15.09.27 – We Will All Be Speaking The Language Of Love and Acceptance

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“We Will All Be Speaking The Language Of Love and Acceptance”

“Obeedi-chya” Cetacean Master (Appears as an Orca whale), “Ashira” channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco

“One Who Serves” channeled by James McConnell

(Note: these messages were given during our weekly PFC group in Glendale, AZ on September 27, 2015)



I am “Ashira”. We have a special guest this day. “Obeedi-chya” will be visiting and I will be visiting afterwards during the questions and at the closing comment. Prepare yourself for this one who comes.



I am “Obeedi-chya”. I am the nine foot handsome boy standing on my tail black and white (personified as a Orca whale) as is your pleasure. It is a great day to come and visit with you. Several of you have questions for me. Several of you have called upon me. One of these is Miss Diana. Please share my message with her this day.

You are all a twitter about the exciting things that are happening to you. It is a wonderful day to be able to share with you. Not only all of that which is occurring on the planet but to all of that which is happening to us and all of the rest of the universe. These are exciting times that we share.

We come to talk about those things that you normally do not mention in these groups. We talk to you about “Mer-People”, lives which many of you have experienced. We speak to you of the lives you have spent in “Elemental” forms. We speak to you who have shared lives as whales and porpoises, bodies such as ours.

All of these are part of the unity of the planet. All of these are part of what make the planet work with “Mother Gaia”. All of these are part of the unity about which you are learning and you will learn more.

The animals in your home are your guides. The animals in your homes are showing you the way. Those of you who feel accustomed to porpoises and whales, many of you have expressed life in these bodies. Many of you have had lives where you hunted down and killed us. But those times are going to be no longer. We are excited about that!

We are excited about all that is coming for all of us will be speaking the same language. All of us will be speaking the language of love and acceptance. We know how excited your guides have been the last two years that you have been coming together. We know how excited you are for what is about to happen. We know that you have been led to this door.

We have been of help when those things that are done in preparation. We have talked about the preparation of not eating your brothers and your sisters any longer. Some of you are there. Some of you are still in the process. That is perfectly acceptable.

I envelope you with our love. With all of our existences together. And we know that as you walk through the doors of the dimensional shifts at first it will not seem like much but the days that follow will help you for sure for what is coming for you have been prepared.

We wish to share with you that those who are of the “Mer” folks, they are eager to accept you, to hold you and to share with you again. There is an immense civilization under the sea that has been held from you. It is not of the dark. It is of the light. We all are eager to call you brothers and sisters.

So, this was but a stop in the day to encourage you in the most wonderful way to continue walking forward. Work through your sides of grief. Work through your sides of negativity. Work through all of these so when the moment comes and you feel this “Wave” be in grace, be in forgiveness, be in love. You will be exactly where you need to be.

I am going to close today. I will not come through this one again but I will give my answer to any questions to “Ashira”. We all look to see you again, soon, after the veil has lifted and we are once again one. Blessings.


“One Who Serves” (OWS)

Greeting to you. We are here in this moment of time we would say, to bring about something that is of interest to you. It is very important that you heed these things that we are going to say now. Some of this has already been said but it is a moment in time here. This is where there is a need to connect to your “Higher God-Self” more and more and more.

In this time when the “Wave” is coming, the waves are coming and cascading over the planet. As you feel these energies move through you it will be more and more important to be in a state of good cheer, to be in a state of love, to be in a state of spirituality you might say so that you are not in the negative areas of your brain. Be in a state of calmness and neutrality. Let this “Wave” wash over you and through you. It will do this. It will be one after another. It is not that one comes through and “Oh my goodness, this is it.” It will be a sequence of various waves of energy that you will be feeling.

The more you can be in states of higher consciousness at that moment the better it will be. If you can be in nature that would certainly help the most. Be in a position that you can see beauty all around you. Even if you are not, feel the beauty around you. Know it. Be in gratitude that all is as it needs to be. The more that you allow this process to move through you and be you at that time then you will have a better experience of all of this. You will feel a sense of connectedness. Connectedness to your “Higher God-Self”. Connectedness to all around you, to the unity, the oneness.

Focusing on these feelings will keep you connected. Focus on these during the next moments, the next days here. This will give you the optimum level to have this experience more fully. Understand this?

That is our message for you at this time. We know that coming in your next session, you will be gathering once again with “Hollow Earth Radio”. More will be given.

Would you have questions for “OWS” and “Ashira”? We know that you had questions earlier and that was purposeful. It was necessary to demonstrate to you that this (channeling of the Higher Self) can not only happen through this one we speak through now or Susan but that we see each of you having this access. All of you can have this connection. It is coming. You will all have it!

Would there be any questions here?

Question: I have my son through Wednesday. We have some confrontations during the day. We also have a lot of love. If I switch back immediately am I ok?

“OWS”: We are going to tell you, and this is for all here, not only the one who asked the question. All of you, do whatever you can to avoid being in a confrontational situation. Anything. Do everything you can to be neutral. Do everything you can to step out of a situation if it were calling for a conflict of some type. Conflict, no. Love, yes.

Do you understand this? If it is difficult for you in the moment, leave the moment. Go outside. Do not become involved with this. Get in your car and leave.

This goes for all here. Do not allow yourself to become involved with any kind of confrontational situation where there is any sense of fear, any sense of anger because as you have heard from many different sources, this “Wave” will exacerbate any condition you are in at this time. It is a various sequence of wave’s energy.

“Ashira” is there anything you wish to add? “No, thank you.”

Question: For those who continue their 3D experience, will they have the same matrix or will they have a different experience?

“OWS”: Different in many ways. There will be a continuation of that which they have known but to a lesser degree. It will allow for them to come to their connection to their higher self over a period of time, yes, but it will allow for this process. The illusion that has been created here will be much less where they find themselves.

There will not be copies of you in their lives. Not in your saying so. We can give a little bit on this only. They will have a level of understanding when the time comes for this that they will be in the understanding that they are in without any other understanding than that. So, if you were the one who went through the Ascension process and the other one, who  is attached  to you but is going to this other reality would not have any other understanding or remembrance of you.

All of this is done to appreciate free will and to allow for this process and the various programs to continue. But to continue of a wave length that the particular soul needs to experience.

Anything you wish to add here, “Ashira”?


“Ashira”: Yes. Thank you.

This is a timing factor. We spoke earlier today as a group, did we not, about time?

There is a group of people all going through this exact process. Part of the group are the early birds and will arrive early. Another group, the larger group, will arrive when it is there time. There will be stragglers and they will arrive in their time.

All has been taken care of. Each will come to understand their place in the evolution process. Does that make sense?

“OWS”: Would there be any further questions here?

Question: Don’t you have to let these emotions out?

OWS”: We are speaking here to those ones called the Lightworkers, those who would resonate to these types of words. To you we would say that to lessen the effects of what comes through do all that you can to be in a neutral state.

We know that it is not always possible for this although we also know that all things are possible. Does this answer your question?


Question: I have confusion around the Cabal and light and the dark. I have a hard time figuring out who to support of the Lightworkers  and I feel that I should love everyone. How can you help me to understand this?

OWS”: Yes. That is the ideal here. That is where everyone is moving to. We have suggested many times to be in a state of love toward everyone, yourself and everyone else. But there are times when you can send all your love to another and it is not perfectly accepted. We are talking about those who would turn away from the light. We are not talking about the masses of people. We are speaking of a small percentage here. When we speak of the Cabal, the Illuminati, we are speaking of a very small percentage of the planet. Some, no many have turned to the light. There are some who will hold on till the bitter end you might say, will decide to change and turn. Or, they may decide not to do this.

There is nothing you can do to control this. All you can do is to be of acceptance. As things progress you will find that they will move on and you will move on and you will have no further concerns about this. And they will have no memories of you.

Question: I know people who are Lightworkers who are healing and helping and then start to out others and kick them to the curb.

We understand your thoughts. We will ask “Ashira” to step in and shed a little light. That was meant to be a little joke!

“Ashira”: Dear one, we can hear your frustration, we can hear the pain in your voice, we can hear this.

What we would say is that it is up to you to make your trip. It is not for you to make decisions about others in this moment in time. It is your turn to find the love in your own being. To find the judgement in your own self. And to forgive yourself when you forgive all beings. This is the path for all.

Lightworkers are not angels walking the path without sin. We use that word very carefully. Every one has their own issues. Every one has their own actions. The frequency that is coming in is very high. When people move up in your frequency, these items will not be a part of your life. They will not be a part of your experience.

The more that you allow love to flood you, that you are flooded by unity consciousness and have understanding flood you, you will find yourself without these other situations plaguing you any longer. You will be elated with the love in your life. Does this make sense to you?

Give this some thought.


“OWS”: More questions?

Question: We are looking for some tangible assistance. Can we get more help than just cheering?

OWS”: Dear Brother, you have been getting assistance for a very long time. Many things from behind the scenes. There has to be enough assistance given that does not conflict with free will. There has been a tendency to hold back where we wish we did not need to. We do wish we could offer assistance to you in various points. We are not able to help you so that we do not go against “Universal Law” here or against the “Prime Directive”. Nor would we do this. It is not needed and it is not necessary.

Each of you has the God Consciousness to direct you to do whatever is needed. We know this does not resonate with you at this time and we know that there are many across the planet who wish to see the Cabal taken out of the picture, the arrests, the financial system turned around and the debt forgiven, the NESARA be released and announced, all of these things. All of these things are going to happen but they will happen when they need to with the Collective Consciousness.

As the Collective Consciousness changes each time, the plans change too. As you know, the Collective Consciousness is coming together more and more. The Pope speaking brought about a consciousness change that is happening now. There are 1 to 2 billion people who have responded to this message from the Pope. All of the movements in consciousness that are happening from this. All of this is happening.

So, the assistance is here. Soon you will see the assistance being given. Certainly when the ships are allowed to land and all of these things.

Anything you wish to add here, “Ashira”?

“Ashira”: Hold on to your dream. Once this “Wave” rolls across the planet and makes the evolutionary changes in the human family that all these other things that you expect will happen much more quickly. And as thing begin to shift you will find yourself saying, “Thank you, for making it real in my world”. Wherever that is. We bless you.

“OWS”: Any further questions here?

Question: Is it recommended to stay in meditation tomorrow?

OWS”: Once again, whenever you can find yourself in a higher vibration here. Work on this. In terms of going to work or your job, that is up to you. We cannot say that if you stay home from your job and meditate all day you will have a wonderful Ascension experience. We could say that if you do this, it can help the process along here. OK?There is one further question here.
Question: I have noticed a little knot in my ear and I spoke with a psychic about it and she told me that I had five implants in me. What can you tell me about this?

OWS”: What we can tell you is not what you want to hear. It is not for us to tell you how they got in you, if they did. Only you can know that within yourself. It is not to say that someone cannot say you should look at this, this is definite. This is not the way that we, of the “higher vibrations” at the moment, would counsel you. We would never say this.

So, we will not say if there is a chip there or there is not a chip there. That is for you to have an understanding of. We think that as you come to an understanding of this, you will come to the understanding that it does not really matter. You see?

We always counsel against listening to another and taking that as the gospel truth, whether it is from channeling, from another as a psychic nature, or another. We would always caution on this. It does not mean that it is not true but it does not mean it is true either. You see?

Anything to add here, “Ashira”?

Ashira”: No. I believe you have danced around this well!


We are getting quite good at dancing, are we not? (laughter)

Do you notice the conviction in people here? Those that are asking questions? The heightened vibrations they are feeling within themselves. Did you notice this in the questions that were asked here? Hear the emotion in their voices? This is all a part of the vibration that is moving across the planet. It is going to affect some by one turning against another and another. This is all part of the process that is happening here. This is why we are cautioning…stay in a neutral calm state. Know that you can do nothing to change another. Nor would you want to change another. Let it be. Go with the flow. All things are going to take care of themselves here.

We are going to release channel.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.



I am “Ashira”. I am pleased to close the session today.

There have been so many questions about this period of time from this group. We started discussing the Pope when he would come to this country. We discussed what the meaning would be. We discussed the “Wave” as it changed out of the “Tsunami of Love”.

Is it not a mighty standpoint that you have been given the need to find a neutral standpoint for the rest of this day and for tomorrow? Watch in the days that come to pass things begin to be recognized in the open. Watch as things that were behind closed doors open for your sight. Watch as things unfold magnificently and quickly for you. Watch as those financial changes will begin to start and move quickly.

We have been speaking to you and holding you in our arms. Call on us to hold you, to comfort you. Know that everything we have spoken about is about to begin.

We bless you. We give you our peace and love.




Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco

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