23.04.16 – Trust The Universal Plan (Master Saint Germain)



Sunday Call 23.04.16 (St. Germain, OWS, Shoshanna)

James & JoAnna McConnell

SAINT GERMAIN (Channeled by James McConnell)

I am Saint Germain. I come to be with you at this time, in all ways the times of great change that are occurring.

Change that is continuing to move forward even though you may not be aware of it, or you may be aware of it, and feel that there’s nothing you can do to make things right. But do you need to make things right? Or do you need to just be. Just be yourself and, as you began this discussion earlier, to stay the course. Stay the course of who you are, what you came here to do. To be those Way-showers. To be those System Busters. That is your mission. Your mission that continues to move along and at times to change here and there. But embrace the changes within you. Embrace those changes.

As you become aware of all the physical reality that is happening around you, always remember that you separate from it. You do not have to feel any type of attachment to it, for it is still within the illusion. And you, my friends, have moved beyond the illusion. In many respects you have done this.

Yes, of course, there are times when you feel yourself pulled back in. These are those times.

But let yourself draw freely now, freely from this physical constraint within your physical body. For you are more and more becoming your light body. You are becoming the conscious knowing self within you that is the Divine Source within you. It is one with that Divine Source, that creative source within you. Let yourselves go and become more and more freely who you are. And do not let anyone hold you to that illusion no matter what happens within the external world. Always know that you are beyond that now if you will allow yourself to be beyond it. Nothing can hold you back except for yourself holding you back.

True, your ego is what tends to hold you back at times. But know that your ego is also moving through the ascension process. Your ego is moving to a higher level of itself.

You are moving to a higher level of yourself, as you are connecting more and more with your Higher God Self and the guides that have been working with you, even though you may not be aware of those guides, they are there. They have been assisting you and guiding you in every moment of your life.

And trust that you are in the right place at the right time and will always be in the right place at the right time if you indeed do trust. And more and more, go with the flow, go with the flow of creation. It is creating life ahead of you every moment, the more that you can be in the moment and to let go of the external sources that tend to hold you back, those of the cabal that attempt to hold onto control.

Know that they have no sway over you any longer, for you are a sovereign being unto yourself. You are free, have always been free, and will move beyond the chains and binds and shackles that have held you to this third-dimensional illusion.

Cut those binds. Utilize Archangel Michael’s Flaming Blue Sword of Truth to sever any remaining psychic ties that hold you down. But they can only hold you down if you allow them to. Be free. Be free to soar into the heavens of your beings and to once and for all let go of those chains and binds. Let go of the illusion, move beyond it, for you are indeed beyond it.

More and more it is important for you to trust in yourself and in the plan, the universal plan that is working out. And if you but believe, indeed you shall see. You shall see the creation within your own mind first, and then the manifestation of that creation becoming real within yourself and around you as well. The creation that is creating life moving forward is creating unity consciousness throughout the world. Trust. Trust as you continue to move forward. Always moving forward, never stepping back. And if you do step back, then simply step forward again, and again, and again. And before you know it, all of the travails and tumultuousness, and the limitations within the illusion of separation will be gone. And you will step forward into a new world, a new age, a new Golden Age, and will have fully realized your ascension, and the ascension of the consciousness of man.

I am Saint Germain, and I leave you now in peace, and love, and oneness. And that the Violet Flame continues to purge out all of the old programming and frees you now and forever more.

ONE WHO SERVES (Channeled by James McConnell)

Om, mani, padme, hum; om, mani, padme, hum; hum, hum. Greetings to you! One Who Serves here. Shoshanna is here.

We are ready to entertain your questions. And we use that term specifically here—entertain. Because indeed, when we come together in this way, it is entertainment for us. Not that we are laughing at you, certainly not. But we are laughing along with you. We are feeling joyful along with you, and feeling entertained. This is entertainment for us. When we think ‘be of service,’ we are entertaining ourselves. And we hope that at times we can entertain you and certainly entertain your questions as you seek answers. And there are times we think that we have come up with very good answers for your questions. But if not, there is not, then that is okay too. We are ready now for your questions if you have them.

Guest: Are they doing the whole emergency broadcasting where they bring forth all the information fully in front of the people, or are they not, or maybe it’s now, then it’s over and over again. We are just trying to be in the moment and not have expectations. But I’d like to know, is that off the table? Is that even true that they were planning to do the whole thing where they take down the mainstream media and they bring forth the emergency broadcast system and bring forth all the information on some channel somewhere for people to see. Is that off the table, or is it on the table? Is it far away? Is it close? What’s the situation?

OWS: It has always been, as you are using this vernacular, ‘on the table,’ and it continues to be so on the table. The answer is yes. This is largely in process here, and is moving closer and closer to being manifested in terms that you can understand as this emergency system is broadcast throughout the world. Yes, indeed, it is coming. It is going to be a part of your ascension process, or it is going to actually be a trigger that will move you closer to your ascension process and away from the cabal or the control that has been rampant within your civilization for thousands and thousands of years, now quickly coming to an end. Shoshanna, do you have something to add here?

SHOSHANNA: (JoAnna’s Higher Self, channeled by JoAnna McConnell)

We will share here. May we share, Dear Sister?

Guest: Yes, please.

Shoshanna: Dear Sister, the challenge with thinking of mankind is time that events should occur in certain time-frames. We will tell you, as you know already, that the consciousness of humanity must reach a pinnacle, must reach a certain frequency before this idea can role out to humanity, you see. And we will tell you that if you observe the many factors, the many things that are going on in your world, that things like the communication channel such as what you call the mainstream news is dwindling. It is dwindling quickly and, even though the big cabal of the world does not want you to know that, if you do a little research, you will find that these main outlets are dying. They are dying quickly. And the men on the street, so-to-speak, the journalists that come through what you call your alternative news sources are gaining momentum and giving you ideas of the truth that cannot be spoken of on mainstream outlets because they are owned by the cabal, you see. So the balance, so-to-speak, of power in communication is shifting to alternative versus main. And alternative is much greater in this moment.

So now, with that being said, that is the indicator that man’s consciousness is shifting. And as it shifts, and it will shift. And it will shift so fast, once the momentum has reached its height that you will almost not even notice it. And some, and we will tell you this as well, some will not ever hear the truth, what you call the emergency broadcast system. Some will not hear this. But those that are ready when the pinnacle of man’s consciousness reaches its frequency necessary, you will hear it. But please be advised that some will not. And that is just the way it is. Namaste.

OWS: Very good.

Guest: So they will refuse to listen to it, is that what they’re saying?

Shoshanna: They will not have the ears to hear, you see. They may hear it, but they will not take note of it, you see. They will not believe it. And that will happen, and that does not matter, because the main authority of the Lightworkers will prevail, you see. And t hey will hear it. Namaste.

OWS: We would add here that those that are not ready to hear it will simply not believe it. They will not believe what they are hearing. They will stay with the old standard way of thinking, and will likely not change. But that is okay, that is their path.

Guest: Will some be like they are not ready to hear it, but upon hearing it, they will change sides?

OWS: Yes, most definitely that will happen as well.

Guest: Okay, great. Thank you so much.

OWS: Yes. Would there be any further questions here? No further question? Shoshanna, is there a question out there that you are hearing that is not being asked yet?

Shoshanna: We hear many. We hear many thinking. We hear many wishing to speak and they withdraw because they fear that they will not have the quality of question that is necessary to participate. And this is not true. All questions are welcome. Namaste.

Guest: Okay, I have a question, since you said that. I’ve been thinking, One Who Serves.

OWS: Yes?

Guest: We were always told that there will be two standing in the field, and it’s the wheat and the chaff. Is this maybe what we are talking about? Those who do not hear and do not understand could be the chaff. And could I just ask something about the chaff when they say one will be taken up and one will be left. Now, does that mean one will be taken out off of the field, or does that mean somebody’s consciousness is not the truth and they will not hear what is going on?

OWS: We will say it is not a literal terminology to use here. It is not that one will be taken up from there into a ship, although that could happen. But it is not likely as we are finding things moving forward here. But it is that one will be left behind in the ascension process and one will be moving forward in the ascension process, you see? One will be left, the chaff, one will move on, the wheat. That will be the separation. You are already seeing it happen. You are seeing it happen when you had the virus expression move through, and you had the division of family and friends, and all of this. This is the beginning of this, but not a culmination yet. The culmination will come with the emergency broadcasting system. That will be the division time more fully here, you will find where those who are ready will move forward into the ascension in the various waves of ascension, and those that are not, will not, you see? Shoshanna?

Shoshanna: We will share. May we share, Dear Sister?

Guest: Yes, ma’am. You may.

Shoshanna: Dear Sister, you must rely on your own wisdom here. As we find it, often you will ask a question and you know the answer to it, and that is okay. You are wise. You know answers, and you can give answers here to those that seek them from you, you see. And everything that One Who Serves has given is accurate. We will just add that the one taken is the one that rises in consciousness beyond the 3D life. That is what the expression means, that no matter where they go, they may exit the Earth, they may rise to a ship, they may remain on the planet, but they have a different perspective, they have a higher level of understanding, and that is what is referred to here. Namaste.

OWS: Very good. Yes.

Guest: Well thank you both, because yes, I had an understanding of it, but not fully as you have said. And that is why I asked, and I asked also for many on the call that might want to hear the answer also. So thank you both. I appreciate you. Namaste.

OWS: Yes. Would there be any further questions here?

Guest: Yes, I have a question.

OWS: Yes?

Guest: I am still in confusion regarding the money system. And we talk about it a lot about taking our currency out of the banks right now because of the banks collapsing. So my confusion, and I want to get a little more clearer on it, is that will the new currency be there so that we will not lose our money if these big banks collapse? So I think that might help myself and some of the others on the call in our confusion to get a little more clearer on what decisions we can make about going forward with our money in the bank. Thank you.

OWS: What we can tell you is there is a war going on, a battle between those of the dark and those of the light, the dark forces and the light forces. The dark forces are the cabal, what you call the elite, all of this, and those of the central banking system. And there are those of the light with the new Quantum Financial System that you have been hearing about. And it is a battle, a war, that has been going on constantly between the two. One is trying to win over the other.

But we can tell you that the forces of Light have much, much more behind them than the forces of darkness. The forces of Light have all the civilizations from all of the civilizations from all of the star planets that are here to assist in this process, as well as the universal plan from the God Source itself, you see.

So it is all going to work out to your benefit. But it is a belief process as you continue to believe, you will create. You will see what you believe, not the other way around. So continue to believe in the forces of Light working here to bring about this plan, and including the financial part of this. Which, by the way, the financial part is just part of the changeover here. There will not eventually be a financial system, for one will no longer be needed. But that is somewhat down the road here, you might say.

So be of good cheer here. Be in good spirits, because it is all working out for the benefit of man as a consciousness here, and not working out so much for those of the forces of darkness, okay? Shoshanna?

Shoshanna: Yes. We will share here. May we share, Dear Sister?

Guest: Yes, please.

Shoshanna: Dear Sister, as we listen to these ideas of removing money from a bank, we would ask, where will you put it? Will you put it in an envelope? Will you put it in a safe? Will you put it in your peruvial mattress? Because if the system is collapsing, your money will be worthless. So you can take your money from the bank, or the central banking cabal system, and place it in an envelope, but this current fiat currency that is running the financial system of your Western civilization will no longer be, you see. It will not exist. So it will not matter.

What we will tell you is that what you are experiencing, and do not fear, Dear One, but what you are experiencing is a collapse of a cabal system that must happen for the great changeover to take place. It must collapse, you see. But collapsing is what you call a White Hat operation. These cabal banks do not want to collapse, but the White Hat system is forcing its hand to collapse, as you call it. We will tell you that the new financial system will replace it, will spring forward into the Great Changeover and you will not lose, you see. You will not lose your position, whatever that be, you will not lose it, as you are a spiritual Light being, and you will not lose it, it does not matter.

So do not fear, Dear Sister. If you wish to remove your currency from the banking system, then do that. If you do not, then don’t do that, you see. Because it all washes down in the end. It will all work out if you do not fear, if you do not panic. Namaste.

OWS: And we can add here that fear is what has been driving the central banking system, the cabal system, for so many thousands of years, even, here. So it is the collapse, as Shoshanna is saying here, which will bring out the Great Changeover, which will include the financial system temporarily here.

Shoshanna: And we will add here. May we add, Dear Sister? May we add one part?

Guest: Yes.

Shoshanna: If you do, if all do remove whatever moneys they have from the Western central banking system, it will advance the collapse. It will make it faster, you see. So if you want to participate from that point of view, you may. Namaste.

Guest: Thank you so much.

OWS: Very good. Are there further questions here?

Guest: Can you update us about Trump?

OWS: Please be more specific about what you are looking for in this question.

Guest: What do you think about the evolution of this leadership. Maybe some clarity would help.

OWS: We need you to be more clarifying in your question. Be more specific.

Shoshanna: We will share here.

OWS: Very good.

Shoshanna: May we share, Dear Sister?

Guest: Of course.

Shoshanna: What do you wish to know?

Guest: I would like to see the benevolent changing of the guard that you spoke about one time. That’s what I’d like to know, if it’s at hand, or if we have to go through more turbulence.

Shoshanna: Dear Sister, we will continue here. What you see in the third-dimensional perspective is not the truth, you see. It is not the truth. The one that you know as Trump is higher protected and is controlling much of this. And many of these things that you see such as his “arrest” was arranged. It was arranged to have many change their minds and move forward in consciousness. These are what they call ‘chess moves.’ What you see is not occurring. It is all moving forward to the benefit of the world, of the Lightworkers. But it tends to be tumultuous, chaotic from a third-dimensional perspective because there is much fear surrounding this. But rest assured that the movement of this great leader known as Trump is moving forward, and he has much control. Namaste.

Guest: Thank you.

OWS: Very good. Does this answer your question?

Guest: Well, no (laughs). It helps.

Shoshanna: Do not fear.

OWS: No. Would there be any further questions before we release channel?

Guest: Greetings, one more. Lately I don’t seem to be able to perceive my Higher Self. I was wondering if this is a common phenomenon, or if it is just something happening to me? Did my Higher Self go on vacation? Did something perhaps block that communication, or relationship? Or what could it be the cause of that Higher Self not being there any more? Thank you.

OWS: First of all, your Higher Self cannot go anywhere, because your Higher Self is you. You are your Higher God Self. And your Higher God Self is you. One in the same. “I am one with my Father,” as he said, those 2000 years ago. And that is you. So do not be concerned about that.

And yes, to your first question, are others experiencing this? Certainly, yes. Because there is a collapse that is occurring. The collapse of the third-dimensional illusionary expression is falling apart more and more. And it is causing a confusion, we will say here, a confusion in many, not understanding what is going on here. Many are confused and have no understanding whatsoever that you have at this point. But even you are feeling confused, so think how much more those others would be in a confusion state at this point.

So just be at peace here. Your Higher God Self is right there with you always, never apart from you, never has been apart from you. It is only just the illusion that has created that separation.

But, if you believe, if you ask questions within yourself, if you ask for guidance, that guidance is always there, if you believe it. And even if you do not believe, it, it is still there, you just do not perceive it, you see? Shoshanna?

Shoshanna: We will say that this is a complex subject. We will share here, because we are complex. So may we share, Dear Brother?

Guest: Yes, of course. Thank you.

Shoshanna: We will share, Dear Brother, by asking a question. Why do you think your Higher Self is gone?

Guest: (Laughs) Well, last conversation, he mentioned that he is now going to cross on the rolls of diving, and then, you know, it almost sounded like he was busy and he had other bigger things to do. And that perhaps we have merged a little. So now, since he is not outside of me from my perception, now we are one, so now he has offloaded to another being? That is my current perception. I would like your feedback.

Shoshanna: Dear Brother, we will just say that the idea of becoming one with your Higher Self is the ultimate goal for the spiritual being, so that accessing that wisdom and that understanding is readily available to you, you see. We do not quite understand that your Higher Self would tell you that he is too busy, or he is going to another being.

We will say that as you move forward in consciousness, and this is complex, but as you move forward in consciousness, you could have a replacement Higher Self. You could have a Higher, Higher Self that comes in and works with you, you see. So perhaps that is what is happening.

But as One Who Serves has given, the highest of your Higher Self, your God Self, that which you are connected to your Source, is always with you. The levels of wisdom that you receive could be intermediary, could be from one, one exists, another comes in, another exists, another comes in, just like guides do, you see, as you move along in consciousness. But ultimately, the highest of your Higher Self that is connected to God, connected to your Source, is always with you.

So perhaps you have merged with the first intermediary, and the second one is waiting. Does this make sense, Dear Brother?

Guest: Yes, that essentially makes sense. Thank you so much. A lot of previous conversations have now come to life. Thank you.

Shoshanna: Wonderful. Namaste, Dear Brother.

OWS: Very good. Then we are done for the time. Shoshanna, do you have parting message?

Shoshanna: We will just say that life in joy as much as you can, as One Who Serves often says, as much as you can. Live in joy, live in peace, with knowing that all is well, and that all things that point to the Great Changeover are occurring in time for you. Namaste.

OWS: And we would simply say as you began this call earlier, stay the course. The course is self-directing.

Shoshanna: Yes.

OWS: Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one.  

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