17.04.09 – “Understand That As You Continue To Work With These Energies And These Energies Work With You, that You Are Acclimating To Them” – Sananda, Sugat Gu Ra Ru and One Who Serves

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Sananda, Master Sugat Gu Ra Ru, and One Who Serves as channeled by James McConnell

These messages were given during our weekly Sunday Prepare For Change group in Phoenix, AZ on April 9, 2017

I AM Sananda.

As always it is wonderful to be with this group.

This is a connection that we have together and have had for a very long, long time. Longer than you can possibly imagine. This connection is what keeps us together; keeps us moving together as a group. This group has also been together many times before. And not all at once, of course, but in various portions you have come together, a few here, a few there. And it is because of this, because of this connection, because of this ancient connection that you have all been brought back together again.

The times are close now, very close. Close to all that you have been preparing for, waiting for, expecting and continuing to work with these energies.

And these energies are becoming more and more difficult for many to handle. Many that have found themselves perfectly, what they would call healthy, are now finding that these energies are foreign to them. They are difficult to deal with. But understand that as you continue to work with these energies and these energies work with you, that you are acclimating to them, that you are becoming prepared for that day, that moment, that experience, when the energy that is so powerful comes in and shifts consciousness across the planet. And when this day and this moment come you will be there, each and every one of you, to take this energy in, to let it move through you, to let it become you, then you will be able to turn to your brothers and your sisters and assist them. Many of them who will be knocked to the floor, many of them who will not understand what is happening, you will be there as the knight in shining armor, as the nurse, as the doctor … but not the medical profession as you have understood previously. You will be there to assist them, to lift them up, to provide energy to them, to assist them because that is what you came here to do. Each and every one of you came here with a mission. You have been working toward preparing for that mission. Some of you have already moved along and have taken on some of this mission. Some of you are waiting.

The mission, when it is time for your particular mission to begin, you will be assisted as that time moves along, you will be assisted to help in any way that you can. That is who you are, angelic in nature and seeking the oneness all around you and within you.

I AM Sananda I will release now to another.

All of my peace and love be with all of you.
Master Sugat Gu Ra Ru

Om Sat At Om… Om Sat At Om… Om Sat At Om…
You thought it would be the One Who Serves. It is not. I AM the one known as Sugat Gu Ra Ru and I have not come through this one James for some time here but I Am coming now through this one because of the times and the moments here. Those times are upon you where you are moving through this transition. Each one of you is moving through transition and as you move through this transition you are needing to let go of all of those attachments that you have been holding onto and have been holding on to you. It is a continuing process here.

Your attachments hold you back. It is time now to begin to let go of those attachments more and more. Because if you do not let go of these attachments you will not be able to go through fully the ascension process. Now do not dismay, it is not expected that you will be able to let go of all of these attachments all on your own. This is why you have been shown here or told about the various mentors that will come to you when the times come. When the frequencies are right you will each one have a mentor or two and they will be there to assist you in moving through this process; a process that has taken in times many lifetimes to move through but you will move through it in this lifetime only. In some cases several years here, as you understand it, you will move through this process and you will let go of many of your attachments and you will move toward what you have spoken of earlier as neutrality.

This is what is important. You cannot move through the ascension process, you cannot fully ascend if you are not neutral. If you are holding on to various things that have occurred to you in your life: grievances, grudges, all of those things cannot continue on with you into the higher vibration. But the good news is as you move into these higher vibrations all of those things will let go. You will let go of all of them because as you move into these vibrations they will no longer have meaning to you. The grudges, the revenge, all of these things will no longer have any meaning for you and it will become easier and easier to find yourselves in these higher vibrations in so doing.

So also as you are moving through this, your thought process will change drastically. You will no longer think in terms of fear. You will no longer think in terms of hate or feel hate. You will be thinking in blissful terms. You will be thinking in terms of heaven on earth and earth in heaven. All of this will come to you as you are moving through this process, this transition.

But in order to move through this transition you need to begin now people. You need to begin to let go, to let go of all those things that have been holding you back for so long and move into the higher vibrations purposefully. Know that you are doing this. Believe it as you move into these vibrations that you are meant to be in the higher vibrations. You see? All of this is the process that you are going through now and you are all doing wonderfully as you go through this process.

Do not kid yourselves, do not think that you are holding yourself back or that you are not ready for this process or that you are not worthy or anything of this nature because that is so far from the truth. That is what they want you to believe. That is what those of the dark forces want you to believe that you are not worthy that you need to find yourself on your knees supplicated in front of various saints and angels and ascended masters and all of this. And this is not what we want. We do not want you bowing to us. We want you hugging us, loving us, just as we love and will hug you. So certainly please all of you brothers my sisters be of good cheer because everything is exactly as it needs to be. Everything is being orchestrated as we speak now and all of the larger plan is coming into effect here. So just let go let God and go with the flow as our dear friends One Who Serves say often. Go with the flow because the flow will take you exactly where you need to go.

All of our peace be with you. Shanti. Have a good day.
One Who Serves

Om Mani Padme Hum. Om. Om. Om. Greetings to you.

We do not necessarily have message here so we will get right on with questions. Certainly you may have questions based on what was just given here by our dear friend and Ascended Master Sugat Gu Ra Ru. He is very ancient just in case you did not know. Body of thousand years and more here. So yes it is possible to live beyond your 60, 70, 80, 90 years old here.

Will there be questions here?
Q & A
Q: Is an attachment emotional or physical?

OWS: Mostly attachments are emotional. They can be physical certainly but it is the emotion that holds the attachment to you. And it is the emotion that keeps you grounded to this illusion to holding on to the various attachments that you have come to realize as part of your comfort zone. So as you are ready to move beyond this to transition as Sugat Gu Ra Ru spoke of here as you are ready to move beyond this you will move beyond these attachments by moving into these higher vibrations as we have been speaking of. Find the beauty in all around you. Go in nature see the water, feel the water, feel the energy, feel the crispness of the air around you. Talk to the trees, feel the trees, feel the plants all around you. Talk to the bees, the birds, the bumblebees, all of this, the hummingbirds rather. Talk to them, speak to them, and all of this will bring you into those higher vibrations that we speak of. And as you move into these higher vibrations the various attachments that have been holding you will begin to dissipate; will begin to fall off. And as you use various techniques and tools such as the Violet Flame to purge out all of the old ways, all of the old programming, all of the drudge that has been there within you, as you use this Flame it begins to purge out all of this old and begin to replace it with the new just as a fire does in the forest. You see?

Q: Emotions are part of our life though. I know attachment has to do with emotion but there are different levels of emotion so I’m just trying to figure out which emotions to give up.

OWS: It is not a process of figuring out. It is just a process of doing. If you use your intellect to work through this it will not work for you. You just need to let go. And let your higher Godself guide you through this process. And if you allow that, if you let go enough you will be guided in whatever respect you need to be. And whatever attachment needs to go away in a given moment it will go away because you are not intellectually holding onto it.
Q: Since we were talking about this in the group meeting earlier, could you shed some light on what happened in Syria a few days ago?

OWS: What we can tell you is this is all part of the orchestration that is going on here. It is nothing to be alarmed about it is not going to lead to world war. It is not going to lead to nuclear weapons and all of these things that the fear is being attempted, we would say, to be spread here. But notice how many people — some here are certainly — but many are not caught up in this because they are realizing that this is another attempt by the cabal, by the dark forces, to divert your attention from other things that they do not want you to pay attention to. You know of what we speak here so we will not go into this. But know that it is a process that it is all part of the orchestration. It is a diversion tactic and it is what you would call it false flag event here but it has purpose. It has purpose for those that are involved in it directly as part of their contract. They are releasing their attachments through this process in some ways and then all others across the planet are going about their business their purpose and not being overly concerned about this because it is not something that as in the olden times would lead to a grand war or anything of this nature … a great war rather not a grand war but a great war.

Q: So Trump was forced to do this? Trump was made to have to do this by other people?

OWS: No one can be directly forced to do anything but they can choose to do it based on circumstances. So certainly he was pushed into this you might say. So yes, in that respect yes. But again know it as part of the great plan and the orchestration that is occurring here because everything that happens has a reaction or an equal and opposite reaction to it. So when something occurs such as this, there are other things in the background that you are not aware of that are occurring because of this particular incident that is going on here. So in a roundabout way we are attempting to explain this without coming right out and telling you exactly what it is. Because we are not allowed to do that at this time in moment here.

Q: During my meditations I feel that I’m getting the bliss and am involved that way but I’ve yet to really have my third eye open. I was just wondering if that’s a mental thing or an emotional thing or maybe it’s not the right time yet?

OWS: First of all we would say to you or would you say your third eye is not opening what makes you say that?

Q: I don’t know. I just don’t seem to be visualizing like when James leads the meditation I really can’t get a picture in my mind of it. I feel that I’m doing it but that’s as far as I get.

OWS: Yes. That is the important thing: to believe that you were doing it even if you are not getting the pictures directly for there are many across the planet that will have difficulty with this particular process of visualization. But it is something that is happening to more and more and more that they are coming to realize the importance of visualization.

In the past if you look at this as a programming from early childhood on, what were your parents and their parents and everything saying to you: not to believe your visualization. Not to believe that you see something that they think is not there. They attempted to dissuade you or keep you from using your visualization abilities. Even though as a child children can visualize wonderfully but then it is drummed out of them over the years here. So this is what has occurred to you in some respects, you specifically asking this question. But there are others also who can benefit from this as well also have is difficult time with their visualization ability.

It takes practice but even more than that it takes belief. So believe it and you will see it. That is a key here. Somebody said earlier ‘the key maker’ – that is a key here. It is within you! A key is right there within you. And know this and believe this and you will have the ability to visualize which becomes very important when you move into these higher vibrations, into these higher dimensions, and your visualizations becomes your thought process in that higher vibration.
Q: I have never heard the being who preceded you today and I would love to get acquainted with that being. Could you tell us just a little more about him?

OWS: Yes. He is a great teacher you might say. A great teacher in the Himalayan Mountains up very, very high, very out of access to most people. And he has been teaching there for many years we will say, many, many years. And he is a teacher extraordinaire you might say here as well. He is Sugat Gu Ra Ru — Sugat for short if you wish — and he is a great master that is still here and still working with the people as much as possible and is available at times such as this as he came through this time to speak to groups and that type of thing.

Q: Are you saying he’s still in physical form?

OWS: Yes. He is more than 1000 years old but looks like he is 20.

Q: Is he a friend of Babaji?

OWS: He is a friend or a brother and sister of all.
Q: One Who Serves, quite some time ago when we were doing a meditation with Ed I remember going into a some kind of the dwelling like a cave dwelling or something, I thought it was a room with a big organ. Was that him?

OWS: No. Not at that time as you are describing it but he is in a dwelling as you’re saying but not with a great organ.
OWS: If nothing further then we will release channel. But before we do we just wish to say a little bit about what is coming as for your group and you as a whole. There is so much change developing so many things that are moving into process here, moving into place you might say. All of the various orchestration is continuing on and all is being put into place. And the puzzle pieces are coming together and you are moving in the direction of much, much, much change here. So be ready for this. This is why we keep giving to the James here that fasten your seat belts things are going to get pretty amazing as you move along.

And as you move closer as we find it only a couple of weeks here in your timeframe, you are going to be at your advance… our advance we will say because we are going to be very much there with you. Very much more than even we have been in the past. We have been given permission to be a part of this even more greatly than we have and maybe even to the point of a manifestation of some type here. That cannot be given for sure because much depends on your acclimation at the time and what the energies are but we are moving in that direction because it is important for you to realize as a group that this is so real. It is not your imagination. We are not a figment of your imagination. That we are as real as you are, we are in bodies just as you are and there is so much coming. As far as those who are on the phone involved in this process, you will be involved in this as well. Maybe not be able to see with your physical eyes but your third eye center will become very, very important here.

And there will be much in the way of what you call downloads here. We are planning to bring a great deal of energy into the process both for those there in person and those who are joining over the phone. You will all receive this energy as we are moving through this process. So we are very excited about this as a group ourselves and we are excited to be able to bring you through this process that is going on and continue to help you move along, guide you into and through this transition process and bring you along further and further and further here. Because that is what we are here to do, that is what we are ready to do for you and with you here.

That is all we have here at this time so we will say:

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the ONE.

Channeled by James McConnell
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“Believing is seeing!”

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