16.04.10 – Be In The Joy Every Single Moment

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“Be In The Joy Every Single Moment” -One Who Serves and Ashira


“One Who Serves” channeled by James McConnell

“Ashira” channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco


(Note: these messages were given during our weekly Prepare For Change group in

Glendale, AZ on April 10, 2016)



Greetings to you. “One Who Serves” here with you to assist in any way we can.

First of all, is everybody back? (from out of body experience during our guided

meditation) No one out there without a body? Any sleeping or snoring or all of these

things? Everybody all back and tucked in nicely?


How do you feel here? Excited. Accomplished. Keep going there is a reason we are doing

this. Happy. Electrified. Good. Beamed up. Heartricty warmed up. Like that. That is

good.Great joy! Didn’t want to come back. You have to come back for a while yet.

Anything else here?


Anyone know why we are doing this? All those words plus even more important the

feelings behind those words are Ascension language. Is this not higher dimensional

language? Joy, electricity, beamed up, all of these things, even accomplished. We will not

forget that one. You see? This is the vibration you are looking towards.


Now close your eyes and imagine for a moment having these feelings, these higher

vibrations all the time. And you can begin to understand what it is for us where we are.

To have these vibrations. To be in the joy every single moment. You see? This is where

you are going. This is where you are headed.


Now James did not know that we were going to add this but this is what is going to be

and what you are going to feel at the Advance (Memorial Day weekend up in Pine, AZ)

when you are there. You are going to be feeling much, much more of this. This is what

the entire theme is going to be about there. This is why we are so excited about this.


But you do not have to be physically present there. There is no time and space you see.

You can be on the phone or you can be joining us with your Astral Bodies or your Etheric

Bodies, It is all OK. It is what it is. You see? You will all be with us in Spirit or however

you are there. Of course, those that are physically there will experience the most of this

because we are going to be there physically as well. We may not appear as physically

available to you but we will be there very physically. “Ashira” myself, “St. Germain”,

“Sananda”, “Archangel Michael” and many others. We will all be there with you.


It is to give you a precursor to what is coming when we are there physically with you,

sitting at your table. And you can say, “Oh, you are the “One Who Serves”. You are the

one we have been hearing from all of this time. This is what you look like.” And it is not

the picture that Anne has! (laughter) We are not like that at all! You will be so surprised.

You will be so amazed when you get a glimpse of this one who is speaking now as well

as all the others. There are five of us, you see?


Oh, it is going to be so much fun. We do not necessarily have a message. We know

“Ashira” has a message but we will see what happens with your questions. OK?


Are there questions here for “One Who Serves” and “Ashira” who is standing by?


Question: How are you going to manifest at the Advance?



Our presence will be physically known to you. Cannot say more in this moment because

it depends entirely on you and your vibrations and whether or not you can come up

enough to meet us. We are not going to come all the way down there. We’ve been there.

Done that and not going to do this again. (laughter) If you can raise your vibrations

enough, we can be there physically with you.


It is up to you. We are going to do several things to assist with this process. Is that not

right, “Ashira”?


“Indeed we are”, she replied.


We are so looking forward to this. You have no idea.


Question: Is our ability to hold the vibration tied to the home we are staying in?



Very much so. Because of the energies there and the lack of miasma there. And all the

beautiful forestation there and everything. As well as the area above the house, hint, hint.

All of this is the location. Remember the portal above you? That is there. Much is

coming. Boy, we cannot wait.

Any other questions?


Question: Is the light in the middle of the room a portal?



It is not a portal in that you can be taken away in it but it has its presence in the golden,

white light pillar that has been built in this room. For those who feel drawn to the light as

you move up and down this vehicle of travel then you can consider it a portal in that way.

It is not something that is going to take you into other dimensions except those you are

directed to in meditations.



Very good. Other questions here?


No questions? Well we will just add here. Continue to allow for all these things coming

through you to simply go through you. On other words the various bouts of anger and

frustrations and feelings of jealousy and all of these things that keep coming up are all a

part of the 3D programming that you have become accustomed too.


It is time to put these away. Time to put it all away and move into these higher

vibrations. Allow yourself to feel it for a moment and then say, “Enough is enough”. Do

your shift thing (“flip the switch”) just as was suggested in your meeting. Do a little bit of

a shift for that is all that is needed. It is just a small, little shift that has to happen. A

minor shift. You will move from low vibration feeling to high vibration feeling.


Just as one said earlier in your discussion, look up at the trees and the flowers. Look

around and see the beauty everywhere. Look up at the sky. You may see chemtrail but

they are much, much diminished over the times here. But see the beautiful blue sky

coming through the billowing clouds. See the little bit of light gleaming through.


See how bright the Sun is. Has anyone noticed this? Look at it and see it with new eyes.

See it with your Third Eye center. Open that Third eye center. It is ready to open and

expand and to grow into all that it is meant to be. It was purposely shut down and now it

is time to purposely open it back up! OK?


Question: I am enjoying my private time so much that I find it had to come back. And my

meditations are not working so well for me anymore. What can you suggest?



We are happy to answer this. We are glad to be speaking with you today.


You have been involved with tremendous growth in the past couple of years and

especially these last six months or so. You are finding that those things that served you

well are becoming out moded.


It might be helpful for you to experience your meditation in a different time of day,

perhaps in a different location, perhaps including music, perhaps including song, perhaps

including movement. Not just sitting still. There are a lot of ways people meditate and it

is often a good time to incorporate new practices for growth.


Be good to yourself. Be nice to yourself. It sounds like you are beating yourself up a bit

over this and we do not want that to happen, dear one.

Change your methodology a little bit and see if it does not bring you more satisfaction.

The quiet of meditation is a positive, of course, but sometimes some gentle dancing with

spiritual music will help you get where you want to be. Or use some singing of spiritual

music. All of this will help shut off the mind to the 3D world and move you into that

higher dimension. Does that help?



We would add here of that shift that occurred last evening (April 9th). James was not so

aware but some of you are. There was a shift of energy here that occurred during that

time period that was given. It will be imperceptible to some but it will be perceptible to

many people. It is another shift of consciousness that has occurred.


Many of you who have a sense of those words will have a sense that this has happened. If

it is not immediate, it will come. And don’t forget the Initiation that Sanat Kumara spoke

about some time ago here. It is all still in the works here. So he wanted to prepare

everyone for this. It is coming and it is still going to be a part of all of this. OK?


Any further questions?


Question: I had nausea and lightheadedness yesterday morning. Was that an advance of

the Wave that hit later in the day?



Very much, in some ways yes. Sometimes things are just what they appear to be. You

might have little bout of something in nature but not always and certainly not in this case.

You are becoming accustomed, all of you, are becoming more accustomed to the

energies. As you become stronger, the energies can become stronger. As these stronger

energies come in they can become disconcerting for many of you.


We have been given permission to say this. We know that several here and one in

particular, she knows who she is, has been having a bout this for some time now. It is

something that is continuing to affect here and will affect her because she is not quite

letting go enough yet. Once she does the energies will balance out.


This goes for all of you. When you feel like you like you have come into balance, you

have a sense of balance, then these energies will move through and not cause quite so

much discomfiture here. OK?


Question: Is this about resistance?



Resistence yes. Let the resistence go. Let the attachments go. Be in the Now moment.

Most importantly, do not hold onto the past. The past is past, you see? Do not hold onto

  1. There are only memories. That is all it is. And those memories will fade over period of

time as you move into these higher vibrations and you remain there. Eventually it will be

very difficult to remember any of the old programming. It will all fade away.

Any other questions here?


Question: I forgot the Wave last night because I was at work. Can I still use those

energies for good in my life?



It is not necessary to be aware of them. They are there, regardless. They are there for

those who are prepared for them. The more you are in a higher vibration, a higher

consciousness than not, then these positive energies will affect you in many ways.


This is only the beginnings of these energies folks. They are coming to be here more and

more and more. Not in the sense of Waves necessarily. There were three Waves that will

have come through. There are little Waves between the bigger ones. Anything to add,




It’s an ocean. Think of waves on the ocean.



Yes! Very wonderful!

Question: Are you saying that we need to clean ourselves for Ascension?


We do not want to put that idea in your mind because you will be thinking of that

constantly. We see you thinking about discomfiture as, do I have Ascension symptoms or

am I sick. We don’t want you to worry about this.


We want you to think about being in the higher level and be there. If you do this then

everything will take care of itself. You will move beyond these symptoms from the

energy process here.


Question: I need to create a job where I can earn the money I need and be able to feel

these energies. Help?



We think you just answered your question in terms of creating your reality. Yes. Create

your reality. It is your reality. Create it. Make it anything you want. Find your joy!

Whatever it is.


This is the Fifth Dimension people. This is what you will have. You will create with

your visualization skills which is why you are working in your visualization skills. As

you visualize more and more you will create from this.


Now I know there are some out there who say, “I can’t visualize”. “I cannot do that. I

cannot see anything”. But your thoughts create it. You see?

Have your thoughts and create within your thoughts it does not matter if you see

anything or not. It is still there and you will create from those thoughts. OK?


Question: I find that my thoughts become my belief system. So if I change my belief

system I will change my thoughts?



Absolutely but change your thoughts first and that will lead to a different belief system as

well. One will lead to the other and then the other will lead back.


Question: I was in the kitchen and I heard a Dove singing in the vent in the kitchen. I

love Doves. Can you tell me what was the message.



It brings joy into your life. It took you into the immediate moment of Now and filled you

with joy. This one has visited you before but you may not have noticed him in the same

way. Take it as a gift, dear one.



We want to welcome our newcomer here. Welcome, Stacy.


Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.



I am “Ashira”. It is a pleasure to give “OWS” the main floor. They are so funny, are they

not? I do not play in quite the same way but sometimes I do. So I leave you with my

message for today.


It has been a moment of gratitude to not hear about the outside world from this group

today. We have a moment of gratitude as you speak about yourselves about ow you are

growing and what you are sharing with one another. That is wonderful way to raise your



You know how you have grown and how you are raising your vibration. We know that

you are still having Ascension symptoms but they seem to be less. Some of you have

talked about things that you are no longer eating. You are coming into a balance in your



There are times you have a hard time remembering your past. Remembering what

happened, when happened and who happened. Because you are moving into the higher



All of these are signs for you to know that you are doing a good job. You are being

successful in this and we, as your spiritual leaders for this group praise you and are proud

of you.


In the coming week and weeks you will see changes in your world. Watch them as you

would watch a film. Do not become engaged with them. This is the world you are crating.

When you meditate what is the world you are creating? What is the job that you are

creating? How do people act and react to one another? For that is what you are creating.


This is a wonderful time to be alive. A wonderful place to be. Here in Arizona where the

skies are blue, most of the time, and patches of green. There wondrous things to see




wherever you are. Listen to the singing of birds. Watch as your Fairy flies by perhaps

disguised as a hummingbird.


All is coming into balance. All is coming into harmony. All is working exactly as it

should according to the Divine Plan.


I leave you with my peace and blessing,



Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco



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