My Sleepyhead Brother,

You are sleeping so much because you are being upgraded by your Spirit Team of over 100 light beings. You are receiving “upgrades” to your physical body as you become a crystalline being.

This is necessary for your body to withstand the 5D energy coming to earth and to ascend during the Event.

The human body is fragile. If you didn’t receive the upgrades, your body could not withstand the compression breakthrough of the new light.

When the DNA is altered, it responds slowly. So, ingenious as Source is, you need the gradual upgrades to your bodies because you are ascending in stages, allowing all of your bodies [mental, physical, emotional] to slowly accept the changes. This also explains the time this takes to process your body toward the Event.

Prime Creator issued a directive decreeing that instead of ascending, as has been done in the past, by leaving the body behind and ascending into your Light Body, now you will be taking your human body with you as you ascend.

Your DNA is precious for future prosperity and to create advanced humans. Yes, you are deeply respected and admired by all intergalactically for this current ascension achievement. You did not know you were held in such high esteem, did you? No one told you this, did they? This is because you have been lied to for so long. You will be greatly honored for all your sacrifices.

Our current Ascension Process is one that has never been done before, because for the first time in the history of the Universe, an entire planet is ascending. This is also one of the reasons why so many galactic ships are here to watch this process. In other words, the entire population is undergoing its own and Gaia’s Ascension as a collective of enormous proportion.

There are now 550 million Light Ships around the earth watching and assisting in earth’s progress because of this monumental feat. Collectives have ascended before; for instance, one you have heard of is the Mayans. But this was a tribe. Not an entire planet of beings!

Also, something unknown to many is that everything humans do affects the future of the entire galaxy and all the planets within this galaxy, as they are all connected. This includes descending to 3D from higher dimensional times such as Atlantis and Lemuria.

How does what humans do here affect the other planets, you may ask? Well, this is the second reason why so many galactic ships are here watching and supporting this process.

You see, in the past, our 3D world has held back the advancement of other 5D and above planets because if we do not ascend, neither do they. As above, so below.

Therefore, all higher dimensional planet civilizations support us because they want to ascend as well, and this 3D quagmire we have lived in must be allowed no more. Thus we have galactic support because our galactic neighbors also ascend when we do.

Do you see what a monumental spectacular show that is going on here on earth? And YOU, my dear, dear one, (as well as other Light-workers) are at the apex of the creators who are here manifesting this miracle because of the work you do for the Light Forces and for Gaia.

Do you see how blessed you are, my dear one? Gaia needs us and we need Gaia. As She Ascends, so do humans–as we Ascend, so do our galactic neighbors. We are all one! Gaia is Ascending and taking us with her.

For what your body is going through, you require a great deal of sleep, rest, and regeneration.

Yes, my love, I have also been experiencing this. Some days I can sleep 12 hours straight, get up and work for a few hours and down I go again for another 4 hours. The past 2 weeks, I have struggled to stay awake, and finally just collapse. If I resist, I’m brought to my knees, as if my Higher Self is saying, “NOW, we need you asleep!” So–out I go.

When you sleep, changes happen within your molecular structure and adjustments are made within all of your bodies–-your physical, mental, emotional, and etheric healing, raising of your vibration, and your molecular structure morphs into the Crystalline Light Body that you are becoming.

When you are awakened at crazy hours in the night, this is because changes in your body need to be anchored and you need to be awake to anchor them, and on you go to the next change to take place. Can you imagine that? Wonderful as it is.

Other symptoms of the Ascension are achy and sore joints. This is because you are working hard while you sleep.

The Star Seeds are releasing great quantities of density from all humankind, as the Star Seed’s body is the only one strong enough to handle the darkness being purged from the earth. This is because the Star Seeds experience a higher dimension in a parallel life on another planet. Star Seeds exist on a Higher Plane and have the capacity to withstand the transfer of the dark energies that are removed from all of mankind’s lifetimes/timelines–not just your own.

The dark energies are drawn through the Star Seed for transmutation back into positive energy/Love. This is being done with the help of many advanced Light Beings in the 550 million light ships around the earth who take part in mankind’s ascension process. This includes your personal spirit guides, angels, archangels, and ascended masters.

The energy begins coming in with the solstice, and henceforth, the 21st of each month, earth will be hit with another greater-wave of energy with each intensifying as we get closer and closer to the ascension.

Your body, my sleepyhead brother, is quickly being brought up to a point for the ascension to take place where you can cross the Rainbow Bridge easily to 5D Nova Earth and beyond. So now as this latest wave wanes, it loses some of its power and its effects on you, just in time for you to prepare yourself for the next wave later next month.

So, accept the changes with grace and ease, for resistance will make the process much more difficult.

Bless the changes, send them love. Welcome the changes because, dear one, you are Ascending into your Crystalline Light body.

So here you go again.

Are you ready to get started ???

Author: Yoda

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