20.06.28 – Lightworkers vs. Lightwarriors

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Aramda (Channeled by James McConnell) 

I am Aramda. It has been some time since I have been with this group, coming through this channel, through my beloved brother. 

I am here in these moments to assist you in understanding all that is going on in the world today, in your world, in your created world. Yes, you are the ones that have created this world. Even though there is seeming chaos throughout. And you would say, “I would not create that chaos.” You have. You have at very deeper levels within you. 

For all of you are one. All of you that are of the Light, and all of those that are of the seeming darkness still, are all one together. You are one humanity. And as one humanity, you are coming back together again, even though it appears now that there is this great division, this great divide. And yes, indeed, in your reality, it is. 

But in our reality, looking down at this situation, we see this great divide bringing a great awakening to all. Because in order to have order within the universe, within your universe, there first needs to be the chaos. So you must allow this process to continue. Even though many of you are becoming quite upset, this channel that we speak through as well, becoming disillusioned that all is not happening as you want it to. And indeed, it is not happening as you want it to. But it is happening as it must happen, now. There must be this entire breakdown before you can have the total breakthrough. This must happen. And it is happening. And it is leading you, as many, many more continue to awaken. 

Because many more are seeing this great divide, now. They are understanding—not as you do about timelines, but they are understanding that mankind must come together. And many more are realizing that fear is not the way they want to live their lives. 

Many are programmed and continue to be programmed. That is something that you yourselves cannot change. Although you can do all you can to spread the light. You can do all you can to spread education here and there wherever it is called for. But you cannot change them. 

You cannot bring them out of the darkness and into the light. You can only show them the light. And if they are ready, they will be attracted to your light. That is how the world is changing. That is how the collective consciousness of man is changing. And you must allow for this process. 

So allow yourselves to become upset. Allow the anger to rise at times. But control that anger. Control it, so that it does not interfere with another, does not interfere in their space if they are not ready. 

You call yourselves Lightworkers and Lightwarriors. There is a difference between the two. Many of you are workers. You are working within yourselves to raise the energies within you, to find yourselves in higher vibrational frequencies more and more. And you are working hard at this. And working with the light within you. 

But then there are others of you that are becoming the Warriors of Light. You are taking Michael’s sword and you are sharing the truth of his sword to all that will open up to it. And you are the Warriors of Light. 

There is nothing to say that one is better than the other, but it is just what it is in the moment. One moment you will be a worker, and the next you will become a Warrior of Light. And you will be ready to share that truth when the opportunity arises. Just as we are Warriors of Light, and we share the opportunities with you whenever we can. So be the worker, be the warrior. Be in the Light Community. But allow for the process to continue. 

As you have heard many times, ‘trust the plan.’ For the plan is working out exactly as it needs to in every given moment. And if you, all of you, find yourselves in the moment, then you will not become quite so frustrated. You will not become quite so angry, because you will be in the moment. And in that moment of neutrality, you can neither be angry or satisfied. You can just be, with a capital ‘BE’ in that moment. Just be who you are. That is all anyone of us, or any that work with you are asking of you. Just be who you are, and be the best that you can possibly be in those moments, and continue to lead up to the Great Event, to the Solar Flash, the Changeover that is approaching, even as the New Dawn is approaching. 

The New Dawn of the Golden Age of Aquarius is approaching. But you are the ones that are bringing it forward. Always remember that. 

We are here with you at all times, even though you cannot see us, even though there are not times when you sense us. But even then, yes, there are times when you sense us. But you doubt of our reality. We are as real as you are. 

And when the times are right, when the frequencies have risen enough, we will certainly be here with you in person at a physical level for you to reach out and touch. And even more than that, to have a long, long desired hug. For we have missed you! Just as we know you have missed us. We, your brothers and sisters from the stars. 

All of my peace and love be with all of you. 

I am Aramda. 

ONE WHO SERVES (Channeled by James McConnell) 

Om, mani, padme, hum; om, mani, padme, hum; hum. Greetings to you! One Who Serves here. We are here. Shoshanna is here. We are ready for your questions, and we hope that we have the answers for you. 

But before we do so, we wish to share, as Aramda has given, just be yourself. It is very important for you to be who you are, and not try to be something that you are not. Do not be concerned if you feel you are not doing all that you can do making a difference everywhere. You are making a difference just by being who you are, and that’s what you have to come to remember. 

Yes, there are those Warriors of Light, as Aramda has spoken of, as Archangel Michael has certainly spoken of, as Sananda has spoken of, and many have also spoken of to, be the Warriors of Light. But also just be, again, who you are. If you wish to sit back and be a Worker of Light within yourself, then do so. There is no shame in doing that. 

And certainly never feel any guilt that you are feeling like you are not doing enough. You are doing all that you can do in the moment. And in the next moment, who knows? You might become that Warrior. You might decide to raise Michael’s Sword of Truth and share it with others. That will be up to you, but it will be in the moment. And that’s what you have to come to understand. 

Just be in the moment. Do not focus on the past. Do not hold onto the past. Do not only look toward the future. But be in the moment. And the future: if you are being in the moment, the future will be exactly as you are creating it in those moments. 

Okay, we are ready now for your questions, here. Do you have questions for One Who Serves and Shoshanna? 

Guest: Yes, One Who Serves. I know we don’t talk dates, but I would just like for you to answer in mathematical percentages how far into the Photon Belt we are? 

OWS: We would say that you are directly into the middle of the Photon Belt at this time. You have come through a great deal, moving through, and you have moved much into the area of the center of this belt. That is what we can tell you without percentages. 

But you must understand that it is also dependent on collective consciousness of not only man, but of the entire Solar System, here, you see? So everything that is being directed here on the Earth that is occurring here on the Earth within the collective consciousness of man is also affecting the entire Solar System, okay? And even beyond that into the 

galaxy. So you are directing where you are in relation, as you are saying here, in terms of the Photon Belt, here. Okay? Shoshanna? 

Shoshanna: (Channeled by JoAnna McConnel): We do not wish to share on this. 

OWS: Very good. Does this answer your question? 

Guest: Well, yes. And I get this visualization of we are in this spaceship sailing through the Photon Belt and a negative energy slows us down, and a positive energy speeds us up. 

OWS: Yes. 

Guest: So Lightworkers, Lightwarriors, ha! We have work to do! And yeah, it does start with building that inner peace within ourselves. But obviously, we’ve got a lot of negativity to overcome on this Earth. So thank you for the answer. You know, middle is where I want to be. So that’s good. Thank you very much. 

OWS: Yes. You have to understand that because of where you are in relation to this, and also many cosmic changes that are also occurring at this time, this is why you are having the gamma light that is coming to the planet here at this point. And again, it is directed by the consciousness of man, here, as to how much light can come through, and how much needs to be held back as well. Okay? 

Guest: Ok, thank you. 

OWS: Yes. Would there be other questions, here? 

Guest: I would like to continue this question. When we do go through the complete Photon Belt, where are we at then. Is that when the event possibly would happen at that time? Or what is the reason for us to go through the complete Photon Belt? 

OWS: First of all, you know we cannot answer that question in terms of your time frame, here, in terms of how it affects that of the Solar Flash or The Event directly. 

Guest: Oh, okay, I’m sorry. 

OWS: But we can speak in terms of, again, the collective consciousness and how that is moving your entire Solar System along, here, in this respect. And the one who asked the question previously is correct in terms of the dark forces attempt to hold this back, hold this movement back. Not only physical movement in this sense, but also emotional and mental movement as well, here, in terms of creating more and more programming as they are attempting to do here and holding people to their programming, holding people to their fear, which is that programming, which is the matrix, here, you see? 

So if you are going to become free of the matrix, you must let go of the programming. You must let go of the fear. And more and more people across the planet need to let go of this fear. And wherever you can, and we would suggest this wherever you can, in the moment, becomes those Warriors of Light where it is called for. Okay? Shoshanna? 

Shoshanna: We can share. Do you wish for us to share our perspective on this, Dear sister? 

Guest: Oh, yes, please do. 

Shoshanna: Dear Sister, the path that the planet is traversing is a chaotic path. The Photon Belt is a chaotic path. It creates an enhancement to those that participate in the past. It can create a negative enhancement of consciousness, and it can create a positive enhancement of consciousness. What happens is where the being is in terms of its own path will be the consequence of the path of traveling this Photon Belt. 

So you see, if your path is love, Dear Sister, as we find you, then the path of the Earth through the Photon Belt will create a great enhancement of that love beyond recognition of most. You will feel it in every cell of your body, and every cell of your multi-dimensional being as you traverse this path. If the being traversing this path along with the planet is a negative being, that too will be enhanced. Namaste. 

Guest: Thank you so much. I am a Warrior! There is no doubt about it. I am the Warrior of Light. 

OWS: Yes you are. 

Guest: Yes you are. Thank you. 

Okay, I have a question, One Who Serves and Shoshanna. Many months ago, it was probably three, four, or five months ago, I’m not sure if it was St. Germain or one of the other amazing people who speak to us through James, said there was going to be an imminent announcement which would likely start the dominoes falling. They said it was very, very close to being announced. I don’t know if those announcements have been made. I haven’t heard anything. I wondered if it has been on hold because of this silly plandemic, or the false race riots, but they did, I think it was St. Germain, many months, said an announcement is imminent. Can you tune in to what’s happening with that, please? 

OWS: Yes. We can tell you it was St. Germain, and it was not many months, it was approximately one month ago, and it was speaking of announcements that are coming, and one particular announcement that would seem to be of greater importance, we would say, but it is also a series that are building up to that. That is already in process, here. 

When that announcement will come, we cannot give directly. If the term ‘imminent’ was used, that of course is relevant to who was giving it in terms of what our ‘soon’ is compared to your ‘soon,’ you have to understand that. And it is something, though, that is building, here. And it is building, and it will come at the opportune time when the frequencies have risen enough so that more and more across the planet, and we speak of the entire planet–not only this country, but the entire planet, can understand and appreciate what is coming through. 

This time right now that you are in, you could not have this type of an announcement. But when the frequencies are right, as we have said, it will be given, here. And it will likely come from your President Trump, at this point, here. So it is coming, and other announcements leading up to this as well. Okay? Shoshanna, do you have anything to add, here? 

Shoshanna: We can share on this. Dear Sister, may we share? 

Guest: Yes please. 

Shoshanna: Dear Sister, when we hear a question asked, we are always curious as to why the being is asking. May we ask why you are asking? 

Guest: Yes. Because Dear Goddess Sister, Shoshanna, I am a Light Warrior. I’m getting very tired. I have a mission. I’m a Light Warrior. A Light truth seeker. I’m having a hard time with the unfairness, and so I’m growing tired, and I was hoping that it still is on the way, and that we have not missed it, and it is imminent. 

Shoshanna: Dear Sister, we would like to share further our perspective. May we share? 

Guest: Yes. 

Shoshanna: We have already put ourselves in your mind, so we know your answer. We just needed it to be confirmed for all that are listening. 

Dear Sister, what is most important here is that you settle into your mission. That you realize the importance of who you are. That you continue to participate in your mission and accept it. You see, you are placed in a situation in time because of who you are and the choices that you have made as a sole to participate. You must settle with this, you see. 

It does not matter what the announcement is, what matters is that you become who you are in every moment and remain in the eye of the storm regardless of what is going on around you. You see, that is the mission of all Light Warriors to remain in the eye of the storm and still participate in their mission in a neutral way to uplift humanity. 

We find that you are doing that. But what we find is that you must settle your auric field as you draw the energies of many around you into your own field that creates an 

unsettlement, you see. So we will ask you to accept your mission, listen carefully to your Higher Self, and do exactly what you need to do to become fully the Light Warrior that you are. Namaste. 

Guest: Namaste. Thank you. 

OWS: Very good. Are there other questions, here? 

Guest: Yes, Dear Ones. We were talking earlier about this dilemma of getting activated or triggered, being frustrated or angry with what’s going on out there. So about 15 to 20 years ago, at that time I was in a relationship and my former husband was an alcoholic. I had learned the Serenity Prayer and I had used that a lot. God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, and so on, like that. I’m just wondering, do you know of some particular statement we can make when we are going through those places where we don’t want to go with frustration and anger. Is there some similar kind of a statement we can make that would typically pull us out of that space? 

OWS: What we would say to you is one is not for everyone. So whatever we would give here would not be necessarily for everyone. 

So what we would suggest is what Shoshanna has already said here, and listen to your Higher Self. Listen to the guidance coming from your Higher Self. So ask that question within yourself, because then it is focused predominantly on you and what you need to do or not do in whatever situation comes up. That is the best advice we can give here, rather than give a direct quote or affirmation, or whatever that would seemingly work for everyone when it is not meant to do that, here. Ask for your own affirmation, or your own guidance to assist you in various situations that come up for you, okay? Shoshanna? 

Guest: Okay, thank you. 

Shoshanna: We can share. May we share, Dear Sister? 

Guest: Yes please. 

Shoshanna: Dear Sister, we are going to pose a question. What if the stirring of these emotions that are seemingly negative are causing you and others to participate more fully in their mission. What if the stirring of these emotions are your Higher Self’s idea? 

OWS: Yes. 

Shoshanna: And, that to prompt you to participate more fully, you must feel these emotions? What if that were true? 

Guest: Oh, that’s pretty… (laughter!) But okay, then what about this whole thing of us wanting to be in the 5D space of the ascension from the Ascended Masters’ kind of way, so how does that work? 

Shoshanna: We can share further. 

Guest: Yes, please. 

Shoshanna: We will pose a question. What if the participation in these stirring emotions that create a desire to participate more fully in your mission here is the impetus to rise you to fifth dimension? What if that were true? 

Guest: Okay then, alright then, I’ll accept that. Okay. Thank you. 

Shoshanna: May we share further? 

Guest: Yeah, please. 

Shoshanna: What is necessary here in the higher consciousness of each being that pursues higher consciousness is to use the stirring of these emotions for the good of all, for the upliftment of humanity. And each of you know when you are doing this! And each of you know clearly when you are not. You see, emotion is purposeful, here. So you must not curtail the emotion. You must use it to rise in consciousness. Namaste. 

Guest: Okay. 

OWS: Yes, you can use your emotions to propel you into higher vibrational frequencies. 

Shoshanna: That is what we are saying, thank you. 

OWS: Yes. Wonderful. Wonderful perspective, as always, here. Would there be other questions, here? Anything further before we move to your e-mail question? 

Guest: I have one question. 

OWS: Yes? 

Guest: My gifts, or whatever you want to call them, are opening up, but they are opening up slowly. I was wondering if there is any way that you know of to make this happen faster. I guess we all feel like we have been waiting and waiting and waiting, like for the announcements and everything else. I’m actually enjoying the ride now (laughs). But I just wanted to see if you have any suggestions. Thank you. 

OWS: Very good. We would say to you that why would you want your gifts, as you are saying, your psychic abilities and these things, to speed up? Are question then would be, 

are you ready for this? That is what you must ask deep within yourself. Are you really ready to have some of these gifts come back to you that you had long ago, and that are returning slowly as you say. But if they come too fast, are you ready for it? And even more importantly, are those around you ready for it? You see? 

Guest: Okay. Good one. Yes. 

OWS: That is why for many of you, most of you, it will take the Solar Flash, The Event to happen before the full ramifications, or the full remembering of these gifts will come, here, you see? 

Guest: Thank you very much. 

OWS: Yes. Shoshanna? 

Shoshanna: We wish to share. May we share our perspective, Dear Sister? 

Guest: Please do. 

Shoshanna: Dear Sister, we know that you have come a long way. You have worked hard, and your consciousness has raised exponentially as you traversed the path of the Light Warrior. What we would say is that there is no waiting for anything unless you wish to participate in the constraints of third-dimensional concept of time, you see. There is no time. There is no waiting. There is simply doing. There is simply participating in your own mission in each and every moment that you breathe, that you participate in this particular light, you see. 

We would advise, and you gave us permission, we would advise that you settle into your mission. That those that try to pull you from your mission is the chaos that you feel in your life. Those that wish to talk you out of it, you see. 

You are on the exact right path, and you are a Light Warrior, and you must begin now to live in each and every moment, and not participate in waiting for anything. Namaste. 

Guest: Thank you. 

OWS: Very good. Are there further questions, here? Then we move to your e-mail question. 

Guest: Thank you. The first question is about a dream that this person had had about being in other realities and helping people, and they are asking for clarification and more information about that journey. 

OWS: Yes. Of course, not looking at the specific dream here, but looking at it from a collective point of view, many of you are having these types of dreams, of moving into other realities. 

And what have we been saying for some time, now? You are moving into other realities. It is not as you grew up to believe what your dreams were, or your ideas from Freud, or any of these other things of speaking of dreams in a certain sense of very difficult to understand, and all of this. It is not that. It is you are moving into other realities. You are playing in those other realities and experiencing being in those realities, those multi- dimensional self-realities of who you are, you see? And it appears that sometimes when you go into these realities that are very similar to what you have in your reality here, maybe with some differences. Or it is something completely different form what you have. But they are, indeed, other realities, other multi-dimensional realities that you are experiencing where you may be helping others. 

Many of you are assisting the Alliance without even knowing that you are doing it in your dream state. You are helping those of the Archangels to combat the darkness in various places, here, in those other dimensional realities. You are doing this each and every night. In those cases, you are the Warriors of Light, you see? And without even knowing that you are doing it. Sometimes you come back with the memories of some of it, and it is meant for you to do this. 

And you will come more and more to more vivid memories of your realities in the dream state. That is coming for many of you. And it is happening more and more, now. So be ready for more vivid dreams to be a part of your everyday expression, here. Shoshanna? 

Shoshanna: Yes, we would like to share on this. All that One Who Serves has given, we wish that we had said this, as this is so accurate. What we would like to say to all that are listening to this call, and possibly reading the words that will be translated, that ‘dream’ is a third-dimensional concept to create this idea that you are in a fantasy. It is a third- dimensional program to make the beings of Earth think that they are imagining these things in their dreams, as they are not real, when it is just the opposite! It is so laughable, you see. 

A dream is not a dream, it is an adventure. It is purposeful. It is there to teach each one of us what our mission is. And it helps us to understand the multi-dimensionality of our existence that we are not tied to this planet as a human, you see. It is meant to teach us that we are free to experience any level, any dimension that we wish to reach by stopping the third-dimensional mind from harvesting only one reality. Namaste. 

OWS: Very good. And the other question you have? 

Guest: Yes. This other person said they often use the phrase, ‘my spirit family walks with me,’ and is asking if that is a good idea to say when she feels alone. 

OWS: Of course, for this one who is saying it, it is wonderful, because it has come from her Higher Self, here, that brings this to her. And it is something that everyone can say if they wish, if it has meaning to you, if it resonates within you. But one thing is not for everyone, you see? That’s why we said in the earlier question here, we cannot give a blanket answer for everyone. Everyone must go within themselves, to their Higher Self and ask for what can be given here. 

But also know that at every given moment in all of your lives, and all of your previous lives, all of your existence, you have never been alone, you see? You have always had those guides, those ones with you, and of course your Higher Selves with you, and they have always been there to guide you. So you are never, ever alone, not for one second are you alone. 

Unless, and here is the only unless here, unless you ask to be left alone. And that is sometimes that you do. And we gave this to The James some time ago when he said, “Would you all please leave me alone?” He wasn’t talking necessarily to us, but he was talking in general. And we said, “Ok, we leave you alone.” For a very short time, we did. And he did not want to experience that again, you see? He has not shared this with anyone previously, but we share this because it is apropos for the moment here, for those of you to know that you are never alone unless you ask for it, okay? Shoshanna? 

Shoshanna: We will concur with all that has been given. And we wish for all of humanity to understand what those words mean, that no one has ever been alone. And the Earth was an experimentation in separation. And those that recognize that it was an experiment that it was not meant to disrupt the continuation of the soul’s journey, have discovered that they are not alone. That it was simply a program running that was meant for all to understand that this trigger was to awaken them, to understand that there really is no separateness. Namaste. 

OWS: Very good. Then we are done with questions here for the time. Shoshanna, do you have parting message, here? 

Shoshanna: We will say to all that we are so proud to participate in your journeys, and that we are so honored to be allowed to give information, and we love each and every one of you beyond your recognition of what love it. Namaste. 

OWS: Very good. And we wish to give what The James would call a plug in here for your next Advance. Because it is so important that you participate in one way or another, here, and be a part of this. Because there is going to be so much that will be given at this that has not been previously given, here. We have given a little bit of this to The James, but not much yet. So we would say that it is not something that you want to not be a part of, because of the changes that are happening now in the world and how it relates, and how this next Advance will relate to these changes. We cannot tell more on this now at this point, but we will give more to The James as it comes closer here. And be ready for a great awakening within yourselves, okay? 

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one. 

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