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Are you ready to answer the ‘light-warrior’ clarion call? While a ‘light-worker’ is an individual working on their individual ascension inner-work, a ‘light-warrior’ is a ‘light-worker’ who is ready to take action.

Distributing the updated messages of the ‘all-that-is’ as always been a priority. As the new and updated message continues to be downloaded through so many channelers and with the help of so many technologies, we are in need of a few ‘light-warrior’ volunteers to assist the mission:

Librarian – The “LIBRARY” tab is in need of a librarian to keep content refreshed.    If you have a lot to say and a lot to share to the world, this is your chance to shine your light and make a difference.

Poster – Do you understand basic WordPress and are you interested in volunteering for 1 hour each week, to post the channelings to the – ENGLISH language tab?   Please reach out !

Translators – We are actively seeking for a special soul to volunteer to translate weekly channeling to other languages on a weekly basis.

Please email us via the CONTACT link to discuss further.