16.07.17 – Call On The Elemental Kingdom and Your Personal Fairy To Help You Manifest

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“One Who Serves” channeled by James McConnell
“Arabella” and “Ashira” channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco

(Note: these messages were given during our weekly Sunday Prepare For Change group in Glendale, Az on July 17, 2016)

We are so pleased to be here with you to share this journey with you.

We know that most of you do not call on your Fairy on a regular basis. This is a mistake because we can do so many things that will help you. If you call out to us we will help you find things, we will help you manifest things. We will find the glitter in the day that seems to be dull. Our job is to take care of you. If you call for us during the day, call for us at night, we are there.

This is an important role that we agreed to take on to help the Human Family. It is an important role to help you move forward. We are always of joy. We are always of peace and love. This energy can be a benefit to you if you but call on us.

Remember the words on your scroll (during our guided meditation) that was given. Remember those words for they are going to help in days to come. As things continue to shift and change your Fairy is one who will continue to support you and help you.

We are so glad to be with you. We look forward to our next time together. Thank you.

One Who Serves
Greetings to you. Wonderful to be here with you again and to assist you in your conversation earlier.

Of course, we were eavesdropping in on you through the consciousness of James here. We understand that you were speaking of abundance. We would ask you, “What is abundance?”

Answers: happy, joyful, healthy, everything you ever wanted or needed, trust, consciousness, love

And not one of you answered with money. Money is not abundance. Money is a facet of what abundance is. It is an understanding of a consciousness level. Abundance is everywhere and everything. If you have abundance you have all you need. If you follow the Universal Law of abundance, you have all that you need. You have no need of anything beyond that. It is simply within your consciousness. If you create the ideal of abundance you will always have it. Whether it is money or things you want or desire it is all a part of the same.

Do not think in terms of money because money, as you know it, is going away. Not immediately but through a transition process. Eventually you will come to a place where you will not need money anymore and it will be replaced. It will be replaced by pure abundance. And everyone will know that they have pure abundance. They have all that they need and want in their lives. They have no need for anything beyond that.

This will bring pure joy and happiness to all. This is the Fifth Dimension. This is where you are all going through this Ascension Process. As you know there is a transition first to get there. You will pass through the Fourth Dimension to get to the Fifth. As you move through the Fourth Dimension you will be working on the monetary system, your financial system. Your financial system is going to change. It cannot continue as it is. It has worn out its welcome you might say. Although some might say it was never welcome to begin with.

So, be of good cheer people. Your life is going to be amazing! You are part of that life in creating that life. That is our message for today. Do you have questions for “One Who Serves” and “Ashira”?

Question: Earlier this week I was lying in bed about 11:30. As I laid there I heard the words, “New Jerusalem”. I thought about getting us but I was very tired. Then I heard tones in my left ear and I was engulfed with a beautiful, sublime peace. This lasted for hours. Do you have any feedback on this?

“One Who Serves”
Certainly. When you hear the words, “New Jerusalem”, between your asleep and awake states, it would be advisable to listen to it. If you feel the need to go outside it would be good for you to move outside and you would have seen something there. That was the plan for you. That is the first thing.

The second thing is the idea of the sublime peace. This is where you are all going, people. You are all going to feel this sense of peace come over you. At different times, yes. But at times where it is simply sublime, that is the only word we can come up with at this time.

This will be as you have never felt it before. All of you have felt this. You have called this bliss, an understanding, a knowing, you call it peace. It will come over you at various times. Certainly when the Galactic pulse comes, when the event is here, it will be over all at that moment. All will experience it. In the very moment as well as the moments that occur after this.

Question: What about the tones that I heard?

The tones were a part of the “New Jerusalem” speaking to you. You were being sent its energy and vibration to call you forward.

Question: Can you give me some feedback on the dizziness I have experienced?

The Wave has affected you with this dizziness challenge and you shared earlier that it is being reduced. The Kundalini energy is rising in your body. This is a shift in energy for you.

Fortunately you are also having that wonderful peace too. We would share that those times of dizziness are moving past you. You will have this less and less to hinder you or pull you away from plans. Spend time in meditation raising your Kundalini when you have the conscious opportunity to do so. That should bring balance to what you are experiencing.

Question: I am listening to others’ teaching and they talk about dissolving the ego/personality in favor of keeping the soul’s activity. What can you say to this?

“One Who Serves”
Your soul is your essence, it is who you are and it is the record of all the many lifetimes you have had. This soul record is what you carry on through all your existence. It will never go away. It can be disintegrated if need be, at any time. This is only in extreme circumstances where this would occur.

So you would continue on with your soul record forever here, for eternity. The idea of merging back with your Higher Self and the God Source is what you are referring to here. At some point you will come to the understanding, the realization that you have never been separated from God Source. You are one with God Source. When that full realization comes, you will have that full merger occur.

The idea of the ego and personality is who you are in each individual lifetime. Your ego continues on with you. We hate to disagree with others who say let go of your ego, let it go. Your ego will continue with you because it is you, it is the personality that you are. You will continue to carry that ego with you but it will not be the ego as you know it now.

It will be your higher vibrational ego and that you will continue on with the raising of the energies within you. You will take this ego to the higher vibrations, the higher chakra centers.

Question: So our soul flows through us and our Higher Selves work through the soul to honor our promise to Divine Mother from eons ago?

“One Who Serves”
That is correct. Your soul is simply the record. Your Higher Self works through the record and through the various personalities you have been. At some point you will work through a merger with your God Self.

I will say that I absolutely agree with “One Who Serves”. The explanation was outstanding.

The ego and personality serves you when you met day to day and face to face in your world. The soul and the Higher Self are the parts of you that are eternal. Those are the parts that continue forward. When you leave this life you move upward and have a raising of consciousness. Even the person you are today is different from the person you are tomorrow.

Question: I have been seeing symbols for building blocks. I am wondering is that is something I am doing on the other side?

We can always count on you for a great question. As these symbols have been shown to you they have increased in numbers. Several have become known to you. Yes, there is another aspect of you that is working with these. They are leeching through so that you have an awareness of it. This is to help pull you together so when it is the right time, you will move forward standing upright into this project. You are experiencing parts now but you know there is a greater whole.

Question: During the meditation I found myself in a tornado which is happening a lot. Can you give me some insight for that?

“One Who Serves”
We can suggest here that when you are in the center of a tornado or a hurricane in your visualizations or meditations, it is indicative of the turmoil going on around you in the Third Dimensional world. All of these things that are creating a sense of turmoil around you. When you are in the center, in the peace and the calm, all of this is vibrating around you and does not affect you.

That is where you want to be. In the now, in the moment, in the peace of the moment. Do not be affected by those things around you such as the various news items and all of these things that affect you. As they come into your experience push them right back out. Do not be concerned with these things. Events happening and people dying are happening but they are not a part of your experience.

Question: Why am I given a scroll every time I am inside of that?

This gives you an opportunity to take notice. A scroll has something very ceremonial about it. There is something very ceremonial about the words said upon the scroll. This is important for you to take note of. As you receive these, keep track of what you are told.

Question: My scroll had Fairy Language on it. They were really strange.

That was perfect for you. Each person received exactly what they were to receive. Some may have symbols. Some may have language they understood and others may have a different language. It was perfect for you.

Question: I was trying to look closely at the scroll and there were beautiful pictures of nature on the scroll and it was given to me in the backyard of the “mud house”. The message that I was given is that Question: my mission now is to be one with the Earth. I mean to put my hands in the dirt and grow things. Does that make sense?

“One Who Serves”
Yes. We know how you have been leaning toward the idea of gardening. Even though you do not believe you have a green thumb, we believe you say that you have a black thumb. Do not say that anymore. Do not believe in anything of that respect. Know that this is happening for a reason.

Also part of the orchestration is that the two of you are moving away from this area into the forest area. You are moving from the miasma here into nature more. This is all part of the expression you are moving toward. It is all purposeful in this respect.

You will have your garden. You will be in your garden and you will be working outside when you can. You have spoken of going on more walks, hikes and these kinds of things and we certainly encourage this. You are being guided here to go through and do all of these things. You are being guided and it will be up to you if you experience these things. These are ways that you will become one with Earth here.

Question: I have one more question. Can you help me to know if that house is the right one?

“One Who Serves”
No, we cannot do that. You already have the idea. You already have the knowing.

You were feeling the energies there. The energies from the previous owner the one who is still there. And also the energies that have been built up in that particular location. But it is more than that but we cannot give anything more at this moment. You will come to understand more here and which home is the right one.

We would like to add this. We smile when you describe your scroll because you and your
Fairy spend time in your dream state. It is not a conscious remembrance you have but you do have time with this one who is guiding you. They are sharing with you the plant life in the dimension they take you.

This is to let you know that you can call forth to your Fairy before you go to sleep at night. Willingly and openly take that travel with them. OK?

“One Who Serves”
And this is why James is to find a place that has more in the idea of nature. That has forests and capabilities to create to find an oasis in your backyard where you can create a fairy environment that you are looking for. James already has the vision in himself and he will need you to realize that vision.

We gave more here than intended too. Sometimes it calls for a little bit more here and there.

Question: I don’t understand what is meant by lifting the veil. Can you give an idea of examples?

“One Who Serves”
You have seen many indications in the past of the veil not lifting completely but peering through the mists of the veil. All have experienced this at various moments. When we speak of the veil being lifted or the veil coming down we speak of dimensional shifts here.

When you move into the Fourth and the Fifth Dimension the veil will be dropped and the illusion of the Third Dimension will be gone.

We would add that when you had the experience of moving from one location in your town that you were walking and all of a sudden you were in a different area close to home. You moved through that area in a magical way and that is part of your experience of the veil.

“One Who Serves”
And we would also mention here that when you have glimpses through the veil, you are seeing into the next higher dimensions. It is a dimensional shift that you are experiencing in that exact moment. The more you can be in those higher dimensions as a collective consciousness, the more you will see the veil dropping.

Question: I was sitting on my bed and a stream of marching people entered the room. They went through different dress until they seemed to settle in Egyptian times. Was I seeing things?

“One Who Serves”
We have to say this. Imagine a medical professional observing you. They would put you in the loony bin. They would label you like schizophrenic. In the past they have experienced lifting of the veil or peering through the veil and been labeled crazy.

But you, yourselves know that you are not crazy. You are, in essence, advancing. You are having deeper understanding of who you are and what is really out there. See? Sounds like the “X-Files”, the truth is out there.

We loved listening to your description if this and we thought the same thing about how fortunate you are to be in a group like this where you can share and be safe and sound. We would also add that you had the opportunity to see a past life you have had and that you have deep feelings with. You may have had a different feeling about this life than what you may have believed and you had a different role you played.

Whenever you have this sort of thing turn up, move with it. Stay with it and see how real you can get into the experience. There is an opportunity to share this with yourself. All right?

“One Who Serves”
Many of you are moving through these experiences and now find yourself in a group setting such as this where you feel camaraderie and you feel accepted. You can further explore these types of things. When you hear if one having these experiences and then you have one you will know how real it is.

So we encourage you to use this group setting and encourage others you come across to join a group. It is very important here.

Question: I would say that we should watch our language around “Is that my imagination?” because of the importance of imagination in the higher vibrations.

“One Who Serves”
Very much so. Let us applaud your observation here.

Question: I received two scrolls in the meditation. One was blank and other had a language I did not understand. What can you tell me to help me?

The blank slate gives you an opportunity to hold that one in your corner. Work with your Fairy and fill it in with information that is meaningful for you. The scroll you could not read is just for this moment. Take that thought into your dream state. Your Fairy would love to be with you. Say that you would like to have this scroll written in a different way so that you can understand it. It could be that his may not be the right moment but when you next meet your Fairy, it might be just the right time! Then the words will be yours!

Question: We really could use some monsoon rain. Can we ask the Fairies?

Yes! They are nature spirits. They work with nature and with all the elementals in the area. Speak to your Fairy and invite them to work with others. You will see rain in this area.

“One Who Serves”
What is important here as well is to take a lesson from your Native Americans. When they did their Rain Dances, what was of so much more importance? The ritual they went through was important but what was even more important here? Their belief. This is what creates this. Believe it and you shall see it.

So, if you wish for rain, ask for it, seek it out and then allow. Allow for it to come. This is the secret. Remember? For all things. For all abundance. Including abundance of rain.

Question: is it the Elementals who turn on the rain?

“One Who Serves”
Yes. And when they prayed in this respect this is who they were contacting, the Elementals. This is who “Yeshua” contacted when he stilled the storm. It is all the same. It is all one. See?

You are coming to an understanding and a knowing of the Elemental Forces, those Fairies and Gnomes and Leprechauns and all of these things are going to come back into your understanding and your knowing. They are real. They are.

Question: Will I have the opportunity to practice mediumship again?

We would suggest that you be a medium unto yourself for this time in your transition period. You will have people to share with but at this time through automatic writing, on the computer through taping of your words on a recorder device. You will find that this will give you new confidences, new abilities and you will find yourself in situations when you are called to channel again.

“One Who Serves”
You have a saying, “When the student is ready the teacher appears.” But we add, “When the teacher is ready the student appears.”

You need to look within yourself to see if you are ready. If the answer is yes, you know how to proceed. Know if you are truly ready or not for this. Remember, when you ask you receive. Be careful of what you ask for. Give you a little bit of Confucius saying here.

When you ask yourself, it will come as a knowing not a question. We must release channel here.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.

I am “Ashira”. As always it is a pleasure to be here with you today.

We are pleased and surprised that there were no questions about money, GCRs, and other questions that we get from other audiences. This audience was very much focused on themselves and on their own growth and their own progression in the Ascension process that is moving all along.

Congratulations. We know that you want to know how you are going to live moment to moment in your world. And yet this was not a day for that. This was a day for personal ascension. This was a wonderful time to share with you today and we know that as the moments com quickly more and more everything unfolds exactly in place, where it needs to be and is orchestrated for each and every one of you perfectly.

Have a wonderful week. You are loved and held in light. Namaste.

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco

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