17.04.23 – “Trip To The New Jerusalem and Antarctica” – Aramda and OWS

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Aramda and One Who Serves as channeled by James McConnell

These messages were given during our quarterly April Advance in Payson, AZ on Sunday, April 23, 2017

ARAMDA – touring the New Jerusalem

I AM Aramda.

Some of you have not heard of me before. Some of you were expecting Sananda or Ashtar. But I am the one that has been with many of you before but I have kept somewhat in the shadows, kept away from your knowing, understanding of me. There is a reason for that. But many of you are a part of my ship being with me on my ship the Amalia. It may trigger a memory to you, some of you.
I am one that is going to continue to work closely with all of you as we continue this so whenever there is a need for a Galactic connection here I will often be the one that will be coming to you. There will still be Sananda and Ashtar certainly. It is time now for me to make more of my presence known. I have been with this one James for a long time. He does not even quite understand the full connection we have.

Some of you may feel a connection with me as well. Now I want to take you to the New Jerusalem. I want to take you to see the majesty, first of all, of the incredible magnificent ship that this is. A ship of light, a ship of consciousness. It can be physical, it can be etheric. It can be anything that is needed in any situation that it is called for. It can adapt to whatever the environment is. So if you can imagine the majesty and demands of a 2000-mile-long and 2000-mile-wide ship that can morph itself to any situation somewhat like a chameleon. Certainly it can cloak itself and uncloak whenever it needs to, and there are occasional times when this ship uncloaks briefly as it did last night to the few of you that were witness to it. If more of you had gone out at that point you would all have seen this great flash for at that moment it uncloaked for just a moment for just a second even and quickly re-cloaked again. But the flash that you saw was the light from the ship.

Now as you’re moving around the ship many of you have been flying around and looking at the outside some of you have even gone in, that is certainly fine, let us go in now. Let us see the various levels the many levels of the ship from the engine room all the way down through the living [inaudible] where the animals are kept all of the places where different dimensions are held so if a three-dimensional being is brought on ship it can acclimate within that dimensional environment and then it can be brought up into the next higher vibrations, higher dimension, gradually, slowly. Similar to when a diver goes deep under the ocean and then is coming back up he needs to go through a process of preparing itself for coming back up to the top. Very similar to this.

And see the many levels. You can see the many people, all kinds of beings. This is where your Star Wars and the cantina comes in. This is real. That was shown to you purposefully so that you could be ready for the different types of beings that are out there; different civilizations, many different looks. You can see many of them as you look around. Many, many, many layers. Our people are working, gathering, having fun yet even some drinking … not in the way you understand it quite but having enjoyment, having fun, being social. That does not end.

Some of you have gone down lower into the ship and you have seen the wide open expanse, the valleys, the mountains, the lakes, even somewhat of an ocean that is here. You imagine you can take almost your entire America and all of the various plants and trees and forests and valleys and rivers and lakes and at the ends the oceans and you can see that here. It is a living environment. People actually live on the ship just as in your Star Trek although much more immense than that ship.

Would anyone like to share with they are seeing now, what they are experiencing beyond what I have already said?

Q: Some of the area of the ship must be higher frequency [inaudible] wire frame [inaudible] lower vibration I see crops [inaudible]

A: Yes.

Q: I see my friends.

A: Yes. Some of you have been here. Not only long ago but you have been here in your dreams. You have been here in your multidimensional state.

Q: I think I know you as Da. Why do I know you as Da? Is that a nickname?

A: What did I say my name was? Aramda. It is why you and the James have connected here. We are so pleased that you realize that. There are others here, as well, that are on the phone and even those here in this room who know of me. If I were standing in front of you, you would recognize me. I have been a companion, a brother, even at times a sister to many of you. [to Rita] Yes to you also my dear sister. You certainly know who I am. I am a dear friend, a dear comrade to Ashtar.

Q: Aramda, were you ever incarnated like us into a 3-D body?

A: I have been yes.

Q: Are you called Ram?

A: It is another yes. I have many names. I have many acquaintances. I have many understandings. Yes that is correct that is one. I prefer though, Aramda just as Sananda is Sananda not San not Da. Ashtar is Ashtar not Ash, you see, and not Tar. Like you are Mahendrin not Hen not Dran. You get the picture here? We are certainly not making fun but we are having fun. We may not be jovial and sing like that One Who Serves but I have a wonderful time, let me tell you.

Q: You have a wonderful sense of humor.

A: Someone else spoke here?

Q: I feel such peace.

A: Yes. Many of you have spent a great deal of time on this ship. Many of you have spent a great deal of time on my ship and we have often gone between the two ships.

Q: It doesn’t occur like it ship it occurs like a planet.

A: Yes it is very much like a planet but this is small in comparison to some of the planet ships. If you can imagine, imagine a ship as large as Jupiter.

Q: That’s what I was seeing a planet that looks like Jupiter and all these little ships around it. I wondered if I was looking out a window or just outside with it. It’s really beautiful! The ship the New Jerusalem is so deep looking down I saw golden city inside of it. Many different people, beings. I have a friend who’s really tall and green. Big head.

A: I will tell you something now that you were not aware of, as a matter of fact no one is aware of. When George Lucas made the movie Star Wars the original death star was not to be what it is. Originally it was going to be a planet-sized ship. It was going to be a part of the Forces of Light and it was changed by, you might call it blackmail, coercion. But they made him change that and adapt his script. No one knows this at this time.

Q: So when I’ve always seen it as a sphere, it’s because it actually is a sphere, if that’s what you’re saying.

A: Yes it was a sphere. But what we are saying is it was not meant to be a weapon initially. When he developed the script this plan for Star Wars it did not have it being a weapon. This came about as a result of the cabal taking over. He was told two times to leave those things in it that he wanted but in other ways he was coerced to change it.

Q: Did he get all of his ideas of making this movie from someone like you? Or maybe you influenced him so that we could look in the future and possibly see how it will be on a spaceship.

A: Yes, Star Wars, Star Trek, Matrix, Avatar, all of those movies that you find so thrilling, so endearing in many ways, so inspiring. These were meant for you to prepare you to get you ready for what was coming – prepare you for first contact, for disclosure, all of this.

Q: And the Wizard of Oz.

A: Yes, that as well. That was also converted; turned into something that was not fully of the light.
Any other observations?

Q: I see on the very top of the New Jerusalem the office. It’s like a penthouse in my vision and it is the office of Ashtar which he shares with Sananda. And also they have a big conference room with a long, long table where they meet with councils, and some of us are in those councils at night.

A: That is correct. There are several rooms that are set up to be the council meeting rooms. Many tables within those rooms … some round some not round. That is correct.

Q: Many times when traveling from Sedona to Cottonwood I saw ships and I felt they were calling me. Were you one of them?

A: Not at that time no. Not myself but there were others. Yes, all of this is to begin to acquaint you, to acclimate you, to prepare you for all that you came here to do.

Q: In Prescott, AZ in 2013 we had three months of monsoons creating rainbows everywhere. In one of the pictures I took of the rainbows there is a ship so that was my blessing. Who did that ship belong to?

A: It is a connection that you have yourself that you have been involved with this particular civilization that comes here from time to time and shows themselves to certain ones that are part of their persuasion, their civilization. And this is what occurs in many cases where there are various sightings were ones show themselves to individuals on the planet it is because they are part of those that are showing them from the same planet the same system all of this.
Q: Is this is where I was the night that I was at the conference table when I was pregnant with my son [inaudible] before [inaudible] he was going to incarnate?

A: Yes you were there and those of your contingent were there as well.

Q: There were a lot of people there.

A: Yes. You already know of who we speak of here who you are associated with.

We are going to release to another now that is going to take you one more place that has been promised. And then the One Who Serves will take your questions further.

I appreciate your time, your energy, your love. I long for the time that I can be back again with you in body sitting down across from you as others have been saying, the One Who Serves, Sananda, all of us are preparing parties celebrations both on the ships and down in the Inner Earth and many other places such as the Cities of Light. It is going to be a grand reunion. We leave you now in love and peace and harmony.
ONE WHO SERVES – touring Antartica

And now are you ready to move from here to another place here that has been mentioned. Many things have been coming out of this particular place here on the Earth and it is a sense of discovery that is occurring there now. You have been hearing many things about what is occurring there, what is coming from there, what is going to be announced from there, and this is all very close to being revealed. And once it is revealed there is going to be a uproar like you cannot believe. Because those who have kept this silent for a long time have wanted to keep this away from you but they will not be able to do it very much longer. So let us go let’s go now to Antarctica.

Yes Antarctica of all places at the bottom of.

Q: I’ve got my real warm coat on to go.

OWS: You’re in your astral body you don’t need anything! You don’t have to put a coat on. If it makes you feel good do it. Put a snowsuit on if you want. Goggles. Take your skis. There are mountains there, if you want to go skiing we’ll go skiing. But let’s go here okay.

Now this is not a sense of having to go anywhere. We say that jokingly. Just be there. Okay snap your fingers, whoop we’re there. Now look at the expanse of ice. Ice everywhere. No? But go a little bit further and begin to see what is going on there. I’m going to leave this to your visualization. Not so much your imagination because you are not creating what is here, it is already here. But allow your third eye to open now, your astral vision to open and see what is there and what they are keeping from you to this point and only allowing a select few scientists so far to be able to study what is there. But they have been kept in to the deepest confidence. They are not allowed to speak about this yet but that is going to be changing. So what are you seeing? What is there?

Q: Giants. Pyramids. Cities. Civilizations. [OWS acknowledges each observation]
I think I’m seeing a big ship coming out of the water and ice is coming off because it’s going to lift off. It’s really big. [OWS: Yes there are ships there. Buried deep within the ice.]
Crystal caves. Crystal dwellings. [Very good yes.]
I’m seeing a huge auditorium filled with all kinds of machinery, intricate looking machinery, that is used to control the weather. [Yes] And very possibly Earth movements and volcanoes and all those disruptions that are taking place. This might be the headquarters.

OWS: There is a great amount of machinery there. Some that has been used by those of the cabal, some that they do not yet even know how to use. It is ancient and it is beyond the scope of many still at this point because it is not available at the three dimensional level — even though they have tried. They have tried to break through the dimensional barrier here to be able to operate these equipment thinking it is going to be a wonderful weapon to be able to use. But they have found that they cannot break through this dimensional barrier because in order to do that they have to raise their vibrations! And do you think they’re going to do that? No way Jose!

Q: I’m seeing something that’s like the ice but it’s some of the equipment you’re talking about. They have no idea what to do with it. And little cylindrical knobs coming out of the ice in the walls. Very high-tech.

OWS: Yes. Very high tech. Beyond their understanding completely here and it is a good thing that they have not been able to do that. But it was safeguarded you see. All of this ancient technology has been safeguarded. Much of it. In order for, the only way to use the equipment, this technology, is to have to first move into the vibrations that they were in when it was put there in the first place.

Q: And I see that technology being given to us. [Yes]
It’s like space travel, a portal.

OWS: There are portals. There are gateways here. There are gateways on the other side of the planet connecting to the gateways here. There are tunnels that connect deep under the ground where those that have the understanding and the knowing, such as the ones that are called the cabal, they have been using that technology for some time. Do you think that they get in the airplanes as you do and fly even first class? No! They go in their tunnels get in their superfast trains and they whisk around the country. The only times they do not do this is when they need to be publicly seen and then they will go on the transport, usually private planes and things of this nature. But when they want to go from one place to another they do it with the technology that they know already exists. And they are holding this all from you.

Q: I see something like a rocket.

Q: I see a mechanism that creates an artificial merkaba.

OWS: Yes! There is. There is technology here that you are just becoming aware of when you do these various activities here on your Sundays when you have been working with the merkaba. And yes they can make an artificial merkaba but it is not at the vibrations that we are moving you toward planning you, getting you ready for. For you are going to have access to your merkaba and be able to go from one place to another with no need for any type of physical transportation at all. You see? It is your light body, your light vehicle. You will have access to this. You have access to this now but it is the mind that is keeping you from being able to literally use it in the way that you can. You are just beginning to dabble in this. But you also have to understand that all of you came here from the knowledge and an understanding that you already knew how to do this. Some of you even put some of that technology that we are speaking of here. Ah! You say: What?!? We put that technology here? Yes! Some of you have. Wow!

Q: I just saw another ship.

OWS: There are ships here that have not yet been excavated. You are getting to see through the ice as they cannot see through because they are attempting to use their physical eyes or their boring machines or x-rays or satellite vision all of these things. You are using your astral vision your third eye and you can see through anything.

Q: I can see underground but it’s not like ones for transportation [inaudible] people [inaudible] city … meeting area.

OWS: There are very immense caverns under there yes. Huge caverns. Some of them have been taken over and are being used for their ships and things of this nature and many of them have not yet been discovered.

Q: It seems like there’re light workers here.

OWS: Some are yes. Many are not.

Q: Submarines.

OWS: There are submarines here yes. The Germans were here a long time ago. We are going to change that to more of the Nazis here that persuasion were here.

Q: Would one of these cities be Atlantis?

OWS: No. We are going to make an emphatic no, this is not Atlantis. Even though some are going to be and already are coming out and saying we have found Atlantis, this is not Atlantis. Atlantis is in the Atlantic that is what it is. Deep within the ocean, most of it. Some of it is still above the ocean. The Azores for instance are a part of what was Atlantis. In the Bimini area is what was Atlantis. You see? There are many places that are still somewhat above and as you have heard, most of you have heard, Edgar Casey spoke about this — he was guided to speak about this in the source that came through him — that Atlantis and Lemuria are going to rise again. The continents themselves they are going to come up. You see? Not as you know it now though. If that happened now there would be tremendous immense tidal waves like you cannot imagine. This is when the Earth, as you have spoken of earlier, this is when Gaia is cleansing herself after all of you have moved beyond this 3D realm. You do not have to be concerned about this. If there ever was in need to be concerned about this there are ships so large out there that could be easily transported everyone off of this planet in 15 minutes.

Q: Thank you so much for this understanding. It’s remarkable.

Q: There are some military personnel here.

OWS: There is a great deal of military personnel there. Yes, there is. Many of the nationalities are here. [inaudible] areas that are there. One wants this section of land another one wants this. One wants this discovery and on and on and on. They fight over this but they are all going to lose. All of them. And it will be there for you, those of you that will have access to this: these discoveries, these technologies, all of this. And so much more in the way of technology. In fact we will say this. The technology that is coming now is almost already here. You are beginning to hear of the energy systems that are coming which are not going to require electricity as you know it anymore and they’re going to work on very, very little energy to create more and more energy. So the electric companies will be going out of business as we move along here further this transition. Many things are going to occur with all of this technology. And then of course you have heard about the replicators. They are coming. The 3-D printer as you know it is the precursor of all of this and it is already there. Star Trek was real!
Q: I see a dodecahedron of crystal. It looks like the ice but it’s crystal.

OWS: Yes. This is why some are going to come to the understanding that they have found Atlantis because there are many, many crystals here. But crystals were not only indicative of Atlantis. Crystals have been around for a very long, long time. Many years through many solar systems and galaxies and all of this.


OWS: We can come back now. We can move back from here. Move back to your physical forms. You can do it in an instant. Snap your fingers and you are here. And come back into your physical bodies come back into a complete state of consciousness and circulation fully revitalized and refreshed.

What a trip, we hear, yes. It also was a good trip. Trip on the good ship lollipop. What does that mean? We do not understand that. We searched the James’s consciousness here, the memories and it seemed like a good thing to say but there is no idea what that means. [inaudible] now we understand. Okay. Here we go. [inaudible] hear whatsoever so we do not know why we even say it.

A good trip. Yes. Did you all have a good trip? Are you beginning to understand what is at stake here, what you are here for and how important your role is; each of you as your individual role and your role as a group as well. Because as we said earlier your group is becoming famous across the universe.

There are other groups certainly, many that are, many individuals are coming to the forefront, but this particular group has been assigned — has been given an assignment — and that is going to unfold as we move along here. This is why we are saying we’re ready to take the next steps. So we’re getting you ready because there is an assignment you’re going to have if you decide to take it. Somewhat like the mission impossible. But it is not going to be an impossible mission and you are going to be able to do it. It is just going to be are you going to want to. Are you going to want to be a part of this because it will require you stepping out, stepping out of your comfort zones. And if you are not ready to step out of your comfort zones then you will not want to be a part of this assignment, this mission. And this is of course working directly with Sananda and all of us to be a part of preparing you for these council tables that we have been speaking of.

Someone has to become the leadership of the New World. Not in the sense that you know leadership now though; there will not be a Congress, there will not be a House of Representatives, there will not be a parliament, none of those types of things. Those are cabal. But there will be councils, councils of elders, many different types of councils. There will be ambassadors: ambassadors between the different planets, between the solar systems, the galaxies. All of this will be asked of you because of who you each are. You have done a tremendous mission. Talk about being an ambassador! You are being an ambassador like you wouldn’t believe.

All of your lifetimes here to enmesh yourself in an evolution over thousands and thousands of years here, separating yourself or believing yourself separated from Source, oh my goodness, you are going to be the rock stars of the new millennium, of the universe here! You are going to be famous!

Now this again, always, is not to stroke your egos. We are not attempting to do this. But we just want you to understand how important this all is, and what you have signed up for, and what you are going to continue to sign up for. And we hope that each one of you will decide to do this but we know that there will be some that will drop off. It will not be for them and that is okay. There is no shame whatsoever, no condemnation, certainly never any judgment on our part. It is just what it is. If you are ready, wonderful, if you are not, okay. You will have other missions that will come along.

But each one of you now we wish for you to begin to continue you consider yourself a warrior of light and of love. This is very important for you to make the switch now from worker to warrior to have Archangel Michael at your side at any given time when it is needed and call upon him, he will be there. Call upon Sananda, St. Germain, any of us. Call upon Source. Source will always be there — has always been there — has never not been. It is time to open up to that as well.

Q: I would say I call myself ambassador of love.

OWS: Yes you are an ambassador of love Rita. Yes you are. And Ashtar is so very proud of you. And you have no idea what he is planning here with you and all of.

Q: I’m speechless. I see him everywhere. I do.

OWS: Yes. Just as he sees you too everywhere.

And Lady Nada or rather Sananda is so much aware of Anne DeHart, so much a wonderful connection there. And he is so looking forward to a reunion as the aspects of Lady Nada all come together. That is a little difficult maybe for some to understand but that is what is going to occur.
Q & A
Do we have questions here for One Who Serves?

Q: Namaste. I received confirmation as I hear you speak this is a big deal, this is important, and I have had the same understandings for a while and with my energy, everything, everything on it. And I want to understand, given that this is so important, how come there is no budget for it? How come something so immense depends on the little bitty hours we can squeeze out of an 8 to 5 schedule – with our nails? Why is there — all projects here in the 3D, especially the important ones carry a budget.

OWS: We understand where you are, but dear friends we want to tell you and all that also would be thinking about this, that is going to change. But in the meantime while it is here you are where you are when you need to be. In other words you have your contracts, you have those things you are working for, we cannot do it for you so as long as you’re still in this 3D illusion you need to be in the 3D illusion. Make the best of it in other words.

Find the joy in the moment. And as you find the joy in the moment you will raise your vibrations and as you raise your vibrations you will find that in those higher vibrations there is no more difficulties with money or anything of this nature. Because as you raise your vibrations you will be able to manifest whatever it is you need. This is for all of you right now. You do not need to wait until the future. You do not need to wait until you have moved into the fifth dimension and gone through the ascension and all of this. You can manifest what you want right now but you have to do it from the higher vibrations.

This is what is important. You can’t be down in the dumps, be despaired, be sleeping all the time in your life, and expect to have money coming to you, a source of any kind of wealth at all. That will not come to you in those circumstances. But if you are in those higher vibrations you can literally begin to put out your hand and say ‘fill my hand with whatever it is I need’ and it will be there almost instantaneously for some. But others it might take a little bit. But it will take then, simply going to your mailbox, opening it up and oh my goodness, there is a check there; enough to pay whatever it is you need for that moment.

And as long as you stay in those higher vibrations this will continue. So it is all about consciousness. All about consciousness, that is all it is. Whether it is here in this illusion in this 3D or it is 4 or 5D, whatever it is, it is consciousness. And when you come to understand that you will not find yourself wallowing down in those lower vibrations anymore. You will raise yourself up, pick yourself up and be ready to move on.

Each one of you, everyone, we are watching you. We see what is going on and it is time now — how many times are we going to say that now — it is time now to move on, move out of yes as Abraham says: “Tell a different story”, people! Don’t stay with the same story! Where has that story gotten you: where you are! And if you don’t want to be where you are, then tell a different story. Get out of it. There was a movie here we are picking it up from the James here. (He watches a lot of movies.) It was something about someone would look into a book and as they are reading the book they are creating the story. What was the name of that movie? “The Never Ending Story” yes, yes.

There you are. Create whatever you want. Change the story.

Q: I don’t think people realize when they say there’s “no” something that there never will be.

OWS: That is correct. That is correct. If you believe there is nothing, if you believe you have nothing, if you believe that no one is helping you then that is what you will have. Believing Is Seeing! Come to understand that more and more and more. Believing is seeing. Create whatever you want in your life right now, today! Don’t wait for tomorrow. Don’t wait for next year. Don’t wait for the ascension. DO IT NOW!! What is that, is that the Nike saying: do it now. Right? Just do it. We like ‘do it now’ better. Do it now.

Q: The reason for my question is because I have applied the science: I’ve been doing affirmations for a year. I been doing the salutations for a year. I have applied the science but it’s not working so help me understand.

Q: You just cancelled it out with your speech.

OWS: My dear brother, we need to add here it is working. It is working because you are coming out of the darkness that you have found yourself in recently and have come into the light. You have! And you need to begin to trust that. And as we are saying, as you trust that, as you move yourself into the vibrations higher and as you see the beauty around you, which will then move you into those higher vibrations, then those things you are asking for will be here. But every time you say, ‘I don’t have,’ it’s not coming, or ‘why is it not here.’ Every time you say that the universe hears that and gives you what you are saying. This is the attraction process.

You have not read or listened to the Abraham teachings. This would be wonderful for you to do. Every day listen to the Abraham teachings, different ones. They are on your YouTube. They are there, are they not? [Yes] You can find this all the time. They are free even. Listen to this every day and it will begin to reprogram your mind. Not only for this one that has asked this but for everyone.

Again, be in the now. Do it now. Take action. What is your definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over and over again and expect something different. Change the story. It is all the same thing. It is there for you. Just reach out.

You are in training, all of you. You are in training. But you are in training to help train others. But how are you going to train others if you cannot train yourself, you see? Oh my goodness we could go on and on and on like this. Believing is seeing yes! Do not even think in terms of seeing is believing anymore. That is the old program, the old paradigm. That is what they wanted you to believe that you had to see it before you believe it because then you have no creative ability anymore. But if you know that you are the creator then you will believe it, then you will create it.

Q: I believe from my own experience that we don’t even know we’re telling a story. The program is so deep that we don’t even know were telling a story in a negative way. It’s the program running. So would it help to surrender the programming?

OWS: Certainly yes. You must surrender the programming. You must move beyond it. Let it go. All of this.

Q: Instead of keep saying the same thing.

OWS: Yes. Yes. It is many; it is deep programming; it is past life experiences and patterns that you came in with. And you need to let go of those patterns, move beyond them, do whatever you need. If it takes crystals to do it for you, do it. If it takes past life regressions, do it. If it takes hypnosis, do it.

Do not care whatever it is that will work for you, whatever tool that will work. Surrender process. Certainly, yes, wonderful! We are so glad that has been brought up. Yes, surrender! Surrender to your higher self to your God Source. Surrender it all. And if you do that, all of that old programming will be gone. It will be gone, people, just gone, and you will not have to deal with it anymore. Your attachments will fall away. And you know what, as your attachments fall away you will be near ready for ascension. This is how it works.

So if you find yourself wallowing in self-pity, stop it. Simple. Get over it. Get over the story. Change the story, do not stay there. And do not stay in denial as an alcoholic. An alcoholic stays an alcoholic until they finally get out of their denial. Once they have gotten out of their denial they can begin to heal, they can begin to reprogram. But as long as they are in denial they will stay in that program. So in that respect the 12-Steps in many ways was very helpful for many. Some not so much. But it is a tool. All of these are tools to use. Use whatever one works best for you or whatever one you are guided to.

Several of you were guided here now to surrender, to use that tool. Others are being guided to the Heart Math idea of coherence. All of these. Some of you use crystals and let the crystals absorb the old programming. [And essential oils] Essential oils, yes. Some use all different modes of these, yes. All the above! Yes, whatever it is but do it!

Don’t talk about it anymore; do it. Don’t say the same story over and over; change it.

Unless — and here is the big one people — unless you want to be ones that are going to be taken to your Earth Two. [No!] A little bit of sobering thought there, no? Because have we not been saying over and over and over everyone is going, everyone. But you must do for yourself we cannot do it for you. We can help you, we can guide you, we can nudge you and we do that all the time. Sometimes when you’re not even knowing we are doing it. Some of the things that you say to other people are guided and nudged by us. Those of us. And then Source certainly when you connect to Source, when you allow for Source to speak through everything changes in your life. Everything! No exception.

Q: I’ve heard people say (myself included) is, “well you don’t know my side,” or “you don’t know how bad I have it,” and “you don’t really understand.” What I believe they need to recognize is that that’s the ego talking. It’s not the Higher Self.

OWS: Yes. It is the old programming, the programming that keeps you trapped in the three-dimensional illusion. So if you want to stay in the illusion then keep deluding yourself. You see? Good luck with that. It will not work.
Q: I just want to throw out there for all of you that I know a fair amount about how to get rid of your demons. I’ve had quite a life, I’ll just put it that way, so if anyone wants to reach out to me and I’m actually starting a whole 12-Step/12-tools to rise above. So if anybody is struggling with anything I could probably lead you to a resource that would help you on that.

OWS: Wonderful. But we wish to correct something here once now and forever. Do not say anymore ‘your demons’. There are no demons here. Do not think in terms of demons. If you think in terms of demons to create that particular idea and ideal here. Do not do that any longer. This is old programming: demons, devils, satan, hell, all of this. It’s the old programming, the old paradigm. Do you think there is a hell in the fifth dimension? Do you think there is a Satan there? Do you think there are demons there? No! Nothing of this nature so stop thinking about those types of things. For when you move into these higher vibrations permanently and begin to create as we have been showing you here, it is certain you do not want to create demons there. Even if you could — you can’t — but if you wanted to, you see?

You want to be able to create as you were doing: flowers, beautiful valleys, mountains, lakes, streams, ships, villages, whatever it might be, people flying. Whatever visions who have this is what you’re going to want to create because this is how you will create your new world. You will literally create your new world one moment at a time, one thought at a time, one vision at a time.
Q: Based on what you were saying about how those concepts were created to really deny our humanity and keep us from being our higher selves, wouldn’t the concept of war also be in that category? And if so then the idea of considering ourselves light warriors, to me, doesn’t feel like what you just depicted as the fifth dimension. It feels like, if I believe I’m a light warrior still, (because I feel that I’ve been that all my life and all my lives,) — I thought now I could let that go.

OWS: You will be able to do that when you move into the higher vibrations, when you move into the fifth dimension, those terminology will be gone. This is for part of the transition now where you transition now from being a light worker to being a light warrior and being able to assist in this … it is a battle right now. We are not going to say anything different. There’s a battle between light and dark now and you can sit back and let others fight it out with light against darkness, with light against fear, with love against fear, or you can jump into the fray and be a part of this with Archangel Michael. Is Archangel Michael not a warrior?

Q: Actually he is by my side quite often. But I feel that the concept of light against dark is still part of the duality.

OWS: It is. It is. But you are still in that right now. You are still there within the illusion and there are many that are. You are moving out of it as you continue to move along but there are many that are still very much ensconced within it and they will need the help. They will need the warrior by their side. They will need Archangel Michael by their side just as he is by your side … and carrying that Sword of Truth. You can carry a Sword of Truth. You don’t carry a sword of death, you carry a Sword of Truth and light and love.
Q: After our meditation last night it felt like I came back with warrior armor – body armor. It felt like I had a blue sword and shield myself.
Q: I’d like to make a comment about Archangel Michael being a warrior. Actually that [inaudible] you are going to war with your Higher Self against your ego to get your ego under control. That’s really what the battle of duality of light versus dark is. You’re trying to get the darkness out of yourself.

Q: And the struggle is between your two ears.

Q: That’s where the war is. It’s not outside of you.

OWS: That is correct. Wonderful. Thank you for sharing that.

Does this make sense to the one who asked that even more it now?

Q: Yes I guess I was feeling that I have been doing that for eons and I was leading myself to “believe” so I could “see” that I have come into completion of that way of operating; that I could just be in the light now and be the master light house that just emanates from my overflow continuously.

OWS: Yes. Wonderful. You just mentioned something important. You want to be the lighthouse, be the lighthouse beacon. Shine the beacon out for all to see. You do not need to carry a sword and go into battle as we’re saying. This is for others, not for everyone. Again, do what it is for you to do; what you are called to do; how you are connecting with your Source. This is how you will continue to progress.

There was someone here who spoke about the armor that they found themselves with after the expression last night. We wish to share with you yes you were, because you found yourself back as you have been before. You see many of you have come from situations, systems, all of this, where you have been warriors before. This is why you are here. You are warriors, you were warriors before, many of you. This battle that has been going on, whether it is within self and even many times outside of self, in other parts of the solar system, the galaxy, the universe, these wars have been going on. Many of you have heard of the Ankhara Wars. Basically this is Star Wars. And it is real. It was real, it is no longer because they surrendered a long time ago but it was very much real and it was ongoing. And there were times — and this is for the one Cynthia to understand– there were times when the light did not win; darkness won. Temporarily won the battles, you might say.

But the light will always overcome darkness. There is no darkness that can overcome a single point of light. Think about that. No darkness. If there is one single point of light the dark cannot extinguish the light, but the light can overcome the dark in any room or anything of this nature. This is a key, a universal key here as well.

Q: My wife and I had dreams where we were invited to Agartha with our animals. We brought all of them that we could. We were required to learn telepathy so we could speak to our animals to make sure they wouldn’t attack the other animals that were down there. There were extinct species like was said earlier that were literally wandering around free. During the Earth changes that are to take place, the cleansing, what’s going to happen there because obviously they won’t be unscathed in Agartha would they?

OWS: Yes they will because they are in higher vibrations they are very much protected. You see in those higher vibrations/fifth dimension they cannot be effected by any of Earth changes. Not at three-dimensional level. And this is where the Earth changes will occur at the three dimensional level. Gaia is holding a place now for all of you that are still here in this three-dimension but will not hold the place forever here.

And when the three dimension is ready to collapse it will collapse and anyone that is left here in a three-dimensional vibration will collapse with it. It cannot exist, you see. So it behooves you, every one of you, as we are saying change the story, move on, do everything you can to be the ones that are in the waves of ascension. Do not be the ones that are not willing to let go of their denial, let go of their programming, and sit back and let everything happen around them. You must take control here.
Q: Is there anything else outside of consciousness?

OWS: There is only consciousness. There is only consciousness and no consciousness. There is only either or. Manifest and unmanifest.

Q: So if there’s nothing [audible] and everything is consciousness then anything external [inaudible] so war, ongoing war, somebody’s consciousness created that war.

OWS: Yes, but as a collective consciousness you have created these things.

Q: But if I wanted to go fight a battle I’d have to have the consciousness to go fight that battle. If I don’t want to fight a battle and I had the consciousness to have peace, the battle won’t exist for me.

OWS: Won’t exist for you. Yes, that is correct.

Q: So I’m not fighting a battle.

OWS: Do your inner work, yes. [Q: I’m not going to fight.] But you do not understand here. We are not talking about going to war with the cabal. Please understand that. We are speaking about battling the forces within you, those things which hold you back, that programming, that ego center that is trying to hold on with everything it can. This is the battle we are speaking of.

Now in that battle as you continue to wage that battle within yourself, then the battle outside of yourself will begin to take over in terms of everything will come into place here. If you aren’t winning the war within yourself and everyone else is, then there will be no more place for those who are wanting to stay in their ego state, and therefore the vibrations will increase and the frequency will increase, the Schumann Resonance will increase, and so on and so on. And eventually it will come to a point where the Galactic Central Sun will send that pulse and everything will shift in that moment. And when everything shifts it will begin the process that we have been speaking of where those who are not wanting to go along or are afraid to and cannot let go of those programmings, then they will be accommodated in other ways.

Q: I don’t see how we can be at war with ourselves so really I would think we’re just surrendering the things that are no longer serving us.

OWS: That is correct. Surrender to the Source within you. “Not my will Father but Thine will be done”. This is what Yeshua said, did he not. He gave Himself over to Source especially when he knew what was coming. He could not have done it on his own. He gave it over to Source to take Him through the process that he needed to go through. Can you do that? Can you surrender? [Yes] Then do it!


Q: I wanted to just clarify when I said demons that was a poor choice of words. What I was talking about so for you guys if you want to reach out and know, was exactly that. Like taking the pieces of your ego or your identity out of the picture and out of the picture and out of the picture.

OWS: Yes we understand. Very much better, just do not use the term demons any more.
We need to release channel here now. There are people here that need to get on the road and they have long drive so we release and just say here that everything is going according to plan. You are going according to plan. Everything is being orchestrated. You are part of that orchestration. In fact you are that orchestration.
Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one.

Channeled by James McConnell
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