15.05.03 – Time for you to awaken and be called into the commission for your new jobs and your new tasks – Lord Buddha, Lord Lanto, OWS

Lord Buddha, Lord Lanto, and Ashira channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco

One Who Serves channeled by James McConnell

(Note: These messages were given during our Advance/retreat in Flagstaff, AZ on May 3, 2015)

 “Lord Buddha”                                                                                                                                                     

These are indeed times, times that those of you who experienced our travel, the journey you were on. Time for you to awaken and be called into the commission for your new jobs and your new tasks. Of course, I am one of those who has been with you this weekend. I have many new important jobs that I am taking on for this new millennium and many new things that I will be doing. But you are amongst the most blessed of the groups that we are working with in human form for you have been chosen. And you walked forward and stepped forward into the opportunity to serve. Many times you think you are only serving yourselves or your family but part of the opportunity to serve even more greatly is asking for that, is letting us know that this, indeed, is still the course that you choose to be upon. There is no delight in seeing people labor over something they do not choose to labor on or want to labor on. There is enough sadness in the world than to have those such as you called Lightworkers in those same places. And we know that it has been hard and at times difficult. We’ve seen that in people within your own group as well as others, those of you who are here and those of you who are still keeping the course. These are the times that you have been waiting for and as you have said these are the ones you have been waiting for. Who knew it would be you?

And so I invite you my dearest ones, let go of all old fears, angers turning to a state of forgiveness. This will release you and help you to release others in such a way that it catapults you forward. My message again to you brothers and sisters: this is been a long road, it’s been millennia to your knowledge and understanding. You have been patient, you have been kind, you are learning what it takes to take care of others first. You have stood fast, you have moved against the wind when they were there to push you down. You taking care of those things which have come within your own homes and your own beings and plucked them from your eyes and cast them down. The basis of who you are in terms of being ready for the Ascension journey as brother St. Germain talked about yesterday is the freedom, the lightness. Do not have concerns about “will your money be in the bank until you can get it processed”. These are no longer concerns for you. That worry about whether or not you’re going to be able to get time off in October to take care of another Advance or another pressing matter will no longer be on your plate to be concerned about.

All of these things I am trying to share in order to help you know that as you move through this Ascension journey process that you are indeed taking this one step at a time, one day at a time; it has been sped up even though it may not be visible to your eyes, time on this planet has been sped up. You may have felt at times during your days like you’ve already done this before. What happened to breakfast, what happened to other things you bring for snacks; they are no longer finding ways into your hearts, no longer finding ways into your stomachs. Everything is in the midst of change right now. And what you have been called this weekend to do, before you stepped foot into this life path, is to come as leaders, as teachers, as wise counsel. Each of you has a blessed role to play within this new world, each of you has roles to play. And as you see people who come into your world and your existence that look so familiar but you cannot place them because these are ones that you have been with previously in other worlds and other lifetimes. And you produce these amazing, amazing miracles for people to see. And in this life, at times, it has been a little less exciting, for some of you have had an exciting life, some of you came in to say “okay, let’s get this up and running, I’ve got things to do and get out of here”. Others have said “no let me help who I can help move along and I can change their minds that are fixed on things that do not assist them or the world”.  There are so many different ways that you can serve.

We know though that when you continue to look within the deep interests at the time, be it day or night, that you are not in a place of being able to move them away, the rest of the people away, but you know the time no longer exists. And you have been putting that into practice pretty well this weekend, we think. So we are going to bring this to an end for a moment for our brother Lord Lanto is here to visit with you for a small, small time.

“Lord Lanto”

Hello I am Lord Lanto. Last time I visited this group was only to be seen by those who had eyes to see and then I was peering into your Advance from my 20 foot or so standpoint, knocking Susan on the head, I believe, because she called over to those in the group at the time and said “who is Lord Lanto?” You required quick research on your calculators. I was known as the teacher of wisdom in my time and those who I have served have said, “please come to me for I do not understand how can 2+2 = 4” as we saw earlier yesterday in the gentlemen’s presentation for sometimes even that cannot be true in those times that traverse different realities and confuses you.

These are the days that you have been waiting for and I want to introduce you to my voice and to my vibration because I am coming to your processes, to your weekend journeys where the channelings take place. I will be out there in approximately 2 to 3 weeks. I will be with you in person to discuss your next steps for those that come to be drawn to and experiencing that which is magnificent journey upon the way at this moment in time. You are now in the place that you have the highest concern about those who come before you and those that come after you. You have a highly creative sense of concern about how to take care of teachers, how to be teachers and how to care for teachers. I do not mean teachers in classrooms, but teaching in every step along the way of your day. You are a magnificent group channeling beautiful stories from this side yes but giving us the opportunity to see your lights filling the rooms, feeling your wisdom, feeling all of those things that you were chosen for. We congratulate you. So at this time I’m going to bring back that one known as the Lord Buddha and I will see you all weekend but we shall not visit again now until the weeks to come when we visit you again in person.

“Lord Buddha”  (This Visualization Meditation was to the Wesak Festival in Tibet)

This is Lord Buddha again. We are going to take you back into your room where your bodies are sitting again. Come back with the sensations of this place that you see yourself in now. Come back with the climate, come back with the feel of the air, come back with the smell, come back with the excitement and yet the control. For those ones you see now show the happiness within mostly themselves. All of this is part of a wonderful weekend. So let us in your mind’s eye now see that golden white tunnel come back down and we walk out to the tunnel. We get in one by one coming back into this time and place. And as you step out the tunnels each of you move to your appropriate place and step in easily from the back or the front. Get into your body and shake your body and know that everything is coming into the right place at the right time. And you bring back messages and understandings that you have right here and now. So we will give you a moment dear James and allow those who are with you to come in today. So let us all share in a number of “oms” until we feel the time is right and we are ready to visit again. And then I shall come to answer questions with Ashira and also with One Who Serves.

“One Who Serves”

Greetings this is One Who Serves here with you again and Grand Lord Buddha is standing by as well as Ashira and we are here to entertain, and we literally mean to entertain, questions for you. Anything here you wish to ask of any of us here or all of us?

Question: Would you be kind enough to join us to call on our galactic friends to see if we might be able to have some connection?

(Ashira):  I’ll take this, this is Ashira. It is our plan to have an invocation and to invite everyone to your party. The invitation hardly has to go out, dear one, because this has been planned for a long time so bring your cameras, bring your different devices. And after you finish your event this evening take steps out into the front or the back yards and step into a belief system that they are there for you to greet you and see what happens. (Thank you).  Any more to add, One Who Serves?

(One Who Serves):  We recall we told you yesterday that there would be a commotion, do you remember this? (Yes, yes). This is one of the things that we were speaking of here, commotion to speak about for some time after. And we told you to get ready, remember? (Yes). See what happens. Other questions here now? You have the grand Lord Buddha to assist here – do not leave him hanging. We joke, of course, if there are no questions that is okay too.

Question: I just would like to recognize Lord Buddha and give him my gratitude. He has been my master for a long time and I really appreciate that he’s here with us. Thank you very much

(Lord Buddha): Dear one, we are so glad that we could be here on this day and that we are able to share with you in this way. The opportunities, of course, to actually sit with those that are called Ascended Masters or archangels even, and of course the Johnny-come-lately’s, the Galactics, those are all who have been in contact with each of you for such a long time but because of limitations of your own religious beliefs and other beliefs, it is not always been possible to have the conversations that we are allowed to have with you now. We are so glad, in particular, to share with you this day, person-to-person, one to one. And we look forward to the day that we can embrace in truth and in power and I acknowledge you for the paths that you have taken in this life. Namaste.

(One Who Serves): Would there be other questions here?

Question: Namaste. Peace and blessings please accept my humble oblations’ would like to understand why there were so many different religions given, different paths.  From my perspective it seems like a lot of trouble has been a result of so many options. I wanted to understand what is the reason for this and I also would like to understand if in the future we will have a similar pattern. Will there be different paths customized for culture or geography or will there be just one homogeneous message and path going forward? Thank you very much.

(One Who Serves):  We would like to address this first if we could. The idea of so many different religions comes from your idea, or rather the grand edict, of there being freedom of choice. And freedom of choice can lead to many different, various choices that come up. And some of these choices have evolved to bring about different ideas and concepts and ideals to allow for a continuance of that exact freedom of choice idea. Because of this, the various ways of looking at the world and looking at the source figure, the God, in many different aspects has brought about these different changes and individualities to come out here. And when the religions are formed they bring people together into those particular patterns that are available where they resonate to. Just as you come to this group and you resonate to what would be considered more ancient wisdom. You are not in a church, you are not in a certain religion, but yet you congregate together and you come to, what you think of as, learn the truth and to understand the truth and to be responsible for revealing the truth.  You see? Now to the second part of your question, the idea of all of the religions coming together to form one is not exactly correct but there will be the breakdown, you might say, of all of the differences, all of the things that separate one another. So as mankind comes together more and more toward a community in the oneness there will be a discontinuance of anything that creates separation. And religion, up to this point, has created a great separation among the human kind here, you see? Does this answer your question for our part? We would ask Buddha and Ashira to add to this if they wish.

(Ashira): I am Ashira and I would be pleased to step into this discussion as well. Religions have developed on this planet for thousands of years. There were times where peoples would honor, pray to, involve in their lives many, many different gods and goddesses. There was not one, there were many. Now that was prevalent throughout the many of the various religions and at that time of development the religions were more to help people have some sense of security in a very scary world. And so they may have had many gods or goddesses that were in charge of things that could be frightening, such as Earth changes, lightning, son, darkness in seasons, all of those things. And as then people moved forward and began to form more in the way of kingdoms in power, it was then that the churches were part of that which each of those kingdoms took into new colonies, new states.

And those people that at that time did not hold tightly to one religion or another. In this the time I speak of they were taken over by a new power and they assumed a new religion which gave them parameters for behavior, frameworks for their behavior, rules and directions for their sacrifices to ensure more success and to have good health, and all of those things in one life. And when you read in the history books of all of these, they were very bloody times in man’s histories. And then you move forward again and you look at those revealed religions, those religions that are considered monotheistic religions, and they too, each of them spread in different ways, Judaism, Islam, Christianity, and became more and more vehicles of control. Vehicles of control and power outside even the monarchies, the Kings, the Lords of whosoever’s estates were in power at the time. And so you have very, very recent times now that you have fewer, in one’s mind, fewer religions but still all of the parameters of control. There are those who would point and say that “religions help to spread good in the world and support good”. There are those whose belief systems say “no, religions have been behind more heinous crimes and death than wars have for other things”.

We know you to be a man of great thinking power and I know that you will read these notes when they are transcribed and sent back to you so that you can look for the wisdom of One Who Serves, for the history, perhaps, that which I give you. And look at those with a balance to develop your own mindset about what the worth and value of religions have been and where are we going. Where are you going? We are going to unity, you are going to oneness, you are going to learn about how life should have worked; I don’t like the word “should” but how the way life should have worked for many, many thousands of years on this planet. You will return to that oneness, understanding, the oneness of understanding how to operate in that type of community, how to pray, how to worship, how to love and how to love all beings ever more grand than just the red, yellow, black and white upon this planet. And it shall be great for each of you to have this experience to spread your understanding and your spirituality further and further out into the galaxies. I feel this is an answer that will be complete for you; what do you think? (I am grateful, I thank you). Yes, you are welcome. Blessings.

(One Who Serves): We would like to add one thing to this and that is the idea that we have called you many times, the Wayshowers. And you are the Wayshowers now moving up to the time of the Event and all of this, but you will continue to be the Wayshowers after that. So you will lead mankind, you and all of the other awakened ones, will lead mankind into the new Golden Age, okay? (Okay, thank you.) Any other questions here?

Question: I have a question for Lord Buddha about going beyond the mind. What does that mean, going beyond the mind?

(Lord Buddha): Hello it is good to be with you. Go beyond the mind – what if we changed that word to love? Go beyond love. Mind is the construct that keeps people imprisoned in this 3-D planet. Go beyond the mind, go beyond thinking, go beyond conscious planning in ways other than that what you have been taught over these past few years here. We realize you have been here only a few months really so that’s a correction. Go beyond mind means to move into that realm of spirit in faith. You move into that realm where belief, where believing is seeing. Go beyond mind changed, go beyond love; love which you exhibit to those of your family, your children, your children to come. Go beyond the love that you have for others in your community and in those you help around the world and in the ways that you help them. Go beyond this and use that power for love to be projected into the new Golden Age for your energy used in that way is well spent for it is creating right now that world which you are moving into. Does that explain “go beyond mind” and moving into going beyond love?  (Yes, thank you). Would there be more, sir?  (No I am good thank you). Very good, bless you.

Question: One Who Serves, I have another question for you about the infinite realities that can exist in one moment. I cannot comprehend infinite realities that can exist at the same time in one reality that there might have been three, four, five already happened. This is something I read in a channeling and I want to understand why the focus and attention to this one reality when there are so many.

(One Who Serves): Yes. It is interesting first of all the first question that you asked and the appropriateness of this question in terms of what you are doing here this weekend and what you are going to work on achieving tonight here in the experience that we have planned for you. So very good that you had asked that question as you will experience it to a lesser or greater degree tonight, okay? Now as to the second part here, there are infinite applications, you might say, of an individual in terms of multiple personalities, in terms of multiple existences at one time. And all of these though are what are considered “in the now” because when you get right down to it, that is all there is. There is only the now, there is only the present moment. And even though the present moment might include or incorporate all past, all present and all future, as well as all of the multiple lives that are going on, it is still the present moment now and to completely understand at your three-dimensional consciousness level is very quite difficult.

If you were to understand this then you would be the Einstein, you would be the Tesla, you see? To understand the secrets of the universe, to go beyond the mind here and go into the higher levels of mind that are incorporated in some here, but not most. Now, when you have experienced the transition here, the Ascension process or the Ascension journey as we are saying the Ascension journey process, you will come to more fully understand that there are multiples in one at a time, you see? We know we cannot completely answer this for you because it is a very difficult concept for the 3-D mind to understand but a very simple one for the higher level vibratory consciousness to understand, you see? Does this make sense to you? (Yes a little bit but from a 3-D standpoint I cannot understand this yet). Yes you are not necessarily meant to understand this at this time. We don’t even understand this at times. Anything you wish to add to this Lord Buddha or Ashira?

(Lord Buddha or Ashira): No we believe you have answered this adequately at this time for this gentlemen we have nothing else to add.

(One Who Serves): Wonderful now we had a question earlier from our dear sister that wanted to ask her question. (No that’s okay I changed my mind). Okay she has changed her mind that is certainly her prerogative is it not? (Yes it is). Anything further here? Then we will end this session. We just wish to say here thank you so much to the one, our dear sister the Barbara here, for doing what she has done here in this day to introduce certain concepts here that bring about a more scientific understanding to all of these crazy concepts we have been giving you. (Laughter). And to take this and begin to run with it – it is very important and we know that the 3-D conscious mind is always wanting to know how, why, when and all of these things and to put it all together into a more concrete whole. Lord knows this one that we speak through always wants that. He is very inquisitive and wants it all to be put into a cohesiveness but as you know that is not always possible. But please understand that as you continue on in this weekend and again understand that it has been planed for a very, very long time and you, yourselves, were chosen yes but you had chosen to be chosen quite some time ago for this. And more will be given on this this evening as to your direct connection with all of this and how you are going to proceed forward from here. So we will release channel. Is there going to be anything from Ashira?

(Ashira): Yes I would like to say a farewell as well.

(One Who Serves): Then we would say Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.


Lord Buddha has left the premises, he has gone back to his festivities and the work he is doing with the Wesak Festival. We kept this hidden from Susan as it gives her opportunities to move on faith as well when she does not know what is to come. Especially for events as large as this it is good for her to have time to build her own faith as well. Know that the conversations that you have in between the events that we planned for you are as important as many of the messages that you are given. These are the times when you bind with one another in a way that is going to assist you as things continue to unfold more and more rapidly. You will have people to touch base with and we expect that you will have meetings more often than just once a week on a Sunday for in the times coming there will not be jobs to worry about for those who have those responsibilities. And know that as these things continue to unfold, other opportunities will be handled as well.

Many here are serving on committees, many of you are working in different ways behind the back rooms and that is where you feel your sense of security and your sense of faith at the moment. These are all times which you have been, each, eagerly working toward and we know that there are those here that think, “oh I just come to a Sunday meeting once a week, I don’t know what I’m doing.” But when your alarm clock wakes again into truly awakening you to your true self and shows you who you truly are then you will be ready to stand in the forefront as well. No sense in worrying about these things at these times, my friends. All of this is quickly coming upon you so take the quiet times and those private conversations in those group conversations as seriously as you take the information from these events that we have planned. For we are with you at all times, all of us, and we lead the conversations to assist you in greater understanding and applications of the truth.

Lady Nada will be with you this evening along with her beloved Sananda. It will be a wonderful event and messages with the James and with the Susan. We give you thanks for all that you have brought, all that you have done, all you are, who you are right here and right now.

Peace and blessings. Namaste.

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco
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