16.02.14 – Your Mentors Are Already Whispering In Your Ears

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“One Who Serves” channeled by James McConnell

“Ashira” channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco

(Note: these messages were given during our weekly Prepare For Change group in Glendale, AZ on  February 14, 2016)


“One Who Serves”

The day took a different turn earlier but know that this is purposeful. Much purposeful because as you heard here earlier many of you will be experiencing this in many different ways. And you are going to have to be ready to deal with it.

You have probably read from Sheldan Nidel and others have spoken of these things previously, spoken of what it is going to be like to move from the third dimension of reality you have here into these higher vibrations of the fourth dimension and the fifth dimension. You will have a somewhat difficult time of dealing with this if you are not prepared for it.

You can see this is why the mentors are going to be coming to you. They are already here in many respects. They are already whispering in your ears. They are already here to guide you. But you are not familiar with them. You are not ready to experience them. Because they are not your normal guides. They are not the ones who have been with you for some time now.

They are just beginning to open up to you, to show you that they are there. More and more they will be doing this. Then, when they come to you in a more physical understanding you will be ready to receive them in whatever aspect they will come in. Most of them will be in the human form that you can understand and resonate to more directly and feel comfortable with.

We know that you have something called the “comfort zone” in the 3D experience, do you not? And you all love to be in this “comfort zone”, do you not? But we can tell you that “comfort zone” will be going away because it is going to be replaced by something that is not going to be uncomfortable but it will be unfamiliar to you.

This is why all these preparations have been given to you. Why we have been working with you, training you in many respects. To bring you to the point that when you experience what our young friend has experienced here that you will be ready for it. You will be able to move through these dimensions or portals and experience what is on the other side. You will not be fearful of it and will even understand what is there.

But it is also important that when you move through these experiences that you move through quickly. You do not need to remain there. You will not want to be held to that level of experience, because if you are, you will stay there. You will not move into the fifth dimension as we have been saying. That is where you are headed. This is your destination as a race, as a human destination.

Those who think that this will not happen to them are wrong. This is going to happen incrementally we would say. You are going to be moving into these experiences as you are ready to have them. You see?

There may be a time in the morning when you will get out of your bed and feeling a little bit different. This is the initiation that Sanat Kumara has spoken of previously. It will be different for you and different for all of you.

Now will there be questi9ons for “One Who Serves” or “Ashira” who is standing by?


Question: Did Justice Scalia die of normal causes as we are told?

“One Who Serves”:

Hmmm..what can we say  here? “Ashira” would you like the first answer?

“No. Please start.”

Let us ask our mentor here because some things cannot be answered.

You will find out very soon that this one was definitely a Lightworker. His death was purposeful in that it brings into focus what is happening right now. His death was purposeful for those who wished for him to be gone.

That is all we can say at this time. We know it is an indirect answer to your question.

Ashira, do you have anything to say?

No. You did splendidly.

Alright. We did splendidly!


Any more questions? We know you asked many earlier (during our discussion time as James channeled his and the room collective Higher Selves).


Question: I have a question about Ascension. There seems to be so much information on the Internet about what it is and there are so many different ideas.

“One Who Serves”

Ashira, would you like to begin here?


I will begin.

Let us imagine nine billion people having their experience from their own viewpoint. We speak of the raising of the frequency, we talk about the raising of your energy levels, raising of your heart levels. All of this moves you into a location on this planet at a different vibration. At this point in time there is not a big difference in the levels of vibrations in the human family because the whole planet is moving in vibration at this time.

So, Dear One, you are not going somewhere else. That is not our expression for this experience. And we say that there are people who have risen to that fifth dimensional level of Ascension and have come back to help others.  Does that make sense?


Question: Yes. I was wondering if there is a spiritual Ascension first?


You have a whole pile of information here! “One Who Serves” would you like to address this?

“One Who Serves”

Yes. We would like to address this. You are looking at different Ascension processes here. We have told many of you that you have ascended in some ways here. It is that your mind has not caught up yet! But the consciousness that you are has already ascended. You have ascended and as “Ashira” has said, you do come back. Probably do not wish to come back but you have. (laughter)

You are going to experience this back and forth, back and forth but as “Ashira” has said you are not going to leave the planet. You are not going to go up into the clouds. You are not going to be beamed up into ships. Well, that may be so but not for the Ascension process you see.

You are moving with Gaia herself as she is moving through this Ascension process. As she is moving up into the fifth dimension, you are too. As she experiences the changes, as she moves up into these vibrations you too will experience the changes as you move through those shifts that were spoken of earlier.

This is how the Ascension is going to be. It is going to be with your physical body. You are going to take your physical body with you and has been spoken of you will move into those chambers that have been given here. You will experience a shift, a transition here so that when you emerge, we are using this word purposely here, when you emerge from these chambers you will be in your lighter body at that time. You see?

We are glad to open the avenues of expression here.


Question: Can you elaborate about moving into chambers?

One Who Serves”

We would say to you, as we have spoken many times, there will be many areas where you will be able to move into these chambers. There will be those in the Cities of Lights. There will be those in the ships. There will be those in Hollow Earth.

​You will not have to worry about long lines or anything of this nature. You have concerned yourself about those in the past, where you do not want to wait in lines around the building. Around and around. What would that be like? What kind of Ascension process is that?

No, you will get to move into these just as you have done in your guided meditation times. When you have moved into them in that way. It will be very similar to this. But it will be with your physical body as you know it now. It will shift as you move into this and move into this experience.

​So, these chamber are there waiting for you already. You cannot see them yet because you are not in that vibration yet to be in them yet, in your physical bodies, but all of that is coming. All of that is coming with the changes as these things happen. But first you must go through all that is happening on your planet. Those three dimensional experiences that you all have as the things develop.

It is “believing is seeing” but for many it will be “seeing is believing” for them because they will see these things more directly and then they will believe. You see?

You, yourselves, are here to believe it, then see it because it is a creation process. You are the ones creating this new world. Anything to add here,


I think you have done a wonderful job!

Further questions now?


Question: I feel that I am having a lot of people in my ear talking and sometimes I cannot breathe. What can you tell me about this?


May we ask when this began with you? About a month ago.

We would share with you, Dear One, that calling forth St. Germaine’s ultraviolet light for clearing, cleansing and transmuting would be a good tool for you.

On one hand we see that a part of the veil has dropped for you and you are hearing sounds and voices and those types of things and you are having a reaction in your body that bringing in the Light of St. Germain will clear this, transmute this for you. Call forth from your highest good, your highest self, the Light of Love to cleanse you, strengthen you and bring you to a place of calmness and peace.

That veil that has dropped for you, you can in your mind, say that you are ready to experience only the highest good for yourself. The highest light. The highest love.

We can hear the trepidation in your voice. We can hear the fear in your voice. This is causing the problem with the breathing. Again, turn that around. Use it for cleansing. Use it for healing. Use it for light for your being. Does that help?

“One Who Serves”

Very good. Nothing to add to this at this time.

Any further questions here?


Question: I am wondering if you can talk about the end of March range that has been given by Cobra and others for the Event?

“One Who Serves”

We can share with you that all you are hearing from the many different sources is very much to the truth. You are hearing many different levels of information from many different sources. And it is up to you, when you have these many different types of things come into you, to feel the resonance or not feel the resonance to it.

It is important to you to discern. To use your discernment skills that you have learned, that you have been trained to use and to allow for the process to continue.

There is much that is going to happen in the very near future as we have been saying but there are also delays that are going to happen because it is always about probabilities. There are many things that are happening behind the scenes that you are not aware of. In just a moment it comes very close to breaking through and then something again occurs to hold it off. These are the delays you are experiencing.

Because there is the “AI” let us say that is available to the Cabal that they can predict within probabilities what is going to happen. And as they see these things happening, as it is revealed to them they can take steps to turn it away or delay it again. This is what has been occurring.

So we cannot say that it will be February or March or anything of this nature for the Event or for these series of events that will precede the larger Event. But there are many things that are happening right now as we speak here and the probabilities of those things growing are becoming more and more prominent and will be in your experience shortly.

Anything to add, “Ashira”?

Nothing to add.  Thank you.


Question: Is there anything else that can still be considered an obstacle such as the Stranglet bombs in the Cabal?

What you are speaking about is from the one known as “Cobra”. This one is attuned to a certain level of experiences that are occurring and are going to occur. His is mostly of the Pleidian understanding of things.

All of that which is coming forward from this one, about the strangelet bombs and these things, is very accurate in many respects. It is being cleared out as we speak now. It is being fully cleared out and it will not be a concern for very much longer. When that has been released then it will be the time for the beginning of the events to occur.

Any further questions here?


Question: I no longer resonate to the light and dark discussions. Can you comment on this please?

“One Who Serves”

Yes. We would agree with you that when it all comes down to it the one thing to focus on is love. The love that is within you. That love that is all around you. If you are experiencing that you will be able to move through all these expressions that are ahead of you with no concerns.

To understand the light you must first understand the darkness. And the darkness is fading away as you are beginning to realize here.  To focus on that level of darkness is not important but you ought to be aware. This is why the discussion has occurred here in this day because you cannot go willy-nilly into the future here, into the other dimensions without protection. There are those levels of darkness out there that will tend to ensnare you in their traps.

It is there and it is real. It is not something to focus on. If you do focus on these things you are becoming snared in their traps. You have been trapped as a programmed race for quite a long time now.

Anything to add, “Ashira”?


Yes, I believe so.

We would like to congratulate you on your change in perception! We have discussed this many times in this room, with this group. How much attention to we give to those in the dark or do we enfold all as One in humanity?

As things are changing on this planet, you are attuned to the changes as well. You are One in the consciousness. The more you are One in your mind and your perceptions the more all of  that goes into the mass consciousness as well, feeding the Oneness of humanity.

So, you hear from “One Who Serves” in one direction and you hear another side direction from me. Thank you for sharing that today!


Question: Can you share more about “believing is seeing” being a feeling as well as a mental thought?

“One Who Serves”

That is correct. As you allow for the understanding to come within you, the believing is seeing. Believe it and you WILL see it. Create it and it will be! The more you find yourself voicing those words, feeling those words, it becomes more of an expression of love. You are creating from love.

This is the way it is done in the higher vibrations. Your creations will come from love not from fear. You see?


Question: Can you tell me the definition of a “Guardian “? Are Lightworkers “Guardians”? What is a “Star Seed”?

“One Who Serves”

The idea of the “Guardians” that you are speaking of, you are referring to those who have called themselves “Guardian” are you not? There are many levels as we are finding it here. The understanding of who the “Guardians” are has not come into full understanding.

To this group, you have had “Guardians” come here and spoken through these ones here. They have shared with you. They are back! They were here a long time ago and they move into levels of expression that they are to appear for. That is the time that they are here for. To bring you into the next level of understanding that is before you. This is after the dawn that the “Guardian of the New Dispensation” has spoken of many times. These are great Beings that are here to bring in the New Age, we would say. This is what they are here for.

As to, are the Lightworkers guardians in some ways? The answer is yes. But there are also those levels of expression that occur with various ones that call themselves Lightworkers to aggrandize themselves a little bit more of what they are really being at that time.  You see? Ideas of delusion starts to move into the picture. They begin to believe they are someone they are not. That is not to say that some are not what they say they are. You see?

This is where the discernment comes in here. Does this answer your question?

“Ashira”, do you want to add anything?


There is a wide variety of humanity upon the planet. There are many Star Seeds. Some have come from other places and experience past lives and future lives upon this planet. At this time upon this planet there is a large percentage of humanity that are working as Lightworkers who are keeping and holding the mindset that takes people into the future, into the newness, into the new frequency.

And still some are not awake. You may be surprised by that! They may not yet recognize who they are and what experiences lie ahead for this new life, this new world.

So many times people in this world get judgmental about those who have not yet awakened not realizing that each is on their own alarm clock. For those Star Seeds who are asleep, listening and speaking to others when their time to wake up is so.

Star Seeds are here for many lifetimes, many of you. And yet there are Star Seeds that this is their first time here. There are a wide variety of answers to this question. “One Who Serves”?

“One Who Serves”

Good. Will not add to that. Very well and succinctly stated.

Anything further here?


Question: You were going to make an announcement two weeks ago. Which direction did that take?

“One Who Serves”

This is what we speak of many times here. In terms of probabilities. In terms of what is that very moment. And in that moment when we spoke of this possible happening, it did not happen at that particular time. You see, those things become altered in various ways. That which we were going to speak about because of something that was to occur in the week previous when we would come together again as we are now, that did not happen in that week. And it has not yet occurred as well. But that does not mean that it is not going to. When it is coming again we will make another announcement to say it is coming. We will see.

But again, it is all based on probabilities. There is no such thing as predicting the future and being 100% correct or 80% or 50% or even 20%. You see? It all depends on man’s consciousness and all of these various facets come together at the right time.  You see?

Anything to add, “Ashira”? No. Thank you.


Question: What actually happens behind the scenes?

“One Who Serves”

That is what we believe we have already shared. Those things that are happening behind the scenes and are in the process of occurring and are very close to occurring in a moment and then something occurs to deviate away from the current path. Something that comes up as a delay. Something that a particular Cabal member brings up and the group needs to look at and study and this type of thing. It takes off into a different avenue here.

But you see we have said many times in many ways that there are all of these pieces coming together to form this greater puzzle, the greater plan here and all of these pieces are almost put together. It is happening in the background, yes, but it is happening.


If it were to happen all directly in your seeing, as you know it in your 3D consciousness, it would be overwhelming to you. This is why there are so many forces at work in both sides who are attempting to bring this about in a more gradual fashion to introduce this to the general public. Not so much to you who listen to these words but to those who are completely asleep as of yet. It would jar their entire central nervous system if these things were to come out all at once. You see?

We need to release channel if there is nothing further. We release channel.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.


I am “Ashira”.

First of all we would like to share that Joanna’s announcement at the beginning of this meeting is indeed part of Susan’s contract to move forward in this. It is indeed a part of what Sananda spoke to you about more than a year ago.

Sananda talked about his “Twelve of Twelve” and this is a beginning of that. It is an opportunity for this group to become involved with this project. See where your place lies.

There are so many out in the world who are in need of guidance. Who are in need of understanding. Who are in need of love. This will be an opportunity for that.

Every week we come and we know we say the same thing. “One Who Serves’, the group and I share with you, urge you to continue on. Today took a different viewpoint. A different opportunity for this group in the beginning. We told this one that she needed to know the whole story before the next step could be taken.

These are important times for as the time is speeding through more and more is occurring for each of you. More and more is occurring to each of you. You shall see all of these open to the entire world.

We appreciate you, Joanna, for taking this and moving forward!

We appreciate all of you for we know as you care for yourselves you care for all. Take time to send light into the world and take time to send light to each other. And all of you are moving forward on this path. You see the changes in your eyes, in your body structure. You can see it as it occurs for each of you.

We are so glad to be a part of the unfolding in each of you.

We give you our peace and our love. Namaste.


Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco

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