Energetic Enviroments

For most ralph lauren pas cher of the group we are familiar with how the and other tools ropa interior calvin klein can remove from us energy from past memories ans experiences and trauma.

There are other times where we are not being triggered and we can still feel unease and a heavy denseness in our surrounding environment. during these time a particularly helpful technique is to Surrender to Source the protection of your mind, body, and soul.

When you Surrender this managing of your protection of your mind, body and soul from the ego or little self, you are instantly enveloped in protection from the Creator of All That Is. there is no more powerful protection that can be had.

Please understand that there are two exceptions that even the Creator will not intervene:

  1. If you have a soul level agreement to experience an event then that event shall happen. Please note that, because of Divine Dispensation, karma form other lifetimes have been transmuted during this time. You only have to balance out karma that you have created in this lifetime.
  2. If you have karma from this lifetime that you are wishing, at a soul level, to balance then that balancing shall occur. It is helpful to note that using the will enable you to balance karma.

Source does not interfere with soul level decisions in this Comprar Calzoncillos Calvin Klein Earth plane.

However, Source will envelope you in a state of Grace and absolute protection against energies and physical events that do not serve you.

Because of the Law of Free Will, you must verbally, either mentally or out adidas yeezy boost pas cher loud, Surrender your protection to Source.

If you so wish then use this short prayer: “Dear Source, I Surrender the protection of this mind, body and soul to you throughout this day and night. Thank you. I love you!”

Enjoy this protection as it will allow you to go about your day in Grace and Peace of Mind.




Author: Henrix