My Sleepyhead Brother,

You are sleeping so much because you are being upgraded by your Spirit Team of over 100 light beings. You are receiving “upgrades” to your physical body as you become a crystalline being.

This is necessary for your body to withstand the 5D energy coming to earth and to ascend during the Event.

The human body is fragile. If you didn’t receive the upgrades, your body could not withstand the compression breakthrough of the new light.

When the DNA is altered, it responds slowly. So, ingenious as Source is, you need the gradual upgrades to your bodies because you are ascending in stages, allowing all of your bodies [mental, physical, emotional] to slowly accept the changes. This also explains the time this takes to process your body toward the Event.

Prime Creator issued a directive decreeing that instead of ascending, as has been done in the past, by leaving the body behind and ascending into your Light Body, now you will be taking your human body with you as you ascend.

Your DNA is precious for future prosperity and to create advanced humans. Yes, you are deeply respected and admired by all intergalactically for this current ascension achievement. You did not know you were held in such high esteem, did you? No one told you this, did they? This is because you have been lied to for so long. You will be greatly honored for all your sacrifices.

Our current Ascension Process is one that has never been done before, because for the first time in the history of the Universe, an entire planet is ascending. This is also one of the reasons why so many galactic ships are here to watch this process. In other words, the entire population is undergoing its own and Gaia’s Ascension as a collective of enormous proportion.

There are now 550 million Light Ships around the earth watching and assisting in earth’s progress because of this monumental feat. Collectives have ascended before; for instance, one you have heard of is the Mayans. But this was a tribe. Not an entire planet of beings!

Also, something unknown to many is that everything humans do affects the future of the entire galaxy and all the planets within this galaxy, as they are all connected. This includes descending to 3D from higher dimensional times such as Atlantis and Lemuria.

How does what humans do here affect the other planets, you may ask? Well, this is the second reason why so many galactic ships are here watching and supporting this process.

You see, in the past, our 3D world has held back the advancement of other 5D and above planets because if we do not ascend, neither do they. As above, so below.

Therefore, all higher dimensional planet civilizations support us because they want to ascend as well, and this 3D quagmire we have lived in must be allowed no more. Thus we have galactic support because our galactic neighbors also ascend when we do.

Do you see what a monumental spectacular show that is going on here on earth? And YOU, my dear, dear one, (as well as other Light-workers) are at the apex of the creators who are here manifesting this miracle because of the work you do for the Light Forces and for Gaia.

Do you see how blessed you are, my dear one? Gaia needs us and we need Gaia. As She Ascends, so do humans–as we Ascend, so do our galactic neighbors. We are all one! Gaia is Ascending and taking us with her.

For what your body is going through, you require a great deal of sleep, rest, and regeneration.

Yes, my love, I have also been experiencing this. Some days I can sleep 12 hours straight, get up and work for a few hours and down I go again for another 4 hours. The past 2 weeks, I have struggled to stay awake, and finally just collapse. If I resist, I’m brought to my knees, as if my Higher Self is saying, “NOW, we need you asleep!” So–out I go.

When you sleep, changes happen within your molecular structure and adjustments are made within all of your bodies–-your physical, mental, emotional, and etheric healing, raising of your vibration, and your molecular structure morphs into the Crystalline Light Body that you are becoming.

When you are awakened at crazy hours in the night, this is because changes in your body need to be anchored and you need to be awake to anchor them, and on you go to the next change to take place. Can you imagine that? Wonderful as it is.

Other symptoms of the Ascension are achy and sore joints. This is because you are working hard while you sleep.

The Star Seeds are releasing great quantities of density from all humankind, as the Star Seed’s body is the only one strong enough to handle the darkness being purged from the earth. This is because the Star Seeds experience a higher dimension in a parallel life on another planet. Star Seeds exist on a Higher Plane and have the capacity to withstand the transfer of the dark energies that are removed from all of mankind’s lifetimes/timelines–not just your own.

The dark energies are drawn through the Star Seed for transmutation back into positive energy/Love. This is being done with the help of many advanced Light Beings in the 550 million light ships around the earth who take part in mankind’s ascension process. This includes your personal spirit guides, angels, archangels, and ascended masters.

The energy begins coming in with the solstice, and henceforth, the 21st of each month, earth will be hit with another greater-wave of energy with each intensifying as we get closer and closer to the ascension.

Your body, my sleepyhead brother, is quickly being brought up to a point for the ascension to take place where you can cross the Rainbow Bridge easily to 5D Nova Earth and beyond. So now as this latest wave wanes, it loses some of its power and its effects on you, just in time for you to prepare yourself for the next wave later next month.

So, accept the changes with grace and ease, for resistance will make the process much more difficult.

Bless the changes, send them love. Welcome the changes because, dear one, you are Ascending into your Crystalline Light body.

So here you go again.

Are you ready to get started ???

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Valuable Nutritional Information For Diabetics 1 & 2 And For HEART/BLOOD Related Issues, Cancer & More!

by Nancy B. Detweiler

and MEG DAVIS, Nutritionist & Acupuncturist


 (We miss you sister Meg, we honor you, and can’t wait to hear you again! )

TABLE OF CONTENTS (Click on link below to take to to tipi in document):


0.  Link to Live Blog Talk Radio Nutrition Discussion

1. Statement about Ascension and protein requirements

2. Link to carb counting website

3. Recommended carbohydrate levels for optimal health

4. List of Food in Carbohydrate category

5. Short “You Tube” videos explaining blood sugar connection with diseases (highly recommend!)

6. Best food article I’ve ever read

7. Great read and print article for family and friends to explain blood sugar

8. List of vegan protein sources

9. Westin A. Price website mentioned by Michelle on Sunday’s call – whole food resource

10. Terrific cookbook on whole food nutrition, almost like a textbook

11. Basics of “What the heck do I eat” PDF

12. Favorite recipe website

13. Kitchen appliance MUST for quick and easy meals

14. Juicing

15. Revamped food pyramid – we can add to this and make it better

16. Best greens to eat

17. Stages of Blood Sugar Imbalances (associated symptoms listing

0. Link to Live Blog Talk Radio Nutrition Discussion:

1. Statement about Ascension and protein requirements: *** One thing to remember about Ascension and shifting nutrition recommendations is that the more crystalline-based our DNA becomes, the less protein we require. Protein breaks down into amino acids which are the building blocks for the carbon-based DNA structure. So donʼt worry so much about getting enough protein, there is plenty of protein in the plants you eat, nuts & seeds, quinoa, and le- gumes. You might require more protein if you are doing alot of exercising, weight-training and athletics. (see below – vegan protein sources)***

2. Link to carb counting website:  How many grams of carb in foods:


3. Recommended carbohydrate levels for optimal health:

0-50 grams – rapid weight loss
51-80 grams – slower weight loss
81 – 150 grams – maintenance (the more exercise you do, the more carbs will burn)

*** less exercise – 81 – 100 grams

*** more exercise – 101 – 150 grams

150 – 300 grams – high blood pressure, cholesterol problems, immune problems, pre-diabetes, heart disease
300+ grams – TROUBLE!!! diabetes, cancer, heart disease, obesity

4. List of Food in Carbohydrate category: *** use in moderation ***

Bread (Use Ezekial is a must)
Snack/Breakfast Bars
Oatmeal (use quinoa instead)
Baked Goods
Pastries (quinoa pasta available)

Fruit ***
Fruit Juices (different than juicing)
Fruit Smoothies (green smoothies with some fruit OK)
Sodas (Kumbucha Tea OK)
Energy Drinks
High Fructose Corn Syrup
Agave Nectar, Honey ***
Rice (wild rice OK, brown rice occasionally)
Potatoes, Yams (use sweet potatoes and butternut squash)
Legumes *** (lentils and mung beans are the favorites)

5. Short “You Tube” videos explaining blood sugar connection with diseases (highly rec- ommend!) Merritt Wellness you tube videos: Great explanation about blood sugar:





6. Best food article I’ve ever read: Long, but worth every minute. “What if It’s All Been a Big, Fat Lie?” Gary Taubes, New York Times 2002 –

7. Great read and print article for family and friends to explain blood sugar : “The Defi nitive Guide to Insulin, Blood Sugar & Type II Diabetes” Great article to print for friends and family.

8. List of vegan protein sources:

9. Westin A. Price website mentioned by Michelle on Sunday’s call – whole food resource during Q & A Great nutrition website ***Recommends meat, so substitute***

10. Terrific cookbook on whole food nutrition, almost like a textbook: “Nourishing Traditions”, Sally Fallon ** ** great for fermented food recipes for good intestinal bacteria and enzymes

11. Basics of “What the heck do I eat” PDF – les/phase2dietwithexplanation.pdf

This is general, but a great start. Add to this list with your own favorites, juicing, sprout ing, supplements, good water source, etc. Don’t worry about calories. If you eat good fats, your hunger will balance easily. Remember breakfast as a big meal.

Chinese proverb: Eat like a King at breakfast, Prince (worker) at Lunch and Pauper at dinner.”

12. Favorite recipe website: (most popular recipe app in the world 🙂 Just type in vegan or vegetarian and you will gets LOADS of recipes

13. Kitchen appliance MUST for quick and easy meals – *** *** I do ALL my veggies in this and makes a ton of extra for decreased cooking time, and leftovers for breakfast or lunch the next day. Freezer to table in 30 minutes or so. Also cooks my quinoa in 30 minutes perfect every time. And I can forget about it and it turns off when Iʼm distracted on

14. Juicing : I am not a juice expert – but the HFATG (James Evans on Facebook) has A LOT of juicing experiemce. So make yourselves known to the group so members can ask questions.

15. Revamped food pyramid – we can add to this and make it better : Food Pyramids are mar- keting tools, with heavy infl uence of the very powerful industries producing sugar, meat, dairy and grains. Here is my attempt at one for healthy blood sugar levels.

Bad Fats and Red Wine

Herbs, Spices, Superfood Greens

Fruit and Healthy Fats

(nuts, seeds, olive oil, avocado)

Quinoa, Legumes, Brown Rice and Whole Grains (Eggs)

TONS of fresh, organic vegetables – eating mostly green and above ground

16. Best greens to eat:

. Spirulina – 3 times the protein of steak!!!

. Wheat Grass – Highly alkalizing and promotes healthy blood

. Barley Grass – 11 times more calcium than cowʼs milk

. Chlorella – rich in B-vitamins and helps hardened arteries

. Wild blue-green algae – first form of life on Earth, high protein, B-vitamins, brain function and immune system booster.

. Parsley – bones, kidneys, bladder, immune system

17. Stages of Blood Sugar Imbalances (associated symptoms listing):

Initial Stage: Blood Sugar Imbalance Shaky/Irritable Without Food ,Abdominal Weight Gain Sugar/Carb Cravings, difficulty losing weight, fatigue, gas/bloating, feel better after eating, tired in Afternoon, difficulty concentrating, poor focus reflux, sour stomach/nausea, crave a small “Sweet” after meals, blurry vision, sleepy after meals.

Second Stage: Reactive Hypoglycemia

Above Symptoms Worse and/or Plus: Overall Fatigue Waking Up At Night/Insomnia History of Skipping Meals History of Sugar/Carb Intake History of High Stress History of High Trans-Fatty Acids/Eating Out/Junk Food

Third Stage: Insulin Resistance

Above Symptoms Worse and/or Plus: Mental Fogginess and Fatigue Thinning Hair in Women Depression Intestinal Gas/Bloating Abdominal Weight Gain Increased Blood Pressure Increased Triglycerides Hormone Issues (PCOS-Infertility) Auto-Immune Disorders Allergies/Food Sensitivites

Fourth Stage: Metabolic Syndrome (defined as the presence of 3 of the following )

– Waist Circumference: Men – 40 inches or more Women – 35 inches or more – Low HDL Cholesterol: Men – less than 40mg/dl Women – less than 50mg/dl – Fasting Blood Triglycerides greater than 150mg/dl – Blood Pressure greater than 130/85mm/Hg – Fasting Glucose greater than 100mg/dl

Fifth Stage: Diabetes (Western Medical Diagnosis)

Fasting Plasma Glucose (FPG) – Result of greater than 125mg/dl Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT) – 200mg/dl or above

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We Disappear from the 4D Earth and Reappear on the 5D Earth? By Beverly Nation

Channeled live by Beverly Nation on July 18, 2018

Hey Guys! Beverly Nation here. Thank you for watching this video. I am going to do something brand new. I am going to live channel a message from my guides about the Ascension and about the event. We continue to receive Ascension Codes and clairvoyant people talking about things that they are seeing, and many people are still confused. So I’ve asked my guides to just give us an update on what’s going on and why clairvoyant people are seeing these things in the sky. What do they really mean?

Okay? So please just let go of your beliefs right now and just open your mind. Just take this message in and take it to heart in a deep way on a very deep level.

Okay, here we go.

[channel begins]

Dear Ones,

we know that there is so much confusion about the Ascension…about the “Event,” and WE, as Planners, Beverly’s guides, in addition to hundreds of beings, all of us who are a part of guiding the incarnated humans right now, and the upper echelon, the Advance Team that is planning the Ascension, all of us collectively and non-physical want to take responsibility for some of the confusion.

It really began in May when Neo Glimmer was given the codes that very much indicated the 144th day of the year would be some sort of massive event. We did this on purpose and, again, We are speaking collectively. We did this on purpose to generate a great amount of energy. We are not saying that this was misleading or inaccurate or even deceiving, because it was not.

What transpired on that 144th day was a very powerful wave of energy that some were calling the weapon, and yes, this took place whether you saw it or felt it or realized it or not, this did happen. But the way that it was sent out to all of the many channelers, the clairvoyant, all of those who are broadcasting, mass communications, through the internet, YouTube, social media, it did implicate or indicate or point to the concept that humans could begin disappearing, and there was a purpose also behind this. And We are going to make it very simple for you.

Do you remember as a child when you were riding in the car with maybe one of your parents and you were on a long trip, and you were SO excited, and you were SO anxious to get there to the destination, and what did you ask your parents? “Are we there yet?”

Dear Ones, this is what We are hearing from millions on earth, “Are we there yet?”

And from a Heart of Love in the best way that we know, we are saying “You are almost there!” Just as your parent said to you, “Honey, we are almost there.”

Included in this message of “We are almost there,” are all of the different ways that we are sending that message. We are sending that message through codes. We are sending that message to the clairvoyant who are seeing waves. We are sending that message to some who have visions. We are sending that message to some who have dreams.

What We want you to understand is that when someone receives an image of somethings, it generates a tremendous amount of energy within your matrix. These visions serve a purpose. All of you get excited about Ascension. And, yes, some of you believe, you continue to believe that you are going to just pop out of the Old Earth and land in the New Earth; and it’s okay. Although this is not the process. This is not what is going to happen. No one is going to disappear and land in a brand new world. The world is coming to you. The New Earth is coming to you. It’s already here! And it is integrating into the “Old Earth.” The fifth dimension is pushing away the fourth dimensional aspects.

Your Crystalline body is merging with your carbon-based body. Your Crystalline body is pushing away the carbon-based aspects. This is the simplest method for Ascension because it is seamless.

You don’t have to do anything—just enjoy, take care of yourself, follow your passions, travel, learn to paint, learn to dance! This is the time to celebrate! The heavy lifting has been done. You’ve raised the frequency of Gaia. You’ve locked in Ascension. You did it! And this is the time to celebrate.

However, it is not the time to worry, and it is not the time to go from message-to-message, and vision-to-vision, image-to-image, and date-to-date. The Ascension is not a date. It is not one event. It is a process. And this process will take years.

So those of you who can understand this on a very deep level, We are appealing to you to understand this, and to appreciate that the images coming in, the codes coming in, appreciate that this is all part of a Master Plan to generate tremendous amounts of frequency. This is helping with Ascension.

When We told Beverly that Alfonso had ascended, We were a part of that message, and when she gave that message, the energy spread across the Universe like wildfire. And this is what We needed. We need this energy to continue with the Ascension process.

It is like the Matrix movie, these movies that have been made in your world. However, in the movies the energy was being harvested from beings outside of the matrix. In reality, the energy is being harvested IN the matrix.

YOU are the energy source. YOU are the battery that is generating massive amounts of energy that is propelling the Ascension forward, and all of the messaging, the visions, the dreams, the codes, all of it serves a higher purpose.

Yes, we are saying, “Children we are almost there!” But we are also needing you to get excited and generate this energy. This is fueling the Ascension.

And the newly awakened are going to lock into dates. They are going to lock into someone’s vision and, yes, for a short period of time, they are going to believe. They are going to believe that they are going to disappear on a certain date. And it’s okay. It’s okay if they believe that because they are helping with Ascension. It’s part of the plan.

It is akin to advertising. Advertising gets you excited about things. You are going on vacation and you see a billboard of a place where you are going. What happens? Everybody in the car gets excited. THIS is what you reality is right now. But We felt it was time to reveal our plan to you.

Yes, dates were indicated. We gave dates that were indications of some sort of big shift. We take responsibility for all of this. But we want you to know it is from a Heart of LOVE. It is from a Master Plan. It is from a powerful way to generate the energies that we need to complete the Ascension.

And so some of you We anticipate will be frustrated. Some of you, We anticipate will be angry. Some of you, We anticipate will be depressed. Because you just want to leave. You just want to be done. You just want to literally pop out of here—pop out of this world.

But that is not the case. It is a Process.

And so with as much Love as WE can send you across the Universe, we ask you to please understand the Ascension is a Process. There will be many waves. There will be colors in the sky. There will be many dates given. There will be many Ascension Codes. These codes are very important! They are triggers, and they are helping so much with Ascension. So be a part of the code sharing, code deciphering, those who are unable to decipher these codes, listen… listen to what they say.

So We end with sending you Our Love. We end with wrapping our arms around each one of you who are listening to this video right now in this moment.

Your guides are wrapping their arms around you and with more Love than you can even comprehend.

Please know you are Ascending right now. It’s happening. No one is left behind. No pet is left behind. Even the un-awakened who are still asleep, they are Ascending and they will wake up.



Guys, I hope that helps. I hope it eliminates some of the confusion. I hope it makes sense to you. It makes total sense to me. I just sort of started calling them out on some things that I was hearing, and then they came though with, “Look, we needs to tell you what’s really going on. We need to come clean.”

Again, there has never been deception. There has always been a greater purpose. I hope that you can understand this message. This is coming through my guides, but in cooperation with all of the beings that are planning the Ascension. The Founders, if you know about the Founders, they are instrumental in planning the Ascension. This is coming from the Higher Realms.

So that’s all. Thank you for watching. I send you my Love. Bye for now.

End of Video.

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How To Clear Chakras


1) Open up your Chakras with regularity and bring in the light. 

Start with the Diana Cooper meditation once a week or so. 
Then move to doing this Pillar of Light Meditation daily if at all possible. 
Really opening those chakras and bringing in the light helps us start to get in our bones who we really are. Once we get that it’s like  “Programming Schmogramming”. It doesn’t affect us.


Diana Cooper
2) Tackle your false beliefs & emotional triggers
(also called “Stories” and programming) directly. 
Collapse each one down forever like the true house of cards they are. I have 3 resources for that, including myself. Check with your Higher Self to see which of these three may be best for you particularly. Or perhaps a combo platter of more than one may work for you.
A) The Landmark Forum,


Landmark is the top Transformational Personal Growth Company on the planet. Your stories haven’t got a chance to survive with this under your belt. I might suggest that you progress from one course or offering here to the next, until all that stops you is gone. You can get breakthroughs for free by assisting at courses, once you take the first one.

B)  Me.  Though it is newer, my work springs off the above.   I like to think I play with the Big Boys and take people quite far, quite fast. (Velocity versus depth with the above.) Both get to the same place. There is a new testimonial on my website on the testimonials page. 

I will work with you free as I said for 1 hour. You will likely need more than that to really get past some of that programming. As soul family I would give you special rate. I suggest you come to my Mind-Bombs Webinar next Tuesday if this is of interest to you. 


Also you can join my Facebook Group if you like –


C) Rikka Zimmerman Rikka is kick butt powerful. She definitely can collapse those false beliefs. And she also brings in a spiritual element, and working with the other-worldly that is a perfect fit for our group. She puts 2000 people on a webinar with regularity, which is good. But you won’t likely get her one-on-one to really go deep with you.  So with that in mind, your progress will depend on your own ability to take what she gives and internalize it. 

 That’s not true with the other two, where you can’t help but get what is given –


3)  Upgrade your DNA daily with St. Germaine’s Activation for 144 Days. 

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Removing All Forms of Negative Akashic Energy

Kryon teaches how to look at the unbelievable and how to stay on the planet a very long time.  He teaches you things that you were never told that you could do.  Why were you given FREEWILL?  Because you are the CREATOR being who can manifest whatever you command.  But no one told you this.There’s a feeling and always has been that you may not be in-charge of your life. You talk about the Akashic Record, it just sits there as a library of irritation, doesn’t it?  As though you had no control of anything, and suddenly I’m telling you, you’ve got control of everything.  Everything!

Can you believe that you can change that which is you—that which is your own personal nature and start to work with it in order to shape the things that you want instead of those things you don’t want.  You can change the degree that you age.

You are in command.  You are the authority.  You are the GOD in you and have great POWER to change your life for the better.  The following DECREES are offered by Kryon for you to take control of your life and in the process to be Joyful instead of fearful—to have the buttons disengaged that would push you into anger, sorrow, fear.

This is a major cleansing.  Forgive yourself for waiting so long and delaying this POWER you possess.  All of these things are now possible for everyone.  No matter how unique you are, how many lifetimes you’ve had, this process teaches you how POWERFUL your CONSCIOUSNESS would be to take a hold of the esoterics of your brain, the very memory of your lifetime, and manipulate it into BENEVOLENCE, JOY, and LIGHT!  Make this a daily decree and over days, you will see something is a little different.

Dear Beautiful Akash which represents me and my would in so many expressions in this new energy I am in command. 

Dear Akash, that is me and represents the expressions of thousands of lives on this planet.  Look at the energy of today because I am in charge.

Dear Akash, beautiful that you are because you are me and represent the one soul that I have been for thousands of lifetimes on this earth.  Know this, there is change and I am going to dictate it, because I am in charge.   The bottom line, I am in charge of me, and for the first time, I want you to listen up. 

I command benevolence in remembrance. 

I command that the Akash start to alter that that has been remembered lifetime after lifetime and I put a limiter on the drama.

It is not allowed to invade the light of my life.

I put a limitation on all the negative things, all of the anger and the betrayal and the horror.

I put a limiter.  Oh, it may be there, but it’s going to go in the dark.

I command that the negativity that is in my Akash and has been there, get in the back seat because I am driving today, and there is no reason for it to be there because, you see, I’m in charge of it all.

It’s ME talking.

Dear Akash, beautiful and benevolent, you are ME and I am YOU.

Let all of the Beauty and the Joy and the Wisdom which has occurred in thousands of lifetimes, the Maturity of a Soul, start to present itself in ways that will surprise me, and I’ll smile…in Good things, in Benevolent things and expectations.

Let my Akashic Record be the best thing that ever happened to me, and let my life reflect this day and this decision.


Now we are not done, you see—because what was stated is we’re working in the NOW today.  Remember?  Well, see, there is more to this because there are thigs that are also disturbing you right now that are very current and are not in the Akash yet.  Do you know where I am going with this?  Do you wish to finish the job?

Let all things which have occurred in my life in the past energy to this very moment be on notice that the memory in my brain, the very synapse that holds them is on notice to cease and desist those things which would be below my Magnificence as a creature on this planet of God.  You’re not allowed to keep the tapes playing and the tapes are this: 

The betrayal,

The sorrow,

The bad feelings,

The anger,

The human nature which is a low energy human nature,

The buzz itself…

Cease and desist all of the things that are currently there.

I am in-charge, even of my Memory, for every single cell resounds with the Higher Self, and I am part of this in a way that I never knew before.  In charge of ALL THINGS,

So that I might go from this place and not have to carry those things from my own past since my birth.

Dear Cellular Structure, I am in charge.  The BOSS is talking, LISTEN UP!

COMMAND YOU to see the BEAUTY, the BENEVOLENCE, and the GOD inside of every cell in my body!

To be more resistant to disease than we have ever been before.

You see, disease, cannot attach itself to the LIGHT!

I command that which was in me that’s inappropriate to go away, to change.

Let the CHEMISTRY in my body show itself in the next days so I know this is real. 

I take COMMAND of things I was never told I could take command of.

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Salamat Jalwa (be in righteousness).We return to speak with you about many events unfolding around your globe. Your world is caught in a war between good and evil. For 13 millennia, the dark cabal has been in control of your planet. With the new strategies we have provided our Earth allies, now called the Alliance, the tides have turned: the dark is losing its power while the Alliance continues to gain momentum. All the dark cabal has left is the ability to cause vexing delays, which soon will cease as well. The dark is in serious difficulty because it is running out of ways to delude the masses. The Alliance, gradually and at its own pace, is bringing about extraordinary alterations in the world.
We have shared with the Alliance one of our successful strategies, which we refer to as Fluid Group Dynamics. This strategy tends to confuse the cabal because their style of operation is more static. The Alliance is now using this fluid method to resolve all the problems confronting your world. When each individual’s talents are applied to a particular problem, group leaders change constantly, depending upon the areas of expertise required. Now, as the egotistic cabal faces their demise, they are beginning to turn on one another. Because Fluid Dynamics is not based on the ego, group members are able to work cooperatively. Increasing successes are confirming the efficacy of this strategy.
Changes to government, to the global banking and currency network, to world peace and to the world’s economic systems are merely the early stages in manifesting your prophesied galactic society. The unveiling of suppressed technologies will provide impetus to the paradigm shift that is in progress. These new technologies will supply the means for Gaia’s restoration, which will include clean air, clean water, fertile soil. You, also, will reap the benefits of restored health from vibrational technology, anti-gravity transportation, teleportation, telepathy and a host of other astounding and life-altering innovations. When we arrive on your shores, we will bring even more thrilling technologies.
The energies that emanate from the Galactic core are awakening the people of Gaia. This global consciousness awakening is what the cabal fears the most. The volume of energy pouring in from the throne of the Creator is immeasurable! As these new frequencies become integrated and anchored in Gaia’s new consciousness grid, lies and greed can no longer hold sway. Truth is emerging into the Light for all to see. Some of these truths will unhinge the public. They are the uglier side of what the cabal has created throughout the centuries. This is a time when the Starseeds and Lightworkers are called upon to help. Your understanding of the ascension process will be vastly needed to calm the masses. Prepare yourselves. The day of reckoning approaches!
Greetings. We are your Ascended Masters. A new realm is dawning. We ask you to remain patient since an imponderable number of marvelous events is being readied to be revealed. We thank Heaven for what is about to be born! A most gracious blessing is being bestowed upon us all. You must often feel that what you have been working for is farther away than it actually is. That, in 3-D terms, the life manifesting before you is a fact when, in actuality, it is pure illusion. Often it can seem as if your promised prosperity and world peace are never going to manifest. We are here to tell you that they are closer than they appear in the light of unfolding world events.
The cabal is reeling from the consciousness growth anchored by Gaia’s people into the new energy grid of Light. It has assumed a momentum that ensures its Victory. We descended from the bliss of full consciousness into a realm beset by horrors. Despite this adversity/unfavorable turn, the Anunnaki and their minions failed to obliterate our most sacred thoughts. We retained our memories. Our divine service as Ascended Masters has always been to grant you mercy and succor from the depredations of the dark.
Over the past few decades, you have watched your lives held seemingly in limbo, as those who work for the Light sought how best to restore the right and natural order of this realm. A plan exists to restore the old ways of Lemuria and make rubble of the tyranny employed by the cabal that has kept you enslaved for millennia. It is to merge all of you into the greater community of Love, Light and mutual caring! It is destined to bring you closer to understanding the glorious realm of your desire, to helping others and to attaining the joy of inner achievements. To that end, you are to expand in consciousness and grow in grace. Hosanna in the highest!!!
Today, we brought you another message about what is developing on your world. You are on the verge of things that, on one level, are deeply longed for but that, on another, will be truly shocking to many. Rejoice in the knowledge that the grand plan of Heaven is unfolding around you! Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 6 July 2018

Mike Quinsey
How long is it before you advance into the promised future and experience the many benefits that have been spoken about, it depends very much on you. At present the conditions upon Earth are deteriorating and a solution does not seem to be coming. Yet the answers are known, and it is only a matter of time before a wave of expectation resulting from what is approaching lifts up the people. Certainly many sources have been tirelessly working to get things moving, so that an announcement can be made to keep you in the picture, and encourage a more acceptable outlook.

You are still experiencing the result of the old energies, but they are slowly being dispersed and the souls involved are being lifted up in consciousness. It is no longer necessary to dwell upon past events that have proved to be negative, and it is far better to enjoy the thoughts of coming changes that will prove to be far more beneficial than previously. No one wishes you to continue experiencing the troubles and traumas of the past, and in fact it is essential that you help the new energy to be fully established upon Earth. You will find it hard to make visible progress but by persevering you will eventually see results.

There are no shortcuts to success but hard work will undoubtedly bring you results. All around you there is an awakening to the responsibilities that you have to look after the Earth. In many respects the problems have reached dangerous levels, and the need for correcting them is yours to work out. However, once you indicate your intention to put things right there are legions of helpers waiting to assist you, but you must make the initial move to change things before help can be given. Certainly there is a movement amongst you to create groups capable of initiating moves towards putting things into good order. Whilst they will improve with the upliftment of the vibrations, you must start to think “New Age” and help the upliftment of Humanity.

Movements in the right direction will come with the acceptance of all other Human Beings regardless of colour or religion, and the creation of a worldwide network of help. There are currently too many differences between you all, and it is time to set them apart and encourage all that is beneficial to the whole. Help will come to you from some surprising sources and it will help speed up the changes. In the meantime there are inventions about to be released that will enhance your quality of life. In real terms you have been held back for such a long time and almost been stuck in a time warp. However, everything is slowly changing and you have yet to see the beneficial changes that are ready to be introduced that will greatly lift you up.

The major changes that are needed relate to the appointment of those who have the experience and right intentions to move Humanity into a new era. It will be one of fairness, charity and consideration for all those who have suffered under the old regime. What was acceptable previously has no place with the new ways of cooperation and sympathy that will address the inequality that exists at present. You are One Human Race and working together will achieve great things that will speedily lift you into the New Age.

There are suggestions that the timing of events is at hand, and as things are developing, the time for Ascension is drawing nearer and ready to bring in an instant change. It is possible because as soon as the “old” is cleared away the “New” is ready to be manifested, and with help it can be established in a relatively short time. There are certainly mammoth tasks involved, but with ET technology and assistance, advancement will be miraculous as judged by your existing abilities. The size of the tasks may appear very daunting and overwhelming, but with help you will be surprised if not amazed at how quickly they can be carried out. So do not allow yourselves to become morose or disheartened, as on a higher level all is proceeding well.

There are many of you who subconsciously sense that great and welcome changes are coming, and instead of spreading gloom are as you would say “upbeat and confident” where the future is concerned. For eons of time it has been known that the last Age would most likely end in success instead of failure as has occurred for the previous end of cycles. Be assured that you have earned the success that is coming to you, and you will not have to wait too long to begin to see the first signs of it. Project positive vibrations for the future and the sooner it will come into being.

You could say that having reached rock bottom, there is nowhere to go now except back up again. However, having dropped to the depths of darkness that are holding you back it will nevertheless become apparent to you, that it is now time to rebel against that which is not of the Light. Not only that, turf out those who have assisted the dark Ones for personal benefit, as they in no way represent the people or their ambitions for freedom, and free speech. You are not exceptional in your needs, but the United States as a very large country of huge wealth and potential you should be able to ensure that your monies are well spent on you, and not to further the causes of the dark Ones, who have redirected your wealth to cover their covert activities. Once the truth is really recognised there will be a great uprising and the people will demand and obtain the changes they need. Remember, that your thoughts are powerful and collectively you can get things done. Do not be swayed by false promises and question whatever is placed before you, and bear in mind that the whole world is in the process of change and it is all leading to Ascension.

As you rise up into the higher vibrations you will find less and less disharmony, and eventually that it cannot exist at all. The new energy is powerful and of a high vibration and in the course of time souls of a lower vibration will be unable to exist in it. So automatically you will find yourselves with like souls, and it is such conditions that have often been described as Paradise. It is your future to continue evolving, and move into the higher levels of Light whilst at the same time raising your own levels of awareness. Eventually you will become a totally evolved soul with a full set of chakras. You will have powers beyond your present imagination and also have the power of creation, but through your evolution will be able to handle them correctly along with the attributes of Universal Love. This is what to expect way into your future, and as each lesson is learnt you grow more in spirituality and understanding.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same internal connection with God.

In Love and Light.
Mike Quinsey.

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