Step 7: Sing, Dance, Laugh, Play (12 Steps to Rise Above & Soar. Lorelei Fenton)

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In this step we begin to embrace the higher frequencies. or energies, and avoid the lower ones. The more we each practice this, the easier it will be to literally feel good, all day, every day.

But why would we want to use this step as a “tool” to Rise Above and Soar?

First, this step feels great. Many people might believe that feeling great is the result of Rising Above and Soaring, not the access to it. It is a goal or endpoint, some may say, and the endpoint will come when we get to the place where we actually do Rise Above and Soar.

This is somewhat Alexander Mcqueen Pas Cher true . Yet this is also a conversation about “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” Does having the good things (the nice house, the expensive car, the beautiful jewelry, etc.) bring you the good feelings of happiness, peace, joy, and the like? Or does feeling the good feelings of happiness, joy, fun, and peace bring you the good things in life, up to and including monetary abundance and beautiful ‘stuff’?

As human beings we tend to Calzoncillos Calvin Klein Baratos think that when we become successful and get all of this good ‘stuff’, we will also feel great and love our lives. Yet the Law of Attraction and Quantum Physics seems to indicate something very different… When we feel 100% great, as if we already have all of that stuff, we will then begin to have more of it.

There are many people who can be miserable and still have lots of stuff.  They can attract it because they really believe it to be possible. And there are lots and lots of people (and perhaps the majority) who can be miserable and have very little stuff.

Yet when a person finds true joy within him or her self, having ‘stuff’ is the icing on the cake. Nice stuff will come by the Law of Attraction (as long as one gets rid of all beliefs and  mindsets to the contrary.) And it is very, very nice to have that nice stuff. But we already have the gold when we have our true joy. So our happiness is not at all dependent on having the ‘stuff’.

So in this step we go right for the gold…The actual, current. palpable feeling of fun, joy, ease, play, love, laughter, peace, fulfillment and the like. And there are concrete ways to pull those feelings to you.

Here is the process I have used for many years now.

To begin, observe yourself and notice when you feel good (happy, joyful, playful, light-hearted, blissful, peaceful, loving, cuddly, prosperous, etc.) And notice when you feel bad (Sad, depressed, angry, annoyed, jealous, vengeful, judgmental, critical, lacking etc.) As you notice this you will quite naturally want to move yourself out of the unhappy energies, and into the happy ones.

Think of this step as “Shift the energy on a dime.” When you feel bad. Do something that feels good to you and literally pulls you to a feel-good place.

Here are some ideas…

1. Play. Pretend you are a kid again. Find ways to play as you did when you were 6 or 10 or 12. I can’t overemphasize the role of play in helping you to Rise Above & Soar, and get to a place of feeling good all the time. A good exercise for anyone is to make it a task to play in  some way, every single day. When you have a day off, spend a whole day playing at the beach, a festival, with the kids and a football, or whatever.

2. Put on an upbeat happy song and sing or dance to it. It is virtually impossible to be unhappy listening to an upbeat happy song. Here are a couple to start with.

DON’T WORRY, BE HAPPY. (Bobby McFerrin)

HAPPY. (Pharell Williams)
ALMOST ANY 1950s/1960s Rock-n-Roll songwill make you happy. Here’s a silly one for one…

3. Color or draw something pretty and light-hearted. Sacred Geometry is great for coloring. It is pattern-based and you can use pretty colors. And you need very little artistic skill to make it look great. You can pick several you like, print them and keep a stack on hand to color when needed.


4. Watch a light-hearted funny movie, or a musical. I personally think an upbeat musical is the best way to quickly raise your vibration. Here are my top picks for musicals and comedies. A lot of them are oldies, as movies were happier back then…


Mary Poppins, Chitty-Chitty Bang Bang, Jungle Book, Grease, The Sound of Music, Annie, My Fair Lady, The King & I

COMEDIES THAT KEEP YOU LAUGHING  (Many oldies, but all goodies…)

It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, Rat Race, Trains, Planes, and Automobiles, Vacation (Chevy Chase), Christmas Vacation, European Vacation, Arsenic & Old Lace, Bringing Up Baby, Mrs. Doubtfire

In working this step you will also wish to avoid people, places and things that have a negative energy. Move yourself away from horror movies, crime dramas, soap operas and the “Real Housewives of America.” (Who are not very real, by the way.) My first degree was in theater, and I am also an actress. So I looove to feel things, and heaven knows I love drama and a good tear-jerker. Feeling emotion is a natural and important part of being human, and not a bad thing, in moderation.

However time has taught me that I can easily cross the line from moderation to obsession. The negative vibration, or frequency, of what we watch on TV, the computer, and in our movies can be quite debilitating to our ability to be and stay in a happy, feel-good place. The negative energy IS increasing the violence and suffering that occurs on this planet. So why do we still indulge in it?

Over time and study of the Law of Attraction and Quantum Physics, I have come to believe it is downright irresponsible for me, and all of us, to constantly feed our brains and creational spirits with chaos, violence, suffering and harm. I include in this the millions and millions of us obsessively watching Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Earthquakes and Tsunamis for hours on end. This is a frightening use of the very powerful collective consciousness. It creates more and more of the natural disasters that literally kill us.

So it is best that we tune into these events quickly, just long enough to get the link to donate.Then we can go watch a happy-go-lucky musical. The importance of us all withdrawing our fear-based focus from these natural disasters cannot be overemphasized.

With this in mind, I personally also avoid the mainstream news, with the focus on who is killing, shooting, maiming, mutilating, robbing or stealing from whom. Remember in this step that WE are the guardians of the purity of our own minds. What we put in them will definitely sew some seeds and grow.

Some activities can bring either a highly positive or a highly negative energy to our lives, depending on how we engage in them. Sexual activity is a good example of this. If for instance, we choose to watch a sexual movie, then watching an interaction that is loving, profound and beautiful will raise our vibrations. However if we watch a sexual movie that is violent, degrading, hurtful, or painful to anyone, this will significantly lower our vibrations. Such content will affect the course of our lives in a way that we probably don’t wish for. Most sexual movies in our somewhat violent society are not loving and profound, so it may be best to avoid them.

If watching something is bad, then doing it is twice as bad. So to move forward on the evolutionary scale we must each stop knowingly engaging in the darker side of our own human psyche.

Here is another wonderful tool for you. Watch this inspirational video about The Earth’s Ascension to quickly raise your vibration.

Speaking now from the perspective of Eastern Medicine and body physics, all of these 12 steps will affect multiple chakras. However each will work primarily in one or two chakras.

This 6th step is mostly working in the realm of the throat chakra, which houses the ability to safely speak, feel, and be trusted. We must be pure and clear in order to be trusted to speak what is pure and clear. So this step is about purifying and and clearing our energy, and living only in the good vibrations, to the best extent possible.

I will now delve into metaphysics a bit. If metaphysics is not your thing, no worries, Take what you like and leave the rest… This chakra is looked after by Archangel Michael. I understand also that he is happy to assist you in this journey, if you are interested in such assistance. They say that Angels and Archangels can only assist us if we ask them to, so be sure to ask for help. Be sure likewise to thank each individual whom you ask to assist you.

When you ask for help, it is best to leave the options open as to how the help will come. In other words don’t ask for a specific item or outcome, such as a new house or a new car. But rather ask for guidance.

For instance, you could say…

“Archangel Michael I ask you to please guide me in the best way(s) to keep my mind and thoughts pure and on a high frequency, and keep me living in a joyful, peaceful, loving place. I am open to all of your ideas and I thank you for your kind assistance.”

Have fun living in the happy place, more and more and more!


Lorelei Fenton


PS: It is very helpful (& perhaps even necessary) when we are trying to Rise Above and Soar to defuse and dismantle our core emotional triggers and false beliefs. My webinar “Mind-bombs: Our Hidden Landmines of False Belief” discusses a powerful way to do that. Here is the link to register for the next one. If you miss it, please search the title on Eventbrite for the next available date, or email me. 

Author: Henrix