15.08.23 – Yeshua offers a meditation, and One Who Serves

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Graduation Day

Yeshua offers a meditation, and One Who Serves as channeled by James McConnell
This message was given during the Advance in Pine, AZ on August 23, 2015. (Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated. Please make sure to include the question/answer portion as there is much more wisdom imparted.)

One Who Serves
Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om. Om. Greetings to you!

GROUP: Greetings.

OWS: We are pausing here because we are looking around this group and we see something that was not there before.
A countenance, a light. Do you feel this light? Do you feel the love that has come forth? Do you feel the connection that was made here? We can tell you now that this was a step, although a very major step along
the path of Ascension here. Was it the final step? No. But it was a major step. And as Ashira said some time ago and again this weekend, “Lives will be changed.” Lives are now changed. And you will see in the times to come, the next days, the weeks, notice we are not saying months. The days and the weeks to come, you will find the veil that had been there for you will be gone. Does anyone feel here now that they are able to access their Higher Self? Anyone?

GROUP: Yes, I do. Yes. Yes.

OWS: Yes. Very good. Do you feel the connection there? Do you feel that it has been re-established, you might say? In the times to come, there are going to be changes to this program that we have been on here.
The program is no longer going to be the One Who Serves and Ashira Show. The program is going to move to the Higher God Self Show. Do you understand that which we speak?

GROUP: Yes. Yes, I do.

OWS: We are going to be stepping back and allowing for the process to take hold here, so that each andevery one of you can come forward and come forth and come into your power, into your knowing. And yes, even though some would like to shy away from this, into your tendency to be a leader. Does one have to
become a leader? No. For there needs to be those that will follow as well. For one cannot lead unless there are those that follow after. But there is need for those to come forward and take charge to move ahead in certain directions that can bring you to the next steps that are ahead here and are needed. You will understand
as we move along here. That is not to say we will say adieu, and we will never be with you again. Certainly not. But the process will be somewhat changing here, for the James has demonstrated here this day what can be accomplished from accessing your Higher Self, and how the answers can come. Not from another Higher Self, but from your own Higher Self, and you will be able to access that level of you—to answer any questions that you might have. That is where you are going here. You have crossed the Rainbow Bridge in higher vibrations. Not yet at your conscious knowing self here now, but at the higher vibrations. Your higher bodies have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. And you have moved into your Rainbow Body. Some of you have heard of this before, but you have not fully accessed your Rainbow Body quite yet. When that happens, you will know,
as we have been saying. And the wave, as it comes and you are beginning also to understand that you are the wave, you are the first wave—part of this first wave, if you desire to be so. And we say that because it is a decision that will need to be made at some point. A conscious knowing decision on your part. And once those
decisions are made and you have fully taken on your Rainbow Body and you have moved fully across the Rainbow Bridge, never to “have-to” return. Notice we say, “have-to” return. You can always return as you wish, but never being forced to do so in any way. We also add one more thing before we release channel. This will very likely be the last time you will be gathering as a group in this way on such a weekend as this, what you are calling the Advance. That does not mean you will not have another weekend together, but it will not be in the
same way as this, if all things continue as they are planned. Notice we always add that little caveat there. That little, what’s the word here?

GROUP: Disclaimer.

OWS: The disclaimer, yes, can use it as this. Fail safe, a fail safe here. Because as you are knowing, and if you do not, you will know that everything that happens is based on man’s consciousness, and man’s consciousness is continually changing. And you, yourselves, are affecting man’s consciousness. You as a group, you as individuals, and what you have done this evening and in this entire weekend, you have greatly affected man’s consciousness. This is not to give you a big head here. This is to help you to understand the importance of the Collective, the Collective Consciousness, and how the Collective Consciousness is changed, and worked with, and in some cases, by the use of those dark forces manipulated. For they did manipulate the Collective Consciousness, but no longer. So in some ways consider this your graduation weekend. Don your robes, take your certificate of graduation, your diploma, and go off happily here. But you have come to a graduation point, and no it is not from kindergarten as some say. You are much beyond that. At least grade school.

GROUP: Laughter.

OWS: No, we joke here. The times are short, my brothers, my sisters. The times are short indeed. Go now. With all that you have gained here, begin to disseminate these knowings to all that are ready for this. For did
not the Disciples with Yeshua, did they not receive their graduation? Did they not then go forth, and shared all that they had learned. We are asking that of you now. To take upon the mantle once again, that which is your
destiny, what you have come here for. Why you are a part of this group. Why you have been drawn back together again as old souls coming together. This is that moment now where you begin to teach. And as the teacher is ready, the students will appear. We are going to leave you now, not take questions now. We think you’ve got a lot of questions earlier, although the James can slip into that now, or anyone else can if they wish, as we part here, to answer questions. We
know there were some questions here and it would be good at this time to allow for that process, for as we are saying, this new process will supersede what we have been doing here.
Shanti, peace be with you. Be the one.

GROUP: Shanti.

OWS: And now you are the one.

Q & A

SOURCE: This is the Source now, the Source of all of those Light Bodies, all of those Higher Selves within this room once again, to answer any questions that may come up, to assist you, or to better direct you, yourself,
to answer that question for yourself. Would there be any of those types of question now?

Q: I had a couple of questions that we formed as a group. Number one, the date, September 28, seems to continually come up as an important date, perhaps for the wave to hit. Would you give us a hint of whether or not this is accurate?
SOURCE: Give the date please.

Q: September 28, 2015.

SOURCE: Yes. And what is the significance of this date from your understanding?

Q: I believe that the wave is going to hit earlier. I believe that this continued information given out about this particular date, it distracts people from just allowing things to be and to be open.

SOURCE: And as we look upon the various, those that are gathered here, all are wondering at this point as their Higher Selves are communicating with each, when is this going to happen? What is going to happen?
Why it is going to happen? And each many across the entire planet are preparing for these changes, are preparing for this moment of time. But yet it is not a moment in time. It is a frequency of time, a frequency moment that will arrive. And it will arrive in the right moment when it is called forth, when it has been called forth, and that is the difference here. As it is called forth. And it is those of you sitting here that have called it forth this day. And it is those of many groups across the land that have called it forth this day and all are continuing to bring this momentum, and it is a momentum, it is a momentum that has been started some time ago.
You can look back at it at your time of December 21, 2012. This was the beginning of that momentum. It was the beginning of the wave coming in at that time, and it has steadily come in over these years since, and it has
been called the Tsunami of Love. And this wave, this tsunami has been sweeping across the land, but as of yet, it is still small. It is just the little waves, it is just the little ripples yet that come across. The large waves, what you would call the title waves are still to come, and it is this point in time, this point in frequency, that is arriving in your September. It is the moment that has been called forth for a very long time and it is that moment that it is being created for this expectation. Does that mean it will be in this September itself? Yes and no, because all is subject to change. All is subject to awareness changing about this particular time. As the focus is put upon this moment, put upon this month, this focus is creating the very changes that are being asked for here. It is purposeful by those of the higher levels to point out this particular time, this fall, this month of September and
October. It is these expectations that have been created by these higher levels that are moving the general population to begin to understand that this is that time and, therefore, they are creating it within their mind and therefore are bringing about the intention to have this occur at this time. As to the significance itself of the September 28, 2015, in a numerological point of view and to look at that, that is also accurate. There is that connection as well and it is that connection as far as the various alignment of the planets and all of this that
bring about these changes and bring about this intention to create this change that is needed in this age that is fast disappearing here.

Q: Thank you. Actually, I am going to let go of the other question.

Q: I have a question about what just occurred. I am not sure other people are feeling a little insecure, but are you, was the purpose of what the One Who Serves said to help him power us, to be able to be autonomous?

SOURCE: Yes. In a very simple word, yes. The purpose of this exercise is to bring about the changes within you and the knowing within you that allows for this process to develop within you and not outside of you. So there is no longer going to be the need to reach outside of yourself and find the answers. The answers, as you know, are already within. They have always been within. There is nothing that cannot be answered already within you. There is only the need to understand and believe that. This is why it has been giving, “believe and
you will see.” Attempting to bring you more and more and more to that total understanding that you are all you are and all you will ever need to be.

There are no other questions, then we as the Higher Selves in this group leave you now

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