16.04.03 – The 3 Energy Waves Are Going To Culminate in the Summer of 2016

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“The 3 Energy Waves Are Going To Culminate in the Summer of 2016” – Sananda, Arabella, OWS and Ashira

“Sananda” and “One Who Serves” channeled by James McConnell
“Arabella” and “Ashira” channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco

(Note: these messages were given during our weekly Prepare For Change group and bimonthly joint call with Hollow Earth Network over Blog Talk Radio in Glendale, AZ on April 3, 2016)

Also note, that the question/answer session with OWS and Ashira was not transcribed however, you can listen to the audio by going to www.hollowearthnetwork.com.

This is “Sananda”. As always it is good to be with you and to reach out to all of you all that can be aware of these transmissions.

It is so important that we have these times together to reach 0ut and give these messages. You have probably heard that these messages are going to be increasing, not only from this source but through many sources. Many more sources will have these messages because of the times, Because of what is happening in the Now.

And it is all happening in the Now. It is not yet in your 3D awareness but it is in the here and now. You are going to be having more of these energy adjustments going on. As the Waves come through, most of you have been told that you are in the First Wave. That Wave came through in September of last year. Now the Second Wave has moved through and the next one is due in the summer.

Please understand that these three Waves are all going to culminate together at a time, this summer of 2016. These Waves will culminate for the full Ascension process, although this may not complete the full Ascension process but it will move you more fully into it.

Many of you are experiencing this in your dream states or in the lucidity in your daily lives. Many of you are seeing through the veil now. It is because of these energies that are awakening all of these memories within you. All that has been so dormant for so long and many of you are having these moments now.

We listen to these calls. And we listen to each and every one of you. We are aware of each and every one of you. Not only those who are on this call but those who read these words as well. And of course, many more throughout the planet.

We see your light and as we watch it, we see it ember up more and more. We know that your consciousness is changing at that time. We know that you are having those experiences as the veil is dropping. As it drops you see through it. Please understand, my brothers and sisters, this veil is going to be gone completely. And when it is gone you will have your mentors with you to assist you in experiencing the new dimensions.

You have already moved into the Fourth and will be moving into the Fifth. You have not seemingly moved forward because of the programming in your mind. It is holding onto most of you. It is releasing little by little because of your heart awakening and your DNA structure changing once again. Because of the Pineal Gland coming online again. All of this. Your Third Eye Center becoming awakened again. All of these things leading to the changes in store.

Now it was spoken that this would be a different kind of transmission and I want you to understand that I AM reaching out across this planet, from wherever you are listening to this call, when you read these words later, I AM reaching out to you. I am reaching out in my physical-ness as much as possible. You see you are moving up in your vibration so that we do not need to come down to your vibration, you are coming up to us! Because you are moving up to us we can be with you more often and more fully.

I would like for you to do something different. I would like for you to all close your eyes. Close your eyes and feel my presence. Feel my presence. Feel the presence of your guides with you. And when you feel their presence open your eyes slowly and know that you are not looking through your physical eyes center. See the glimmer, see the light. See the movement of the light.

Whatever it might be that shows you the presence of I, “Sananda” or “St. Germaine” or “Sanat Kumara” or “Archangel Michael”. Or “Ashtar” or any of the others of us. Feel that presence with you. Know it. See it. It is there for each and every one of you.

Do not be dismayed if you do not see it. See it through your Mind’s Eye. That presence is there within all of you. That presence, my brothers and sisters, has never left. It has always been there. It has been clouded over by this veil but as I am lifting this Veil now for all of you. Yes, maybe temporarily because it is necessary still at this time but soon it will not be needed. But the veil, for right now, has been lifted. You only need to look and then believe and see.

We are all in this together, you and I. We have been for a very long time. We are nearing the finish line. There is not much left before the culmination, before you have crossed this line. It will be very shortly. As the Third Wave comes over this planet come this June.

At that time, so many more will have awakened. You of the First Wave, you will have moved more fully up in vibrations. You will step back and help those of your brethren who are coming to the finish line. Assist those of your brethren to awaken to who they are. Just as you are in that process as well.

I am Sananda. I leave you with my peace and love. Knowing that there is never a time when we are not with you. Peace and love be with you.

I am”Arabella”. I have not been with this group for about a year as Susan looked back to see. It seems much shorter than that to us.

It is good to be here with all of you, all of you across the planet. We came with good intention today. Because things have changed. Things have changed as the Ascension process has moved forward. It has kicked us into high gear as well! We were surprised when “Sananda” asked you to close your eyes because we will be doing to the same type of experience with you.

Fairies, Elementals are part of the soul group upon this planet that have rarely move into human bodies. Some of us have but most of us stayed with the jobs we came to do. And we have stayed with it. We take care of the clouds. We take care of water. We take care of the rocks and the plants. We take care of forests. We take care of all of those things of all of those things that are here for you to experience too.

But we were called recently to change our mission. Each of the humans on this planet now has a Guardian Fairy. This is a Fairy who is with you and this is something that you do not know of at this point in time.

And so what we are going to do is to invite you to close your eyes. Close your eyes and concentrate on your high heart are. See it open up. See its beautiful blue green light and from that area comes a Fairy. The Fairy will come from that place to be in front of you. To be in front of your face.

This one is yours. This one will tell you their name. It is their job to assist you with your Ascension process. They will not leave you until this is accomplished. They will do all that they can to whisper in your ear and clear the path for you. And to make sure that you are on the path that you choose to be on. And to give you whispers, if you stray.

Everything is leading to Ascension. Everything is leading forward. With the use of the Fairy Kingdom, you can call them “mentors” in ways, you will be able to move along your paths even more effectively than you have in the past.

This Fairy one that is yours, see them as they are dressed. See them as they present their sex to you. These are part of the Kingdoms upon this planet. Part that is moving forward at this time. Your Ascension is part of their Ascension and their Ascension is part of yours. And while we know that mentors were not expected in these tiny bodies, they are part of the process.

You will see many things change in a short period of time. We have been given that you are to experience new things within a matter of weeks. We are here to support you. We are here to dry your eyes. We are here to be in a very co-existent way with you.

Do not worry about the clouds and plants and water. There are plenty of us to take care of everything on the planet AND to take care of all of the humans. Make sure we usher you through the door. Make sure we assist you in getting what you need and helping you to adjust your emotional states. Helping you to find the joy for we ARE joy every moment of our lives.

You may open your eyes if you desire. KNOW that your Fairy is with you very closely. This is a change for our behaviors and our assignments but something that we are very pleased and proud to do.

We are pleased to be with you this day. We know that in the future we will have more to say as we move down our road with you. We bless you!

“One Who Serves”
“One Who Serves” here with you and we so enjoy these times with you. Up until this time it has been only in consciousness. That is going to change drastically as we move ahead here. As the frequencies raise we will be more fully with you in terms of physicality.

Those ones you look up to, your mentors, your guides, those you call the Ascended Masters and Company of Heaven and all of us are going to be with you more fully as the Veil is lifted more fully here.
As “Sananda” has lifted the Veil for the call here this morning it is important to know that the Veil will drop back down but not as fully as previously.

So those of you who have been having glimpses get ready because you are going to be having more of those glimpses. Dreams are going to be exploding in your mind as you are having them. You are going to realize that you are not having just dreams anymore but that you are having experiences in Hollow Earth, in Cities of Light, in Healing Chambers or on ships. Wherever it may be, even in other galaxies maybe!

You will have these experiences and they will become more and more believable to you. Why is that? Because as a race you are going to believe and then you are going to see. You see?

Now you may look across the planet and see skirmishes here and hatred there. This is to keep the fear in people and this is true but also as these waves have come though you are experiencing things with these Waves. You have been increasing in frequency and vibration all along. As Gaia is moving up in vibration, you are moving up with her.

This is the only way it can be. If there are those who cannot do this, they will be left behind. This will happen. Yes, some may pass on out of their physical bodies and some may move to another location, that is true. They will be wherever they need to be. They will follow their plan.

You do not need to be concerned about anyone else, even if they are a family member because they are following their plan, their blueprint. Whatever that might be. All is right for them just as all is right for you.

So, allow for the process to continue. It is going to become very prominent, very profound here as the frequencies become higher drastically in the next weeks and months to come here. Maybe even sooner. Depends on many things that are working in the background. As “Sananda” has said, as all three Waves join, much will be different at that moment.

Go with the flow but saying that does not mean you can sit there and do nothing. It does not mean this at all. Say you are in a boat. It is going down a river. It is going downstream or upstream, whatever. Whatever you are doing with your boat. The one steering is your Higher Self. Your Higher Self will steer you in whatever direction you need to go. But you, yourself, need to power the boat. Either turn on the motor or row it or whatever that might be. You have to do something. You have to move your feet in order to get somewhere. If you do not move your feet you get nowhere.

So, know that all is happening as it needs. Go with the flow but do something to create your life. You are creating your life every moment, every day. You are creating this. So create whatever you want and as you move into the higher vibrations your visualization skills, your creative skills will get better and better.

Create whatever you want in your reality.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the ONE.

I am “Ashira” and I am closing today.

“One Who Serves” spoke of creation. We spoke of all types of opportunities you have for your future. Of seeing things differently. Of seeing things newly. Of meeting your Fairy and seeing what that one has to help you with your journey. All of these we brought to you today as we continue to move you forward. We support that completely. Continuing to move forward means to walk upon your path and see the doors open for you in new ways.

We know that every day there is something new for you to discover. Remember to walk barefoot on Mother Earth. Remember to sit, when you have an opportunity, in the grass. See the beautiful blue sky and the clouds. Be in touch with her as much as you can. For this is part of your journey, my friends. This is part of why you are here.

As you receive those messages in the weeks to come that assist you in seeing how you fit in all of this, you will see how your journey into your future makes this present moment more full and complete. We are pleased to share this moment with you.

I leave you with peace and blessings!

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco

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