16.02.14 – Higher Self Channeling

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“Higher Self” Channeling

Channeled by James McConnell’s “Higher Self” and the collective “Higher Selves” of  those in the Prepare For Change weekly group meeting in Glendale, AZ on February 14, 2016

Note: These messages came from my (James) and the collective “Higher Selves” of those in attendance as they were prompted by a rather unusual experience one member of our group had related about moving through a portal and what she saw on the other side. The recording was turned on part way through the channeling so the first part was not recorded.


(Recording picked up here)

Question: We can use our own discernment for good?

That is correct.


Question: Is intelligence and curiosity also faith?

That is also correct.


Question: I read that they are using the Black Magic to keep us in control.

That is also correct. You are speaking of the Cabal or the Illuminati. They do use Black Magic., in your understanding for they have these deeper understandings. They know these secrets but they have used them for ill gain and to program the population this way.


Question: I have been reading information that we are to put away the electronic devices and meditate to pick up on the downloads. What can you say?


We can say what has been said previously by those known as the “One Who Serves” where they have spoken of these devices and how these will no longer work as you are moved into the higher vibrations. As the world itself, the planet itself moves into these higher vibrations. The devices you have now will no longer operate in those higher frequencies.

They will be replaced though by other types of devices that will be of a consciousness level. They will work quite well within the higher frequencies that you will be finding yourself when the frequencies are right for you to be there.

It is not yet time for this but it is time for many things though. It is time for many things to occur though and yes, they are going to occur for they are already occurring. But these higher level experiences we speak of now are not yet ready for this.


Question: How do we as a group protect one of our own?

Just as you do in your guided meditations. As you work with the Light. As you bring the Light through your bodies.

You see if this one you seek to protect would protect herself at the time with the use of the Light, with the use of calling on her guides, her higher level guides, there are many guides and not all are considered higher frequency level guides. There are many around all of you.

Whenever there is an opening, when one opens a portal such as in the use of drugs or the overuse of alcohol or any of these types of things can open up these portals. The more one stays with using those types of substances in an abusive state, they tend to leave those portals open. The more these portal are left open the more these entities can move through. Then they can beckon for the one to come through with them to experience the other side.


Question: Can you tell me more about the movement of these entities through the portals


Please understand that there are many, many different levels of sentient beings throughout the universe, throughout your galaxy, throughout your solar system. There are many more than you can imagine. Many different types of civilizations. Many types of beings of all kinds. Not only in your three dimensional experience but in the fourth and fifth and so on. And many levels within each of those dimensional experiences as well.

As you move through the portals you will also move through these various dimensions as well to move into the higher vibrations. But as we discussed earlier, you will be prepared to move through these with your mentors that will guide you through.

Comment: I read a book that told a story about people drinking in a bar and there were all kinds of spirits trying to get into their bodies because they were open for this.

There are many stories such as this over the many lifetimes you have experienced. You see many of you sit in this room. Many of you are listening on this phone. You have experienced this type of thing in your past lives. You have moved through these dimensions in your past lives. You have done this before you came here to this planet before you moved into this evolutionary pattern. You have had many experiences.

So, that which is happening now is nothing new to the soul being that you are. But to that particular soul expression that you are now, the consciousness that is a three dimensional consciousness, is not quite ready for this, as yet. But it is a shift that is happening. It is a quantum leap, as you might say. This quantum leap will catapult you across these shifts when the time comes.

We only wanted to bring this up because it is important that this one has shared this because others will begin to experience this as well. If they are not prepared for this, they will have similar experiences not understanding what is occurring here.

Again, it is as if you are to wake up in your dream state and be there permanently. Think about that. What would that be like? What would that do to your consciousness? What would that do to your psyche at that time?


Question: We have to learn to protect ourselves?

That is correct. And if you found yourself in this particular state that this one has spoken of and not able to return, what would that be like? This can also happen.

Comment:We can call on Archangel Michael with his Blue Sword of Truth to protect us.



Question: And the Violet Flame to transmute it as I understand?

Yes. Why do you think St. Germain has brought his Violet Flame to those ready to experience this?

Comment: Yes. This is why he brought forth this in the 1930’s. I AM the Light.

That is correct. That is also words you are using here. Now take those words and add the visual experience. That of visualizing the Violet Flame above you and coming down through your entire body. Feel that Flame merging within you and burning it, all that is old, all that is not needed anymore. That is the experience that he created here for you to prepare for these times.


Question: We are talking about consciousness here and it can’t have any power given to it that it we don’t give it so we must remember to hold our own consciousness?

That is correct.

Comment: And when we have people in our lives who are mentally ill, they lose their ability to hold onto consciousness and move into that dream state.

That is correct. And because you brought this up and it is your daughter that you speak of here, it was your love that brought her back.


Any further questions here?

We appreciate the time to come in and experience this with you. It was very important that this be shared with you at this time because as we said, there will be many of you who will be going in and out of these experiences in the short time ahead here. In the 2016 year, you will begin to experience more of this.

It will happen first in your dream state. Many of you who are not lucid dreamers will become lucid dreamers. You will begin to experience this at that level. You will begin to function at that level and understand more about what is occurring, that when you are in a dream state, you are experiencing a dimensional shift at that time.

That is what is occurring at that time. And why there is a similarity in many respects to that which is your current waking state. And yet it is slightly different is it not? It is slightly a little bit off. You will be experiencing this more and more and these shits will happen more and more often as you move through your current year here.


Question: Can you tell me how I move through these shifts?

There is that which is the shifting through these dimensional experiences. And as you move through these if you are not prepared for this dimensional change, these changes that are coming, and you are moving through these shifts without being prepared and without protection you will find yourself moving through what are called “the angles”. The “angles” within these different dimensions. The “angles” within this astral space. (The “Emerald Tablets” by Thoth was alluded to here as earlier in the discussion that was not recorded)

Those of you that have worked with “out of body” experience in the past, you have been protected in this way because you have been shown how to protect yourself. You have not moved out into the darkness without the Light. You must always have the Light with you, this is paramount.

Those entities, those beings that operate within those other shifting experiences cannot operate within the Light. They cannot have the Light. You bring your Light with you as you go through these shifts and you will be more protected. But again, we reiterate here, not to go without those who guide you or would guide you to move through these experiences without chance of harm here.

There is a great deal of danger on the other side we would say, without the protection needed. There are those sources of darkness. There are those dark brotherhood who are in wait on that one or those coming from this three dimensional experience into their level of experience where they can hold and trap you. The next thing you know is that they come back with you. They will move into your body and begin to take over as they are allowed to.

We do not wish to frighten you with this but we wish you to understand this is the reason the


Question: We have to give them permission for that?

That is correct.

Thank you for your time.


Channeled by James McConnell

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