How To Clear Chakras


1) Open up your Chakras with regularity and bring in the light. 

Start with the Diana Cooper meditation once a week or so. 
Then move to doing this Pillar of Light Meditation daily if at all possible. 
Really opening those chakras and bringing in the light helps us start to get in our bones who we really are. Once we get that it’s like  “Programming Schmogramming”. It doesn’t affect us.


Diana Cooper
2) Tackle your false beliefs & emotional triggers
(also called “Stories” and programming) directly. 
Collapse each one down forever like the true house of cards they are. I have 3 resources for that, including myself. Check with your Higher Self to see which of these three may be best for you particularly. Or perhaps a combo platter of more than one may work for you.
A) The Landmark Forum,


Landmark is the top Transformational Personal Growth Company on the planet. Your stories haven’t got a chance to survive with this under your belt. I might suggest that you progress from one course or offering here to the next, until all that stops you is gone. You can get breakthroughs for free by assisting at courses, once you take the first one.

B)  Me.  Though it is newer, my work springs off the above.   I like to think I play with the Big Boys and take people quite far, quite fast. (Velocity versus depth with the above.) Both get to the same place. There is a new testimonial on my website on the testimonials page. 

I will work with you free as I said for 1 hour. You will likely need more than that to really get past some of that programming. As soul family I would give you special rate. I suggest you come to my Mind-Bombs Webinar next Tuesday if this is of interest to you. 


Also you can join my Facebook Group if you like –


C) Rikka Zimmerman Rikka is kick butt powerful. She definitely can collapse those false beliefs. And she also brings in a spiritual element, and working with the other-worldly that is a perfect fit for our group. She puts 2000 people on a webinar with regularity, which is good. But you won’t likely get her one-on-one to really go deep with you.  So with that in mind, your progress will depend on your own ability to take what she gives and internalize it. 

 That’s not true with the other two, where you can’t help but get what is given –


3)  Upgrade your DNA daily with St. Germaine’s Activation for 144 Days. 
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