15.08.22 – This Is Not The Coming Of The End My Friends

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“Lady Nada” channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco

(Note: this messages was given during our August 21-24, 2015 PFC “Advance” (formerly called a retreat) in Pine, AZ)

Speaking after leading a meditation and visiting each person in the group and blessing them one by one.


“Lady Nada”

Take a nice deep breath. Wiggle your toes and I shall give you a message. We have everyone back in the in the room?

Each of these sessions this weekend and each of us who guides you and works with you, are helping you to prepare for the wave. To prepare you to be the very highest being you can be in the very moment this wave crashes upon your shores. To be fully opened and ready and expecting the best. Expectation is one of the keys for manifesting your new world, for that which you wish to manifest in the world which you are creating.

This is a moment to moment thing. These times will mean that you will need more sleep and the time has been made for that. There will be times that you feel unusual hunger or not. Either way, that is part of the plan. You are being completely supported by those who are here. All of those in service. All of the Masters and Archangels who have come to celebrate with you.

This is not the coming of the end, my friends. This is the coming of the beginning. And in the beginning, you are Masters. This is the message for the moment of time we are in. Do you have any questions? (no questions) We realize that this was hard to come back from and we understand.

Comment: Not a question but I wanted to share deep gratitude and love. Thank you. 

Thank you! It is your openness in this group that allows these types of things to occur. This evening we have a grand festival planned for you! The “One Who Serves”, “Ashira”, “Sananda” and myself shall all be a part of the presence that you shall feel and you shall experience. My consort and my companion, “Lord Sananda”, especially holds this group close to his bosom and care. And you are equally important to me for we have all shared different times and different lives together.

I give you my love, my peace and all that I can give. We let it be so and so it is.



Channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco

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