, and it is contagious, and you must be fearful of it, and you must wear the masks, and you must be apart from everyone, and so on.  We have said these things many, many, many times. 

But, it is also the placebo effect here as well.  So if these ones go there and they feel that they need to do that, then that is what they will need to do.  And you cannot tell them otherwise, unless they feel that way, you see?  You have a saying, “you can talk to them until they are blue in the face, but it will do no good until they are ready for it.”  Just as we talk to you all, until you could say we are blue in the face, and sometimes it has an effect, and sometimes not so much.  But we keep going.  Shoshanna?

Shoshanna:   We will share on this.  May we share, Dear Brother? 

Guest:   Please do.

Shoshanna:   Dear Brother, we would ask if these individuals are in proximity to you? 

Guest:   They are not.

Shoshanna:   We would ask why do they trust your opinion?

Guest:   Because I guess I have advised them well in the past, perhaps.

Shoshanna:   We will ask you if you know of the health of these individuals in general.

Guest:   I know they have had a lot of challenges, especially the baby, because the baby was born premature.  But they appear to be normal.

Shoshanna:   And we will ask one more question, if we may, Dear Brother?  May we ask? 

Guest:   Of course.

Shoshanna:   Dear Brother, what is the fear level of these individuals?

Guest:   The baby is a baby.  But I do not know the fear level of the mother. 

Shoshanna:   We will share.  We will continue to share.  The baby receives its clues from its mother.  So if a parent that is fearful, a child will become fearful, you see.  That is how it works.  So this is a very delicate situation, you see, because any so-called virus that is attacking the immune system is exacerbated by fear!  By being afraid of it!  There are many things that the mother can do, and the baby will receive what the mother can do, you see.  But she must not be fearful.  Once she becomes overwrought with fear or feels extremely fearful, she will be driven to do things that she may not do otherwise, you see.  That is how this thing is operating in your third dimension:  it is operating by fear.  So if you wish to advise them, you must find out how fearful they are.

The opportunity that you can offer is for this mother to seek the advice of a naturopathic physician–not a medical physician that is in a hospital, but a naturopathic physician that she could trust.  There are many things that these individuals can do, you see. 

When a human experiences a virus, the first thing that a doctor would tell you to do, in the days before all of this insanity happened, is they will tell you to rest, to drink plenty of fluids, the child should be ingesting enormous amounts of fluids right now to cleanse the body of the virus, and to stay quiet, and to stay warm, and to stay loved.  Many of these things will turn this around if their immune systems are strong. 

They must strengthen their immune systems by not being fearful, you see.  So we cannot really give specific advice, because we do not know who these individuals are. 

We would ask you to find out the level of their health, the level of their fear, and the strength of their immune system, and advise them to seek advice outside of the medical community.   Namaste.

Guest:   Thank you so much.  I will pass on your words.  Thank you so much.

Shoshanna:   Namaste.

OWS:   Very good.  Would there be any other questions here?

Guest:   May I ask one question about a dream I had last night?

OWS:   Yes.  We must take this dream, if we can, and pertain it to the whole here.  

Guest:   Okay.  I don’t remember much of the dream, but I remember I was with some friends of mine at an outdoor patio at nighttime.  We were just having a good party.  All of a sudden one of the patio heaters that were being used to heat the area fell over and fell close enough to me to actually start burning me.  At the time it started burning me, that’s when I woke myself up.  I don’t remember anything after that.  I was just wondering if it means anything for me, or for anybody, at this time.

OWS:   As you know, whenever one asks about a dream, the first thing we will ask is, what does it mean to you?  What does it feel to you? 

Guest:   The only thing I can come up with is that it means be careful in the coming days of all this crescendo of activities that are happening in the world. 

OWS:   yes.  Very good.  Of getting burned.  Of being burned by the programming that is coming out in so many different ways.  And we do not speak of more of the positive programming, but more of the negative programming that is there. 

You were partying.  You were having a good time.  You were enjoying yourself.  You were in positive vibrations at a party. 

And what has the other side, the dark forces, been attempting to do?  To keep you from partying.  To keep you from enjoying your life.  To keep you in fear.  To keep you in separation.  But, you were going against that in this dream.  You were having a party, being together, enjoying yourself.  And then something happened to burn you.  And this is what they are attempting to do, to instill in you something that can keep you from you partying, to keep you from enjoying your life, you see?  Everything they can, to do that. 

And again, this is for the whole here.  This is not only for you that had this dream, it is for the collective here to realize that this is just simply a dream.  It is an illusion here.  It is an illusion that the dark forces can burn you.  It is an illusion here. 

So think of it in this respect:  party, enjoy yourself.  Be with others.  Do not pay attention to those ridiculous, what you call ‘mandates,’ to keep separate from others:  to not have meals together, to not have more than ten people in a certain area. 

How does that make any difference whatsoever if you are in a store and you come together as ten people, so what?  How does that mean anything?  And we could go on and on, just as you all have about the masks, and all of this, and all of the ridiculous programming that has gone into this. 

And we say purposefully ‘ridiculous’ because it has no relevance whatsoever, only to those that believe it has relevance.  So therefore again is the placebo effect, or the belief system.  They have brought the people of much of the population of this planet to believe in fear.  And fear, of course, does what?  It lowers the immune system.  And, as the immune system is lowered, it is compromised.  And as the immune system is compromised, viruses and bacteria, and all of these things can take over.  So that is what they know.  That is what they have done here, and continue to attempt to do. 

But it is up to you, the Wayshowers, to show the way.  And to show others that you will not go gently into the night.  Just as your President Trump is not going gently into the night.   Shoshanna?

Shoshanna:   We will share on this.  May we share on this, Dear Brother?

Guest:   Of course, any time.

Shoshanna:   Dear Brother, we would ask a question here.  The situation that you found yourself in, what was your predominant feeling in this so-called party?  What was your predominant feeling here?

Guest:   Happiness and joy. 

Shoshanna:   And did you recognize the individuals that were in this party?

Guest:   Some of them are coworkers, and some of them are friends, not all of them. 

Shoshanna:   So we will give our perspective here.  This situation is not completely indicative of the planet’s current circumstances.  This situation that you find yourself in is indicative of the program that is running within you called ‘trust.’  We find that this message of this dream is about trusting your ability to enjoy yourself.  The dream was sabotaged by a heater in the dream that destroyed your good time.  So we will tell you to examine your feelings about trust, trusting.   Namaste.

OWS:   Very good.  And we need to release channel here.  Before we do, we take that one e-mail question, and then we need to release.  The energies are having effect here on The James here.  We need to release. 

Guest:   Okay.  The e-mail question is, “will Jo Biden be sworn in by the U.S. Corporation and then be arrested, and, can we expect a surprise during the inauguration?” 

OWS:   We will handle the second part of that question first:  surprise.   As you know, we have said many, many times, we do not like to, nor are we allowed to, spoil the surprise.  But understand, there is great surprise coming. 

You have heard in times past here from many different sources that have come forward and said expect a rather large, or in some cases huge, announcement.  That is still coming.  We cannot say exactly how or when, but we can say that it is part of the greater plan here.  We cannot say how it will all play out, but know that it shall all play out.  It will play out for the better good of the Forces of Light and all of those that are in the awakening stage in their lives right now, either awakened or in the awakening stage.  It may not play out so well for those that are sleep at this time.  But in the long-run, in the greater plan, it will all turn out exactly as it needs to, to bring down the old paradigm and to be able to raise the new paradigm and be able to allow for all of you to create this new paradigm, this new reality here on the planet.  That is all we can say.   Shoshanna?

Shoshanna:   We will share.  We will share on this, and we are not certain that we can put our perspective into words.  What we will tell all that are listening to this is that there is an illusion here that is being perpetrated on your planet.  It is an illusion.  And those that wish to continue to construct the illusion will see what they see.  Because it is what they believe!  They will see what they see.  Those that wish to rise above this illusion, they will see what they will see.  What we know is that all that is occurring is a third-dimensional drama that is not really what is going on on your planet at all.  So if you see what you call this ‘inauguration’ occurring, you must understand that the plan is still working itself out and, you cannot know the bigger picture at this point, because the bigger picture reveals itself line upon line, thought

upon thought, moment upon moment. 

It is your trust and your faith in the Higher Light forces that will move you through this illusion, not the picture of the illusion, but your trust and your faith in your own higher understanding and your own higher vibrations.   Namaste. 

OWS:   Very good. 

And we would ask, Shoshanna, do you have parting message, or was that it? 

Shoshanna:   That was it.

OWS:   Very good.   And we simply say here in parting to take off the blinders.  Think in terms of you have had blinders in front of you such as they put on a horse.  And the horse can only see straight ahead.  Take off the blinders and see from all directions.

Shoshanna:   Yes.   Namaste.

OWS:   Shanti.  Peace be with you.  Be the one.