Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal to give away entire $32-billion fortune

Saudi Arabian billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, once listed as the world’s 26th richest man, has declared he is giving his entire fortune to charity. He made the announcement at a news conference in Riyadh.

The $32 billion (28.8 billion euros) will be distributed via Alwaleed Philanthropies to charities promoting disease eradication, disaster relief and women’s rights, the prince said.

But Alwaleed, nephew to the Saudi King Abdullah who died earlier this year, did not say in an initial statement what impact, if any, the gesture would have on his holdings. He also made clear that though there was a “well-devised plan” to give out the money, there was no deadline by when the donation would be spent.

His statement said that the “philanthropic pledge will help build bridges to foster cultural understanding, develop communities, empower women, enable youth, provide vital disaster relief and create a more tolerant and accepting world.”

Alwaleed, who describes himself as a “global investor, leader, family man” on his website, said he would head a board of trustees tasked with spending the money, adding that his pledge would still be used after his death “for humanitarian projects and initiatives.” The board is said to be modeled on the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

At a press conference, he said his pledge was modelled on the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and other philanthropic funds in the United States.

“This is very much separate from my ownership in Kingdom Holding,” Alwaleed told reporters on the 66th-floor headquarters of the publicly listed company which he chairs.

As well as media investments, Kingdom Holding has interests ranging from the Euro Disney theme park to Four Seasons hotels and Citigroup.

In the ultra-conservative Islamic kingdom, Alwaleed, who holds no government rank, is considered unusual, not least for his occasional comments about economic issues.

In 2013, Forbes magazine listed him as the world’s 26th richest man, with a personal fortune of $20 billion, though he disputed the figure, claiming he ropa interior calvin klein barata had been undervalued by $9.6 billion. He is said to own nine private aircraft, including a Boeing 747.

bk/uhe (AFP, Reuters)

Jun.14.15 – David Wilcock Update

by David Wilcock
June 14, 2015, 1:51 pm

Over three hours of stunning new information about the Secret Space Program and the greater questions of spontaneo Versace Pas Cher us human evolution that are being raised for those “in the know!”

Everything is reaching a climax, both on and off-planet. The recent announcement of the adidas yeezy boost pas cher hacking of all records for all US federal employees, even the most classified, is only the latest major signpost of a coming, epic change.

As one of many examples, California’s water crisis should be solvable within a matter of a few months once Calvin Klein Espa�a we get disclosure.

In fact, water could quickly become California’s most profitable export, sending it to parched regions all throughout Middle America and beyond.

Multiple technologies already exist that can easily de-salinate ocean water. California is right next to an ocean. There is water everywhere! What is the problem?

“Water, water everywhere, and not a drop to drink” may have been true in the pirate era, but we do have the means to alleviate those problems today.

One of the technologies we are directly aware of will desalinate ocean water, generate free energy and produce any element in the Periodic Table as a by-product.

This technology already has the quiet support of one of the most prestigious universities in the country. I have heard about it from more than one independent source.

On a personal level, knowing these technologies exist and that they have not been released yet is extremely frustrating.

For now, I continue to be almost ridiculously over-conservative with my water usage. Days without showering and the yellow toilet. Good thing I live alone.  🙂

It is interesting to simultaneously reflect on the fact that “the darkest hour is before the dawn,” and we are far closer to it than most people could ever imagine.

We are on the verge of an epic series of disclosures that will make all other information, books, videos and media in the UFO field seem hopelessly outdated.

Never again will we look at the records from our current civilization the same way. In the “After Disclosure” or AD world, everything will be very differetn.

Yes… we are going to need to learn some pretty upsetting things to get through this transition.
However, the positives far outweigh the emotional shock that the negatives will temporarily put us all through, as a planet and a (hybridized) species.

Bottom line: there are good guys and bad guys in the universe. Both are allowed to present their messages to us. The future we experience is the result of the choices we make.

We are not protected from negativity any more than our collective free will decides. When we act in selfish, manipulative, controlling and violent ways, that in turn allows controllers to do the same things to us on a larger scale.

“You are blaming ME for this problem? F- you, calzoncillos boxer baratos David! I haven’t done anything wrong!”
Not you, per se. Humanity as a collective has created these problems and some of them have built up from thousands of years of karmic patterns.

As I explained in The Synchronicity Key, the Edgar Cayce Readings detailed many hundreds of cases where people were suffering debilitating karma from acts they had performed back in ancient Rome.
Examples were given including people laughing at a little girl as she got her insides ripped out by a lion in the coliseum.

Despite this being a socially-acceptable pastime for the era, any sufficiently negative emotion towards another who is in pain and agony will generate karma.

15.06.14 – As we cross this finish line, things have always been prophesied to get crazy. Know that is one of the signs that you are ready to cross!

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“As we cross this finish line, things have always been prophesied to get crazy. Know that is one of the signs that you are ready to cross! – Lady Nada, OWS, Ashira

One Who Serves #1 and #2 channeled by James McConnell
Lady Nada and Ashira channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco

(Note: these messages were given during our weekly Prepare For Change group in Glendale, AZ on June 14. 2015)

“One Who Serves”
Greetings to you. Good to be here with you again in this way! We hope you enjoyed your trip here. It is your reality that you are creating here and we hope you are more and more to understand that. You have the capability, each and every one of you. You are God, each and every one of you. We are all God and we are all Creators here.

The more you come to understand that you will begin to more and more create that which you want to have, that which you wish your existence and your lives to be. And as you are creating your lives in front of you, you are creating those that will come after you as well. It is a grand adventure that you are upon here and have been for a very long time.

But as you are hopefully beginning to understand here, that adventure is not coming to an end, it is only just beginning because there is so much ahead here and we can only begin to give you these glimpses of this but you yourselves are having these glimpses as we are finding here as you are beginning to work more and more with your Light Mental body. That you are having these understandings that there is this sense of you that is not outside of yourself that is a part of you that is there to assist you, there to be a part of you and create with you. You just need to allow it to be with you and to know it is there. When you know it is there, it cannot not be there. Allow for this process. Continue to allow for it.

Now for those who are continuing to experience various levels of pain, not only physical, that is also there, but in terms of emotional pain that you are experiencing those pains from loved ones, those who are coming close to the end of their time here. They are close to the end of their contracts that they have created, that they have been living and moving toward. We would say to you to allow them to have their space, allow them their letting go process that they must go through.

And yes, as someone in the group said, the more you hold on to them the more they hold themselves here. Let go people! Let go. Let it happen. Let it be whatever it is going to be. It is all part of the orchestration. Those that pass from this world into the higher realms, to the other dimensions you might say. They are moving on with their journey. They are moving on and they will experience bliss beyond anything you can imagine here at this point.

Although we hope you are beginning to get an idea of the bliss that is in front of you, that you are moving toward because this is just the beginning my brothers and sisters! It is just the beginning of the great changes that are coming and changes are here and moving now toward the various expressions that we have been speaking of for some time.

It is all about to break loose! It is all about to move forward. You, those of you, that are preparing for this, you are in the forefront. You are the ones that are going to be experiencing these changes as these waves of energy come through and you feel the bliss. You say, “Is this it? Is this the Event? Is this the Ascension process?”

And we would say, “Yes. This is it as it is happening.” But as you are beginning to understand their will be many who will be flummoxed. They will not understand what is going on. They will reach out to those of you that are being prepared to be those teachers, those ones who come forward. Those ones who can be the mentors. Yes, you will have your own mentors, that is true. You will have those who come forward to assist you but as we have said you will be the mentors to others. They will become mentors to others to and so on and so on. Those who are preparing to become the teachers will be the teachers and prepare the new teachers to come after them and on and on.
So be of good cheer my people, my brothers, my sisters. It is all coming together. It is all coming together. So just be a little patient a little while longer. We know it becomes more and more difficult as the times go on but we also feel the excitement mounting within you. Do you not feel the excitement mounting within yourselves? Do you not feel the sense of something is coming? You feel it. You know it and it is just seemingly beyond your reach but we can tell you now it is within your reach. It is already here. Just reach out your arms. Reach out your hands and move your fingers through and into the higher dimensions, higher vibrations that are just there, just there. You will reach to them.

As you believe it is there, as you believe your Light Mental body is real, as you believe these glimpses you are getting are real, the more you believe it the more you will see it! It cannot be any other way. Allow for it. Go with the flow. For if you go with the flow and allow yourself to move, down the stream, away from the banks do not cling onto the banks any longer, let yourself go into the stream. Let the stream take you and it will take you into faraway places within your dreams, within your reality as you are creating it.

That is our message here at this time. We will entertain questions here to the One Who Serves and to Ashira who is standing by with us here.

Question: David Wilcock made a statement that small groups, like ours can reduce terrorist actions by 70% through meditation. Can you verify that?

OWS”: YES! That is what you were doing today. You were doing this as a group but understand that you, yourselves, as a group begin to do these processes (and you have been doing them for some time as we work with you in this way) that as you do them you are more than just the ones in this group. You are more than just the ones in this group here and those in “phoneland”. (Conference call attendees) You are much more than this.

As you do these experiences and send these vibrations out, do they not go out into the Universal Consciousness? These vibrations make it all the way into the collective consciousness. And then another will pick up on this vibration, this thought, this process and will move it through them and it will move into another and another.

Even though it feels like it is just this tiny group, you are influencing millions of people, not only on your website and your Internet but just in vibration alone, millions. So whenever groups come together in this way, where “two or more are gathered in my name, so shall I be there amongst them”. Was that not what Yeshua said? That was what he was experiencing and that was what he was referring to.

The energies that are created by one or two or three or a few of you are creating the vibrations moving out such as the centrifugal force of the rock hitting the pond. You see, and the waves moving out. Does this answer your question? Yes.

Question: Earlier today someone mentioned that we are manifesting more quickly. Can you make any suggestions to help us avoid manifesting things we might regret?

OWS”: Yes. We can help you with this because as you are moving more and more into the higher vibrations. The various thoughts you can have are being minimized. You cannot have there the various thoughts you have had in the previous vibrations.

That is not to say you will not have these fleeting thoughts because you can have this but they will have less and less effect. At the higher vibrations negative thoughts cannot be. There is a “fail safe process” for what would be if those that vibrate at the higher levels into the 5th dimension to then bring their negative thoughts with them. You see?

There is a “fail safe” that keeps this from happening and those that would have those thoughts will maintain more and more in the 4th dimensional aspect. At times they will move into the 5th dimension and even higher and then they will move back and move up but eventually they will be anchored. Much as you have anchored yourself much more into the 4th dimension. We’ve got news for you. Many of you have moved out of this three dimensional world and are largely operating in the higher vibrations NOW.

That is not to say that those things cannot bring you back, they can, your everyday world tends to call you back and you come back and go through your various experiences. Are you not finding yourselves in those higher vibrations more and more? Feeling the bliss and the experience of doing this? People, the more you feel this bliss and these experiences, the more you want to be there, do you not?

So, it is the feeling. Feel it! Experience it! Move into those higher vibrations and you will stay there longer and longer and longer. This, my friends, is the Ascension process. You see? Does this answer your question? Yes.
Is there anything you wish to add here, Ashira?

Ashira”: I would add that there was a discussion last week about the removal of time. You see time passing faster and faster. You note that the beginning of the week seems like yesterday and yet, it is again tomorrow. Times have been moving faster.

That is one of those safeguards that has also been removed with manifestations. As our friend shared earlier, he brings the thought to his mind about, “sweet, graceful rain” and it appears in the sky without clouds or vicious storms. That is also what is occurring in your lives. As you think about things with this 5th dimensional understanding, with kind heartedness, with compassion you see these things into manifestation.

This is where we have been bringing you along all of this time. Now you are in the right mindset to send your thoughts into the world with even more conviction sending them with compassion. You send out peace, the dropping of weapons and the movement of the whole human race as a family exactly where you are and where you are going. Thank you.

OWS”: Wonderful, Ashira. Do you not feel the excitement people? Do you not feel the excitement in our voice here? Do you not feel the energies moving and growing? Because it is so close now! We can feel it! We can experience it! We can SEE it now!

Before we could not because consciousness was constantly changing and creating the shifts and all of this and those of the Cabal were doing their shenanigans and holding things off and doing this and that. But they are becoming more and more powerless to do anything here! Look out and look at what is happening! Your entire world could have exploded many times over but it did not. Your entire world could have experienced a pandemic that would have been created in the laboratory, has been created in the laboratories but have they spread? No!

It is the time now. It is time for all of these things you have come here for, that you have volunteered to come into this life and all the many lifetimes you have been experiencing, moving to this very time! You can look back at those times in Lemuria where you were all there! You knew these times were coming over you. These Dark Times. You knew though at that moment that it would end at some point and that you all be together again. We speak of all of the Lightworkers now, all coming together, once again. You would be there to experience the new Golden Age coming over this Earth and within this Earth once again!

We are on our soap box today but we are so excited about this! You have no idea!

Question: Is anyone here smelling the strong smell of incense and/or essential oils in this room? What is that?

Ashira” Lady Nada has entered the room. While the meditation was taking place to bring a message to you. That is an essence she brings to you to help you become aware of her presence. Thank you for noticing.

Question: Did anyone notice the depth of sound coming into the room, kind of like a gong? Small chatter takes place.

Ashira”: One Who Serves, Lady Nada is happy to wait her turn until you have spoken and had all questions answered.

OWS” Yes. Any more questions?

Question: Is the Light Mental Body the same as the “I AM” presence.

OWS”: What a wonderful question. The “I AM” presence is you. The “I AM” presence is the entire totality of who you are. Please understand that there are so many levels of this. It is somewhat difficult to help one understand this in words and certainly in your 3D language here. It can be communicated in the higher vibrations in terms of telepathy and a knowing.

The “I AM” presence is a knowing that comes over one as they are moving up in vibration. The more one moves up in the higher vibration the more they feel this “I AM” presence. They feel this sense of who they are beyond the physical body you are in now. You see? The Light Mental Body is a portion of this “I AM” presence. Just as the Light Mental Body is a part of the total expression of the higher self and the highest self we would say here.
Does this make sense to you? Anything else to add, Ashira?

Ashira”: No. Splendid job!

Question: When all of those Ascend on the planet what will happen to those who have been placed in lower dimensions? Will they be released?

​\​“Ashira” Thank you. Brother Moses. Thank you for the question. Does this come from religions you have been involved with or is this from something you are noticing on the planet at this time?

Comment: This comes from my work colleague. He is concerned about some relatives that have passed on.

Ashira”: OK. It was important for me to understand your frame of reference here for if it was not part of YOUR being asking this we needed to know that.

This one, again, take the message back to your friend, that he has nothing to fear. There will not be a raising of the bones on the entire planet as has been proposed by those of a particular belief system. These people have been in the Divine Realms, the heavenly realms as you would know them. They have been going through their schooling, they have been going through their education, they have been going through an understanding of their lives, what they have done and what they will be doing for their future.

Tell him that he can safely and freely release all of these. We have had many discussions in this group about others who have not turned to the light in this lifetime and so we did not believe that was where you were coming from. We do understand this situation though. Please assure him that they are doing the work they need to do in the heavenly realms and they have no attachment to that body that is in the Earth or in the catacombs. That is free and released and they are on their ways to other adventures. Does that make sense, Sir? Yes.

Question: My brother stayed here 40 days where the energy is really good. He went back (to India) and now has all the diseases I can think of and I am wondering if this is the time he will leave?

Ashira” Those of us who are in service to you and with you and are sharing with you, we do not have conversations about whether or not it is time for someone to leave, however, I will address a couple of things you have shared.

First of all, forty days. Is that not a spiritual number? I heard this and we share here that it was a time for his awakening to his spiritual journey and strengthening. How wonderful that you were able to provide that safe environment within your own home. To boost him, to share with him. To open him!

Those things he is experiencing once he returned home is part of the “vasana”. You know this and spoke of it earlier today. Did you not? These are opportunities for him to know, to see and to release. Your support is of supreme importance because you can bring an understanding to him about these things. As we have discussed in this group, this is the onion with the skin being pulled away. Getting more and more to the core.

On the outside are the emotional issues, the physical issues, mental issues, all types of issues and having come back to India from the spiritual retreat, the spiritual journey in your home, he now has the opportunities to cleanse, release and to know his own strength. That is his journey. To come to know his own strength not to be swayed by those around him, by the culture around him, by the religions around him. For him to KNOW his “I AM” presence. “IAM that I AM” and to be able to work through this with clarity and understanding that increases day by day by day. Does this assist you, Brother? Yes. Thanks a lot!
Would you have more to say, One Who Serves? No, you did a wonderful job.

Question: This is about the Law of Karma and the Law of Free Will. Is there one that is of a higher authority?

OWS”: Yes. We can answer this. As far as higher or lower that is not in question here. The Law of Free Will is throughout this particular universe here. And the idea of karma is not exactly what you have been educated to believe what it is. It is not the “eye for an eye” or anything of this nature. It is has been changed into this. It has been manipulated into this. But it is not that one has to live through all their karma before they can ascend. This is not the case.

We know that you have been taught this. Many of your religions teach this but the truth is going to be revealed. So let that come. It is coming. But as far as karma, it is over! This is not going to be the case! When the Event occurs, when this energy wave comes, this love energy moves through the entire planet, as this happens it is not going to be that one cannot feel this vibration and they cannot move with the vibration because they are held back by their karma. That is NOT the case at all. For at that very moment one can say, “I am done with this! I am moving on now! I wish to experience the higher presence of myself, the “I AM” presence of myself.

Or whatever words they would want to use. It is the feeling that comes over them. So as that moment happens and it is a decision THEN. All karma that anyone knows, it is gone! You see? Even the Cabal, those various ones that we could name each and you know who they are, even those ones can say, “I am done with this. I wish to come over to the Light!”

And it would be done! You see? They do not have to dot every “I” and cross every “T” here. That is not so. So, please people let this idea go! It is no longer a process here. It is no longer a part of your expression as you are moving into the higher vibration here. There is no idea of karma at the levels from where you are speaking that is in the higher vibrations. You see? Does this answer your question? Yes. I am grateful. Thank you very much!
Anything to add, Ashira?

Ashira” No, it was perfect and filled with the passion I would have brought to it as well!

Question: Is this process a conscious release? We do not wish to participate at that level?

OWS”: Yes. In respects it is a conscious release at the three dimensional level. But it is also at a higher vibration within people. It is a decision that is all the way from higher self to what you might call the lower self here. You see?

Question: What whispered in my ear is that it is a choice to let go of that. I still believe that if we cause harm or difficulty to another will give rise to a similar situation in our own lives.

OWS”: Yes. Yes. You will lose the propensity to commit those acts, as you have said. You can look at this as this wave of energy comes across and those who at the frequency of this energy can look at those who are still not at those higher vibrations yet but want to be. There will be forgiveness. There will be a letting go. No longer and eye for an eye because that is the old paradigm. This is the paradigm you grew up in but that is not the new way!

Please, people, let all of this go! We beg you! Let it all go and forgive. There will be those revealings that will have your 3d ego say “get them” they must be punished. But the higher vibrations will be saying, “No. Forgive them for they know not what they do.” You see?

Question: And when we forgive the recipient of the forgiveness moves into the higher dimensions? Yes! Wonderful. Should we not move beyond the idea of arrests?

OWS”: Arrests and these types of things are for the 3D world to feel this revealing, to allow for this expression to come through. It is not for those moving into the higher vibrations and have moved there. You see? There are so many out there calling for these arrests. It is all being orchestrated here!

Question: I just wanted to make a point of clarification. We are off the Karmic Wheel but there is cause and effect. Correct? If we violate a Universal Law, the response is very rapid.

Ashira”: If you kick the cat, you are going to stub your toe! Yes. We understand and we make a little light of this. The time frames have been taken off and if there is something done with intent and that intent is not positive, there is going to be instant karma. We don’t use the word karma anymore but it is much to what you have shared. Karma is more about past lives, coming again, paying for what we have done and all of those things that came with history and religions. We are indeed off that wheel! We are not playing that game any longer. However, if you kick the cat, you will stub your toe on the wall. Remember that!
Thank you for your input!

“OWS #2”:
Greetings to you! We just want to jump in here and share just a little bit about what is coming here for your Advance. We are so looking forward to this. Deeply at work to create the experience you will have there. As we have been working on this experience and have for some time now, now as the date is set and is fully secured, now that has happened we can move more fully forward in what is to be expected there.

You are going to have a wonderful experience! And there are going to be some surprises as “Ashira” has said. And those of you who are in the wonderful land of phone here are going to be have this as a way to experience this as well because you are going to have the opportunity to join those that are there in your conference call like this. You can have this experience you see!
We just wish to say how excited we are and are ready to move forward too with all that is happening and to see your expression on your faces.

That is all. Shanti! Peace be with you. Be the One!

“Lady Nada”
As Ashira shared with you earlier when I entered the room. I whispered in Susan’s ear when she took her rest stop between the two parts of your meeting. Indeed, I do have something to share with the team here today.

My beloved, Sananda and I, shall be at the Advance (formerly called a retreat – August 21-24) and you will be able to visit with us and we have great things we wish to share with you and organize for movement into a whole new level of experiences and plans.

He is off and away today in many different meetings around the world. What I would share with you is that first, I bring you Love. I bring you Peace.

Part of your job at this time is to focus on the good. Turn people back to positive things. There are so many different messages. Those who were in power are striving to cause many “hiccups” around the world. So many messages that make people wonder. Is this real? Those of you in this time and this place and in the place of your understanding have learned to turn your eyes away from much of this but every once in a while it catches you too. It brings you back into this 3D world to ask, is this really real?

Keep your thoughts high, Brothers and Sisters. Keep your thoughts high. Fear not. Do not look at all of those different messages. Do not let them take you Astray. Sananda and I are here embracing each of you. Whispering in your ears and keeping your eyes toward heaven. Keeping your eyes to the Ascension process.

We know that many of you check the websites and the various methodologies of reading, looking for messages that are different than those you receive here but when you do that sometimes you land upon a site that has very different messages or very different thought or very different downloads that you receive.

We love you. We have been ministering to you and with you. It is our desire to continue to hold you close to our breasts and continue to walk with you hand in hand into the future. For you have chosen and you are chosen.

This is an important time. Everything is boiling to the surface. As a pot boils, all of the bubbles break at the top. So many people are sources you are following. Some of those are going to break away and you will see them differently as you see their agendas revealed. As you see the information they brought to you as not true.

This is not to concern you. It is not to make you afraid. It is to help you become more and more aware. Listen to the voices. Listen to all of us who have been with you and are with you. Listen for the funny, little Tibetan voices (OWS) in your ears. We know that has happened to some of you! Listen to Ashira’s voice in your ears. Listen to all of those who have come to serve you, both those who have spoken and those who have not. Listen to them.

As we cross this finish line, things have always been prophesied to get crazy. Know that is one of the signs that you are ready to cross!

We bring this to you in love and peace. I am Lady Nada. I bring you the life and a heart full of Love. We look forward, Sananda and I, to sharing with you at the Advance. Thank you.

I am Ashira and I will just say thank you for your time today, your presence today, your energies today. For we know that this an exciting time and we can see that. We know it is harder for you to see this. Keep your eyes uplifted and do whatever you can do to keep yourself in that space of expectation, of anticipation and of Love and Light. We are here to do that with you as we walk with you each day.
Again, bringing you a heart full of love, peace and blessings. Namaste.

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco
Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and authors website is clearly stated


15.06.07 – The Concept of Threes Will No Longer Be Necessary

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“The Concept Of Threes Will No Longer Be Necessary” – Hieronymus and (Ascended Masters) One Who Serves and Ashira

Hieronymus  and Ashira channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco

One Who Serves channeled by James McConnell

 (Note: these messages were given during our weekly Prepare For Change group in Glendale, AZ on June 7, 2015)


Hieronymus belonged to the Peripatetic school, though Cicero questions his right to the title. He appears to have lived down to the time of Ptolemy II Philadelphus. His philosophical opponents included not only theAcademic philosopher Arcesilaus,[2] but also the Peripatetic Lyco of Troas who was hostile towards him.[3]

Hieronymus is frequently mentioned by Cicero, who tells us that he held the highest good to consist in freedom from pain and trouble, and denied that pleasure was to be sought for its own sake. There are quotations from his writings, and from his letters. Diogenes Laërtius mentions two works: On Suspense of Judgement[4] and Scattered Notes.[5] It would seem from Cicero,[6] compared with Rufinus,[7] that he was the same as the Hieronymus who wrote on numbers and feet. He may also have been the author of a work on poets, and a commentary on the Aspis of Hesiod.

Hello. I am Hieronymus. I am from Ancient Greece. You can look it up! I was this person in one lifetime, one of many lifetimes. But this one was in Ancient Greece and information is available for you to look up. We know your affinity for having names for those who come forth. So this is the reason we did bring one forth. We were going to come as unspoken and unnamed and that was not satisfactory to this one. She wanted to know who she was allowing through.

And so, I bring a message of threes today. A message of threes. In your world and in your consciousness and in your trainings, three has meant many different things. Three can mean communications to some ways of thought. Three can be dastardly. Bad things happen in threes. Deaths happen in threes. Automatically, these things come to your mind, do they not, when we speak of three?

Yet, there is a whole other side to what you have been indoctrinated about threes. That is what we choose to blow out of the water today!

In threes, you have known the “Father, the Son, the Holy Ghost”.  The “Holy Ghost” at times, in some capacities has been considered the “Mother”, grace, energy, the healing part of “Father God” triad.  Three is also the physical body, the mental body, the spiritual body.  It is the conscious, the unconscious, the superconscious.

Can you see where I am going? There are so many different aspects that come in threes and why is that? What is that? Much of it comes from the very ancient concepts of physical body, of mental body and of that spiritual aspect that is not contained “in the body” any longer.

And so what we would share with you today is that it is time to let go of that middle third. What do we mean by this? As you move on your Ascension Journey as we are told you have come to see this, the Ascension Journey will remove that middle part.

Many think of the subconscious as the “gateway.” Many think of the subconscious or unconscious as that part which has been poured into without a lot of your critical thinking and then it arises in your day to day life. It arises as the belief systems that you have taken on without much conscious thinking. Those belief systems that have been adapted since your infancy and even during the pregnancy of your mother.

And what we are moving you to is that understanding that the conscious mind will be functioning in a very different way after Ascension. You have been told that you will manifest things immediately because your gateway will be gone. That which blocks you now will be gone and there are other parts of your body that are being switched on. This is important for you to grasp. For those of you who have heard of the mentors who will come, this is a part of their message.

The “Father” represents the creative spirit, the creative urge. The “son” is all of you. All of you in the physical form. It became necessary in this 3D world that people wanted to hold onto the idea of a savior. The “Christ” savior is not only a part of “Christianity” that has been fed to you it is also part of many, many religions that have been formed over thousands of years upon this planet. It has been given to you that you needed someone as an intermediary between you and
“God”. That is falling away.

Even the one known as “Sananda” comes to visit you, this group, in his own being and has brought you messages such as this. You do not need someone else as an intermediary. You do not need someone else between you and God. That creative urge is YOU and in all of you! This brings to you the strength and the hope for the future for as you have been taught to believe and then see; I bring you the message that you will believe and see in one fell swoop!

That is exciting, is it not? And scary! There have been many different instances that have been discussed with you and others about that which is instantly manifested. This is something you will have to get used to. Something you will need to learn. It will be a new experience for you

The concept of threes is no longer necessary. The concept of having the gateway in the middle, the person you  go through as the intermediary between you and your creative higher self, that God-self, that “Highest Self” will be gone.

We want to touch on this as well. The “Creator”, the “Father”, we believe that you in this group has come to see and it has confused many, that there is not one Creator but there are many Creators and there is a Supreme Creator. There are many Mothers but there is one Mother who gives form to that which is created by the “Prime Creator”.

Many on this planet have fallen in love with one Creator God as was written of in many of the Holy texts. You will see that Creator God has been swept away too for that was all erroneous information. YOU are the Creator Gods! You are positive Creative Gods and you have lived many lives and experienced many things. Sometimes you have not been so positive. Sometimes you have helped others in lives that have been difficult.

When you move out of this realm of 3D you see things in a very different fashion. And you will see that there is not the same polarity in other dimensions. As you rise in frequency you will see that it is no longer good or bad or right or wrong. It just IS. This is part of your experience.

So know that in a very, very short time, all of you in this room will be having those experiences that you will be thinking of something in your mind even fleetingly and see that creative urge manifest immediately in front of you! Because that middle “Holy Ghost”, the “Holy Spirit” that is grace, that is the freedom of manifesting whatever you want without judgment.

You have experience that in this world. Sometimes you have liked what you created and sometimes you have not. There has been a time lag many times. All of this has followed the rules of this planet in the experiences you have had. But as those rules are taken away. As those rules are removed and you move into the New Age, you will not only see new technology, you will see you own abilities rise in ways you cannot even fathom today.

I try to paint the picture for you so that you will know you are the one in charge! You are the one with the thought. You are the one receiving the energy. You are the one experiencing the manifestation. And it will be a joyous day, we promised. When you see that conscious mind of yours recognize that there are no more breaks, there are no more time lags; there are no more instances of waiting for things to happen in your lives. All will come and you will develop sensibility, the wisdom and the understanding to control this ability and you will find yourself having it every single moment of every single day.

I look forward to coming to you at that time so that you might see me and you might understand the truth of what I have shared with you today. Understand that these are shifting sands that you are walking upon and as the sands shift and the energy of creation upon this planet shifts then too you see this shift from periods of time, difficulties with people in not understanding to full realization, my friends. Full understanding. Full capabilities.

We are going to leave this with you today. Should you have questions during the time of questions, we will have Ashira answer for us. We will remain in the room. We will be in the room.

We give thanks for this opportunity to share this today. And we expect that we shall be visiting you once again during your Advance that is upcoming in August for many things shall be revealed in that weekend. And many things will be changed by then as well.

We bless you.

Let us “Ohm” to prepare James for receiving.

“One Who Serves”

Greetings to you. We love how you harmonize and have melody coming through in your “Ohms”, it is gorgeous!  Beautiful!

For those of you who don’t know, this is “One Who Serves”. And we are here often with this group, one of you regulars here. We are one of your “core” group, are we not? And you certainly are a part of this “core” group and we wish for you to understand many things that are coming. But before we do this, we wish for you to look at all the things that are happening out there. Those things that are occurring that are just beyond most people’s understanding and that they can see. They do not have the eyes to see or the ears to hear yet, at this point. But you do.

You, yourselves, if you look carefully look at all those things that happening or in this case, are NOT happening. Look around the world. Do you not have the technology to blow up the world? You do have that, correct?  But has it happened? No, it has not happened!

Do you have the technology to create a virus to spread across the entire planet? Yes! That is there as well but that has not happened either. Do you have the technology, we mean mostly the “Cabal” here, the Dark Forces to create weather patterns and to direct weather patterns? Yes! But have those weather patterns been sent to other than small situations. It has not been  spread across the planet. You see?

They can direct earthquakes and they can start volcanoes but these things are not happening! All these things that were planned by the Cabal have not happened and they are not happening because they cannot happen. That was part of the old timelines. The ones they were working toward to bring these changes about to bring the utter destruction of the planet. They were going to be gone either deep within the planet or they would leave and go off planet and save themselves. They would let those of you left here to defend for yourselves and they were going to come back when they could and pick up from there.

But none of this has happened because it cannot happen. So there is no need to be concerned. No need to have fear. For all those things that are coming up, the Jade Helm and all of these things, none of these things are to be a fearful situation.

Yes, the Cabal wanted this to be and they were planning for it but it is not meant to be that. Have no fear! Everything is in the Plan! Everything is part of the Plan and is being worked out to the betterment, not the detriment, but the betterment of the people of the world.

Be of good cheer, my brothers and sisters! All is happening as it needs to. It is maybe not as fast as you want it to but it is happening. So, allow it to be and know that as you are in your training and positioning, you are going to be in a position when the moment comes, the moment arrives, that you can be there to assist, to assist those of us. To assist the Galactics as they come down. To assist the Agarthans as they raise up. You will be there to be of assistance in whatever way is needed at that time. And, yes, each one of you has a certain mission that you have been preparing for, it is not yet revealed to most yet, to some it has, but to most it has not yet been revealed but that is coming as well.

So, be a little patient a little bit longer but be expectant because these things are going to happen and you are going to be caught up in it when it begins. OK?

Do you have questions now for “One Who Serves” or “Ashira”?

​Question: ​

I have a question that Susan asked me to ask “Ashira” and that is about the 120,000 antelope that were killed in Kazakhstan last week. What can you share about his?


Thank you for making sure this was brought to the group. We appreciate this deeply.

We know that this came up in your conversation this week. What we will say to you is that this was not a man-made situation. Yes…this was a soul group that came together with an opportunity to leave their bodies easily and effortlessly and move into “Hollow Earth”. They have taken their parts and are now grazing easily beside the unicorns and the dragons and all of those you would find inside the Earth.

This seems like a tragedy but it was a group decision to come in and to do this at this time. In part, everyone is wondering what killed these beings and there are many things that are a part of awakening those who are upon the planet. What happened to a mass number of creatures such as this? And they are indeed, odd looking creatures, are they not? They look residents of ‘Hollow Earth”. They belong there.

So, even though it pulled on the heart of this one, (Susan), and pulled on the hearts of many, please know that they did not suffer, they did not die in pain or strangulation. They simply left their bodies to take their residence within. You will be able to see these creatures again.

We know there were a few left upon the planet. They did not choose to make their exit at this time. Those who have humanitarianism feelings toward these animals may embrace the surface and save them. It is another part of opening the “higher heart” upon the planet. Does that make sense?


Wonderful. Would there be other questions here?

Question: ​

This past week I have had a piercing pain in my right eye. Is this related to my family issues or is it of a spiritual nature?

“ASHIRA”​: ​

Greetings. As I come and I heard you speak of this situation, it will share that it is more about your spiritual journey than it is about your family. Your spiritual journey is that you continue to have your chakras open farther and farther up your body and outside of your body. As those energies continue to move through your Ascension Journey as St. Germaine brought to this group during the last Advance, know that this will pass! Do not put any fear or concern into it or put any energy into that which is happening with your family for those are indeed separate issues.

We may suggest that you increase your water intake to continue to move the energies along within your body and to again, remove your fear and concern. Yes, we understand that many of the, St. Germaine was very specific about not calling these symptoms, but many of these things that you will feel in your body, and this is to the entire group, many of those things that you feel, the body reacts with a sensation of pain. It does not know what else to do! It is not familiar with these energies and it is not familiar with the shifting. It is not familiar with that which is happening within each and every body in this group and for those on the telephone. The body responds with a pain reaction and twitching.

All of these are part of what the “symptoms” are. So, bless it, release it and thank it. We know it is hard but thank it for making you aware that you are up to this level of manifestation along this Ascension Journey. It is continuing higher and higher and we bless you. Indulge this but a brief time longer.


The only thing we wish to add here is, as Ashira has said, go with the energies. Allow the energies to move through you. Know that is all it is. It is just new energies coming into your body just as they are into the planet. You are the planet and the planet is you. So, allow for these energies to come through and do their thing. OK?


How are our chakras going to operating once we are into the 5th dimension?


Yes. Your chakras are already being affected. Your lower chakras that have been with you where you have been residing over these many lifetimes are moving up. The energies are moving up further into chakras beyond this. All of this is part of the Plan for your Ascension. You will be experiencing many revealings and many remembrances coming to you as the lower chakras kind of let go a little bit so that you are not operating at those lower charkas anymore. These memories will come back for that is where they reside, in these chakras.

These memories will come back to you and it may already be happening to some here. It will be memories of this lifetime and of other lifetimes. They will intersperse. They will come at different time and in different ways. These revealings will come to you but this is only the beginning! There will come a time where you will have the great revealing coming. It will flood in and you may not know what is what here, in terms of your past lives. They will all come together and you will remember these things.

Allow for the process to go through and all is happening for a reason here. Does that answer your question?

Any further “Ashira”?


I would only had a bit of levity in terms of the fact that we know that you would love for us to draw you a diagram and say, “Here is where you. Here is where you are going. Here is what it looks like and here is what you will look like at the end!”

But we cannot do that for it is an independent journey. We talk about this to many groups but this particular group and the people on the phone and those who read these messages, we see you more in the beginning of this journey that all of you are on. We see you reaching back to help others who are at different stages.

We would love to develop a roadmap for you but because it is such an individual experience it is difficult to do that. But, we are happy to visit with you individually and share with you just as “One Who Serves” has with this one.

All of these trips, all of this journey, all of these steps are important for you and we are glad to be your cheerleaders! Thank you!


Thank you. Do you have questions here now?

​Question: ​

I feel that I have lots of monkey chatter and I feel stuck. How can I move through this?


Yes. One of the things that occurs when one works more with meditation is that they being to get the experience you speak of, of being stuck. And this is something that you will move through. You move through effortlessly, that is the key here. Do not put effort into your meditation other than to do it and allow it to be whatever it is going to be. Do not preconceive what will happen or what should happen. Or anything of this nature. It just is. Allow for this.

This is the go with the flow.  The more you do this, the more you let go, what you are called being stuck will free up quite quickly. Does this make sense to you?

Any other questions?

​Question: ​

Concerning the mentors. I want to understand their guidance.

“OWS”​: ​

When the frequencies are right and the timing is right here, the mentors are to assist you will be revealed to you. They will be assisting you to continue on in your Ascension. When? Of course, it cannot be given here because it is not yet known. None of us here knows it. The Galactics do not know it. The Agarthans do not know it. The Creator himself knows when this will be as to the timing here. The consciousness of mankind continues to increase and going toward the Awakening process which means you are growing closer and closer to that moment when these things can be revealed to you and all opens to you. All of those memories we spoke of here earlier will come flooding back to you. It is all a part of this. And as this whole process continues on you will begin and already have it happening, see the DNA and pineal gland and the high heart functioning are all occurring at a more rapid rate here. You may not know it or feel it but that does not mean it is not happening.

Allow for the process to take its way through you and be where you need to be and all will take care of itself. OK?


We would add that the mentors are already within your circle. They are already visiting with. When their energy is known to you as the process in being now, when they appear to you, you will know them, they will be your friends! There will be a familiarity! It is not like building a new relationship. It will be like having the one who has loved you and is working with you now, show their face and you will know that they are the ones you will walk with in the next part of your journey. Thank you!

​Question: ​

What about crystals for meditation and does the size matter?


There is much that is going to be revealed about crystals. Some is already coming out in bits and drabs. It is coming out a little bit at a time here. But there will come a time where more will come out about crystals and the use of crystals. The memories will return to you about the use of crystals in Atlantis and Lemuria and even beyond this.

The size of the crystal or the color of the crystal, anything of this nature is not of any concern yet. The answer to this question will be revealed to you at the right moment. For now, just be with the crystal. Allow the crystal to be with you. Feel its consciousness. Merge your consciousness with it. This will be the best way to utilize it now. But there is so much coming that is coming back from the Atlantean times specially that will be used in your  new technologies you will be learning. Anything you wish to add here, Ashira? No, it was perfect!

Then we release channel!

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One!


Greetings again, this is Ashira.

It is my pleasure today to bring a message about all of that in the world which seems so confusing. Yes, 7 or 8 billion people have 7 or 8 billion ideas about what is happening every second moment of the day. Do they not? For each comes from their own experience, their own perceptions, their own understandings.

This is a time that there are a lot of talking heads out there. A lot of people who are coming to speak to all of you through traditional media, through alternative media, through different website and different modalities such as YouTube and the websites and Facebook. Everywhere you look somebody has an opinion. How, do each of you maintain a center point and yet, keep your ears out for information?

This is part of the joy we have with this group coming together on a weekly basis. Getting information out to other and we are so pleased with the different ways this information will be disseminated.  For this is a place where people can come and find a centered point. This is a place where those who do the channeling are not selling products. Or not trying to find a way to support themselves during this time of their mission. They are blessed with opportunities in their lives to make the money they need to make to make sure things are taken care of.

We are not blind nor are we stupid. We KNOW as we look upon each of you each week that you have LIFE that you are still dealing with in this 3D way. Even though we talk to you each week about maintaining a 5D consciousness we know that there are realities in each of your lives. There are car payments and insurance payments. There are medical bills and mortgages. We know this. We love you. We know this.

We encourage you as much as is possible for each and every one of you in the room, on the phone and who are reading these words, keep those parties who you allow into your consciousness, into your world, into your heart to a minimum. Do not allow 7 billion people ideas thrust into you. Maintain a firm bearing on the direction you are going.

Know that you are on this Ascension Journey and there are many things that can be difficult. We have talked about these before such as the aches and the pains and those things that your body interprets as pain; things that have come to bear upon your body.

We have also shared those things that can help that have been shared through people in this group. Coconut oil and diatomaceous earth, water, organic foods. All of these things that have come through this group have been inspired. They have come through those of the group who have spoken of these things. Not only the channels but those of you to help you and to assist you.

We don’t expect those with whom you work or are in other part of your lives will understand what it is that you are doing. But we encourage you to be of good faith. To support one another every week in this group. Know that this is a base and a centerpoint for you. To measure that which you have heard during the week against that discussed in the group for consideration. For truth to be heard and to be felt. To know that which this group is striving to do on many different levels are all important parts you are playing right here and right now across this planet and into the universe.

Look at all of those who have come to speak with you in the past two year. All of those in service to you, to share with you, to help you. To love you.

We give thanks for you for we know that you are the feet on the ground on this planet. You are the ones spreading the light and the love. Even if you do not share the truth verbally, you share the truth of who you are! Every moment of every day.

This is mean to be a cheerleading talk for you. To share with you all of that which we bring in gratitude and appreciation. For knowing that even though you may have asked for this, many of you in your seats are wondering why. But we tell you too that the time is here that many are changing.  When you have the opportunity to join this group each week, you will see that they are changing. And have more faith to move forward in the weeks to come and to know that when you are awakened even more fully that your joy will lead you to be of service to others. Not to get out of here!

You have come for the long haul, my friends! Not to just serve in the moment but also to serve in the future. Know that everything is in the Supreme Plan! Every step you take is part of the Supreme Plan. Every meeting you take in is part of the Supreme Plan.

We know that Susan has shared this with some of you before. Test what you hear! Test the message! Test the people! Are they of love? Are they of light? Are they of separation or are they of unity? For as you move into the rising frequencies, more and more the frequency of unity will take you even higher! And that is an important part of the message today.

Look through those lenses when you hear those talking heads speaking to you from whatever direction. Measure them for unity. For love. For light. Know who you can take into your heart. Know who you can keep. Keep a waste basket container for those you question and measure them again in the fullness of time.

We give our thanks to you. We give you our love and our blessings. Namaste.

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco
Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and authors website is clearly stated



Monday – April 27 2015

We’re Coming Home!

Out of the Density Into the Light!!

Hello, dear Family.

As you remember, the reason I was brought to start these informal, and more frequent newsletters, was to keep you all in touch with one another. And I believe this is working rather well.

And along that line, I’d like to introduce you to Lori Blackwell, in Connecticut. Lori has been with us from just about the very beginning. And today, Lori brings us something very special. I’ll let her tell you…

Dear Anne

Hi. Honey !!!

I sure do miss our Peter calls and hearing the Moo Family’s familiar voices.
Anywho I did a channeling yesterday from this group of entities called the Nameless Ones. I have been working with them for almost 30 years, and we all worked with them in the swing between worlds before the Jesus Project life, — and I’m sure many others before that.

You can read about this from the book written by my first spiritual teacher, Flo Calhoun in her book from the late 80’s calledI Remember Union: The Story of Mary Magdalene.

Two mornings ago, I decided to get a message from them, hoping they could uplift my spirits and recorded their message on my voice memo on my iPhone. The first part of it, my voice is a bit craggy as I’d just awoken. But the quality if the audio improves as my voice wakes up. They mention you and the currencies, even cite Peter. I found the whole thing gains such momentum and by the end I was re-filled with positivity, great expectation and knowing. I thought you might enjoy it. I’ve listened to it about 6 times in the last two days!!

Please feel free to post the audio below should you ralph lauren pas cher think others might also be encouraged by its contents. And, should you need verification of the clarity of my vessel and heart, I am sure Danita or Peter could vouch for my Quantum and lineage. I think I’ve been around the block many times and that the Nameless Ones are old friends of yours and of many Hen & Moo members. I love their positive perspective and wonderful humor and kindness.

At the very least, I’m hoping you will enjoy the 17 minutes and it makes you smile!!!

Much Love
Lori Blackwell in Still Cold Connecticut!!

Note: To hear this very uplifting audio,
please go to the link posted on

Nameless Ones – The Overture Has Begun Playing

And thank you Dear Lori! Yes, this is JUST the message we have been looking for!

Folks, It is so good, receiving these unique messages from our many HEN members. We each come from different backgrounds, histories, and experiences.

I also received a message from Coy Patterson, in Texas. Coy has spent many decades perfecting communication with the quantum field. I have personally witnessed some of his demonstrations.

Coy has developed unique techniques and has shared some in his letter below:
Anne, like you I hit the delete button manytimes a day. I tell everyone, “If it doesn’t make you feel warm and fuzzy, don’t do it, don’t think about it, don’t look at it, and what ever you do,
don’t send it to me!”

We have been so exposed to the negative side over the 6-1/2 million years that some of us have been here, that for some, emerging into the lower vibration has become as natural as breathing. Unfortunately, many have become addicted to the lower vibrations, like the fear movies Hollywood creates. However, Heaven has told us the movie producers have been guided to produce more uplifting entertainment, soon to be released.

With the help of you, Father/Mother God and Peter, we have all advanced very rapidly, as was their plan. I will be forever grateful for being invited on that first call, even though I now know that my higher self guided me to accept the invitation.

I would like to give some useful information about how we can enhance everyone’s lives by a way of raising the frequency of this planet. Some of this information came from Peter. I figured out how to apply it. I have found that the most powerful frequency-raising words are: Peace, Harmony, Pure Mature Love, Quantum Love and Gratitude.

By aiming your finger at anything and writing those words on it with your finger, you will transmute the existing frequencies to those positive-word frequencies. This works on anything you eat or drink. If you do this to any electronic device like a TV, computer, cell phone, microwave, cell tower or even a storm, you will change the output frequencies of those energies to the positive-word frequencies. I caused a storm coming at me to dissolve right before my eyes by doing that; telling it to change to a positive outcome for the good of all.

You can have someone look at the moon while you are muscle testing them. Then with your finger and your intention, write those positive words on the moon and retest them while they look at the moon. They will go stronger.

We are Source in physical form. There is nothing we can’t create if we believe we can. The only reasons we become sick or old or poor is because we believe we are supposed to. What did your Twin say? — “Wonder not what I do, for you will do more,” – “You can move mountains if you only believe you can.”

If you write these positive words on your electric box, you will energize the entire electric grid all the way back to the power plant; the entanglement theory. If you write them on a glass of water from your hydrant, you will energize the entire water supply of the neighborhood. Again the entanglement theory. If we could get everyone to write them on our Sun, Sol, we would all benefit from the added positive frequencies we would be receiving.

Peace, Harmony, Pure Mature Love, Quantum Love and Gratitude,


And with that, dear Ones, I will say Good night/morning! 😉

I love the uniqueness of each of you, sharing your gifts and experiences. Keep them coming!

Now, remember to eat your fruits and veggies, apply at least three Ascension Tools each day, meditate, ground and… with every glass of water we drink – let’s talk to the quantums in that Conscious Water… giving them our love and asking that they share this love with all Conscious Water in Earth’s quantum field – including the water that is WITHIN every human body… globally! Let the loving water speak to the human inhabitants of these bodies!

With my love,


Anne (Mom)

15.04.26 – “Be Calm As The Storm Gathers Strength” – (Ascended Master) One Who Serves

(Note: these messages were given during our weekly Prepare For change group in Glendale, AZ on April 26,2015)

“One Who Serves”
Greetings!  Good to be here with you once again. A very light energy here, very powerful energy going on here in the room. Do you feel it swirling around here in the room? (Yes, yes) It is wonderful, is it not? And it coincides with what is going on in your atmosphere, in your the very things that you were speaking of here earlier in terms of many things happening in your skies, in your ground, in the very air that you breathe.

It is different and some are beginning to notice this. It is different because the energies are changing, the vibrations are increasing. And even though it seems, at times, that this is not the case as all of this commotion, various things that are going on around you and it seems like, what is your saying “all hell is breaking loose”. But it is not, it is as though “all Heaven is breaking loose”. Because there are so many things that are going on and that are happening – they are just beyond your perceiving but even though you cannot see, they are still happening. You have a saying “if the tree falls in the middle of the forest and you did not hear it does that mean it did not fall”? No these things are happening, these things are going on. It is very soon and these things will be shown, they will be in your understanding, they will be revealed.

Many of these things have been said and they and we have been saying this and saying this and “go with the flow” and all of these things and they are all coming to fruition. It is in many respects just around the corner – you are nearing the finish line. But it is as one said earlier, it is like the hurricane, is it not? It is like the calm before the storm, the eye of the hurricane. Yet you have not yet reached the eye of the hurricane – it is still coming, the storm is gaining strength and it will be arriving here in many aspects around you. And you will move into that eye of the hurricane. And this is where, with all the commotion going on around you, this is where you need to remain quiet. This is where and when you need to come to a center point. And as you come to a center point, you will feel the energy swirling around you but you will be calm inside.

And as all of those around you are feeling those energies in the midst of the hurricane you will be the calm one, you will be the voice that will speak out and say “calm yourself… peace, be still… it is all right.” That is what you are here for, each one here in this group and all who read these words, that is what you are here for. You are here to bring about this new Golden Age, you are here to assist in the process and in the programs that have been developed.

You must understand that these programs have been in the works for a very long time. There have been many councils that have been meeting behind the scenes, both on the planet, in the planet and above the planet. And they had been working and working to bring about these very changes that you have been looking for and all of the galaxy has been looking for.  The many, many ships that are waiting above the planet are here ready to assist when the time comes but they are on a holding pattern. They cannot yet come in. It is as if in your airports where there is the tower that calls to the planes and says when you can land and when you cannot land. Well the tower is here and the tower is saying “no not yet…you are in a holding pattern, you must keep flying around and around and around until it is time to land.” But that time is coming and you are going to be experiencing the wonderment of all of this that has been given for many thousands of years. The prophets have spoken of this time you are entering now.

Yes indeed these are the “end times” and you, yourselves, are here to participate in these “end times” and to be a part of this entire orchestration that is going on. Would you have questions now here for One Who Serves?

Question: I would like to know what is the purpose of JADE HELM ‘s 15?

Yes we knew this question was coming and we have already planted it within the James here because it is important that this information gets out, not so much only to this group but from all of the various sources that are speaking on this. And what you hear when you go on your alternate website and all of these things that you are listening to and reading, you hear all kinds of information, some good, some not so good. Even with all of the negative information and all of the fear mongering that is going on, it is important for you, yourselves, to remain centered and know that all is happening for a reason, all is a part of the great orchestration of the Father’s plan that is in the works here. So as these exercises begin to develop, know that there is a greater working that is occurring; all is not as it seems on the surface. So even though there is a purpose for this particular exercise for the side of the cabal you might say, there is also the side of this for the Light resistance forces that is working to combat and move these exercises to turn against them and for the side of the Light. So again all of this is being orchestrated, all is coming together as it needs to. Do not be concerned. It is all a part of the great plan here. Does this answer your question without getting into too many specifics here?  (Yes, thank you).

We do not want to say that this particular group coming together is going to do this or this one is going to do that and they’re going to come upon the people and arrest them; we do not want to say any of this because that would add to the fear. And we wish to do exactly the opposite – we wish to calm this down. But know that as these processes are happening, they are happening as they need to so there is nothing to fear. And you, yourselves, who understand this are going to be reaching out to your brethren and saying “be not afraid, be calm, all is as it needs to be.” And even though they will not take this at your words, the end result will show all of this to be the case. Anything further on this needed? (No)  Are there other questions here?

Question: I just wanted to ask you a question about my brother who is staying here from India. He has been having nightmares and dreams where he has seen ships. These scare him (inaudible) and it makes him scream. Do you have any guidance about what is going on?

Yes, we find that this one is having these experiences in the dream state because it is somewhat of a foretelling in terms of what you would call a psychic nature that this one has and it is bringing about these types of situations for two reasons. One, to show the potential of what is coming, not in terms of a fear process, not in terms of negative, as these ships and things are appearing in the dream. This is only to come to this one because it is a conditioning that he has come from in past lives that is bringing about this continuing pattern. Not so much with the negative entities, negative ET’s that he might be experiencing in the dreams but that there is the negative pattern that would come from outside himself, that are somewhat of an invasion of self. Those forces coming from outside into the inner person that he is and to bring about a negative patterns in the self once again. And this is largely to experience it, but not to allow it, not to have it be. So tell this one that when he may continue to have these experiences to utilize, if he can, lucid dreaming; he has access to this. He may not know it, he may not have had for some time but he has access to this lucid dreaming. And he can go in and change the outcome so that the ones that are showing in the dream are rather positive forces and he can turn the dark faces into faces of light, you see?  (Ok, thanks). Anything further here on this or another question?

Question: What is CERN and what is CERN’s purpose?

CERN has many different purposes depending on who is looking at this and where it is coming from. In terms of those that are in the forefront of this and have been working at the particular level, the scientific understanding, deep scientific understanding, to bring about changes to the world that it wishes to create. In terms of creating portals or star gates and getting into those things which are somewhat dangerous; in many aspects to begin to work with the energies that one does not yet understand, that is on the one side. And then on the other side, there are those forces of Light that are working also with this to bring about those changes that are necessary to assist in the overall process that is continuing here with mankind. There is always the duality, there is always the push and the pull, there is always the one that is working against the other. But always know that all of this is also part of the orchestration, part of the great plan here. And these types of things that are working at that level, they can be worked with and become a part of the plan of the Light as well as the plan of the dark. Do you understand this without getting into anything really specific or any kind of scientific level here? Keeping it as you have a saying here, “keep it simple stupid, K.I.S.S. technique” – it works does it not? (Yes, thank you). It is important to keep these things at a simple understanding because what is life? It is simple, it is nothing complicated. It is only the mind that creates the complications. It is only the mind creates the misunderstanding of things that are going on. But if you follow the heart, if you listen to the heart, the small wee voice within, it will always guide you in the direction that you need to go. Was there a question here? We heard it coming from the right side of this one we speak through.

Question: I just was going to say that there are two forces at work when it comes to CERN.

Yes there are two forces at work when it comes to almost everything within your illusion. There are those that are attempting to keep the illusion going and there are those who are attempting to bring the illusion down, to bring the veil down. You, yourselves, are the ones who are here to bring the veil down.

Question: And how is that going? (Laughter)

It is going miraculously. Anything further on this? We heard a slight hesitation there like something wanted to be asked…

Question: Would it behoove us as a group to concentrate more on putting holes in the veil so that our Galactic Confederation can come in and assist?

Yes, you have already done this within the group, do you remember this? In working to bring the veil down?

Question: Yes I do remember that but my concern is should it be done on a more regular basis?

No, it does not need to be because when it is done it is done. Know always when you ask, you will receive. But when you ask for something you know that it is already being granted, it is already being given. (Thank you). It is already manifesting in your reality so that is the trick, that is the secret. (No repeats). Yes, don’t ask and ask and ask and ask and ask.  (Ok, thank you). Ask once and know that it is already done. And if you would do this, just as when Yeshua changed the water into wine, did he say over and over and over “Please change this water into wine…I hope you do it, turn water into wine…If you don’t do it I’m going to look like such a fool here”? (Laughter). No, he said “the water is now wine” and then it was. The bread and the fish were multiplied and all of these types of things. Even though these particular stories were not exactly as it actually occurred, it is still the understanding that when you ask, you will receive. Know it has already been done. (Thank you). Are there other questions here?

Question: I have a question concerning the landings. When everything will be divinely orchestrated and we will have the saviors coming down… My question on the 3-D level is how this amount of radioactivity going to affect us here?

First of all, the idea of the saviors – they are not saviors coming to save the planet. They are brothers and sisters coming to assist and to guide and to help the process along, but they are never coming to save you. Only you can save yourselves. Now your second part of this we did not quite understand – did you say radioactivity?

(Yes that they are coming from different dimensions in different planets- would they be radioactive?).

No that is never to be a concern because at that level of technology and understanding any of this type of thing would certainly be mitigated. But they do not come with any radioactivity. This is in your movies and things of this nature. It is largely a plot of the cabal to have created this fear. And this being afraid of the extraterrestrial races coming to take over the planet and all of this is because they wanted to continue their process and be the ones in power and be the ones that would continue on in the illusion here. And as soon as the idea of extraterrestrial life is brought out, it shatters the entire illusion, you see? Do you understand this? (I’m going to say yes but I’m going to absorb and process). Yes. (Thank you).  Anything further here?

Question: I was just reading material that the vibrational frequency of the planets and the people on the surface it reached a level that the Event can occur at any time. Is that true that we have raised our vibration to a level that we are ready to integrate our Higher Self?

In terms of the entire population, you see wars and battles and negativity and hatred and things like that in your news, in what is being shown to you in this illusion. But you do not see or feel the expression of those on the planetary population – almost all of the population wants peace, almost all of the population wants to love one another. There are only those  ones who have been manipulated and become a part of the dark side, you might say, that are wanting the opposite of this. So this is just a small percentage that still wants to have war. It is still a small percentage that wants to hate rather than love and wants to be in fear. And we say that they purposely want to be in fear because that is what they know. But the rest of the population wants to be free, wants to love their neighbor, wants to follow the Golden Rule, you see? (Yes). Are there other further questions here?

Question: I have another question here concerning our senses as I did share earlier. As we grow in frequency does that mean that all of our senses are being heightened; the fact that we hear birds and everything seems to be louder. Is that part of the process here?

Oh my, yes! Certainly you are, those that are raising in vibration, as their consciousness continues to raise they become aware of many things that they had not been aware of before. It is as the children that are coming into the planet that are already with heightened senses, already have this psychic sense, you might say. That has been developed in many aspects. Those of you that are raising in vibration are developing these aspects of yourself, these higher gifts of spirit, you might say. And you are moving in that direction of continuing to heighten your senses. All of your five senses as well as more senses that are coming… It is not only the five or even the six, there are more beyond this. And you are going to begin more and more to experience this heightening development, yes? So the sounds will become crisper, the colors will become brighter. Yes all of this is coming and you are beginning now to experience this as you look up at the sky. Have we been not saying for a long time now, “look at the sky”? But see it as it really is, see beyond the veil; and you are seeing the sky this way and are beginning to look through those holes in the veil, you see?  (Yes, thank you). Anything further here before we release channel?

Question: I do feel that my energies have definitely raised – I do see brighter colors and I hear things that I didn’t normally hear before. I can’t hear grass grow yet (laughter). I am very concerned about in my dreams, when I hear things constantly in my dreams. I wake up and I go immediately back to sleep and I don’t understand why I do that because I know I heard something, whether it be in the house or outside the house. Can you explain what these rumblings or these sounds might possibly be?

Yes. It was the same thing that was given by the Ashira for the one who asked about the printer earlier and it is the same thing that is happening. There are other levels of your being that you are working with in your sleep state. You are joining those other levels of who you are. And the sounds that you are hearing in your dream, the experiences, the colors, the visual acuity that is happening in your dream is happening at those other levels of your being at that time in your multidimensional experiences. (Thank you). Anything further here?

Question: What can I do to continue to prepare?

Prepare what? Dinner?  (Laughter…to prepare for changes…). Yes, we joke here. Prepare for change. You are already doing it. Just the idea that you attend this group, just the idea that you are aware of the various things that are going on that the unawakened are unaware of. Awareness is a big part of you moving up in consciousness. Awareness leads to increased consciousness. Without awareness, you continue to be asleep and all of the population that is asleep is in the process of awakening. And as they continue to awaken, it increases the awakening of the ones next to them and the ones next to them, and on and on and on. This is the process.

And you, yourselves in this group and those who would read these words, are the awakening ones. And you are the wayshowers; you are showing the way and you are preparing the way. And so as you are preparing for the changes outside of yourself, know that you are also preparing for the changes within yourself as well at the same time.

As to direct understanding of what you can do, you can do many things. You can look at your diet as your diet is very important. And we are not speaking only to the one who had asked this question but to all. Your diet is very important – to become aware of the foods that you are eating. Do you want to eat the poison that is part of the illusion or do you want to eat the good foods, the nurturing, the Earth-based foods that are here for all to nourish the body, to continue the body on in the way it was made to be. You are not meant to leave the body, physical body, at an early age. You are not meant to die from your body at the age of 60 and 70 and 80 and 100 and 120 and 200. You are meant to live for hundreds and even thousands of years. The body can withstand all of this but it is the mind that is the creator here. The mind is the builder and the mind creates and builds what it experiences around it. So as you eat, you create within your body. What is your saying “you are what you eat?” Know this. In the water that you drink also – if you are drinking impure water, then do what you can to stop this. And if it is impure, then purify it by your very thoughts, by your spirit working through you. Bring the spirit through you, through the water. Know that it is purified as you do it. Don’t change the water into wine but change the water into purified water. (Laughter). Know it as you do it, as you bless it, as you put your hand upon it send the energy through it into the water and know that is purified. And that you are drinking the purified water.

Exercise is very important. It does not need to be, though, the exercise where you go to a gym or facility of some type. You do not need to do this; run up and down the stairs a few times, run around the block, walk. Walk, walk, walk. All of these things can be important – your diet, your water, your exercise, your thoughts. Your thoughts are very, very important. Take control of your thoughts as much as possible. Whenever a negative thought comes in, push it out. But do not push it out in terms of fighting it. Let it come in and then gently push it away, nudge it away. And if it is a continuing thought that keeps coming in, then say stop! Enough already! And then it will pass. Your attachments, your various attachments that you have in your life, let go of them. If you are going down the stream and you are clinging to the bank of the stream or of the river, can you continue to flow? (No, no). No, let go. Let go and let God move you along the river. Go with the flow, go with the current. And then as you go with the current you can see what’s on the other side, you see? Does this answer your question? (Yes, thank you). Anything further here? Then we are ready to release channel.


Continue in your efforts, in your daily efforts. Continue to be in the now. This is very important to be in the very moment that you are in because in the next moment everything changes and in the next moment everything changes again. So be in the perfect flow of the now, be in the experience, BE the experience.

Shanti, peace be with you. Be the One.  (Thank you, Namaste).

Channeled by James McConnell
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This is a Physical Body Ascension!

Entering a New Time ~ Are You Ready?


Ascension is a full-body, ALL-IN kind ropa interior calvin klein of experience that we must commit every fiber of our being to. It means letting go of everything we once knew to access ancient knowledge and to REMEMBER who we truly are again.

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Aloha Beloved Light Family!
We are in a most pivotal time for all. We have stepped into the next phase. Can you feel it?
There has been immense clearing by all in the last several years. Each moment always a surprise for the Ascending Being here. We are no less entering a NEW time of even more surprises for all. The question is: Are you Ready?
Your NEW Earth Realities are beyond that which your human mind can comprehend. The more you want answers first, the more you’ll be “stuck” waiting for something to happen or occur. Besides, you already know. You’ve already done this reality. We now have the capability to step into what we’ve already done. It’s continuing to get easier every day.
A moment will present and you’ll already know what to do. You willl realize that you’ve already done it by the feeling you are receiving and the guiding words (or crazy ideas) you are hearing or seeing. Do you fully listen, honor and DO what you are shown? Or do you hestitate and go to fear of the unknown? What you DO will determine the parallel reality you walk through. Your DOing opens the portal to something. What are you activating with your DOing?
As we step further into unlimited realities/dimensions (i.e. the “Higher Realms/NEW Earth), the lower realms have to collapse. You cannot have one without the other. The gridwork for these realms were held inside your physical body, so there will be a collapse of this gridwork inside of you as well. The ribcage, the abdominal area, the lower extremeties, the spine, muscles, bones, teeth, skin, every organ… This is where all has been held and where you will experience physical release/upgrades/weakness/pain as you release the ENERGY of old programmed beliefs from your physical body (structure) and the crystalline structure of your LightBody activates.
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The Higher Realms are primarily the upper regions of your physical body. As you ascend you will continually clear this area as well. Eventually all realms merge and become one, with no separation anymore. Your entire body is a cosmic portal and HUman Stargate with a massive energetic field that spans unlimited dimensions here.
You “get bigger” inside, feel taller, more expansive and even start to float. Your body blows up in photonic light (literally), balance goes, memories go, amensia moves in. (F)requency (L)ight (U)pgrades (the human calls this the flu) occurs all along the way until this region is cleared of all human duality, victimhood, blame, shame, guilt, anger, heartbreak that was held within. The entire heart/chest/back region will continually go through this, as well as the throat and head as all density is cleared. This is you becoming a higher-self-being. Sound goes, vision goes, thoughts go, identities go when the Merkaba kicks in. One may experience “the bubble” effect, as you become the UNIVERSE again. The world slows down and speeds up with each unificaion process that occurs. Confusion is a state experienced with each dimensional shift. A “review” of your human “past” will occur many times along the way as well. There are many “signs” of what this is, if one will pay attention and open to open up to seeing more expansively, themes, patterns, when there is flow (and more).
These things are scary to the human part of us. Yet this is how ascension is. Fear is a creation inside of realities that we “think” are a certain way, or of the UNKNOWN, that the human can’t control, not realizing there is no need for control, nothing to “survive”, nothing is “wrong” and that stepping into the UNKNOWN is a huge part of HOW portals are opened to other dimensions/NEW Earth from inside of you. IF you can REMEMBER that the UNKNOWN is where magnificence, magic, abundance, bliss, and utter & complete love exist, IF you REMIND yourself continually that the GIFTS OF YOUR UNIVERSE come through opening up your heart so fully, that you open completely up to sharing, communicating and connecting from a space that needs no protection, the FEAR will fall away. You will realize that nothing is “out to get you” that you did not create for your own human-reality-illusion-play. You will see from a new place of awareness where you created the need for safety.
That hologram, that illusion, that play is yours. Your beliefs solidify it and make it real. Your participation keeps it going. Your focus is the energy that powers it all to play.
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Protection is a barrier that keeps you in a limited dimension (reality) and blocks your own abundance here. The release of this barrier opens YOU up to RECEIVE all of the abunance and GIFTS of YOUR UNIVERSE that are just waiting to come forth.
Ascension, to the human part of us, makes absolutely no sense at all. It doesn’t make sense that one is to sleep incessently, walks around groggy & foggy in a daze, as the lucid dream anchors in the physical reality here. It doesn’t make sense that everything is in reverse & opposite of what the human reality said. It doesn’t make sense that one must sleep to wake up. It doesn’t make sense that you are so weak that you can’t get out of bed, that your organs and body go whacko… yet this is physical asension, and yes, there IS physical pain as the density clears your phsyical body where you stored compromise of your own soul and limiting beliefs within.
This is the REVERSAL of everything human as you once knew it. Bliss and magic come from the complete surrender to the journey that makes no sense. YOU emerge in your sleep and through your silent connections in nature or in your bedroom by yourself, tucked away from everyone and that outside world that no longer makes sense. This is because you are becoming a CREATOR again. You are going to completely re-write everything and re-create you and your physical reality ALL from within.
Ascension is a full-body, ALL-IN kind of experience that we must commit every fiber of our being to. It means letting go of everything we once knew to access ancient knowledge and to REMEMBER who we truly are again.
We live in NEW realities where all has already occurred. We are living moments NOW that we step into because we KNOW we’ve already done them. We are mergining timelines where all is already done, where our old separation kept us from MANIFESTING instantly all of our desires here. We have to step in faith of what we FEEL INSIDE and according to our inner knowing, inner vision, inner guidance…
Huge timeline collapses are causing “time” to go in many directions all at once. Things speed up, slow down, go sideways, backwards, forwards… for time is not relative anymore. Our perceptions have expanded beyond the limits of time. Our existences have too. We now work in every state, waking and sleep. We connect together, we clear and upgrade in both too. Sleep lets us see, access information and interact with others in other dimensional realms. The more conscious we are, the less this is a sleep state. This becomes a state where we work and do.
Photonic Light obliterates all. Many are anchoring much light and sleeping more and more. The physical body goes weak and the mind turns to mush while these photonic light upgrades occur. LightBody Tuning causes many to shut down and not be able to do anything at all. The human aspect has a hard time with this. It fears how it will exist, yet existence is totally transforming into something exquisite while these upgrades occur. We have to let the FEAR go and honor the need for these upgrades to occur in our physical FOR us so that our NEW EARTH VERSION/SOLar Crystalline LightBody can unify to emerge.
There has been much phsyical, emotional & mental “pain” as each body comes to zero point and all systems shut down, reverse spin field and start back up again. Many small “deaths” are necessary so that one no longer has to actually die. Ascension with the physical body is intense at times. No one understood this back before 2012. All changed when the multi-dimensional portals & gateways opened up.
We’ve gone SO far beyond the knowledge that was available before. The old beliefs and understandings now are ancient in themselves. Ancient knowledge is now coming from within so many as they embrace their divine essence and true power as SOURCE from inside. No longer listening to the ways of the “old”, we have transcended those limting beliefs and obliterated limiting barriers that used to exist for us all.

Dreams and desires now coming true for so many who have worked on their own Ascension Journey and dedicated all. The “pay-off” is now here, the dream materiailzing in actual physical form.

Be patient, have faith, keep upgrading, honoring, trusting and letting go. Keep embracing, committing and allowing all to come forth. Keep DOing where you feel you can, let go when you cannot. KNOW that a POWERFUL and UNLIMITED being is emerging and that YOU are BECOMING WHO YOU HAVE ALWAYS BEEN, which existed beyond your limited human. Pay attention to your human mind and listen to what is said. You decide what you want to believe and have in yoru NEW realities here. You can catapult (Quantum Style) the faster you let go, embrace and actually step into the FEAR, FEEL the discomfort and reelase the tears. These releases are your own separation from SOURCE inside of you. YOU radiate love and light more each time you do.
Thank YOU for being with us and allowing me to be a part of your very important Ascension Journey here. Keep expanding and letting go…