Step 4: Believing is Seeing (12 Steps to Rise Above & Soar)

kenzo pas cher a n style=”font-weight: 400;”>If you have not read the, it may be very helpful do so here. You may also wish to read steps 1-3 there, as well as. I also invite you to follow the blog to see the steps and tools as they come out. In my very first post, the, I spoke a bit about the Law of Attraction, and Quantum Physics. Here is what is scientifically true… Whatever we believe in collectively and individually comes true. Quantum Scientists say the reason for this phenomenon is because the very smallest particles of matter, something called Quarks, are actually affected by human beings, individually and collectively. Said another way, the Observer (human being) has an affect on the Observed (Quarks, the building blocks of matter). And one cannot separate the one from the other in the matter of predicting behavior. Studies have also shown that these Quarks exhibit a behavior which is called “Quantum Entanglement”. What this means is that no matter how far apart a Quark may be from its Entangled Partner, the actions/behavior of one correlate to the actions/behavior of the other. So there is some kind of instantaneous communication between Quarks that is not spoken and not accounted for by any form of communication we human beings know of… except what one might deem as a sort of telepathy, or some sort of information field that is present across extreme distance, and even time. Meanwhile these Quarks make up every single material ‘thing’ in our universe, living and non-living. That means cats, dogs, stars, planets, chairs, push pins, hat racks, volcanoes, plants, and anything & everything else we can possibly think of. So information flows mysteriously between Quarks, the smallest building blocks of matter, AND human beings are intricately connected to what those Quarks actually do. But we do not need to get so very scientific to have full and indisputable proof that Believing is Seeing. We can look to our own lives. For instance have you ever noticed that your friend, who believes and says that all men are fickle, never has a committed man in her life. Or have you noticed that your sister, who thinks and says that money is very difficult to get, is always broke. Or have you noticed that you yourself live in a run, run, run world, and you also fully believe that there is never enough time. Now at this point many people might say “But you are missing the point…All men ARE fickle, Money IS very difficult and There simply is NOT enough time.” And I might concur Comprar Calzoncillos Calvin Klein with this on some level if I had not seen or helped hundreds of people rid themselves of these kinds of belief sets (and also done it at least a two hundred times for myself) and seen the striking results. Suddenly, when the core belief is uprooted, there are only committed men coming around, or loads of money begins to pour in, or time becomes plentiful, and lounging around at a leisurely pace becomes the norm. We who work or play at altering our own and other people’s often toxic belief sets don’t need a single bit of proof that “Believing is Seeing.” It is abundantly clear to us that whatever an individual really believes, has in fact come true for him or her. I will give you a personal example… When I first began to delve into what I might call “uncreating” beliefs I believed with 100% surety that there was something wrong with me. Of course I never told this to anyone. I tried to pretend I was confident. But the struggle in my mind was a nightmare. I never wanted to say what was on my mind, for fear I might make some mistake, or upset someone, or reveal my flaws. I examined my unspoken thoughts to the hilt, then discarded 90% of them as unable to be spoken. Even a comment on the weather could be taken incorrectly, I was sure. So I shut up a lot, and was completely stifled and uneasy. When I did speak as Lorelei, it was not with much power. Interestingly I could speak beautifully as an actress in a role, but not as ME in my life, or on a stage. After seeing the root cause of why I felt there was something wrong with me (a specific incident of violation at a young age) I started to speak up and speak out as ME. After many years of this, I now make a living at Public Speaking. Often this entails telling people things that might upset them, but which make a big difference to them. So to sum up, I believed there was something wrong with me and so there was, at least in the area of speaking. I saw something I had never seen which had me stop believing there was something wrong with me, and the issue went away. I was then able to speak with power- eventually being able to say anything to anyone, no matter how touchy the subject, and say it in a way that made a difference for them. Believing is Seeing. If you believe something, it will show up in your life. There are two major ways we can approach the world of “Believing is Seeing” in order to have a life that we love.

  1. We can uproot and dismantle our disempowering beliefs. When we do this for a certain issue or area of life, new empowering beliefs always show up. This is quite an amazing and powerful process, where we experience literal “quantum leaps” in life. This is the work that I personally do for people. So this week one tool I am giving you is “Me.” Reach out to me via my blog, or facebook/linkedIn below, if you would like to chat about uprooting your disempowering beliefs.
  2. We can practice our God given ability to imagine and visualize. The more we ‘see’ what we want, ‘experience’ it, and especially ‘feel the feeling’ of having it, doing it, or being it, the more it will materialize for us. The Masterful Mr. Jack Canfield has a great article on visualization.

In addition, if you have not seen, read or listened to “The Secret” yet, consider that you are a bit behind the 8 ball. The Secret (movie, book, audio tape) has a wealth of information on “Believing is Seeing”, as well as on the power of visualization. to the website. Of course the most powerful way to approach “Believing is Seeing” is to practice both of the above methods. Because you or I could spend all day, every day visualizing the love of our lives, seeing what he or she looks like, acts like and IS like. But if there is a core belief such as “I am not attractive to the opposite sex” for instance, those beautiful people that we are visualizing are just not going to show up in our lives. So here is an important point to make…If we are visualizing and doing affirmations but getting little result, then it is almost a given that there is some core belief that is diametrically opposed to our having what we want. Dismantling that belief is the missing link that needs to be addressed to get what we desire. In one of my first posts, I spoke also about the strong probability that we human beings of the earth will soon be moving from the 3rd Dimensional Reality to the 5th Dimensional one. In the 5th dimensional Reality thoughts become material things nearly instantaneously. Belief has become ‘knowing ‘in the 5th dimension, with zero doubt or question, so it materializes. Calvin Klein Tanga I am speaking about the loaves and fishes now, for it is presupposed that Jesus was at least a 5th dimensional being, and probably even much higher. Next time I am on Step 4 I will talk more about this instantaneous 5th Dimensional Phenomenon, and how we can take strong steps in that direction. If you are interested to take a Quantum Leap now, I direct you to this particular Meet-up group called Visualizing is tons of fun, and uprooting beliefs sets is truly a thrill. Calzoncillos Slip Calvin Klein So enjoy this step! Namaste. I send you love, light, joy, fun, play, ease and wild abundance. Lorelei Fenton & I myself am also “Soaring” with one of my favorite things … singing & making songs. With these songs I am bringing transformational thinking, freedom, and brother/sisterhood to the world. Watch my video. Support/endorse/share as you can.

Author: Henrix