Before you begin a session with a client you should shield yourself.

1.  Activate St Germain Purple Rain!  Simply say:

“Divinity, Please activate Saint Germain Purple Rain.”  (Take 3 deep breaths, and visualize yourself as a tall oak tree.)  You can visualize and then say,

“I am a tall oak tree.  My roots grow from my feet down through the floor into the earth, down, down, down, to the core of Nova Gaia.  My roots anchor me to the core of Nova Gaia. I am now grounded to Nova Gaia.”

2.  You can also activate protective defense by saying,

“I activate ‘Return to Sender’ or ‘Return to Sender with extreme prejudice.’”

That will send any frequencies coming your way back to the sender, multiplied a zillion-fold.

3.  Protecting yourself with Protective White Light is further insurance.

“I call to my Mighty I AM Presence, and ask that I be surrounded by protective White Light.  Shield me from any 3D density, entities, or Artificial Intelligence viruses or infections with anyone I meet, speak to, or interact with in person or on the computer or Internet.  Thank you, Mighty I AM Presence.”

Author: Yoda

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