18.04.22 – Sunday Night Message from Master Aramda (April Advance)

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[Dictation begins following a group meditation]


I am Aramda. And I was there with you, with many of you. I was there with this one I speak through,
James, as a brother. As we are all brothers and sisters. I was there with you planning, preparing, and placing the records. But after the records were placed and those of you prepared to journey away from our Motherland, and those of us that prepared to enter the ships that would take us off the planet, some
of us chose to leave, some of you chose to stay. Stay and be a part of this evolution to continue knowing that you were going into a Dark Ages, that you would weather through it, and you would come out on the other side far more spiritually advanced than even you were, because of what you have gone through.

We are saying that in terms of when you go through your ascension in this lifetime, yourselves far advanced because of how much you have learned, because of how much you have gone through, and experienced, and become better for all of this. You will find that you are the heroes. We are not. You
are! You are the ones to be celebrated. You are the ones that we await to celebrate with, because those of us that left in the ships at that time, we said our goodbyes, knowing we would most likely not see each other again in physical form for thousands and thousands of years to come.

But we did know that at one day, one moment, far into the future, we would find ourselves back again together again as Old Souls coming back together and remembering—remembering the seal within our hearts that we placed.
Before I leave, I want to tell you that I am above you now. I am in a ship, my ship, the Amalia, the New Jerusalem is certainly up here, Ashtar and the Command are up here, and we are just over this area. You have already begun to see those of our ships earlier when you looked up into the skies and glimpsed, just briefly, as we flew over you. But I can tell you now, that if you would but believe, if you would have now the eyes to see that we will be yet above you now as you complete this Advance and find yourselves outside at the end.

I am Aramda. All of my Peace and Love be with all of you, my brothers and sisters, and I long, as
many of you long to be together once again as the extended family, the extended Soul Family that we all are.

One Who Serves

Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om. Om. Greetings to you!

Here we are back again! Hey!! How are you all doing now?

Was this an amazing time, as we have said? Did we not say get ready for amazing? And by the way, we enjoyed your dancing!

You know while you were dancing, we were as well! We love the vision that Moses had. The vision that Moses had that as those of the Galactics, as they come down and share themselves here on the planet—in other words, as they land—and the runway, you might say, is put out and they start coming down, His vision is that they would come down dancing. Can you imagine?

Can you imagine as Ashtar is announced, and he comes dancing down. And then, over the microphone, you might say, someone will say, “And here comes Sananda!

And Archangel Michael, coming down out of the clouds! Take a bow Michael!”

Dance, people, dance.

Do you know how much you energy you create when you dance and when you sing, and when you have joy in your life? The energies that you created and , yes, someone said that the energies that were created from this dance would go very well in your expedition. Remember that.

That was one thing that that group did not do. None of the groups did that previously. They did not get into that type of energy movement which would have raised their vibrations in a different way.

We are not saying to not do the chants, you are going to do the chants, and you are going to receive new chants as well. This will all come to you. Not only to the James, but it will come to several of you as well if you allow it.

All of you that participate in this will be a part of the expression of creating the opening to this entrance, to the unsealing of the locks. And those of you that are not there, as we have said earlier, and as we just reiterate now—all of you are a part of this in your own way in bringing the vibration to those that would journey down there. So remember you all have a part to play.

Now do you have any questions here for One Who Serves?

Q & A

Q: I would like to have a little clarification. My experience or role was one of assisting people to transmute any sort of negative energies, such as sadness, or whatever, so that first of all, they were in a place of peace and they could come to that with joy; and also to hold on to some kind of negative energy to make sure that it did not get itself into the whole thing.

OWS: First of all, you who are asking this, you have an unbridled sense of joy. You are one that lets it go. That is recommended. That is appreciated, because it is very important when you work toward this expression of recovering these records, even if you are not one that is there directly, it isvery important for those who participate in all of this, it is important to LET GO.

Let your EMOTIONS go.

Let your BELIEF SYSTEM go out the window—in other words, your PROGRAMMING.

LET IT GO. LET IT BE. GO WITH THE FLOW, as much as you possibly can.

And you will be amazed at what will come to you in your remembrances. And the REMEMBRANCES that you will come to is the key to UNLOCK everything here.

Other questions here?

Q: I remember my name. It’s Maja and I think I was a male in a temple there.

OWS: In Lemuria?

Q: Yes.

OWS: Yes.

Q: And I think I was a male and I was in the marketplaces and people would come up and ask questions. I think there was a Temple of Truth and I would have numerology or astrology and politics, and they would ask questions.

OWS: Yes. You taught the Arts. The Arts that were at that time, as you are saying. Astrology was very important in those times. Numerology to a lesser extent, but also important. Many of the Arts, the Arcane Arts were practiced. You were a part of this. Yes. There was one particular lifetime that you had and the only reason we can tell you that now is because you found it yourself. See?

Other questions here?

Q: The animals that were no Lemuria, did they come with us to the new land to do these rituals and to find safe harbor?

OWS: So much as we find it, they had their own path to follow, you might say. Many of them, of their own freewill, as an Animal Soul Group, perished when the continent went down.

The humans at the time, many of the Lemurians also perished at the time because although there was forewarning quite early, the time-frame was not fully prepared for. In other words, it happened much sooner than what many predicted.

So many were able to go across onto the California area, the South America area, Central America, and even the other direction toward the West to Europe, China, all of these areas. That is why those in the China area, in Asia, look as they do. Because they were predominantly the Lemurians, as they looked then, as you looked then, as Lemurians. That has changed somewhat, but there is still much resemblance to those times. The Native Americans also certainly came across from Lemuria and settled in the lands of America.

Q: Quickly, were there dogs and cats in Lemuria?

OWS: There were animals, there were dogs certainly, and yes, there were cats and many other animals that have since gone extinct. One would be your unicorn. Extinct to your understanding. We must change this. They are not extinct because they are alive and living in the Agarthan areas, in inner Earth.

Q: Can you tell us what caused the destruction of Lemuria?

OWS: What we can tell you is that it was Forces at work that created a friction that worked against the plates within the continent, or under the continent and these plates came together and then separated suddenly, much more suddenly than was expected. And when they came apart, that created the great earthquakes that then tore the land apart and sunk it. It was not fully submerged though, as your Hawaiian Islands and your Easter Island and areas in
South Pacific are still remnants of this great land.

Q: So, I didn’t necessarily get whether what I described about what was my role. Was my role to transmute any kind of negative within there? Is that correct?

OWS: Your role for those that are going down on this expedition?

Q: No, my role in the past.

OWS: Your role from times in Lemuria—this is all we can tell you about this. Just as the one who needed to come to who she was at the time, we would ask that you also work on doing the same thing. But you were one that had some level of working in the temples and working in the Temples of Healing. And you had worked with expression of what you would call your exorcism today. That is all
we can give on this though.

Q: When we were in the crater and we were looking up and chanting…

OWS: Yes, thank you, we were wondering if someone would bring this up, yes.

Q: And someone said they saw light, and you said that was right. Right before that I felt within the group, a shifting into the ground in a more fifth dimensional aspect. Is that correct?

OWS: Those of you that were there in Lemuria, which is predominantly almost all of you, and the others were the watchers, those of you were in a fifth dimensional frequency at that time predominantly. In other words, sometimes you would slip a little bit, but for the most part up until the cataclysm, you were in fifth dimensional experience.

But because of the warring with Atlantis and all of this, which also created these frictions, created the change, the shift of consciousness that occurred, and the beginning of the dropping down from the fifth dimension, not to the third, but into the lower fourth dimension for some, this was enough to have the collective consciousness drop the vibration for the rest.

Just as the opposite is happening now. Those of you are raising the vibration from the third and lower fourth dimension up into the upper fourth and fifth dimension and in so doing, you are raising the consciousness of the planet, and those of the population of the planet.

Q: I definitely was there, and we were very tall! I was very much taller with long black hair right down to me bum. I was female. We were putting what looked like glass cases that we put the books into. They were seamless glass cases, that were to keep them clean and untouched. The glass cases were sealed with vibration. It was beautiful.

OWS: As you understand books, they were not books, but you were correct in the sealing of these within this—it wasn’t glass, but it was encased in this way in a seamless encasement. If you could even begin to understand the possibility of this. In your working with various structures and objects and in these things there was always a seam of some type.

And in this case, no seam, and no way to open these cases without the proper understanding and the proper vibration to do so. You could not break it. In other words, if one of the cabal were to get their hands on these cases, they would not be able to break them. Not with current technology.
But those of you that have the understanding and remember, and know the codes to use with the vibration would be able to unseal them as if they would just melt around it.

Q: That was what I was doing. I was sealing them with my mind and the sound of my voice and my energy. I was sealing them and then I would pull one of the glass cases up to my chest and I held it so tight, this one, I don’t know what was in this book, but this one I brought to my chest, I was so proud of it, I was so in love with it and I was so worried about it. It was so precious to me and everyone.
I carried it onto a ship and I saw everybody on the ship, and I was so in love and everyone was so in love, it was so beautiful.

Then the ship took me to this beautiful green area and everyone was there.

I handed the case to a male, he was beautiful looking, so beautiful. I joined in hands in a circle and I chanted and we sang and we danced. I never went into the crater but I stayed outside and I kept the momentum going. But it was that case that I handed to the gentleman who was very kind and humble and loving and I knew that he would take care of it. I don’t know why the significance there, I
just thought I would share that with you all.

Q: I would like to share. When we were picturing that—I didn’t see it as a round disk or anything round. I saw it as a rectangle greenish metal unknown to me now. I saw myself as a male and I was looking down upon it as if I was going to measure it for something and I had two measuring devices on my right. Then I saw an emblem or symbols or something as it was emblazoned into this sheet. And I don’t know if that is correct.

OWS: That is correct. And what you were seeing as this greenish metal was what was called telonium, and it is an imperishable metal. It is like nothing that you have yet discovered here as a civilization at this time.

Q: I also would like to share. I was kind of manipulating but not with my physical body but with my mind, a beautiful disk of what seems to be metal but it was not a metal, it was kind of a liquid metal. It was bright and golden and I think I was kind of encrypting information into that golden metal.

OWS: That is correct and the encryption would have been in what was considered the Mother Tongue at that time. So anyone that would find them now would not be able to decipher what was there. Not yet.

Q: And later on when we came here to the crater, I had a clear picture of what felt like a carving in a door, or like an entrance doorway or something like that. A carving like an ornamental carving. I don’t know how to describe it.

Q: I want to validate I am seeing what you are saying. That is what I was seeing. Were you the ones talking about the green metal? Because I felt so weird that I was seeing this and now you are validating it for me.
OWS: There you go. That is how this works. You see, if you share, you share your experiences, even though you don’t believe it, others are having them, and it helps when you share because now they know, “I wasn’t so crazy after all!”

Q: Okay, and the metal I see in this record, it was moving, like liquid, and it looked almost braided, and it is very bright. Its more silver tone to me but lots of light coming out of it.

Q: Mirror.

OWS: Yes.

Q: Mirror, between a mirror that is kind of silvery, but that also has a gold underlay.

Q: Like Mercury.

Q: Yes, and it looks woven, like it is woven.

OWS: It may look like mercury, act like mercury, but it is not mercury.

Q: I feel like I was there. I could see myself going into the cavern, but in another meeting you told me I was a watcher, so was I a watcher before Lemuria or during?

OWS: While you were experiencing this lifetime as you were doing it, were you participating in this or were you …

Q: I saw myself. It seemed like I was participating but it could have been an aspect of me.

OWS: Well it was certainly an aspect of you, yes. It was not you, as your are now, so it had to be an aspect of you. Do you understand the difference here?
Q: I was told once that I was a guardian and I was one of the persons responsible for the evacuation of these records, and I was an obelisk guardian for one of those temples. Can you confirm?

OWS: Yes, we would say you were not a guardian in the sense of what most people think of as a guardian. You were more of a guard, you might say. One that was responsible for seeing that those that were working directly with these records were going about it in the right way. You were an overseer. That is a better word here. You were an overseer.

Q: You know, when I said to you, I handed one of the glass cases to a gentleman in the middle of the circle, was that Aramda?

OWS: It was Aramda where?

Q: Who I passed the glass case to?

OWS: Aramda was there. He was with all of you. He was also one of those overseers, an even somewhat higher in the sense of any kind of hierarchy at that time. His responsibility was great.

Q: Do you know who it was, because it was such a beautiful vibration from this being and wonderfully humble and loving.

OWS: We will leave that for a further time, after you have had more experience with this.

Others also were did very similar to this, and passed their records that they were responsible for onto another. And then that one would even pass it on to another and so on. All participated in this in some way and had their own responsibilities.

Now we would ask here, whereas Aramda was taking you TO that crater now in this present time, and had you overlooking it from above and asked you which direction you believed that the records would have been placed, in other words, what direction did you think was the entrance, what did you come
up with?

Q: I got the Northeast.

Q: East.

Q: I got four on the clock.

Q: I got four on the clock.

OWS: It depends on which direction you are coming from. Aramda did not mention that, so that is why it went to the direction in part after that. So as you are saying the Northeast and the East…

Q: I got the West.

OWS: You got the West, okay.

Q: I got Northwest 45 degrees halfway down.

OWS: Northwest 45 degrees, halfway down.

Q: Me too.

Q: Me too.

Q: OWS, I saw us overlooking from the edge of the crater as it was being placed right above themark, but its floating up above.

OWS: The entrance is floating up above?

Q: Well, I don’t know if the entrance is, but I felt like floating up above. Not too much.

OWS: That is most certainly different. Very good. We are not going to say which one is right or anything of that nature, but we just wish to have this as a beginning process here. For when those of you that travel down there on this expedition, you will come to the top of the crater and there you will know which direction is which here, and you will have your answer at that time.

We are needing to release unless there is one or two more questions, and then we release here.

Q: Remember when we were looking down and floating over Lemuria, at the time of Lemuria, and there was crashing water and everything. I looked down and I saw a spaceship and it was a last preparation for it and people got into it.

OWS: My goodness. You have correctly ascertained that there was a ship there and that ship is yet buried there today.

Q: I saw something seated into the ground and it was like metal and I was seeing lots of red, terracotta, but it looked like something was being forced into the ground, fitted into the ground, I should say. Because I could not really hear everything that Peter was saying.

OWS: There is a ship there, yes, and it is buried to this day there. The James and group that went, as well as the earlier group, neither of them even began to look for that.

Q: What is the reason for that ship being there? Is it going to be able to be activated at this time?

OWS: Not at this time, but when the moment comes, yes, it will be unearthed, and it will be reenergized somewhat similar to some of your science fiction movies in this way.

Q: Is that our ride home?

Q: Is that like the movie where the whole thing falls away and you think its a rock, and it falls away and becomes a ship?

OWS: You are talking about the “Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skulls.” The James is quite a movie buff here. All of the movies, all of these things help in our working through him to bring some of this information forward and to give you further understandings from something that you may know about here that you can connect with. You see? That is not why he watches the movies, just for us,
but it helps.

Q: Were we promised that the ships would pick us up again and will come at that time that we are thinking of the first contact here? Or was that Atlantis.

OWS: What we can tell you is when those that were there ready to enter the ships and leave the Mother Land, and leave those of you that stayed behind, they promised to come back when the time and frequency were right. Actually they are here.

We are needing to release channel now. We appreciate all of your efforts here, all of your working on this program—and it is a program.

We want you to understand that. Ancient Awakenings is a program. It is a program to help many awaken across the planet. More and more will do so, as a result of all that you as a group are doing here.

That is why those of us, the Ascended Masters, the Galactics, the Argarthans, we have all taken this
group as somewhat, you might say, under our wing, or at least Archangel Michael’s Wing. And are working directly with you to both prepare you and assist you in doing all that you came here to do in your various missions.

Everything is going according to plan—we cannot tell you which plan—it might be Plan A, it might be Plan B, C or D, but it is all going according to some of one of these plans. You see?

We are going to release channel now.

Shanti. Peace be with you.

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