Step 1, NATURE WILL NURTURE (“12 Steps to Rise Above & and Soar” by Lorelei Fenton)

If you are a newcomer to this blog it will be very helpful to read my Introduction to these 12 steps, and then my post “How to Use These 12 Steps.” Here is some striking information…Every single living thing has consciousness. I first began to see this in my darkest days- when I was dealing with loving someone with an addiction. In those days I had very little self love or awareness, and a large propensity to allow everyone else’s will to overpower mine. I felt I was wrong about everything, and nothing I ever did could be right. Yet when I would go for a walk in the woods, or sit on a beach near the ocean, I felt something. It was palpable. It was not me. This ‘something’ literally lived in the woods or the waves. It sent waves of consciousness… “All is well.” “Be not afraid.” “Breathe Deeply.” “This too shall pass.” One might say that this was the God consciousness. And so it probably was. But without a doubt, this message also came through the modality of nature. It was part and parcel of all living things. Life has consciousness passing through it, coming from it. Tanga Calvin Klein Mujer Nowadays in my meditations I see this even more clearly. Birds have consciousness. Flowers have consciousness. Trees have consciousness. Cows have consciousness. All of life has consciousness. And guess what? That non-human consciousness is often more peaceful, and more at ease, than our human consciousness. Birds, bees and trees do not worry… not even one little bit. Sunlight itself might also be seen as God-Consciousness. It is no accident that the term ‘light’ is used for spirituality. Calvin Klein Bikinis Light IS Divine Consciousness. Messages pass through light to us here on earth. Sunlight even seems to say… “Come out in me. Adidas Ultra Boost France Bask in my warmth. There is no trouble that I cannot heal for you, no worry too big for me to soothe. Just sit here a bit. All is well.” If you think about it you will realize that you too have felt this, most of you, at one point or another in life. You have been in the sun and felt it heal and soothe you, though you probably never gave it words, as I just did. So your step for this week is to get out in nature as much as possible. Walk in the woods. Sit by the water. Plant some flowers. Listen to the birds. Try to comprehend what these conscious beings wish to tell you. Pet a friendly cat or dog. Pay attention to the squirrels, rabbits, and deer. All of this is also wonderful and also luxuriously ffffrrreeeeeeee from any cost… It is particularly helpful to use this tool of “Nature will Nurture” when you are upset, angry, afraid, sad, depressed, or in any other negative emotion. Simply leave the situation you are in and go someplace alone in God’s Natural Wonderland. Then let go of your swirling emotions and thoughts. Shed a tear or two if you must. (Blocking emotions does not help either.) Then just let go and focus on the beauty and wonder all around you.Trust me… things will look much better after you do that. Some of you may find it difficult to walk away from an escalating situation or upset. Yeezy Boost 750 Acheter This practice may seem like giving in, and may be completely foreign to you. I know because I remember how hard it was for me many years ago. All I can say is that if we want to move forward, we each have to steel ourselves to get away from upsets and altercations- however we each can get away, whatever we must do to get away. Because if we do not get out of that negative energy, nothing will ever change. I can remember many years ago in my worst days of loving an alcoholic, literally locking myself in the bathroom and running the shower at full steam to block out the sound of my husband banging on the door. I would sit on the floor with the water running, and the sound of the banging and yelling, and read my Alanon book. (Alanon is a great resource for families and friends of alcoholics, by the way. It helped me immensely in those days. ) This relationship was unhealthy, and that is what a dysfunctional relationship looks like. Many of us are in dysfunctional relationships where we cannot easily walk away from an upset. Now we don’t want to condemn ourselves for being in unhealthy relationships. Some say 90% of our human relationships are dysfunctional. (Which is to say they don’t function very well. ) So we who have had them are in the majority. Unhealthy relationships can become healthy, as we each grow more healthy. Or we can walk away and find another healthy relationship. However I will say this…If you are in a relationship and afraid for your safety in any way, please disregard anything I say here and get yourself to a Women’s (or Men’s) Resource Center. For a fear-based or abusive relationship, we truly need professional guidance to be sure of our safety. Remember also that men can be abused as well as women, and it may be harder to break away due to chivalry, and pride issues. I will speak more about what to do about unhealthy relationships in a later step. But for many of us, we ARE physically able to safely walk away from an upset, even if we have to steel ourselves to do it. And in that case, Nature will Nurture. I have worked with people who are severely depressed. It is often true that such people will sit in a dark room all alone, sometimes with the covers drawn over their heads, often for days. This is the absolute worst thing to do for depression. It magnifies the issue tremendously. Meanwhile you cannot imagine the change in mood when a person simply goes outside, in the sunshine, light and warmth. A depressed feeling can often dissipate completely in the warmth of nature. So it is important to utilize this powerful step. If you cannot get out in nature, or if you live in the city, you can listen to nature sounds here. However city or no city, we all need to at least get out in the SUN, even if we just sit on a bench. Sounds do not substitute for sunlight, which is all-important to feeling good. Pandora (on your android phones) also has a Nature Sounds channel, some mixed quite wonderfully with music. Slip Calvin Klein Outlet This first step “Nature Will Nurture” equates to your “Earth Star” Chakra, which is your personal link to Earth’s Life Force and lies 12 to 18 inches below the souls of your feet. This Chakra is overseen by Archangel Sandalphon, and he is most happy to assist you with this Nature/Nurture work, if you just ask him. Remember that you must ask for Angel assistance, due to the laws of free-will. And always remember to thank the Angels, and give gratitude. Here is more info on the Earth Star Chakra. Namaste and many blessings.

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