22.12.31 – The Downfall of The Third-Dimensional Illusion (Lord Sananda)



Sunday Call 22.12.31 (SANANDA, OWS, Shoshanna)

James & JoAnna McConnell

SANANDA (Channeled by James McConnell)

I am Sananda. I am here now at this time, in these moments that are just prior to the ending of one year, and the beginning of the next. And oh, what a next year this is going to be!

For you are on the verge, the verge of many great happenings, many great changes. Not the full Changeover yet, but it is those events that are preceding that Changeover, preceding the Great Solar Flash.

You have all been preparing and readying for this in all of your different ways. No way is better than another, whether you meditate daily, whether you contemplate daily, whether you remember daily. Whatever it is, whatever you are doing as the Personal Representative of the Alliance here on this planet.

And yes, you are all a part of The Alliance. You are all here to bring about the great changes, to bring the downfall of the third-dimensional illusion. The veil is dropping rapidly. And for those of you that know the veil is literally gone, it has been gone for some time. But it is still there within your programming within your mind.

And the mind is the builder. And the mind continues to build based on the programming that you are still running.

So in this next year, find yourself more and more letting go of the old programming, letting go of the old memories. Do not hold on to them any longer, for they do you no good as you continue to move on into the higher vibrational frequencies. And you are all moving into those higher frequencies.

You are all moving, and have moved from the third-dimensional illusionary expression, now into the fourth dimension. You are all there at this time now. And in this moment right now, you are even in the fifth dimension. Will it last? That is up to you, as you continue to move about your daily activities. But as you move through your daily activities, move through it in a kindly manner, in a sense of being in the now, and only in the now. That is where you need to focus more and more in this next year, being in the now moment, letting go of the past, not worrying and focusing on the future. For the future comes as a result of your moving through the moment. That is what you need to come to understand more and more. And as you do that, you will come to a greater understanding once again of who you truly are.

Because you are so much more than this body that you are in. You are so much more than the personality that you believe is you. Because you are so much more than that personality. You are a multi-dimensional personality, and you are coming more and more into realizing that and remembering that. And as you do that, your vibrational frequency increases. You find yourself in the higher dimensional frequencies more and more. And as you do that, all of the old third-dimensional programming will fade more and more. And the old memories will also fade more and more.

Will you forget all the great times that you had? No, certainly not. But you will forget. You will move beyond the memories that you no longer need. Think about that. Contemplate on that. Meditate on that whenever you can throughout this next year, and certainly in the beginning of this next year. Because in the beginning of this next year there are going to be many things that are going to show the toppling of the third-dimensional illusion.

Finally you will have reached that point that you have all been waiting for, working for, training for, training to be the ones that you have all been waiting for. It is not us. It is not the Ascended Masters. It is not the Galactics. It is not the Agarthans that are here to save you. It is you that are here to save yourselves to bring the freedom, the sovereignty back within yourselves once again. That is what this is all about. And that is what this next year is going to bring.

I will leave you now, and let the One Who Serves and Shoshanna come in and bring you through to this next year in however they plan on doing this.

I am Sananda, and I leave you now in peace, and love, and oneness. And that you continue to understand more and more that you are the ones you have been waiting for. You are the Christ Consciousness moving through each and every one of you. It is not myself as Yeshua that is the Second Coming, it is you all that are the Second Coming.

ONE WHO SERVES (Channeled by James McConnell)

Om, mani, padme, hum; om, mani, padme, hum; hum, hum. Greetings to you! One Who Serves here, and Shoshanna is here.

And we are ready to kick off this next year, this next wonderful year. And the more that you think about it in that respect that this indeed shall be a wonderful year, then that is what you will create. It is those that are creating the doom and gloom of what could be in this next year that they will find that doom and gloom. That is the way this works. It is not the other way around. It is the programming, as Sananda has said. We have been saying to you again and again, over and over, ad infinitum, it is the programming that holds you back. It is the old memories that you hang on to that hold you back. Let go of all of it. Go with the flow.

As you go with the flow, then everything will become exactly what you want it to be, as you focus on what you want and not what you don’t want. Focus on your health. Focus on everything working out in your lives. Focus on your relationships and your friendships, even those that may have left you for sometime, focus on them coming back, if that is possible. And for many, that will be possible, for some not so much. Because this is the changing of the guard. This is the splitting of the time lines that you have heard of. The separating of the wheat from the chaff: that is what is happening here. And it will continue on to move in that direction. But at a certain point, as the Great Solar Flash does happen, not saying it will happen in this year, it is potential, but it is not necessarily proved that it will at this point).

And incidentally, we are not here to predict the future. We do not do that. But we are here to tell you of the potentialities and the possibilities of what is coming in the future.

But before we do that, think about what has come before this, and how far you have all come in the year past here. And even the lifetime past. Think about the questions that you have asked in these calls, each and every Sunday, and how they have changed. They have metamorphasized (is that the right word?–yes!). They have changed over the time here, where you’ve asked questions that you could have answered yourselves many times throughout.

But now you are asking questions that are more meant for the greater collective. And that is where we all want you to move toward and thinking about: the greater collective. Yes, it is important to think about yourself, certainly, and where you are going, and being in the moment, and all of this. But also think of the greater all there, the greater collective all, and how all of you are helping to bring about the great changes within the collective consciousness of this planet.

Every single thought that you have, every single thought, goes into the collective consciousness of the planet and can then be in a sense grabbed, or brought down from that collective consciousness, or the universal mind, however you wish to look at it, and brought down, and that becomes the reality. Every thought can become a reality.

And as you move more and more, especially in this next year, into the higher dimensional frequencies, your thoughts become even more and more important, because they will manifest much quicker than they have in the past. And you will find that in this next year. That is what is definitely coming for you. For those that have the eyes to see, and many more of you are going to have the eyes to see and the ears to hear in this next year.

You are going to get more and more of those glimpses that we have been speaking about, of seeing beyond the third-dimensional expression and into the fourth- and even fifth-dimensional expression and seeing those things that have been held back from your sight up to this point. Even those that have cloaked themselves as the ships. Those of what you call the E.T.’s, the Galactics—we will use that term here, the Galactics, that have cloaked their ships. They will become more and more visible to you. It is already happening. It has been happening. It has happened through this entire past year. Ashtar, and KaRa, and others have been telling you that this is coming closer. They are coming closer and closer, and becoming more and more a part of your expression. The expression that you can begin to see, and feel, and know that they are there, that is coming in this next year.

As well as you can certainly expect many changes in your political system, in your geographical system, in so many ways, in your medical system.

The medical system that you have now is going to begin to fade more and more, because it cannot sustain itself. It cannot sustain itself because it is a system that tends to not heal people, but to make them sicker and sicker. And those of you are beginning to understand that more and more, and more will understand that. They will understand that the medical profession is not their friend, most of them. Some of them certainly do their best. But there are many that do not, that just follow along the old game plan, the game plan of the cabal, the deep state. But that is going to change, because there are many miraculous [technologies]: they will appear miraculous at first, but they will become just a part of science as it moves through. But there are those technologies that are coming forward here in this next year, and into the year after, and so on.

Many things are going to change. Your energy structure is going to change, already in the process. There are those technologies that are being introduced even now that are beginning to show themselves as to lower your energy bills and things of this nature. But there is so much more coming in so many different ways. We can only begin to touch on this.

But know that as you move through this year, and certainly in the beginning of this next year, there are going to be various shifts that are going to begin to happen. And yes, shifts do happen. So know that as these things begin to formulate here.

And there will be more and more who will no longer be saying “nothing is happening.” They will not be able to say that anymore, because so much is happening, and is going to be happening here. You are going to see the changes. You are going to be aware of this.

And it is not for you to go say to your friends, your family, “see, we told you so.” It is not for you to do that. But it is for you to be there. To be there as they wish to ask you questions or ask you what it is that you know and that they have not known up to this point. They will be clamoring for this more and more as this next year moves along here.

And you are going to witness a changing of the guard. That is all we can say on that at this point. But we think you understand somewhat what we are talking about. The changing of the guard. Just think about that.

Shoshanna, do you have anything you wish to add here? We apologize for monopolizing the session here so far.

SHOSHANNA: (JoAnna’s Higher Self, channeled by JoAnna McConnell)

We are used to that.

OWS: (Laughs)

Shoshanna: We would like to share a perspective that is different than that which you have given. Although, that which you have given is appropriate for the moment for the turning of the year, for the beginning of something new. It is appropriate. So we much put a layer upon this story that will help all that are participating on this planet, that are participating with each other to move into full participation of what they were meant to do, what they were meant to be.

Now we will tell you (and we hope we won’t bore you with this), but we will tell you that in the beginning when humans were becoming a species, when they were becoming communities, they were becoming a thing. Humans. Above the physical, there is what is known as the archetype. And the archetype is a mental construct that the human being takes on to participate in their societies and do a good job and uplift all those around them and move forward in consciousness so that each can fulfill their promise of who they are.

It is a puzzle. Everyone participates together, you see. So it is your job to identify who you are. Waht archetype you are carrying out. And how to do your best within that archetype. How to refine it, and refine it, and refine it. You see, what has happened here in the third-dimensional chaotic world is that all of these archetypes, that were originally pure and perfect, have become corrupted. So that the Leader archetype, the archetype of Leader does not so much lead anymore, does not so much look as as if it is a leader, you see.

So there are ones coming forward. And we are not giving names, because you all know what we are talking about. The ones coming forward to lead now must refine their archetype to bring about the changes that will refine the world, that will make this world uplifted into the fourth and fifth dimension, you see. It all starts with the archetype. So you must identify that for yourself.

Now some of you are wondering (maybe not), we are wondering, the one, JoAnna, was wondering, and we gave her the answer, she is carrying seven archetypes in this lifetime. In each one, she must refine, she must become conscious of, and do her best to bring about perfection within that archetype. There are many.

So now, you must do that. And as you identify what your mission is within the archetype, maybe the archetype Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Creator, Leader, whatever archetype you are most carrying forward, you must think consciously of how to perfect it. And as you do, you bring about the original archetype so that socially the world becomes uplifted. Communities begin to work. We see this on a small scale that there are many communities that have understood what their mission is as the archetype that they have brought forward, or the several archetypes that they have brought forward, and have created communities that work. But there is much confusion around this.

So we will tell you your job this coming year, which is tomorrow by the way, is to find out and become completely aware how to carry forward your archetype into the world, and refine it, and perfect it. Namaste.

OWS: Very good. And we wish you to think back here for a moment on your past several years here, from your 2020 until the present time, and all that you have gone through as far as the so-called pandemic, and everything that those of the forces of darkness here how they attempted to manipulate the population and create a fear and control, and all of this. And you are coming into this next year, and they are already beginning to use that same plan again. Again, the same game plan over and over and over. This is what they do. But those of the Forces of Light, those of what you call White Hats, and The Alliance, all of you that are part of this Alliance, all of you are aware of it this time. You know their game plan. You are ready for it. So as they attempt to bring this out, it is so important for all of you to say, “No, more; we will not go quietly into the night any longer; we will fight!” And do not comply with any of their edicts, or their mandates, or anything. And if those of you do not do that, then so many more will see you not doing it, and they then will also not do it.

They are going to try this. They are going to try this, or they are going to try something else, and then something else, and something else. This is what they do.

But their system is coming down all around them bit by bit, piece by piece. It is toppling everywhere. And those that, again, have the eyes to see, and all of you do now have those eyes to see, you can see what is happening. You can see that, indeed, there is so much happening. And those that are saying nothing is happening, they are going to be in for what you call a ‘rude awakening’ here. Because it is going to come as a tidal wave as the changes begin to gain momentum more and more here.

So that is what we want you to understand as you move into this next year, that you are so important for all of this to come about, for this new higher expression to begin to show itself. You are those ones to do this.

As Sananda has said several times previously, you are the Second Coming. You are the Christ Consciousness being born within each and every one of you. You carry that Christ Consciousness. And you can carry it to all of your friends, your family, everyone, to the collective consciousness across the planet. That is what you are here to do. And we know that you are ready for this. That you have been, again, training for this for lifetimes. For many lifetimes you have been training and working toward it. Shoshanna, do you have anything to add?

Shoshanna: We will add here. We will attempt to bridge that which you have given with that which we have given.

OWS: Very good.

Shoshanna: We will say that when you are asked to stand up, to have courage to do the right thing. This is often difficult for many. This is all part of perfecting that which you came to do, you see. This is all part of perfecting that which you have become.

You see, the original archetype of the humans all have divine consciousness. The Divine Mother. The Divine Father. You heard these things, you see. This has all been perfected. But what has happened is corruption.

So now it is up to you, if you wish to see a change, you must be the change. If you wish to watch the darkness recede, to watch the darkness leave the planet, it must be you that perfects yourself. It must be you that, in that moment of consciousness, decides to be brave, decides to have courage, decides to do the right thing, you see.

It is, for example, like a doctor. There are so many medical professionals in your world today that are leaving their professions. They are not participating, because they are perfecting what they came to do. They came to be the healer, not the charlatan that many are. So they are doing the brave thing, the courageous thing.

So you see, when you do not comply, when you do fight the system, you must decide that you will display courage. So many back up. So many hide. So many put their head under the covers. You must stop. You must continue to be brave and courageous. Because as you do that, your light becomes perfected into that archetype that you carry that you brought forward into this world. And the consciousness, the Divine Consciousness, the Christ Consciousness, is easily embodied in that perfection, you see.

So it is a moment by moment process. And that is why (we are sorry we are preaching), that is why we are told to live in the moment. Because a conscious decision can only be in the moment. You cannot decide the future. You cannot change the past. You can only be in the moment. So when you are faced with any decision, you must be in the moment to make that decision. Do not hesitate, Dear Ones, to bring in the Christ Consciousness, to bring in the Divine perfection that you already are in your every moment of your breath and your life. Namaste.

OWS: We would add here that part of carrying the Christ Consciousness here is, that you will find that you will be witnessing these changes we have been speaking of. You will be witnessing those of the deep state, cabal, the dark forces, being arrested, what you have called the ‘mass arrests.’ That is all coming.

And it is important while you are witnessing this, not to become a part of the anger and the negativity that will be rampant across the entire planet. Not only here in this country, this is going to be everywhere, as those of the Forces of the Alliance, the White Hats, the Military are all going to be stepping up front and center and doing what they have promised to do. To uphold the constitution. Not only the constitution of this country, but of the entire world’s population. That is what is going to be a part of the coming expression.

It is important for you to not get involved in the fear and the anger, and all of these things that many who are just beginning to wake up to all of this will certainly be expressing.

And it is also important that the various changes to your financial system is also a part of the new expression that will be coming in. Those of you that have been waiting and waiting for what you have called the ‘revaluation’ and the ‘global currency reset’ and the new financial system, the quantum financial system.

All of this is coming in the times ahead here. We cannot say exactly when or how it is going to be expressed, but it is going to be expressed. It is part of what is coming to be of all the changes that are happening here.

So just continue to be patient. Continue to be always in the moment. And if you are in the moment and not worried about the future, and totally being depressed when that future that you have been waiting for does not appear right away in your time frame, know that it cannot be in your time frame. It is in universal time frame. That is what you also have to come to understand. And to begin to get ready to express as these changes comes forth more and more, and for you to be in the positive higher vibrational frequencies as these changes come about and you witness the crumbling of the house of card of the dark forces. Okay?

Shoshanna, do you have anything else before we move to question and answer here?

Shoshanna: We wish to hear questions.

OWS: Yes. Then we are ready, if you have questions. And as The James said earlier, as we indicated to him, please keep your question tied to what is coming in this next year, or what you are wanting to happen, or whatever it is, but not so much in a sense of personal type of questions here.

Guest: I have a question.

OWS: Yes?

Guest: Beautiful messages from our brothers, One Who Serves, and from our sister, Shoshanna. I think most of us on this call and many, many others are awake. Most of us don’t comply. Most of us say no to the medical controls, etc. And I know the absurd plans of the dark side. My question is, is there an avalanche of awakening happening? Will some of the many other people who are fast sleep, will they be awakened by some of the truth coming out? Or are well, not alone, but will the group grow into a massive awakening, or is it just us Lightworkers who are awake?

OWS: We will tell you that you are legion, in the sense that as these changes begin to come, and the truths come forward more and more, so many more across the planet are going to become awakened. Just as you have awakened earlier, they will then have their chance to do so. And that is very much assured here. Will all awaken? No. Will all come along into the higher vibrational frequencies? No. Many are going to hold back kicking and screaming, and attempting to hold on to life as they know it, the comfort zone as they know it. They are not going to want to leave that comfort zone. You can even see that in the various arrests that have already happened. And as those have stood on the scaphold ready to meet the executioner, they have not capitulated. They continue to fight. They continue to rant and rave, and to say anything that they can to disparage those that are there around them, or have been a part of their expression throughout their life. So yes, you are going to notice a great awakening that is happening. This is The Great Awakening! It is already in process, but it is going to become so much more so. Shoshanna?

Shoshanna: Well, we can share here. May we share, Dear Sister?

Guest: Yes, beautiful Sister.

Shoshanna: Dear One, we will ask a question here. What do you see, what do you feel that is the main reason why many wish to stay asleep?

Guest: I have an answer. I think that they are programmed, because they are believing the mainstream media. There’s been a coverup on the highest level and so they are not getting the truth. Those of us Lightworkers have been lead beautifully by our Higher Selves to find out the truth from other realms. But these people who are remaining asleep are not looking outside of the mainstream media, etc., etc.

Shoshanna: Dear Sister, may we continue here?

Guest: Yes.

Shoshanna: Dear Sister, you have given the external reason they are being to remain asleep, as they have been programmed. What really is at the forefront of all of this, and if you wish to participate in the awakening of these beings, as others wish to participate or they say they wish to participate, the fundamental reason why people are asleep is called ‘fear.’ They are desperately afraid of everything. They are desperately afraid. And yes it is a program. So in order to nudge a being here, and nudge a being there, and it takes time, you must understand that their motivation, their action is motivated by fear. And we, those that are awake, do not wish to fall back on that. They do not wish to feel that again. We’ve all been afraid.

So now, in order to awaken those, or help awaken them, you must comfort their fear. You must attempt to understand them. To understand their fear and to comfort them, and to find the common ground. And as you do, and as the trust builds, they will begin to perhaps see the light here and there.

But just remember, all of these beings that are sleeping are extremely afraid to wake up. Namaste.

Guest: Absolutely. And just as a side note, and a wink-wink to One Who Serves, what he just said, he said when these dark ones are on the scaffolding ready to be extricated from this realm, they fight. Is that a confirmation that some of them have actually been arrested and taken off this plane?

OWS: Most definitely yes! It has been happening for some time, and is going to continue to happen. Because the old system must come down. It must fall completely.

Shoshanna: It will!

OWS: The old comfort zones, and everything that everyone has become accustomed to in this society, in your culture, it is all in process of change. This is what the transition is all about here, moving, transitioning from one realm of the third-dimensional expression into the fourth- and fifth-dimensional expression.

Guest: Wonderful! And will the ones who are asleep actually have proof of that, or see that that’s what has been happening, so they will further awaken?

OWS: This is coming, yes. It will be on every station across the planet at some point.

Guest: Thank you very much.

Shoshanna: It is happening now. It is happening very rapidly now. And we wish to add one more thing, Dear Sister. May we add?

Guest: Yes, please.

Shoshanna: Think of dominoes. That is how it works.

Guest: Very good new, and I’m very happy. Thank you. We love you so much. Namaste Beautiful One.

Shoshanna: Namaste.

OWS: Very good. Are there any further questions here? No further questions?

Guest: I have a question.

OWS: Yes?

Guest: I understand that maintaining our vibrational level is going to be very important. So do you have any advice in how to maintain an aura of compassion and understanding while we are so frustrated in dealing with those close to us who are so asleep and so negative. It’s really, really difficult. I’ve spoken to several friends who are awake. The negativity gets really difficult sometimes.

OWS: We will say here, just as you have said that you get frustrated, that we would say, do not be frustrated. That is very important here. Because you utilize this terminology here. It is what it is. That’s what we would say to you. Go with the flow. All of these things. Do not allow others that are in their process of awakening, wherever they are in that process, do not allow them to bring you down. Do not allow them to hold you back. Let go of the old programming, the old fear programming, the old ‘I am not good enough’ programming, and all of these kinds of things that you have been brainwashed with over many, many lifetimes here. And they continue, they being the forces of darkness, the cabal, deep state. They continue to create that programming, that fear. Let it go. Do not become a part of it. Be in the moment. Find yourselves wherever you can in nature as you can, in places of where you feel a sense of higher vibration, where you feel good. If you feel good, then you are in a higher vibration, you see? It is not magic, here. It is simply just create a feel-good state, however you can do that, and in that moment you have raised your vibration. And the more that you hold on to that higher vibration, in that ‘feel-good,’ it can even lead to a blissful feeling. And then guess what? Then you are in the fifth dimension, you see? In higher and higher vibrational frequencies, and feeling better and better and better about yourself. And not only that, as you feel better and better, and in these higher vib rations, there is nothing that can hurt you then, as far as any kind of medical situation, illness, nothing can harm you.

And that is where you are all moving toward if you embrace these things that we have been telling you for some time here, and working with you to find yourselves more and more in those higher vibrational frequencies. Does this help? And perhaps Shoshanna has something to add.

Shoshanna: We can share here.

Guest: So you’re basically saying don’t take the bait. I’m being baited.

OWS: Yes.

Shoshanna: No. We disagree with that.

OWS: Very good, then share.

Shoshanna: We wish to share.

OWS: Yes.

Shoshanna: We wish to share.

Guest: Please.

Shoshanna: You are attached, Dear Sister.

OWS: Yes.

Shoshanna: There is no bait. You are attached. That is the downfall of those that live in fear. We will give you a method, if you wish. We will give you tool. Here is what you must do. And we will ask you a question first. If you encounter a frightened child, do you argue with that child?

Guest: No.

Shoshanna: You do not. You comfort them. You find a way to lessen their fears. Unless you are a monster. I mean, there are many that…yes, it was funny, there are many that are not compassionate, that wish to push children aside. But we do not believe that is you. So now, if you encounter a frightened child, you do not argue with that child. You do not push that child around. You do not get aggressive with that child, because you know that child is innocent, and it is afraid of something that does not exist. Most of the time when you encounter a frightened child, they think a monster is under the bed. Or they see a dog, and their think the dog will bite them. Their fears are not realized, you see. So when you come across a human being that perhaps looks like an adult, seems to speak like an adult, you must understand they are a frightened child!

You must see them differently. You must in your mind grasp upon this being and realize that they are 10. They are 8. They are 7. They are 5. They do not know how to handle their world, and they are looking for comfort, you see.

So now, it is your job to see this differently. Not to be aggressive and think that they are baiting you. They are children. They do not have the conscious knowing awareness to understand what is happening in this world, and they are frightened.

Now, when you do that, it will change for you. The attachment will be lifted. The compassion will fill you, you see. The love for another will fill you. Does that make sense, Dear Sister?

Guest: This is wonderful! Thank you so much!

Shoshanna: Namaste, Dear One.

Guest: Namaste.

OWS: Very good. Would there be any other questions here?

Guest: Well, if no one else has a question, I want to ask Shoshanna, when she was talking about the archetype, which I think is very important, to find out what your archetypes are. How does one find out what their archetypes are, through meditation? Through Higher Self? Through working with a shaman? How can one discover their archetypes?

Shoshanna: We will answer here, Dear One. May we share?

Guest: Yes, please.

Shoshanna: Dear Sister, the archetype is a living, breathing being, you see, within you. So it is not a complex thing. It is not something that someone should tell you about. It is a path of discovery, you see. So we would say that you must, as a being, or anybody that wishes to profess and refine that which they have brought forward as an archetypal consciousness within the realm of the third dimension and to go beyond the third dimension to perfect it, to look around at what they do.

For example, Dear One, we know you. So we can give a check. We know that you are an animal lover. We know that you are a caregiver to those that cannot care for themselves, those beings that cannot care for themselves. So you are a caretaker. You are a caregiver, you are a caretaker. You are a lover of nature. These are archetypes, you see, Dear Sister. You do not need a shaman to tell you this. You just must look at how you live. How you live defines your archetype, or your cells archetypes that you brought forward.

Now, to perfect that, and we already know you are doing that, if you are a lover of naturee, do you start a forest fire?

Guest: No.

Shoshanna: Of course not. If you are a lover of nature, and that is your archetype, that is what is within your soul to express here. And you take care of nature. You nurture nature, you see?

Guest: yes.

Shoshanna: And you take care of those beautiful animals better than anybody, you see. You reach out and find out how to take care of them in a perfect way.

So now, simply for all who are listening to this, look at your life and what you do naturally. What comes to you naturally? That is your archetype that you are living. That is part of your expression. You may have more than one. And to perfect it, you must learn consciously how to get better at it. How to refine it. How to extend it, you see. Does this make sense, Dear Sister?

Guest: It does. And I resonate to everything you said. How may archetype subcategories are there?

Shoshanna: There’s about a million.

Guest: Oh! (Laughs)

Shoshanna: There are many, you see. There are many. You just have to, as a being walking this planet, and helping to bring forward The Changeover, you must do your best to perfect and refine the archetypal personalities that you are living.

Guest: Beautiful. Yes. Nature and animals. That’s a big life mission for me. Yes.

Shoshanna: Yes. Namaste, Dear Sister.

OWS: Then would there be any other questions here?

Guest: I have a question. Can you hear me?

OWS: No, you are what you called ‘garbled,’ here. We cannot understand.

Guest: I can’t get close to my phone, I’m sorry.

Shoshanna: You are coming through now. Speak directly into your phone, Dear One.

Guest: Oh, okay. My question is, I would like some pointers, and I know I’m asking a lot. Some pointers on how to intensify the relationship with who I am in all my dimensions.

Maybe I can give a specific example of that. I’ve been focusing more on loving myself. And as I do that, there are certain areas where I realized I have attachments, patterns that don’t serve, and I don’t want. One of the biggest ones is isolation from people. And I feel it’s a mistake for me to think that all on my own I can make progress with this. So I’m looking to merge more, connect more with me in all my dimensions so that together I have more of a chance to let go of something that I have to let go of. And I was just wondering if you could give some pointers on that.

OWS: We would say to you, Dear One, just be yourself. Do not be concerned. Do not be worried about this is not working, or that is not working. Just be who you are, and everything will work out exactly as it needs to. Don’t focus on anything more than just that. Just being yourself. Loving yourself. Loving the Source within you. For the Source is within you. Your Higher-God-Self is a part of you. You are a part of your Higher-God-Self. You are a part of your multi-dimensional selves. And everything is moving in that direction as this transition continues to move through. And as the transition comes more and more closer to the ascension process here that you are already also in, but as it comes closer to your full ascension, then everything that you are speaking about now will become a part of you and your expression in each and every moment here. Okay? Shoshanna?

Shoshanna: We can share here. May we share, Dear Brother?

Guest: Yes, Shoshanna.

Shoshanna: Dear Brother, we would ask you to see yourself as a whole being. That you will give up these fragmentations and see yourself as one, as a whole being. We will also tell you, and you have, so we best tell you to stop analyzing. Stop chopping things up. Stop looking at the minutia. Smell a flower. Plant a garden. Kiss a baby. Hold a pet. Become one with your surroundings. Make it your job to love everything around you and participate with that in mind that you love everything around you, and that you are complete.

You see, Dear Brother, we know you. We also know, and we have seen others gaze upon you, and have seen your love and your wisdom, and your honor, and your greatness. You see, they see you. Now you must see you. Namaste.

Guest: Thank you.

OWS: That goes for everyone here, not only for this one who has asked this question, but for everyone to follow that advice. Would there be any other questions here?

Guest: I do have a qu4estion.

OWS: Yes?

Guest: As we grow up, and we get older in life, we go through a lot of stuff, right? We go through a lot of good and bad stuff. And we also serve, as a good model, and things like that. In this country, we come across many things, many people, and many different places, and not only this country, but all over the world. How do we know as a Lightworker that we have impacted somebody positively. That somebody changed because of our input? When we provide those inputs. Let’s just say that we are in a particular city or state for a short amount of time, maybe a year or two, and then we know people, we act on them, and then we move forward to another city, another state, same thing happens for the next five years. And then we move out for another 20 years somewhere else. And those people that we came across and we interacted with, we don’t get to see them again. How do we know that we have impacted those people in a positive way? And, of course, we have got negative, but focus on the positive. How do we know that we actually impacted them?

Shoshanna: We must answer here, Dear One. May we answer, One Who Serves?

OWS: Yes, please do.

Shoshanna: Dear Brother, may we participate? May we give our perspective on this?

Guest: Absolutely.

Shoshanna: Dear Brother, you may not like what we are going to say. But the idea of wanting to know if you have impacted another is centered in ego. It is not centered in the heart, you see. Because none of that matters. None of that will ever matter, you see. You must give from your heart all of your beings without attachment to a result, without attachment to knowing. That is the conundrum. That is the difficulty of being on this planet for the human because all humans must tame the ego, you see. We do not say erase the ego, but we to tame the ego.

You must understand that wherever you are, when you are dealing with your highest degree of love from your heart, when you are shining your light, you are making a difference! You are influencing all those around you, and it may take 100 years for that seed to germinate, but it is not your concern that it germinates, for you are the vehicle of light. You must simply shine the light upon the darkness. You must simply expand the love of your heart to others, and then let go. Namaste.

OWS: Yes. And we would say here, you are one of the Lightworking and Light-Warrior Community, and all of you together as a collective are having a great impact on the changes that are needed to affect the collective consciousness of this planet.

Guest: The question is, I know there may be some aspect of ego involved into this, but just the fact that, you know, ego is tricky, everybody has a level of ego, but in my particular case, of course, I always wished to do good and no harm, of course. We go through some negative situations where we can actually do some harm if their good, but as we gone along, I’m measuring myself, how am I really contributing to this? If that is my ego side, I am actually trying to improve myself to actually put the ego at the side so I can do better. Because I don’t have any way of measuring how much of a positive impact I’m making.

Shoshanna: Dear Brother, no one has that.

OWS: No.

Shoshanna: There is not one on the planet that has a measurement of that, you see.

Guest: I had the idea that I would start looking at that.

Shoshanna: It does not exist.

Guest: Okay. I see.

OWS: Very good. Are there any other further questions? We take one more question, and then we need to release here. Any further?

Guest: I kind of had a breakthrough in how I interact with my sister, with criticism coming at me, that I just had to explain and justify, and there is a demand from her to explain myself over whatever I did or said. I basically stepped out of that this weekend. I am not going to do this anymore. It’s an old and decrepit pattern, and we need to stop. As a result of that, she went into kind of a self-flagillation state (what we’ve always tried to protect her from a depression state). I guess my question here is, when we take our power back, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to great with the other person over there that we love, but we just know we need to take our power back, how does that in some way assist them? If there is any way to generalize that?

Shoshanna: We will answer here, Dear Sister. May we participate? May we give our perspective on this?

Guest: Yes, please do.

Shoshanna: We apologize once again to One Who Serves.

OWS: No, you are fine.

Shoshanna: We will answer here, Dear Sister. Dear Sister, when a caterpillar goes into its cocoon (I know it is find something else, we cannot find the word—chrysalis), do you worry about it?

Guest: No, not at all.

Shoshanna: Because it is a natural phenomenon, and we know of this. So as humans, we have seen what happens. The caterpillar becomes a butterfly, you see. But there is a transition that occurs. There is a transitionary period, you see. You cannot be a butterfly without going through the transition. Is that not correct?

Guest: Yes, that is correct.

Shoshanna: And, it is ugly. The chrysalis is ugly. It looks funny. It is brown. And we go, “Oh my goodness, should we knock it down, because it is brown and ugly, or shouldn’t we?” So you see, when you change something, another will change, and you must wait. You must be patient, as they are going through a transformation as well.

Now, how long will that take? We cannot tell you that. And the others cannot tell you that. But you must live your true life. Do you understand this, Dear Sister?

Guest: Yes, definitely. Thank you.

Shoshanna: Does this make sense, Dear Beautiful Sister?

Guest: Yes, it makes a ton of sense. Yes, absolutely. Thank you.

Shoshanna: Namaste, Dear One.

Guest: Namaste.

OWS: Now before we release this channel, we need to get our two cents in here. We have not been with you for some time, and some of you new people on there are wondering, “What’s going on here? Who’s this now coming in?” But we just needed to come in and say, Happy New Year! Happy Wonderful New Year!

And that is what you need to do. You need to think about this next year as being wonderful, and it’s going to be so special. And it is for you! It is for you to move through this next year and have a good time. Enjoy yourself! Celebrate your living! Celebrate your being here on this planet at this time, because it is so special that you are here!

Yes, you volunteered to be here, and all of that, and we know that you have said many, many times, “Why did I volunteer for this? Why did I say I would come and do this?”

But you have to understand, when this is all said and done, when this is over, you are going to be celebrated. You are going to come into the ships and be in that expression and there are going to be those a lot that are going to greet you and celebrate you, because you have been through so much that we would not want to go through! I can tell you right now, we would not do this, like you have done this!

We have been there here. We have been a part of this expression, but not as you ar going through at this time here, not in this particular transition that you are moving through. But if you look at this as a transition, and it certainly is that, but look at it as a wonderful transition, wonderful changes that are coming. Not the things that are being propagandized and programmed and all of that to the general public. You are not the general public! You are not to be a part of that anymore. And think about that more and more as you go through this next year, that you are not a part of that.

You are a part of the higher vibrational expression that is coming to be on this planet, and that is what you need to think of yourselves. Think of yourselves as The Alliance, the part of the Alliance. As you have heard many times, the ones you are waiting for. This of yourself that way. And if you do that more and more as you move through this next year, especially in the beginning of this next year, then you will be a position where you can be of the most assistance to others around you. And that is important here. They will watch you. They will watch you and how you express. And if you express without fear, without discord of any kind. If you express with joy and living in the freedom that you are supposed to be in, as you are the sovereign being, which you are, then everything will work out for yourselves.

And we are going to tell you that myself, I am myself here, I am part of the self, just as I am part of this collective of One Who Serves, but I am going to be with you more and more in this next year here. It is time. I have been somewhat on, what you would call a sabbatical, or a vacation even, if you wish to call it that. And now I am back! I am back, and I am going to be here with you all to continue to express in this next year, especially as you move through, as I say here in the beginning of this next year. You are going to witness some very, somewhat miraculous things here. That is what I wish to come and then say to you. And just say again Happy New Year, everyone! Shoshanna, do you have anything that you wish to impart here in closing?

Shoshanna: There is so much here. We will say, and it has been said before, to love yourself. But love yourself as the Creator loves you. For you are the created, and the creation. Know that you are made of pure love. That you are made with love, and love is Light, you see. So there cannot be anything else. So do not struggle with this, for you are love. Namaste.

OWS: Very good. And I wish to close here with a song, but The James here is saying, no, no. no, because he is somewhat hoarse here in terms of his throat, maybe talking too long here. We have been talking through him too long here. So we will not do that this time. Maybe next time. Maybe next year. And there will be sooo much to celebrate the next time.

Shoshanna: We think you are wishing to sing “Let It Be.”

OWS: No. We were going to sing, “Celebrate.” But that is okay. We will not do that here this time.

We are just going to, again, say Happy New Year! Happy Everything! here, as you move into this next year. Wonderful next year!

Peace to all of you.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one.  

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