15.08.21 – The Wave Will Amplify Your Worst Fears Or Your Deepest Love

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One Who Serves” channeled by James McConnell

(Note: this message was given during our Prepare for Change group Advance in Pine, AZ on August 21, 2015)


“One Who Serves” 

As we said earlier, there is going to be many things that are coming, many things that are changing, many things that are changing within you. And you are going through an experience now, an experience over this weekend here that is going to, what you say, catapult you to the next levels of your being. Several of you have already noticed those things happening in your lives over the past days, weeks or months. Things that are changing within you and these things are going to continue to happen. We speak now to the one Lauren here – what changes in you my dear sister are starting? You know of what we speak here; the attraction process that you speak of is created here because of your Light, because of the energy that has come into you, because of the new levels of expression within you, the levels of consciousness that have now drawn to you the one that is the most equal to you at this point. That matches you, that is a better way to say this, that matches you more now at the level that you find yourself. The darkness is gone, the Light has taken over, the Light has illuminated here, you see?  (Yes). That is for the one Lauren here.

For each one of you here, you are all going through various expressions and you are going to continue to have these changes of expression going through you until you have, rather when the wave has come, you will feel it, it will move through you and you will be able to understand and know it for what it is. Whereas many around you will have difficulty with it – they will not understand it. It will amplify their worst fears in some respects or it will amplify their deepest love in other respects. So allow for this to come over you this weekend, allow for any changes that will envelop you over the next coming weeks here and when the wave hits you will be ready for it.  And my dear brothers and sisters, our friends, it IS coming! It is fast coming! And as it moves into the Earth here in the fullness of the expectation this wave brings, you will have a fuller knowing of who you are. This will come back to you more and more, ok?  (OK).  Any questions here now for One Who Serves (OWS)?

Question: How do I get this smile off of my face?

OWS”: Why would you want to get the smile off of your face? (I don’t…). It looks good on you, does it not? But better yet, it feels good does it not? (Yes it does).  Allow it to be – it is a good thing.

Question: I have a question. So if everyone visualizes something different, like what the (multi-dimensional) planes look like or what their bodies look like…which one is true?

OWS”: All are true.

Question: How can that be if they are different people?

OWS”: Everyone is different. You have different faces, do you not? Everyone on the world here, on the planet, has a different face, a different identity, do they not? (Yes). Then why would it be difficult to think that everyone can have a different expression of feelings or thoughts or visualizations of what is there? There are many permutations of what can be – in the trillions and trillions, you see? Does this answer your question?

Question: Well I think if it’s like a place that we’re trying to see it should look the same to everyone if that’s where it really is.

OWS”: No place looks the same for everyone. It cannot look the same since it is not a place as you know “place”. If you are thinking of this in terms of 3 dimensional world, yes you are right it cannot be. But this is not 3 dimension here – this is a higher vibration, higher dimensions. And as you are in those higher dimensions they do not work with the laws of the 3-D illusion. So you cannot use the laws of the 3-D illusion to understand what is at the higher vibrations and the higher dimensions. It does not work, just as you cannot glimpse into the cosmic plane as we had you do and to begin to even understand what is there. This is not possible at your 3-D type of thinking. But now we must add this – you are not so much at the 3-D thinking anymore. You are all now in 4D; many of you have moved into the 4D, fourth dimension, and are anchoring yourselves there at the lower levels of the fourth and you flip back here and there, but predominantly you are operating in the fourth dimension. It may not seem that way to you but just look at the way you are now and the way you were many months or years ago and you would understand what we are speaking of, you see? How much has changed?

Because you have changed, deeply within you have changed and are continuing to change. Other clarification on this question needed or can we move on? (That’s fine). We will never be able to answer this fully for you  until you are able to hear the answer fully. Think on that one a little bit, ok?  And ask maybe others here after what we speak of – they understand this. Are we right? (Yes). Other questions here now?

Question: I have a quick question. I know that movement and consciousness equals awareness so when I go to sleep, and I’ve spoken to you about this a lot, I’ll get  in the astral and I can do some somersaults and I can really feel it; I’m spinning, I’m going up and down and I feel the movement. And when I do this, I try to have that feeling but I don’t have it like I do when I go to sleep and that happens. Am I still getting awareness even though I don’t feel it the same as when I do…

OWS”: Yes you are and you have been for a very long time. It is still your tendency, though, to operate from within your 3-D realm and work through that type of understanding to understand everything else. And again, as we spoke to the one  here, that does not work to do that.

Question: Ok and so as I keep moving up in vibration as we go along here towards Ascension and everything, I’ll begin to feel that movement more. Is that correct?

OWS”: Yes. You all will, yes. (Thank you). Any further questions here?

Question:  I have a question. You said that some people may experience their worst nightmare and other people will experience a deep love…(inaudible)

OWS”: …As you continue to allow the processes to move through you, the energies to move through you, they will continue to lift you up. That is the purpose of this and the purpose of many things that are going on around the planet, some seen and some unseen, that will at some point become revealed to you but for the time being they are working behind the scenes to raise vibration, raise consciousness, around the entire planet. And some will experience these waves of energy coming in and, as we said, it amplifies the feelings that you are in at that moment. So that is why it is important for you to find yourself in higher thought processes as much as possible, higher feelings as much as possible. Attempt to keep the negative, depression and these types of things to a very minimum here. And find the joy in every moment – that is one of the most important things. Do not consistently or continually look for moments of joy in your life but find the joy in every moment. And if you do this and you continue to work on it, everything else will fall into place including letting go of attachments and controlling your thoughts and all of these things. Find the beauty in everything around you and within you, ok? (Yes, thank you). Any other questions before we release channel?

Question: I have a question (poor audio quality so the question is paraphrased).  I have been feeling hopeless and wonder if we are under a form of attack, something major happening?

OWS”: First of all we wish for you to get this out of your head “you are not under attack”. You are NOT under attack, you cannot be under attack, you are all very much protected, number one. Number two, when you have these feelings know that they are temporary. Know that you are going to move through them, and again, these energies are exacerbating or magnifying your vibrations at that point that you are. So if you are feeling hopeless or feeling down and you continue to allow that process to happen then it will continue to bring you down even more. Becoming aware of it, becoming aware “oh I am feeling down…why am I feeling down?…there is no reason for me to feel down…let me look around here and see some beauty around me and find something to bring me up”. The mind is the builder here let it create for you, ok? Does this answer your question? (Yes). We are going to release channel now. In the day tomorrow will…

Question: Sorry to interrupt but there is something I need to relay. Moses, thank you for sharing that. Wednesday was a day of craziness for myself – I made so many mistakes, mental errors that I don’t normally do. I can admit to my mistakes and I made one or two and felt hopeless, “what’s going on…am I getting dementia? Why am I making so many mistakes that are just simple and stupid mistakes that could be costly and could be a liability?” That’s where I was going, like I had no sense of strength that day and it was Wednesday so thank you for sharing that.

OWS”: Yes and you would find many other people also experienced these things on that particular day as well but we were attempting to stay away from focusing on that particular day and what it was. But certainly understand that you are not being attacked; please take that out of your vocabulary. Do not listen or follow anyone on your Internet that speaks of attacks or ankle biters or anything of this nature. Not for you! There are some, yes, there are some who go through this and are experiencing these things but it is not for you in this group here, ok? (Ok good to know). Now as we were saying here, and no more interruptions now, (laughter) you will have more opportunity tomorrow to ask other questions here. But as you move into your next day here, go into this day with expectation; expectation of creating changes within yourself, knowing that there are changes within yourself, expect the best and you will receive the best. And allow for the orchestration to happen here; it is all being orchestrated, every bit of this including the place where you sit here now – that was orchestrated. The timeframe that you find yourself here now – that was orchestrated. All of these things – the agenda that the James has put together with Susan, orchestrated, ok?  (Ok).  We will see you tomorrow and we will be bringing  much cheer to you. Shanti. Peace Be with You.  Be the One.


Channeled by  James McConnell


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