Month: June 2018

15.08.23-The Human Experiment

hear | mp3 |pdf The Human Experiment Higher Self offers a meditation as channeled by James McConnell This…

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15.12.13-“It Is Time To Wake Up”

hear | mp3 |pdf Lord Sananda, and Master One Who Serves, as channeled by James McConnell, and Lady…

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Song “Let It Be”

We are often told by “One Who Serves” that when adversity strikes we are well-served to just “Let it Be.”
“This too shall pass”, if we give it the time and space to do so.
Please enjoy our rendition of this beautiful song, featuring Lorelei Fenton and the “angelic” voice of Ria Gilliani.)
Remember to use these “Whispered Words of Wisdom” in your “Hour of Darkness”.

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