21.10.10 – Archangel Michael



Sunday Call 21.10.10 (Archangel Michael & One Who Serves)
James & JoAnna McConnell

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL: (Channeled by James McConnell)

I am Archangel Michael. And as always, it is my pleasure to be here with you and connect with you in this way.

To be able to continue the process that was started long ago for many of you. Lifetime after lifetime we have been working with you. But it is this lifetime where you have all been drawn back together again where we can work with you as a group, coming together as you are. Old souls being called back into service once again. And I say service, because that is what you are here to do. You are here to be of service. And all of you are being exactly that in your own way.

Yes, the energies are strong at this time, and becoming stronger and stronger. And yes, it is difficult for many of you to continue to stay the course, as your earlier discussions spoke about, and which we had given to The James to bring about, “Stay the course.” That is so important at this time.

For long, long ago you knew before coming here that it was going to be difficult. You knew it was going to be difficult. Many travails throughout lifetime after lifetime you would go through, until finally the breakthrough lifetime you would approach, you would be a part of.

And you knew at that time, when that time came, that you would be here to finish the job. To finish what you started. To finish the promises that you made. And indeed you are here at this time to do exactly that, to fulfill your promise, your promise of assisting the Earth and all of the people here on the planet, all of the consciousness here on the planet, to awaken.

That is your purpose, your collective purpose, as a group, a group here in Ancient Awakenings, but also a larger soul group of all of the Lightworking Community across the planet. You are all here for that. So stay the course, my friend. Do not let those things that are intercepting or appearing to intercept the light sway you from being within the light, being within the higher vibrations, or creating the higher vibrations within your life and all around you.

For know that as you create the higher vibrations within yourself, you show those vibrations out to others. You show the light. You pave the way. You are the Way-Showers. That is what you came here for. So show the way now. Be the way. Be the way, the truth, and the life, and the light to all of those that will come after you. But know that first, you yourselves need to continue on this path. This path, again, that you created for yourself long ago.

And know that as you finish job, as you complete the course, or complete this part of your journey, know that a grand celebration awaits. Yes, upon the ships, many of you will find yourselves there, or in the realms of Agartha below the Earth. Many of you will find yourselves there when the time or the frequency raises enough for that to happen.

But all of you, each and every one of you, are a part of this great puzzle that you have been bringing together. Think of it in that way: a grand puzzle. Thousands and thousands of pieces within the puzzle. And you have been diligently, lifetime after lifetime putting these pieces together. And what happens when you come to the point when you are ready to finish the puzzle and bring those last pieces. And how easy at the time, though, for you are not looking at thousands of pieces anymore, you are only looking at a few left. That is where you are now, to complete the puzzle. To bring it all together. And when you complete the puzzle, you complete the picture also. You are all in that point now where you are completing the picture.

Yes, one of you spoke earlier that it is a long process. But I tell you now, you have already been on a long process. How much longer does it need to be? Only you, the collective you, can answer that question. But you are at the point of being able to fully answer that question.

Because many things although as you have heard many times are happening behind the scenes, they are happening within the light, no longer within the darkness. To where these things are happening behind the scenes, they are in the light, and they are coming out as truths, no longer held within the shadows. The shadows will be gone. When the shadow is gone, all that is left is the illumination within the light.

So continue to trust. Trust in yourselves. Trust in the plan. The great plan that you yourselves have been a part of from the beginning. I speak now of the very beginning. Beginning of creation.

True, you were not a conscious knowing self at that beginning. But you all are a part of that creative process–always have been, always will be. For you are energy. And energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It always has been, and always will be, as your consciousness is.

So I ask you now, as Archangel Michael, who has been overseeing this process for a very long time, long before the Earth, long before Gaia began, long before you found yourselves coming here, I have been overseeing this process, and helping, only helping, not doing, but helping to bring this to a conclusion. A crescendo , if you will. You are approaching that crescendo, or that finish line.

Yes, we know you have heard this many times. And many times you say, “Yes, Archangel Michael, we have heard this over and over, but when is it going to be finished?” The ‘when’ is up to all of you as a collective. Come together as one as much as you possibly can with your brothers and sisters around you. Be the ones that they can look up to. Show them the way. Not give them the way, show them the way.

All of my peace and love be with all of you as you continue on through this grand and great awakening that is leading you further and further through your ascension process.

ONE WHO SERVES (Channeled by James McConnell)

Om, mani, padme, hum; om, mani, padme, hum; hum, hum. Greetings to you! One Who Serves here, and only One Who Serves here this time. We are together here, as we are the collective of the One Who Serves, and there are several of us here, and assisting in this process and bringing you further and further along as we can.

But it is not up to us, it is up to you as to how far and how fast you move through this process. And we can only show you the door. It is you that must walk through it.

But, we have shown you the door many, many times. And we think it is time for you to walk through it. What do you think here? Do you think it is time? And do you think enough is enough, and all of these things? Well, we do too! So, tell you what, why don’t you just walk through that damn door and get this over with, okay?

Guests: Okay! Alright!

OWS: Yes, we are the One Who Serves here that, what you call, the ‘Funny One?’ We are here to assist and be a part of this whenever we can. It used to be whenever they allowed us to. But now we can kind of come and go as we please here much more than we could before. And you may not understand that now, but you will at another time here, especially when we come together in a grand meeting together, as face-to-face even! That is coming. You will see.

So we are ready for your questions. We are going to attempt to remain here and to answer your questions if we can. Do you have questions here for One Who Serves?

Guest: I have a question.

OWS: Yes? Dear One!

Guest: Hello Funny One, we love you!

OWS: We love you too! Yes! And your Beloved sends his regards, sends his love! Okay?

Guest: Well I’m so glad he’s awake! (Laughs) I’m glad to here that. He’s so precious. Well, anyway, my question is, when we had the last Advance, we got an initiation from Sanat Kamara. And I’m wondering what was that that we got, because I can’t remember. I have a feeling it was putting us on the fifth dimension, but what was that?

OWS: What that was, was an initiation process that you have been going through for a very long time, lifetime after lifetime. And through this particular lifetime that you are in, you are all experiencing these various initiations. But we do not like to call them initiations any longer. We like to call them ‘movements of consciousness.’ Because that’s what they are. They are a movement along of consciousness into higher vibrations.

And yes, you are correct in that it was an introduction, we will say, into those higher vibrations of the fifth dimension. We knew it would not last permanently because you are not at that point yet where you can fully feel the ascension process completely through you. But that is coming. You are working toward that. We are working to assist you in that.

And know that we have not been doing all that we have been doing with this group, and with all of the Lightworking Community throughout the planet just so that you could perish in a so-called pandemic or virus of some type. That would be ludicrous that we would be working with you diligently like we have and let you just expire, just go away! No, it’s not going to happen. So don’t even think that. And anyone that is thinking that, know that this whole process that has been going on is a scam in many respects. It is all about control, as you already know this. And we think we have answered your question, but have gone even further, have we not?

Guest: Well, yes. I just know I’m not going to be here much longer, and I don’t mean passing on. But I guess you know what I’m talking about, and some on the call do. And I just would like to thank you, oh my goodness, for what you have done for us all this time, and I love you dearly! Bye-bye, for now.

OWS: Very much so. And we would just say here that we could not do it without you! So thank yourselves! Pat yourselves on the back! Job well done!

Guest: That’s what I’m doing, patting myself on the back.

OWS: That’s right. If you can still reach your back, if you can put your hand back there and tap that back, can you do it?

Guest: I can hardly! (Laughs) At my age, but I’ll try.

OWS: I didn’t say we are saying that. But we are also saying to you, Dear One, that you can do that. And we want you to do that right now. We want you to take your hand, and put it behind you, and tap your back, and tell yourself “a job well done!” Okay?

Guest: Okay. A job well done!

OWS: Very good. That’s right. Good.

Guest: Thank you so much!

OWS: Would there be other questions here? It is always a pleasing time when we can be with this group and to have camaraderie, and be joyous with you, and be ridiculous sometimes even. But yes, do you have a question?

Guest: Yes. On the new Ancient Awakenings Telegram channel, there is a new video saying the dam in China broke, and there was this huge wall of water that was rushing through the video destroying everything. I was wondering if you would comment on that, that it was actually broken, and that was in China.

OWS: What we can tell you that this is one of those things that is, yes indeed, occurring behind the scenes and is not being broadcast tio the genera population at this point. We would not say it has been a complete full break, as you are saying here, but it is a partial break here.

But there is much more that is happening there behind the scenes that even many of you may not be aware of yet at this point. And part of that is those deep underground military bases that you have heard of, the ‘DUMBS.’ And that is a wonderful word for it, by the way, they are pretty dumb, that they could think that they could get away with what they have attempted to do. They are really dumb and stupid in many respects. But anyway, they have had these various deep bases that they have been operating for various reasons, and many of you know these reasons. We will not go into that at this time. But they are being destroyed. They are being either destroyed or taken over, or made so that they cannot operate anymore or be able to be used in the respect that they were planning to use them. So all of this is indeed happening here, okay?

Guest: Thank you.

OWS: Yes. Would there be other questions here?

Guest: I have a quick question.

OWS: We have a quick answer then. No, not necessarily! We are not usually very quick.

Guest: (Laughs) I want to hear if you have any comments or anything you could say about the La Palma volcano, and whether or not we are going get a wall of water.

OWS: There indeed is more that is occurring behind the scenes. There is indeed an eruption that could indeed occur here which would create various catastrophes, if you want to say this. This is what has been planned by those of the dark forces. But those of the Forces of Light have done everything they can to mitigate this, so this does not actually occur in the way that you were thinking of here in terms of huge wall of water coming to the Eastern Coast of the United States, and all of this. This indeed is not destined to happen at this point.

They are trying. They are attempting to do this, but know that even if something like this were to happen, at a much lesser degree than what they planned, then those of the Forces of Light and the Alliance, if you will, have plans for this as well. Know that we have said this before, you have heard it from other sources, that those of the Forces of Light and those of the President Trump operate at a 5D chess level. And those of the forces of darkness are still operating with a simple chess board, more at a 3D level, you see? So those of the Alliance, their plans are far ahead of what the forces of darkness are continuing to attempt to do.

As we have said many times, the same old game plan they continue to use. Well, those of the Alliance and the White Hats, they know those game plans! And they are doing everything they can to continue to work their game plan and have their own plans as well going forward. Okay?

Guest: Thank you very much. Thank you.

OWS: Would there be other questions here?

Guest: I have one. My question is, are the Good Guys or the White Hats, whatever you want to call them, going to be destroying or taking control of that Hadron collider in Switzerland?

OWS: We would say that those of the forces of Darkness have already done everything they can to control that. For a very long time they had control of that. But that has been taken over now as we find it. That those of the Forces of Light, The Alliance, they have known about this and the attempts to do very dangerous experiments that could create many catastrophes and calamities across the planet. But they have done everything they can to first hold that off, and then take that over completely, which they have indeed done. So there is no concern about that.

Guest: Thank you.

OWS: Also know that those of the Galactics that are operating with that particular project have also been a part of doing everything they can to intercede in those dastardly plans that the cabal, the forces of darkness, the Illuminati, all of this had planned here.

And yes, indeed, your question earlier about the time-line shift here was indeed accurate, but that has been stopped.

Guest: Thank you.

OWS: Yes. Would there be other questions here?

Guest: Greetings.

OWS: Yes?

Guest: I wanted to inquire. You just mentioned that it’s time for us to just walk through. I know we need to inquire in order to receive guidance. At this point, all things considered, what can we do individually or as a group to walk through the door? Thank you.

OWS: Very good, Dear One. We would say what you need to do is what you are already doing. And you knew we were going to say that, you see. But it is accurate here. You are already doing what you need to do just by being a part of this expression each and every week that you come together as a Family of Light, as Archangel Michael said, the old souls coming together again. You are doing that. And each and every time you come together in this way, you are affecting greatly beyond what you may even be thinking the collective consciousness of the planet. And the little bit each time, you continue to help raise that consciousness of the planet just a little bit each Sunday you come together. Each time a little bit more, a little bit more, a little bit more.

Sometimes a greater more when you come together in your Advances. Great expression of consciousness is released at that time. And will be again in the coming one that you have in a very short time here as we find it. We are very much working toward preparing for that next Advance that you have. It is going to be, in many respects, spectacular in what can be accomplished when those of you come together within the Light and within the higher vibration, and put all of your vibration, your consciousness together as one to create an affect that needs to happen. You will hear more about that as we get closer to it. Okay? Does this answer your question, Dear One?

Guest: Thank you. And the other day I walked through a school and we saw children playing with masks, and in this particular state they are all being required to get vaccinated. When we look around and see things like this, we wonder, did we lose that battle? Did we not do enough? You know? Are we on a downward spiral again? So would you give us some words of encouragement regarding that? Thank you.

OWS: All of this, my Dear Brother, is about awakening. Awakening the sleeping masses. This is why this is occurring, these lock-downs, these mask mandates, these vaccine mandates. All of this is about people waking up to what those of the controlling forces now, the forces of darkness, yes, but those of the controlling forces, or what we will call the ‘minions’ here on the planet that are continuing to do here, or are continuing to try to do. But they are losing the battle, my friend. They are losing it very fast here. And you are seeing that as the more ridiculous statements that are starting to come out from them. Many of you heard this from the so-called president that is there now, and the other various ones within that so-called administration that are there, as well as the ones across the planet, and the other governments. They are all coming through and showing their foolishness in many respects, showing their true colors here, you see? They are showing they are not of the Light. Many of them are even showing that they are part of the New World Order that is now being used more and more often here. So it is an awakening process, is what is occurring here, okay?

Guest: Okay. So it is part of the plan. It is being allowed a little bit here as a prodding?

OWS: Yes, very much so.

Guest: Okay. Thank you.

OWS: Very much so. Or your President Trump would be the actual seen president at this time. It was meant to be as it has to have, okay?

Guest: Thank you very much.

OWS: Would there be other questions here?

Guest: Yes, I have a question.

OWS: Yes, we have a question here in the room, yes?

Guest: Yes. The question is, is Red October going to be what I would consider a Red October where there is a lot of disclosure and discovery?

OWS: Now it is funny that you would bring that up because in a time earlier, and those of you that are on the call here and have known us for some time here, know what I speak of now, where a question like that would have come up, and I would have started just flapping my mouth, or at least James’ mouth anyway, and bring much about this forward here. And they, they being those that were mentoring to me at that time would be standing their with their hook and ready to pull me off the stage, you see? But that is no longer, because I have learned my lesson. I cannot give information directly like that, like I would have attempted to before, you see? Now if Shoshanna was here, maybe she could do that, because there would be no one to pull her off the stage, you see?

But anyway, we can tell you, or I can tell you, I can do this now, I can tell you that there are great many changes that are afoot here, and many truths that are already coming out, and many more that are yet to come forward. And there is something within this month of October, yes. We will not say directly what it is, or how powerful it shall be. But it is something that is going to open a few more eyes, we will say here. Few being relative here. Perhaps in the thousands, relative here.

Guest: Thank you, and I hope you stay on the stage!

OWS: We like the stage! We do like the stage. I like the stage very much so. And you are new here, but there was a time, actually I still get some advice from him every now and then. The one you know as ‘Robin Williams.’ He is with us.

Guest: Yeah. Good!

OWS: Yes. He is. He has given me many pointers here as well.

Guest: I loved him.

OWS: He was very much beloved across the planet. Would there be other questions here? I could go on, and on, and on, but we need to come to close here soon, because James is saying “No, no! You cannot go on and on and on! And no singing!” He said, “no singing!” And we always save that for the Advance, yes.

Guests: Laughter.

Guest: I have a question, please.

OWS: Yes?

Guest: Hello every one. My question is in regard to minor earthquakes. They seem to have a line. I’m getting this information through a person by the name of Paul Butler. He gets reports on earthquakes that are happening and calls them awakenings throughout the planet. But I am very curious. I am noticing they seem to be traveling up through Texas, and up into Arkansas and Idaho. I would like to know what ley line or grid line that is occurring on. Because it just seems strange to me, because I am not aware of such things as to what is being awakened or shaking awakened in those areas. Thank you.

OWS: Whenever there are earthquakes, and storms, and volcanoes, and all of this, part of this is allways about the Earth, about Gaia herself ‘breathing,’ we will say here, or beginning to clear herself out, we will say here. To bring things back into balance, and that is what it is largely about. But it is also about those of the deep underground military bases that are being destroyed in some respects there. People feel the tremors from that. Much of it is also by that. Occasionally it is also about those of the dark forces that are creating these forces to actually disrupt certain areas. They attempt to do that at times. We cannot give more direct information on that. But all of that is coming forward. All of that will come to the full truth to the more general population even, as we find it. Okay?

Guest: It sounds like a movement what I would call ‘shake and bake’ (laughs).

OWS: That is a good word for it, yes. And as The James said earlier, another word that is coming that you will be beginning to hear is ‘shock and awe.’ ‘Shock and awe’ is coming. Okay? Any other questions here, before we release channel?

Guest: I have a question.

OWS: You just got under the wire. Yes?

Guest: I am always under the wire! (Laughs) I have a question about the chem-trails that are again appearing on the planet. Places that my husband and I have traveled to. Can you explain what this last blast of chem-trails is all about, please.

OWS: Well, you just said it. It is the last blast, or the last gasp, of those of the forces of darkness, the cabal, the Illuminati, continuing their old plan. It is the same old, same old game plan that they have been working on. But many of the ones that have been working with this are disappearing. You are going to find that. That they are no longer controlling this, because they are no longer here. So get ready for some astounding revelations to come forward here. Okay?

Guest: Thank you.

OWS: Then we need to release channel. You have one e-mail question, as we find it here.

Guest: Yes, thank you. The person is asking who was behind the recent social media shutdown, and what was the purpose behind it? Thank you.

OWS: What wee can tell you is what came forward from your media was not accurate, of course. They are spinning it. They are changing it to fit their agenda here. But What actually occurred is that of the Forces of Light, the Alliance, is what is working to do that, to show that they can do it. To show those of the forces of darkness that they mean business. That they can do this. They can shut them down whenever they want to here, you see? And this was a demonstration to show them that they could do that. And it is leading to the larger demonstration that many of you have heard of where everything goes down, and those of the Forces of Light can come forward and speak. Okay?

Very good. Then we done for the time. And we just say that it is a pleasure, very much of a pleasure to be able to be with you, and to share with you, and to have fun with you, enjoy with you. Because you have no idea how much joy I have. I highly say ‘we,’ but I can say ‘I’ too. And how much joy I have to be able to be with you, and share with you.

And I am so looking forward to the time where I can sit down and be with you face-to-face, break bread. You don’t say ‘break bread’ anymore, we can have a meal, can we not? And actually have some wine, or something like that. Won’t that be wonderful! And not just wine, there are so many things out there in the galaxy, you have no idea of that will be sensational, beyond what you have here! You have wonderful food here and wonderful drinks here, but you have no idea what’s really out there yet. But it is coming, you will see. Even on the ships themselves, the food and all of this is wonderful for those who want to imbibe in it. Okay?

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one.

Guests: Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you, we love you! Come back any time!

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