We Disappear from the 4D Earth and Reappear on the 5D Earth? By Beverly Nation

Channeled live by Beverly Nation on July 18, 2018

Hey Guys! Beverly Nation here. Thank you for watching this video. I am going to do something brand new. I am going to live channel a message from my guides about the Ascension and about the event. We continue to receive Ascension Codes and clairvoyant people talking about things that they are seeing, and many people are still confused. So I’ve asked my guides to just give us an update on what’s going on and why clairvoyant people are seeing these things in the sky. What do they really mean?

Okay? So please just let go of your beliefs right now and just open your mind. Just take this message in and take it to heart in a deep way on a very deep level.

Okay, here we go.

[channel begins]

Dear Ones,

we know that there is so much confusion about the Ascension…about the “Event,” and WE, as Planners, Beverly’s guides, in addition to hundreds of beings, all of us who are a part of guiding the incarnated humans right now, and the upper echelon, the Advance Team that is planning the Ascension, all of us collectively and non-physical want to take responsibility for some of the confusion.

It really began in May when Neo Glimmer was given the codes that very much indicated the 144th day of the year would be some sort of massive event. We did this on purpose and, again, We are speaking collectively. We did this on purpose to generate a great amount of energy. We are not saying that this was misleading or inaccurate or even deceiving, because it was not.

What transpired on that 144th day was a very powerful wave of energy that some were calling the weapon, and yes, this took place whether you saw it or felt it or realized it or not, this did happen. But the way that it was sent out to all of the many channelers, the clairvoyant, all of those who are broadcasting, mass communications, through the internet, YouTube, social media, it did implicate or indicate or point to the concept that humans could begin disappearing, and there was a purpose also behind this. And We are going to make it very simple for you.

Do you remember as a child when you were riding in the car with maybe one of your parents and you were on a long trip, and you were SO excited, and you were SO anxious to get there to the destination, and what did you ask your parents? “Are we there yet?”

Dear Ones, this is what We are hearing from millions on earth, “Are we there yet?”

And from a Heart of Love in the best way that we know, we are saying “You are almost there!” Just as your parent said to you, “Honey, we are almost there.”

Included in this message of “We are almost there,” are all of the different ways that we are sending that message. We are sending that message through codes. We are sending that message to the clairvoyant who are seeing waves. We are sending that message to some who have visions. We are sending that message to some who have dreams.

What We want you to understand is that when someone receives an image of somethings, it generates a tremendous amount of energy within your matrix. These visions serve a purpose. All of you get excited about Ascension. And, yes, some of you believe, you continue to believe that you are going to just pop out of the Old Earth and land in the New Earth; and it’s okay. Although this is not the process. This is not what is going to happen. No one is going to disappear and land in a brand new world. The world is coming to you. The New Earth is coming to you. It’s already here! And it is integrating into the “Old Earth.” The fifth dimension is pushing away the fourth dimensional aspects.

Your Crystalline body is merging with your carbon-based body. Your Crystalline body is pushing away the carbon-based aspects. This is the simplest method for Ascension because it is seamless.

You don’t have to do anything—just enjoy, take care of yourself, follow your passions, travel, learn to paint, learn to dance! This is the time to celebrate! The heavy lifting has been done. You’ve raised the frequency of Gaia. You’ve locked in Ascension. You did it! And this is the time to celebrate.

However, it is not the time to worry, and it is not the time to go from message-to-message, and vision-to-vision, image-to-image, and date-to-date. The Ascension is not a date. It is not one event. It is a process. And this process will take years.

So those of you who can understand this on a very deep level, We are appealing to you to understand this, and to appreciate that the images coming in, the codes coming in, appreciate that this is all part of a Master Plan to generate tremendous amounts of frequency. This is helping with Ascension.

When We told Beverly that Alfonso had ascended, We were a part of that message, and when she gave that message, the energy spread across the Universe like wildfire. And this is what We needed. We need this energy to continue with the Ascension process.

It is like the Matrix movie, these movies that have been made in your world. However, in the movies the energy was being harvested from beings outside of the matrix. In reality, the energy is being harvested IN the matrix.

YOU are the energy source. YOU are the battery that is generating massive amounts of energy that is propelling the Ascension forward, and all of the messaging, the visions, the dreams, the codes, all of it serves a higher purpose.

Yes, we are saying, “Children we are almost there!” But we are also needing you to get excited and generate this energy. This is fueling the Ascension.

And the newly awakened are going to lock into dates. They are going to lock into someone’s vision and, yes, for a short period of time, they are going to believe. They are going to believe that they are going to disappear on a certain date. And it’s okay. It’s okay if they believe that because they are helping with Ascension. It’s part of the plan.

It is akin to advertising. Advertising gets you excited about things. You are going on vacation and you see a billboard of a place where you are going. What happens? Everybody in the car gets excited. THIS is what you reality is right now. But We felt it was time to reveal our plan to you.

Yes, dates were indicated. We gave dates that were indications of some sort of big shift. We take responsibility for all of this. But we want you to know it is from a Heart of LOVE. It is from a Master Plan. It is from a powerful way to generate the energies that we need to complete the Ascension.

And so some of you We anticipate will be frustrated. Some of you, We anticipate will be angry. Some of you, We anticipate will be depressed. Because you just want to leave. You just want to be done. You just want to literally pop out of here—pop out of this world.

But that is not the case. It is a Process.

And so with as much Love as WE can send you across the Universe, we ask you to please understand the Ascension is a Process. There will be many waves. There will be colors in the sky. There will be many dates given. There will be many Ascension Codes. These codes are very important! They are triggers, and they are helping so much with Ascension. So be a part of the code sharing, code deciphering, those who are unable to decipher these codes, listen… listen to what they say.

So We end with sending you Our Love. We end with wrapping our arms around each one of you who are listening to this video right now in this moment.

Your guides are wrapping their arms around you and with more Love than you can even comprehend.

Please know you are Ascending right now. It’s happening. No one is left behind. No pet is left behind. Even the un-awakened who are still asleep, they are Ascending and they will wake up.



Guys, I hope that helps. I hope it eliminates some of the confusion. I hope it makes sense to you. It makes total sense to me. I just sort of started calling them out on some things that I was hearing, and then they came though with, “Look, we needs to tell you what’s really going on. We need to come clean.”

Again, there has never been deception. There has always been a greater purpose. I hope that you can understand this message. This is coming through my guides, but in cooperation with all of the beings that are planning the Ascension. The Founders, if you know about the Founders, they are instrumental in planning the Ascension. This is coming from the Higher Realms.

So that’s all. Thank you for watching. I send you my Love. Bye for now.

End of Video.


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