17.04.02 – “It Is Time To Move Beyond This Charade” – Saint Germain, Sananda and OWS

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Sananda, St Germain, and One Who Serves as channeled by James McConnell

These messages were given during our weekly Sunday Prepare For Change group in Phoenix, AZ on April 2, 2017


I AM Sananda.

As always it is wonderful to be with this group, with all of you that join us. We have so much that we’re moving toward, all of us are moving toward. So much that is happening but I am not going to get into that area. That I will leave to our dear friend and brother St. Germain. But know that as we continue to move on through this process, this ascension process, this transition that you are all on and that all of us at one time or another have gone through as well in many different and varying ways. And yes even those of you who are going through this process now have also gone through this ascension process if not many times at least once before, so this is not new to your heart’s understanding it is only new to your mind. But it is your mind that is creating everything that is happening in your life. It is creating your very existence. But if it is attuned to your heart center then your mind operates from that center and from that high heart center. That is where you are all going. That is what is bringing you up into the higher vibrations, into the higher frequencies and yes, into the higher dimensions. It is your heart mind connection that is doing this.

Those that stay within the mind will remain in the three-dimensional experience but those that move into their heart and allow their heart to guide them; allow that small wee whisper from your Higher God Self to guide them, then you will be the ones that will be raising up, soaring into the highest heavens of your being as you continue to move through this process. And then once, when you come to the final moment and you move fully through the ascension and you are fully enmeshed within the fifth dimension and above then you will understand, then you will remember fully who you are and what you have come here to do.

You had a discussion earlier of twin souls. And I share with you now — not that it is important to know directly who your twin soul is at this point, (some of you yes, some of you are becoming aware of this,) but understand that it is aspects of yourself. It is aspects of your Higher Self. So there can be many Sanandas, many Yeshuas, many Lady Nadas, many St. Germains, etc. It is not that there is only one. But there is only one twin soul aspect and that is correct. There are many levels though of this aspect. It is not for your mind to understand this at this point. Your three dimensional mind cannot grasp this. Just as your three dimensional mind cannot grasp the idea of a Prime Creator, a Creator Source, but your heart center together with your mind can begin to understand this. And this is where you are all moving toward. This is what this is all about, these gatherings. “Where two or more are gathered in My Name there will I be amongst you.” That was said for a reason so that you would understand of the multi-aspects of yourself and how this relates to the reconnection or the re-understanding of that connection with your Higher God Self.

So do not be concerned or consumed with the idea of who you are or who you might’ve been, but understand that when the moment comes all will be revealed as it needs to be. And as always you are all in the right place at the right time in the perfect moment. And please just continue to understand that as all of this, all of this continues to unfold right before your eyes.

I AM Sananda. I will release now to St. Germain.


Yes, I AM St. Germain. As always it is wonderful when I can share some of these moments with you. And these moments are becoming very special, very special indeed. As you continue to move very quickly now toward that understanding, toward that level of oneness that is bringing you to your next highest evolution within yourself and within your selves as a collective.

You all have much to be grateful for, much to be thankful for, because there is only love ahead for you. All of the hate, all of the fear, all of the lower expressions of the lower chakra centers are all being cleared away, cleansed away. The Violet Flame — even if you do not use it every day as a visualization although that is helpful — even if you do not it is still doing what he needs to across the planet. You are all assisting in this process in any way that you can. And know that there is no greater or lesser part to all of this. You all have a part to play. So believe in yourselves as these things continue to unfold all around you. And it has been in the past and still to some degree this day, for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear these things are opening up more to you. But even to those others now, those ones that are still slumbering; have still not come to an awakening state; even to them there are changes happening within them. There are spiritual changes happening. Their DNA is being shifted just as yours is. Their third eye centers are beginning to open just as yours is or already has.

There are many understandings that are still yet to come, many indeed. But I ask that you continue to trust, continue to believe in the process, because that which we call the Republic — not the New Republic, although it will be new to many. It is really the old Republic. It is the old understanding that is coming forward that is replacing — it is replacing this charade that has been laid across all of you.
It is time to move beyond this charade. It is time to move beyond the falsehoods. It is time to recognize and accept the truth. And as has been said many times, ‘the truth shall set you free,’ and the truth is there for all to see and all to hear. Just open up. Open up your understandings, open up your heart centers and it will all be revealed to you.

The announcements you have been waiting for are close… very close indeed. We have all been working toward this. For hundreds of years now we have been working toward this moment, this time. For many of you it has been many, many lifetimes you have been working toward this. Now is the time to let go fully and begin to embrace who you truly are. And know that you are so much more than this shell, this body. It is time to understand the true level of your being. It is time to wake up — all of you and all of those around you — to begin the awakening process.

If you consider your selves already awakened then so be it. But I tell you now you have not even begun yet the awakening. It is going to come upon you when you least expect it. And as it comes upon you it will leave you breathless in many respects. I speak now of the Event, of the Galactic Pulse. When that green light has been given and the Earth receives this grace, this blessing from the high heavens and the Galactic Central Sun the time is short now even from your understanding of time; and my understanding of time when I was there with you.
And that time when the Declaration of Independence was signed I was there to be a part of that expression. I was there to bring this into a level of existence, a level of knowing. I was there just as I am here now. As all that has begun is now coming into fruition. Trust it. Believe it. Do not give up. Do not despair for you are very close now to the beginning of the end and a new beginning; what has been called the beginning of the New Dawn. And that New Dawn is about to break upon all of us.

I AM St. Germain. All of my love, my peace, and the Violet Flame be with each and every one of you. Let it cleanse you. Let it purify you. Let it move through you each and every day so that all that has been, needs be no longer.

Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om. Om. Greetings to you!
I am coming in very loud and clear because there is some here that is snoring. [Laughter] (must not have come back from the meditation) We need to wake up! That was St. Germain did he not say wake-up? Well here in the room wake-up people. It is time, it is certainly time not only to wake up, not only to become aware of who you are but to move on in expression, move on to these higher vibrations that are so close to coming upon you. You each one are beginning to experience this. We hear this earlier in your tales of your animals and birds and all of these things. And all of this is happening for reason and it is happening as part of this process as you are moving into these higher vibrations.

But understand they are not moving down into the lower vibrations with you, you are moving up into the higher vibrations with them. As you move up into the higher vibrations the birds the cats the dogs the tigers, all of this will be a part of the expression with you, that love expression. That is where you are headed each and every one of you. And as Archangel Michael said two weeks ago as we are finding it as he said, ‘be ready for experiences that you are going to have in your dreams and your waking state and your visions.’ All of this is coming. All of this is going to be part of your expression as this veil continues to drop.

Moment by moment inch by inch this veil is dropping and pretty soon people it is going to be gone. And do you know what it is going to be like for you when it is gone? Do you have any idea what that is going to be like? No you do not have an idea yet because it is beyond your wildest imagination of what that will be like. It will be as if a cloud, a cloud that has been over you for your entire existence is suddenly lifted and the light comes shining through that wasn’t coming through before. Can you visualize this? Can you understand what we are saying here? It is going to be grand and brilliant beyond your imaginations, but before that can happen you must continue to go about your daily life as you do but each and every day as you move through the moments of your day, find that joy in every moment. Find that expression of love in every moment.

Move yourselves into the higher vibration in every moment that you can. Every moment that you can, especially when you are outside in nature see the beauty of nature. It is all around you. This is what these words, these hummingbirds, these various animals are trying to bring to you to tell you that it is a new day, it is a new dawn. Begin to understand that and let it express through you. Okay?

We get off our soapbox now [laughter] and are ready for questions. And no I am not the one who is the, what you would call, the standup comedian but I can also at times bring a little fun and enjoyment and cheer and get you laughing and all of this. But that is because I have been taking lessons from the other one. And as you heard earlier at one time or another he has been taking lessons from none other than Robin Williams. Believe it or not. Yes! Believe it or not he is here with us in many respects and he has been giving us quite a run for our money I must tell you. So I guess I might be considered One Who Serves number four. Okay? Just in case you were wondering.

Do you have questions here now for One Who Serves?

Q: I have a health question for a dear friend of mine. She donated a kidney and now has developed an allergy to iron so her skin is peeling and burning, she cries when she showers, and now her eyes are swollen, and different symptoms are affecting her work. We’re wondering if there is something you can tell us that she can do to either heal or give her some more comfort.

OWS: First of all understand that we cannot go into it fully but understand that what has occurred here is a karmic expression, a karmic expression of love. Coming from a pattern that occurred in other past lives and this one is giving back to this one because of what had occurred at an earlier time. That is all we can say directly about this.

If they wish they could look into the further understanding by doing a regression of some type to begin to remember this, or simply be able to read the Akashic Records. That would be the easiest way but there are many who cannot yet do this or do not believe that they can do this. As to what can help alleviate this, please understand that it is also part of a contract so it is not something that is happening by happenstance; it is happening out of love.

And out of love this one has given of herself to end the pattern, and this is important here, to end pattern so it would never continue again on and on. So in this respect this one has given of herself but is healing herself through this process. Not so much healing her physical body but her spiritual self, her soul record. You see? And that is what we wish for you to convey if you can is this understanding here. Not so much that she will come to a healing of her body although that is possible if she asks, if she asks directly to her patron ascended master you might say. She will know who this is. If she does not directly know she can look within herself and find out if she is attuned to this. But beyond this she is moving in a direction that will take her fully out of that pattern that has been with her and this other one and others who are also involved in this process for many, many lifetimes here.

Q: You know how we are creator beings in this third dimension, we build buildings and we make things and we create things out of what seems like nothing. And for me it’s been really exciting to be that but my question is, since we were created that’s part of our soul record to create as the Creator creates. Is that going to be similar in the fifth dimension?

OWS: It is not so much going to be similar, it is going to be way beyond this. This idea of creation you are just beginning to dabble in it you might say here in the three-dimensional realm. As you work with your visions and your visualization skills and all of these things, this is a precursor or preparation for as you move into these higher vibrations, these higher dimensions where you will be able to visualize and immediately have the full expression of that visualization.
Q: Is it something we should be practicing?

OWS: Yes. That is what we do with these medications, do we not? This is why we are suggesting at least the one time a week as we are coming together with you, as well as whenever you can during the day use your visualization experience. You do not need to do it as a formal meditation if you don’t want to but visualize something that you are wanting in your life, something you are looking toward in your life and use that visualization to crystallize it coming into being. You all have experiences of this when you have bought a home, when you have bought a new car, when you have bought any kind of thing out there this is what is expressed.

You visualize it first and it comes to be. It does not certainly need to be some thing though, it can be other things as well. It can be expressions of relationships with people. It can be expressions of relationships with animals, etc. Visualize every opportunity you get and the more you use your visualization skills and develop that skill even more, it will prepare you for being in these higher vibrations through the ascension process here.

[call drops]

OWS: Om Mani Padme Hum. Om. Om. Greetings back again. Here we are. These crazy contraptions! We keep telling you about your needing to move to telepathy. This is crazy this stuff but it is also meaningful in some respects for you to begin to understand that there is going to be so much more in terms of your technologies and things of this nature so that you will not have to rely on these types of contraptions and things of this sort because when you have the ability to use telepathy there can be no interference. You see?

No interference such as these crazy ones that are attempting to hijack these calls because they do not want this expression getting out there. Even though they were allowed for Sananda and St. Germain to give their peace here it was stopped because of the needing to have the interference that is from the dark ones. They wanted to interrupt this and make this difficult for those here on the phone to be able to hear and understand this expression that we are attempting to bring forward. So without any more what you call further ado, can we have that question again?

Q: Could you share any details about when we are going to be finished with taxes and filing our taxes, OWS #4?

OWS: First of all I am not One Who Serves number four anymore. That one left the building. So I am back and more of the regular one you might say that works through this one James here.

But to your question here about taxes please understand that that will go away with the Dodo bird, here, if you understand this. It will not be a concern too much longer. You may have to do it this time this year but beyond this it will likely be no longer needed. Not in the way that you have understood it at least. There will be a need to have a small tax you might say but not in terms of your Internal Revenue Service and all that they represent and all that they have falsified-ly represented here. So that is important to know.

Q: I am curious about what kinds of things you do other than helping us here every beautiful Sunday that we get to meet with our brothers and sisters.
OWS: We can tell you that some time ago, many many years ago, this one James asked a similar question of us through another individual who was doing the channeling, and asked ‘what do you guys do for fun?’ And our answer to him at that time, and our answer to you at this time may be similar but a little bit different. But we told him we would think that being able to bilocate from place to place in an instant and be here in one place and across the entire planet or across the entire galaxy in another moment is quite fun. Do you not think that? [Yes.]

You see so that is something that what we do besides in working with you — although that is our biggest service you might say, our biggest function, maybe even our purpose at this time in many respects is to be here for you to help you in any way that we can. And those other times when we are not in that process but understand that it is not just you that we are working with, not just this group. There are many groups that we are working with and we are able to be consciously in many places at one time. So where you can only be conscious, you think, in one place at one time, we can have many conversations such as this at the same time. It is a sense of spreading your consciousness around you might say. James was given this opportunity a time once ago when he did an out-of-body experience that we guided for him and he was able to not only move in to one out-of- body but into more than one out-of-body.

He was in three different places, you might say, at one time and it was very difficult. He only did that one time. He did not want to do it again we guess. But whatever it is important to you to know that when you have come into these higher vibrations such as we are in you are not going to have to worry about these types of thing: what you do for fun or what you do for expression or anything of this nature. It will come to you and it will be a part of your expression a part of your experience at that time and you will be very, very in joy and happy and all of this through this whole entire process.

Q: Now that these energies are getting very intense it seems like people are getting their emotional issues triggered more and more. What is a practical way for them to clear their emotional triggers so that they can coexist with these energies?

OWS: First of all you are talking about ‘they’ not you. So if you are wanting ‘them’ to clear these triggers ‘they’ are the ones that need to do it. You can give suggestions, you can help in whatever way that you can, but you cannot do it for them. We speak not only to you but to all here; all that that attempt to change another person, to do it for them, to help them along their way, to help them along their journey.

That is not for you to do that. It is for you to be there to be of assistance to guide wherever you can but certainly never to do it for them. So if they are needing to, as you say, clear their triggers or clear the various essence that is all around them in terms of karma and all of this, they need to do it and they are doing it. That is what is important here they are already doing it and you just need to know that they are in that process just as you are in that process. You may be at a different level of the transition and they are but they are still yet in this transition also as you are all going through this.

Q: Can you tell us a bit about the trumpet sounds that have been heard all around the world?

OWS: Yes we knew this question was coming and we had to prepare here you might say. These sounds as you are hearing there are many different things but the ones that are coming lately are those of an expression from outside of the Earth. They are not the Earth directly, they’re not Gaia making hiccups or anything as some people say here. It is an expression coming from above, from the ships high above. And these sounds are part of what you might call the veil is dropping here and these sounds are coming through more and more so that the average person now — what we would call the average person, not so much the light workers directly but those others who are not yet awakened — are hearing some of these sounds and it is an awakening call you might say.

You heard Ashtar, did you not, say in his last time here that they were going to push the envelope. This is part of this. This is part of the expression. The sounds are going to come through, there is going to be more and more sightings, so you are going to have for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, are going to more and more that is going to be widespread as we go through here. So many of you will begin to hear these sounds and they will sound very close to what you might call trumpets or horns and these type of thing.

And do you not recall that which was said in your Bible that was said about the trumpets. Archangel Gabriel playing the seventh trumpet. This is part of this. This is where this comes from.

Q: Does that mean also that if, for example, we have two people standing next to each other. One hears it because they’re ready to hear it and the person next to them is not hearing it because they’re not ready to hear it?

OWS: That is correct.

Q: Archangel Michael mentioned that there are now two timelines and everybody is on one of the two timelines the slower timeline or the faster. And I think it was St. Germain mentioned that we are very close to The Event. What happens to the people on these two different timelines when The Event happens?

OWS: At that moment they will be an expression of their own. They will be in a place where they need to be so that they will have the experience that they need from this pulse of energy as it comes. As it moves through each individual person everyone will feel it and have the expression through their bodies, through their emotional selves, their astral bodies, all of this. It will be different for everyone. So those that are not akin yet or are not yet acclimated to these energies will have a more difficult time.

And those that have made the decision, you might say, whether it is conscious or at an unconscious level, with those who have made those decisions not to move on into the higher expression, into the fifth dimension and through this ascension process, they will move through into a different timeline as they are already on that, in some respects, because the two timelines are still there. But at one time as it moves along and after The Event there will be only one timeline at that point. And it will begin to go off as one timeline and then it can split off into other ones, but it will be only in the fifth dimension at that point. So those that are not on that timeline will experience exactly what they are expecting to have happen to them. If they are expecting a world war and these types of things, if they are expecting a pandemic of some type, they will bring this about.

Q: Those that are on this slower timeline will they just simply step out of their bodies and step into the fourth dimension, the astral plane?

OWS: Some will yes. So please understand: as we give this understanding you must understand that it is not something that has been done before, as it is in the process of happening here in this planet. So there can be no direct understanding of exactly how it is all going to transpire. Just know that is just orchestrated at the highest levels of your collective being so it is all in the process of coming forward as it needs to.

Q: What is the expected timeframe between the actual RV experience and the actual ascension? I have many years of work (movies, songs, scripts, courses, books) that are not out in the public eye though that’s what I thought I was supposed to do. I’m wondering if with how imminent this seems if they’re going to be necessary. Is my process to let go; is it not needed; or is it something that’s going to be needed to help people in the acclamation process.

OWS: Understand that you as one of the light workers, one of the light sharers, you are here for a reason. You are here for not only one purpose though, it is a changing purpose as you move along. And you are here to be of assistance through this process in any way that you can. And deep within you through your contract, through the blueprint that you came in with, you have that understanding that you are moving toward, that your Higher God Self is moving you toward. So do not be concerned if you are going to be at the right place at the right time because you will be. And you are already within your mission as you came here for but your mission, and this is for all here, your missions are going to become much more than you can believe at this point.

Because many of you say I am just a housewife, or I am just a worker, a secretary or a construction worker or whatever it might be, I am not a leader. I’m not one who can sit on a council or anything of this nature. And we tell you, and we have told you this over and over: you are not who you are yet. Or you do not yet know who you are. So many of you have had the expression before of being leaders, of sitting on councils of various situations and places. So you have had these experiences and when the time comes when the frequency is there you will step right back into the roles that you came from before you came into this expression here with the Earth.

So do not be concerned about that. As far as the other part of your question as far as the reevaluation as compared to your ascension process, the reevaluation, the global currency reset, NESARA, Republic announced, all of these things are going to come about as a portion of the actual Event itself. That is to say that there will be many, many events leading up to the great Event. And once this event happens and once this Galactic Pulse comes to the Earth and you feel this bliss and this energy come over you and through you, this will be at that point beginning to really move on toward your ascension. That will not be your ascension directly.

That will then be a call to the others outside as far as your brothers and sisters from above and below to begin to assist here and become a part of this expression here with you as mentors. And then when you have those mentors they will help to assist you in your ascension process. So one is not directly the other but it is leading to the other.

Q: What happens to the people suffering and dying and going through things because of the delay of the RV?

OWS: That is certainly what you would call unfortunate but we would call it part of the expression or part of the orchestration that is continuing on here. Even though it does not seem that way from your point of view you must understand that all of those that are having this expression of despair or pain and suffering and all of this is a part of the greater understanding that is occurring. In terms of they all have come in with their various contracts that they need to pursue and complete and move through. You would call it a karmic contract. And this karma must be completed in a sense of moving beyond the attachments that hold one down to this three- dimensional realm. And once you have moved beyond these attachments then you can also move beyond this three-dimension. But it is this three-dimensional mind here that is continuing to hold on to many individuals and therefore keeping them within their contracts and therefore keeping them in this karmic wheel as you call it.

But those of you the light workers, many of you have moved beyond this karmic wheel. You may not be aware of it yet but many of you have moved beyond this. Some of you are saying but I am still in pain. I am still suffering. Yes that may be correct but that is the old that is being washed away, cleaned and cleansed out. It is the culmination you might say. It will be the end of the pain and the suffering. So even though it is difficult to see all of this if you look at it from the larger picture it begins to come to your understanding of what is occurring here and why. Just know that it is a part of the larger plan at work here.

In Closing
One Who Serves are still here. We only wish to say that again everything is going just as it needs to.

Be patient a little while longer. Go about your daily life, your daily experience but as we said earlier move up into the higher vibrations whenever you can. If you see a bird that is flitting close to you, talk to it, experience it. If you see a hummingbird, if you see a cat that comes up to you and rubs up against your leg and it is a strange cat, especially it is not one of your own, know that it is expressing to you. It is giving you another part of your journey here. That is what this is all about people. You are on the journey; we are all on this journey together and we are all going to make it through to the other side, that does not mean to die or to go on the other side in that respect. We are not speaking in that terminology here, that is the old way. We are speaking in terms of moving to the other side consciously aware and with your physical body although it will be a changing physical body. That is all we have.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one.

Channeled by James McConnell
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