Jun.14.15 – David Wilcock Update

by David Wilcock
June 14, 2015, 1:51 pm

Over three hours of stunning new information about the Secret Space Program and the greater questions of spontaneo Versace Pas Cher us human evolution that are being raised for those “in the know!”

Everything is reaching a climax, both on and off-planet. The recent announcement of the adidas yeezy boost pas cher hacking of all records for all US federal employees, even the most classified, is only the latest major signpost of a coming, epic change.

As one of many examples, California’s water crisis should be solvable within a matter of a few months once Calvin Klein Espa�a we get disclosure.

In fact, water could quickly become California’s most profitable export, sending it to parched regions all throughout Middle America and beyond.

Multiple technologies already exist that can easily de-salinate ocean water. California is right next to an ocean. There is water everywhere! What is the problem?

“Water, water everywhere, and not a drop to drink” may have been true in the pirate era, but we do have the means to alleviate those problems today.

One of the technologies we are directly aware of will desalinate ocean water, generate free energy and produce any element in the Periodic Table as a by-product.

This technology already has the quiet support of one of the most prestigious universities in the country. I have heard about it from more than one independent source.

On a personal level, knowing these technologies exist and that they have not been released yet is extremely frustrating.

For now, I continue to be almost ridiculously over-conservative with my water usage. Days without showering and the yellow toilet. Good thing I live alone.  🙂

It is interesting to simultaneously reflect on the fact that “the darkest hour is before the dawn,” and we are far closer to it than most people could ever imagine.

We are on the verge of an epic series of disclosures that will make all other information, books, videos and media in the UFO field seem hopelessly outdated.

Never again will we look at the records from our current civilization the same way. In the “After Disclosure” or AD world, everything will be very differetn.

Yes… we are going to need to learn some pretty upsetting things to get through this transition.
However, the positives far outweigh the emotional shock that the negatives will temporarily put us all through, as a planet and a (hybridized) species.

Bottom line: there are good guys and bad guys in the universe. Both are allowed to present their messages to us. The future we experience is the result of the choices we make.

We are not protected from negativity any more than our collective free will decides. When we act in selfish, manipulative, controlling and violent ways, that in turn allows controllers to do the same things to us on a larger scale.

“You are blaming ME for this problem? F- you, calzoncillos boxer baratos David! I haven’t done anything wrong!”
Not you, per se. Humanity as a collective has created these problems and some of them have built up from thousands of years of karmic patterns.

As I explained in The Synchronicity Key, the Edgar Cayce Readings detailed many hundreds of cases where people were suffering debilitating karma from acts they had performed back in ancient Rome.
Examples were given including people laughing at a little girl as she got her insides ripped out by a lion in the coliseum.

Despite this being a socially-acceptable pastime for the era, any sufficiently negative emotion towards another who is in pain and agony will generate karma.

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Monday – April 27 2015

We’re Coming Home!

Out of the Density Into the Light!!

Hello, dear Family.

As you remember, the reason I was brought to start these informal, and more frequent newsletters, was to keep you all in touch with one another. And I believe this is working rather well.

And along that line, I’d like to introduce you to Lori Blackwell, in Connecticut. Lori has been with us from just about the very beginning. And today, Lori brings us something very special. I’ll let her tell you…

Dear Anne

Hi. Honey !!!

I sure do miss our Peter calls and hearing the Moo Family’s familiar voices.
Anywho I did a channeling yesterday from this group of entities called the Nameless Ones. I have been working with them for almost 30 years, and we all worked with them in the swing between worlds before the Jesus Project life, — and I’m sure many others before that.

You can read about this from the book written by my first spiritual teacher, Flo Calhoun in her book from the late 80’s calledI Remember Union: The Story of Mary Magdalene.

Two mornings ago, I decided to get a message from them, hoping they could uplift my spirits and recorded their message on my voice memo on my iPhone. The first part of it, my voice is a bit craggy as I’d just awoken. But the quality if the audio improves as my voice wakes up. They mention you and the currencies, even cite Peter. I found the whole thing gains such momentum and by the end I was re-filled with positivity, great expectation and knowing. I thought you might enjoy it. I’ve listened to it about 6 times in the last two days!!

Please feel free to post the audio below should you ralph lauren pas cher think others might also be encouraged by its contents. And, should you need verification of the clarity of my vessel and heart, I am sure Danita or Peter could vouch for my Quantum and lineage. I think I’ve been around the block many times and that the Nameless Ones are old friends of yours and of many Hen & Moo members. I love their positive perspective and wonderful humor and kindness.

At the very least, I’m hoping you will enjoy the 17 minutes and it makes you smile!!!

Much Love
Lori Blackwell in Still Cold Connecticut!!

Note: To hear this very uplifting audio,
please go to the link posted on

Nameless Ones – The Overture Has Begun Playing

And thank you Dear Lori! Yes, this is JUST the message we have been looking for!

Folks, It is so good, receiving these unique messages from our many HEN members. We each come from different backgrounds, histories, and experiences.

I also received a message from Coy Patterson, in Texas. Coy has spent many decades perfecting communication with the quantum field. I have personally witnessed some of his demonstrations.

Coy has developed unique techniques and has shared some in his letter below:
Anne, like you I hit the delete button manytimes a day. I tell everyone, “If it doesn’t make you feel warm and fuzzy, don’t do it, don’t think about it, don’t look at it, and what ever you do,
don’t send it to me!”

We have been so exposed to the negative side over the 6-1/2 million years that some of us have been here, that for some, emerging into the lower vibration has become as natural as breathing. Unfortunately, many have become addicted to the lower vibrations, like the fear movies Hollywood creates. However, Heaven has told us the movie producers have been guided to produce more uplifting entertainment, soon to be released.

With the help of you, Father/Mother God and Peter, we have all advanced very rapidly, as was their plan. I will be forever grateful for being invited on that first call, even though I now know that my higher self guided me to accept the invitation.

I would like to give some useful information about how we can enhance everyone’s lives by a way of raising the frequency of this planet. Some of this information came from Peter. I figured out how to apply it. I have found that the most powerful frequency-raising words are: Peace, Harmony, Pure Mature Love, Quantum Love and Gratitude.

By aiming your finger at anything and writing those words on it with your finger, you will transmute the existing frequencies to those positive-word frequencies. This works on anything you eat or drink. If you do this to any electronic device like a TV, computer, cell phone, microwave, cell tower or even a storm, you will change the output frequencies of those energies to the positive-word frequencies. I caused a storm coming at me to dissolve right before my eyes by doing that; telling it to change to a positive outcome for the good of all.

You can have someone look at the moon while you are muscle testing them. Then with your finger and your intention, write those positive words on the moon and retest them while they look at the moon. They will go stronger.

We are Source in physical form. There is nothing we can’t create if we believe we can. The only reasons we become sick or old or poor is because we believe we are supposed to. What did your Twin say? — “Wonder not what I do, for you will do more,” – “You can move mountains if you only believe you can.”

If you write these positive words on your electric box, you will energize the entire electric grid all the way back to the power plant; the entanglement theory. If you write them on a glass of water from your hydrant, you will energize the entire water supply of the neighborhood. Again the entanglement theory. If we could get everyone to write them on our Sun, Sol, we would all benefit from the added positive frequencies we would be receiving.

Peace, Harmony, Pure Mature Love, Quantum Love and Gratitude,


And with that, dear Ones, I will say Good night/morning! 😉

I love the uniqueness of each of you, sharing your gifts and experiences. Keep them coming!

Now, remember to eat your fruits and veggies, apply at least three Ascension Tools each day, meditate, ground and… with every glass of water we drink – let’s talk to the quantums in that Conscious Water… giving them our love and asking that they share this love with all Conscious Water in Earth’s quantum field – including the water that is WITHIN every human body… globally! Let the loving water speak to the human inhabitants of these bodies!

With my love,


Anne (Mom)

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This is a Physical Body Ascension!

Entering a New Time ~ Are You Ready?


Ascension is a full-body, ALL-IN kind ropa interior calvin klein of experience that we must commit every fiber of our being to. It means letting go of everything we once knew to access ancient knowledge and to REMEMBER who we truly are again.

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Aloha Beloved Light Family!
We are in a most pivotal time for all. We have stepped into the next phase. Can you feel it?
There has been immense clearing by all in the last several years. Each moment always a surprise for the Ascending Being here. We are no less entering a NEW time of even more surprises for all. The question is: Are you Ready?
Your NEW Earth Realities are beyond that which your human mind can comprehend. The more you want answers first, the more you’ll be “stuck” waiting for something to happen or occur. Besides, you already know. You’ve already done this reality. We now have the capability to step into what we’ve already done. It’s continuing to get easier every day.
A moment will present and you’ll already know what to do. You willl realize that you’ve already done it by the feeling you are receiving and the guiding words (or crazy ideas) you are hearing or seeing. Do you fully listen, honor and DO what you are shown? Or do you hestitate and go to fear of the unknown? What you DO will determine the parallel reality you walk through. Your DOing opens the portal to something. What are you activating with your DOing?
As we step further into unlimited realities/dimensions (i.e. the “Higher Realms/NEW Earth), the lower realms have to collapse. You cannot have one without the other. The gridwork for these realms were held inside your physical body, so there will be a collapse of this gridwork inside of you as well. The ribcage, the abdominal area, the lower extremeties, the spine, muscles, bones, teeth, skin, every organ… This is where all has been held and where you will experience physical release/upgrades/weakness/pain as you release the ENERGY of old programmed beliefs from your physical body (structure) and the crystalline structure of your LightBody activates.
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The Higher Realms are primarily the upper regions of your physical body. As you ascend you will continually clear this area as well. Eventually all realms merge and become one, with no separation anymore. Your entire body is a cosmic portal and HUman Stargate with a massive energetic field that spans unlimited dimensions here.
You “get bigger” inside, feel taller, more expansive and even start to float. Your body blows up in photonic light (literally), balance goes, memories go, amensia moves in. (F)requency (L)ight (U)pgrades (the human calls this the flu) occurs all along the way until this region is cleared of all human duality, victimhood, blame, shame, guilt, anger, heartbreak that was held within. The entire heart/chest/back region will continually go through this, as well as the throat and head as all density is cleared. This is you becoming a higher-self-being. Sound goes, vision goes, thoughts go, identities go when the Merkaba kicks in. One may experience “the bubble” effect, as you become the UNIVERSE again. The world slows down and speeds up with each unificaion process that occurs. Confusion is a state experienced with each dimensional shift. A “review” of your human “past” will occur many times along the way as well. There are many “signs” of what this is, if one will pay attention and open to open up to seeing more expansively, themes, patterns, when there is flow (and more).
These things are scary to the human part of us. Yet this is how ascension is. Fear is a creation inside of realities that we “think” are a certain way, or of the UNKNOWN, that the human can’t control, not realizing there is no need for control, nothing to “survive”, nothing is “wrong” and that stepping into the UNKNOWN is a huge part of HOW portals are opened to other dimensions/NEW Earth from inside of you. IF you can REMEMBER that the UNKNOWN is where magnificence, magic, abundance, bliss, and utter & complete love exist, IF you REMIND yourself continually that the GIFTS OF YOUR UNIVERSE come through opening up your heart so fully, that you open completely up to sharing, communicating and connecting from a space that needs no protection, the FEAR will fall away. You will realize that nothing is “out to get you” that you did not create for your own human-reality-illusion-play. You will see from a new place of awareness where you created the need for safety.
That hologram, that illusion, that play is yours. Your beliefs solidify it and make it real. Your participation keeps it going. Your focus is the energy that powers it all to play.
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Protection is a barrier that keeps you in a limited dimension (reality) and blocks your own abundance here. The release of this barrier opens YOU up to RECEIVE all of the abunance and GIFTS of YOUR UNIVERSE that are just waiting to come forth.
Ascension, to the human part of us, makes absolutely no sense at all. It doesn’t make sense that one is to sleep incessently, walks around groggy & foggy in a daze, as the lucid dream anchors in the physical reality here. It doesn’t make sense that everything is in reverse & opposite of what the human reality said. It doesn’t make sense that one must sleep to wake up. It doesn’t make sense that you are so weak that you can’t get out of bed, that your organs and body go whacko… yet this is physical asension, and yes, there IS physical pain as the density clears your phsyical body where you stored compromise of your own soul and limiting beliefs within.
This is the REVERSAL of everything human as you once knew it. Bliss and magic come from the complete surrender to the journey that makes no sense. YOU emerge in your sleep and through your silent connections in nature or in your bedroom by yourself, tucked away from everyone and that outside world that no longer makes sense. This is because you are becoming a CREATOR again. You are going to completely re-write everything and re-create you and your physical reality ALL from within.
Ascension is a full-body, ALL-IN kind of experience that we must commit every fiber of our being to. It means letting go of everything we once knew to access ancient knowledge and to REMEMBER who we truly are again.
We live in NEW realities where all has already occurred. We are living moments NOW that we step into because we KNOW we’ve already done them. We are mergining timelines where all is already done, where our old separation kept us from MANIFESTING instantly all of our desires here. We have to step in faith of what we FEEL INSIDE and according to our inner knowing, inner vision, inner guidance…
Huge timeline collapses are causing “time” to go in many directions all at once. Things speed up, slow down, go sideways, backwards, forwards… for time is not relative anymore. Our perceptions have expanded beyond the limits of time. Our existences have too. We now work in every state, waking and sleep. We connect together, we clear and upgrade in both too. Sleep lets us see, access information and interact with others in other dimensional realms. The more conscious we are, the less this is a sleep state. This becomes a state where we work and do.
Photonic Light obliterates all. Many are anchoring much light and sleeping more and more. The physical body goes weak and the mind turns to mush while these photonic light upgrades occur. LightBody Tuning causes many to shut down and not be able to do anything at all. The human aspect has a hard time with this. It fears how it will exist, yet existence is totally transforming into something exquisite while these upgrades occur. We have to let the FEAR go and honor the need for these upgrades to occur in our physical FOR us so that our NEW EARTH VERSION/SOLar Crystalline LightBody can unify to emerge.
There has been much phsyical, emotional & mental “pain” as each body comes to zero point and all systems shut down, reverse spin field and start back up again. Many small “deaths” are necessary so that one no longer has to actually die. Ascension with the physical body is intense at times. No one understood this back before 2012. All changed when the multi-dimensional portals & gateways opened up.
We’ve gone SO far beyond the knowledge that was available before. The old beliefs and understandings now are ancient in themselves. Ancient knowledge is now coming from within so many as they embrace their divine essence and true power as SOURCE from inside. No longer listening to the ways of the “old”, we have transcended those limting beliefs and obliterated limiting barriers that used to exist for us all.

Dreams and desires now coming true for so many who have worked on their own Ascension Journey and dedicated all. The “pay-off” is now here, the dream materiailzing in actual physical form.

Be patient, have faith, keep upgrading, honoring, trusting and letting go. Keep embracing, committing and allowing all to come forth. Keep DOing where you feel you can, let go when you cannot. KNOW that a POWERFUL and UNLIMITED being is emerging and that YOU are BECOMING WHO YOU HAVE ALWAYS BEEN, which existed beyond your limited human. Pay attention to your human mind and listen to what is said. You decide what you want to believe and have in yoru NEW realities here. You can catapult (Quantum Style) the faster you let go, embrace and actually step into the FEAR, FEEL the discomfort and reelase the tears. These releases are your own separation from SOURCE inside of you. YOU radiate love and light more each time you do.
Thank YOU for being with us and allowing me to be a part of your very important Ascension Journey here. Keep expanding and letting go…


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Calzoncillos Calvin Klein España

by Patricia Cota-Robles
May 21, 2015
On Sunday, May 24, 2015, over two billion Christians around the World will celebrate Pentecost. This was an event involving the twelve Disciples, which took place in the “Upper Room,” 50 days after Jesus’ Resurrection. During that event, the Disciples each received a Baptism by Sacred Fire from the Holy Spirit. That Divine Intervention elevated the Disciples into an awakened state of Christ Consciousness and secured the archetype and the template that would insure the return of our Mother God, the Divine Feminine.
After our fall from Grace, we closed our Heart Chakras so that we would not feel the pain we were creating through the misuse of our free will and our creative faculties of thought and feeling. That fateful decision blocked the flow of our Mother God’s Divine Love and catapulted us into a distorted patriarchal consciousness. That fragmented and fear-based consciousness erroneously convinced us that even though we were Sons and Daughters of God, we had a single parent and that parent was a masculine Father God. Well, what child is ever born without a Mother and a Father? “As above, so below.”
Because of our distorted patriarchal perceptions, for aeons of time we have mistakenly thought of the Holy Spirit as a masculine aspect of our Father God. We understood that the Holy Spirit is the Love Nature of God and the Holy Comforter, but we forgot that the Holy Spirit is actually the Divine Feminine, our Mother God. Now all of that has changed. During the past several decades, through the unified efforts of Heaven and Earth, our Mother God has returned to her full Divine Potential within the hearts and minds of the masses of Humanity. Now it is time for us to take the next step in this Healing process.
On Pentecost Sunday 2015, through the collective consciousness of more than two billion Christians, and millions of other Awakened Sons and Daughters of God, a Chalice of Light, a Holy Grail, will be formed that will cradle the entire Planet Earth and ALL her Life. On that sacred and Holy Day, the Holy Spirit, our Mother God, will bless every particle and wave of Life on Earth, and all of the spaces in-between the particles and waves of Life, in the most intensified frequencies of Transfiguring Divine Love Humanity can withstand. This will be accomplished through a Baptism by Sacred Fire that will be ushered into the physical plane of Earth on Celestial Tones that have been nurturing and Healing Humanity and the Earth for the past four years, since Pentecost Sunday 2011. This Gift of Music from the Spheres of Light is known as Musical Rapture.
I would like to share with you how this Gift of Music came about, so that you will appreciate the miracle of this Gift within the deepest recesses of your Heart. We have been longing for the time when Heaven and Earth would come together to assist us in our endeavors to transform ourselves and this Planet. This is that moment.
2010 ended with an incredible influx of Light. On December 21, 2010, we experienced the Solstice and a very powerful Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. The synchronicity of these two events occurring at the same time had happened only one other time in the past 2,000 years.
That Lunar Eclipse took place within two degrees of the Galactic Center which opened a mighty portal of Light from the Core of Creation into the Center of the Earth. The Light of God that poured through that portal initiated incomparable pivotal changes for all Life evolving on this Planet.
Once the portal was opened, the Light of God built in momentum until the New Moon Solar Eclipse which took place on January 4, 2011. During that monumental influx of Light, Lightworkers around the world joined hearts with the Company of Heaven and cocreated a NEW Planetary CAUSE of Divine Love. The powerful Light that bathed the Planet during that two week period catapulted every atomic and subatomic particle and wave of Life on Earth further up the Spiral of Evolution. That paved the way for a God Victorious 2011, which was the final year of preparation before the Birth of the New Earth that was destined to take place in 2012.
On December 29, 2010, in the midst of that incredibly powerful influx of Light my precious son, Joao, unexpectedly left the physical plane of Earth. Within a 24-hour period, he passed away due to complications from a deadly strain of pneumonia that he did not even realize he had. Joao was 42 years old. He left behind his wife and three beautiful sons. Immediately after his transition, Joao shared with his Father and me that his time on Earth was complete. He said that he was able to move directly into the Light and that he is now working with Archangel Michael and the Legions of Healing. He said that he would soon be able to “Gift” Humanity in ways that would enhance our service to the Light, ways that he could not accomplish from the physical plane.
Joao soon began communicating with a wonderful French musician named Frederic Delarue. Joao asked Frederic if he would accept the responsibility of receiving a musical transmission that would be a legacy for his family and Humanity. Frederic agreed to Joao’s request without knowing any of the specifics about the music. After Frederic returned from Joao’s Celebration of Life ceremony, Joao began to reveal to Frederic just what this music would be, a Healing Gift for Humanity.
When Frederic Delarue was 12 years old he had a near death experience after which he realized he was given an amazing gift of music. When Frederic was 13 years old the Angelic Music of the Spheres began flowing through his hands as he played people’s soul songs. He just quieted himself, moved his own consciousness aside, and the music of the person’s soul flowed through his hands.
For the next few months after Joao’s transition, Frederic said that Joao would come to him and tell him some things about the music and how it was to be distributed. Then, just before Easter, Frederic awoke with a powerful heart prompting to go to France immediately, so he made arrangements and flew to France. During the month of May while he was in France, he went to Rennes-le-Chateau on several occasions. Rennes-le-Chateau is a sacred focus of Mary Magdalene, who is at this time working with Mother Mary and all of the Feminine Aspects of our Father-Mother God to bring to the consciousness of the World the return of the Divine Feminine, our Mother God, or as we have often referred to this Aspect of Deity, the Holy Spirit. Frederic said that when he sat in the church and contemplated the Presence of Mary Magdalene, he had a miraculous experience that transformed his life. He returned home a different person. He knew that his experience with Mary Magdalene was a necessary factor in preparing him to receive Joao’s gift of healing music for Humanity.
During the month of May, while this initiation was occurring for Frederic in France, Mother Mary was assisting every one of us in a miraculous way. Over 40 years ago Mother Mary told us that prior to Humanity’s embodiment this time she had made a covenant with every man, woman, and child on Earth. She said that in the not too distant future, when Humanity was open and receptive to the influx of Divine Love from our Mother God, the Holy Spirit, she would draw us into her Temple of the Immaculate Heart and assist our I AM Presence to expand the Threefold Flame in our heart to its original size. She said that this would greatly enhance our ability to receive and assimilate the frequencies of Divine Love from our Mother God and the 5th-Dimensional Realms of God’s Infinite Perfection.
The Threefold Flame in our heart originally enveloped our physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies. It was the perfect balance of our Father God’s Blue Flame of Power, our Mother God’s Pink Flame of Divine Love, and the Son and Daughter of God’s Yellow-gold Flame of Wisdom. It was the true reflection of the Holy Trinity. When we fell from Grace we closed our hearts so we would not feel so much pain. This blocked the portal through which our Mother God’s Love entered the World. This caused our Threefold Flame to become imbalanced, which caused us to lose the awareness of our Mother God. Our Threefold Flame eventually shrunk to what we now refer to as the “spark of Divinity” in our hearts. Well, now that we have cocreated a NEW Planetary CAUSE of Divine Love everything has changed!
After Frederic returned from France, he said Joao seemed to feel that there was now an urgency to make this music available to the World. On June 12, 2011, Pentecost Sunday, Joao told Frederic, “Today is the day.” Frederic prepared his equipment and turned everything on so that he would be ready. When the time was right, Mary Magdalene expanded her luminous Presence and held Frederic and Joao in the embrace of her radiant Light as Joao played Musical Rapture through Frederic’s magical hands.
Joao said this music is encoded with frequencies of Healing that Humanity has not been able to reach until now. This is being made possible because of the expansion of Humanity’s Threefold Flame, the return of our Mother God, and her monumental influx of Transfiguring Divine Love.Musical Rapture is a Gift from the Heavenly Realms and must never be bought or sold.
The following is a quote that Joao requested we include with the music:
A Healing Gift for Humanity
Celestial Music from Joao Cota-Robles
through Frederic Delarue
“The frequency of this Celestial Music communicates with the Divine Intelligence of the body at a cellular level raising the consciousness of each cell. As the music soothes and comforts the cells, the body’s natural ability to heal itself is enhanced. 
“This sacred music is compatible and works in harmony with every healing modality or medical treatment a person may choose to experience. The music resonates with an additional blessing for everyone who is dealing with any form of cancer.
“This music is a gift from On High and it is never to be bought or sold. Please share this information with everyone you feel would benefit from this sacred gift of Celestial Music.”    
Joao Cota-Robles
Joao said the Company of Heaven is going to help anyone who wants the music to have access to it through his or her own computer or through the computer of someone they know. He said all is in Divine Order; all Frederic and I need to do is make the music available through the highest possible resolution for anyone who wants to experience it.
On Pentecost, May 24, 2015, the Celestial Tones of Musical Rapture will greatly assist Humanity and ALL Life on Earth to assimilate the Sacred Fire Baptism we will receive on the Breath of the Holy Spirit, our Mother God.
We have produced a beautiful 10-minute YouTube video of Musical Rapture, so you can hear what it sounds like. This YouTube video is an easy way for you to let the members of your family and Calzoncillos Calvin Klein Baratos friends who you feel may be interested in this Healing Gift for Humanity know about the music. 
(If this link does not work, please copy it and paste it into your browser.)
The complete 62-minute MP3 download of Musical Rapture is available on our website for FREE: 
(If this link does not work, please copy it and paste it into your browser.)
God Bless You,
Patricia Cota-Robles
New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose
a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit educational organization
FAX: 520-751-2981, Phone: 520-885-7909
New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose, PO Box 41883, Tucson, Arizona 85717
This article is copyrighted, but you have my permission to share it through any medium as long as it is offered for FREE, it is not altered, and the proper credit line is included. Thank You.
©2015 Patricia Diane Cota-Robles
The information in this monthly sharing is being given to Humanity by the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth. The Divine Intent of these celestial sharings is to encourage, empower, uplift, and inspire Humanity by allowing us to see the bigger picture during these wondrous but often challenging times.

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