Monday – April 27 2015

We’re Coming Home!

Out of the Density Into the Light!!

Hello, dear Family.

As you remember, the reason I was brought to start these informal, and more frequent newsletters, was to keep you all in touch with one another. And I believe this is working rather well.

And along that line, I’d like to introduce you to Lori Blackwell, in Connecticut. Lori has been with us from just about the very beginning. And today, Lori brings us something very special. I’ll let her tell you…

Dear Anne

Hi. Honey !!!

I sure do miss our Peter calls and hearing the Moo Family’s familiar voices.
Anywho I did a channeling yesterday from this group of entities called the Nameless Ones. I have been working with them for almost 30 years, and we all worked with them in the swing between worlds before the Jesus Project life, — and I’m sure many others before that.

You can read about this from the book written by my first spiritual teacher, Flo Calhoun in her book from the late 80’s calledI Remember Union: The Story of Mary Magdalene.

Two mornings ago, I decided to get a message from them, hoping they could uplift my spirits and recorded their message on my voice memo on my iPhone. The first part of it, my voice is a bit craggy as I’d just awoken. But the quality if the audio improves as my voice wakes up. They mention you and the currencies, even cite Peter. I found the whole thing gains such momentum and by the end I was re-filled with positivity, great expectation and knowing. I thought you might enjoy it. I’ve listened to it about 6 times in the last two days!!

Please feel free to post the audio below should you ralph lauren pas cher think others might also be encouraged by its contents. And, should you need verification of the clarity of my vessel and heart, I am sure Danita or Peter could vouch for my Quantum and lineage. I think I’ve been around the block many times and that the Nameless Ones are old friends of yours and of many Hen & Moo members. I love their positive perspective and wonderful humor and kindness.

At the very least, I’m hoping you will enjoy the 17 minutes and it makes you smile!!!

Much Love
Lori Blackwell in Still Cold Connecticut!!

Note: To hear this very uplifting audio,
please go to the link posted on

Nameless Ones – The Overture Has Begun Playing

And thank you Dear Lori! Yes, this is JUST the message we have been looking for!

Folks, It is so good, receiving these unique messages from our many HEN members. We each come from different backgrounds, histories, and experiences.

I also received a message from Coy Patterson, in Texas. Coy has spent many decades perfecting communication with the quantum field. I have personally witnessed some of his demonstrations.

Coy has developed unique techniques and has shared some in his letter below:
Anne, like you I hit the delete button manytimes a day. I tell everyone, “If it doesn’t make you feel warm and fuzzy, don’t do it, don’t think about it, don’t look at it, and what ever you do,
don’t send it to me!”

We have been so exposed to the negative side over the 6-1/2 million years that some of us have been here, that for some, emerging into the lower vibration has become as natural as breathing. Unfortunately, many have become addicted to the lower vibrations, like the fear movies Hollywood creates. However, Heaven has told us the movie producers have been guided to produce more uplifting entertainment, soon to be released.

With the help of you, Father/Mother God and Peter, we have all advanced very rapidly, as was their plan. I will be forever grateful for being invited on that first call, even though I now know that my higher self guided me to accept the invitation.

I would like to give some useful information about how we can enhance everyone’s lives by a way of raising the frequency of this planet. Some of this information came from Peter. I figured out how to apply it. I have found that the most powerful frequency-raising words are: Peace, Harmony, Pure Mature Love, Quantum Love and Gratitude.

By aiming your finger at anything and writing those words on it with your finger, you will transmute the existing frequencies to those positive-word frequencies. This works on anything you eat or drink. If you do this to any electronic device like a TV, computer, cell phone, microwave, cell tower or even a storm, you will change the output frequencies of those energies to the positive-word frequencies. I caused a storm coming at me to dissolve right before my eyes by doing that; telling it to change to a positive outcome for the good of all.

You can have someone look at the moon while you are muscle testing them. Then with your finger and your intention, write those positive words on the moon and retest them while they look at the moon. They will go stronger.

We are Source in physical form. There is nothing we can’t create if we believe we can. The only reasons we become sick or old or poor is because we believe we are supposed to. What did your Twin say? — “Wonder not what I do, for you will do more,” – “You can move mountains if you only believe you can.”

If you write these positive words on your electric box, you will energize the entire electric grid all the way back to the power plant; the entanglement theory. If you write them on a glass of water from your hydrant, you will energize the entire water supply of the neighborhood. Again the entanglement theory. If we could get everyone to write them on our Sun, Sol, we would all benefit from the added positive frequencies we would be receiving.

Peace, Harmony, Pure Mature Love, Quantum Love and Gratitude,


And with that, dear Ones, I will say Good night/morning! 😉

I love the uniqueness of each of you, sharing your gifts and experiences. Keep them coming!

Now, remember to eat your fruits and veggies, apply at least three Ascension Tools each day, meditate, ground and… with every glass of water we drink – let’s talk to the quantums in that Conscious Water… giving them our love and asking that they share this love with all Conscious Water in Earth’s quantum field – including the water that is WITHIN every human body… globally! Let the loving water speak to the human inhabitants of these bodies!

With my love,


Anne (Mom)

Author: Henrix