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This is a "lightworker" genarated index of "conscious" and "fear-porn-free" movie titles. Each movie in this index has been carefully reviewed and approved to raise your vibration. We invite you to recommend a title.

Dr. Steven Greer presents brand new, top-secret evidence supporting Extraterrestrial contact including witness testimony, classified documents, and UFO footage while also exploring the consequences of ruthlessly enforcing such secrecy.  
    Hidden History of Human Race    
Michael Cremo reveals the existance of the 'knowledge filtration system'. A mechanism implanted by the secret governments to withold and confound archeological and historical findings in order to write, standardize, and distribute their own version of history  
    The Last Avatar    
Filled with love, magic, mystery, conspiracy, psychics, underground cities, secret societies, light bodies and much more. This film tells the story of the emergence of Kalki (frFilled with love, magic, mystery, conspiracy, psychics, underground cities, secret societies, light bodies and much more. This film tells the story of the discovery and emergence of Kalki (from the Vedas).om the Vedas).  
    Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter ... And Spring    
Award-winning Korean writer/director/editor Kim Ki-Duk uses the symbology of the passing seasons totell this story of a young Buddhist monk's evolution from Innocence to Love, Evil to Enlightenment,and ultimately to Rebirth  
    The Fifth Element    
This film depics the wonders of the elemental world and about the 5th element (love). It also depics the 'one world order' that 'the cabal' had hoped to implement around the planet. Finally it speaks about 'The Dark Mass Consciousness' mass that we created, and recently neutralized (hear Sunday evening channeling from 2017.08.13)  
An intimate look into the real world of faires, their variety, and why they like to hide from humans. Also a movie about overcoming and healing from the bitter pain of betrayal. Also a beautiful depiction of the gift of unconditional love.  
    The Shift    
Know of someone going through a mid-life crisis?  

Whether dealing with a relationship, family, or job crisis.  This video is 'chicken soup for the soul'.   A 'meaning of life' finder!
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What a way to transmit the 'law of one' and the consept of unity.  This movie also highlights the light-warrior consept, living in harmony with nature, and the consept of loving Mother Gaia as well as our connection to our animal brothers and sisters.  
    Conversations With God    
The scriptures are filled with the stories of many prophets and messengers.

Here is a 'now-days' story about one of the messengers living among us and his amazing message.
Only two things can cross dimensions - love and gravity'. 
This movie depics the sciense of interdimensional travel, time travel, and it also touches on the sciense of intuitive communications via the bridge of love.
    Doctor Strange    
Ever wondered what powers and abilities you have as your higher-self, and what you will be able to do one you merge back with your higher self?

An anction movie representing the process of ascension training.