17.04.16 – “This Is The Time Of The Season — The Season Of Change, The Season Of Birth” – Lord Yeshua, and OWS

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Sananda and One Who Serves as channeled by James McConnell

These messages were given during our weekly Sunday Prepare For Change group in Phoenix, AZ on April 16, 2017


This is Yeshua.

It is wonderful to be with you here in this time, in this moment. The times that are growing very short as we find it here. You are in the midst, in the moment of a great many changes to happen to your world, to you as individual, your individual world. So much is happening, so much is changing, so much is developing within you and outside of you. So many things that you are yet unaware of … they are happening regardless and you are the catalyst for all of this.

This is the time of the season — the season of change, the season of birth — when you look at what is occurring at this particular day what has been called Easter, it is not what you have come to learn as you grew up, what you have been told, what you have been programmed to believe. Certainly yes it is not about the Easter Bunny and the Easter egg. That is but a metamorphosis that happened as a result of many things that developed but all to bring about control. It was all about control.

But this day is a celebration. It is a celebration of new love. It is a celebration of new life; new life that is coming into the planet, new energies that are coming into the planet. All is about change and shifting and movement. As you look at the trees and the plants, they are all beginning to bloom. The flowers they are all blooming now. This is the spring, this is the time of evolvement and change and motion and movement. And this is what is indicative of this day.

When you look at the examples that have been given of my life at that time and to go through the process that I went through, much has been altered. Much of it is not true as you have been programmed to believe over many, many lifetimes and the years in this life. So much of it is not accurate. So much of it has been changed to suit the ones who wanted the control. But I tell you I did not die on the cross as you have been programmed to believe. I survived. I made it through all of that because I had a knowing and understanding of who I was. Based on those experiences that I learned when I traveled. I traveled in what you call the missing years. I traveled to many places and learned the secrets, learned the mysteries, and then I was able to come back and teach those very mysteries and those secrets. And that is what my life was about. That is what I came here for.

Just as you are here now to be the system busters, I was a system buster at that time. Very much earlier than you now of course, but still I came to share love, to spread love, to spread the light just as you are here now to do the same. I became the Christ just as you are here to become the Christ also. You are here to take on the Christ Consciousness; to have it move and be within your being and then be able to share that Christ Consciousness.

That is the meaning of the second coming. It is not me coming back in a physical body and showing miracles and those types of things again. No, it is said about you. It is about you, each one, the collective you taking on the mysteries and understanding them and being able to share them and the light around you. So in your group that you have each Sunday you are doing exactly that. You are sharing that amongst each other. But please understand that you are sharing it to way more than just your group. Way more are becoming involved and understanding of these mysteries, these secrets, these changes that you speak of here. So much is happening that is beyond your … yet your understanding. If you look at it in a three-dimensional understanding you cannot understand the mysteries. But if you rise in vibration, if you raise into the higher dimensions you will begin to understand these and they will be no longer mysteries: they will be complete and total understanding.

So be of good cheer all of you my brothers and sisters, my friends. We are all in this together. We are all moving through this process together. Yes, I went through the ascension process and you are now going through that ascension process as well. And we are going to come together through all of this in many ways. And I am always there with you and will always be there with you whether it is as I am speaking to you now as Yeshua or as my higher aspect Sananda. Either way we are there with you at all times.

I leave you now with love and peace in my heart to share with each and every one of you. Please go out each day from here and forth and spread that light and love to all that you come in contact with. Have a wonderful day.


Om Mani Padme Hum. Om, Om. Greetings to you!

One Who Serves here and we are getting ready for a wonderful show next weekend. We know we have spoken of this before and we know that James is having a conniption here because we are saying so many things and he is thinking, ‘well how are we going to do all of this. How are we going to make all of this happen?’ and we tell him again and again just let it be. Let it go. It is what it is … all of these wonderful sayings that you have and that we have imparted some of these to you. “Believe and you shall see” all of this.

This is what is going to be needed to have the manifestations that we have spoken of and the ‘show’ you might say that is planned here. So get ready! Okay? Oh and by the way, just we needed to just throw this in: the One that is more the comedian here, he will be the emcee, you might say, at your event. He will be the one having the show here for the most part. Okay?

Questions here now for One Who Serves?

Q & A

Q: Speaking of the timeline split will that be gradual over a year or more of our time?

OWS: Just understand that the split has already happened but it has happened at the higher vibrations at the higher dimensions. And so above so below, so it has already occurred in the higher vibrations, in the higher frequencies and it will begin to manifest more and more into your three-dimensional understanding. But you see you have to understand your three dimensional understanding is changing. You are moving from the three-dimensional illusion into the higher vibrations even now as we are speaking here. You are many of you are in the fourth dimension now at various levels of the fourth. This is why when you are wishing for something or asking for something it is manifesting so much faster because the barrier that is there, the veil you might say is coming down. And you will move, as you move higher in these vibrations you will find that you will manifest things much, much quicker than you have in the past. Many of you are already seeing this, are you not. Even in terms of a karmic thing a karmic occurrence here; in terms of you do something you have an immediate reaction to it. Something immediately occurs after this. You are finding this as well. You see?

Q: In the past we have been told we need to protect our skin against ultraviolet rays from the sun but lately I’ve been not very willing to take that as a true statement. Is it true or has it changed?

OWS: It is part of the programming that has occurred here: stay out of the sun. Therefore if you stay out of the sun you will not receive the consciousness downloads, you might say, that can come from this. And this was purposeful on the part of the cabal to hold you away from the sun’s energy as a collective. So they have done all that they can to keep people out of the sun, put on your sunblock, and all of these things. Sun is not good for you.

It is exactly the opposite of this. The sun is good for you. Not overdoing it. Certainly, if you live in the desert there in thePhoenix area you do not want to sit out in the sun for very long in the summertime here. That will not be helpful. But for very brief periods it can be very helpful because of vitamin D and because of pranic energy and all of these things the consciousness downloads as we speak here, all of this is a part of the process of moving through the ascension here. And you need all of this. So those of you that stay in dark rooms, or even just look at it in this way, if you know anybody that tends to sit in a dark room most of the day and they do not go out and get the sun, do you not see them as very depressed most of the time? You see?
This is all a part of the programming that has gone on here to keep you from the sun. It is the same thing they are doing trying to block the sun from you with their chemical trails and all of this. You see?

Q: Did Yeshua/Sananda know about the beings inside our planet, the aliens, reptilians etc. And, with that, are they what we consider demons?

OWS: First of all when Yeshua spoke of those missing years he was speaking of those travels of going to Egypt and Tibet and all of these various places to learn the mysteries, and he certainly did this. And in some of those places he not only learned the mysteries on the Earth he learned the mysteries below the earth as well. He came in contact with those from Agartha. This is not spoken of, certainly, and will not be shared by your media or anything of this nature, but it did occur and he learned some of the mysteries and those things he was able to do as a result of those travels that he went on. So yes he was very familiar with those in the inner Earth.

Q: Are some of these beings benevolent but because they look so frightening [to us] we consider all of them dark?

OWS: There are both here. There are benevolence and evilness as well, you can say. There are those factions within the Earth even to this day that are would not be considered benevolent but then there are many civilizations below the earth that are or (in the earth rather) that are very benevolent, very loving, and very caring, and some that are neutral; they do not care one way or the other. So there is a combination. All of this will be a part of disclosure here. And as far as demons and this type of thing, and your idea of hell, all of this came from as a result of knowing what was below the earth. They created this idea of hell. And the demons and Satan and all of these things came as a result of this coming in contact with the reptilians. Look at the picture of a reptilian in one of your movies Jupiter Ascending and the picture of one of the reptilians in that. Does that not resemble or come to resemble the idea of a devil or Satan. So this is where this comes from.

Q: Did Jesus go to Shamballa and how did this prepare him for the ministry?

OWS: He did visit Shamballa and he learned as we say here the mysteries and he was able to bring those mysteries, those secrets, back and be able to utilize them. It is very similar though if you went yourself, if you went to Tibet and various places and were able to be invited into the monasteries there you would see miracles there, what you would consider miracles. But what we have said many times they are not miracles they are science: science in higher vibrations.

Q: My son is still having eczema and is suffering with a skin condition. We’re not able to find any solution for his health. I am too emotionally upset so I need help to help end his suffering. I don’t want to get what is the reason for his skin condition, I need a solution. One Who Serves please help me.

OWS: What we can tell you on this without coming directly out and telling you what to do or how to do it, we know that you are wanting this but we cannot do that. We are not allowed to do that nor would we do that because that is interfering. Even though you are asking we cannot interfere in one’s development or one’s path. And this particular child that you have here has a path and his path is needing to have certain types of things occur in terms of this skin condition as you are speaking here.

But we are finding here that the skin condition is largely a result of environment. Environment that is bringing this upon him and if you were to change the environment this would help but certainly that would be difficult to do as we understand it. But he has not akin or amenable you might say to the environment that he is in at the present time. Now, understanding that and understanding that you will not likely be able to change that environment it is important for you to change the energies that this one is receiving through food, through drink, all of this. This would be helpful to bring more of a full alkaline balance to this one; alkaline/acid balance more to the alkaline side. This would also be helpful. There are books out there that you can find that have healing methods for this type of thing. Not in terms of allopathic medicine but in terms of naturopathic medicine. And of course those from the Chinese tradition, the Chinese medicine would also be very helpful as well herbs and all of this would be helpful here. Do your research. Look into this. What is your term … Google it. There are many things you can find on eczema and skin conditions. Do the research and you will find the answer in there. It is there.

Q: When Jesus was traveling and went to Egypt I doubt he did it by foot all the time. Didn’t they have an underground rail that they called the speeders? Is it true they traveled underground to get to those long-distance places?

OWS: Not only that but he was able to learn to bilocate himself. That was even faster.

Q: Did Jesus study with Babaji during his travels and if so what were the major learnings he acquired?

OWS: Not so much from Babaji but from others that you have not even ever heard of. From into the high levels of Tibetan monasteries there. He was invited there because of who he was and was able to travel to those places. And once he was able to learn to utilize travel by spirit or bilocation of the body he was able then to travel to even more places. So no, he did not walk to those places or even ride a camel. Sometimes yes, but for the most part he was able to utilize other forms of transportation.

Q: I heard that Mary Magdalene went with him to several places. Did she bilocate also?

OWS: She did not go that far but yes she did travel with him some.

Q: Many people are now experiencing a continuous ringing in the ears and many including myself have experienced during the meditation that the ringing in the ears becomes a powerful resonant frequency that starts to shift the consciousness to another reality almost. It’s almost kind of startling where your whole reality shifts and you start to not only understand the true nature of the 3-D reality but you start to be introduced to a world that’s almost totally unknown or unfamiliar. Is this hopefully something that everyone is going to start to experience or is it just a case-by-case basis?

OWS: It is a case-by-case basis as you’re saying for individuals but it is also a collective as well. Not all will experience this though. This is a process leading up to the event here and when the event happens it will take what you are feeling and what you are experiencing in this consciousness shifting here and take it to a whole higher new extreme here. It will be beyond your imaginings as we have said many times. So it is a part of a process in preparing for the ascension yes.

Q: I greet you from a place of light after a long tunnel of darkness. And as I come out of this tunnel I am so very energized and ready to go and I wanted to ask when does the fun begin? I am excited. I am anxious. And I just want to know when do we start doing something fun. And if we are already doing something fun and we just don’t happen to remember, is there anything we can do to try to remember?

OWS: The idea of fun is subjective, certainly. It is subjective for each individual person. What is fun for one is not fun for another or vice versa and we have said many times, you spend your whole life or many lifetimes looking for moments of joy when in reality what would be the most beneficial is looking for the joy in every moment. So if you spend your time looking for those moments of joy they will elude you, but if you find yourself in that moment of joy as much as you possibly can then you are having fun as we would say.

And the fun as you are saying as we are thinking you are meaning here, the fun is about to start here. Yes. There is much that is going to shift and change. We know we have been saying this now again and again for years. We have been saying ‘soon’ and ‘imminent’ and all of these things but you have to understand that it is so convoluted, all of this. There are so many pieces that have had to come together. But the pieces are coming together and you are coming to the end of the puzzle. If you have ever done one of those crazy puzzles on the table and you’re putting them together where do you start? You start on the end pieces. You start on the outline around it and then you begin to fill in the middle part and more and more until you get to the very end where that last piece is ready to put in. And once that last piece goes in then you will have all of the changes you will have the event. So this is all about to come together here. We cannot say exactly when because no one but Prime Creator him/herself knows the answer to that. And it is something that is constantly changing there as well.

We are so glad that you have come out of that dark tunnel and have found the light again. But if you would really look at things, you were never in a dark tunnel to begin with. It only appeared that way to you. From our point of view you were always the light shining in that tunnel!

Q: There is so much misinformation out and we know that there is a new Republic coming. Can you set us straight about what’s real and what’s not in relationship to the new Republic coming.

OWS: First of all it is not a ‘new’ Republic it is the old Republic. It is what it was meant to be to begin with. You are going back to that. And the Republic is not ‘coming’ it is already there, it is already in place. It just needs to have the final pieces put together where it can be announced. But there are many … what is the saying here, there are many cogs [bugs] in the machine at various times and they keep the machine from running freely if you understand what we are saying here. It is as if in various times someone has put a wrench into the wheel going around and has blocked it up and this is a part of what is occurring here. But it is all coming together. Be patient a little while longer and you will begin to see more fully. But even more than that, that is external. But everything first comes from within so find the changes that are already happening within you. Many changes are happening within you and it will help you to understand and allow for the timeframe here to continue on, if you know that the changes are happening directly within you. And of course the changes within lead to the changes without.

Q: Does Trump know that he is possibly to bring in NESARA and is he and his family being protected by The Federation?

OWS: He is being protected by the Forces of Light, by the Alliance, all of this, yes. He was put there by the Alliance to bring about the changes to be the one that can do this. The one Obama was going to be the one, the disclosure president and all of this but things continued on. He needed to step back and was not able to bring this about. But he stepped back to allow for this new one to come in and even though it looks like they are not compatible with each other it is all a ruse. It is all part of the game that is being played here to keep the cabal at bay, to keep them thinking that they are able to have a chance to win here but they are not going to have a chance. They have already lost. In many respects they already know this but they are still attempting to think [that] in the last minute they will succeed and have their plans fulfilled. But that is certainly not going to happen. This one Trump is, as you’re saying, playing the game and keeping them at bay and at the last moment when they think that they have a shot he will release the information that he knows. That is all we can say on this at this time.

Q: I’m a therapist and for almost everyone I work on all the tension and trauma is in the upper left side of the body. Is there something with the ascension and chakras opening up and clearing that’s going on?

OWS: Yes it is all about balance. So the left and the right are coming together. That is what it needs to be, the left and the right being the male and the female all of this is coming together as balanced. And this is all a part of the transition process and the ascension process that you are going through.

We are going to release channel now.

Be ready for a shift to occur in the next days and weeks to come here. You will be receiving more information on this in this next weekend in your advance here. Those of you that are able to participate will receive some information that you are not aware of yet. Even the James has no idea of what we are speaking of right now. But … surprise!

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one.

Channeled by James McConnell
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“Believing is seeing!”

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