16.09.04 – Your Job Is To Be the Light

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Channelers: Susan Sammarco—“El Noura”, “Ashira”
James McConnell-“One Who Serves”
(Note: these messages were given during our weekly Sunday Prepare For Change group in Phoenix, AZ on Sept 4. 2016)

“El Noura”
I am “El Noura”.

We have visited with this one this week about allowing us to share with you this week. This is to also let you know what is happening in the world from our vision.

I am Pleiadian. I have been Pleiadian for many lives and other species as well. That is where I find myself at the moment. In ships above where you are. Watching you and working with you. Sharing with you. We are able to be with one another when you go on your dream state.

You go perusing the planet. You know that changes are here. You can feel the difference in the energy. You can feel the difference in that which is being told to you. You can feel the difference in the love and the light that is present. Not only with your family and your friends and this group but with others in the world.

We know that you have seen this on the streets when you get out and walk. In stores. In convenience markets. In those places where those people are awakening are looking for light. And you are the light. You are the light.

When you say, “What is my job?” Your job is to be the light. Be the light is the way you can help those brothers and sisters who are awakening. Be the light. Share the love. Share the understanding. They ask questions and you respond.

We know that you have been told of news to come out this week. Next weekend you shall have messages for your call with Hollow Earth. These things that you await are already a done factor. They are already in the Now. You may want to see things differently. The only thing that is the truth is that you need the time for things to unfold.

We are on the ships enjoying what you have brought to us. And enjoying the times that you are sleeping because these are the times we get to see the real you outside of this body, outside of this limits of this place and time. This is the time we can share with you and laugh with you.

Every day we keep track of you. Sharing with you. Whispering to you. Amazing that this, what you call your 3D world, is but a falseness, has a falseness to it. You may, as you find yourself moving to these higher vibrations, find that your experiences seem more real than that which you are experiencing in this world. That is to help you understand that there is a transition going on. There is a transition going on and as you move forward in this the world seems to be more and more apart.

It is all in Divine Order as you were reminded of by James earlier in the conversation. Let go and let
God. Let go of all of those things that you feel you need to push. As you get a sense of something you need to push forward, stay awake. Stay awake for those opportunities.

We will be speaking to you through your heart. We will be speaking to you from that which is totally real. And from that which will lead you into your future. From your heart. From my heart to yours.

Thank you.

“One Who Serves”
Greetings to you.

We are using the full Ohms here because we are changing the vibrations a bit. Not that where James is, is a bad environment. It is certainly wonderful here but it is needed sometimes to raise the frequency just a bit and we do it with the “Ohm mani padme Uhm,” for us and for others. The “Ohms” sound is very good as is the Tibetan Bowls that you have been using here. Very good for doing this.

We wish to share just with you briefly here about this particular group, this group, and the importance of this. Not to stroke your ego or anything of this nature but to let you know how important you are in the grand plan here. You and many groups across the planet are doing a great service for those on the planet, in the Solar System and across the Galaxy.

You do not yet understand the full ramifications of who you are and what you are doing here. But please understand that this particular group has been in the making for a very long time. Even though the James started this a few years ago it has been prepared for a very long time before this. And the Susan coming together with this, it is all very, very important to know everything that is involved here.

You here in this group are doing an immense service and are moving into the particular service you came in here for. Some of you are already on this mission. Some of you have not yet begun the full mission you came here for. But you are moving in that direction. All of you. As we have said many times, you are in a training program here. We are training you so that you can train others as well.

So, be of good cheer. Many good things are coming. Some not good though. There will be come disconsternation times and all of this but you are going to make it through.

You are going to have some wonderful experiences here beginning with your 9-11 here, September 11th. With the joint effort of your group call with Hollow Earth Network. You are going to have an experience there as well as some interesting news that is coming out.

Be ready for this!

We are here now with “Ashira” ready for your questions. We are doing this differently here. It is different for James to speak into the phone. This is not so different for us. We communicate telepathically yes, but not over these crazy contraptions of yours. We are remotely coming to you in this respect.

Do you have questions?

Question: I am supposed to be leaving for a worldwide tour in a couple of weeks and I was wondering if something will change that will allow me to start the work I am drawn to before then?

We say no…(laughing).

You have an opportunity here to start moving in a new direction. We will not say it is in a couple of weeks. We would say that you have a couple of months that you will need to move in the direction you are moving for your travels.

However, with those you will be meeting new people with new opportunities for you to put into your back pocket. To be able to move into that new area you are interested in. You will be able to see that as you make these moves and as you have people come forth for you, you will see how these opportunities fit into the big picture.

Move forward as you plan to move. It is not something you want to do. We know this. We can hear this in your voice. Plan for the next couple of months to take the trips planned. You will see that there are new people and new opportunities brought into your life and you will see how things turn.

“One Who Serves”
And we add here, as we always say, go with the flow. Not only for this one asking the question but for all. Be in the perfect now and in the perfect now you are in “Divine Timing”. Remember, all is being orchestrated. Just go with it, OK?
Question: What is the reason for the Universal Law of Unattachment?

“One Who Serves”

If you attach yourself to things you are going to be exactly where you are now in terms of your three dimensional illusion that has been created here. The full attachment to idealistic ideals and those things that hold you here, and they do indeed, hold you here.

So, if you wish to move from this 3D world that is illusion and move to higher vibrations, higher dimensions you must come to a point where you become unattached. If you become unattached you release those barriers that have held you back a long time and this was purposeful for those of the Cabal. They have kept you attached in many different ways. Even to the point of being attached to family and friends and all of this.

All of this must go. Not that you let go of your loved ones and anything of this nature. Let go of the attachment to them. Because they, of themselves, are their own being. They are God within themselves, just as you are.

Question: I have had this ongoing infection for several months in my left foot. Can you tell me anything that could help?


This has been a prolonged experience for you. We see that you are using a wide variety of approaches.

This is something that is hanging on from a past life. Look over y our past lives and find one that includes an injury to your foot. See how this happened. Look at the relationship you had with the person you were with then this occurred. See how you can change that for a healing in this present life and time.

You may work with a healer or a massage therapist who takes this into their own hands. Susan can refer you to a person who can work with you physically and also in a metaphysical way. OK?

Q​​uestion: I wanted to know if there is truth behind the UFO that is shown online as being around the ship that blew up?

“One Who Serves”

There has been a great deal of information and disinformation about this. This certainly raises it for your discernment. But we can tell you that there are extra forces involved here. This is nothing that is being exposed by the Cabal or anything of this nature. It is exactly the opposite of this.

There are those forces, and yes, a UFO was involved in this. There are many ramifications to this and many things behind the scenes not spoken of and likely not to be spoken of for some time yet. But know that is being done is being orchestrated. This is a part of that. You will find the full understanding as the frequencies continue to rise.


We would say that what you read and what you see is a variety of information and misinformation. What was actually on the rocket’s payload has not been fully discussed with you yet. Those are the kinds of things that we say sit on the by side and watch as the show goes on.

“One Who Serves”

No further questions then we will release channel here.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.


I am “Ashira”.

Yes. Many of those who ask questions are missing today. So we have a quiet session today, do we not?

Hopefully the information brought forward was of value to you. We know the Hollow earth Show is always a big draw for people. We encourage you to be here next week for there are those who will be speaking though both James and Susan, talking about what is coming up, what is happening this week and what will be happening.

We are so glad to be with you. We are so pleased to be able to share with you and to care with you.

We give you our love and our peace. Namaste.

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco


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