Corey Goode/GoodETxSG Update – September 1, 2015

(This is a partial, not verbatim transcript.): What is the pineal gland? CG: In the program, we got injections and sonic treatments focused between my eyes – the location of the pineal gland. Bikinis Calvin Klein Baratos They used an metal instrument pointed at our pineal gland and send sonic waves to that location. They said it was to enhance our intuitive part of our abilities. : Could you feel a sonic vibration in your skull? CG: Yeah, yeah. You felt the sonic waves going in about a good 6 inches into your head. It was obviously an attempt to stimulate our pineal gland. : In the scholarship that I’ve put out in Source Field, there’s a whole chapter on the pineal gland. Calvin Klein Bañadores We


know it is in the geometric center of the brain. We know it is the size of a pea. Ropa Interior Calvin Klein Barata It has more blood flow going through it than any other part of the body except the kidneys. And mainstream science says, ‘Oh, we don’t really know what this is.’ Continue Reading at ……

Author: Yoda