Message from ArchAngel Ariel

I am an energetic being. As such, I can see and feel your energy signature. When you are mad your signature runs a dark red. When you are bored your signature barely registers.

When you are grateful – oh my – your signature burns brilliantly like a sun. Why so powerful this feeling of gratefulness? It is the energy of our Creator. The Creator energy burns brightest when you are in a state of unconditional Love, gratefulness, appreciation and thankfulness.

Our Creator is grateful of you and shines its light upon you waiting patiently for you to feel it and to recognize it.

When you feel grateful you will notice that all the cares of the world melt away and is replaced by a feeling a well being. Spend a few moments feeling grateful every couple of hours or so and you will feel great throughout the day.

Gratefulness, thankfulness and appreciation propels your consciousness to higher levels, towards the Creator. The most happiest people on Earth, you will notice, are grateful and thankful and Calzoncillos Calvin Klein Baratos appreciative and express this easily to others.

Are you ready to become more happy?

I will provide practical advice.

In the morning when you wake, spend 7 minutes thinking of 7 conditions, people, places, animals, or things that you are grateful, thankful, and appreciative of. Spend a full minute for each and really let the thankfulness express itself throughout your body like the feeling of slipping into a hot bath.

Give yourself extra time in the morning for this as rushing through it will lessen or nullify the effects.

If you wake up and don’t feel like doing this on a particular day – then don’t. It’s meant to be a pleasurable experience as opposed to a chore. Come back to it another day when you awaken in the appropriate mood.

As you go about your day, give yourself a gratefulness, thankfulness and appreciation recharge by taking a quiet moment to yourself and feel those feelings for one person, place, thing, animal or condition. Again, if you don’t feel like doing it then wait for a spot in your day that feels right.

I AM grateful, thankful, and appreciative for the opportunity to communicate with you.

Practical Heavenly Advice from
ArchAngels, Jesus
​and Ascended Masters

Author: Henrix