Master Within and this Will Manifest in the Outer

Master Within and this Will Manifest in the Outer.
Message from Ascended Master Buddha.

Perhaps the most confusing lesson for many with regards to how to make the world a better place is this desire to try to first change things in the world around us.

We try and try to change our environment and we find ourselves hitting up against walls.

We rail against injustice when we see others perpetrate atrocities and we become angry and hateful in the process.

Do you see the madness in this approach?

When you fight hate with hate, you merely increase the hate in the world.

You are doing the opposite of what you want to do – you make the world a worse place.

Instead, may I offer a piece of practical advice to get out of this trap?

The first place to make better in the world is within you.

Fight the hatred within you.

Fight the anger within you.

Fight the jealousy and envy and anxiety and fear within you.

When you conquer these things within then you will find peace within you.

You can then show others how to do the same thing.

They will, in turn, help others and you will see the world change.

How to fight those things within you?

Surrender them to the Creator.

Ask the Creator to take it away from you when it rises up within you.

It shall be done.

Change within and you shall see it manifest outside of you.

Author: Yoda

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