An update of where things stand – February 7, 2016

Here is a new update with a lot of intell and putting the pieces together. Also, the super Bowl halftime unlike the previous several years, had no Illuminati symbolism (at least that I could see) and had an unbelievable finale with the singers (Beyonce, Brunnoe Mars and another guy singing “I believe in love” and the fans on one whole side of the stadium forming the words I Believe In Love. It was amazing and gave me chills. What a difference from the past super bowls.
Love and light,
Believing Is Seeing!

An update of where things stand – February 7, 2016

WSOMN http://wsomn.activeboard.comFwd: An update of where things stand Hey, All! There are many very good things taking place as we speak. Great strides are being made in the formation of our (the people’s) government, the New Republic. So, you haven’t heard about it in the main stream media? Has not been the right time yet – until now. The interim President is General Joseph Dunford, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and his Vice President and cabinet have been selected. (Names and faces you will recognize). The UN has given 100% support to the New Republic and as of yesterday (Friday) afternoon, all nine of the Chief Justices of the Supreme Court had signed in under the New Republic. This government of the people and by the people has been in formative mode for quite a few years and this is culminating at such a time as this, We have a new currency that will be announced which is asset-backed/gold standard and has real revalue. Tanga Calvin Klein Mujer This is replacing the Federal Reserve Notes – fiat money which now has no value at all. The United States, Inc, the corporate Government set into place over 100 years ago, overwrote the Constitution and brought this country to its knees and almost to a point of no return. Under this rule, we have been gagged, told what to think, what to purchase, what is acceptable and what is not, what to say and how to say it; our hands have been tied and we have been threatened for opening our mouths in protest of those in charge. We have been told how to raise our children, what we can and cannot say to them, whether or not – and how – they can be disciplined as we have been threatened with fines or jail if we do not comply. T Shirt Versace Well, the list goes on and on and I am sure you get the picture. Elected officials – especially the president – has for several terms now been bringing about a rule of law and government from which basically all of us have groaned for relief. Ropa Interior Masculina Calvin Klein They have lived by a set of laws that were separate from what was demanded of us, and they never seemed to be held accountable for gross crimes they had committed. Calvin Klein Underwear Baratos The last 8 years we have been ruled by presidential edict called Executive Orders where “laws” were written that totally bypassed our legislative process. Short Philipp Plein Homme All scream “foul”, but nothing seems to be done about it. Well, the tide is turning. Now that the corporate government has been bankrupted and declared defunct and illegitimate, the constitution has once again been reestablished as the law of the land and common law is being set back in. We will see ownership being returned to The People. This interim government is one that will represent all the people, and those in office have been well-trained in bringing us back to Constitutional/common law. We will see the huge “Federal” government dismantled (already in progress), the criminals at all levels of government and banking and finance being held accountable, (been going on for a couple years at a fast pace), and we will see a return to simpler law and court systems. Wealth and freedom to employ our skills will be returned to the hands of the people, (This is already underway and will be coming to the forefront with the Global Currency Reset and the revalue of currencies globally.) The original constitution called for NO TAX ON WAGES and a simpler national government. The States were to be sovereign and ruled by their citizens. T Shirt Versace Homme Pas Cher Think it can’t be done? The flat tax has already been called for in elections of the recent past and for 20 years Ron Paul has been calling for the dismantling of the Fed. This also is already in progress. It is happening and has been for a while now. There are leaders and people in prominent positions outside the U.S. who are also helping bring this about. Why? Because we have been a large presence and a large economy (at one time) on the world stage and our failure would behoove none of them. We are coming to the point of seeing it manifest. Haven’t heard much about it? Well now is your chance. Progress has been made to the point that the New Republic is already set in and the old Fed government is already being dismantled. The “mainstream media” has given agreement to the New Republic to use the Emergency Broadcast System to bring the general public up to speed on what is being re-established; all of this under the blessing and authority of the Supreme Court. Remember 2008 when suddenly faces were appearing on the TV screens telling you the banks were folding and the sky was falling?!? Now we will hear from very recognizable faces in front of the cameras giving us news we have longed for and didn’t dare dream would happen. Interim president? Interim government? Is this a dictatorial takeover? Yes, Yes, and NO! Let’s just say the corporation has run its course and we are taking our nation back and rebuilding to bring about the America we have been told all this time really existed but didn’t. Quite a sell and quite a facade and quite a house of cards. It is time to bring the Republic to reality. It is constitutional that the government has to be elected by the people; therefore, this interim group will get us started on the road to being the Republic as originally planned and to rebuilding our nation. Comprar Calzoncillos Calvin Klein Baratos An election will still take place. Some of the names and faces may be changing. (Count on it). So, let’s just say that we are living in very historic and exciting times. We will have the chance to be part of the answer and the restoration. In a lot of ways our nation has just gone through a birthing process and we will have a lot to do in the coming decade to bring about the real changes that are needed. . We are clear for announcements – and we wait. There is a great push for this to be done for Monday.

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​”You Are Now In A New Program Being Orchestrated By Your Higher Selves”

Greetings everyone, We had another wonderful meeting with lots of love and energy. Our co-facilitator Sue was attending her son’s wedding in CA so was unable to be in attendance so OWS were on their own to provide a message and answer questions which they did with their usual aplomb. Once again, all systems are go and we are very close to the end of the old paradigm and the beginning of the new. Only “frequencies” will tell! If calzoncillos boxer baratos you are planning to attend our next Sunday PFC group and have not yet RSVP’d, please do so as soon as you can. Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 France This next week is our monthly call with Hollow Earth Network so reserve your seat now. Also at this next group, we will have the first sign ups for our next Advances. Accommodations are limited for these so get signed up right away to guarantee a place. Enjoy and Be in joy and get ready to sit back and enjoy the show! Love and light, James Believing Is Seeing! ​”You Are Now In A New Program Being Orchestrated By Your Higher Selves” “One Who Serves” channeled by James McConnell (note: these messages were given during our weekly Prepare For Change group in Glendale, AZ on February 28, 2016) “One Who Serves” Greetings to you. Good to be here with you again in this way. We so look forward to being with you and we are so looking forward to the times ahead. Not that we are not enjoying those in the moment! And we ask you, each one, to enjoy being in the moment. And if you find that you do this you will find that your lives will take on a new meaning. A new sense of understanding and being in who you are. Allow for the process to work through you and help you be who you are. And as we have told you many times, this is a process. You are a part of a program here but it is not the program that you have become used to in the Cabal programming. This is the new program. We are not programming you. You are programming yourselves. Your Higher Selves are involved in the orchestrating your entire endeavor here. You are the ones who are creating all the energy around you. You have heard many times, “You are the ones you have been waiting for.” Because you are IT. It is not us. We are only here to assist and guide and nudge you along the way. But you are the ones who are here to do the work and the work is coming, my friends. Adidas Yeezy Boost 750 Pas Cher The work is coming and it is not going to be business as usual as you have become accustomed to. That is not to say that you are going to have to go to jobs and these types of things. No. This is in the past. That is not going to be the way of the coming times here. You are going to be in situations that you are going to relish, you are going to enjoy. And if you do not then you will not be in those situations. You see? You will not need to survive or find your need in the day. This is talking to the entire planet now. This is the way it is going to be. You are going to experience the love and camaraderie with those around you. You will feel the energies as you connect with one another. And as you hug one another or shake hands, you will feel the energy moving between each one. You may already be doing this, are you not? When you hug another do you not feel the energies moving through you and the other one? Whenever you do this you are moving up in vibrations. We would suggest that you do this more and more and more. Hug a neighbor. Hug your relatives. Hug a friend. Hug them. Clasp their hands in love and joy. You will be amazed at the energy transference that will happen here. Not only you to them but them to you. Now certainly be discerning in this. Not to hug one who is in a negative 3D space to you unless they need it, unless they are wanting it. But do not allow their negative energy to move into you. If it does happen then wash it off. This is the way. This is what you are going to be called to do. Acheter Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 Those of you who are preparing for your mission. They are very close now. As you begin to work more and more with the populace around you. As you move from those who are awakened to those who are still somewhat asleep. But they will be opening their eyes wide and will be wondering what is happening? And you will be there to give them the answers they are looking for. Not give them answers if they are not looking. That is not what we are saying but give them answers. Help them. Nudge them. Guide them, Just as we are doing with you, you will do with them. That is what you are here to do. That is your mission. There are many who will have different missions. Those in this group, those listening on the phone and all those who resonate to these words, you all are a part of this great mission. You all have part in your individual missions to accomplish and you will be guided to these as you are needed. As you are needed to move into these various roles that you have come to do. You have come to be part of that mission and it is going to unfold more and more and more for you as you move along in vibration here. More and more find yourself in the higher vibrations here. All that you can do, be in those higher vibrations whatever it take to do this. Be in those higher vibrations and be there longer and longer and longer. See the beauty in everything that comes in front of you instead of the ugliness and the negativity. See the roses. Smell the roses. Smell the coffee as the saying goes. You see? All of this is important. All of this is a new language that you will be using. And we will be sharing that next week in your call with Hollow Earth. About the importance of language and what is needed here. So, be ready people. Everything is about to shift! It is shifting now. You are hearing this and hearing this but one of these days, one of these mornings you will get up expecting the same old, same old and another day. And you will find the changes will be miraculous around you that day. This is our message here. Do you have questions here for us? Question: Can you explain why I am seeing many different combinations of numbers? Yes. As I gave an explanation for James earlier for some of this. You are moving up in vibrations and as you move up in higher dimensions you are going to experience more and more of these types of synchronicities. Not only synchronicities in numbers but also in daily activities. In different types of expressions that come along. And you are becoming aware of these synchronicities because you are becoming aware. You are awakened and the more awakened one becomes the more aware of synchronicities in their life. And how they fit together, how they move within their very being. This is why this will continue to happen, not only for you, but for many across the planet are beginning to notice this. There are those that are having this happen and they think there is nothing to it but when someone points it out to them, they say, “What?” And to them it is a just a number. You see? For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. This is what it is about. You are awakening. You are becoming more and more aware and as this happens the synchronicities are happening more and more. OK? Question: My husband of 27 years is awakening slowly and I have been nudging him more and more. What can I do to help the process? We have to chuckle here because we have been doing the exact same thing, nudging these people along here and there. Sometimes they go along and sometimes they hold back. So it is very similar, you see? It is the same thing that you are having with your husband. But we would say to you, just as we do when we have the opportunity, we nudge a little bit more. We push a little bit more sometimes. Sometimes we push hard. Depends on what is needed at the time. One will listen to the whispers or they will hear the shouts. You see? So, if you continue to whisper, that is good. Whisper in his ear. Give him a little nudge here and there. Let the course take as it will. You see? This is the go with the flow here. You certainly cannot take a sledge hammer and hit him over the head. It is not time for that. OK? We do not have our comrade, “Ashira” this time so we are on our own. Another question? Question: I have an association with “Athena” in my life. What can you tell me? What we can tell you about “Athena” in a deeper archetype here is that she is passed down in stories from one generation to another. And it started as “Athena” in the Greek times gods and all of this. This comes down from there but it all comes from a deeper understanding and why it was brought into the mythology of the Greek times as it was. For your understanding as to why you are having this is that your particular attraction to this is not being “Athena” but what she represents. You see? And you are having this remembrance you might say, of her or what she represents. We will not say that you are “Athena” or a Twin Soul of “Athena” or anything of this nature. We would not give that if it were so. But you are bringing up a remembrance of this here. This is why it is coming back to you. But do not let someone in body share with you anything deeper because then you will need to use you discerning qualities about that. Do you understand what we have given here? We are trying to not give too much information here. It is not a negative energy as you are understanding it. Question: Described a dream where she joined as one with another (the dream itself was not transcribed here). Was that my Twin Flame? We would say to you that the precipice pass is Ascension. That is the idea of stepping off the precipice to either fall or to soar, you see? But taking the leap of faith as one steps off the precipice. That is number one. The second part where one appears to you there, that is your Higher Godself. And you becoming one with your Higher Godself. As you become one with your Higher Godself you are able to step off and ascend. A wonderful dream! And as you move ahead you will find your dreams much more important than you have been programmed that they are. Some are finding even now that they are a continuation of their life work in dreams. That they are moving into alternate realities, parallel realities in some cases, and continuing to live their lives, their journeys, their dream states. That is all we can say around this at this time. Question: I was in a fire in a dream but not burning. Was that me? Was that you? When you look at your dream symbolism you look at things that are happening in your life at this time. When you look at the various symbols, they are different aspects of yourself. Whenever you look at a house or high rise building or whatever, it is your house of consciousness. Your house of consciousness was on fire. It was burning but it was not burning with the idea of fire as you know it to destroy but it was burning with the Violet Flame to renew. To burn away the old and to raise anew. And if you continued the dream you would see that the house became a new house after. This part you did not remember in your dream. See? Question: Can you shine some light on my dream (this dream is not transcribed here)? Yes, certainly. Again, the hangar or warehouse is symbolic of your house of consciousness at that moment and your colleagues were portions of yourself that were trying to hold you back from something. Trying to hold you back from moving on in your Ascension process. It was symbolic in this way. And you killed them all off, systematically, as you said. This is indicative of you taking those things out that are holding you back. Those attachments that are holding you. And your Higher Godself directed this dream to show you that you can eliminate those that are holding you back so that you can begin to move freely through the warehouse, through the first floor or a lower floor. There were other floors and you would continue on in this dream you would have moved up those floors. You see? It is normally “Ashira” who does these dream attractions. We are somewhat out of practice but can jump right back in. Question: Will we have the chance to meet you and others with you at some point? Oh my goodness. You have heard many times of the celebrations being planned. The laying of tables. The creating of the buffets. All of these things are ready! Literally! Ready! On the ships. In the Inner Earth. All of these are ready for the Great Celebration that is at hand. And when the frequencies are right, we will be there hugging you, grasping your hand, all of this. All of this is coming and we are so looking forward to it. Thank you for asking about this. It will be a celebration like none you have even begun to imagine. We release channel. Go with the flow. Don’t let yourself go. Do what you need to do in the moment to create your life. Every life, every thought creates your life. Believe it and you will see it. Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.

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