24.02.18 – A Time In No Time (Archangel Michael)



Sunday Call 24.2.18 (Archangel Michael, OWS, Shoshanna)

James & JoAnna McConnell

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL(Channeled by James McConnell)

I am Archangel Michael. I come to be with you at this time, in this time of no time.

For you are experiencing that, more and more, time is irrelevant in your life. Or it is seemingly heating up. And indeed it is doing so. It is not an illusion when you say time is speeding by. Where has the time gone. Time is flying by. All these things that you have are because it is, indeed, happening in just that way. So know that, as you continue to move through your daily lives, that time itself is becoming more and more irrelevant in your lives: in your individual lives, as well as you collective lives.

And it is those forces of darkness that are attempting to hold you to the sense of time as much as they can. For they say, “be on time for this,” or “be at this place at this moment, and do not be late.” Things such as this. But this is no more your concern, other than to do this for your fellow brothers and sisters, as they are expecting this. That is the only reason you need to look at time in this sense any longer. And the more that you can free yourselves of the time frame, or the sense of time itself, the more you are moving yourself, catapulting yourself ahead fully through this ascension process.

And this is what this is all about. Everything in your lives right now needs to be about this, about being in the ascension process. Yes, you do need to live your lives. You need to continue to go about your business in your daily lives, whatever that might be. But always know that the end result, the end goal here, is ascension. Ascension in this lifetime, not in lifetimes beyond this, not in hundreds of years from now, but now, in this moment, this moment that you are more and more fully moving through the ascension.

Continue to allow that process to happen within you, for you are moving fully ahead, even if you do not believe that you are. Even if you think that you are being stagnant, you are not. Because every single thought that you have, when it is certainly of a positive nature, you are affecting the whole of consciousness here on this planet. And the more you come to understand that, the more you come to understand the power within you. The power within you to change things, to change not only change things within yourself, but change the collective consciousness of man.

And that is what you all came here to do. To be the Wayshowers. To be the ones that go before and pave the way for others after you. Just as there are those of you, the guides that work with you that have paved the way before you, they have gone through the ascension process. They have fully ascended, the ones you call The Ascended Masters, or The Ascended Ones. They are the ones that paved the way for you. You are now paving the way for those that come after you.

So trust. Trust in the continuing process, even though it feels like everything is not as it needs to be.

But do not let appearances deceive you. Because those of the forces of darkness are doing everything they can to deceive you at this point. To deceive the collective consciousness of man. To make you believe that you are less than who you are. To make you believe that you have no power.

But the more that you are able to overcome that programming, the more you will fully realize the power within yourselves. The power to move mountains. The power to command the stars, even.

That is the power within each and every one of you that came here to be a part of this expression, to move this expression forward. To move it out of the third-dimensional illusionary matrix and to find the freedom outside of that matrix, and indeed create the new matrix, the new matrix in the fifth-dimensional expression, the new creation that is all a part of each and every one of you. Because you are creators. You are both the created, and the creators at the same time.

So take my sword, my Blue Sword of Truth, and wave it around yourselves. Literally wave it around yourselves, and that will attract others to the truth within your being, and the truth that will help to set them free as well.

I am Archangel Michael, and I leave you now in peace, and love, and oneness. And that you continue to move forward and pave the way for others to come after you. You are the Wayshowers.

ONE WHO SERVES(Channeled by James McConnell)

Om, mani, padme, hum; om, mani, padme, hum; hum, hum. Greetings to you! One Who Serves here. Shoshanna is here.

And we are ready for you to ask your questions if you have them. And we have answers. Not always the answers that you are looking for, but the answers that you need to have. So what would be your questions here?

Guest: I have a question.

OWS: Yes?

Guest: Last night I was listening to a new channel. She channels future people. And I was a little hesitant, because I knew it was going to be a prediction, but I did it anyway. She channels this Jewish professor who lives right now in 2033. I now feel it was a psy-op. They were asking him questions. You guys don’t do any predictions. It was kind of interesting how the dark designed this. That is how I feel, anyway.

OWS: Just ask your question, and then we will go from there.

Guest: Okay. He was saying that because he is coming from 2033, it is already etched in stone. It’s not a prediction, according to them, because he is already there and he is just looking back and telling us what happened. He was answering questions, saying things like the Russians aren’t going to attempt to take over the whole world, and then China is going to step in and stop it. And then he said other things like in 2030 there are going to be some tall, benevolent aliens show themselves for a little while, be photographed, and then leave, and then later show up around the world. Then the worst part was he said that Biden gets in, just barely, as the next president for the next four years, and then he said after that, after he is out of the presidency, a Black woman from Africa becomes the president.

OWS: Rather than continue to say what this one said, what is your question here?

Guest: My question is, it seems like a psy-op. It could be a different or separate timeline, or a parallel reality, but I don’t want to hear any credence…

OWS: You are on what you call the right track here, as you say, a psy-op. It is what we will say here, there are dark forces involved here.

This has happened in channeling in various ways in past times, and we will say it will continue to happen what are called false Christs, and this type of thing. Ones that come about and bring predictions. But what have we said about predictions all along? They are nothing but possibilities and probabilities based on the exact moment that is given. So whether this one is ahead in time and looking back, there is never anything written in stone. Otherwise, if there were, we would be able to tell you exactly what was going to happen, because it has already happened, you see? But we cannot, and will not do that because that takes away your free will to move more fully through this ascension process. And we would never do that. So anyone that does that, and says they are the real deal, we would say they are not, you see?

Now, with that understanding, there are many, many different sources that are coming through with various channeling expressions, various messages from many different realms here, many different dimensions, in other systems, all of these things. And whether or not they are all relevant or not is not important here. You do not need to look at the messenger, only the message that comes through, and how is resonates to you as it comes through. When as you have already said, it did not resonate to you, so pay no attention to it, we would say here. Okay? Shoshanna, do you have anything more to add here?

SHOSHANNA: (JoAnna’s Higher Self, channeled by JoAnna McConnell)

We will add a perspective, if we may, Dear Brother.

Guest: Oh yes, please. For sure.

Shoshanna: Dearest Brother, when you started the question, you said that you hesitated ot listen to this one, but you did. So we will say that your Higher God Self already knew and was prodding not to listen, you see. It was the first message that you received that your human self decided to listen, you see, when your God-Self was warning you. So we will say that you already knew at the highest level that this was false information without even asking the question. But we hear in your story a concern. And we hear the experience that you had listening to this one reverberate within your mind and your heart. So we would tell you to erase the experience. To pay no mind to it, Dear Brother, and you know this.

Guest: No credence.

Shoshanna: Yes. No credence to this, as this was an attempt to program you. Namaste.

OWS: Very good.

Guest: Thank you very much.

Shoshanna: Yes. Namaste.

OWS: Would there be other questions here?

Guest: Yes, I have one.

OWS: Yes?

Guest: On February 14, there was a person who videoed a thunderstorm, and he put this video on the application that we are all using. It showed in the clouds an image of a person with a hood and carrying a big cycle or something. This showed that image for maybe two seconds out of the thirteen second video. I did show this to the group so they could see it too, dated February 14. I was just wondering if that could be watching oer us, or if it was the bad good guys, or who it was.

OWS: We will tell you that this is an example of the glimpses we have been seeing, for some time. We have glimpses into other dimensions, other realms, other time-space continuums, even, here, beyond the time-space continuum, rather. And this is an example of that. But you will notice, if you would talk to other people that are not of the same persuasion as you, or as the same, we will just say the level of awakening that you are at this point, they would look at this and scoff at it, and say it was someone did a drawing of it, or whatever you call this type of thing where they can manipulate this.

Now, you have to understand that those that have the eyes to see, they would see this and would wonder about it, just as you are. Is this real? Is this something that is actually there within this storm her, you see?

So there is so much, much more that is beyond your third-dimensional expression of seeing, and then all of this, so much yet to realize and to begin to understand what is out there. As has your ‘X-Files’ said, “the truth is out there.” You see? So just be ready. These pictures, these different things that show up in your every-day lives are going to increase dramatically over the times ahead here. Shoshanna, do you have something to add here?

Shoshanna: We have a perspective, if this one wishes for us to share it.

Guest: Any time.

Shoshanna: We find that this was a manipulation of computer graphics. It was not real. Namaste.

OWS: Very good.

Guest: Good.

OWS: Would there be any other questions here?

Guest: I have a question. One Who Serves, I heard that a template of the Divine Feminine/Divine Masculine consciousness was anchored on Earth. In other words, that we are no longer to be a patriarchal or strictly matriarchal society, to bring the balance of the feminine and the masculine. Do you have any teachings or something that we can use as our responsibility of carrying forth this template?

OWS: Please ask your question directly here. What is it that you are looking for here?

Guest: What is our job as far passing on this way of consciousness as Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine balance?

Shoshanna: We will answer.

OWS: Yes, please do.

Shoshanna: We will share, if we may share, Dear Sister.

Guest: Yes, please.

Shoshanna: Dear Sister, this archetype that is given to your planet of divine masculine and Divine Feminine part of the balance, and always has been, you see. It has always been there. The yin and the yang have always been there, you see. That is why that symbol exists.

Now you ask, “what do we do to care for this template? You must express yourself as who you are. You have been given attributes into your personality in this life that express this template, that express part of it, some of it, all of it, and you must express it in the most divine way that you can, and not shy from it, you see.

What has happened in this planet is there have been programs that have been infiltrated into this divine masculine and Divine Feminine to somehow shame the existence of this, that you should not express this if you are a feminine person, if you appreciate cooking, or creating, or animals, or whatever you express, then express that. Do not shy from that. If you wish to take out your carpenter’s tools and build something, then do that, you see. Because honoring this template requires that each express themselves the way that they were intended to express themselves, and not to buy this. That is how you honor the balance. Does this make sense, Dear Sister?

Guest: Yes. Thank you.

Shoshanna: yes. Namaste.

OWS: Very good. Are there any other questions here?

Guest: Yes, I have one.

OWS: Yes?

Guest: NESARA and GESARA always say circumstances don’t matter, only the state of beings matter, and the state the being will create. So my question is, is pain a state of being, or is it a circumstance?

OWS: Did not quite understand. What is state of being?

Guest: Is pain a state of being, or is it a circumstance. When you’re in pain, is that a circumstance? Or is that a state of being?

Shoshanna: it is both, Dear Sister. We apologize for interrupting.

OWS: No, please do.

Shoshanna: May we continue to share, Dear Sister? We did not hear, may we share? We will continue. The idea that a state of being and a circumstance are separate from each other is not accurate. The idea that a circumstance just alone without a state of being is not how this dimension works, you see. So if you experience pain, for example, it is a circumstance that results in a state of being. So it is both. Namaste.

Guest: Thank you.

OWS: Very good. Are there any further questions here? We do need to release channel here. Nothing further? Then Shoshanna, do you have parting message?

Shoshanna: We will just say that we appreciate all that participate, and all that listen, as those that participate and those that listen further the consciousness of the planet. Namaste.

OWS: Very good. And we just simply say continue to move through your life here looking for balance in your life. That is what this lifetime is all about, is achieving balance. So look for it, find it, feel it, and express it in every way that you can; yes.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one.

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