23.02.05 – Yes, You Will Ascend (Master Saint Germain)



Sunday Call 23.02.05 (St. Germain, OWS, Shoshanna)

James & JoAnna McConnell

SAINT GERMAIN (Channeled by James McConnell)

I am Saint Germain. I come to be with you at this time, I these moments that continue to evolve and change, and bring on the next moment, and the next moment after that. It is a continuing process that never ends.

This process that you are in, this ascension process right now, never ends. Yes, you will ascend. You will move fully through the ascension process and come to that point where you ascend. But what do you ascend to? You ascend to the next level. But then there is another level after that, and another level, and another level. It is a continuing journey, never ending. Never ending until you reach the Godhead once again, the God Source, and you fully and completely realize that you are that God Source. But for the time now, just see things not as they are, not as they are within the illusion, but as you want them to be, as you are creating them to be.

Know that the cabal, the dark forces, are coming to the end of their rein. They cannot stop what is coming, even though they are going to continue to try. They are going to continue to bring up another part of their plan. But the next part of their plan will be the last one that they come to, maybe their final gasp. It is as if their ship has sailed, and as it is sailing, it will be destroyed because it cannot sustain itself within the higher vibrational frequencies.

You, yourselves, are able to sustain yourself in those higher frequencies because you have been raising your vibration, unlike those of the forces of darkness that continue to hold the vibration low within themselves, and attempt to hold it low for everyone else through fear, and anger, and all of the despair. They attempt to hold everyone to that. But they are losing the grasp of that. And more and more people are pulling away from that grasp. They reach out and try to hold you back, hold you back, but you are pulling away further and further, you, being the collective you. The collective consciousness of man is pulling away from their grasp.

So think about that. Know that. That is what is occurring and will continue to happen as life continues to evolve and revolve around the experiences that everyone is going through now. And yes, indeed, look at this as a movie, or a long-running TV series as was brought up in your discussion. A long-running TV series that is never-ending. Although it shall come to an end at some point. It just seems like at this time it is never-ending.

But it will come to an end, and then a new beginning. A new beginning. In a sense, you create the new TV series. The series that you want to have. The series that has love, and life, and laughter, and joy. And no more fear, no more anger, no more despair. That is the old ways. That is what you had when you were comfortable within that comfort zone of yours. But you are no longer comfortable in that. You have pulled away from that comfort zone and are creating a new comfort zone for yourselves.

Do people want to be comfortable? Yes, of course they do. But people also have to know that they have to grasp for change in their lives and allow for change. And change, my friends, is indeed upon you now. Change that will come to a point whre it will reach that crescendo that has been spoken of os many times. The cusp, reaching the end, however you want to see it. The end of the movie, or the end of this TV series. It is coming. You are in that process right now. And all of you are needed at this point to be the ones that bring the truth forward in whatever way that you can.

I know that we continue to speak about this over and over and over about spreading the truth, but that is what you came here for. That is what you all came to do. To find the truth first within yourself, to remember within yourself who you are, and then, as you can, to spread the truth to anyone and everyone that will be ready to listen. And if they are not ready to listen, move on.

Indeed, your discussion ‘forgive, forget, and move on’ is so important at this point. That is what you must continue to do. Forgive yourself, forgive others for anything they might have done to you, and then forget. Forget the past. Forget it, let it go, however you need to work with that, to come to the point where you are now in the moment, in the every given moment moving forward. And then when you do that, you are letting go. You are moving on. Moving on to the next chapter within your movie, or your TV series, or your book, whatever way you want to look at it.

But it is your creation now, not the creation of those of the forces of darkness that attempt to hold you to their creation. No longer. Your creation now.

I am Saint Germain, and I leave you now in peace, and love, and oneness. And that you would continue to let go of the old programming and embrace the new programming that is moving within you now at this moment.

ONE WHO SERVES (Channeled by James McConnell)

Om, mani, padme, hum; om, mani, padme, hum; hum, hum. Greetings to you! One Who Serves here. Shoshanna is here. And we are ready to continue with this program we’ve been working with you and bringing you forward into a higher level of consciousness.

And, my goodness, what a higher level of consciousness you are all moving in in just listening to your discussion earlier and where you are all at, at this point! It is miraculous! It is wonderful how far you have moved in just a short period of time. A short period of time, being years, yes, but to us that is certainly a short period of time, maybe not so much for you. But it is a continuing process that you are all in and moving through. And you are doing wonderfully as you continue to have these discussions as you do.

It is so important, these discussions, because it helps. It helps all of you to come to the point, not where each and everyone is, you do not have to be the same as the other, but have a like mind and a like heart, and more and more realize that you are indeed in the given moment, and that you are creating every moment in front of you, and therefore creating your future as you continue to move along here.

We are ready for your questions if you have them. Would there be any questions here?

Guest: I have a question.

OWS: Yes?

Guest: I think it was Archangel Michael, two weeks ago said something to the effect that the dark ones would be forever separated from the light of God, or Source. I thought we were all eventually going to end up together, even if you were on the dark side.

OWS: What we are speaking of here is the merging of the light or being consumed by the light. And those that will not go into the light and be with the light will be consumed by it, by their own darkness. They will let their own darkness consume them and not allow the light to come in, you see? Does this make sense to you?

Guest: So there won’t be anything left of them?

OWS: They will be not destroyed, energy can never be created nor destroyed, but they will be consumed, we will say, and recreated. Yes, you could look at it that way. Yes, that works. They will go back to the beginning, we will say here, and start over and have an opportunity to come forward and do it all over again. There is never any loss, though. No one is ever lost. They are just recapitulated here (not understand if that is right word here). But yes.

Guest: Reconstituted.

OWS: Yes, better word here. Yes. Very good.

SHOSHANNA: (JoAnna’s Higher Self, channeled by JoAnna McConnell)

We will give example here. May we share, Dear Sister?

Guest: Yes, please.

Shoshanna: When you find an apple that is rotten and you throw it away, what happens to the apple?

Guest: It decomposes.

Shoshanna: It decomposes, and potentially the seeds of that apple grow another tree; grow another creature, another being. For you see, when you have a rotten apple, you don’t wish to consume it, but it has parts that will rejuvenate and become another thing, you see. That is what happens. Namaste.

OWS: Yes. Very good. A simple analogy there.

Guest: Okay good. Thank you.

OWS: Would there be other questions here?

Guest: If nobody has one, I have another question. I don’t think it’s personal, I think it does pertain to everybody, even though it was my dream, which was just a quick glimpse of going onto a highway, because I was going to an underpass in a car. I was situated to go, and I was excited, and it seemed pretty obvious. But I’m curious because in the other car there were young women. I was just wondering what the significance of me and some other young women. I’m not young, but they were, heading onto a new path.

OWS: Yes. And we would say here that whenever you have dreams of this nature, those other people, those other beings, those other women as you are saying here, are parts of yourself. And they are parts of yourself that are moving on, that are not holding back, as other parts of yourself might be. These ones are moving ahead. There is much more to your dream than you are not saying, or maybe you did not remember. But you would find that it is all about moving forward, moving on to the next level, the next stage of your evolvement here. And Shoshanna may have more specific.

Shoshanna: We do not.

OWS: Very good.

Guest: Thank you.

OWS: Would there be other questions here?

Guest: Yes, this brings up a good point I was thinking about. At times we’ve been told about this may have this meaning, or a dream may have that meaning. And at other times we’ve been told that our dreams are really legitimate experiences. In other words, we’re going and we’re having a life in that other reality, or whatever. So my question is, to understand this a little more fully, I don’t think every single experience I’m having in my life is, “okay, here is the deep meaning to this,” or something like that. Does every dream have some kind of deep lesson or meaning, or is some of it just like the sheer experience of it?

OWS: If you look at your dream state as a different reality, that you are experiencing at that moment, then it has the meaning ot you, if you come back and remember it, and all of that. And if you do not remember, it still has a process within you that continues to bring meaning for you in your life, even though you may not be conscious of it. But also understand that as you are experiencing whatever it is, again, it is a completely different reality that you are going through, and a way for your to experience things at that reality that you are not able to at this reality. So it is as if you are in two realities at the same time and gaining experience from both of them. You see? And even multi-dimensional, beyond that, but that is another more complicated thing to look at here. Shoshanna, do you have something to add here?

Shoshanna: We will add here. May we offer our perspective, Dear Sister?

Guest: Yes, please.

Shoshanna: Dear Sister, the dream state is mostly misunderstood. It is a reality. It is another plane of existence. It is a series of experiences. And in that state, the experiences that you have are often not clear, misunderstood, not put together, but they impact your life and your waking state. And often the dreams that you have are offering messages to you. And it is up to you to decipher those messages. That is what is difficult.

That is why it has been often recommended by many to keep a journal, to keep a dream journal. Because if you keep a dream journal, which many do not wish to do that, they do not have the discipline to do that (because you must record your dream within seconds of awakening, and this might be a three o’clock in the morning). But, if you keep a dream journal, you will begin to see the message clearly emerge for you. It is just as if you are having a life and all of the experiences that you have in this life strung together have another meaning altogether, and show you something that you may not have seen in the moment of one experienes, or two experiences, but ten experiences strung together will give you a clearer picture, you see.

So we suggest that if you are serious about understanding your dream state, your experiences within the dreams, that you begin to record them and you will be able then to see something emerge that you haven’t seen before. Namaste.

OWS: Very good.

Guest: Okay. Can I ask a followup?

Shoshanna: Yes.

Guest: In the recording, I’m not necessarily looking for the meaning in that moment, I’m just recording it, and then seeing what comes to me over time. Because I know we can want to look at the meaning, and we can want to analyze it and figure it out, and all that. But I think I hear what you are saying is maybe just letting it all kind of be, and then seeing what comes to me naturally. Is that correct?

Shoshanna: Yes, Dear Sister. That is exactly what we mean. It is just as if you are having experiences in your waking state, and you are not sure what those experiences represent until much later when you have another, and another, and another, and you go, “Oh, this is the pattern that I see.” Yes, resist analyzing. Resist that, because that is thye monkey-mind trying to make sense of something, and it may never be able to do that. But if you do record these dreams and you go back and ponder them and meditate upon them, you will see a picture forming. Does this make sense?

Guest: Okay. That makes a lot of sense. Yeah, because I think I was more concerned about analyzing it to death. But that makes a lot of sense. Thank you so much.

Shoshanna: Yes. Namaste.

OWS: Very good. Are there any other further questions here?

Guest: Yes please.

OWS: Yes?

Guest: I am aware that each one of us experiences different physical sensations as part of our expansion. So I am asking for another perspective of what I’ve been experiencing. My scalp, the birth spot where it was open in the skull, in that area it has been itching like crazy. There is nothing physical going on with the scalp. It’s intermittent, and I find that very interesting. It’s not disturbing in any way. I’m going about my day, and then I’m reaching up and scratching my head. I am open to hear a different perspective of what’s going on. And along with that, I am noticing that with the plates in my skull, sometimes one side is protruding, the other is not, and then it sits. So this all seems related in some way. I am asking for a deeper perspective for our understanding. Thank you.

OWS: As we look at this, and we will look at this in terms of not only you who is asking this, but everyone who is on this call, that may be experiencing various issues, or feelings, or tendencies within their body that may be a little bit different than what they were used to. This is an indication of higher vibrational frequency coming into you. Light coming into you. DNA processes occurring within you. It is all, what we would say, a good thing here. Again, speaking to the whole here, not just to this one. What they are called ascension symptoms, DNA downloading, these kinds of things. It is all a continuing process. We are not going to be specific about this particular thing, though perhaps Shoshanna would be. We are going to look at it in a general fashion here. Okay? Shoshanna wishes to share.

Shoshanna: We do not have specifics to share here. We agree with your perspective, One Who Serves. Namaste.

OWS: Very good. Would there be any other questions here? Then we are ready to release channel. Shoshanna, do you have parting message here?

Shoshanna: We do not.

OWS: Very good. Then we just say here to continue to indeed, as you said in your discussion earlier, forgive, forget, and move on. It is very important, especially in these moments now that are here right now, and the ones that are coming ot you.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one.  

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