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Sunday Call (St. Germain, OWS, Shoshanna)

SAINT GERMAIN  (Channeled by James McConnell)

I am Saint Germain.  I am here to once again bring you into those higher levels of yourselves, into the higher knowings of who you are.  Because many of you are becoming awakened enough to realize that all around you is still yet but an illusion. 

When you first heard that term some years ago that all of this is an illusion, it is a third-dimensional illusion, many of you wondered, “what did that mean?”  How can this be an illusion, because it is so real.  But yet, now you are all beginning more and more to understand what we meant by that.  How this was an illusion. 

And that it being an illusion, it is being created.  And who are the creators, but yourselves.  You are all creating this illusion.  And just as you create this illusion, this third-dimensional illusion, you can now create, and are creating, a new reality for yourselves without the illusion of programming.  For in many of you, the idea of programming is becoming less and less.  You are not succumbing to the programming as much as you used to.  Even in your conversation earlier, we heard that you are not allowing for the propaganda for the program that has been instituted across the planet, that you are not falling into the trap. 

But yet, if you think back to many years ago, if this same thing had happened, how many of you would have bought into it.  Just as many of you—most of you bought into the illusion in your 9/11. 

But that is not so anymore.  Because you have awakened, or fully within the awakening process, now.  And life is not business as usual for you.  Look at how those across your planet, now, are saying, “enough!” and “enough is enough!”  They are not allowing to be programmed, or to continue to be programmed.  Yes, there are certainly some, and maybe even the majority that still allow for that.  But it is an awakening progress. 

This is the “Great Awakening”.  And what is occurring now, which appears to be a storm all around you, that storm is dissipating.  Because the Light is diminishing it. 

If the darkness had been allowed here, if their plan, their program, had been allowed to be instituted fully as they wanted (they, of course, being what you call the cabal, the forces of darkness), if they had been allowed to continue this, then mankind as you know it, would have ceased to exist, here.  But because of you, and because of the many that work with you that work within the Light, work within the higher vibrations to change the story to shift and change the program and the illusion, and to create the new reality that many, many more are now craving.

You are not seeing the depths of the program of what could have been.  You are not seeing that because you, as a collective, have not allowed it.  You have all risen up and saying, as The James said earlier, “We will not go silently into the night.  We will not quit without a fight.”  Those words will forever echo throughout the consciousness of man.  Because as one grand connection of consciousness, you are all rising up and saying, “Enough!  We are done!  The game is over!”  Many of you are saying, “We are not playing this game any longer, and it is time.” 

It is time now to create that new reality, the one that you all came here to witness, to all be a part of. 

The new reality, The New Golden Age that you all saw so many thousands of years ago as you planned to enter this evolution.  You saw the beginning, and you saw the end.  You just did not know of the travails along the way of how difficult the journey would be.  But yet, here you are now, so many lifetimes later.  Right here at the finish line, at the culmination, at the crescendo, just before the final trumpet plays its song. 

I am Saint Germain.  So much more is about to be revealed in many aspects, in many ways.  Some that you will not be surprised by.  Some that will take even those of you, of the Light, will take you by surprise.  For many of you do not know the depth, how deep the darkness really goes.  Or in your (movie – “The Matrix”) saying, “how deep that rabbit hole really goes.” 

All of my peace and love be with all of you.  And may the Violet Flame continue to hold you in its embrace, and continue to burn out, purge out, just as it is doing for many of you now, as you wonder what is happening with my body, the pains, the aches, the purging that is going on now.  It is all happening as a part of this ascension process.  So be of good cheer, and know that it is indeed all being orchestrated, and to continue to trust The Plan. 

ONE WHO SERVES  (Channeled by James McConnell)

Om, mani, padme, hum;   om, mani, padme, hum; hum, hum.   Greetings to you!  One Who Serves here.   We do not know if Shoshanna is going to be with us.  Is she here? 

JoAnna:  No. 

OWS:   Very good.  Then we are going to take it on our own, here.  Okay?

We do not have message here directly, but we will entertain your questions, if you have any, here.  Would there be any questions, here?

Guest:   I have a question. 

OWS:  Yes?

Guest:   Someone asked a question recently about the children that are being rescued and treated for trauma and receiving treatments with new technologies for rapid healing of emotional wounds.  When I read that, I felt this huge burst of energy come from above me down into my body, and I started to cry.  I’m almost 60, and I’ve done a lot of inner child work on myself, and I meditate and get good results, but I still suffer from low self-worth.  Not as bad as I used to, but I was one of those severely abused children when I was young.  My Inner Being tells me that my courage is legendary, but I am getting tired of feeling like I have to be tough all the time through this struggle. 

So my question is, are these technologies available to us that have been living with severe child abuse, and how can I allow myself to accept more?

OWS:   The technologies you are speaking of are certainly available, but they are not available to the public at large, here, at this point.  They have been held back, secreted, covert programs, if you will, much in the way of compartmentalizing everything, here.  So that if you were to ask even certain ones within the Government, or within your secret intelligent agencies, and things of this nature, some would even not know of what we are speaking of, here.  Some would.  But many would not because of this compartmentalization that has occurred, here. 

But, it is known, and becoming more and more known, that these technologies are out there.  They are available, or will become available, in the not-too-far-off future, as we find it.  Because more and more are becoming aware of this, and they cannot hold back the tide, here.  They cannot hold back the waters.  The dam is bursting.  And as the dam continues to burst, figuratively speaking here, of course, then the truth shall continue to come forward.  As the waters flow through the dam, this is the truth.  And the many truths that are coming through. 

And the technologies that you speak of are part of these truths that have been held back from mankind, for only a few to indulge in these, what would be considered sci-fi types of technologies to you now, but to those that have even been utilizing them for some time, they are certainly not sci-fi, they are science to them.  And we have said many times that all of your magic, and things of this nature, and miracles, and those things that have occurred in the past, are simply science at a higher level, a higher consciousness level, a higher vibrational level.  And a you continue to move into these higher vibrations, then you are going to be able to be associated with these new technologies as they become available.  Okay?  Do you understand this?

Guest:   Yes.

OWS:   Very good. 

Guest:   Thank you.

Shoshanna:  (Channeled by JoAnna McConnell):

We wish to share. 

OWS:   Oh, here, we have Shoshanna!  She has entered the building!  Yes!  Very good.

Shoshanna:   We wish to share with you, Dear Sister.  May we share? 

Guest:   Yes, please.

Shoshanna:   Our Dear Sister, we can see your past in this lifetime, and we can see the courage that you have summoned to handle these issues that you have taken upon yourself to experience. 

It is time now to view those experiences from a different point of view.  And this is forever difficult for those that have been tragically hurt by others that they trusted. 

This has damaged so many in terms of their ability to trust, and their ability to acknowledge those that have hurt them, a those that were summoned to do this for an experienced that you wished to have at the higher levels. 

This is difficult for us to tell you this.  But what we must say at this point that when you acknowledge that your age is almost 60 in Earth years, you are saying, “it is time for me now to release all of this,” it is time to release all of this.  And when you say, “oh, I do not have the self-worth that I would like to have,” that has been your story, and that has been your emotional body telling you, “you must release this now.” 

So you must begin to see these experiences from a completely different point of view, from a point of view as if you are a spectator, and not that one that experienced it.  Because that is a new point of view, you see, and you can examine these experiences as something that has led you to who you are today, and have a grateful attitude for those experiences.  Because they made you who you are today.  They have awakened you.  And they have awakened you to others, you see. 

All of this was orchestrated by you, as your Higher Self and your Human Self designed this lifetime for you.  So if you could put yourself in a neutral position and view these things from a neutral point of view as if you were watching them, not experiencing them, you will see them in a different light.  Do we make sense to you, Dear Sister?

Guest:   Yes, in a way.  Because I really like who I am.  And I know that I wouldn’t’ be This Person if I didn’t go through everything that I have gone through. 

Shoshanna:   And you must see that what you have gone through was designed by you.  Do you understand this?

Guest:  Yes.  I have done some reading about that way of looking at it.  I will keep working. 

Shoshanna:   We know you, Dear Sister.  And we know your heart.  And we know your compassion.  And these things would not have developed this heart that you have, and this compassion that you have for others if you had not experienced it yourself.  That is the way this dimension works, you see. 

We hope we have helped in some way.   Namaste.

Guest:   Yes.  Thank you.

OWS:   Very good.  Do we have any other questions, here?

Guest:   Yes, Dear Ones.   I have a couple questions, but I will start with one, and you can let me know if there is time for another.  I have been reading The Law of One and also watching videos, as I am always watching by various people, and it seems that dark beings that come to our planet (those doing control efforts and whatever else like that), and they were also fifth dimensional or sixth dimensional.  And then also in a video I saw they were talking about how the astral plane goes all the way up to, I think, the eighth dimension or something like that.  I guess what I am hearing is that there are individuals that do dark things that are in this upper dimension, which I am kind of confused at.  Because I thought that as we raise our vibrations to the different frequencies of love, joy, light, peace, bliss, and all this is what causes us to get to the next dimension.  So how could beings that do dark deeds be a high dimensional being.  That is what I am trying to figure out.  Can you give me any thoughts on that? 

OWS:   What we can tell you is that it is all about consciousness.  Consciousness.  And consciousness is in every dimension.  And consciousness can be manipulated, we will say, in many different ways in other dimensions as well. 

What you are speaking of, though, is you hear many times ‘as you move up in vibrations, in vibrational frequency up into the higher fourth and fifth dimension and even beyond, that all of your troubles, all of your duality and everything will cease to exist.’  Well, that is not completely accurate.  It will still be there, but you will not be focused on it because it will have no meaning to you anymore as it has here in this dimensional frequency. 

So in those higher dimensions, again it is about consciousness.  So those that do focus on that, then will have the duality, that sense of it there, and there can be that difference there at the duality basis of good and evil as you are thinking, here, you see? 

We know it is difficult to come to a complete understanding here, because the three-dimensional consciousness cannot quite understand in terms of this.  But it is all about consciousness, and where that one is in consciousness at that moment.  So there are beings in those higher dimensions that would have a sense of being of darkness or more so than what you were expecting, here. 

It is very difficult to explain.

Shoshanna:   We will share.

OWS:   Shoshanna may be able to give a better understanding, here.

Shoshanna:   We will share with you our perspective, Dear Sister, may we share? 

Guest:   Yes, please.

Shoshanna:   Each dimension that beings traverse through in their soul and growth development have targets for that soul, have levels of consciousness that would be achieved so that that soul can once again join the source at the greatest light possible in the universe and the multiverse.  So, with that being said, let us give an example of the fifth dimension. 

The fifth dimension’s target is to understand that they can view all paths, and all actions, and all experiences with a great sense of neutrality and compassion, and understanding and seeing where that soul needs to go to target its next level of growth.  That is what is 5-D beings do.  They completely give in and surrender to neutrality and understanding for all on their particular path.  There is no judgment there, you see.  That is what we are getting at.

So that being said, occasionally the fifth-dimensional beings will call forth another being that you call a ‘dark being’ to help them on their path to give them an understanding of where they may grow even further.  You see, because to grow, you must see the opposite of something to grow in consciousness.  So they are calling forth these beings to join them to assist them in their own soul growth.  That is why you will find them in all dimensions.  Does this make sense, Dear Sister?

Guest:   Yes, I guess it does.  Thank you.  I appreciate it.

Shoshanna:   Namaste.

OWS:   Very good.  Are there other questions, here? 

Guest:   Yes, I have a question.  Can you hear me? 

OWS:   Yes.

Guest:   Okay.  There is a bible prediction that came to me into my head today, and I’m not that well-versed with the bible anymore.  It is about the angels playing the seven trumpets.  I am vaguely remembering that seven trumpets, I believe, have been played?  And when the seventh one will be played, there will be a coming of something, or something wonderful or big, or changes, or whatever, I believe.  Has that seventh trumpet been played?  And then I just thought of:  is [President] Trump the seventh ‘strumpet?’ 

OWS:   We will tell you that you are on the right track, here, in terms of understanding the terms of ‘trumpet,’ in terms of vibration.  What is song, or music, or sound but vibration, and that would come from that trumpet, as you are saying, here. 

But a you are also saying, there is the connection here with the president, President Trump and, the name that is used here was not used by accident when this one came into being.  Okay?  That is what we can say on this at this point.  Cannot give too much more information, and certainly not a when in terms of date or anything of this nature.  But know that it is in the happening process now.  And the seventh trumpet, as you are saying, is about to be played.  Okay? 

Guest:   Oh!  Yes.  Wonderful, thank you.

Shoshanna:   We will share. 

OWS:   Yes.

Shoshanna:   We will share.  May we share our perspective? 

Guest:   Please, Darling.

Shoshanna:   Dear Sister, this passage that you speak of is an analogy.  It is not to be seen as literal.  But what you can deduct from this passage is that a trumpet is a way to announce a new thing, or to announce a big event.  Trumpets have been used in this way for centuries.  A trumpet is used, or several trumpets are used when royalty enters a path.  You see?  When royalty walks down a township, a trumpet occurs and is played. 

So what seven trumpets are, are the seven trumpets, you see.  The first one brings in a set of characteristics for humankind and souls to move forward and experience so that they may achieve the next level, you see. 

The seventh trumpet is the spiritual trumpet.  Seven is the number of Spirituality.  And when the seventh trumpet is announced, or is played, it is announcing the level of consciousness has achieved true spirituality, true connection with Source.  That is where you and humanity are headed.  And, this one known as ‘Trump’ is ‘The Great Unifier’ and will bring that event to this world.   Namaste.

OWS:   And we also add here that there is the connection with the Kundalini energy, here, and the rising of this Kundalini energy.  And where does it rise to?  It rises to the Crown Chakra, which is your Seventh Chakra.  And when it has risen to the Crown Chakra, enlightenment occurs.  And enlightenment is your ascension.

Guest:   Yes.  Beautiful.  Thank you.

OWS:   Are there any further questions, here? 

Guest:   I would like to ask a question. 

OWS:  Yes.  A couple of days ago I visited a park where I had a crystal in that park.  I put that crystal there a long time ago.  Because I have extreme effects with crystals, I don’t keep crystals in my house anymore.  So I put that crystal in that park.  And I went there.  I felt guided to go there.  So I was about 40 meters away from the crystals in that park.  I stayed there for maybe two minutes, then I felt the need to leave. 

What that triggered in me I felt like enormous waves of energy that went over me.  Actually, it has been about three to four days now that I have been experiencing these huge waves of energy that are really, really overwhelming and I have trouble staying sanely, and all that because I went to that park where that crystal was deposited. 

So I was just briefly, briefly nearby a crystal, and it triggered explosive energy inside me.  And sounds were distorted.  I had all kinds of crazy effects.  I was praying and praying that I could stay in love and in Light.  I was praying to every being I knew that I would not harm myself, that I would stay sane, that I would act in love and Light toward people.  Because I had insane effects, like so much energy that my eye was changing shape, the size of my body was changing shape, my energy centers were all changing shape and sizes.  It was so much energy that I felt like I was dying, and I felt so scared, and I felt I could go probably insane. 

And so this has lasted for about three to four days.  And even today I felt a couple of waves, and it is like a bit comparable to like an ayawaska experience, like a bad ayawaska experience, because I did that in the past as well.  It can be compared to that. 

But I don’t understand why this happened, like when I did this, I went to this park where I had one crystal that I had deposited a long time ago and it triggered this insane, insane journey these last couple of days, and I would like to know what is the meaning of this.

OWS:   What you are experiencing, my dear friend, is you are experiencing the connection with your Kundalini energy.  And the Kundalini energy had a spontaneous rising, you might say.  And it is very powerful when you are not ready for it, or when you are not expecting it.  Not that you are not ready for it.  You are ready for it, as we find it.  But you were not expecting it, so therefore it brought a sense of fear into you, here. 

But there is more to this.  It is your connection to the crystalline structures of the planet.  Not only this one crystal, but you have a connection to the crystalline consciousness, we will say.  The crystalline consciousness deep within the planet, as well as all around the planet in all of the crystal connections, here, the crystal consciousness grid.  You are very much connected to this.  And this comes from your connection to long ago in a system far, far away, we will say, here.  And it is something that is being reborn (or better word, here) rejuvenated within you again. 

So you will continue to have these spontaneous Kundalini energy risings, here, but not to the point where it is any danger to you, unless you believe it to be and you allow fear to come into the picture.  So we would say:  do not have fear.  Be neutral about this.  Let it be what it is, and know that it is actually something wonderful, here.  Shoshanna?

Shoshanna:   We can share. 

Guest:   Yes.

Shoshanna:   Dear Brother, we wish to ask you a question.  May we ask?

Guest:   Yes.

Shoshanna:   During this experience, what did you do to rebalance your body?

Guest:   I tried to stay in nature to go ground.  And I tried to drink water, but I felt like I could not drink a lot of water.  The water felt very heavy, so I was drinking a couple of drops at a time.  And then I stayed in bed and tried to make it through. 

Shoshanna:   You have experienced a saturation point.  You have an aura that absorbs magnetic responses that crystals give out, and you have absorbed them.  So you must rebalance your body through grounding. 

We are going to make two suggestions.  If you experience this again at a physical level, you must stay, we will say, for a couple of hours in a magnesium bath.  Are you familiar with magnesium salts? 

Guest:   Ah no, no.  I do not know that, no.

Shoshanna:   We know you are from a different country and we do not know if this is available in your country, but are you familiar with a thing called ‘Epsom Salts?’ 

Guest:   Yes, that sounds familiar, yes.

Shoshanna:   We do not know what stores you have.  Do you have drug stores? 

Guest:   Yes.  I think I could find that.  Yes.

Shoshanna:   Epsom Salts are a grounding salt.  So if you immerse your body in warm to hot water that has been prepared with Epsom Salts, you will begin to release that magnetic energy that has gathered around your body and you will experience a rebalancing. 

We also suggest that in the place you live that you place crystal salts at your doorway.  Do you have two doors?

Guest:   Yes, two.  Yeah.

Shoshanna:   You must place crystal salts, like Himalayan salt or crystal salt, at your doorway on both doors and this will absorb the energies. 

Guest:   Thank you. Wonderful.

Shoshanna:   This will help you balance your body.  We ask that you please do this for yourself and you will lessen this experience tremendously.   Namaste.

Guest:   Amazing.  Thank you.  I will do this thing.  Wonderful.  Thank you to both of you.

Shoshanna:   Yes.

OWS:   Very good.  Are there any further questions, here?  We take one, maybe two more, and then we release channel.  Anything further?

Guest:   Well, if no one is jumping in, can I ask a second one?

OWS:   Yes.  We knew you would.

Guest:   (Laughter)  Trying to be polite.  Okay, this experience I had when something came out of my stomach that looked to be something foreign.  Can you give me any information if was an implant, or if it was something else foreign, and if there is still foreign stuff for me to get out of my stomach, and is that why I am getting sick? 

OWS:   What we would like for you to consider here is not getting into the fear basis of any of this, of implants and all of these types of things.  But think of it in terms of a purging with the energies as they are coming in.  That they are creating this process within those that are susceptible to this in terms of having weak stomachs or taking on too much energy from outside of self in terms of being empathic toward others and feeing their pain, and those types of things, and taking that on within yourself.  And if you are one that does this, which we believe you are, here, then you will continue to experience these types of things until you do not need to, until it is gone, until you have purged enough throughout all of this.  And you have been one that has been going through this for some time.  But it will come to an end here when you have completely purged everything out, when you have purged out all these negative energies, you see? 

Many will experience these types of things, but not necessarily in the same way.  Do not have to go through this type of thing.  There are ways to purge out the energies simply by knowing that you are doing it, by believing that you are doing it. 

But do not get trapped here, we will say, within this idea of implants.  Not to say that there are not.  But we do not want you, those of you, the ones we are working with and helping to prepare here, we do not want you to begin to focus on that sense of things, of something being within you that has been planted there, even if that may the case.  It will come out or they will come out naturally as you move along, here.  Okay?  Shoshanna? 

Shoshanna:   We can share.  May we share?

Guest:   Yes, please.

Shoshanna:   Dear Sister, you absorb energy through your gut.  This One that is our human self, JoAnna, also does this.  She has the same issues.  She has a very sensitive gut because you are very aware of what other people feel.  You sense other people’s feelings and, as a result, you absorb their energy, you see. 

Now, given that, we also heard earlier through JoAnna, that you have difficulty identifying what to eat.  We can give you some pointers that will absorb the energy that you take in your gut and assist your digestive process so that your body is calmer.  May we offer some suggestions?

Guest:   Yes, definitely.

Shoshanna:   Do you like lentils? 

Guest:   Yes.  I haven’t felt they could stay down, though.  I can try again.

Shoshanna:   Okay.  You can ask the one known as Claudia for a lentil soup recipe that absorbs toxins and metals from your body.  And this is what is needed at this time.  You can take this lentil soup in small amounts.  You don’t have to take large amounts.  But you must begin the process of detoxifying through natural foods. 

We are also going to suggest that you steam all vegetables.  Do not eat anything raw at this point.  You must steam them, because your digestive system is very sensitive and is requesting some predigested food.  So you must steam your vegetables. 

We see orange and green, which are common, that you would eat.  You would steam spinach and you would steam orange to go along with that.  You can have a yam, or a carrot, and these things will soothe and alkalize your digestive system. 

And you must eat six times a day in small amounts.  You cannot digest large amounts of food, even though you may have tried.  You cannot.  You See? 

Guest:   Yeah, okay.  Yep.

Shoshanna:   And because you tried to consume more than your digestive system can operate at, you will purge, you see.  Does this make sense to you?

Guest:   Yeah, yeah.  Because I am only eating twice a day, but then maybe it’s probably more than I can handle, now that you are saying that.  Yeah.  Okay.

Shoshanna:   You must eat every two to three hours, very small amounts.  You must steam your vegetables, and you must use lentils.   Namaste.

Guest:  Okay.  Okay Claudia, I officially request the recipe!  But it has to be mild for my stomach.  Thank you, Dear.  Okay, thank you so much!

Shoshanna:   Namaste.

OWS:   Very good.  Then we are going to complete here for this time. 

Before we do, though, we have a question here, or request, we will say.  It is coming from The James.  We will ask here, Shoshanna, if this would be appropriate, here, as The James is wondering if you could share about The JoAnna and her shoulder injury, here.  If you could shed some light on what is occurring here.

Shoshanna:   We can share on this.  But we must share privately. 

OWS:  Very good.  Then we will take it for that, then.   Then we are ready to release channel.  Do you have anything you wish to share here, Shoshanna?

Shoshanna:   We wish to share that it is our great honor to offer information that we have that would assist anyone if any of their challenges that they are experiencing on this dimension at this time.  We are honored to offer and to share.   Namaste. 

OWS:   Very good. 

And we end here with your analogy of being ‘in the eye of the storm’ that we have given, many have given here over the time, here.  And that you have been in this eye of the storm, and have been calm within this eye. 

You are coming out of that eye, now.  You are coming out into the other part of the storm.  The storm is still raging, and you are going to be coming out into the turbulent winds here, again, so-to-speak. 

And as you come out, you need to continue to hold that calmness.  For knowing as you are coming out of it that the sun is going to be shining brightly as you come out of it.  That is what we have.

Shanti.  Peace be with you.  Be the one. 

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