17.08.20 – Many Of You Will Feel A Sense Of Bliss Come Over You That You Have Not Yet Felt

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Lady Nada and One Who Serves as channeled by James McConnell

These messages were given during our weekly Sunday Prepare For Change group in Phoenix, AZ on August 20, 2017



I AM Lady Nada. It is wonderful to be with you at this time in these changes that are approaching as this feminine energy is coming to balance the masculine energy.

It has been coming for a very long time now but it is about to increase many-fold as these energies that are coming into the Earth and are being symbolized and catalyzed by this great event that is happening tomorrow the 21st of August and that being the solar eclipse. That being the energy change that is going to catapult many new changes to come to this planet. This is a beginning, a beginning energy, a wave of energy you might call it, that is being released from the sun from the solar sun but first from the Galactic Central Sun as well, that these energies are now going to be coming into the planet more and more.

And if you have been feeling these rising energies over some time now, you are about to experience even more energy even more rise of these energies because so much is ready, to use the expression ‘explode’ on this planet. Explode in a wonderful array of light and love and a shift in consciousness that is going to propel all of the people on this planet into a new direction, a new direction that leads them to a balanced state within them.

All of this is about coming into balance. All of this is about bringing the masculine energy that has been so dominant over so long a period of time, not to diminish, but to become equal to that feminine energy, that Goddess energy that has been re-released now. It has been for some time but it is now going to begin to cascade into this planet like you have never felt before. Many of you, after this shift happens tomorrow, will begin to feel these energies and you feel it as a balance; you will feel it as a love that is emanating from deep within Gaia herself. And you will feel the energies coming forward and you will feel the animals and the plants all feeling this new energy, this new love energy, this new energy that is bringing the shift in consciousness which you have all so long awaited.

This is not The Event as has been spoken of but it is in many ways the beginnings of it. You have had many waves of energy come through previously and they have been coming to continue to acclimate you, all of you, to these energies. But I tell you now that these energies are going to increase many fold. And you will feel and understand this as it happens.

And many of you will feel a sense of bliss come over you that you have not yet felt. Others of you may feel some trepidation. Many of you will also feel some sense of … not illness, we would not say that but you may feel some symptoms that you have not felt before. Or if you have had these symptoms they may increase for just a short period of time but that will only be for a minute period of time here. You will all feel this expression in different ways.

This is somewhat of a precursor of when the full Event happens to prepare you, to ready you for this shift and changeover that is very much coming closer and closer. It is time now for all of you, all of you, to begin to move within yourself more and more fully; to find that source energy within you that is being reawakened in many of you. Many of you have already felt this awakening but you are going to feel it much more than you have previously. And all of those out there that have no idea of this awakening will begin to awaken as well. Where you are out in your public, when you are there and you are meeting new people, new people will come and approach you and begin to speak and talk about these things in wide-eyed amazement because they have not understood this up to now. Because up to now they have been asleep just as you were asleep many months and maybe even many years ago. But now you have awakened and so are many, many more are going to awakened because of this celestial event or rather the celestial events that have been happening and are going to continue to happen as you continue to move closer and closer into this Aquarian Age and closer to the New Golden Age.

I AM Lady Nada. I love you dearly more than you can imagine at this point. So many of you are my brothers and sisters my dear friends along with my wonderful partner and twin soul as you know Sananda we are all in this working together bringing this about as much as we can. But as you have heard many, many, many times, you are the ones that are making these changes. You are the ones that are what you have been waiting for. We are only here to assist and work with you as we can.

All of my peace and love be with all of you. I love you dearly.


Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om, Om. Greetings to you!

One Who Serves here to assist and follow-up and to do all the things that we do because as we are doing all the things that we do, you are expected to do all of the things that you do.

And what of those things that you are supposed to be doing? [Advancing!] Advancing yes. Are you all advancing? Are you all moving ahead with these energies and working with them and letting them move through you and in you and shift and change you as you continue on with your daily life? Are you all looking for those moments of joy at all times or are you looking for the joy in every moment?

We know we have spoken of this before but it is so important as we continue this process, this ascension process that you are on. Be in the moment in the every moment now and find that joy in every moment because this is what is going to catapult you into the new higher energies. This is what is going to take you into the higher vibrations and keep you there.

If you are feeling disconsolate if you are feeling down and depressed, how can you be in the higher vibrations when you are in that sense of mood? But when you are feeling joyful, when you are seeing the beauty all around you, when you are feeling the oneness with the plants and the animals and feeling the earth under your feet in the connection with the Earth or touching water and feeling the consciousness within the water. That is when you are experiencing these new changes that are here. That is when you will begin more and more to move into those higher vibrations and find yourself staying their longer and longer. Does this make sense to everyone?

And if you have not already noticed, yes I Am a different One Who Serves. You may have already felt the energy difference maybe because of the Lady Nada coming with all of this feminine energy. Maybe this is what it is. But I am more gentle you might say and to be with you I have not been with, through this one, but one time previously. And this is an opportunity for myself to come here and be with you and to experience with you.

There are going to be many many times that we, as the One Who Serves, as the collective of the One Who Serves are going to be with you more and more just as we have been. But those times that are ahead are going to be many many changes that are going to shift within you. Not only the shifts outside of yourself but those shifts that are happening within you. Many of you have already recognized this, have been feeling this for some time, but now it is becoming accentuated. Now you are beginning to feel this coming over you more and more. And when this happens, as it will and as it does, it is important for you to know that that is all it is. It is just a shift that is happening. It is just new energies that are coming into the planet and preparing you for your ascension process. As Sananda says many times acclimating you to these energies so that you are ready for all that is coming. And I assure you that so much is coming and always though and as we say much is coming, we always need to reiterate to you that you also need to be in the now at all times.

Are there questions now for One Who Serves?

Q & A

Q: I just wanted to acknowledge you One Who Serves collective, my beautiful brothers and sisters, that I’ve enjoyed so much your metaphor of finding the joy in every moment and not looking for the moment of joy. And I was able to share that with a client yesterday and it inspired and enlightened him. It was such a beautiful gift. And I wanted to share my love and appreciation for that. And I also expressed it to my mom what happened and I said these doors have opened and she said I see them! They’re white and gold doors that opened up to this beautiful blue sky. It was very special and I love you all. So thank you.

OWS: Wonderful. Thank you for your feelings your comments there. And something so simple as this saying that we gave here but such a beauty within that saying. So it’s a wonderful feeling that can come from this. So this is wonderful. Yes.

Q: I was really intrigued by the first member of your collective who came through. She was female.

OWS: Not female but very gentle you might say.

Q: Yes I was resonating with her when she first came in and I was just trying to get an image of her in my mind. And I was just wondering if I had the correct image. Was she Pleiadian looking or Venusian looking?

OWS: No, as we are saying it is not ‘she’. There is no she within our collective. But it would be difficult for us to be the One Who Serves as the brothers that we are to have a female within us. Now that is not to say that there are not other aspects of ourselves as well as another order within our order that is of the female persuasion as well. So there is both. When we say The Great White Brotherhood, we are not speaking only of the male persuasion, we are also speaking of many of the female that are in as well. That our sisters are part of this wonderful order that we are as well as all of the other brotherhoods and sisterhoods that are out there and the councils that are a part of this whole expression that is happening here. Yes, we are all here and willing to assist in any way that we can.

[Editor’s note: It was later suggested that the caller may have been referring to Lady Nada who spoke before One Who Serves.]

Q: I remember you commenting on somebody’s depiction of you saying that that’s not how you looked. How do you look? How do you come to us?

OWS: And we think that most of you understand or rather know what we would say here but we are not going to spoil the surprise there because there will be come times when we will appear to you or others of the, what you call Company of Heaven will appear to you, and it will be very much of a surprise in many respects. Because even though we have this crazy Tibetan accent here we do not always appear to be as Tibetan. We can appear as what you might call in South America and in many other places. Even here in the United States we can also appear in that respect too. For as you know we have gone through this ascension process and we are able to change our looks and our bodies in any way that we want. And just as we have been telling you that at some point when you are ready you will be able to do this as well. But before you do that as you are moving through this transition process you will have access to those chambers that have been spoken of, those crystal chambers, and you will be able to alter your physical appearance and all of this at that time working through those particular technological devices that will be available to you.

Q: Wonderful. Yes we did mention about that, that they go by many names, the healing chambers and light chambers. And we were discussing that there’s millions of chambers on the ships and in Agartha and that we’ll all have our own individual name, our earth name on the side of the light chamber.

OWS: You will not have your names as you know them now but you will have names which you resonate to that will draw you, as a magnet, will draw you to it. It will be your personal chamber that will be available to you at that time and then when you exit that chamber, that same chamber will be available to another but it will be altered to fit their consciousness as they move into it. So it is not your names that will be on there – you will not see the name tag or anything of Diana, or James, or Peter, or David, or anything of this nature – you will feel the symbolic connection here as you are drawn to it. You will understand this. You can call it Light Language possibly and this will be what will draw you to it at the time.

Q: And will that be our spiritual name?

OWS: You can call it that if you wish – yes. And we are not going to give you your spiritual names now. That you must come up with on your own so don’t anyone ask. Okay?

Q: I didn’t question my higher self who was telling me this. So when my higher self said “my name,” maybe it just meant my spiritual name and I interpreted it wrong thinking it was my Earth name.

OWS: Yes. Look at it as a vibrational name in a sense. May be better way to look at it here.

Q: I’ve recently received a contact by an E.T. group called the Ebens (phonetic) and it seems to me that these type of contacts are becoming more frequent. Is there some connection between that and this upcoming eclipse?

OWS: Yes very much so. Many more after this eclipse are going to be experiencing this as well. And we would say to you, all of you now — all of you that are listening here and will read these words after — all of you can begin more and more now to go outside at night and communicate with those members those ones that are there. Many ways they are there for you. They are watching over you, they are experiencing with you. Not directly that they are yours, I would not say, although sometimes they are. Sometimes the connection is directly attuned to you and you can do this you can go out but as you do this, as you begin to communicate with those ones that are there, as you are hearing the answer do not slough it off as this is just my imagination because as soon as you do that the communication will end. So I would just giving you a caution here, a little warning that if you want to have these connections be developed here you must believe in that connection and trust it. And even if it isn’t, so what? If you get a wonderful message from somewhere then does it matter who that messenger is? You see? So let it be.
[Extreme audio interference]
Charles is right about the solar eclipse. This is going to accentuate the ability for so many more to open this connection. Just as you open the connection there at the Advance and the James then took it from there and has also now been communicating with these ones as well. So it is becoming opened very much so.

Q: I thank Lady Nada for bringing in the transmission about Devine Goddess Energy on the planet to balance the masculine energy for oneness and to One Who Serves for suggestion to go out into nature to integrate and acclimate these energies.

I heard a recent transmission about the harmonic convergence that occurred back in 1987. Are we going to another harmonic convergence of Christ Consciousness?

OWS: You are. And this is what you would call the 30-year anniversary of that harmonic convergence. And much that occurred at that time is going to reoccur now, and much much more than that. So the energies that occurred back in that time, your 1987, were high but nothing like they are now and nothing like they are going to become. So the harmonic convergence that created such an awakening across the planet at that time is going to be repeated in a much higher volume or much higher vibratory level than it ever was at that time.

Q: I have a question about the total solar eclipse that we’re going through tomorrow. Is it safe to see it with the naked eye or do we need some type of lens to look at the solar eclipse?

OWS: We are going to answer that for you with this understanding that there is much information that is available on this. It has in the past been a particular problem that someone would look at this and have some damage to their eyes and things of this nature and that is still true certainly.

But also know that the energies that are coming from the sun are not as you have been programmed to believe. They are not harmful to you as you have learned over the years. That is not to say that you can sit out in the direct sun’s rays in the middle of the afternoon in your desert the area here and not become sunburned. You can certainly. But it is to say that much has been created by the cabal in intensive programming to keep you away from the sun’s rays. To say they are damaging to you because they know that the sun’s rays are leading to your ascension.

They know all about this. They have known about this for a long time. Why do you think they are putting those trails those chemtrails in the skies? They are attempting to block out the sun’s rays as much as possible. So they have not been able to do that certainly. How would you even think that you could block the sun’s rays. You see?

But this particular event that is happening here — and we will call it an event because it is an event — and this particular event is going to be special. It is going to be special because the cosmic energies that are going to be released from this happening here, this celestial event, are going to be enormous. And we will use the term we gave to the James for the Advance: momentous. Much is going to happen as a result of this. You may not feel it directly at first but you will. It is going to reverberate across the planet as this occurs tomorrow and into the next weeks and months ahead. And all of this is a catalyst to bring these newer energies into the planet as well as the changes that will come as a result of these energies.

We know we went much further than your actual question but it was necessary.

Q: I have been a little concerned, as a person who has loved a person who died of addiction, with the conversation about marijuana. I’m not inclined to believe it’s all so very benevolent but I don’t know. I would like to know from you is marijuana and some other drugs helping us in the ascension process? Are they not helping us? Or does it not make any difference one way or the other?

OWS: We will speak about marijuana or your cannabis and you can look at this as a gift from the gods, you might say. A gift from the Masters. We have provided this to the planet here for your use. And if it is coming from the earth and if it is a part of the earth it is beneficial to you. Now that is not to say there are not plants out there that are poisonous and things, certainly there are. But if you take certain of those poisonous plants that are there and combine them with another type of plant they can bring much benefit to all of you. And the cabal has known this for a long time. They have known that cannabis is very healing and beneficial to mankind and they have done all they can to demonize it to make it something that is harmful to you.

Now with that understanding that is not to say that sitting there and smoking a, what is your saying a reefer or a joint or whatever you might call it every single day, day in day out is going to be helpful for you. No it is not. It is going to open up avenues within you that you do not want to open up: portals you might say that will then bring in unwanted guests, let us put it that way. Now in terms of the dark forces can intercede and move in through these openings that are developed. Now that is with heavy use.

But with occasional use or with medicinal use, in other words your intent is to bring about healing, it can be very beneficial indeed for you.

So it is a plant that has been given to mankind to assist in your healing properties and working with the consciousness as far as increasing consciousness, opening parts of your consciousness that have been closed to you, opening the third eye, all of these things can be assisted by the use of cannabis and marijuana. Now we do not hope that you all go out and buy your ounces of pot and all of that now and begin to smoke heavily. Please do not do that. That would be detrimental. But if there is a need for it or a great desire here and there then it can be very helpful to you.

Now that is also to say there are certain other avenues that you can approach such as your magic mushrooms and things of this nature that can increase consciousness as well. They are meant to do that. They have been used for millennia and millennia for just that purpose to open up portals or gateways within the third eye to see what they cannot see with their physical eyes. All of these things are part of this. But if they are manmade such as LSD and things of this nature, not too helpful here. To be stayed away from.

Now also to bring about the discussion about other drugs and medications and all of this, anything that is not natural, that is a manmade, that is utilized to hold the consciousness down or to minimize yourself in terms of psychiatric drugs and things of this nature can be very hurtful and not beneficial at all to you. And anyone who is utilizing those anti-psychotic drugs and things of this nature they can be very, can be and are, very harmful over a period of time. Now that is not to say that temporarily sometimes there is a need for this to assist in the process in that particular moment that one is having various symptoms but is not something to stay on for a long time period. Okay?

Q: I have trouble sleeping with the high energies that we have and I know they’re going to ramp up. I’ve been using marijuana just to get that rest I need at night. But using it every night for sleep, do you find that to be a problem?

OWS: Depends on what your intent is for doing it. If you are using it to assist in your sleep process as you are moving through these ascension energies here it can be very helpful and something not to be concerned about. But if you are doing it and worrying about doing it, and feeling like you are doing something wrong and feeling guilty about it, that is another story. Guilt will bring about new symptoms that you do not want to have. You see?

We don’t want to be having a bunch from stoners here. [Laughter] Do not all become stoners! You need to live your lives too. Okay?

Q: Can I ask a question about ambrosia? I’ve heard you say that yes you’ve had many parties up there. I believe that in the astral I’ve been to some parties and I’ve seen in my vision some form of ambrosia – I may have been name wrong but it’s something that they drink up there. I’ve seen it on the ships. It’s clear it in a clear glass and they’re drinking it.

OWS: We will answer this question in this way. If there are billions and billions and billions and billions of planets within the galaxy of this galaxy and there are billions and billions and billions of galaxies and many many universes do you think there are a few drinks out there … [Laughter] that could be special? Do you see where we are going with this?

Q: Yes, this is what I thought I’d seen in my astral travels when I’m up on a ship and had a glass of this wonderful pink ambrosia. When I asked Ashtar what it was I thought he said ambrosia.

OWS: Anyone out there who would like to know a little bit more about this it is directly spoken of in your book ‘Unveiled Mysteries’ where Saint Germain produces a cup of liquid here, and gives it to the author of the book, the Godfre. And gives it to him, he tastes it, and it is like nothing he has ever had before. There is an example of what you were speaking of.

Q: Oh the penny has just dropped. I know now what you speak of. Yes he did and Saint Germain loves a drink. I swear I’ve had a drink with Saint Germain before and we’ve had a good old chat. And it’s really such a wonderful loving relaxing time, space, atmosphere, feeling, vibration, it was just wonderful.

OWS: As we have said many times you are headed for some big time celebrations. You can call them parties if you want … we do but they’re going to be there and you’re going to have these celebrations and parties and if you want to sample these drinks that are being spoken of they will certainly be available.

Q: I remember that happened in that book and the drink was kind of thick and I think it was gold. He took Bernard, who was the person, out of his body when he drank that and took him back to his mine in one of his lifetimes, I guess it was a gold mine or silver mine, that he could see the mine that he had bought. And he used that drink, I guess, to help him out of his body. And it didn’t seem like they traveled in space at all. Is that true?

OWS: Yes. And now you understand what these drinks can be like. Much more than your drinks that you have here. For if a drink that you had here can take you out of your body and somewhere else, we do not think anybody would be not drinking them.

Q: I feel it’s very important not to identify the cannabis plant as a marijuana plant because that name, marijuana, was given to it in the 1940s for evil purposes to drive us away from the plant. Do your research. The cannabis plant is a pure, medicinal, amazing plant. I suggest that everybody watch the documentary ‘The Sacred Plant’ to get an idea of what this plant has done for the world. And it’s important not to give it the name marijuana because that name was given to it as an evil name [OWS: Part of the cabal, yes.] and it has an evil vibration.

OWS: And that is correct. So we apologize if we used that term but that is correct. It is best to think of it in terms of cannabis or sacred plant or whatever else you can utilize here but yes, you are correct here.

We need to release channel here. It is time so we just say here at the end here of this particular session that everything is proceeding exactly as it needs to. Everything is being looked after. All that are working on this process are standing by ready to move ahead on a moment’s notice into their next phase that they are waiting for. So many levels and stages of this process have been completed and there are more to come but they are becoming less and less as to what still needs to be completed. So you are very close as you continue through this and we would just say now get ready for these energies, fastened those seatbelts, get ready because the ride is going to become amazing — not so much bumpy– but amazing.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one.

Channeled by James McConnell
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