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SANANDA  (Channeled by James McConnell)

I am Sananda.  I am here at this time to once again continue to bring you understanding, understanding that will continue to help you move through these times. 

And yes, for many of you, it seems like trying times.  For many across the planet now, it seems like trying times.  But for those of you, the Awakened Ones, you, you are all aware that this is so much more than all that is being portrayed by your media, all that is being shown that it is a process of to fear, to shy away from, to feel like this is the end. 

Many at this point are feeling like,  ‘is this the end of the world, is this the biblical prophesies coming true?’  It is not the end of the world.  But it is the biblical prophesies coming true.  Not the destruction in those biblical prophesies, but the construc-tion.  The New Age of Higher Consciousness that is a part of those biblical projections and prophesies.  You are in those moments now.  In the new higher consciousness now. 

And when we say you have arrived, you have arrived—not at the final destination, and indeed there is no final destination to arrive at.  But you have arrived now at the cusp, beginning of the Changeover that is going to bring everyone forward, everyone that is ready, everyone that is a conscious-knowing part of themselves that is prepared for this. 

And as we have said many times, we have been preparing this group, Ancient Awakenings, for some time now, as well as many other groups across the planet, and many individuals are coming into their awakening consciousness, coming into their knowing of who they are.  And everything is coming together now as it is meant to, being orchestrated as we have said also many times.  So it is up to all of you, each and every one of you, to realize that you are the awakened ones and the awakening ones at this point.  And you are the ones to continue to help to spread the Light—not the fear, but the Light. 

You are the calming ones, the calming influence within all of the storm that is now beginning to rage around.  And I say now beginning, because this is not the full brunt of the storm yet.  But it is the beginnings of it.  And if you can remain calm within the storm, then you will weather through it.  You will find yourselves just as you would in a storm that is raging all around your home.  But you are safely within your homes, and everything continues to rage around you.  That is what you are doing now. 

That is what this is all about, as you are preparing for the higher consciousness to be coming in, just  as it has been for some time, now, the waves of energy that have been increasing consciousness across the planet, increasing the spread of light across the planet so that light overcomes darkness everywhere.  And those of the dark forces are running.  They are running scared to every corner of the world that they can. 

But notice that those that are coming down with this virus, those are the ones that are in the lower vibratory frequencies within themselves.  They are the ones that are getting sick.  They are the ones that are succumbing to this virus.  But those of you that have strong immune systems and remain more and more at the higher vibratory frequencies of the higher dimensions, fourth and even fifth dimensions, you are not getting sick. 

Who do you actually know at this point that has become effected by this virus?  Not ones you’ve heard of, but ones that you know personally.  And the answer would likely be no one yet at this point.  Now that is not to say that that will not. 

But it is to say that you, all of you, are strongly protected through this.  Not because of what we have done with you, but because of what you have done with yourselves, that you have continued to follow the higher guidance that is coming to you from those of us and from your own higher God-selves within you leading you, guiding you, bringing you into the higher vibrations more and more. 

And yes, even we find sometimes kicking and screaming, because you do not want to leave your comfort zones.  But you must leave those comfort zones at times.  But as you leave those comfort zones, you will find that you will be more and more in that neutral point, in that moment of neutrality within you. 

And that in itself will become a comfort zone to you.  So you will no longer need contrivances and the contraptions and the technology that has brought you to this point.  Not that technology is bad.  It is certainly not.  Technology is whatever it is to the individual that is using it, whether for purposes of providing support to all of mankind, or for bringing all of mankind down.  Technology can be used in whatever way that person is being for it to be. 

So we are saying here, I am saying here, that technology that is coming, the higher level of technology, higher consciousness technology, is coming to you, and you will be able to use this technology in many ways to help your fellow brothers and sisters. 

And also those of you will come into an understanding, again, of who you are and once again be able to utilize those forces within yourself so that you can somewhat become a super human being.  Those are the gifts of Spirit that are coming back, that are returning to all of you.  And you will have these abilities beyond the ideas of physics now today.  That will become a thing of the past.  That is a part of the Changeover that is occurring and is in process now. 

Have you fully arrived now at this point?  Most likely no.  But you are arriving.  You are coming to that next station, we will say.  If you think about a train that is traveling along and moving from station to station.  That is what you are doing now.  But as I said earlier, there is no final station to ever arrive at.  It is always the journey.  You are always and always will be on the journey, the journey to come back to the complete realization that you are ONE with the God-source within you, have always been, and always will be. 

I am Sananda, and I leave you now in love, and peace, and harmony, and order, and oneness within you.  And know that I, and all of those that work with me, are here with you now, and will always be with you, and have always been with you. 

Peace and love be with all of you.

ONE WHO SERVES  (Channeled by James McConnell)

Om, mani, padme, hum;   om, mani, padme, hum; hum, hum.   Greetings to you!  One Who Serves here.  Shoshanna here.

We are ready for your questions if you have any. 

Just to let you know that we are rarin’ to go for this Changeover that is in process.  We, just like you, have been waiting for this, have been preparing for this, in various segments of the Galactics, and those of us, the Ascended Masters in many different realms.  We have been preparing for this for some time now, and have known this was coming. 

And [we] have known that not only we are going to be a part of this, but that all of you are a great part of this.  You all have a great part of the missions that are coming for you. 

And everything, again, is in process now.  And you must always continue to understand that.  It is a process.  It is not an overnight sensation.  It is not something where you are here now, and there in the next moment.  Although, it could be.  That is somewhat of a paradox, we know, but you need to just go with it, here.  Go with the flow.  And you will understand more of this when that Solar Flash occurs, when The Event comes, you will understand what we speak of when we say it is both a process and an immediate momentary sense.  Okay?  That is what we have to say here.  Shoshanna, do you have anything you wish to add here?

Shoshanna:   (Channeled by JoAnna McConnell)

We do not. 

OWS:   Very good.  Then we are ready for your questions.  We know that there are those from the e-mail first.  Then we will go from there.

Guest:   Yes, thank you.  This is the one from the e-mail:  We are being told that the White Hats have the global lock-down for mass arrests, and is this really happening, and are these celebrities and world leaders really getting the virus, or are they being arrested?  Can you tell us really what is happening? 

OWS:   Yes.  We can tell you that the answer to that question is yes.  The arrests are occurring.  They are happening, just as has been said that they would.  It is not happening as fast as some would like it to. 

Some would like it to just be all over in one night, and they all be taken away, and that type of thing.  But that is not going to happen, because it cannot happen.  What would that do to the population of the planet if that were to occur in that respect?  They would not understand.  Those that are the unawakened ones at this point would not understand.  But it is occurring in process, here. 

Again, it is another process that must occur over a period of time and, even more importantly, as the frequencies continue to increase.  And as these frequencies continue to increase, those that are of the darker persuasion, those of the dark forces, those of the deep state, cabal, the Illuminati, all of this, they cannot be in the higher vibration frequencies.  We tell you this many times. 

They cannot withstand those frequencies, and they will run to attempt to get away from them.  But how do you get away from a frequency, other than attempting to lower the frequencies around them.  And that is what they are attempting to do now, to bring the frequencies down so that they can be more comfortable again and be in control. 

But, as we have said before, and many have been saying, that is not going to happen.  What is coming cannot be stopped at this point.  It is beyond.  The Light has won.  And everything is going to continue on from that understanding that the Light has won, the Light is taking over at this point, and the dark forces are taking their last gasp, you might say. 

Now, at that last gasp, they still have an opportunity to turn to the Light.  We will always take their turning from the dark to the Light and take them in and be able to assist that process for them if they wish.  But, as we are finding it, many have turned away from the Light because it is too bright for them.  It is too high a frequency, and they cannot handle that.  They cannot handle it, and they will not allow themselves to be able to handle it, you see?  Okay?  Shoshanna, do you have anything to add? 

Shoshanna:   We can share on this.  And we have a perspective that perhaps has not been given before.  Our perspective is this:  it is interesting that the term is ‘arrest.’  Because ‘arrest’ means ‘to cease,’ ‘to stop.’  To quell the progression of anything that is happening is to arrest it.  So we will tell you that this term that has been given so many times is a broader term than just arresting beings, it is arresting a mass movement of destruction that has been occurring for many, many, many thousands of years on your planet.  

So you must understand that this is a mass movement to stop dehumanization, to stop evil things, to stop inhumane activities, and this is occurring on a mass movement as we speak.  If you have eyes to see, and ears to hear, and a heart to comprehend and understand what is truly happening, all things are being shut down because the arrest is the arrest of the inhumanity to man.  That is what is really occurring on a mass level.   Namaste. 

OWS:   Wonderful perspective.  Would there be other questions, here.

Guest:   I have a question.  I am wondering if you can tell us anything about any announcements.  Are there going to be announcements, or are we just going to have to try and continue to wake up people around us on our own?

Shoshanna:   We can share.

Guest:   Okay.  Thank you.

Shoshanna:   Dear Sister, we have a perspective to share with you.  May we share? 

Guest:   Yes, please.

Shoshanna:   There have been many announcements.  You see, it is all about how you listen.  Do you listen as if the movement is moving forward, or are you listening in a compartmentalized way?  You must see as an individual how you are listening, because there have been many, many announcements moving humanity forward.  There are many aspects to this, and your vibration and your understanding of movement and consciousness will have you understand or not understand these announcements.  You must listen carefully, you see, because it is all being announced.   Namaste.

OWS:   Yes, and we would add here, as Shoshanna has given, it is all in the process of announcement for some time, now.  But what you are speaking of are more major announcements where those of the world population become aware that something is really happening, here. 

Guest:   Exactly.

OWS:   We could say here that this particular process that is occurring now with your viral contamination across the planet, and everything that ensues as a result of this process, that it is all happening at this point because it must.  It must come to an end, meaning the old paradigm, the old three-dimensional paradigm illusion, here, must come to an end.  And this is the process that is being used at this point, as those of the Forces of Light have, as we have said before, co-opted this entire virus so that it can be utilized for their own purposes rather than the purposes of the dark forces which has been shifted greatly, here.  And the announcements that are coming as a result of this are going to be many. 

We have given to The James before that he has not yet shared.  That those of you that go on your internet and are often anxious to see what is next, and what is happening, and hearing the newest rumors and reading about it, and all of this, and we have given to The James that it is coming very shortly here that it is going to be one thing after another, after another, after another, and is going to be so overwhelming to those of you that are looking for the truth.  The truth is out there, and you are going to find it more, and more, and more.  And it is going to become more and more prevalent to not only those of you that are looking for it, but those that are even not looking for it.  It is going to be so out there, in their faces, you might say.  So those announcements that you are speaking of are coming.  We cannot say exactly when or how they are going to be, but we can say that they are certainly going to be quite profound in many respects.  Okay? 

Guest:  Thank you.

OWS:   Would there be other questions, here?

Guest:   I have actually one from the Facebook group, and then one from me if that’s okay.  Someone in the Facebook group wanted to participate with Cobra meditation, but she was told by somebody whom she thought was a Lightworker-type person that that was not a good idea, that they were not really doing the work of Light-work. 

I also sort of stopped taking them, just on a side-note, stopped doing it because of the top-up issue, because he does put some focus on top-up bombs, which I thought we were told we didn’t want to do. 

So anyway, she wanted to know, should she participate with Cobra or not, and what is the situation?

OWS:   What we can say here is, look at the situation, to answer this question.  Look at the mass meditation, the global mass meditation that is coming into effect, here, that many are working toward.  And it was largely started by this one, Cobra.  It is being translated into many languages across your planet, and many, many of your websites have taken this on, and are spreading the word, just as your group, Ancient Awakenings, is spreading the word, here.  So how can one say that this one is not of the Light, if he is wanting to spread the Light?  You see?  That is how we would answer that part of the question. 

Guest:   Okay, thank you.

OWS:   Shoshanna, anything you would like to add?

Shoshanna:   Well, we can share on this.  May we share?

Guest:   Yes, please.

Shoshanna:   This is an individual pursuit for the truth, you see.  We will tell you that the best advice that you can give anyone is to tell them to discern through their hearts what is appropriate for them in their movement of consciousness is not necessarily the same for the next person.  They must use their own discernment.  They must attempt to move forward based on their own understanding and their own path of consciousness and evolvement, you see.  So this is the advice that we would give them:  use your own discernment and do not reach out to others that may or may not give you the answer that you are seeking; look to yourself.   Namaste. 

Guest:   Yes.  Thank you, thank you.

OWS:   Very good.

Guest:   Okay.  So to ask one from me.  I had one that I wanted to ask, and then JoAnna brought up a good point.  So I am trying to [decide] which one.  But let me go with JoAnna’s, the one that she had questioned.  Because as we were talking about these 10 days of darkness, but at that time theoretically we are supposed to have videos out that will be telling us what is going on in our country, well, is that happening in other countries?  Will they be doing the same thing?  Or how is that expected to spread and make it work globally? 

OWS:   The answer is yes, it is going to occur across the planet.  But we would say that it is largely to start her with this nation.  That this is the nation, this is the country that is beginning the changeover, we will say.  That is the way we can look at it.  Not that others are not a part of this—they certainly are, but this is the one that is leading the front, here.  And, your president, your President Trump, is the one that is championing the movement for the Changeover.  Okay?  Shoshanna, anything to add?

Guest:   Okay, great.

Shoshanna:   We can share. 

OWS:   Yes.

Shoshanna:   We can share on this.  May we share? 

Guest:   Yes, please.  Thank you.

Shoshanna:  The one known as Trump has been in communication with all world leaders.  He is speaking to all of them.  He has even pronounced this publicly that he is talking to all world leaders about this movement and, as he speaks to them, he is attempting to unite them with a common cause to raise the vibration of humanity to a higher level.  He is doing this.  And what you will see, as the One Who Serves has given, is that this nation, called The United States of America, is leading the cause.  They are leading the world to this changeover, you see. And your leader is leading the others.  That is how it is development.   Namaste. 

OWS:   And we would add here also that the one, the Trump, is, as we say, he is leading the charge, and the different countries are all coming in on this as it is happening.  He is the one that is involved with the Alliance. 

And the Alliance, if you begin to understand who they are, they are not just human beings here on the planet.  They are associated with those of the Galactics and the Agarthans below the earth as well.  

And all of this, the one, President Trump, is fully aware of.  He has connection, or contacts, with many of them.  And that is what we can say, here.  We cannot give more information on this at this point, but it will come out directly who this one is. 

Shoshanna:   We can add one more aspect, please?

Guest:   Yes, please.

Shoshanna:   Trump is the unifier that has been foretold many times.  He is the unifier.   Namaste.

OWS:   Yes.

Guest:   Wow.  Thank you.  Wow, amazing.  Thank you.

OWS:   Very good.  Are there other questions, here?

Guest:   Yes, I have a question. 

OWS:   Yes?

Guest:   I have a question about something that I saw in a vision.  I was in the front yard of the home I grew up in as a child with two other relatives.  I looked up and I saw the Northern Lights, and I said, “it’s beginning.”  My question is, was I seeing a representation of the Solar Flash, or are the Northern Lights going to be a prelude to the Solar Flash?  Or what was going on?  Thank you.

OWS:   We cannot tell you directly exactly how it is going to look, because it is going to look different for many people.  But we can tell you that the Solar Flash itself will be seen across the entire planet all at once.  So it is a huge event, here.  We can tell you that.  How exactly you will become aware of it, as different colors in the sky, this will be for many who will experience this.  Not directly from the flash itself in that moment, but after a period of time, as it filters, we will say, it filters through the atmosphere, and it will create much of this color as you are saying, here.  But not colors as you understand them directly today.  Colors that you have never seen before. 

Shoshanna:   We wish to share. 

OWS:  Yes.

Shoshanna:   May we share, Dear Sister? 

Guest:   Yes, please.

Shoshanna:    Our Dear Sister, you are in the process of allowing your gifts to surface.  You have the gift of prophecy.  You have known this for many, many, many days of your life you have known that you have the gift of prophecy, but you have not allowed it to surface, you see.  Does this make sense to you?

Guest:   Absolutely yes.

Shoshanna:   And we will tell you, our Dear Sister, that what you saw is what many will see, as the effects of a Solar Flash will cause a variation in your sky.  It will cause colors that you have never seen before, as One Who Serves has indicated.  But we will tell you, our Dear Sister, the vision that will occur in the sky is for those that have eyes to see, and many will not even look up!  It will still occur, but many will not really notice, you see.  So we will tell you the most important message that has been given to you is to use your gifts of prophecy in these times.  Does this make sense to you? 

Guest:   Yes it does.

Shoshanna:   Namaste.

Guest:   Thank you.  Namaste. 

OWS:   Very good.  Are there any other questions here?

Guest:   Yes.  My daughter had a dream yesterday where, with the Solar Flash, our sun flashed from yellow to a blue-green, a beautiful bluish-green, and it was surrounded by rainbow light in a magenta sky.  So my question is, will our sun flash up to the next chakra color with the ascension? 

OWS:   What you are speaking about here is a much higher consciousness level than the population of the planet at this point.  You are finding yourself at a higher frequency vibration more and more, and therefore you are having that type of understanding more and more.  And also your daughter, as you are saying, here.  And others also, many others across the planet are also beginning to have this more higher understanding of what is occurring, and what is going to occur, here. 

We cannot tell you as far as exactly how it will look, but we can tell you it is going to be quite amazing, we will say, here.  Beyond amazing.  Beyond anything you can possibly imagine yet at this point. 

Even beyond what you can dream, at this point.  Because when you dream it, you do not necessarily feel it deep within yourself.  But when you experience this, you will feel it deeply.  Okay?  Shoshanna?

Shoshanna:   We can share.  May we share? 

Guest:   Yes please.

Shoshanna:   Our Dear Sister.  Is your Loved One listening to this call? 

Guest:   She is in the other room.

Shoshanna:   Well, would you mind giving her a message for us?

Guest:   I’d love to. 

Shoshanna:   Your sweet girl is a leader of her generation.  She is a quiet leader.  She is an influencer.  She will influence those to expand their minds through her gifts, through her art, you see.  You see, she is an appointed one to lead in this movement for her own kind, for her own generation, and she has been hints of this through her dreams.  When she sees these colors, these are colors of higher vibration and an ascended consciousness that she is incorporating into her own level of understanding so that she can move this forward into her generation.  As what we find is that those that are of her age will begin to listen to her because she is their age, you see.  Does this make sense to you?

Guest:   Yes, perfectly. 

Shoshanna:   This is coming, Dear Sister.  Please give her this message for us, and tell her she has the courage of a dozen lions!  She does have to know that.   Namaste. 

Guest:   Thank you very much.  That’s beautiful.

Shoshanna:   Namaste.

OWS:   Very good.  Is there any one final question, here, before we release channel?

Guest:   Yes please. 

OWS:   Yes?

Guest:   I would like to get a different perspective from what I have adopted a couple of terms, and I would like to offer this as a potential understanding for those who are listening. 

The first term is ‘human aprovia.’  My understanding of it is like a cloud of dark energy that hovers over a city, hospitals, prisons, things of that nature. 

And then the other term is another perspective of ‘bicameral consciousness.’  And what I’ve learned recently is that it is old thinking, and old ways of being led, and not thinking for one’s self.  So that is what I’m asking for.

OWS:   What you are speaking of is a sense of the connectedness with the current paradigm, here, with the current three-dimensional paradigm.  And it will not be in the higher vibrational dimensions that you are moving toward.  So to understand the term itself is, as we would say, irrelevant, here.  It has no bearing.  But you are correct in the understanding that there is this attempt to raise the darkness into the collective consciousness, raise the fear, to lower the vibration as much as possible and create a dark atmosphere, we are saying here, and this was the plan for those of the cabal, the deep state cabal, as you call it here more and more now.  And this was their plan to lower the frequency across the planet so they could continue to hold control.  But, as we have said many times, that is not happening.  It is not going to happen.  And they are losing control, and they are losing also the vibratory frequency they are attempting to create.  Yes, fear is spreading, but also love is also spreading and overcoming the fear.  You will notice that more and more as this continues on.  And your President Trump, who is attempting to keep all of this fear down as much as he possibly can, is the catalyst to bring this up into the higher vibrational frequencies permanently, here.  Okay?  Shoshanna?

Shoshanna:   We do not add to this.

Guest:   Thank you.

OWS:   We take one more question, and that will be it, here.  We need to release channel.

Guest:   Thank you.  I have a wonderful meditation that I would like to share, and to ask a question.  I traveled to the sun, and I finally arrived to the Central Sun.  I immediately was so attracted to the Central Sun, that I became completely part of it.  Then, when I was coming back to my body, I went back through the sun and the other sun, and to the planet Earth.  I also experienced how I was part of that energy that came to the planet.  I created that flow, that flash of energy that totally changed the planet.  And then I became part of my body.  But my body was conscious of all the darkness that was destroying around.  But I was so centered on myself and so bright, so rounded by bright fire and bright light that I said, “who cares?  Look how in bliss you are, you in total bliss, so don’t worry about it, everything is okay.”  And I was just so centered.  And it was so beautiful.  I felt great bliss.  When I said that, I immediately remembered Sananda was saying, “remember who you are and who you have been.”  And then I saw all these bodies that were all in alignment with me.  And when they were all in aligned with me, I exploded into what I would think was a planet or a sun.  And that is my question:  I don’t know what it was. 

OWS:   Please ask your question directly. What is your question?

Guest:   Why was that image that I exploded into either a planet or a sun?  I didn’t see myself anymore as a person.

OWS:   Because you are experiencing the full totality of your consciousness beyond the personality that you are now into the full dimensional frequencies of who you are and who you have ever been.  As to say that you were a planet, or that you were an exploding star, or anything of this nature, we cannot say directly at this point, but you have a knowing within yourself as the connection there, and the connection to the Universal Creative Source, here.  And that is your connection, as well as everyone else’s connection as well, you see?  So you will come to feel the full essence of who you are when you allow yourself to go so deeply as you did, here.  And that is what you have accomplished in doing so.  Okay?  Shoshanna, anything to add?

Shoshanna:   We do not.

OWS:   Very good.  Then we hope that that was a sufficient answer for your question.

Guest:   Yes.  Thank you. 

OWS:   And we need to release channel here.  Do you have anything you wish to add here, Shoshanna, as a final [comment]?

Shoshanna:   We do not have a formal message.  We will just say to each that is listening, and that may read the word:  to stay unified, to stay united, to love one another, and join each other in a celebration of this process.   Namaste.

OWS:   Yes.  And we would say here to remain calm yourselves, and help others also to find the calmness within themselves so that the continued vibrations go up, rather than down, as the cabal wants to happen, here.  We want the frequencies to continue to increase, the Light to continue to increase.  And this is up to you, all of you, the Lightworkers and Lightwarriors throughout the planet, here. 

Shoshanna:   We would like to add one thing, please?

OWS:   Very good.

Shoshanna:   We would like to remind all, and please remember this, that fear is a 3-D matrix program that is false!  It does not truly exist, you see.  So do not buy into it!   Namaste.

OWS:   Yes.  That is why it is ‘false evidence appearing real.’  Whoever came up with that was ‘right on,’ as you have your saying, here. 

Shoshanna:   Yes.

OWS:   So we are needing to release channel, now.

Shanti.  Peace be with you.  Be the one.

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