Ancient Awakenings HEADLINE NEWS 6-10-18, “Dominoes Falling”

This is the Ancient Awakenings HEADLINE NEWS for June 10th, 2018

In this video summary of the June 10th pivotal channelings of Commander Ashtar, Commander of the Galactic Fleet, and the Ascended Masters, “One Who Serves” we are told…

  • Stay in the NOW, and don’t look to the past or future.
  • The Domino effect is about to begin.
  • There is a BIG Domino ready to fall any minute.
  • We KNOW how to crash systems.
  • How to use the Mind as the “Builder” for what we want.
  • Affirmations only work if we start to believe and assimilate them.

And much more…

To LISTEN, DOWNLOAD, OR READ the full channeling, please go HERE.

Here also is the home page for the Ancient Awakenings Group.

Presented by Transformational Personal Growth Coach, Lorelei Fenton (“Soar With Lorelei”)



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