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Welcome to Ancient Awakenings
"Believe and you will see" !

If you have landed on this website we want you to know …IT IS TIME! There are no accidents, my friends. You are here to discover who you are and what the plan is for the Golden Age to come for the citizens of Earth/Gaia and her Universal friends.

Read what is offered here in the spirit of gaining personal knowledge of the change that is occurring on the Earth, in the Earth and around its occupants. A full awakening is occurring right now and you, as loving divine spirits, are participating in this momentous time!

Read the channelings that have been so generously offered to us through many higher beings including the Ascended Masters.


Ascension News:

Join us and dial-in on Sundays for live channelings.

Last Updated: May 01, 2016


   IT IS TIME to enter the momentous Golden Age of Truth, Love, Generosity, Light and Oneness that is our Fifth Dimensional Right of Passage. It is our Ascension Journey that is moving us to this Time and Age and you can decide to join us in the Light of truth.

Join us today for our weekly Sunday group at 11 am Mountain Time in Glendale, AZ, If you do not live in the Phoenix/Glendale area, you can still join us each week through Skype and/or conference call for a small ​monthly ​fee. Either way if you are ready to continue, simply click on join here and you will be connected to our meetup group page of Ancient Awakenings.

Blessings, Dear Ones, as IT IS TIME to move forward to the truth of your Being and to Awaken yourself in the opulent light of the Ascension Journey planned for Gaia and her resident souls that occupy her loving space. That is You!

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