Introduction to Lorelei’s “12 STEPS TO RISE ABOVE & SOAR” (Lorelei Fenton)

Hello My Human-Angel Brothers & Sisters.

My name is Lorelei Fenton and I want to introduce you my 12 Steps to RISE ABOVE & SOAR. These steps come from my own journey through a myriad of life traumas and much study and work, whereby I finally came back to self-love, and love of life. (If you so desire, you can see my full credentials on LinkedIn below.)

“Rise Above and Soar” is designed to assist all of us to rise out of the lower energies (also know as frequencies or vibrations) of fear, suffering, deprivation, sadness, depression, anger, violence, revenge, jealousy, judgment and the like and to have us soaring in the higher energies of love, light, joy, fun, play, ease, one-ness, brotherhood, bliss, and yes even what might be termed as ecstasy. (Consider that physical sexuality is only ONE of several modalities through which you can feel ecstasy. How cool is that?!)   

As a start,  I am offering 12 steps (not related to the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous) each with a myriad of tools and referrals. These are concrete resources, steps, and tools to “Rise Above and Soar” over whatever does not work in your life. Some of the tools are completely free and the outside referrals do not profit me. I offer such recommendations out of love and light, in the spirit of support and brotherhood for your journey.  

So what does it mean to “Rise Above & Soar”?  

For those of us who are ‘thinkers’ like me, here is a bit of science. All energies come in frequencies. We dial into a particular frequency much as we dial into a radio station. The lower energy “radio stations” don’t make for a very happy life or existence. The higher energy stations, so to speak, make for a luscious, delicious, delightful life and existence. In such frequencies we are literally Soaring with all of those wonderful energies.  

Meanwhile, the “quantum” nature of reality is such that when we feel good, more and more good things happen to us. And vice versa. I would hazard a guess that this is why Jesus said (to paraphrase) “those who have will be given even more and those who don’t have will have even what they have taken from them.” He was very likely warning us about this natural law of the physical universe (similar to Karmic Law) known as the law of attraction. Said another way, like attracts like.   

Here is a synopsis of how and why this law works…

When any one of us has “more”, we feel great and exude a higher ‘vibration’. We are having fun, playful, at ease, loving, smiling, happy. This energy is delightful. Happy people come around us like we are a magnet. Happy people often live in abundance, so prosperity comes around too. And this feeling draws more and more of all of that good stuff to us by this physical law of the universe.   

Conversely when any one of us has “less” we may find ourselves in fear mode. We  often feel lousy, and exude a lower vibration. This energy is likewise magnetic for more and more yucky feelings. Happy people avoid us. Miserable people are attracted to us and they can find a partner in complaint and  misery. In this energy more and more bad things happen to us.   

I would surmise that this is also why Jesus advised us to “Turn the other cheek.” Because we don’t want to send out vengeful energy and have it bounce back to us. It is likely also why he said to “be like the birds in the trees and the flowers in the fields.” Because feeling at ease, supported and comfortable will bring what we want right to us.   

This is Quantum Physics, by the way, where it is ever more understood that the very smallest particles of matter, things called Quarks, are affected by human thought. When we think something, that thinking affects the movement of the very particles which comprise all matter. So we can begin to see that our individual and collective thoughts create our world.  

But there are many, many ways to interact with our own minds and keep from going into any lower vibrations(feelings) and to avoid moving those quarks where we don’t want them. Also there are many ways to pull ourselves strongly into the higher vibrations of love, light and so forth on a regular basis.   As we move together more and more frequently into the higher vibrations, we literally create that which Jesus spoke of, the Heaven on Earth, and the end of all misery, hatred and suffering. Eventually the lion will lay down with the lamb, so to speak. This is a natural outcome because over time there will be no-one else left living in the lower vibrations. So all of that misery will simply go away.  

People in the Metaphysical Science World speak of this change as the “Ascension”. And some scientists are now concurring that we and the planet may be quite literally moving out of the 3 Dimensional reality and into a 5 Dimensional one.   

So what would the other dimensionality bring us?   

It is now understood that we will begin to have full use of our 12 strands of DNA, which relate also to our emerging 12 chakra system. (We are now becoming aware of 12 major chakras, as opposed to just 7.) There is a lot more science I could go into, but I will save that in depth conversation for one of my other 12 steps. Suffice it to say that in a 5 dimensional reality everyone will be living in love, light, joy, abundance, etc. etc, all day, every day. There will be no lower frequencies, so hence no suffering, pain, or hardship. And you will have amazing, seemingly magical abilities. Yes, even the same kinds of abilities which Jesus had.

I know this might be confronting, or it might sound like gobbledy-gook to some of you right now, so let’s come back down to earth… I once worked with a person who had not asked a woman out for 30+ years. This was clearly an area where he was NOT enjoying life, and had absolutely no freedom, joy, or play. After working with me for 4 hours, he got on the phone and began dating again. He came to life, so to speak, in that area. He has not stopped since. The idea is for each of us to live life in fun, play, ease, joy, freedom, abundance, peace, love, and the like. When we are living in that place, if and when the earth moves to 5 D, we are each bound to go as well. But living in that place is its own reward. So living there is our target, or goal, so to speak.

So I am about to give all the tools any of you could need to live in those upper frequencies, and to fall madly in love with life, and with yourselves. I will do this in 12 steps, over the coming 12-16 weeks. When I am done I intend to start again and give you more tools. I know a lot of excellent tools, so get ready. 🙂

So who am I, by the way?  And what skills, talents, and expertise do I bring to this whole conversation? First I will say I have  a Masters Degree in Education. In addition I have decades of training in what blocks human beings emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. This includes intensive study of the many methods whereby we can come back to a state of feel-good energy, and to love of the self, others, and of life. I have helped lots of people to do this through the decades.

But these standard credentials take a back seat to what I have actually overcome and transformed in my own personal life. As a child victim of ritual abuse (outside of my family) I overcame and completely erased PTSD, and the accompanying dis-associative personality traits. In this process I literally rebuilt my own fractured ‘identity’, piece by laborious piece. As I was in this process I also faced and overcame the experience of loving an alcoholic, a heart-breaking divorce, emerging memories of extreme childhood abuses and female violation, financial destitution as a single mom, and the subsequent loss of my children in their teen years due to money struggles. Through it all I faced judgment all around me for all that I did, and all that I did not do. Each time I got deeper levels of how to come back to self-love, love for life, and the feel-good energies.

I tell you all of this so that you know… whatever you have been through or experienced, I understand. I can relate to it. In the final analysis of my story, my children emerged as strong, capable, confident, and healthy in body, mind, and spirit. I emerged as consistently joyful, playful, and at ease, with a song in my heart and a dance in my step.  

If you want this same experience of life, jump on board and make use of the tools I am about to present to you.   Begin your journey with these two marvelous resources…

1.Diana Cooper- “Awaken Your 12 Chakra” Guided Meditation            

If you have done Chakra work already or if you are open to a HUGELY powerful experience, you may also do this Diana Cooper/Tim Whilde exercise. Be prepared. It is not for the faint of heart.

Extremely Powerful Chakra Meditation

2.Video “Ascension of the Earth”                    

This video is truly amazing, and profoundly inspirational.

Next week I will send the first of my 12 steps. I will add one more every 1-2 weeks starting April 2017. I will also keep all of my steps to date on my facebook site “Rise Above and Soar”, and on LinkedIn, “Lorelei Fenton.”

Remember that the first rule of this journey is…  


Please proceed to “How to Use These 12 Steps” when you are ready.

Many blessings to you all,
Lorelei Fenton

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lease watch my “Rise Above Song” and, if you have the means, assist me in getting the word out about how EVERYONE can Rise Above & Soar at my gofundme page. I greatly appreciate your generous assistance.

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